The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 28, 1892 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 28, 1892
Page 7
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,1 r .* * \™ THE UPPER DES M(>tKES , AGOKA, IOWA, 28, 1892 SIZK of the ordinary pill. Think of afl th« trouble and disturbance that it causes you, "Wouldn't you welcome something easier to jtake, and easier in its ways, if at tbe satne tiraa it did you more A1 PLEA FOR YOUR WIFE. nod Advice (or Thousand* of llus- toamlS. Central Christian Advocate: Do you know the secri't anxieties and sufferings of your wife? If you do not, you should. For years she 1ms toilrd indoors. She has cooked, nud washed, and sowe'l, and dusted, and swept, and waited and watched for the small pittance you have you have not, 'Prate all you like, agitate 'all your wish at club meetings and :.t women's gatherings, hut the secret will not thus b? found. The place to learn how to manage a husband is not at the mooting of your club, but in your homo, at the side of your husband and with your children. "That's the old-fashioned idea." said a positive woman contempt uonsly to me the other day. Yet, thank God it is, my frlond. and It "-""i-i IS THE eh and far-reaching in results. They Miow nature's methods, and thoy give help *S«fLS« Constipation Indigestion, Bilious ?iAttacteTSick andlHlious Headaches,and all ? dkSments of the liver, stomach and bowels « Soiaptly relieved and permanently cured. trille p uiuo j"i" Catarrh, cose or of bow long >»«.•>.... n , $500 in cash." That is what r the proprietors of Dr/Saee's 'Costs money, out IUULU UUJILL'UIIH.IUII; unit. UL genuine oitt-spokon sympathy and tenderness. You are buffeted and crowded in business places of life. You have Juarued, amid hard xisage, to grow sturdy and muscular. You are ac- 'customed every day to dealing with ' things which require from the voice of authority and decision. In all tills there is nothing to cultivate tenderness of 1 feeling, of tone, or of manner. When you come into your house you meet a timid retiring woman, who has been shut in all the long hours, struggling against despondency. She has waited for you. The tears are already in her eyes'. If the husband cannot sympathize who. will? Now, can you not drop your gruff manner and voice for the few moments you must spi'iid at home, and be tender, gentle and confiding? Why do you not sit down and draw your wife to you, as you did when you sought her in that home which you robbced her of, but never replaced? It is not-enough, that you mean all this. She sees your look and manner, and hears your voice. this respect. aking Powder No Gun \V»s N A certain doctor in northern Maine is noted for his love of hunting, and he is reckoned a pretty good shot, says thb Lcwlston Journal. During an epidemic not long ago a well known lumberman (now deceased) had the misfortune to have several of his men quite sick, and one of thorn being in a dangerous condition, the lumberman started hi haste for this doctor. Now our medical friend was unusually slow in making his preparations. Suddenly the thought came to him that as he was to go so far into the woods he might see some game, and stepping to the door, where the nervous lumberman was impatiently waiting, he inquired: "Say, don't you think I'd better tak my gun along?" :i? no" was the excited replj "The man will be dead enough befoi you can get there." The Official Government Reports* The United States Government, after elaborate tests, reports tbe ROYAL BAKING POWDER to be of greater leavening strength than any other. (Vul- ni$>..,.> The Canadian Official Tests, recently made, show the ROYAL BAKING POWDER highest of all in leavening strength. (Bulletins, p. 16, Inland R">-D*P') !n practical use, therefore, the ROYAL BAKING POWDER goes further, makes purer and more perfect food, than any r bther. -\ Government Chemists Certify: "Augufc " Oue of tny neighbors, Mr. Jc filbert, lias been sick for ft loi time. All thotight him past recovers He was horribly emaciated Iron! u» inaction of his liver and kidneys. It is difficult to describe hi3 a«"<"«*> ance and the miserable state health at that time. Help from source seemed impossible. He u.__ your August Flower and the effect . upon him was magical. It restorea him to perfect health to the great astonishment of his family_ and friends." JohuQuibell, Holt, Oat* TH A*"N°^^ LARK'S MEDICIHI ':x! LLHSS& sT v^c irr a beautifully illustrated book, containing over ninety pages of most important in- ailments .of women. Also a full code of established rules of etiquette for women and a- perpetual ladies' calendar. Contains not a word-of objectionable matter, and is crowded from cover to cover with information which every woman, young or old, should becomefam.har with, and advice which /S3FTV has restored many and many a suffering woman to perfect health and happiness. No woman should live without a topy of " Guide to. Health and Etiquette," dia E. Pinkham. by Lydia . Send 2 two-cent stamps to cover' postage and Backing when you write. but if"otherwise, she will repress the tear for the moment, but it will flow when you are gonc. : The world is full of unspoken bitter uess—all beciUise men fcike things for granted. Of bourse the wife can have I mou-y if she will ask for it. Of course, ! she will, find sympathy if she will bring iher burdens and unravel them. Of course she is loved, and thought, of and planned for. All tills is not enough; but never (ind it out until the black horse I ml the hears? convey the tired and 'worn-out body of the long-waiting one to the only rest she ever knew. Hel-orc the »uy» of IMKtaR«-St!iini>«. St. Nicholas: Before the use of -post- ice-stamps various sums were paid foi ?he delivery of letters. The amounts lore regulated by the,-astance, and -re collected oil the delivery oi the In the early part of this century HiiK<- tslni'lerx Kroin Si'imillimvlii Lniulci (III UK! Urltllill iKlfK. I itecout investigation of the geological ! history of England has brought: out iiito ! very clear light some of the wonderful scenes of the glacial epoch, says Pear' sou's weekly. Gcologiests long thought that there were indications In the noith i of England of two successive invasions i of the ice, between which the land hud boon depressed some 1,500 or. 2,000 feet, so that the sea flowed deep above ' t -, 'But later research has led Or. Wright and other geologists to the con iou that there was no such depress of the laud, and that the marm : SUK.IS found high on the hills were cai l-rimi there bv the ice as it uu i^sSecoimtryinthegreat^ceag, From Scandinavi, huge glaciers, ac vulcin" straight across the BhnlKn nSsea, had reached lOngland at F.,, phates, or other injurious substances. -The Royal Baking Powder is undoubtedly the purest and mo"t rdiaLc baking powder offeree! to the public. " HENRY A. MOTT, M. D., PH. U. -^^fflSSS£ The Government Report shows all other baking powders tested to contain alum, hm& or-sulphuric acid. ^Tj^sjiassiaiow-— It Cure* Coldn.Couttbi.PTe TUrott.Cronp.InM**'' •• •Whoopln* Courh, 'nicmoMtuand Aslhmi. »S "'". ' B .._-'' ' .]__ !_ A,.t .loir... Mill » •Whooplnft our, mcmoiin . certain «ure for Consumption in flr§t BtaB««, tni 1 t lure relief In lAr.ncf d «t*Re«. TJ«« »t o«c».. T«n will ••»> th« excrllent effect »n*r Uklng tB» - |r.t Ao-n. BoW by denier* »Ti«rjn»h«r«. L»rj» . c«nU md Sl.OO. * ., eight , , over lorty lands another tweuty-li these rates >vu^. ^ •"-;:,.„ .,„, ov , n . til in 1815 a letter wciubme not ov£ iviif'nu oiiuf-o wis live cents undei tinec iS-ed miles, and over that distant 'lirKowlandHilV.vho^'asatthe iirtid of the postollice department oi head 01 Ul h, l .-,,...^ mtr oauecdthcuso WATROUB WOULD SERVE. llut Ho Wouldn't <!o «iuiinl»K After U«- piirtmuut t,onmmml«rnl»l|». A Milwaukee paper says that Col. J A. Watrous was asked whether he is a'candidate for department commander of the «. A. K. and said: -I am not seeking the place. Laigo numbers of members of the order » and out of the city, mostly out of the city, have asked me by letter or In pel- sou if I would serve if elected. After taking the matter under conside .ition for a week I have said I would, but sick at been dls- banded. The A Child Enjoys •, gentle action and sooth. (•nod the charges for postage. In iwi -adopted the use of the lowest-priced - c ' w "- ±t^« i as«s ' of postage, and the gio^- .. 't.,.., ii'i*n flilfl Wales, l.-rom southwestern Scotland and a- ^^r^i«s, ~^™,*^^\ boso X it so many prosperous towua ; and cities, lay buried under a vast j frozen sheet. • • T,V the meantime, all forms oi lift aS,"™,,.,,,.™.!...' .F» l *"" l S£ -••^SrSSsfes !Ss%,s^s."^ ?9i!s.^s«= ,w-iv 16 a token to future ages of tfcn ' nvj • it had done. JAY GOULD After all, Jay Gould died of consumption. The doctors said ho bad neuralgia, and Jay offered a million dollars to anyone who would euro him of Ws trouble. It turned out tbat h» did not havo neuralgia at all, but. simply consumption. Don't you makft- this same mistake. If you feel that, your lunga are weak, or tbat you are(subject to colds and coughs, or if your throat be sore and tender, Ret a *" i tie of BEID'S GEKMAN Couou KIDNEY CUIIK and take it freely. It ihVl would not make a personal con- ™™ ™™»"^^^r^™'& \ con ^ lins n ° P ° iS ° n ' "^ " lB ^\^\ est^r the Place. It is an honorto^ be -,,1 expense l^lll^ y ^ 1 rcmcdy on tlU5 market tbat Sff^itTSSSS * SS ^ iK£« y ' ^_l WftSiaUb I roi nisters to all of tlu. cxcreto i. ... I^IIKI* •I'di* if* tlie comraiios ^_ . , ,, T......~.W: "o out guiiUing 101. u. «"n , ., P * results - . family rumciilj should ' known, and every man can bo rlch wllUo Uo ta aiscon. Important to Flesliy rooplc Wo Inive nolieeil .a'page nrtlclo In the Bosta" Globe ou re, : ,c,,KW^.tat«v;ory KO out guiuiuis i"" «. - . deem me worthy of the honor and elect me" "vHl serve them to the best of my ability." ^ an evening dress is an _ crepe made almost dselv m uie style Of the old-fashlon- llt Mother Hubbard. A corselet and [•Vpry deep cuffs of metal embroidery l : 'or passementerie relieve the wrappcr- ': effect wulcli. might bo otherwise objectionable. Nearly all Europe's roy^t pevaonnges wn cousins. Jf afflicted wlin Sore KjW use Dr. Isaac Tliouipsou's Eye Water. pni-KislB sell It. when •MlstnUes are p listen lo the lesson l.licy teufli. couy 11 A »v»t»v-«j «" I ministers to all of tin excretory organs. The small bottles cost twenty- uvo cents; large 8 i7.e fifty cent* Every druggist has it. SYLVAN REMEDY .CO., PEOHIA, Uie i-iii:i"y v» — Kuglandintlu3sameUme tlio country. Tlierii ni'c " pliysiriiiis «' 1 " 1 till! I'l'Slllt <>f niurilH-r of liygiuiile i thiil disease is always i...rri'S*iiin i''f nature » ,|'" of-'liarlli-ltl Tun lll '° ~ THE LIBRARY OF AMERICAN LITERATURE I "by dmgglBVBi 1 tl6i rrwio n*/w. - — * i Picture "1, 17, W":und sample dose freo. .. t,tr 'it Vf A FEW FASHIONS I We Offer TOM <» «cA Insure* Safety to ( f e of Mother and Chila. "MOTHER'S FRPD Jtobg Confinement oflta '""' if t ' afiM» els 11 iv "-""" r> , i^ ! his' that arc not a bit lhlt y in nearly all gowns. ^r=?j£tr£v S" » ^r*!? *" "*' ever used. don for .$7,205. JoVuiwi^-n^ure's laws. .^^^ ntlle other- 11 -'"° ' ' itDVE'VTUKIS!*, ANBCUO'I'KS, UAI.I-AOS, HUTCH.N30N CO Kill'"' AMI 12^^^^*^<£& 8100 .Reward, 8100. Every malTwiio is "not a blessing to Ws brolUer y r™bBjilm_o^o^glvluK "S 5 ' 1 - Made toZook tike New. '•srrJftHis-aSeTfflB color of a coac e </f lUo ataowo, * bl^»t eonBl \ lu iion Do your test wlieu you expect to get Uolp from'lieaveu. • . _ SS^lB;"iS|^«»'-«SSS 'V.ftTmJSSf.vT""' ®3&\8r"te.». ?;;,ssa,™:?".! ' A. B. Bpoffoi'd,'Librarian of Amos M.^KeuogB,^- • jj on _-(^hiioliiw Itein, AN KXTENOEO POPULARITY -•_-• Bifoso IAI. TROCHES linvo for years been [he most popular urllele in use for relieving. Coughs and Throat troubles. An electric flying machine wa made to rise 70 feet ai'f fly,^ 0 " 1 ,-, ,„„. ^»»op 1 ^>%PS Brooks, . .^k ««Sffi5S ^*» ^«,« Sl..te.r. is .,—-n,o ,. «_ . i.« ...mi» Hmi^ \Vrit6 tO * : • _ . * •—..<«<«_ A _ . A fVl \7 EBSTER ' " ueuB, eon»u|i»;'«-i "WSSprejalon, ""aff^firtS&on to*' coim>l(*ion. painful 'll«»' tlo ?i,}Sd by JiOlur 8 °' feSSH 1 "-" 1 " 0 ^ 1 man's coat, s ' ots in the side seams .^ The muffs are "UW to bt ^ b motherly" ^/".f'^re »ro BtlU very. t r\n llllS (lOClGtjv* ^ * . niifl flf luix 4i**« *^ T»inffQ SOCll' 11*1**C the large ^ ^ ^ been t"°y . ...... i,- iiir. snilSOU. dynamite!»^^"* wiU(S " rU " dc I j.ii'ji^ — which to 1 tiirures san ««•—- •• ; I Such best accords ^ ^,— ;kjlA mente. ^°f. "® Jjl{flgiies,'irlro 1 Dlvectoiro .vaists ^^^ -^ f I tallov-made °°^*™ "£. mo dcls\ which stouter forms, P 1>iu ^. ^ ondor effect, ***** ^S^^ S ^* & besides a com- ,1,1,,^ inipart an attrac- ' French bodice, w -generality tlvo —"'" otrv to U of Wc hear a great deal: tlie management of to cral inu»«= -• "f, , • .i, 0 medlclue HUUYV. «^ in every case. H w j u , lu weiglit ;V ylherfl ft"' eft r. d i",ave found » remedy I . Every Reader of Cutlhlsouuml our lull i ana FAT FOLKS REDUCED Unlike the Dutch Process No Alkalies Othor'flliemlcojp ft .*» m«d In tb» ireakfastCocoa l X » Warden. S,, Kew Yo* it Home Journal like embalming in "At Home . August Ladles- notice that tlie ournal. «« Jj Uw question who arc abl " l ° tllls country. t eave windows. two for Coldf^ How. mucli Mr. <fo»epl\ Uvinmerieh .nldler. came out .of Uie war gvou pOOT^eaHh «inc«, until lie began to take ! Hood's Sarsapafi" 3 i immediately hU cough grew to 01 *'' 11 ^** 6 ^ i ceased, and he regained good general heu h. m i cordially recommend* Hood's Sursaparllla, e B | peclally to comrades '- "•" " * "' Epilepsy Can pe Cured r^^-o S?r;5:^ I1 £^firR,T^ni k ii^ W BAKEE ft CO., Dorolwiter, - —$40,000,000 * . « .1 nt-l An ¥innA Fat6Ht i^ JWl.. "i ,t i»r. ii. I'lielu* iirowii — m«> »•>'•* "i,il"i>»y «*pm-l«Hi»t »•>•> »«>»-u- 1.1 1 "i - ai»oover«a thnt EplleyBy !• a'uBod by tt i.ecuUur deriinpinen - oi the md urerured hi* celebrated UK«B£}< B B rn«aiiytli»Be Invention muy >•» b» p»tent. *« bw ol charge, 1 Btrwit, who IORTH DOUBLE THE MONEY. f Send ot once to JOUN SKBASTIAM, Q. T. A. C., H. t V7B. BM Obtoago. III., and receive, pontage y»\a, e Bilckest deckoJ cards you ever handled. Only '•N CENTS pur pack. In stumps or coin. No, my positive rise at this and W0 meu are "f^ husbands and are cna^ > otliev w o£ ttjelr 0 J 0 speak. This ram fowd DEIF5^^ TOJ R l ftSS R§K^;^w^T^^4v^FREi w» :

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