The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 25, 1891 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 25, 1891
Page 5
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THE TJPPEB BE8 MOINES ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, NOV. 25, 185)1. | ) I ! '.V ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE 0* TftAIM, CHICAGO, SIIIAVAUKEE * St. PAW.. Pass.— East-Pass.— " .6:02 ft in No. 2 .......10:24 a tn 4:37pmNo.4........ 9:30 pm Freight— o.. . .. ...... NO. 13 ....... ll:45amNo. 14 ...... 2:30pm No! 6 ...... .. 8:17pmN6. 10 ...... 12:15am CHICAGO A NORTHWESTERN. Worth- • .„ Mtted 8:18 am South- Pass 2:37pm „, i Mixed 6:07pm * PaVs'/ai-rives at Cfilcago at 7 am; arrives at Des Moines at 8:15 p in. Lv. Des M. 2:30 am. THE CITY. The ice is frozen very solidly on the Bead Stough's new advertisement this week, Next term of court' opens Dec. 7, Judge Carr presiding. Farmers are still busy husking corn. The crop is a hig one in the county. D. Rice and B. M. Gardner went to Chicago last week with three cars of hogs. Eagle GroVe Times: Harvey White has gone to Algona to remain for the winter. Whittemore is an incorporated town, and will soon have a mayor and city fathers. A union thanksgiving service will be held at the Baptist church tomorrow at 11 o'clock. Algona markets are: Hogs, $3@3.25; oats, 22c; wheat, 70@75c; barley, 2o@ c; flax, 72@75c. There will be thanksgiving services the Episcopal church tomorrow orning at 11 o'clock. Joel Taylor husked 68 bushels of sound .corn to the acre on one of his fields across the river. Farmers in Union township are talking of co-operating and buying a coach stallion for their own use. Galbraith's big double store is still too small* and the basement is now full of handsome holiday goods. A social event of interest is foreshadowed for next week, but the particulars we are not at liberty to give. Haggard sold Myron Schenck's cows at an average of $21 at his sale a week ago. There were eighteen of them. Old Mrs. Godden has been very sick for some time at her home west of Burt. Dr. Garfleld was called there Friday night. The dancing club have secured a home orchestra and will give a dance this evening. A pleasant thanksgiving party is insured. Algona is enjoying a "clothing war," and now is the time for cheap prices. Jas. Taylor has something to offer this week on the subject. Dr. Sayers was in half a dozen counties west of here last week inspecting horses said to have glanders. He did not order any killed. Suit has been begun against the county for $500 damages by the owners of the traction engine which fell through Prairie bridge. Marriage licenses nre issued to T. M. Gray and Vinnie B. Grow, Frank Blocker and Barbara Fullman, Bert Wood and Emma J. Barkley. Bev. Ward an B. F. Wickwire have received word that they have a patent on their new job press. It is the only foot press without a rotary motion. The Congregational Sunday school is preparing a cantata for Christmas, which will be very elaborate and take in the best musical talent of the city. The pastor of the Congregational church will deliver a discourse on "Gambling" next Sunday evening, Nov. 29. The public is cordially invited to attend. Next Saturday the Algona grange celebrates the 25th anniversary of that organization. Every one is invited to the public meeting in the afternoon at grange hall. M. B. Dalton has received the insurance on his Irvington store, but says he will not open there again. He snys he undestands Mr. Heath had $500 insurance on the building, Mrs. Beal is go to Florida for the winter and will start soon. She has rented her house to a Mr. Harvey, who comes to Algona from Duluth and will locate here in business, One of Louis Lessing's black mares got loose in the barn last night, ate something that probably did not agree with her, laid down outside and died. She was a valuable animal, and the loss is severe. It is reported that W. E. Morrison, Bancroft's first mayor, is in Dwight, 111,, taking a course of the Keeley gold cure. His old Kossuth friends will wish him a permanent release from his old habit. W. E. Ward has been engaged in painting in Bancroft all summer and is not nearly finished yet. He is now finishing up Charles Morehouse's $3,000 residence. J. B. Ayle is also working at Bancroft, Kessler & Flom's novelty entertainment Saturday night drew a good house and had some features of merit. The exhibition of black art with which it opened was very fine and as good as is done anywhere, Geo. E. Marble, Burt's reliable and old-time merchant, quotes prices in our columns this week. He is one of the most substantial business men in the county, and he is at Burt to do business, as his figures prove. Many old-time friends of Miss Nellie Ingham will be interested in a telegram which came from Council Bluffs Monday morning announcing the arrival of a ten-pound baby girl at the Russell home. Both mother and child are do^ ing nicely. C. L. Lund is feeding -300 steers this winter, and Chas. Walker 150. These are the only big lots being fed. M. Sohenck, Peter Kriethe, Thos. Hanna, and others are feeding a carload each. Chubb Bros, may feed, but will not begin till late in the spring. Last week while eating dinner some hay pressers near Ledyard allowed a email fire to spread, and it soon consumed a number of stacks of hay and did considerable damage. Michael Brick was the man who started the fire, and he left the county. The other three were arrested and brought befofe the justice in Algohft, who dismissed them, as it seemed they had nothing to do with the fire. Yesterday Brick came in and pleaded guilty before 'Squire Thompson. The statute provides a penalty of $100 fine or 30 days in the county jail for setting such fires. A trade was made last week by whlcii David King secures posession of the O. W. McMurray property. He intends to move to town during the coming spring and become a resident. .Mr* McMurray will go to Forest <3ity to live, having still a large number of contracts on hand. The town will regret his departure. D. C. Gillesple of Spencer was having a car of flour unloaded in town on Monday and is storing it in the old original package room by Spear's store. His mill is at Gary, S. D., and he can ship to Algona and distribute cheaper than to Spencer. F. M. Taylor superintends his affairs at Algona. Dr. Taylor, late of Bancroft, bought the right to use the Keeley cure in Oregon and is doing a big business with it. Mrs. Taylor's father, E. B. Campbell of Armstrong Grove, is going o*er for a visit this winter, and it is rumored that he will go there with his family to live. Armstrong would nex r er be the same to old settlers if Mr. Campbell should leave. He was among the first in this section. A number of Milwaukee railway magnates were in Algona last week investigating as to the need of a new fast passenger train. They were General Manager Earling, General Supt. Williams, Division Supfc. Cosgrave, Northwestern Freigtat Agent Jones, and Division Freight Agent Peak. They had been west, and stopped here to consult Agent Hedrick as to the Algona travel. The ladies of the Baptist society will hold a fair at the court house hall on the evening of Dec. 17. It is intended that this shall be a kind of a Christmas bazar, at which presents suitable for all may be secured, a veritable headquarters for Santa Glaus. Supper will be served from 6 o'clock until all are served. Come one, come : all,'and assist in demolishing a bill of fare that will cause the eyes of even an epicure to glisten. An important business change was made last week by which D. D. Townsend retires from the firm of Townsend & Langdon, and Cheever Hudson steps in. Mr. Townsend sells out because he desires to change his business, but has not yet decided what he will do or where he will go. He will spend the winter in looking about, but in any event will leave Algona. Ho has been an energetic business man, and both he and his wife will be much missed in business and social circles. Mr. Hudson takes possession as soon after Dec. 1 as an invoice can be 'taken of the stock. He is a well known young man whose success is already assured. The state auditor's report, just issued shows that Kossuth is one of the two counties in Iowa to get enough in fines from criminal prosecutions to pay the expense. This speaks for the character of the public service the county has had. The result is not due to letting law violators go without punishment, but comes from vigorous prosecution, and a vigorous collection of costs and fines. No county in the state has had fewer violators get away, and none has had lighter expenses in criminal cases. Now that politics is past the people should give proper recognition to its officials, and give the credit to Mr. Stephens, which his part of the record entitles him to—a record unexcelled in Iowa. During Dr. Roy's lecture Sunday evening his assistant, Eugene Falrchild, gave a stereopticon view of the rainmaking apparatus used by the United States experimenters in Texas, and told of the experiments. He was with the company throughout the operations and took an active part in them. After the lecture he talked freely of what was done, and said that the outcome was in every way satisfactory. The only time rain did not fall was at El Paso, but at a distance of five miles in all directions torrents came on a day the weather bureau had marked for clear, the result being due to the El Paso explosions. The theory of the rain-makers is that a warm current of moist air called equatorial and a cold wave called artic are constantly passing each other. The violent effect of the heavy explosions mingles these currents and condenses the moisture. Mr. Fairchild says the people of Texas were fully satisfied with the results. The stereoptican lecture at the Congregational church Sunday evening gave a very excellent idea of the progress which is being made in civilizing the negroes and Indians. Dr. Roy gave photographs of many of the scholars and teachers of both races, which would compare favorably with those of the more favored Caucasians, and told of the work that is being done by the Congregational societies alone. The pictures of schools, teachers, workshops, etc., were very interesting. We don't know whether it is a compliment to the business or not, but it seemed in every case that the first trade the Indians and darkeys are taught is printing, and the first business they follow is editing a newspaper. At every school one or more newspapers are printed and published by the students. No person could listen to Dr. Roy and not feel a renewed confidence in " the peo- ile," for out of the worst savages are icing made good and liberty-loving citizens. APPLES! Apples! Apples! Only 660 a bushel at Patterson Bros.'-35t3 WE sell Chase &Sanborn's celebrated coffees. W. F. Carter. ANOTHER car of New York apples this week, and will be sold lower than ever, at Patterson Bros.'-35t3 NEW strictly pure maple syrup at W. F. Carter's. THE Big Bargain Store is selling apples at 65c a bushel. Patterson Bros. E. REEVE & Co. are now selling all millinery goods at 10 per cent, reduo tion. PURE Wisconsin buckwheat flour at W. F. Carter's. MITTENS cheaper than ever at F. S. Stough's. gEBBOHAt MOVEMEHTS. W. W. Wheeler is off on a visit to foreign parts. Miss Amte Wallace is in Chicago studying Delsnrte. W. B. Quarton made another DOS Moines business trip last week. D. A. Buell and family started for their Florida home last Wednesday. Capt. L. M. B. Smith made a visit to his daughters in Minnesota a week ago. Geo. C. Call made a short visit last week, returning to Texas today. He was up on business. We notice by the State University Quill that T. G. McDermott is in Dakota selling school supplies. Mrs. W. G. Clarke of Marshalltown, formerly Miss Kit Hawkins, came up last week for a visit with her relatives in Algona. Archie Hutchinson and Miss Whitfield were delegates from Algona to the Epworth league meeting at Waterloo. Mr. Hutchinson went on and visited at Mt. Vernon, The Doxsee family will holdareunion tomorrow or Sunday, and C. M. and family will go to Rolfe to attend. There are three brothers, who with their families will meet at the old old home. C. M. Doxsee enjoyed a visit over Sundny from his cousin, Mr. Geo. Palmer of Grlnnell. Mr. Palmer is planning to locate in Kossuth if ho gets a farm to suit He recently • sold his farm there. Geo. E. Clarke was up to Wells, Minn., last week attending to matters connected with the settlement of Dr. Straw's estate. He has begun suit for $5,000 accident insurance, which the company refuses to pay. H. J. Wilson was over from Emmetsburg toapend Sundny in Algona, Mrs. Wilson being in the east on a visit. Harry says Emmetsburg is getting ready for next year's growth, and a number of fine brick blocks are to go in. Frank Bicknell, the energetic city editor of the State Register, spent a few hours in town, Saturday, on his way back to Des Moines to work. He sprained his knee two weeks ago, and has been taking a layoff visiting at home in Humboldt. He is one of the lightning newspaper men of Iowa and is doing some fine work on the Register. For Snlo. A desirable residence in the best part of the city. Two lots; house containing nine rooms; good collar, always dry; never-failing well of water; barn for five horses, wood house, coal house, carriage house, all in the very best repair. Will bo sold cheap and on easy terms. Also other residence property in Algona. -85t4 H. HOXIE. J?ny up Notice. Every person knowing themselves owing rne on account or note, is hereby notified to settle same without delay. Notes and accounts not paid before Dec. 20, will be left with attorney for collection. A word to the wise is sufficient. 34t4 J. J. WILSON. Goo. 13. Marble, at Hurt, Sells Best package coffees, per Ib $ .23 Best small-sized yeast, perpkg... .03 Best large-sized yeast, per pkg... .06 Best oatmeal, 7 IDS for 25 Best cranberries, per quart 10 Best tomatoes, per can 10 Best California peaches, per Ib 10 Lenox soap, per box 4.00 Plug tobacco, per Ib 25 25-oz splendid baking powder 25 Soda, per Ib 07 Oh, we can quote prices, and sell the goods, too. • GEO. E. MARBLE, 35 Burt, Iowa. MRS. JAS. ORR is again prepared to do dress making at her home in the McIntyre building, and will be pleased to see her old customers and any others who may desire her services. FARMERS, now is the time to get your New York No 1 winter apples, the best keepers and the lowest pi-iced, at the store of Patterson Bros,-8513 KEEP your horse warm by getting for him a blanket, and don't forget to see Stough's stock before you buy. Dissolution Notice. Notice is hereby given that the part- uersljip heretofore existing between Hamilton & Wheeler in the lumber business, is this day dissolved. The business will be continued by J. A. Hamilton, who will collect all accounts due the firm, and pay all of its indebt- edness.-34t2 J. A. HAMILTON. Auction Sale. Having sold my farm I shall dispose of all my stock, cattle, horses, hogs, farm machinery, and nearly all my household goods, on Tuesday, Dec, 1. Full particulars given in the sale bills, D. A. Haggard will conduct the sale, and there will be a free dinner. . S. REED. BUYING BOGUS MONEY. J. N. Saldin of liancroft Invests In « Green Goods"—Swindled Neatly and With Dispatch. Bancroft last week had a sensation, and as a result J. N. Saldin is enjoying an unenviable notoriety. The best part of the joke on him is that he gave the story away on himself. It seems that some weeks ago he received a circular advertising bogus money. He was buying hay, and the other buyers were pushing him pretty hard, when the thought struck him that with a few thousand dollars of cheap money he would make the hay business boom. The next thing Saldfng's friends knew he was preparing for a trip east. He got a new suit of clothes, raised $100 and then borrowed $300 more and started for New York. In a week Saldin came bock, and so thoroughly had the sharp- ers scared him that he was still afraid of the police, and told Bancroft friends all about it. As the story goes he paid over the $400 for the bogus money, and was just receiving it when the police raided the place and notified him that he had better skip or they would shut him up. Glad to escape with his life he left in a hurry and never turned back, while the pretended policemen and the money dealers no doubt split thnir sides laughing nt his fright. He thought the policemen would follow him to Bancroft and so confided his story to his neighbors. DEATH OF MBS. WEIGHT, Another Old Resident of Kossuth .totna tins Greftt Majority The funeral exercises over the remains of Mrs. Wright of Sherman township were held, Friday, Rev. Davidson officiating, and the many friends followed her body to the Irvington cemetery, where it was interred. Her death occurred Wednesday at the ripe age of 82. She was among the first to come to the county locating with her husband on the well known Wright farm on the river in 1855. Mr. Wright preceded here, dying several years ago, and among her children, R. M. and Hiram are well known citizens. Mr. and Mrs. Wright were among the best of those who made the pioneer settlement, were highly respected by all who knew them, and leave only pleasant memories in their departure. , • NEW YORK Apples! Baldwins, Rus- setts. Greenings, Tallmun Sweets, Northern Spys, and Soek-no-furthor: all No. 1; never were, finer; large and smooth. Come early and get your choice-, at Patterson BVoa. HEAVY arctics, light arctics, low arc- tics, medium arctics, high 'arctics, all kinds of arctics nt lowest • prices at F. S. Stough's. IF you are not satisfied with the coffee you are using, try CluiHu & Sanborn'H, at W. F. Carter's. HOUSE for sale. Easy lerinn. Best location In the city. Inquire of J. C. Frank.—33 FANCY new sorghum at W. F. Cartor's. _____ Now is the time to got a lino large robe at Slough's. FROM THE COUNTY TOWNS. WESLEY. WESLEY, Nov. 23.—Wo are called this week to announce the death of Mrs. M. J. Kolley. which occurred last Thursday evening at 10 o'clock. Mrs. Kolley had boon sick but a short time, but her suffering was very great till death came to her relief. Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Kelloy have boon residents of our town for the past throe years, Mr. Kolley being in the employ of the railroad company as agent. Mrs. Kelloy has many warm friends hero who will miss her friendly greeting and her helping hand in tho many soeinl gatherings that may take place. Hor remains were taken last Saturday morning to South Dakota, whcrohorimrcnts live, for interment. Mr. Kolloy has the sympathy of the entire community in his sad bereavement. There will be thanksgiving services hold in the M. E. church next Thursday evening. The sermon will bo preached by Rev. Black of Algona. We hope everybody will make it a point to be present and hour what the older will have to say. Thoro will also bo sacramental service hold at tho close of the sermon. Our Methodist friends have boon making some more improvements on the church building by building a new chimney and putting up a new pipe on the stoves, which add very much to tho comfort of those attending church during this cold weather. Rev. McBrido intends holding a series of meetings n-obably beginning thanksgiving ovon- ng. Prof. A. A. Sifort of Ledyard was in our town, Saturday,shaking hands with his many friends at this place. Tho professor informed us that ho was teaching at Ledyard, and that the little burg is booming as well as the rest of Kossuth county. Our teachers are all going to spend their thanksgiving at home this year. We hope that they will remember that their presence will be wanted here at the school house tho following Monday. We merely mention this in order that they will remember their failing and have a little compassion on tho many good things that they may have sot before thorn on thanksgiving day. W. A. Gillospie has leased part of lot 4 in block 12 of Fred Anderson, where he intends building a blacksmith and repair shop. Wo notice that F. Ash, Sr., is building an addition to his house here on his residence lots, 10x24. Wm. Lehman and Miss Lettio Thomas will be married, Thursday, at the residence of tho bride's parents in Wesley. We notice sale bills up for John Cosner's sale, which is to take place tho 30th of this month. Mr. Cosnor informs us he intends moving back to Illinois. We are sorry to see him leave but we hope he will be as successful where he is going, as he has been hero. G, B, Hall, manager of the farmers' alliance store, has been home for the past three day threshing out his grain. J, W. Hopkins has been assisting Mr. Potter during Mr. Hall's absence. Ben. Hopkins stopped off here last Wednesday on his way to Emmetsburg, where he is located as depot agent. Bonnie is getting to be quite a lightning slinger, Our Catholic people will hold their fair this week. C. E. Oleson accompanied Mr. M. J. Kelley to Dakota last Saturday. Markets: Wheat, 71c; oats, 23c; barley, 31c; flax, 72c; corn, 28c; hogs, $3; hay, $5 @ $7. Mr. Wm. Shrofe has sold his farm five miles northwest of town to parties from Ft. Atkinson. We are informed that Mr. Shrofe intends moving to Missiouri. Master Bert Eddy is on the sick list for the past few days. Don't forget to come out Thursday evening and hear the Thanksgiving sermon preached by Elder Black. Services will begin at 7 o'clock sharp. T. M. Gray and Miss Vinnie Grow of LuVerne were united in the holy bonds of matrimony last Thursday. Miss Grow used to be one of our Wesley young ladies. She also remembered many of her old friends here by sending them a piece of cake. We join in with the rest of their many friends here in wishing them both a long, happy, and prosperous journey through life. G. W. Daniels of Corwith came over to Wesley Monday to get a load of coal. He informs us that Corwith is having a conl fnminf- lately oil account of a strike at the mines. Mr. Daniels wvys that everything is booming in our sister town and everybody happy. It is just so in Wesley, Mr. Daniels, as long as democratic stimulants hold out. R. P. Chapin hns been on tho sick list for several days past, but wo are glnd to note that he is now able to be around again. LU VERNE. LuVEUNE, Nov. 23.—S. Pearson of Cedar Rapids was in town Friday on business. Leroy Barton and wife of Humboldt were visiting relatives hero for tho past few days. There was a dance at Jako Ring's on Saturday evening out at Hanna swit.di. Mr. Murray is sick abed with the grip. E. A. Pone went to Renwick on Saturday evening. Tom Gray and Miss Vinnie Grow wore married on the evening of the 19th. There was a party at tho Commercial house on Saturday evening and a good time was tho result. Paul Wa.gnor, who has been down with tho grip, is able to bo outngnin, Miss Mann, ono of tho school touchers here, Is sick abed with tho firlp, but is getting better til> present. V. A. Hunt shipped n enrloini of sheop to Chicago last week. Dr. Lacy and 15. A. Pope returned from Dos MoineH last, week mid W. A. Patterson sports a new plug hat. by their return on tho strength of clenMon. Sinnuol Pcnraon'ri snlo WHS a £ni'(!i;xH.s financially to Mr. Pearson. lMn UOO shoot) brought him SH.-W JMM- heml. Gilbert Slicppard Hold his farm, Thursday, six miles-east of town to a gentleman from WtmwnHln for S.%0110 ensh. Mr. Shoppard hn« not, decided yet what he will do in l.ho future. C. Dimlor has sold his interest in l,ho store to his two sons, mid went Thursday to his homo at Fort Dodge, and will return from business. We arc to have a literary society and a series of debates for awhile. Wo meet every Friday evening. John Gould and family have moved Into the building recently vacated by S. C. Platt's printing office. Thoro is a good deal of corn In tho fields yet. Some of our farmers are paying four cents a bushel for help and hard to got at that. Our merchants enjoyed a lively triulo on Monday mostly in clothing and wearing appara). Credit Where Credit IH Due. Einmetsburg Democrat: Tho splendid democratic gains all over tho Tenth congressional district rolloct no small share of credit on JIIH. Taylor of Algona, tho diligent commttlcemtin. Mr. Taylor spared no efforts to bring about tho results so satisfactory to his party and ho is deserving of proper recognition for tho showing inado. Pool KOOIUB Don't Flourish. Nows; Whittomora has a pool room running in full blast. Horo in Lu- vorno tho city council voted not to ro- luco tho liconso for pool and billiard lialls, and tho present $200 foo has so Tar proved an insurmountable barrior to the business in this town. What Wesley ICxpccts. 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Notion Is lu-niby glvon thai, by virtue of a .,>nolul (execution to mo directed ny thu clerk )f tho district court, or Kostmlli county, Iowa, igalnst the goods, cliallnlH. hinds, timcmuuts, ilc., of David and Alien Mitchell, \V. \V. Ilnrd, Hamilton Itron.. and 0. Mnrkhoad, defendants, In favor of W. S. Hnyt, iilalntllT, I will •iffor at public wain to Iliu hlghnsl and :)u«t bidder, for cash, at the door of Ihu court, bonne in tho city of Algoim, !ounty of If oKHilt.h, Town, on the Hilh day of December, A. 1), 1KIJ1, between tho hours of I) I'ulotik a. in. and •! o'cloiik n. in. on Hald day, ill of Hald defendants' right, tltlu, and Interest n and to Uie following-described real estate, <itiialetl lu KoHsndi county, to-wlt: The southwest quarter of Sec. No. 10, In Twp. No. 1)1), north of I'tiingi) No. :i() wostof the Oth P. M., n Kosstilu county, Iowa. Rain to begin at I o'clock 11. in. of said day. Wllniiss my hand thlK 171 h day of November, IHIU. M. STl'U'IIKNS, 0 HliorilT Kossuth County, Iowa. SHERIFF'S SALE. Nutlet* Is hnrnhy given that by virtue of a special execution, to me directed by tho clerk )f thu district court of Kossut-h county, Iowa, iL'alnHl the goods, chattels, lands, tenements, :ilc,, of Ptitor A. Kxliorn and ChristInaExborn, lofendaiits, In favor of James Callanan and James C. Savery, plaintiffs, 1 will offer at public sale to the highest and bost bidder, for ciiHli, at the door of the court house, In the city of Algona, county of Kossuth, Iowa, on :he 10th day of December, 1KDI, between the hours of!) o'clock a. in. and ^ o'clock p. in. on Hald day, all of said defendants' right, title, and Intercut In and to thn following-described rnal oHtate, situated In KoBsiitli county, to-wlt: The north half of the northoast quarter of Sec. No. an, In Twp. No. 1)1), north of Hango No. !J8 west of the nth 1'. M., In Kossuth i ounty, In. Bale to begin at 1 o'clock p. in. of said day. Witness my hand this 21st day of November, 1HIU. M. STKl'HBNS, !*> Sheriff of Kossuth Count), Iowa. SHERIFF'S SALE. Notice Is hereby given that by virtue of a special execution, to mo directed by the clerk of the district court of Kossuth county, Iowa, against the goods, chattels, lauds, tenements, etc., Carl Kelnholdt Jensou, defendant. In favor of James Callanan and James C. Savery, plaintiffs, I will offer at public sale to the highest and best bidder, for cash, at the door of the court house, In the city of Algona, county of Kossuth, Iowa, on the 10th day of December, 1H01, between tho hours of 0 o'clock a. m. and 4 o'clock p. in. on said flay, all of said defendant's right, title, and Interest in aud to the following-described real estate, situated lu KosButu county, to-wlt: The southeast quarter of the northwest quarter of Sec. No. In, In Twp. No. 00, north of Kuiige No. SO west of the 5th P. M,, In Kossuth couuty, la. Sale to begin at 1 o'clock p. m. of said day. Witness my baud this Ulstday of November, 1801. M. STEPHENS, 35 Sheriff of Lossuth County, Iowa. NOTICE OF INCORPORATION OF WHITTEMORE, IOWA, STATK OP IOWA, KOSSUTH COUNTY, SS. To whom It may concern: Notice Is hereby given that at an election held lu the town of Whittemore, lu thu couuty of Kobsuth, and state of luwa, on tho 10th day ol November, A. D. 1801, to vote upon the question as to whether said village should Incorporate as a town under the laws of tho state of Iowa, suld election being held pursuant to an order of the district court of the state of Iowa lu and (or Kossuth county, a majority of the ballots cast at said election were lu favor of such Incorporation, of which fact ull parties Interested will please take notice; also that under the provisions of the statute of Iowa, code of 1873, Section 50H, said village will be known aud designated as an Incorporated town. In witness whereof I, 4- A. Brunson, clerk of the district court of Koasuth county, Iowa, have hereunto set my hand aud affixed the seal of said court at my office In Algoma, this aist day of November, A. D. 1801. A. A. BBUNSON, Clerk of the District Court of Iowa, in aud foj Kossuth Couuty. MORTGAGES-*. ' > ' ri ' 'v

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