The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 4, 1893 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 4, 1893
Page 7
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THE tiPPEK DES MOINES, ALGOttA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, JAN CAftY 4.1892 , Mr* lj. n. llnmlon, Of Angnstn, Me., says! "I do not remerabot . Jrtien 1 began to take Hood's Sarsaparllla; It was Several years ago, and I flad It does me a great .deal of good in my declining years. I Am 91 Years t months and 20 days old, and my health IB perfectly good. I have Do Aches or pains. Hood's Sarsaparilla regulates my bowels, stimulates my appetite, and helps me to sleep 'well. I doubt If a prepara itloh eyer was made so well suited to the wants o! • .old people." li, 13. HA.MLEN, Elm St., Augusta, Me , Sept. 20, 1891. .MOOD'S TILLS ciife flck headndie, .Bens, assist tllgemlun, the best after-dinner pllla. TKE NEXT MORNIMfi I FEEL BRIGHT NEW AND M/ COMPLEXION IS BETTErt. My doctor «iys It not* gently on the Btomnch, llv»i and kidneys. mid I* r. pleasant laxntlvo. This drink li made from herta. amt Is prepared rbrUBU as eu/ill? uteo. It In called 'All dnigiflMS t.'ll II t.t Aw mid 41 p<jr package. IF .011 cinnot (• ftt, tend vour wv^tu forafre. ,nmj»le, Lnof'* Fnbillr awm the bowMn rurh rljty. _la order to be henlthj-; ihb fte bowMn rurh liny, la order lo bv henlthy, tula li new A4dnu I1HATUR P. WOODWAnn. I,«U,,v V. 7 Lydia E. Pinkham's Vegetable Compound § A haimless posf. tive cure for the worst form of. Female Complaints, all Ovarian irou- •blc's/Inflammation •and Ulceration, Falling and Displacements, also Spinal Weakness and Leucorrhoea. . It will dissolve and expel'tumors from the uterus in an early stage of development, and Checks the tendency to cancerous humors. It removes faintness, flatulcncy,jveakness of the stomach, cures """"^ Uloating, Headache, Nervous Prostration, General Debility, Sleeplessness, Depression, Indigestion, that feeling of li earing .down, causing pain, weight, and backache. All l)rUKsl«ti Mil H, or cent by noil, In form of I'llli nr liittiig«i.onreceljilofSl.«M». Ijiver PUlB, !ft.»c. • Ctirre- «pondenc< freely answered. In confliltince, U - co " *&c^ Both the method and results when Syrup of Figs ia taken; it is pleasant' •and refreshing to the taste, and acta .gently yet promptly on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels, cleanses the system effectually, dispels colds, liead- --aches and fevers and cures habitual •constipation. Syrup of Figs is the only remedy of its kind ever produced, pleasing to the taste and acceptable to the stomach, prompt in its action and truly beneficial in its /effects, prepared only from the most healthy and agreeable substances, its •many excellent qualities commend it to aJJjjSid have made it the most popular remedy known. Syrup of Figs is for sale in 50o and $1 bottles by all leading druggists. Any reliable druggist who may not have it on hand will procure it promptly for any one who wishes to try it. Do not accept any substitute. . CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. SAN FRANCISCO, CAL, J" <U)VISVIU£, KY. NEW YORK, N.Y, AfcTIC NAVIGATION. No linger ft Matter of Chance Sfty* Hell- prim ot I'enry's IJ\i>« lltion. Scribners: The experience that has been brought down iroiu the various- Arctic uxiJeditioiis, and more partidulai 1 - ly from the different whalers which every year traverse inuuli of .tue iiortli- em icy seas, lias infused an element ol certainty luto Artie navigation, wiiieh could hardly' have b'Jeu, realized'by luu heroes of a period twenty-live or thirty years ago. Tlie capture, by the Melville Buy pack, of McCliiiloek's Fox in the latter part of August, 1807, could scarcely be parolMed to-day, except Us the outcome of iguorauce or disregard ol every-day knowledge, lu an average season. Melville Bay cau be traversed about as readily as almost auy large body of water lying southward, while Its earliest seasonal passage cau be predicated Avitb. a precision almost akin to mathematical calculation. The bard pack-ice wliicli has accumulated as the result of tbe winter's frost, and lias to au extent beeu held together through th.' large 1 bergs wbicb are bore and there scattered through It, usually shows tbe lirst signs of weakness between July 15th and 20th. Large cakes or pans of ice Lave by (bat timo succumbed to the powerful oceanic currents that are directed against thorn, and detaching tbcinselves front tlie parent mass, lioat off to iind new havens of their own. Tbe 'weakening process continues until most of the ice bus boon either removed or incited away, and before tbe close of the fourth week of July little beyond shore ice (shore-pan) remains to indicate tbo barrier wbicb but a few days before rendered a passage all but impracticable. The trend of the Ice is northwestward through tbe Bay, then westward to tbe American side, and finally south to tbe open. sea. It was the purpose of the relief expedition to i-cach tbe southern bounclry of the Melville Bay pack oil or about tlie 20tli of the month, and there watch tbe movements of tbe ice until tbii opportunity for .action, arrived. An earlier traverse might possibly have been made through persistent "butting" of the ice, but tbe dangers incident to tbis form of navigation were such as to render slowness a prudent measure of safety. fbese are Facts which Housekeepers Should Seriously Consider. As EAST AFRICAN WOMEN. • cc'ii l»j" :t lAUly Kxflorae in thi! )>:< If you want the best food, you will be interested in the following facts, which show why " Royal." is the best baking powder, why it makes the best and most wholesome food, and why its use has become almost universal — its sale greater in this country than the sale of all other cream of tartar baking powders combined. The Itoyal Baiting Powder NRV13K fails. It is absolutely pure and wholesome. It is combined from the most approved and healthful ingredients. It makes the lincst flavored, most tender, delicious and wholesome food. It has greater leavening: .strength than any other baking powder, and is therefore the cheapest. It never loses its strength, but will keep fresh and of full leavening power until used. It acts slowly in the dough, so that none of its strength is- lost before the baking is completed. It makes food that will keep sweet, moist and fresh longer, or that may he eaten hot and fresh with impunity. I The reasons why the.Royal Caking Powder is superior to all others in these respects are easily stated. One is because it is made from chemically pure materials; another is because it is made with greater care and accuracy than any other. It is always^ uniform in composition .-and leavening power. It has been the standard baking powder since its introduction. The founder and conductor of its business ever since is still at i the head of its management. .Thus all the knowledge and skill attained by over a quarter of a century's experience is available in its present preparation. The consumer is not experimented upon by changes of formula .that are constantly being made in other powders in an effort to get a mixture that will noy'cukc" or lose its strength, or that follow changes of proprietorship or manufacturers. The Royal Baking Powder is always certain and equal in its work; a teaspoonful does the same perfect work to-day that it did yesterday, or last week or month, or last year. While the last teaspoonful in a can of Royal is as good as the first, other powders lose their strength after being mad 0 , a short time, and particularly after the can is opened. The exactness with which the active principle of each ingredient prior to mixing is ascertained by expert chemists; the actual prohibition enforced against the receipt into the works of an impure ingredient; the care with which the materials are dried, coated and prepared before their combination, and the precision in packing the powder so that it shall be delivered to the consumer in the perfect condition in which it leaves the factory, are some of the details which go to make the perfect " Royal." The same means are not employed by other manufacturers. There have been a great many imitations of the Royal, but no equals. Pure materials are not employed, care is not taken in their preparation and combination, while in the great majority of baking powders alum is added to give them strength, while cheapening their cost. The great popularity and general use of the Royal Baking Powder attest its superiority. * German Syrup' My niece, Emeline Hawley, wna taken with spitting blood, and she !;pcu!iif very much alarmed, fearing that dreaded disease, Consumption. She tried nearly all kinds of medicine I.)iit nothing did her any good Finally she took German Syrup and she told me it did her more good than anything she ever tried. It stopped the blood, gave her strength ami ease, and a good appetite. I had it from her own lips. Mrs Mavy A. Stacey, Trumbul'., Conn, Il(A.v>r to German Syrup. II Caret Colds,Cou(;h«.Bore Thrott,Cranp,TaflM». M, Whooping Couch, Bronohltiiend Ajithmk. A MrUll ouro for OonmmpUon In flnt >U(i>, ufl » tar* ralltf In niUnntjed lUgoi, TJi« it MM. T»» will ne the axaeUont effect ifUr UklBf th* frit dot*. Bold by <le»lnr» •raryvhu*. hrttlii M Mnta ijul <1.00. fir i IITirill cm'Iouaeccentricities nre lllustra- UtAU llrUL tml lu Ur. O. P Brown's. UMlqtw QUEEN A I. *l .-%NA4', One or uioro sent for frienda ou reeuipt of itddr^HH J. GIBSON UI10WM, Joraoy Oily, N. J. • 1U1 lliailua UL '(J on poaltil. J. 0 47 Grand St.,. UY',i CREAM BALM CUU12 PRICE eo CENTS. /ppiy Uilm Into each nostril. ei,XBIJOS. l (MJ\YurtimSt, l N,Y "I fcnuid tlie east African women of Sheldon iu Dcmoresfc From my staff dangled a, iiounaut with tho words, in gold letters, 'Noll me taiigere.' Whenever they asked what this meant, as both mou and women did, I told them that every white woman can-lea that motto somewhero about her,—In unfailing interest," says Mrs. ITrench- her heart at least. The vom'eu often wanted to touch me; but I would not. allow personal familiarity. It would not do. I must remain the 'Bebe. Bwaua,' you know. These women are sturdy, patient, and, expect for their desire to own bends, very unambitious. Many of them, the Telta women, especially, wear strings upon strings of b.oads at a time, fairly weighting themselves with necklaces. They like brass ornaments, and cloth of loud and gaudy patterns and colors, such as the picture of our tradcclolhs shows. They make a'great runny beautiful tilings in silver and brass, and then 1 horn cups and bracelets, 'picked out' with metals, were sometimes very beautiful. • .. | "They imagined-that I was a great princess, and consequently was allowed to own a great number and variety of husbands, corresponding to the privileges of (heir chiefs. The women of tho lower classes are merely beasts of burden, although their. lots is not a hard one, as the laud is very fertile, and their husbands not generally unkind. Tho women of tho middle classes are allowed to keep servants: the inmates of the harems arc fat, sensual and good-looking, but lazy, and inclined to gluttony. Women towards tho interior have more social rights than, near the coast. Jealousy is unknown in • the harem. Polygamy is everywhere practiced, but every new wife is welcomed by all the others. Tho value of a woman in some of the tribes may be easily known from tho' statement that five big glass beads (about tho six 1 .' of a robin's egg) will buy her, while it takes ton such beads to I purchase a cow. In Chnga Laud, Avhoi-o j tho women-seemed to be tlio happiest, j their customs are ceremonious, their \ language picturesque. ' Although most of them wrar no clothing except a fow ornaments, they carry themselves with- modesty, and when given' cloth they have no idea of how to use it. They ! are much more- apt to suspend it from i tho shoulder and trail it on the ground j behind thorn, than to use it as a cover-1 i ing for their bodies. In this respect,! ono portion of tho body is .as good as J another to them; and (hoy have no more false shame than Adam and Eve had before the fall. | "Iu all my travels in Africa, .among tho wildest and most uncultivated tribes, I 1 never saw an indecent act or heard an Indecent allusion. Everywhere, I was treated with the utmost respect; and not until I had landed in America was I offered an insult, when a well-dressed man stepped up to me after due of my lectures in a large city, as I was going to my carriage, put his ami around my, • waist, and spoke to me. So'< juuch has civilization done for us!" t | came homo from school at Paris, and then my troubles began. Pretty girls are not plentiful in Mexico, and Sen- • orita. Inez was as beautiful a woman as ever graced the court of old Castle. I was soon paying assiduous court to the dark-eyed seuorita, and she appeared to regard my suit with considerable favor . I had for my rival a Senor Itomoro, a wealthy rancher, -who was supposed to have been at one time chief of a gang of banditti that infested the Sierra Madrc mountains. One evening, \ while riding over the hacienda of my prospective father-in-law, a lasso was thrown over my head and settled about my arms, pinning them to my side. My horse went on, but stopped. A minute later I was surrouudcr by a dozen as villainous-looking greasers as ever cut a throat. They securely, carried me up .into the mountains and anchored me in a cave that was evidently the repository of plunder secured by robbing excursions, I supposed they in- Cholly: "Who is that man that went tended to hold me for ransom, and open- out just as I came in?" Fweddy: "That's a fellah that comes tailah's NO WOMAN. liiturvHlliiK Coiiif. ( Hit- \Viml I-.UJHTI4I r .U Illll.-I 111 t.UIII't. West Superior, Wis., Dec. 124.—Some unusual facts were brought out hi a casu before tho municipal court tills morning, when. Mathias Staiha was arraigned for deserting his wife. The couple were married In Poland. The husband has been here a year and his wife has just conic over and has had the man arrested. The attorney for the defense set up the plea that the wife was a hermaphrodite and could not legally enter marriage relations'. He presented to the court the specilic dispensation from, the archbishop of Poland signed also by tho imperial government, annulling the marriage on the ground that the wife was no woman. He has also certificates from physicians in Poland and Germany showing the same fact -Wife (Impatiently): "This new dross dovsu't n't well and I know it." I Husband: "What makes you think so?" Wife: "It's too comfortable." Ki'.iiHMiiher Hint in Onrfleltt Ten you nnve mi unl'nilin"; remedy for iiiillgi'Stlon, hk'lc lii'iidncliu ami every iilloiidlng ill Unit un iibnKr.d Hlmiittfli CUM iniiUu you sillier. Every sells it; 25e., 50e. and $1. The l.liorinoiiieter is doing tho kind of .viii-K Unit hint In be marked zero. \Ve Imve iiolirt'd n pnsje iirllcle In tho Ttii*tc>ti (ilobu on ri'diiclnjr. weight, at a very 'siniill uxpiiiixi*. II will pay inir readers to •semi two c-ciil, slump for a'copy to lietlna Clmilallng Kihriiry, 80 1C. Washington Street, Chle.iiKO, 111. No force, Bill, cried the fair democratic maid, as ber lover tried to kiss her. IT SAVED HIS BABY God bless tho children. Any thin 1 Hint alleviates "their suffierings au^. that restores them to health when they are afflicted, is desrjvine: of great praise. When we consider that half the population of the world die before they reach the age of five years, we can see what a boon any remedy is, that banishes the clue! danger of childhood, for eighty per cent, of deaths in these infants com e from croup. Mothers will read tho following short epistle with/interest: KANSAS CITY, Mo., Nov. 30,1802,;''' My baby nineteen months old is'; very much subject to croup. Recently we have been induced to use Rum's GERMAN COUGII AND KIDNEX CUKE and we no longer dread these attacks. Two doses give relief. J give it freely and do not fear of overdose. J. W. MARSH, Manager Depot Transfer Co, Kansas City, Mo., 203 East Fifth St, cd negotiations with them. I then learn- cd that HonuTo had emplyed them to assassinate me,' and that' they had captured me instead and proposed to serve the master who paid best. If Romero-bid more to have me killed than I could pay for my life- they would draw a knife across my throat. If I outbid him I was free to return and settle with him as best I might. ' Romero's purse w;is largest, his hatred infinite, and I fully expected that he woidd name a price that I could not pay. After they had opened negotiations with him, however, I chanced to overhear their conversation. Remero would not raise tlie original price— $1,000. They came to me and told me that ho had offered $10,000 for my life. I saw through the game and replied that I would pay only *2,000 twice a week to dun me fob. a bill. Been doing it evah since last Mahch. He's a boah!" "Why don't you pay it and get rid of him?" "I nevah thought of that!" CROUP is QuiCKLt HKMEy«r>, und \Vhoop- ing Cough greatly 'helped; tiiid Its duration shortened by l)r. D. Jayim's Expectorant. | the old family stond-by for Coughs and Colds, and nil Lung .or Throat .affections. "Did yon say this Is a Wngnor Blooper?" 1'nrkT — Yen, sir. > ' "Vus, I thought so; II, has just the Bain« confounded I'ackc.t that Ills music bas. Situs of Criticism is one thing, fault-lindiug Is another; and,yet some do not recognize tbe difference between tbe two. Any one cau Ibid fault, but only a chosen few have tbe necessary qualifications of a critic. Money bas value because it represents work done, and because It can be exchanged for other work. Therefore bo wbo gives'money does work. A B|) fl mml cure> Mr . j. M< for my release. They made a pretense ateesler, H10 \V. Lombard St., Balt.o.', Md. says: "[ take great pleasure l}\ saying thai in n unto ot iioimilglu in my family, 1 luuiid Kalvulion Oil effectual and BpeuUy in tlie cure of the patient. of pivpariug for my execution, but 1 stood firm and they accepted my price. It was some days before I could arrange the payment, and then I returned to i have It out with Romero and resume my i attentions to tlio young lady. What i was my surprise to Hud him coming to my rescue. White wo were quarreling , about, tlie girl a Frenchman had stepped j iu and married her. Honiara wanted my assistance to kill the Frencjiman. I declined to join in the laudable enterprise, and Romero undertook it alone and got the top of his head blown off for ills pains. I was always a trIHc sorry the affair did not result differently." Jameson—Tlio new minister seems to be i I'uUii-son—Yes, but he's BO deaf lie can't near-Ills own sermons. then the Dinner Bell Kings People ought to feel hungry, and when they ie^ hnnigry lliey ouj»ht to have good digestions. But, alas I they don't—frequently. That plague alii c of the juut and the uujitdt; of the nbaieinlons and the glutton; of youlh, middle age and life's con flue—the protoan Imp, dyspepsia — exacts dire penalties or appetite's appeasement In the shupu of heartburn, wind on and uncomfortable detention of the stomach, and general disturbance in the gastric region; Dyspepsia la very generally accompanied by biliousness, Irregularity of tho bowels, Inxomaola and nervousness, for each and all of which, as well as their cause, Hosteller's Stomach Bitten Is the nation'» chosen remedy. KMIaml, rhnn">atlc an ' kidney troubles, lack of i-trena; h and n»*h, and failure of appetite and lha piwer to real tranquil ly, are alao overcuiua by ilto Miners, A COUGH, COLD, Oil ?OKR TIIKOAT should not. be neglerlrd. BIIOWN'H UKOX- TROCHES arc a -sliiiplo romutly, uiitl give prompt relief. U5 els. a box. She—"Oh, James, liow frrnnd tlio sea is' How wonderful! 1 do like to huur thu coin of tho ocean." lie—"So do I, Elizabeth; nlonso keui jliiet." ncnv'B This! We offer Ono Hundred Dollars Itcwnrd for any case of C'aliirrli Unit can nut bu cured by Hull's CittiiiTh Cure. R J. CHENEY.* CO., Props., Toledo, 0. We, tlio iindrrsitfiied, have known F. J. Cheney for the lust 15 years, and believe him jicrfeolly liimoruljlo in all business truiibae- tiiins und Iliiiiiu-iully able to carry out uny business obligation!) made by their firm. West A Ti-uux, Wholesale Druggists, To- 0., /\\'aldiii!£, Kliinan & Marvin, WtirKaa.'.affisa, mftiM* >»* »w» Uio inii'ls, injure tlieirpn. and burn r;.T. fho RlslnuBiin Blove Polish Is Urllllsnt.Odnr. le^yDurBulo. and thp coiittmier pays {9; Jio tW f. r ™^ ! ™\ , ,'/. ' jdLwuSff&Sy.' r^^jf^ MEXICAN GIRLS, They Arts Fond of Aiuerluiuis lint They Arc ' DiiiiKurout). I "Tbo Mexican girls /ire very fond of • Americans, but their admiration Is not extensively shared by their country- moil," said J. S. House, n member of the Old Vet' Club, In the St. touts (ilobe-Democrat. "I went down there \vjtb tbe old £nch Taylor, and llkert tbe country so Avell that I ptayed, J bought n cattle ranch, and soon bad one of the finest herds in the country, I got oloii£ jjlcely with, my neighbors vmttl ihe hand- ojf Poa ?ose YeJas<jUe> Mrs/ Flutter: "I hear tbe dealers are going to raise the price of sealskin saques tills winter." Mrs. Sllmpurse: "I hope they'll bo more successful than I am. I've been trying to raise tbe price of one for the past three years." _ .s titken internally, iieliiia'directly upon the blood and nuu-oiis surftifes of thosyistem. Price, 7. r ie. per hoi- Mo. Sold by all Druggists. Tcatimoiiiulo fi-uo. 1'rof. Agnssl/, once euld tlmt his life bad been uui-h u busy one ibut lie uever bud runnel time to get rich. KOOT AND BRANCH. \ tlio poison in your blood, however it ! may have come or whatever sbtipo | it may bo tuking, is cleared away , by Dr. Pierco's (Joldon Medical Discovery. It's a remedy that rouses every organ into. healthful action, purifies and enriches tlio blood, and through it cleanses and invigorates the whole system. Salt-rheum, Tet' tor, Eczema, Erysipelas, Boils, Car> buncJes, Enlarged Glands, and the worst Scrofulous Sores and Swellings, are perfectly and permanently cured by it. Unliko tbo.ordlnary Spring medicines or sarsaparillas, tbo " Discovery " works equally well at all seasons. All the year round and in all cases, it is guaranteed, as no other blood medicine is. If it ever fails to benefit or cure, you have your money l«wk. You pay only for tbo poocJ you get. Isn't it safe to say that no other blood - purifier can bo "just as good!" . If it were, -wouldn't it bo sold so» You don't have to look twice to detect them—bright eyes, bright color, bright smiles, « bright in every action. Disease is overcome only when weak tissue m is replaced by the healthy kind. Scott's Emulsion of cod liver oil effects cure by building up sound flesh. It is agreeable to taste and easy of assinOation, oil by Scintt ft JBnwno, JT. V. Cures Sick Heu<iuclii;,KcBiureBOoTiiuiexloi~Snv'wil)ooi«ra' Billfl. Sample True. OAHKIKI.I, TEA('O., " ~ ,,311) W. '/ithSt.,N.Y. Cures Constipation GIFT'S SPECIFIC *• . For ronovaiincr the entire eystem, 1 eliminai.intf all I'liiaona from the Jflootl, whether of ucrofiilous or malarial orlgiu, tills prepuration has no equal- "For eighteen months I hart an 1 eating soio on my tongue. I was ...„ treated by best local iihyslcianB, but obtained no relief ftho sore gradually grew worse. I finally took S. 8. S., and was entirely lured after using u few bottles," C. U. McLKiiouK, Henderson, Tox, Treatise on lilood and Skin Dit- eases Jimllecl free. TUB Swire SPECIFIC Co., AUauU, Ga. A Fine Uuclter Col<! Watch t« livery Kinder of Tills Fapcn. Cut til is ou Und sending at with your lull name and a<w chess, we will send * ft these lilei: ant ColdM Walltiain, Hlvjln 01 Ha«t-_ Muvcnient, nchly Jewelled, express for CAaromaltoo. and you think It cqua lla apf " anoc to a |.'iO.OO gold watch, jjur wmple price, IU.M, Hie c«|>reu cWi'ei, awl It 'yours. We senil wit* toe « the inaii-l-ri B 1 "---*"* Iftyeits, anUlfyou«ell«ra _ the»»leof ten we willrfiieyo* onel-KEU. Write at onfx.t» tli is vivcrmeuicol may oat *p> p*»r mi^in. SJVKLTV Laroim.xo co, - ^^i^lnf^ wi^ »«..» .-•* BYB Jfl -Uncovered in 4 R 8 CA Afrk , ai u NttV ' '» Kola me Man of the IJouse: "It strikes that I've seen your face before?" Stranger: "Yes, you have. } sold you a cook book a year ago," "What are you sellluK pow?" "A sure cure lop dyspepsia. Only .— All J'ii^ ^i.,,.|,j.l fruo by Or. Kll «J|-HI Sfi-rv ti *... <»• No Fin* utter lint diiy's UKO. Mnrvt'loits curort. Truutiiiuund ja.oo triitl buttle /roe to l<it Cusua. Bouil to ilr. liliue. 1UI ArtUHt,., lUtlu., 1'u. . for A»thmu. <'iu-i> «i! ur >o 1'itjf. l-!t|)url olbve, 11CI Uroadway, New York. For Ti-IHl COM* I Ki;i: liy Jlull, addnu Kull* l<u|>u<-|luK Cu; 13'J Vm« be., CiiuiiiuMtl. Otua. 8 JOHN \V.?IOK-H»S, \Vll!>Illll^(Ull, U. C. , Prosecutes Claima J Lato Pi-fucipal Examiner U.S. Peoatoo Buroafl. U II \'|-IM ';]••! »-ir. 15 l.lilldii-atili^L-lailus. UCC> ililt* W ORTH DOUBLE THE ~~ S«mi at om-e to JOHN SEBASTIAS, „ ,, -_ -,-,-.=., J. & P. K. U.. CUtcai,-..', ill., ana reculvo. IKtetwa BttiA the slickest aect of curds you ever hmvdtoi Os^f TEN CENTS per pact, LQ staaijis or wlu. Out-of-door Bporta nre now among the most popular indoor pun times. etc. Mode to I.nok l/lke Now. , ficnl'sOlotlMnjf, FoiiUiors, Dyed or Clritncil, 1'lii-ih (iuriuuiiU -d, ill OIloViutch'H Dye Works/JHJ \V St., MilwiiuUiio. Semi fur Circular. A lato liivonllo.ii Is piipor t«yth. They w|V Jue ill It 3 of course vvllli pl«te ttuff. • A late dlaiMitcb from pourer reports n bad wreck on the B/mtu I't), neaj- i,a [Jpntft, N _ ........ _____ „ . . ____ , exa, cuiiHiliuulou, dygiieiwlA, foul 4 Breath, neaunctie.meniai dvpro^slon,* a, buil couiuluxlou.* civtibcil by failure or w tlio Btomooh, liver or bowtlu to per- iform tliolr nrfjier fiiuctluna. PVITIOUB (flvva to orer- aeutimf ar« fouoJlted \>y taking uii« after stub uioaJ —iiu t l)rui;i{Ul». or (out bjr iiuUI. O.. l«Y|iruco St.. New York. I FAT FOLKS REOUGE9 p 31 |J3 r— 3 (£• t>y return mall, fall <19- If Ird&Ea Bcrlptlvo circulars ot LIOOBT'BHEW end MOODT'O IMPBOVED VMIOR BXBTEM3 Ci' UKES3 eUIIlMQ. HcvlscJ to date. The-"?, only, oro tha ecnutneTAILCaBrstEUSinvuntctiaad copyrlsbtedby rEOP.DAT. uoouv. BO- v/areol Imitations. Any lady of ord|. nary Intelligence can cosily and qulctc- ly learn to cutauU tnaUo any cnroieot, In nny style, to any incasuco.for UUIiSJ, men and cl»Udreii,_ 0»jrraeuts -rluctly with • Bo tt»> * «•»*. HMW«><* OPIUM]

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