The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 11, 1893 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 11, 1893
Page 2
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IOWA. Seventeen thoiisnad feet above the n. stands the Buddist monastoiy of Haine, In Thibet. Tho world does not have a loftier Inhabited place. Tlio equestrian statue of General .Tno. A. Logan, which is soon to bo placed in Iowa Citcle, Washington, D. G., is to bo the work of the sculptor, Franklin Simmons. NEWS, Hiclr vessels under foreign flags at Rome, In order to escape the ruinous The Montana legislature is deadlock-' lm P° sfs levied oil Italian vessels. Edward Lacross, aged fifty-five, of La- conla, N. H., Avas knocked from a piazza by Joseph White, tiilrty come When tlie nations of 'the earth to our world's fair they will be greeted by the Statue of Liberty wearing a blazing diadem of 54 electric lamps in varl-colored globes, having a brilliancy equal to 270,000 candles. Wiiilo this country is being agitated, over the exportation^) of gold and the price of silver it is interesting to know that more than a fourth of the gold and more than a third of the silver produced in the year ISO! was mined in the United States. ed. Several men were killed in a fight in Kentucky. Striking coal miners in Germany nre riotous. Ten new cases of typhus fever wore reported Tuesday in NOAV York City. The North and South Dakota legislatures have organized, A man has been arrested in St. Louis for a great mining fraud. An eleven-year-old boy is on trial for murder In Plttsburg. August Kanicr, a dairyman of Jeffor- sonvillo, Ind., AVOS gored fatally by a cow. B. and H. Borger, of Malvcrn, Ark., have failed; liabilities, $GC,000; assets, unknown. Upper social circles in St. Louis arc A YOUNG MOSEY KING . agitated by a scandal which leads to a probably fatal shooting. Tho Dominion government has rcfus- puulsh sealers for receiving other injuries from which h. died soon after. White was arrested. The Iron Valley mine, : Negaunee, Mich., Avill resume work Avitii a stront force on the Oth, after an .idleness of a year. Tlie Pioneer furnace will cast its first lam of charcoal pig tills week. At NOAV York William Purcell, the saloon keeper who shot and killed J. P. Fan-ell on the 1st, has been held for further examination in the Yorkville police court. Four Avitnesses to the murder Avere also held. The chamber of commerce of Boston has adopted resolutions urging Massa- chussetts senators and representatives to use every effort to secure the immediate repeal of tho silver purchase act of 1800. Behring sea 44' Austrian electrical engineers arc making largo claims. Recently they have stated that they can run cars with electricity as power, at the rate of 123 miles an hour. American electricians arc curious to know by what method it Is to be done, Ex-Detective King, of Minneapolis, and a democratic politician engage in a shooting affray The Fort Wayne, Ind., Electric corn- in ' pany's big plant has been destroyed by fire. The fire department Avas unable to fight the flames on account of the Is Master of a Hundred Million Dollars. His Simple ofonation Ceremo nies and His Daily Pro- gramme for Work. Specimens of the Services for Wliicl? His Father Liberally Compensated Him. t of the Avater pipes. The loss Is estimated at $200,000, fully insured. A Minnesota farmer is charged with i Tlle United States supreme court de- frightfully maltreating a boy, who is •' cltlcs tho Iowa-Illinois boundary dispute • * " dying in consequence. Bert Casper and Stanley Wallace, 10 lu favor of Illinois, holding thc.t tho proper boundary is the middle of i-'vi'A woman in Topoka, Kansas, says an exchange, Avantcd so much to be married that she bought the Avcddlng suit for her selected bridegroom and paid for | - tho-marriage license. NOAV she is suing for a divorce. To bo. thoroughly consistent tho lady should defray all hoi- husband's expenses in opposing her attempt to secure a legal separation. and 0 respectively, fell through the' ic" ' tho stt ' aml)0!lt channel of the Missis- near Nyack, N. Y., and Avere drowned. " Sil)p1 ' Tho Afro-American citizens of Charleston, S. C., took possession of the city as against 8,000,000 ounces for theiyoi The output of silver of Aspen, Col., mines for 1S!)2 reached 0,101,100 ounces. AVhen the queen dies there will be lots of trouble. Not on account of the tabs which the moral portion of the British public has been keeping on ,the Prince of Wales, nor because Mr. Gladstone, If living, may have made up his mind by thait time that the crown may as well follow the church as the lords into disestablislmieut, but because there will be no one alive who ever assisted at a coronation. Even at the last function of this sort —the queen's own, of course—which isoi a y°™ ! rtHv ti w.S d , nlKl C!clcb , ratert «°'««%tiou J onlyfollcnved her Uncle William's at a I day with becoming honors. Thousands Interval of seven years, Clerk Grcvlllo . __ j ot colored people from tho surround- nf tim 1.1.1,™ n«,,,,^.n ,,lj..__.i .,..., .... 'i -' By the final inventory of the estate of John G. Whlttier it is shown that the • poet enjoyed the possession of a considerable fortune. Tho value of the estate Is $133,729. It is a genuine pleasure to know that poetry and pov- 'erty did not go hand in hand in this oaeo. and father than to the subversion of the existing order of tilings. Henry Clews says so. Wasliington E. Connor, his tutor in "the street" from the tender age of sixteen, when he entered Mr. Connor's office as a "boy," when Ids weightiest duty was to run to the bank AVitii a deposit until six years ago, when his father bought him a seat in the board, says so, too. "George never speculated except, perhaps, in a very small way," says Mr. Connor. Now, this, on such Mgh authority as the young king's tutor, is important and comforting to the street, for the reason that less than five years ago, at the beginning of these services AvMch his father recompensed hi such a more than royal way, the Street, or that part of It which had Invested hi Mis- somi Pacific at 115, thought that •George" Avas "speculating,; 1 and In a •way by fro mean's small as to results, hough perhaps "small" as to methods. It should bo said that when Prince George AATIS shoAvn the story at the line It was printed he said it Avas "all bosh" and a "big fake." It Avas a good story, nevertheless. Ben troA'ato, at least, if not: e vero. Jay Gould had gone away for six nontiis on the first of Ms quests after hat health which had Irrevocably fled, eaving tile hopes of a number of Ms fiends and folloAvers pinned to Missouri Pacific, and George, Avho AVOS a director, In charge of .his Interests In .'• ••> ~.i_^ vuvviiu:, vn-uixo nas ocon coppering ±% &r U < ' ™±«* that T!"" ™ s ^ I'^'l tliat wenl the board. Suddenly—it Avas in the early spring of ISSS-thc stock began to fall, and stood not on tho order of its falling. It fell like a Brooklyn bridge jumper, and from Its altitude of 115 it found Its first resting place at TO 1-4. "George has boon coppering his fath- xip from ., ... Avhich they arc UOAV under arrest. Avhlle she Avill adopt strict quaran-' bory was their object """" I"* Ports will not bo i Tho ^ ^ flf ,.,„,.,. r . Koity-iour members of congress will City rc!l1 estate which has changed hands during the last year through the so to the SandAvich islands in May. The | members of the two. exchanges lll'OP.iart nlii/i/tf 10 iiiii«-nn-»p» .j ... _ .„ . . ra precise object is unknown. gates probably $45,00'V^O. Sales bv j • _ „ •(• V " While the question of restricting immigration or shutting it off entirely is being seriously discussed by tlio people of this country, tho govcmmcut'of Nicaragua has passed a law granting to each Immigrant with a family 240 acres of land, and to those without a family 120 acres. It also promises a bounty of 6 cents per tree for every coffee tree planted after it readies a certain growth. 'An Afro-American lion cub Avas bom In the Central park AA'inter-housc at Now York, Saturday, Dec. 24th, and it: 'agreed that "Santa Was generally Glaus brung it." The Christmas saint will liave trouble enough to take care of Mnvas Alice, his mother, ate up'one neat little family of three tAvo years ago. But it appears that she is fond of tMs IIOAV folloAV. Jack, the sire, Is perfectly Indifferent. t . The democrats organize the Montana auction probably amo '' , \p little less legislature with the help of a populist i timn lmlf of that. '.%? X Pw*al>ly .door u] TWO human skeletons 1M unearthed | by graders on the extension of the St. Mllo Tomlinsou, a wealthy horseman, Louis, Chicago and St. Paid railroad, of Crawfordsvlllc, Ind., two weeks ago near Alton, IU. The skull of one, a man killed himself by puting a bullet through of large stature, had been criujhcd by - member, \ancl senator. Ms At Biughanipton, N. Y., tho works of the Baylcss. Paper company have been aua , orltles are upon this positive evidence of crime. The dynamite cruiser, Vesuvius, . . ... f .burned.- Loss, $60,000; insurance, $30,-! Lieut. Schroeder, has left the Brooklyn a iiavyynrd for Port Royal. The vessel W. L. Challis, father-in-law of the w111 s ° ( ' irect to Port Royal sound, late John A. Martin, of Atchison, Kan., I , wuei ' e the final tests of her great of British coronations. When an Amor- icon king Is croAATied things are different. It was M the ante-room of tho draped palace at BroadAvay and Day street on the morning after the American king had been laid in Ills royal mausoleum at WoodlaAvp. Tlie ambassador of a neighboring first-class poAver, says tup NOAV York Press, has just opened the ground glass door lettered in gold, "Missouri Pacific," and addressed tho lord in waiting,. who stood with a pen over Ms ear behind the black Avalnut between the ante-room and the cabinet. "When AA^I George Gould return to business?" asked the ambassador. "George Gould hasn't been away from business," he was ansAvered. "Then I can see Mm." "Go right ahead," said the lord'in «>... UUIU* A. ,u*<ii uu, ui. .a.u;mson, Ivan.. • *******. tvoua \*j. jam grucii ...nit.!,,., ,.»„•, ,11 ., failed on the 3d for $185,000. It is said Dynamite guns AA-ill be made. The tests! L^ 8 ,' ™ P ?f Ms P , en on tho sleeve . that most of Ids creditors have been so- ' Avi11 bo made early U1 1 110 week. cured. 1 1 work on the eleventh census will Caldwell & Peterson's Corrugating ' bo coul l>leted and the matter turned works, Wheeling, W. Va., were destroy- 1 over to til0 secretary of tho interior by cd by lire on the 3d. Estimated loss tile 31st of December, 1803. This will $100,000, of which Caldwell & Peterson j bo required by the appropriation bill lose $70,000 and are insured for $45,. | now be hig framed by a house sub-committee, of which Mr. Sayres, of Texas, 000. is chalnnan. An exchange editorially says that .the Harvey nickel stool armor plate has Avon its place In England, as It appears, over all the British manufacture in that lino. Tho Sheffield iieAvspapers say that the admiralty Avill use tho Harvey plate iu all HOAV Avar ships. When all the ships of the AA'orld shall bo armed Avith the most powerful guns and projectiles and plate that are made,—what will bo the result of naval battles? Why not stop then and haA'o no battles at all? It would bo much simpler, and for the great advantage of tho world. E. R. H. Lyman, of NOAV York, has transmitted to tho city of Northampton, ! At New York flvo Ile ^ r cases of ty- of Ms bombazine coat. Ground Glass Door No. 2, that of ingress to the cabinet, SAAimg on its Mages and the ambassador stood In the presence of majesty throned in a pivot chair before a rolltop desk.' The'talcing of that chair as absolute master instead of director of the Gould Interests AAMS all there was .about .the injured "He has boon „ Jay Gould's millions to boar Ihe stock to his QAvn profit without the risk of a cent." Whon the howl grew articulate and intelligible it Avas found tiiat Georgo's offending had consisted in Ms intimating that Missouri Pacific would pass Its spring dividend and profiting by tho rush to got out, which folloAved the Intimation. "I haven't seen tlio road's report, and I don't know /whether it AA'ill pass the chVidend or not," said Prince George Avhcn the hoAvl reached his cars In Florida, whither he had gone to meet his father, "but they may be sure of one tiling, that if the road don't earn its dividend we Avon't touch the surplus to pay it. That is against our policy." To tiie losers, that looked like confirmation strong as holy AAT.1t of their charges. To the imperial mind it is proof of Prince George's conservatism. Of evidence that ho did profit by his knowledge of the road's condition no AA'hit Avas ever produced. Nor Avas ho removed from the board of directors by Ms father as his foes had fondly prophesied. When talk AA-OS revived in tiio street the other day about George Having "coppered Ms father," Mr CloAvs said: "Oh, no, I guess that story must have been about Eddie." Col. I-Ialn, AA'ho is not exactly hi the That night a special train rushed off to Boston.with George Gould as its passenger. When the meeting came next day the Hollander—wondering at Ihe ease with wMch he had vanquished <he giant of the Yankee bourse and concluding that these American financiers were rather a raw lot, considering that they had got their first lesson when Ben Frank lin went a borrowing to Rotterdam- produced his majority by proxy. If the canals of the Low Countries freeze this winter it will not be for want of caloric supplied by M. Bolsse- vain's feelings toward the house of Wormser. For when he had laid down his hand and called George Gould's he found that in the latter was a countermand of the .proxies which the house of Wormser had given first to the representative of the foreign stockholders. So S. H. H. Clark remained president of the Union Pacific, and hi that capacity was present at the obsequies of the old and the coronation of the new king of the dynasty which he serves. Prince George performed a sinJlar service once when a representative of other foreign stockholders thought to shear the Gould lamb when apparently caught hi a tliicket of Wabash. Those instances seem to show that the new king can make as bold a coup perhaps as tlio old, bitt that hitherto M lie has only exerted this abUlty when ou the defensive. As a basis for tills ability he lias a physique such as Ms father never possessed. He is sturdy, almost"'thick-set, being fifty-nine inches high and Aveigh- tag 105 pounds. His freedom from bodily ills gives Mm his father's quickness of manner (without his nervous-* ness. He Avas bom in the heart of New*' York, at Seventeenth street and Union square; educated in NOAV York, at Dr. Cronnvoll's school In Forty-second street and, as everybody. knows, married in NOAV York. Like Ms father, he Is of plain and domestic tastes—an excellent "family man." Tho name of the founder of tho dynasty is perpetuated in that of a son of "'1 the present ruler, which suggests the tangle .that the Heralds, of 500 years from now will be in OA'er the Jays and Jay Goulds. There seem to be no great danger of confusion noAV. Then when the fact that Jay Gould Avas once Jason- can only be deciphered from the matrices of obituary pages in the Silurian strata of ruined neAvspaper offices there will be da'nger, serious danger. „ _. coronation of this American king, who slrccf, but near it, increased Ills „ „!„.„„, — -„ is American to tho shaving cup, which Mass., tho deed of an academy of ! 1 s . fovor AV01 '° reported on the 2nd, i is boldly emblazoned with'the name re, music built by him last year at a cost i mtlkin g 48 cases since December It. of over $100,000. His family came from ' AU wol '° fi ' om 34 Bl «'d street, except i one at Ward Island.- There are still 52 Thcy It is a safeguard against an outbreak of cholera in tills country next year that it is so generally feared, says the Springfield Republican. Replies received by the joint committee of congress on Immigration to circulars sent to physicians in tlio several cities show that the possibility of such an outbreak is conceded, and precautions against it , are being generally taken. Tho weight '—-of this medical opinion is that the cholera can be handled if It comes, but that the greatest must be taken everywhere to see that the conditions under •wliich cholera thrives do not exist. that city. Mr. Ghidstone has sent out a card expressing Ms gratitude to his .friends ' throughout the Avorld Avho sent him con-' Tllero ls a revolt among the largo gratulatory letters and telegrams on his stoi> ekoepors and manufacturers in St. birthday. • * j T " Tho czar has given orders that' relief Avorks be started in the distressed dis- ; to tke h ° US0 ' tlu ' eo weeks ' f'°«?' 0()0 ptaced with eastem C0ln ' .. „„ v»**. i/^u. XJA tiiu vii-OUUiSoull C11S- ' •.•..•.*•.; ju. -*- tricts forthwith for tho benefit of those ' ! , , nftei> Jammrv *• ™" notion is - - - "• ucuu " or mob ° | taken because of an increase on risks. j Tlio tax-payers of Mulenberg county, Mayor Gloasou, of Long Island Citv i ^ eut y cky ' nr ° "P lu iu ™s over an at„ , .' " ^""b -lomuu O1IJ , I foninf mililr. tr> rwVMnn*. .!,„ ,..,.! , ..... effects of the fam- ltlim elec * or suffering from ino refuses to vacate the Mr. Sanford claims to ed. Tlie contest Avill bo fought out"tn the courts, Thomas Nelson, mayor of Capo Charles City, Va., lias absconded after squandering about $80,000 church arid trust fluids placed in Ms hands for safe keep- ] Int?. "Goorge J. Gould," in tlio middle of the third TOAV of the end rack of the Windsor hotel barber shop. He had, of course, been n.Avay from business sufficiently for the most devoted attendance at the bedside and bier of the father of Avhom it was once said that Joseph, Mo., against tho local board "of i " Jny Goi ud would set NOAV York on ' ' fire if Goorge wanted to warm Ms feet,;" but he had not been away enough to impress the lord in waiting' in the black bombazine coat with a sense of absence. There is very little hyberbole about Ms kingsMp. His father's income was about $8,000,000, some five or six (times I1MUl ° tO Mlloct tho ™ llm «<l V0t0d nbout 20 ycavs ago of the Ellzabethtown & Paducali railroad. Many of the citizens semblance to ex-Senator Platt when in a diplomatic frame of mind, and Russell Sage sartd .ho .would be at his office "to-morrow." When tho Goulds came back from Florida that spring they found themselves engaged in a war, which, if not the fiercest, was the noisiest of the dynasty's existence. It was tha,t over the "Gould-Sage trust A Solar ron<l>iprr«tlnn. M. TaccMni, the Italian astronomer, reports an enormous solar protuberance- AA'hich he carefully observed on the 16th. of November last, says the NCAA' York Herald. It resembled on immense' explosion or eruption and shot outward AAith frightful velocity, at one time ex- ceedMg one hundred and fifteen miles, a second and extending tAvo hundred ^ and forty thousand miles beyond the- solar chromosphere. Clouds interrupted ; the observations, possibly before the full magnitude and Intensity of the phenomenon could be recorded. There have - \ been even greater protuberances' than: tills,- but sucli an outburst is grand enough. M. TaccMni says: 1l l tiling that the phenomenon ought to be re- ' garded as a grand solar conflagration— , that is to say, as a change of state uv- matter, and veritable transportation." It would seem from these late observations- bonds. The attack,'acSdT tote ^ T "^ ° f ^^^^ , awA«um 0 to uic exceptionally groat In the first eigiit or nine months of 1892, still continues, and 1 Avill probably continue far intC* 1893. | If so, there may be an excellent oppor-f tunity for studying the influence of fiery? semior Gould, in a famous phrase, had "a newspaper, a cable company and a woman" behind it. The proprietor nf tlie newspaper in question leveled it at Mr. Gould, and when Mr. Gould leveled another newspaper at Mm the sound ana the stench of the explosions Mexico's shall bo observed as a ! general feast in Mexico. His holiness ' „,,,„ „,, ,, . s oness Ihe Traction company of Phlladcl- ' Has also appointed Mgi-s Diaz Mori Phia has won its trolley suite in tho su- i and Gozazambrus to toee no " promo court. This decision means that rlcs lu Mexico. - -,..,.«i.^Aax'u v/i- till.; iy-v I/lUol'/lla as large as the queen's civil list. The Avhich followed Avere such as to make remujiioration fixed by his father's will a love feast of the present little un for his services during the last five pleasantness between Superintendent years Avas $5,000,000. If the Prince of, Purkhurat and the Rov. Di- Uvni"™ Wales put in a claim for one-tenth of fhat amount for the last thirty years of Ms service, John Bull Avould draw his purse strings AA^itii a louder snap than they have onlitted sinco the pro- the RoA r . Dr. Byrnes. Gwrge Gould meantime made AA'ordy Avar on Goorgo Crouch and E. L. An- drqws, AA-ho claimed to represent the dissident bondholders and charges the young man with offering them a $30,- solar storms upon terrestial meteoroli ogj'. How lie K«i;iMturccl. The guest approached It cautiously, ij "Got to do any writiu'?" he inquired nervously. all trolley. , "' 0 Iin ° S 1U lhc ° 1(y mn 11SO thn . ,, . . position was brought in for Prince Al-; 000 bribe to drop the prosecution "'°" ' 0 " 1 ThC ' te *• ™ ^n^'vindi Rich gold placers are said to •• • . ' " I " "" "* ~ *"** »-'t'*«***| »» ilk Oll»j~ been found in southern Utah, 150 miles coed M. Waddingtoii as Frouch ambas- .from Durango, Col. Of coin-so "groat! satlor to Great Britain, excitement prevails" in that region— "nothing like it since 1840," is reported. The discovery Avas made a year ,. ago or less, but kept a secret until prop- onough has not boon i , m ,^, £f<T C ^.^f ^^:«« "— th«lr proper protoc/iou! It is feared that John Dallov ' in tho - - It is announced that the stockholders t C tho Consolidated road Avill meet in It is .said that tho records for X(.\v' No ^ r Hiiyen tiio 31st, Avhon there AA r ill circles that M. Cambon, the present! bo submitted for approval a loaso of French ambassador to Spain, Avill sue-1 th o railroad and property of tho provi- '° M " 11ttan and Worcester railroad to the NOAV York and NOAV Haven for M years It is said that tho records fo NOAV ! from lluly 1( lsy ~York City arc in constant danger "of' A bil1 llns bcon hitroducod in the New destruction by mice, because money! Yovk stato seuilt °. providing Uiat in the find. Tlio gold is said to be similar to, that found toi Callfomla gulch. r York City tho wages of day laborers employed by tho city shall not be than $2 a day, and of other em- not loss than 25 cents per hour. ever, that tlio "richness" Is overdnvwn, and was kept secret AA'hile capitalists •were being "Avorkcd," in load« . this state on this Avork. in this matter, for Judge CoAA'iiig threw tho and Kansas Pa- prosecution out of the very vestibule of railroads nivl Western j court, not alloAving if to go to the grand it ,,„•,.,_. \jnry, and Recorder Smyth at another term of court foTIoAvetl Judge CoAA-uig's example, Tlie Improbability of an offer lino probably AA'hite men In the British army, far exceeds tho number on ser- * JJT £--—-T-"-"^ *»«».j/HJi t /<iL7H H n-y y_|_ im UJLUJ. vice to the Britisli Isles, and the king of $30,000 to stop a prosecution, Avhich "" !„ —-." ^^^ g^ n() fjjj.JJj^. tnfln ^^ ^^^ jury room's door, Thereby gaA'a a stout backing to Prince George's denial. There Is a man who is a bigger man hi Amsterdam, AA'heaice ho came, and « .' t -ar manufacturing com- , , luittwl parents livo in Boston. "•»••*« «*• »***-,)» *™ \.\j uu UUHL m j.jG- for tAvo monUis, com-' nolr City, twoiity miles wost of Ivnox- by tiiking laudanum. His villo, Tomi., at a cost of $250,000. Load- ,.lng stockholders are United States Sou- A Chicago detective- says that Tascott ater Brico, General Samuel Thomas and .1 ,„-„ ,.,„ Ml . Suc]]j iml ihat <ho ^^ Jo])n Ay B()sg> of Fo(fc Wayno on Regent. Christhia of Spain has the commission of the duke of lAlmodovar del Valley as minister to Washington. TMs seems to settle tho Idaho people arc elated. They UOAV ertain tlrnt (hoy IWA-O a diamond field in their state, in Owyhoo county. imul ' (lorors lll '° lu Chicago and furnish ' Quoc A diamond export has oxamhied tlio j ' rasoolt nioney to keep aAA'uy. j signed locality, and reports that ho has ;io' I'^vo young men of St. Clair, Mich., doubt that genuine diamonds have been ! while attempting to cross tho St. Clair discovered them A Hollander, cuga-g- j rlv01 ' ln «• «n«U boat Monday ovouing ! I" 08 " 01 ! of appointment to this "post! ed in tiie diamond business, has also woro surrounded by floating ice, ami ' for wnlch Sonw- Muruaga had, accord- examined tiie Hold, and reports that It j their boat capsized. Whon rescued they ' illf? to l n ' ovious cablegram, boon najuod. te tlie some character as those of South i woro nearly ftmon. ' Tll ° Gorman Wagner society has pur- Africa and Brazil, ouly larger. Claims! In Pennsylvania in December thorn chnsea ln Vioima * h « collection of Wn«have been staked out, and there is great' Avoro 141 oil wells bored' of AvMch S'i ; U ° 1 ' V ° llCS kuown ns tho Vlo »"» Wagner eoccltemeiit. Evorybmly will hopo that | woro ,1,-y. Tho m .,v nrodu-iim -^ 7 mu8 J)™ n ' The l»to> AA'as $25,000. Tho It may proA'o • - - - ans must Avill not 1)0 twenty-nine yeai-s old mitll tiio Oth of next February. He is upon his accession by for the youngest of the kings of the. three American royal houses—Astor, Vandor- bllt, Goulfl. When the second ruler of the house of Vandorbllt—William H.—was a boy i,n a Thirteenth street private school ho used 'to "take tho other boys down to Ms father's steamers on Saturdays to bo fod by the stewards AA-ith oranges and nuts; the staple discussion among the boys and all the boys of NeiW York AA^OS how John' Jacob Aster had given tiie Astor ' • - - "Not much; only your name and who%l OA'er is AA"ith you." . p* 458 "It's safe enough to do it, I reckon!'^ he half inquired, taking up the aAA'kwordly. "Certainly," said the landlord, assur higly. "AU tho guests do it." "What have I got to Avrite?" "Tho name, where from and forth." Tho guest wrestled Avith the pen for a foAV minutes, sticking out his tongue about tAvo inches in Ms effort to get it straight and shoved tiie book back again. "Thar, that's Avhat you want I reckon." r . The landlord looked at it Avith a soft so rockaway ... , ,, M.V^.VJV, I(V , ^illilUj «11114. .3 . ----- -^ ,, iul , t (lr OU4-V AvMthor he returned last spring, than | "^^"^'y^j'iUejind said it would do. he is in NOAV Amsterdam, AA'here he ! '" """"* did not tony long. In fact, among' tiie ' „„., „ „ , — -— —»«»u, mon0y changers of tiie latter place , wlf °' Bi £leyvillo, Perry Co., Ky. some have quite forgotten how to spell *" " his name, which is a difficult one, Bois- soA'aln, Adolphe his fli-st name. Armed Avitii the sheara of foreign stockholders' privileges, he came to the ( part of the partial abdication of King I Of • nd Brnasll. ouly larger. Claims! In Pennsylvania in December thcro SC ' n stakwl out, and there is gj-eat' AVOI-O 141 oil wolls bored of Avhich s-! ; Uor vc nt. Evorybmly will hopo that j woro dry. Th« mVS,Hio« ,Ss ? ""T* ;ovo a rich find; but tho Idaho- j 580 banvl.s. 1,1 tho I'inia oil iliilds ,,V C ° 4 ; IlOt ill.Si.Sl, sa.VS ail oxnlniiifo ' Ohl,r> innl I,,,n.,,-., irro n_ __ „ ". . OAW1O1 ,. conditions of tlio purchase AVOI-O that the B.'s favor. But Prince William B. did not come absolutely into his kingdom until 1848, AA'hon he was fifty-six years old. As for Prince William H., everybody knoAA-s haw short Avas Ms kingship. all the " " l of "my son which he only enjoyed iu the nine brief pohu n • -------- i.rorgo," mimbursod by that $5,000,001) this Avns probably the most signal. It Avas said at the time that Jay Gould wis aAvay AVhen it become knoAA-n that the Hollander Avas gathering up proxies and that George telegraphed him a enough to build Ms house and wann it. *, «ays an exchange, I Ohio and Indiana 152 wells AVOI-O finish- „ Ing, by tho govoru-1 od, Including 40 dry. Tho now produc- ! v, 1%l "" c ""• ° j lion Avas 8, U£i barrels. Ul . So King Goorge X is for youth, though Tlie guest had written: "John Blgloy, mule and and so forth •An Enemy B»IE it fllrr<jd Mney Aea :E^^to^S|SJ& gramoouMnefl the trrt i A , cial conditions 'for South Carolina 1 '° dllCed cotto1 * "top bf us ' « wl former =/;= x,r """""i ii'rr&^fs; 11 " "»»• »•*- «=»«<. xr^™* " ™"° «•» v *»™««™»:««.,»s;™. ,',,r;ru; ma M »»^ ••«.=»;,„:'; -nsssnsr.™^., £^{™^«™°™, 1 .'!^^^'^ rs;^,rs^i ^H- ;i ? r -^iSlssrs s-£^~ %ss ias~~ n »- M - - sxrs^^S^r^- or shoos tnntrtouot bwiiMinon ! s£m nnn « ?m« IUMl . »* mtora -- ^wots, containing $35,000, has filed suit against *? S *$? then PW^SPS to be long, sovntn hnd got: proxies onon'rftn ! nlmost uu «oniUy bluo label of tiio boot and shoo ' MM ' ', J1 i' bllltios - «W,000. the Adams and Wells-Fargo Express' , nnd ° n t Ws « oco «»t » i« oomforttnar to trol the election fl " ^ a siuokel wuses tt re f Amorif-n. ' . JU ° P«i"»pnl Italian ship builders and companlos Jolntiv fm> s^snnn /i„„,*„„:„ I lalo ^v that Us poUcy will bo conserva- N<.v«rti, 0 i«™ i, , . > ^^t for the fir* tt and yeai- __ improyenient. then promises to be long. -- ,., _ .„.„ ,,v.-,,a- A .iUKif ^.xiiross' account it is comforting: to J ho principal Italian ship builders and companies jointly for S25 000 dama^ I lal<?w tb ' at lts p ° u ° y ^l b « conserya- Jp oAvuera have resolved to reglstor for false imm-isoiiment, tly ° ; Tllose Iumf l r ^ "UlUon delays yffl be .maroned fa tjie jflejense ! back, hiciu-red ess. There AV«S a of com and oats i U is- culture h as i iee « to He was work full of gram m(l tniio since the

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