The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 11, 1891 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 11, 1891
Page 7
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Wonderful Craft of the Cree Indians in Brewing Poisons in a Mysterious Jlannner. SKILLED IN POISONS. THE UPPER DBS MO1NES, ALGONA. IOWA, WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBEtt U, 1891 Stopped ~tho progress of Consumption. The best authorities agree that it's a scrofulous affection of the lungs. If taken in time, and given a fair trial^ Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery will effect a cure. Thou- eands have been saved by it—them* sands more are putting it off till too lato. For every form of Scrofula, Sronchial, Throat, and Lung Affections, Weak. Lungs, Severe Coughs, and kindred ailments, it is a positive remedy. It's guaranteed to do all that's claimed for it. If it doesn't benefit or cure, in •«very case, your money ia returned. Tho " Discovery" is the only Liver, Blood and Lung Remedy that's sold so. Think what a medicine it must bo 1 Especially has it manifested its J ency in curing T,ptter, Salt- urn, Eczema^ Erysipelas, Boils, •bunclcs, Sore Eyes, Goitre, or Thick Neck, and Enlarged Glands. World's Dispensary Medical As- iiatioh, Makers, No. 603 Itreet, Buffalo, N. Y.' , Death Invariably Follows Tlieir Use, Uften Swiftly and with Terri- ble.Agony. They Possess the Secret of Dniffs Pro ducing 1 Results Unknown to Medical Science. ,«nd .Both the method and results when fiyrup of Figs is taken; it is pleasant ~ refreshing to the taste, and acts ly yet promptly on the Kidneys, iv'er and Bowels, cleanses the system effectually, dispels colds, headaches and fevers and cures habitual Constipation. Syrup of Figs is the only remedy or its kind over produced, pleasing to the taste and acceptable to the stomach, prompt in JlJta action and truly beneficial in its <«ffects, prepared only from tho most Wealthy and agreeable substances, its many excellent qualities commend it to all and have made it the most popular remedy known. Syrup of Figs is for sale in 80o 1*nd 81 bottles by all leading drug- 'gista. Any reliable druggist who may not have it on hand will procure it promptly for any one who wishes to Do not accept any substitute. CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. Among the Cree and Salteunx Indians the administration of deadly poison? has been reduced to an exact science. These tribes never go on the war path. They have not learned the uses of the f-calping knife and toin ihawk. Such a thing as shooting from ambush never occurs. When n_Cree or Salteaux Indian gets reaJy to dispose of nn enemy or a rival he consults the conjurer of the »ribe, and that individual deals out poisons that are not known in nny other place on earth. These poisons biifflj the most tkillful doctors and chemists. British army surgeons who have examined victims of the Cree and Salto.xux poisoners say that the deadly mixtures used by them are absolutely unknown to science. Missionaries and trappfrs who came to Winnepeg with stories of the fatal liquids were not believed. The only Way they convinced the doctors was by taking victims before a board of examining surgeons. These poisons are brtwed in the most mysterious manner by tho old conjurers of tho tribes. That is their chief occupation. They go into the forests alone and come back to their win warns with strange hrrbs and baiks, which are converged into liquids that work' terrible execution among the bucks singled out for death. No remedy lias ever been found to operate asrainst tho drugs. Death invariably follows, bouiPliuies swiftly and with awful agony, but more frequently after the Inpse of mouths of dreadful suffering. "Fourteen braves have been sent to the pood (nipping grounds by this hand," said one old conjurer, shaking nis hand in a threatening resture to Rev. Egerlon It. Young, a mis nonary who lived twdnty years with the tribes. LIFE AMONG THE SAVAQES. Rev. Mr. Young tells a thrilling story of his life among these savages. The missionary is a man of powerful physique and athletic proportions. "I lived vi h two of the tribe* so long that they all called me their little brother," ho said. "Tbey in this country. We might travel between I fellow-crea'ures, the practice of the Rmn.ll two places a dczm times and never follow | conrtesiiM can be rrcommemlpd ns an Tin fxictly the same track. My clog weighed 16 J pounds when in good condition to run, and he and my Indian friend have baen my only companions on many a long and perilous journey. * OIIEAT POWER OF TIIK CON.TCREfiS. "Tne power exercised by the conjurers over their tribes is very great, and they know that the missionaries come to break ic. AVben nn Indian feels an inspiration or nn inclination, wnakver it may be to become a conjurer he goes through a singular course of training. He will sit alone f <r hours at night on the summit of the cliffs, talking to the clouds and listening to ihe sounds of the winds. During the daytime he is secreted in a ci»ve, An air of nijstery surrounds his life and movements. He starves himself almost to death. Months absenting himself from the tribe he comes back. Then he in aconjurer. 1 went to see one of these old men one night, as waa my custom when visiting a new tiibe. My scout had gone ahead to Icll him tho missionary was coming. The old uian was unusually dangerous and i unn ; ng. I entered his wigwam and told him the truth about the object of my viiit. ' I havb come to break tho power you wield overyour people,' I said. 'I will t,tKO supper with you first and then we will talk the matter ovtr.' His eyes lighted up with an expression of triumph anil exultation, lie glanced toward his poison bag and then surveyed nio with an expression of satisfaction and contentment. 1 knew what he meant and reca'led the entreaties of my cout, who had begged me to stay awity, and when I refused said in despair that he would accompany me if I would promise not to eat ot the r.onjurerV food. SAN FRANCISCO, CAL, MHIIXVILLE, AT. AT W VnHK. N.V. SHiLOIi'S CONSUMPTION The success of this Great Cough Cure it without a parallel in the history of medicine. All druggists are authorized to sell it on a positive guarantee, a test that no other cure can successfully stand. That it may become known, the Proprietors, at an enormous expense, are placing a Sample Bottle Free into every home in the United States and Canada. If you have • Cough, Sore Throat,, or Bronchitis, use it, for it will cure yon. If your child has the Croup, •r Whooping Cough, use it promptly, and relief ; 4s sure. If you dread that insidious disease ..Consumption, use it. Ask your Druggist for BHILOH'S CURE, Price 10 cts., 50 cts. and |l,oo. If your Lungs are sore or Back lame, •uc Shiloh's Porous.Blaster. Price 25 CM, iu«t»ai iwllet, ana il u QTFA1.L.1 BUI (UH« tor PUUSl Shelli; Corn, In tho HANDMILIVS',:' ypllertlon. WILSONBROS.. g ABTQiT, Common Soap Rots Clothes and Chaps Hands, IVORY SOAP DOES NOT, are a powerful race. The men are large and very strong. As you may know, the Cree and Salteaux Indians are the last tribes we find on this continent before reaching the E-quimeaux., My 'vork as a missionary was m a country about 700 to 1,000 miles north of Winnipeg. Thy line that separates the Indians from the E'i- q'uinieaux is not, marked, and, while their hunting grounds are not far apart in some plflces, the customs of the people are very d.ff-Tent. Tlie Gree and Sultekux Indians are not bloodthirsty, but if once their aneer or envy is aroused, death more terribU than that inflicted by the scalping knife or tomahawk awaits the victim. Tht-ir knowledge of poisons is extraordinary. 1 saw man> victims of the deadly drugs administered by old conjurers, and during my twenty years' experience with the tribes hud frc-quenb occasion to administer to the victims, for I wan doctor, inagis- rate, preacher and teacher for them. Many is the time 1 have been called from my bed to go and stitch up some pior fellow who had been clawed almost; to death by a bear. Some of these poisons operate in the most mysterious manner. One of the drugs in corLiuon use when I first went among the Indians en used great sores to appear on the face and body of the victim. No matter wnat set^on of the year this poison was given, its effects were not visible until spring. Then the sores would appear. After a while these sores would apparently dry up and scales would appear. When these scales dropped r.ff trreat tufts of hair sprung from tho sores. Then death tolIpwed. I told borne nriny surgeons at Winnipeg t.t these remark- tibio drugs and their cff.-ctn, but my story was not believed. 'Such ibinu-s ure not known to medical science, 1 ihn doctors replied. When J went biiek to Winri'p<!g again I took or.e of the afflicted Indi.m.s with me.D Tho surgeons spent nearly tfa week in examining him. 'This is certainly the first case of the kind that has ever been reported to the medical profession' was tseir verdict when they finished tho examination. AltE HEMAIIKABLE ATHLETES. "The only means of travel in that country," Ri-v. Mr. Young continued, "is by means of sleds drawn by do^'s. The Indians are remarkable runners and pride themselves on their powers of endurance in that line. If an Indian is so n u nfortu- a'o as to excite theen\y of a rival runner he is very apt to get a dose of pnison. The drugs given in such oases are equally as rnyeterioiM in their effects as 'those administered where death is to be produced. Some ot ll^e drugs paralyze tlm le.ys ot 'I'e runners, but havn no otlu-r effect. 0 her drugs simply stiffen the limbs. Hut to,return to the powers ol: e.ulnrarc') of the Indians. In my trawN sibou!. the country I « - as invariably accompanied bv n scout, or pilot, who r,ui ahead of my sled imd pointed the wiiy for mv dog. This Indian l«d ;.-Q on a journey over the' snow of 450 miles in five and one-daif days, running every step of the way. He seemed as fresh when we stopped as the day we f tarred out." '•During the first two years learned a compuss, but I learned that it was of no ! use, and after tl'at Belied entirely upon my guide. The instinct, of these men, or whatever it is that leads th«ra safely though the forests, is truly amazing. They never falter, but go on and on, without varying from their course in the slightest degree. At times tne bfillant aurora borealis make* travel by day almost, im- potsible. The brillan* colors are reflected from the snow in such n manner as to almost blind a traveler, and give him a disease of the eye t hat is both painful and dangerous. At such season we travel by night. I hav« been led through dark forests by my Indian scout during these, seasons at the aami speed, that jie made during the day, and always came out at the right place, He never swerved from the course. Now, you are not going to poison me,' 1 said t6 cue conjurer, as his eyes returned from tho poison bug. 'I know what you have there, but you dare not give it to me. dune, be friendly; I will furnish tho tea and you the meat,' and before he had a chance to object I beg.m to make ten while tho conjurer jumped up and threw several chunks of meat into tho pot. Tho rascal told me it was venison, but I know it was dog meat. I never had any trouble with him after that. AKB INVETEllATE OAMB1YEH8. "Oftentimes our journeys lay nanss swollen streams and restless' lakes," failing means of gaining thnt approbation. Mr. BrVwninjT t-jtpresses it thus: " Tims her thinking of others made yon think o{ her." In his exquisite portrait poem, "My Lore." Liwell ha* translated into the diviner language oE poetry the words of our l«;xt: "Sh-- (tooth llttlp klmlnPiws Which most leave untlor.o or <lfl!>pl«e; For iiiiiuht tint eels an Im.lrt Ht ense, Anrtcivi»li happlm"* or peiic». IK low pstpcmed in her OVPO." - ilnrper's Weekly. M Mile to Lnnk Like New. Dresses, Gents' Clothing, Fcnlhern, Glores, etc., Dyed or dunned, Tliisli Giirnienta Stcnmud at Olio Fiutvu'a Dye Works, 240 W. Water St., Mlhvinikco. Send for circular. ' Equal part* of sweut oil and vinegar and a mile gum arable make an excellent fur. ni hire polish. FITS.—All FIU>top|>«il fr<>«l>rl>n.Kt.iNB'gUniUT hKiivii llKHTOliFii. NoKiUiiftcrllmliliiy'.uM. Mnr. velloin ourw. Tr*MI«« mid fl.OO trhil lioUI« tt»» to Ht CUM. Bend to Dr. Kline, U3I Arch 8U, 1'hll.., l'«. To keep salt dry for tablo use, mix one tcnnpoouful of corn starch with one cupful of salt. "A Yard oC Hose*." Mr. Young continued, '.'and tho'trips were perilous to an unusual degree, .but my scouts always brought ine through sifoly nnd 1 learned to Hc<"'ff ab danger. These Indians know nothing of intoxicants and are therefore trustworthy. They do not even know how to brew inebriating liquors from herbs. Their only vice is gambling, and 1 have almost persuaded them to quit that. They gamble by sitting around on the ground and guessing at the number of slicks one of tho gamblers holds in his hand, which is secreted under a blanket or the skin of an ar.iinal. \ When I first went among the Cree Indians this vice was practiced to an alarming extent. I have known Indians to go to:the fur agencies witn their entire winter's catch of pelts and come back without a stitch of clothing to protect their forms. They would hover over the blankets guessing at, tho number of stick until they had los.t blanKets, furs, Meds, dogs.guns, clothing and finally wife and children. These of course were exceptional cases.- Polygamy formerly existed in the tribes, but that vice hua almost, disappeared. "The Indians are now honest and receive our teaching.with evident comfort, to themselves. 1 found many noble and gem-rous fallows among them.many pleasant travelling companions. Some of them are very witty in their own tongues. They tell very funny and peculiar jokes at the end of a long journey, after the fires have been lighted for the night. For more than ten years I have lived among them without fastening either the doors or windows of my house. 1 nevor suffered tho loss of any of my property, alchough some of my belongings tempted these people sorely. When I think of thei* fidelity and faithfulness to me, and the splendid services rendered to mo and my good wife •{hiring our long life among them, I feel fuly compensated for the hardships through which f p vssed and tho sufforinsr that at times attended my work.—Chicago Sunday Herald. One of Iho popular paintings at the New lork Arodetny of UcBlgn was a yard.lung pnnul of rosus. A crowd was nhvnys beforo it. Olio art critic exuhilmed: "Such n bit of irnturo Blionld bulling to all tho people; It la too beautiful for one man to lilda awijy." - ( The Youth's Companion, of Boston, eclzcd Uio Idea and spent $20,000 to reproduce the palming. The result luis been a triumph of artistic dullcacy and color. Tlio Compiinloii innkos tills copy of the painting an autumn gift to each of Its flvo hundred thousand subscribers. Auy who may subscribe now for tho first time and requests it will receive "Tlie Yard of Roses" without extra charge while the cdltlou last*. Besides the gift of tills beautiful picture, all new subscribers will receive the Com. panlon frcu from the tlmo the nibscrlptlon Is received till Jon, 1, Including the Thanksgiving and Christmas double numbers, and for a full year from that date. Every family should tako tlila brightest and bust of Illustrated literary papers 111 addition to Its local paper. A skillful cook may not'be made by a book, but almost anybody can make a good pudding by observing carefully a few ihnple rules. The Duly One Ever Printed—C«n Ton Find tiie Word? There Is a 3-Inch display advertisement in this paper llils week wliicli has no two words alike except one word. Tlio siiniu Is trim of each new one iippcurlnguiicli week from Tlio Dr. Hartcr Medicine C'o. This house places a "Crescent" on everything llu-y make and publish. Look for It, send them the name of tlio word, and they will return you IIOOK, 11BAUT1KU1, l.lTMOail.U'llS or SAMl'l.ftB FllIiE. Rubbed with a woolen rag saturated with kerosene, a tin kettle or a colloe pot bo- comes as bright as new. A NATURAL HEMEDT EpHeptte Fits, Falling Sickness, Hysterics, St. Vltns Banco, Nerrousness, Hypochondria, Mclancholin, la- ebritj, Sleeplessness, Dlz* elncss, Brain and Spinal Weakness. This medicine has direct action upon the nerve centers, allaying all Irrltablll. ties, and Increasing tho flow and power of nerve fluid. It Is perfectly harmless and leaves no unpleasant effects. I -A Tatuntita ttmrte on Rei-ron* IHMiHitox «oiit free lo «ny (dilrami, •nil itoor tmUcnu c«n »lno ol>i»m Uila inodlclno h«e of chnruo. Thli remedy biu boon prepared by tlie Itevereml Tutor Koeniff, o( Fort WVrne, lnd_ Rlnco ISHand Unow prepared undorhls dlrocuou by Uio KOENIQ MED. CO., Chicago, III. Bold brDrttfnrlsti at Riper DotUo. CfbrCK targe BUc.«1.70. 0 IlotUei for SO. ORATEFUI.~.COMFORTINbi ust Flower' Biliousness, Constipation, Stomach Pains. " I have been afflict"eel with bilipusncf FREE Epps's Cocoa BREAKFAST. ''Bjr» thorough knowlmlK* of th* tiHlnral law! union (TOTprn tho opnratlonn of dlRtwtlnn and nutrition, and Inr A <;nr«ful applloallon of tli* tin. |>rm,<ir. MM of wsll.MjIeotnd Ooooa, Mr. l'.|,|i. linn iirotldtd onr brmikinat Uhl.i with a ilallcittcly llaTornd !>»». •rut which may »•»« u< many IIMITJ dooloro' bllli, It ll by Ilia judloloui ui« of inch nrlloli.n of dl«t that aoonmltutlon may be frradimlly Initlt uunnlll (trouir •nouRh to raiUt »»«ry tinilimcy lo dliriiM. of oubtU malndlmi art aoallna around ui ready to- attack whororor thare 1« a iv<mk pulnt. W• may »oM<a many a filial ahaft by Looping our. ••Irs. well fortltled with pure blood and aVrJm.rlj • frame."—"OM1 Hervloo Ontattn.' 1 Mad* limply with boiling »al»r or milk. Sold only In half-pound tin*, by Orocura, labelled tliun JAKKM !£»>!•» A CO., Homirouathlo Cb.iul.U, LONDON, EMQLIND. and constipation " for fifteen years} " first one and thea "another prcpara* "tioti was suggested " tome and tried but " to no purpose. At last a frieni " recoinniencled August Flower. 1 " took it according to directions and " its effects were wonderful, reliev- "ing me of those disagreeable "stomach pains which I had beea "troubled with so long. Wordj "cannot describe the admiration "in which I hold your August " Flower—it has given me a new "lease of life, which before wasi " burden. Such a medicine is a bcn> "cfaction to humanity, and its good "qualities and "wonderful mer- Josso Barker. "its should be "made n known to everyone suffer" ing with dyspep- "siaor biliousness Printer, Humboldt, Kansas. ELY'S CREAM BALM vru.1. CUKK CATARRH Price SO Cent*. m Into eaoh nontrll. ., ISO Warren tit., N.Y G. G. GREEN, Sole Man'fr,Woodbury,iy l Milwaukee, October, Often blizzards would aweep across our path, and we would have to get out and walk, but no matter how the elements raged, my good scout always pointed the right path. Of course roads are unknown Small Swoet Co ur ten 188. Life is so complex, its machinery so intricate, Hiat it is impossible that the wheels should always move smoothly and without friction. .Th re is a continual straining of every nerve to gain and keep a place in this overcrowded, busy world. Wnat wonder if in the hurry and pushing the rights of others are trampled ur completely ignored, when every individual is in such haste that time fails for the "small swejt courtesies of life!" . . 13ut it is the little pKces of friendship— the encouraging smilu, the appreciative word, the thought for our preferences, I ho avoidance of out prejudice's— which make lil'o easier, smd which lessen in a rnarvell- ins degree all its worriss and peiplexities. For nothing prevents friction so perfectly as j,he exercise of what we so uetimos disdainfully call the minor virtues. As though one should be endowed with trutb, and ytt, lacking prudence and delicate insight nod circuiiMpection, wound with sharp m> die pricks the sensitive hearer. We do not care to bn constantly reminded of our fidlirius. ''Faiiliful are the wounds of a friend," but friends t.)o often show a\ fondness for the scalpel, and lay bare our pet, weakness;; in a. truthful but exceedingly uncomfortable fashion. A gentlewoman never fails in tli5- small fiwuetconrti'sies. Instinctively she respects the feelings of others, and having the golden rule by heart, it is from her heart that all lovely, love compelling graces flow. "In her-tongue is the law of kindness," and she has the ready tact which takes aitviiatage of every opportunity to render the !iv»s of others luippier. 'And every morning, witli 'Oooil-Uay.' Makes eucli day Ruod." Her wiiinin.; smile and gentle ministri- tiorn, her soft voice und unfailing sympathy, insure her always a ready welcome, and, like the sun, she "finds the world britrht, because she makes it BO." The fairy tale of our young days has a, Nine Out of Ten Periont on* mt«U bar* oitwrh In t mild O r Bggrn»t«d term, «nd yut oompwratlnly f«w pay anji ptUntlon toil, notiMmlugto r.alU. until too lato thnt other dangtroui dlMuci, mob a> bronoMttn and comumptlon, an rary «ur» to follow It the tronbl* U not armUd. Oatarrb originate! In 1m. puritlei In the blood, and require a oon«Ututloncil remedy Ilk* Hood's Sarsaparilla to effwt a thorough onr«, Be tan to get llood'j. _ _ THE SMALLEST PILL IN THE WOULD I TUTT'S •TINY LIVER PILLS® A have all tlic vlrtuen of the larirer onoii i 'equally cffcotlvet purely Tr R etMble. Bxuct, R|ZO filiown In thin border. Sin IlEsr.r Tnourno:f, tna most noted ]>liynlclmi of England, nays, tlmt more than half of all <Hsca6C3comofroui errors iu diet. Send for Free Sample of GnrHcld Tea to 31D West 40th Street, New York City. O vor. COIIIOM There is something going on here all the time that implies some oblige tions to buy il money-saving is ol any interest to you. Write for Samples. GARFIELDTEA M of bail uiillli K ;uur«8 Slrk lie rcHtoruHCom]>l»xioujcur<!H.Con.Upulloi PISTOLS 7S , •UWB f«r lllaitralW Oaiftlffua tn TM ('•WtlUCl.lHt.ltC4 IA« B«U Hire.11, Oinnlnnati Ohi* (Signed) Gimbel Brothers DRY GOODS, Milwaukee.' ucoossfully Prosecutes tarrincliml UxAtiilunr U.S. funnl .-. Ui Una wur, littiUiiilliiutliiKululuu • lot Coughs. Colds and Consumption, Is beyond ! • qi'cctlon the greatest ol all modern remedies.: «It wlllstopa Couoh In one night. It will check! • aColdinaday. it will proventCroup, relieve' • Asthma, and CURE Consumption II taken ln< Jtlme. IF THE LITTLE ONES HAVE ! 5 WHOOPING COUGH I OR : GROUP ! Use It Promptly.: i-ir WILL CURE: 'WHEN EVERY-' - THING ELSE: FAILS. "You! can't aflord to! be without It."' peculiar charm and attraction. The cour- teom, cheerful miiden who draw's water for the withered old crone, and who listens toher, and replies with amiability, is rewarded with the gift of uttering pearls and diamonds; and in Ine less romantic German version, Frau Holle bestows gold pieces as the reward of civility and diligence with that delightful prodigality BO characteristic of fairy-l ind. The sm-II sweet courtesies are BO potent in their influence upon our daily life boft- ening its a-sperities, rounding its angles ana insensibly compelling imitation. For who could be churlish, or even cold and indifferent, when surrounded by un atmosphere of genial warmth'? The little everyday and all-d4y thought for .others is not bard to tsome graciom natures imbued with the rare virtue of self-f rgetfulness; but to those who long for the admiration of their MOODV'BNf. LDd MOODY'k IUPROVE1 TAILOR TEMSufDrcM Cutting, -' tin. AGENTS WArWD OH SALARY" or commln.ion U h.udl. th* Ji»w f.Unl Ohtrakkl Ink Ero»lng PiBoll. Agtot* ••klor |W p«r wn«k. Monroa KriMT U't'f Co., L» Oro.»«, WU. hoi ML <P«» .i^'ilS S^Tc'r'Jft W»nu 0n " Bl P. W. *IJML*IUS™>£.** &"»•'. »». About seven years ago I had Bronchitis, which finally drifted into Consumption, so the doctors said, and they had about given me up. I was confined to my bed. One day my husband went for the doctor, but he was not in his office. The druggist sent bottle of Piso's Cure for Consumption. I doses of it, and was greatly relieved before the came. He told me to continue its use as long as it helped me. I did so, and the result is I am now sound and well—entirely cured of Consumption.—Mrs. P. E. BAKER, Harrisburg, Illinois, February 20, 1891. I have had Catarrh for many years, but never found anything that did me any good until I concluded to try Piso's Remedy for Catarrh. After using it a few times I found great relief, and would not be without it now.— Miss BELLE WOODRUFF, Lawler, Iowa, July 21, 1891. DETECTIVES PISO'S CURE FOR •»(! people who have v««k \anti> or Atth- I ma, iliuuld u«« I'lto'i Cure for I ConiumpUon. u tiu> cured [ 1 thoumuua*. It tin* not Inlur- eU one. U 11 not bad Co lake. It lot be t>oiii,coii(th»yrtfp. ' 1 Sold ererrwhera. *<So. CONSUMPTION. WAS. '•*• ^P«*otttT bfood. rm by purifying ilr »«ll mted UiiUllttM, M »n« pill»» h. F.tfb vUlconU)n.4t e«rnr<I l.vtit , , Mimiilcjilnn blood, franr VMKTIBLI. Th. 4«H UnUel M>crb<loomurh ... pockat. Ilk* le»d.pencil. .,„„...„„ .„ •ODviBUae*. T.kcn fi.lcr tb>n iuic»r. .. vtan. All (nnli)« f««ill be.r".0rt«c«iit." •wwl t*mt itamp. V9ii »rt» tit* \fook wttb mmpU. •I, H*»TE« MEPICINK CO..II. Leuli. M* mm urn 9jf *S*W!»*^*W^P^W fQ '••'••P'l'W* Sfnd »t oner for our C»tt\ofue. tap teitV tt»Bi»il.C. N. Ncwtomti. UtvcBport, lev* FAT FOLKS REDUCED " HOW OLD I LOOK, AND NOT YET THIRTY I" Many women fade early, simply because they do not take proper cavo of themselves. They overlook those minor ailments that, if not chccke.<t in time, will rob them ot Health and Hi-uuty. At the first symptom of vital weakness, use ILYDIA E, PINKHAM'S JSSSS *he rates will return to your olieeUs, sullow looks depart, spirits brighten, your step become firm, uiul buck »nd head uches will bf knowu no more. Your appotlt* will gain, nna tlm fqod nourish y»u. isold by all Druggists, or sent by mail, in form of JPiHa or * *

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