The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on January 4, 1893 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, January 4, 1893
Page 2
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Jy 1 -, 'ir -r-i & j- ,"*•. v^^'v-"' , * ,-[•'«-T-> --• -vWV 4 ^',- v' J "•", ft, THIS u M*KU n m MQIN^ ALGOMjowA. W^MKMAvjr^PAaYjfa ALOONA, IOWA. NEWS. A now nihilist plot is discovered in Russia. John B. Rockefeller gives the Chlca- £'-, go University over $1,000,000 more. l. ! - Tho Epworth leagues of South Dakota began a three day's convention at Huron on the 27th. Populist leaders met In Indianapolis to orgahizc "the Industrial Legion." TWO members of an Ashton, South Dakota family Avcre killed by coal gas 'on the 28th and another will probably die. Tho ofilclal count, of California's vole Shown the election of eight Cleveland ai\d one Harrison elector. l.'adei'ewskl, tho celebrated pianist, accompanied by his socivturj and his favorite piano, has arrived in New York. General Fred. T. Dent, brother-in-law of the late General Grant, died In Denver, Col., of dropsy, aged 72 years. President Harrison contemplates putting the 54,000 fourth-class pastmasteiw under tho civil service rules. One hundred and twenty-live music touchers of Iowa aro In a four days' convention at DCS Molnes. Miles Noolos, a Belgian tramp, Avas found dead from cold and exhaustion near Paris, 111., yesterday. Every distillery In and around Cincinnati Is being run at its full capacity In anticipation of an increase of tax. Judge Rose, at Bismarck, rendered a decision that gives all three of the North Dakota electors to the fusioulsts. Tho McAuliffe-Burgo light is off, the big purse being AvithdrnAVii because tlio men could not agree upon terms. A number of plate glass manufacturers from various points are in secret session at tho llollendon Hotel, Clove- land, Ohio. The resignation of George W. Ford as captain of Company C, First Infantry, Illinois national guard, has been accepted. A gang of counterfeiters has been located at Superior, Wls., and one of tlio members, Frank McLean, a metal-worker has been arrested. Thedorc Folsom, cousin to Mrs, Cleveland, Avas killed at Ralhway, N. .L, by being struck by a train Avhlle crossing tho track. Tho coroner's jury in tho case of Mrs. Clayton, Avlio died in St. Paid on the 22th, have rendered a verdict against Dr. Pcarcc. Associate Justice E. L. Larniar reached Atlanta, Ga., on the 2-tth on route u> his honi'.s Ho became too sick to continue his journey. Fresh turmoil have occurred in France. Tho minister of Avar is said to have resigned and arresto for treason arc expected. Eleven workmen wore more or less Injured by tlie falling of an iron supports of a IIOAV pOAVur-houso in Baltimore, Mil. Robero Kiiehluirf, a well known attorney of Cincinnati, has disappeared, leaving several building associations in bad financial condition. The Continental block in Onialri, Nob,, has been almost completely destroyed by lire. Tho loss reaches $200.•000. A. Byrley was suffocated at the La- •clcde hotel, Oltumwa, Iowa. Whilo endeavoring (o turn on the electric light ho turned on the gas; L. T. Triuix, principal of tho South Bethany, hid., school-:, died oil tho i!7th from The -.'fiVcta of a pistol shot fired by Charles Seal, accidentally. The 8-year-old daughter of George Elliott, who lives near Bumsvtllc, Ind., was [Turned lo death 0:1 the L'7lh. Her dress in some way caught lire. Tho American association for tlio education of colored youths is in annual session in Wilmington, N. C. The association will bo Sn session four days. Tho Italian government, after experimenting on the coal from the Gorman mines, lias decided to continue using English coal on tho Italian Avarships. Wesley Sholts and William Pylo aro wealthy farmers of Montgomery Co., Ind. Sluitls has sued 1'yU' for $5,000 for alienating his wife's olTeel'.ons, Tlie Adjutant General at Sprlnglleld, HI., on tho 2Stii accepted tlie resignation of George W. Ford as Captain of Company C, First Infantry, Chicago. . Tho explosion in the detectives' quar- 'ters in Dublin Is said to have boon tho result of a conspiracy. A man is arrested on suspicion. Thomas W. Hanson, aged 70 years, a farmer from Fargo, N. D:, lias arrived In LoAvell, Mass., to marry Mrs. Caroline P. Hunt, a nurse, 0:5 years old. Albrecht Beehor, the woll know me-; chanical engineer, died on Iho 2,'!rd at his homo in Ne\v York, aged 71 years, j of liemorage of the lungs, | Tho last act of tho Minneapolis city council of 1802 Avas tho passage of tho etr-'et railway transfer ordinance to whlchtho people objected so strongly. I After a heated discussion of tho Panama canal rottenness, tho French chamber of dupltios, by a large majority, votes confidence In the government. J. M. Fisk, a director of the Amerl-1 can Exchange bank In New York, died suddenld while entering the bank to attend a meeting of tho directors. Because of the failure of tho Barings, on English company has allowed a coti- pesslon of 18.000,000 acres of laud lu southern California to lapse. A^ Waverly, Twin., three children of IJarous WW' 0 won? locked up In the Louse by their parents. Tho house was , Mavous Wb»e wi \ bouse by their pai ' L^_A burned down and the children perished in the flames. .The miprome court of Wyoming decided the Carbon county contest in favor of tho Democrats, giving them control of "tho legislature. Dr. it, J. Yomigblood, a prominent merchant of Groensborough, Ga., was found dead In his slorc with tho top of his head blow oft. Tlio Congregational church in We.-t- bro"'- '' lrv "n.. was almost entirely de- sti'oyed by fire on the UO'.b. The building was a frame structure. Loss, about $8,000. Farmer E. S. McMakin, of Savoy, 1.11.. was l.'ikm dead from'Iho pilol; of an Illinois Central engine at Tnscoln on tho 27th, twenty miles from his homo. S. C. Hayes was arrested at St. Louis on tlie 2811), charged with .stoalui',' nine carlonds of Texas cattle bearing tho "hash knlf"" brand. 'Ho had offered tliem for snlo at the yards. The two-story stone building on Blade's \vlmrf, Kail Nlver, occupied br A. O. Thui'ston & Son, machinists, was burned on the 27lh. Loss $.''.0,000, partly covered by insurance. Gov. Flfor on tlio 28th pardoned Elinor Smith, wlio was convicted In Lawrence County, 111., in 1,801 of larceny nnd sentenced to tho reform school at; Pontlac for two roars. j The Masonic fraternity of Oshkosh, Wls., on I ho 2V fh dedicated a templo that cost, $00,000. It Is reputed to be the thirst In tho State. Grand Muster Fred Ring of La Crosso presided. ' Constantlnus Papayanl, a Creek Catholic priest, has • arrived In NOAV York from Europe. He will take charge of the congregation of the Greek Catholic Church in Now York. Tho Coroner's jury in the Chichcstcr murder case .at; Beatrice, Neb., concluded their investigation at 2 o'clock A. M. on the 2Sth. The verdict was that, the kil'.lng was done in self-defense. Tho Roman' Catholic cathedral at Mullingnr, 'Ireland, was broken into by robbers on the night of the 201h and Hie Christinas offeratory, amounting to over $500, was carried off by tho thieves. , Rob Richardson, confined In tho county jail at Fort Dodge, la., for larceny, loosened the heavy pins that held the only door between him and liberty on (ho 27th and made his escape. Tho Supreme Court has decided against the republicans in the Wyoming election contest, thus insuring a democratic legislature to elect: a successor to United States Senator Warren. Tho 11-day-old child of a Bohemian Immigrant named Carl Valdo died in its mother's arms at Kansas City on the 27Ui. Tho child AVOS born at sea and could not bo made to partake of nourishment. William Robinson, arrested in Wil- llamstown, Yt., on tho 20th, for the attempted murder of several citizens while ho was intoxicated, was taken to tlie Orange comity jail in Chelsea, Vt. Tho prisoner is a desperate character, and lias been a cowboy iu Texas. Rev. N. I. Rob-rtson, P. II. D., graduate of the Princeton Theological seminary, class '74, has received a call to tho First Presbyterian church at Madison, Wis. R. A. Raddux and J. A. Scott have been arrested at Stockton, Cal., for passing counterfeit money. Maddux had hi ills possession $420 in bogus $5 gold ploces. Fire Insurance rates in Brooklyn have been advanced 25 per cent by the New York Tariff association because of tho alleged inollicleucy of the Brooklyn tiro department. Dr. McGl.vnn, who was exeoumiuni- tfalod in 1SS7 from the Catholic church because of Ills doctiiius as to tho ownership of land, which were contrary to the teachings of the Catholic church, has been reinstated and restored as priest. The Evans dispensary bil has passed UK* South Carolina house by a A'ole of shall bo 'JO dispensaries in Charleston county, Ihree in Richland and one in each other county. Tho governor will sign the bill. Tho law will take effect July 1, 'JS1KJ. , Tlie argument in the Briggs heresy trial was finished on the -Mill. The next; tiling is for the court to consider tlie evidence and the arguments and vole In detail on the charges. It: Avill begin this task on tlie 2Slh, and Ilie sessions will bo in secret. Miss Nellie Nichols was instantly kill-' i.'d on the 2-lrh at Los Angeles, Cal., by a run-away horse with two buggy shafts attached. She was crossing tlie street when the horse .struck her. Tlio animal was going at; such a rapid speed that one vin;* shaft passed through her head. j A Chicago man named SamiU'l Ty-i rant lately sold 000 conn forfeit Yera Cruz lottery tickets lo people in Windsor, Out., and left .suddenly tlio day iho drawing was to have taken place, according to tlie tickets. Much suffering at St. Mary's, Ohio, is caused by the .stoppage of natural g'as. Tho weather is intensely cold, and there is neither coal nor wood for fuel • many families Avill be frozen out. Burglars broke Into the house of Warden Louis D. Pilsbury of tlie penitentiary on Blackwell's Island, N. Y., and stole a big cedar chest containing $1,500 worth of silverware. Mrs. William E. MeCroedy, of New York, has decided to withdraw her suit for divorce against her husband', tho wealthy coffee merchant. This course was adopted, after a consultation with all the membera of her family. Martin A Ritchie, a prominent and wealthy farmer residing a few miles north of Lltchlleld, Illinois, was swindled out of 15,000 by tho old three-card monto game, A TERRIFIC COMBAT. I'wo Giant Girajtfs Arc Seen to Aleet in Deadly Combat. An Old Veteran Outdone in the Desperate Encounter. Hie Hero of Many Battles Leit to Die in the \Yiltls ot Africa. London Graphic: To tlie south and eastward of Lobengula's capital is situated Macalaca land. It was conquered by that doughty monarch's father, Mesilikutzc, and still remains subservient to tho Matabeles. The approximate position of my camp at tho tlniu 1 witnessed tlie scene 1 will endeavor to describe as latitude'21 degrees south, longitude 32 degrees oast. Tlie country surrounding mo was UHirvclouwly attractive, although only sand, very sparsely covered Avlth bush, therefore totally useless for agiic.ultiiral or pastoral purposes, but through the Hat' veldt's surface, at Irregular Intervals, rose, copies of Immense blocks of stone, piled one upon tlie other, that resembled the debris that might have been left after Titans had built a gigantic city or mammoth fortilicaticai. These eruptions from beneath the earth's surface were covcral with parasitic plants, decorated with most attractive fruit or gorgeous blossoms. A species of aloe, too, was numerous, the upright stem which bears its flower having a very striking resemblance to clvilbia.- llon's unsightly telegraph poles. i This country is not destitute of water, as is attested by tho numbers of baboons, monkeys and leopards that f re- j quent the copjes, and the antelopes, .zebras nnd guinea fowl that wander over the flats. Possibly the indigenous bushmeu know where to find this necessity of life, but fheso astute savages concealed their secret from mo and my people. I Avas riding slowly along, admiring the beautiful colors of that distant landscape. In close attendance WHS my Massara guide-. My reverie was broken by an unknown sound, which echoed and reached from tho surrounding crags. It Avas not the honest bark of tho baboon, or tho rover- berntlnff voice of the lion, or tho hyena's discordant laugh, but a, combination of nil of thorn, uttered In quick j successive gasps. j On inquiry from my follower he informed mo that kameels (giraffes) were the originators of the unknown, sound. Massaiu begged me to folloAV hiiu.' 1 did, and so became witness of one of tlie most extraordinary sights in wild life that I had ever seen.' Those who have dwelt iu the distant east have doubtlessly seen male camels fight and noted with what obstinacy, power and vlciousuoss they .try to maim or disable one another; IIOAV they shriek with rage over each advantage that they obtain, and yell Avith pain when ' they are severely hurl;. A giraffe duel much resembles a camel's. Tho rivals wore not woll matched—Hie taller Avas out. of condi-, tion and very old; the other was in' splendid form nnd in the prime of life, j I concluded that, a light was imminent, and had no difficulty In deciding which would be the victor. Thoy roared in , uiilson, as if each were trying to drown the other's A'oieo; sometimes this would cease 'for a, few moments and then l>egln again with 1 renewed, .strength. Presently (ho br-lllgcrents came within a few yards of each other. j Although tho giraffe possessed a certain beauty when, at, rest it loses its j grace whonttn motion, and the greater its speed the more ungainly does it appear. But AA'hen two mature bulls begin to waltz and dance,'; violently around each other, each endeavoring to outdo the other in agility, at, the same time mumbling their jaws and emitting fearfully discordant roars, it is certainly one of the most absurd sights human eye ever looked upon. I hnA'o often seen a crane dance—a fuuc- tlon common enough mirth of the Vnal river; II is more (ban funny—-it is ridiculous—but, cannot for an instant, bo compared to tho antics of those two mammoth brutes. Their great height added to tho grotosquoness of their behavior; but even if the beasts had been . no bigger than goats or sheep, tho ab-1 surd manner In which (hoy swung j about their foot, contorted their bodies ! and swayed their heads must have imrvod the most pholgmatlc. i Wo lay Million and quiet while tho rivals Avoro getting closer and closer to each other; at length, jwhon they | wore nearly within striking distance, simultaneously each dropped upon his twine his long neck about that of tho other, with the evident purpose of seizing his adversary's throat. This lasted several minutes, but both were "skilled of fence," and ultimately relinquished this style of fighting nnd adopted other tactics. They began roaring as if to boar each other down, their mouths nil fiu> ttmo open to grip If opportunity occurred. At length tho violent exercise began to tell upon tho older beast; he niado some mistake in a pnrry, nnd the younger poized with his tooth tho foot of tho veteran, who In return laid hold of his opponent's ear. For somo momenta there was a pausie. It was very, brief, and ttw»n tho straggle was renewed. With, a gigantic effort the younger giraffe threw the old hero upon his haunches, -He lookfd very much as If he had played Ms last ivirdj but there was pluck in his aged heart yet, though tho battle was not for him; years told against him, and victory lay with the youngster, who celebrated it by trying to drag the vanquished after him. This operation must have been painful, for the shrieks that the defeated warrior uttered were heart rending. After a final won?', the hero of the hour walked off, mobbed the (AVO herds of females together, and willingly followed by all took the lead. Not one of the zenana of tho fallen chief turned a head for an iiistalit to see what had become of him. The veteran finally tried to pull himself together, but he Avns dreadfully knocked about as Avell as very lame. With anxious eyes he gazed in the direction the herd had taken, possibly wishing to folloAV, or with a hope that one of his wives at least would return to him. Not so; tho 'poor old fellow Avas doomed to disappointment, and appeared to realize that he was deserted. Tho life before him, I knew, would be one .of misery, therefore, what bettor could I do but raise my rifle, glance along my pight nnd send a Indict through his heart. It. AA-as a sad alternative, but after all I think it was humane. fVES CHALLENGES THE WORLD j- Any HIlll.mllKt. for 010,000. Hulk CF.UELTY IN VENEZUELA. Krtsltl**ntN Look 15'»rk 1'imn tlif T.ato Uevo- lutloii AH Upon a Nightmare.. As soon as peace became assured, all tho residents of La Gunyra looked back upon.tho past anarchy and'chaos as upon some dreadful nightmare. None save those who lived there during tlio dark days of tho revolution can realize tlio Imminent danger through which every 0112 passed. Had it not been for tho pre*cnce of seven men-of-Avar in tho harbor, tho barbarians that controlled that city would have hesitated at no act of A'iolcncc. Indeed, Mondoza announced that he respected no flag, and declared that he would massacre every foreigner in the place if any one iuter- ferrcd with the little scliemo of plunder and imprisonment. And the death roll of those poor wretches who wore without foreign protection? .This'will over remain a secret of-the revolution. Tho American consul could a talc unfold, however, for tho prison was jii.a building adjoining his. I had the good fortune of sharing the consulate with him during tAVO of tlie worst months, says W. N. King in Harper's Weekly, and each'morning aAA'akcn- ed from tlie memories of. tlie night before. At all hours you would be aroused by the rude challenge of the guard almost under your window. If a prompt reply was not forthcoming from tho approaching party, a bullet sometimes settled the doubt.. Only the Sunday afternoon before the fall of La Guayra several officers' from tho Cliicago were sitting in tlie consul's office. The sun AA'as shining as it shines only in the tropics, and the cathedral bell was calling the faithful to the vesper service. Suddenly a man cried out doAA'n tlio street, and before we could reach tho balcony tlio poor AATctch was lying in a pool of blood, completely hacked to pieces Avith a murderous ma- chote. Two assistants came out of tho prison and dragged tho^ body, head doAvu, over the rough stones. The chief of police was sitting on a chair in front' of tlie prison at thp time, but did not oven turn his head while .the felloAv was being killed not twenty yards away. As tho guards passed with ; tlie body ho said: "Bueno, quo ha hecho el?" (Well, what did he do?) "Oh, ol es rosistio yo lo di un ma- chetazo, eso es todo." (Oh, ho resisted, and I gavo him the machete, that's all.) Tho poor felloAv, it scorns, was taken from his homo to bo impressed into the army. As tho guard AA'as dragging him to prison, ho protested on account of hia age. A feAA r yards from the gate he fell down from exhaustion, and failed to rise at tho command. This was the resistance for which tho poor felloAA' was "glvt'ii tho machete." There was a story in La Guayra be> fore I left that this same guard was captured by tho murdered man's brother, Avlio Avaa a revolutionary soldier, and treated to a'dose of his medicine. With both hands tied behind his back, ho was carried out into tho harbor in a small boat. There his head was taken off with (ho koon-odg?d machete, and tho body thrown overboard. It Is from such lawless acts nnd barbarous deeds that Crcspo has delivered his country. Is It strange, then, tint all good people hi Venezuela, both na- tivo and foreign, should have sympathized with the revolution, and prayed for tho overthroAV of Andueza Palacio and his tyrannical hirelings? NcAv York, Dec. 20.—Krank IVes has scut, out ail announcement ihat he is ready to play anybody in the world for any part of $10,000 at balk line, tho game, not to be less than 4,000 points, SOO a night, and the match to take place in May, 18i)3. Iv- s is IIOAV pmcllcmr the English game and on Christmas Eve inade a run of 44S nt tli!s game. An ardent admirer of George Slossou states that he is willing to back the ''Student" to play a match in this city Avith Champion Ives for (itlicr $500 'or $1,000 a side, the match to be played within forty or sixty days after the signing of articles of agreement. This man, Avho, for tho present, wishes to remain incognito, authorizes the statement that he is willing to make tho match at balk lino of either one, two or three nights' duration, 000 points to bo played nightly, or if Ives is agreeable, ( lie will make two matches to be plnyed j u week apart, the lirst. to be balk lino and the second cushion carrom, 401) points up, each game to ba for $500 or $1,000 a side, as tho contestants agree. NEWS IN A NUTSHELL. Russian JOAVS aro being persecuted more than ever by tlio government officials. The president denies that there will be any appreciable increase in the classified civil service. the care. With the exception two largest the logs are placed gether on the cars, but it was Imj to load the two largest in that niantte •owing' to their enormous weight Tlie end curs of tlie sections will su| port the load on a raised block Work. on a pivot. The other cars will fti empty, and the logs wil extend them above the Cap floors. This d| raiigement is necessary, owing to curves in tlie road. When tlie traliT on a curve the Tlrst and last cars of: section, will, of coin's'.', not be in same straight Me, and if tlie logs wet supported by ah" the cars, it would impossible to round the curve witho breaking either the logs or tho cars. To overcome this difficulty th.3 m able blocks on the two end cars brought into play, arid while the enl{ cars curve around a bend in the tlie -pivots are also turned, permittL the logs to always retain the san lative ' position with respect to other. On sharp the middle of the It will be entirely clear of the cars at center of tho section, and will lie pa lei to a tangent drawn at the outer (idf| of the curve. When the curve is pas tho pivots again throw the logs to origual position. A STEER'S REVENGE. GnUliig Help, It 1'i'ocecdctl to I'unlik Con- Whifli Hiul Hurt It. A COAV and a steer—the latter 2 years old—were tlie only occupant The Ntamiugua minister at Washing- ', Ul ° uamyurd where an occurrence, scribed by tihe Popular Science Mont ton says ho is sure there is no trouble between his country and Costa Rico over tho canal. Waylaud, Trask & Co., Now York, stock exchange brokers fail. It is alleged that $2,500,000 was issued in this country for bribes in the Interest of the Panama Canal company. John Thomas, a young Arkansas ' got ll ljitu sho would drive him off took place. A baiting of hay was? out to them, the cow talcing posses t The steer wished to share' it, but\' cow , like sonic high/a 1 , animals, sottish, and was bent on taking * whole of It, and as often as he W maneuver around from side to side! lad, says ho murdered his mother bo- cause she made him shoot her. Billiardist Ives challenges tho world to play 4,000 points, SOO a night. .loo 'WtUliams, colored, wanted at Omaha for poisoning a family. Doctors puzzled to knoAV what poison Avas used. John L. Sullivan says he has no intention of lighting Corbott again. Also that he is not crazy. Date of Fitzsimmous-Hall fiyht! at Now Orleans has been changed to March S. .Steamer TJrbania had not arrived at a late hour this morning. Sol Smith defeats .Tonnie Van Heest, the Wisconsin bantam, at. Sail Francisco. Senator Hill, Richard Croker, Lieut. Gov. Sheehan and Edward Murphy hold a lengthy conference in Albany. Voting not finished in the Briggs heresy case last night. MAY HAVE EXISTED. \vity Not, wiu-n s,. »i«-r» ,\r«> KIU Many An<-i<mt nun™ to .svicuuu? Science has not as yet gtvou assent to theory that there once existed a of giants on this earth. Even tho and tho scorned sea-serpent have found a wanner niche in, tlie scientific heart than "Gog and Magog." Scientific agnosticism has no credence for stirring stories of-giants, like those of Gaelic and Teutonic folk lore, says tho Boston Advertiser. Yet it is quite possible that science is wrong and tradition is right. It can be taken as a fact point of tor horns. The steer wa pei-sistent that at last the old co patience gave way, and, making, aj tcrmined and vicious charge on punished Ii3m severely, though he", her ovai offspring. The steer felt hurt, not only in body but evident mind as well, nnd immediately stttlj out of the yard nnd off down the ' toward tho pasture, where were Uio; of tho stock, bellowing vcngeanceS every step in a language which was'i mistakable to the bystander and wl| tlie mother well understood, as^jjjf ceased eating and listened inten tho threatening" of what' was to co2 Whim these died away in tlie dis't sho resumed her ration, but with dent apprehension. In due time; steer was seen returning, bringing; him a companion larger and str than himself. As they approached! rumblings of rage and revenge cou a^raiu heard, which grew louder as tlj came nearer.. Tho cow took in thi a Lion at once and was now stricken. As her assailants rushedjSl the yard she dodged them and out at life-and-death speed and' toward the rest of the stock in j liold, with her pursuers close inj tracks. PRESERVING FOOD. , Tinning, Drying tuid Curing Prefixing Is Xeiv, Blackwood's magazine: Of tliel principal manners of prcsiTving fq use today, drying and curing (t tor term including salting, smokii antiseptic processes) are not intj that tradition often is accepted as right i while tinning and freezing are when neAv discoveries briiis to light tho ' new. long-hidden relics of an obscure past. I Tinning dates nominally Priam, Agamemnon and other figures of tradition have been accepted as ^e- alitks by modem history as tho result froin| Avheii Appertmade tlio lirst atjj at inclosing food in hcnncllca}b boxes, but a long course of trii of tlie discoveries of the century. In tho ' improvements had to be gone 8 main tradition is proving to be much i before the excellence of today, more reliable than it once seemed. Even ! tnined. on tho giant question some modern scientists may be said to be "on fence" as a consequence of the dlscover- i os of lato years. To the unscioutiflo, Dried vegetables were Chollet in 1845, but the product:! period wore miserable iu co: with those turned out now. '. Ico has been us;d for mo W American frozen fresh meat Tlio Leading J'art. "Blinkins tolls me ho has a leading part hi tho company ho is with." "Yes, lie's Avith( tho Uncle Tom's Cabin troupe, and ho takes tho bloodhounds to and from fhe theater." Tom Brooks, who murdered a Mr. Loo in 1S70, lias just been lodged iu jail in Dresden, Tonn. He has lived all tho time since tho murder on his farm In Weakly county, but has successfully resisted arrest xuitil his capture this Aveek. All the witnesses of tho crime are still living. Conan Doyle, tho novelist, writes to the London Times suggesting that it would bo a graceful act on the part of the British government to offer three of tho crack British bauds, Including tho bands of the guards, to play at the world's fair in Chicago, and a squadron of tno life guards to take part' in tho opening procession. 4 fierce stonn prevails ou the Atlantie. and several etennyn-s are overdue, hoAvevor, there appears to bo good reason for believing iu a race of giants as! quarter of a century with a. matt'.!! 1 of common sensp, | advantage in the fishing fleet, c When tho world waft 1 'first covered it has entirely modified tho AA'or Avith animals those creatures were of was not until 1875 that it b? *" great size. It is generally believed that' seriously employed for the pr tlio early man AA'as 'much longer-lived j of meat during i ; ts transi than his descendants, and in the steady; America to Europe,' nor tilf* Wffi progress of growth it seems strange, In-': the Bell Coleman and Haslaiurelffl deed, if ho did not attain groatr size in ators, which have ivndercd poss}bffi his many years. More than this, IIOAV- i trade in frozen carcasses, Avere'l; ever, the prehistoric creatures aro duced. knoAvn to haA'o been o fwondorous proportions. Tlio hypsiprymus was some thirty feet long and the modem lean- I)1 ' o1 i8' nt »rto our markets in 1870, fraroo would seem a dwarf beside him ; trilli;1 " in lsso "»i1 NOAV Zealand Tho mosasaurus was pighty feet long 188 -> aml J'ot, though tluir comin'enci while his modern descendants vary in m(mi * " 1>0 so n ™i' " s > the three togothi size from the alligator to the crocodile, now I'opresont a third o'f all the IU] rarely, if ever, twenty feet long. Tho sul(1 lu Loil(1 P"- larlaps, a jumping lizard, stood twenty- The second distinction is that tinnln, five feet high, dwarfing tho lizards of <lO'iug and curing are definitive in Hie-, the pros nt day into insignificance. iwtion, and aro intended to produce' In view of these facts is it unreason- moro or 1<;ss durable effects; whilo freest ablo to conjecture that amid that world hl " is tllus flU ' ft l llu '°ly temporary form of monster creatures 'monster men also °* treatment, applied principally during stalked? Science, has not Periods of transport, yet found as many skeletons of giant The third is that, while drying usually' men as of giant lizards, gives no support t lamn«es animal substances (though it la to tho traditions which uphold tho exist applicable without bad consequences to onco os such a race of human beinus; lnnny f , ul ts and vegetables), niid while h" "puts a assrss? th ° vai ; ious foms ° f ™ i ^™ ^ jiua KIIIU us, uLiiu in maccessiuie places, convenience of eommunlcatinir-a snw the failures as yet to discover main- juste to the m-ttt moth men, in view also of tlio fact that both tinnhig and flu , more plentiful bmi c . m ,| 0(l to fiucli that even ot cution feAV remains no have been discovered, it is more than i i umvtso to conclude that In this matter' tradition is wholly at fault. » GIGANTIC FLAG-POLES. How They Will lU^Trnnfpovtcd tl) t j l(J clu . the partly because iho texture of beef Is more open than that of mutton and- therefore more accessible to exterior !UT flueiices, but mainly because, while sheop are frozen whole and aro projected by "'--* '' nevthatthowelghtlscftrrleabASof acklevS S & past? *"* ** ta *

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