The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 11, 1891 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 11, 1891
Page 6
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TrTK UPPKUJDE8 MOINRS, MISSING LINKS. Fifty pnnii [)(.}• pipe !i charged In ' New York opium duns. Mr. G. 0. Wood tins coiilribuieil f J2o 000 10 tho Young Woman's Chris- thin Association of Jirooklyu. Archdeacon Fnirnr maintain.* that il Is only nit ignorant theology that cut Assume science to bo hostile to re liglon. About hnlf HIP railroad which U to connect JnlTn with Jerusalem IMS beet Completed. Tho remainder will bt finished within ti year. A IJurllnirlnn (Vl.) Imrber recently bcml all records by going mil mid getting married while u waiting cn.Hionitii Was gutting Inlliorud by Ids assistant. Wliiilnvor bo I ho slulo of colored photography, n process forpjiologruph- ing 111 colors has been puluiili'd HI Lotidun, mid thu company \n about to begin business. A.Mnn Uublnsloln U said to bo on- Caged on two important now works. Cno l.-i an oratorio on tho subject of "Moses." mill thu luttuf of an upum on a Itussiaii theme. Tho sicnm power of iho world is placed at -rj.UUO.OOO hnrsu pownr. This IH equivalent lo Iho working rapacity of 1.000 OUUOOU limn, widen is more than doiiblu thu total working population. Mrs. General Ornnt is nging nip.' Idly. There, has been u marked change bolh In Imp iippuiininro nnd iiinnnur within iwo yours. Ik-r hnir IM silvered and Intr Hlnw nnd uneven stun bulukutis her advanced yuai'H. A farmer near Amlln. La., owns n IIOI-HU tiutt will not, drink from Ihn wiitorlng iroii-rli if any of iho mules drink llu duns nni, HOIMII | 0 O b- loot lo drinking nflcr o;hcr IIOWUH, but (ii-uws Iho Hnii-iil mules. Tho Slinli of Por«lu him bnon In re- tlrumuni latol.v hounusu by misluko hu usud a rhoumallo Inllon instead of huh mussing ami turned his hair a lainnii. fill myrtle color. Ik- must luivo bunu dreadfully yimli greened. Admiral Gorvuls, who mndo fho curious mlHluku nt Ihn Pori.sinoiuh banquet of drinking to id* own health Is Ihu youngest Vic-o Admiral in the I'reiieh navy. llo lit ni and entered •JiOHorvii'o at 15 usu midshipman. SltiliMilcH show iho American | n bu tho j-reuiest iriivolor. 'J'lm record of Piipfnin had directed him lo make Admiral fast Iho latter said, "Q, i-igiiii ' tint! helped to fasten tho about himself.- • Frau'Ilisr.inrok is said lo bo economical oven to iho exlonl of pursimonv. She is nfllieied with n mild form of melancholia, and M nlwavs imagining that her health is more de.Kcule than ft is. Sho is a while-haired woman of moro than CO years, with prominent cheek-bones, a lull liiriiro and Jijt/h. keyed voic.-, Sho fulks with toniider- nldo volubilltv. and has a fund of fun* ny 8lorius and anecdotes. * A Kentueky engineer nnnif»d llno-hos hn.i di-covercd that it does not nhvnvs pay, llniincially. to save human life, iho other day ho saw a man named SleveiH'on lyln-r across the track ahead of his thijn. Tho engine was slopped within u few feet of Stevenson, lie appeared drunk. Hughes 'pulled him off and kicked him two or three times. Stevenson was not drunk, but in a lit. Iln hud Ilnglies arrested and lined IS) 01. costs and lino, although he had saved his life. ' '•Gun a hypnolfcod person bo made to commit crime?-' was very emphatic- lly answeri-d bi the alllrmalive bv Dr. Vidsiti, of Paris, in n paper delivered In-fore Ihu Drhlsh Association. Ho suggested lo itKiibjeet. under his in- Inelice lo commit llio act of arson while In pnolleully ushep, ,,nd there vas obedieticu in each ca-«i'. Moro lliun hut. a woman was recently WEDNESDAY. NOVEMBER 11,1891. •*r«o<l In Colorado, There Is n cnvn near tlickivood. a Station on tho Denver and Rio Grande railroad, which lias been visited by mnny persons living hear, ns well as by parties from Dnrango. No particular mention pf the cave has beon •made, ns it seemed to be little worthy of notice—nothing unique or striking. On Sunday hist a numoor of plfiasure- seekers loft this city, suvs the Dunver Sun. to join a parly nt Kockwood who hud planned to viflit tlie cave. About 4 o clock in iho afternoon the member of the party, having disposed of the! dinner, began to climb the hill, nou the top of which the mouth of thecnv is located. After much exertion the foremost o the partv reached the mouth of (I, cave, nnd being in advance of his com pumon-4 they wero much startled to so lilm fall backward into the low oul brush ns If ho hud been thrown from a eutupult. HI.) compnnions pushini, forward moro vigorously soon cuino to of n c«»* nt Rook- | «|»on to supply one or moro of - • •• .• .-.--..... .• I I 1,1 1 1 \ I I | I | |Jl railway trips taken bv each iiallonality gives the following pi-oimn ion: Ainori- cans, «?; English. H); JJ.dglun, II; I'runoli, 5; Turks, Swiss und Italians 1 ouch. Hern Is the prayer of tho miulslor of the LiimbrayH, Iwo miserable islands " llll! ' Hi of ili<> Clyde: "O Lord blu,sH and bu gracious'lo Hiu "Teuier and the lesser Cumbrnvs, and In Hiy mercy do not for»ui Hie inHicent islands of Great Uriluin and Iru.ami." 1 Sineu Bruxil lii-cime u republic It lius vastly iiieruused In I'avor font Held lor Oermini iminlgruin.H. of ivhon, 7.- "-'havog i ihoro during ihu lirsi BIX moiitlirt of the present compared wiih'_',l!)2 during n,,, wtm | u Just yuar.whilu in 1S81) iheru weru 01 MQ, Iu oonnccllon with Hie oentenarv of thu birth ol 1 Ihu I'limousOurinun writer IJuron von Jninseii, It is recullod thu't Ins lirst eham-u in life uller goini«- as a poor student to Uotilngen was whim hu was appiiinied iiiior to Mr. Astor son of the loiiiidei- of that American mil- lionulri! family. One of the I ruin-dispatchers in tho 801-vicu of ihu (Vein-tin Southern Hail- roud Is u woman, Mrs. C'olev. It is u remarkable innovation m ruilroudiii"- mid u shows Hun woman is grudnairv Jll-oving herself capable and willin..- in winning her bread in ul si any Inn- ploymenl Ihat calls for sorvlcu. A curious memorial sioiie has recently been placed In an old ceniulury at Kliijision, Mass. It is u rou-^h block ot {jrunlio. livu feel high, into' which in fluulit;ii a largo ululu labiia buariu»- 4 pouonloglnul Inscription of the Drew fumilv, iho founder of which, It Is said, knighted by Queen 'KhV.ubulh hi I . . _ ,' ••»' •» 1 i* II VliU ill-is for u .snect'sslon of acts of rpb- lery. Ii «as iiseyrluiniid Ihat shu had leen liiibiiiially hypnotised, and upon ii vest (gallon ft was di.-ooverod Hint hu had robbed under Llio 8ii"»cstion of outside parties. oa i— _ t • a * ll i& ' FAnM-HOUSE UNDER THE TREES. Perhaps no act ,pf war cii'i-ondorail more biiiorneMS Ihini Ihu hiirniii"- of tlio burns and hoiiso.s in th u Sho"nuii- doali Valley liiidcHShcriduirs olliei«| order. When soldiers are commanded they must obey, whether to cliurire u bin lery or burn some gniy headed mother out of house mid home. While the order may have meanl barnsulono I here wasii'i one chance in live nf ,,,,,- vomi" " i A novel method of llshing is bolin' lisud oil' San Diego, Cal. Inc-nitdoseoii'l electrio liiihts uru lowored into tho water at night, and a largo-not is placed below lliem. Tlie lish are ul- traeled by the glare, and uru plainly Visible. When sullluientlv numurou's tho tun Ks liuiilud up. Thu calchus are enormous. Chnrlos F. Lummls has discovered • n almost virgin region of big gu in the Fhigsluir country of llio £11? K nm . cjsi-o Mountiilns. liluckiiill duer I mountain lions abound, hut ihu rugged inuceessihilily of (he habilats uTinvu tho snow linu is forinnuiuly Miuh as ii frighten off pothunters and tim traveling liiroignur with his caravan ot ttltlS, , Miss Leu ore Snydor. thu primiiilonini who has neon so nil iu pleasing London audieneus, Is an Indianapolis girl, and, liku (icraldinii Ulmur, Kmmu Abbott and other noted ilugu siiijii.-r.s, is a grudiinlu <d' a churcli choir. When only M \cars old whu «uug solos in ilm Presbyterian church in liiiliiniapolia whuro Prusidont Harrison uitundud. Alexander llndnut Is now a Kuro- peau fixture, having sold for a'lur"u mini his well-known estate at Oi-iu»o Mountain, near tno rosidei.ou of (;,.?,- erul Mi-Clellaii and \)r. K. K. Maicv. Ho owes Ids jirosporily to his eariv frioul, James Uordon Dennett, ihu elder. They weru lollow Scots, and tho latter bei-amo much uiluchcd to tho gouiul druggist. ' Tlio beautiful Princess of Monaco is one of iho fair hlnn - stockings of Europe, wiih a puss-ion for books and music.- She bus an C.MCIIMVU cotoriu of litm-urv friends, inc.uding our own Blanche llooscvell, \\ Im gather about hur roinui-tubie and play %•••. literurv oriiicism in winter \\mle tno, husband gathers ihu elitu of ICuruXu about his greuu tables lo play fur uloro roiuunur- »livc-stiil;us. Uiciuird Knowles. tho sailor who Jashud KaiTa^m to the ii>j-<jin<r () f lll( , Hartford at 'ilm b:iuh<. i>i Middle li;i\ Buys thai iifier he had laki-n a turn or two with ilm ruilino ihe old Admiral grullly iiMii-d him what hu was atmui. a lid on bniiiu- tuld In Kimwl'"* lliui ihu i ono chance in ilvo of unv house escaping where tho barn was lired. Only Ihosu iroopers duiuilud to carry oul the order can rouli/,u what il mount and Ihe hardships entailed. Tho order was impendive—llioso iu command of Ihu details merciless. No warning was given, unless tlio great clouds of smciku rising up hero and (hero to signify dusirucllon wore' lukuii as warnings of what was to como. A squad of men galloped up— Ihe woniiin and children wero told iho Mibslaneu of thu order, and thu match was applied. An hour later they sat on I ho grass houseless and homeless, tiomu of them almost•nukod and d | } m Hio terror. War had broii-rlil, u oiisund hardship-; 'Mils order brought ruin and desolation." Ti.eru were tears tind prayers and ploudiinr.", but the •rdei- had goiiu fortli. ''J'hero worn lielplosHold women lo bu curried out d their beds and |aid in the orchard — dd men who weru hud-riddi nist ouvo ihu roof-true under which they nid been born. ' One might pity, 1 but tine could not protest. lly and by, as we rode up ton quaint old I'arin-hoitso, half-hidden among Hie Iruil trues, ii rille uracked and a trooper fell from his hor.-e shot through iho head. 'J'hu black pillars of smoke dolling the valley had told the people what was coining. We had soen no men except those too old to buururms. Here was onu who had dulurmined lo defend his properly—ono man 'gainst company afiur company riding up and down and across. To iho lull, of the bouse, lacing the barn, an exeavalion hud boon made in iho door-yard. The Hlmt came from thence, nmf before wo could got under cover u second bullet wounded onu of thu squad. Ten min- uies later the barn ami ihu slacks woro mi lire, and men under cover woro keeping up a hot Uru on iho rilln-i.ii. Justus iinolher .Hquail, iiltraeled' the llriiig, euiiiu up a I bird mini hiUind grievously woundud. Soiiio of ihu scores of bullets lirod mu*t Inii'o found a tin-get. There was u rush from all sides mid then ho was oipturod. Fifty men bud captured one. And that one! Wo hud uxpoolod lo lind somu bushy-huunlud busli- whackur who had lufi Alosby's baud in Its forest 1-oiuley.voiH in iho'wild hopu 'f defending his roof-treu, but it was not a man ai all. U was a lad not a lay over II, and one of inn- carbino nilluts had lukeii his lifo. And when we laid him on the grass and saw that HI hud eomu homo wounded from some battle up thu valley—when llio mollior eamu out lo us from th'o house mid lull on her kneos unil wailed and sobbed—when an old whiio-huirod grandfather stood iu llio door, hulpluss 10 como out and look into our faces, but wailing out as if (ho sight of that - - o ---------- fc - •'"•-«•• vxn M n n his rescue and found him recovering frcrn his tumble, not much hurt, bn slightly scratched and somewliat ilnzod. lie could givo no explanation of bin sudden removal from the oijoiiiu>r oJ Iho cavern. * e Curious lo know what the cause was, tho entire company in « body pusliuil Up the hill, which has n pataicuhtrlv sleep de.scent near the mouth of tho cave. To thu tistoninhmont of the whole number, tho instant after stopping into the cave tliev found thorn- solves alt piled toirother'iu a spot near wnero the lirst had landed. It look but n littlo while to recover from the imtiinglomont, when they began to inquire tlm cause of this sudden excitement. Tnoy all agrnod that tliuv liad seen nothing to cause such a tiling, and thoy wore curious to know ,tho ruason lor tho phenomenon. But how to llml out what they wishod was Iho thing to decide. At last It was determined that the strongest gentleman of the 'party gain a position- at tho side of should '•y was the oulraiico, and, thus protected, an opportunity to rooounoiior. So, taking a circuitous rotito and uvoldinn- a position directly in front of tho opeu° ing. they soon found themselves closu besido llio entrance. Cautiously putting his head out beyond iho protecting wall the foremost" peered in. Ilia hut immediately took ilight down tho declivity, but hu was thus madu uwuro oMhu exact statu of affairs. f Tlm phllosopoy of the current of air in caves suddenly dawned upon him. As is well known. Hiu air on a warm day in summer is much'lighter on tho otusidu of a cave or cellar than it is inside. Consequently, the cold heavy air rushes out with great vio- leneu—enough in this case, to "enuse iho trouble spokun of and throw thu utirtv down Hie hill. l ' Later relating this talo, an old-timer told your correspondent of a former of his at the same place. On a cold (lay in the uarly winter ho was tracking a deer along tuis hillside, when he wns astonished to sue lliocavo open up before him, and he noticed that the snow sooiuod to have been dis- lurbod very recently, as though a body had been diiaggod hi to tliu onlranep. Without thinking, ho stepped forward to examine into tlio cause of llio disturbed condition of llio snow, when he felt himself violently pulled into Mio cave, Hie forcu pulling him from Ins feet. He felt a shock and for awhile was oblivions lo all around him. Wlion his senses rel.urne.d hu found he was lying by and partially upon tho body of n deur. Upon examination ho found iho body of tho deer yut warm. • ^Tliis led to ii closer examination still. •Hu at last dutermiiiud t.nai. Hie forco of tho current of air blowing into llio cave had drawn tho doer in. killinsr it, but tliat wlmn Im \VIH drawn in "tlio shock was somewhat obvialod bv striking the door, llius' saving him from death. men nt his own expense to do duty when the Sovereign makes a public appearance. Tno constables average one in Ion of tlie. crowd that throng the streets, and being in ordinary dress/ they can mingle with tlio peop'le, note whut is said, nnd, perhnps, do something that will obtain them regular employment among the secret police. AVuli one-tenth the population enViL'ed ns spies upon tho remainder." w~ith troops enough concentrated to aland a formidable siege, and his faithful guardsmen doggingevery step tlio Czar goes through the forms of a visit to the ancient capital of Russia, or whatever, city he mnv choose to honor.— I'hiladelpliiii Tdegntph. A LESSON ON RED NOSES. ihfiivl ftT»nil)i>m U'liirii fTft»*> ftn Con- »<>etloh Dny-Dawn In tho Country. I do not think that it is ever rnnl morning except in the country, In the cily. in tho early part of the day. there is a mixed color that clirtbs down ovoY iho roofs opposite and through tlio snioko of tlie chimney that makes people think it is lime to get up and comb their hair. Dut we have real morning in the country. Morning^ "descending from God out of bride adorned for hur few moments u«ro I licuven like u liusbund.'' A looked out and llio army of nVlit Bhadows wero striking their'lenis. A red light on iho horizon that does not nuko mo think, us it did Alexunder jniith, of '"thu barren beach of hell," Hit moro like unto tho lire kindled'on bu shore by Him whom tho disciples at d.-tybreitk stirrin<r tlio bluzu on ho bnuuh of Gunesaruili. Just now hodowwoko up in the hummock of ho true brunches and llio light kissed t. Yonder, leaning aguiust tlio sky, wo great uprigliis of Hume, crossed iy many rundlus of lirul Somu Jacob nist have been dreaming. Tlirou"h lose burnished gates a llaming chariot •oils. .Sumo Elijah must bo ascumlinu-, Uornlny! I wish I had u rousiti" bull o wuko the whole world up, toseu it. •.very loaf,a psalm. Evorv llower u uuser. Every bird a eimristur. Evry sight, beauty. -.Evunvsound. music. Iroos truiisligiirud. Tho skies in con- ilagraiion. Tlio air as if sweepim-- down from hnngiiiL' gardens of heuveiiT Iho loam of culostlal plashed on the wltito lops of thospiisou. Tho houoy- sucklo on one side of leiigus the swoot briar on tnu othur. -Ihu odors of lioliolrnpp ovorilow thu urns and Hood the garden. Syriin'tis wiih bridal blossonu in thoir hair, aiid roses blooding with u very carnugu of color. Oh. Iho glorius of duv-duwn in tho couuiry! My pen iremblus and my eyes moisten. Unlike Hie llumiii"- sword that drove out Hie lirst puiT- from E lun, those liury splendors seen) liku swords unsheathed by angul hamls lo drive us in.— Dr. Taiiiutija in homu Journal. "It is not every red nose (hnt owes its color lo (lie wine tliat pi-rishclh," remarked the doctor, rubbing a fur- live finger over his own well-timed beak. "Some of them arc born, not miidc. They always c-niise their owners grief. I oiieo knew a girl who was driven to the grave all on account of nn iiil-colored nose. She was well educated and cultivated, but her -nose made hr-r ft flonti-rocluw. Her father died. She Sought work lo support herself and motlier, and obtained a situation as a school teacher. Il didn't last long. Word came to the Board of Education that the young Woman drank. A committee wailud upon her about it. and slie'indiirnniuly resigned* She went west ami secured n place in .a Kansas City 'dry-goods store. Her fellow-clerks guvod her. To cut the sli.ry sliort,..8he bought n, handful of morphine ono night and tho next day I hero was nn inquest. The nose retained its high lint even in death. "Thorn is a professional man up in Appleton. Wlx.. « ho has an unbroken record as a total jibstainor, but his nose looms up like a lighthouse iu u f'isr. . It's a perfect bariol-honso nose, violent inn! llaming. and not a smooth, jolly,.chiimpuirno proboscis. It is tho h:nio of this good man's life, and for sixty years liis personal friends havo million daily just upon it. Ho is a mark for confidence men. and if he liafspunt livo cents ho has squandered fvj OUt; In ing to 'reduce the color. IS\cry faker Hint comes lo town takes from $50 to $100 away with him. as he result of Iliu sensilivo- •man's -denim lo obtain n panacea for his nose, lie has tried ovcrythinir from leeches lo freezing lo lake away Iliu blaze,' but lie will carry it.with him to a coveted grave. At Oberlin. O., Iho town of leinperance and moralitv, there is a noso.,011 a leuli.laler llio' like of which was never seen—and thu i \ } A an objocl of suspicion to this day. Them is a business-man at Cleveland who lormerly invo.slod his earnings in attempts lo remove Hiu carmino tint of his nose. His is a peculiar malady, Hip color varying wiih (ho, season's. \ui>< (here are manv people who carry the sign without thu habit of Hi O h^bit- ual-drinker."— Chic'igii 'Jribtine. Way off. 'For the pa'st ten or ^ years tlis coinnjfo of quarters ha* ) averaged only $3.000 or $4.000'i» year. Just e:c:imin* tlio dales on All* quarter* (hat come intoyour po?sbss*6n, nnd see how (liev bear out these stiuis- iies. For InsiancrJ. ih 1886 there wero- only $1.471.50 in quarters coined, nnd there are a I linn Jii ml chances to on* airainst n coin of this date coming into your hands.— Albany Argus. CRIMINAL PLUMBING- Snmo of Hi« Ch:inc..» it Mnj- Hrlng: to AD Oilier wine Gimil Iloune. A Useful Iji'H.son in How tho Pyramids AVcro Built. A moneyed man, who was lookiii" yesiurday ut Ihu process of laving un urtillciiil stone pavetnont in front of onu of lib many propurliqs. stan.lud thu friends who wero siandiii'-- about him by ruinarkhiL': "I buiiuvu that the Egypt inn pyrumida were built in just that way." Pressed for an explanation, bo said that while never been in E-jrviit lie hml rr..,,i u,,) THE CZAR'S SHOT.pRQQF CAR. How tlm Uinp.ror of ItiiHRln TritTdl A mini); II IH Loving SiihJ.iotn. When tho C/.nr travels in Russia tlio preoautii-ns taken for his .safely could not bo greater weru ho in tho nnemy's I't* A I tn 11..) t ,i.. ^r i..c._-» ( dead boy was breaking hislioarl, what could wo say P Nolldng! What could we d.iP Only, ride away and bumotiu tlie cruelties of war.— M. Quad. ... How Ilo IJOHI. ilia Cloches. A Georgia man, who was not uwaro of the tact that hu was addicted to walking iu Ids.sleep, begun to miss his clolho.s on awakening in'tho niornin.r. rum- suits disappearod mysteriouslv, when hu was constrained to off or u ru- wui-d u f<iM for llio dutectiou of Hie thief. This prompted his son lo in- Ve.sligiile. He saw Ids siro ariso and dress Himself and proceed lo a millpond. Here ino old gentleman would disrobe, stnll' his clothes iu u hollow log us far as they would »i> and then tr 0 iu balhiiM When ... bo umorgud be wuuld si-aic'i vainly for his olothes, Iiually goiug iiomo without them. Tho young deleeiive IMmd from ti,o hollow log every .suit I hat had been lost uud duly received ilm proinisml rtiward. I0leu(rio Hullroails. Thoro uru now over ?)25 oloctrio ruil- rnads in the world, iiinuly per cunt of hem in this couulrv. About 4.000 jars 7.000 m.itors. i'.OOO miles of truck ind 7.10,000,000 passenger* curried, iu a 'ear tu.ll ino rest of tiieir story. Two Florida men killed m, «||iir.,tor nd lufi it Ujtini ihu bunk. Heiuruiu" non ul'lvr limy found twe.nlv-livu ull£ J around their duud ciimputiion, l.'iuy yui-riod' him into Hio .ud .soon - and .suiiiii frwm l|v\shor«. country. A bultulloii of infaiilrv" is dotailud for every two milus of ilis- tanco, and allowing 500 moil as Iho biroiigih of each biiiulliou. every spot of ground on bolh sidos of tlio truck H covered by seuiiuols within ousy dis- laucu ol each otlmr. Tho Ca-n- is sud- dunly whirled off to tlio station, accompanied by Hie chosen twelve of his body guard, without jjonip or ciroum- .-.luuoo. swiftly and silontly'. Thu Czar always travuls iu u iraiii of livo our- rhigos. His cui-riiigo'is built iu a puou- luir way. Tlie windows, while ample for light, are high, HO that u person sitting down is invisible from tlm outside, and tlm sides of tho car urn fnriilloil with plates of stool concealed in mo ornamental woodwork, but amply strou" to resist u bullet. There aru Two s.-n^ try boxus iu tho carriatro, ono at each end, and ouch looking out at an opposite aidu from the other. Tho guardsmen on duty in those apartmenu are shut off from any obsurvalion of tho interior of tlio carriage, but at intervals of about two fuel tlie wholo louirih of Iho saloon there tiro electric inttons ' communicating wiih the guard chambers, as woll as with llio two carrhijfiw. miu coiitaiuinsr Iho suiU; ami Ihn other, iu tiio ruur, occupied by tlm <. r iianU- Uioii nol OU duty, fcjo far as HID train itsulf is couoorneil, tlm C/, u- could bo no uioro secure iu St. Petersburg. Thu train .spuuds on to iu dustiiia- tiou without a hull, except on account of ueeiduut. At u dislun'co of not loss lliau livo miles ahead is a pioneer train in which iho Imperial Director of Kail- ways ami tho chief engineer of thu particular railway on which tlio Czur is traveling always ridu. As llio pilot i rain wld/.zes by tho reserves along tlio lino rush to arms and guard tho sidus of thu railway, wailing until iho imperial train has passed, so tlmt tho speciuclu is presented of continuous IIIK-S of soldiery for hundruds of Arrived at tiiu end of his jnuniev. i,.» <.».ir is escorted to thu q'l.irlers iu- u-ndud for ilm imperial familv. i 'J'/ui -struets arc gmu-dod by sneeial ' eousiables iu the uttiro of he ha in Egypt he had read ih works of all Egyptologists, iucludiipi- Urugsch and Plax.zi Smyth, and had never found in any of them u Ihoorv which would satisfactorily account for tno manner in whiuh iho pyramids woro constructed. "Now," hu said, "yon .must remomhor the pyramids tiro built of Htonu which bears no resum- blaiiuu |.o anytliinjr found within livo hundred miles of tiiuir locution. It is incrudiblo that the Egypiiun.s of four or livo thousand years ago should h,ivu possessed the medianioa'l iii<r U iiuity | () move these enormous block's of siouo from the granite quarries of Alivssiuiu or Syria lo thu pyramids, is'it not miicli moro natural to suppose that l/ic unoif.nt Eiryptiuus possessed ihu secret of making tuMiliciul stone, and that tlio pyramids wore const runted by layer upon layer of Nile IVver mud, lia'rd- Oned i)y just such a process as' we employ to mako arlilicial stone? It is a .much moro plausible explanation of thoir construction tlmn the laborious and uuintelli^i'iit suppositions that ihw siones weru carriud across iho desert, to form tiiu foundation and base of tne pyramids. 1 lirmlv believe that tho E-'vptiuns of the "auiu-Ohrisiiun era understood tliu muiiufuoluro of arlili- cial slonn, and that thoy built thu pyramids out of \(.—fhii(ut,:lplii,i The origin of words, is an interesting study even lo people who arc not philologists.. Take tno homclv word ••diaper," for example. To" what depths has it descended. It is like a high-born gentlewoman deprived of her broad lands and fair towers and compelled to do a scullion's work for fi livelihood. It is. in shorr, liku tho story of Cinderella reversed. For diaper was a term originally appHud to a .silken fabric, and is mentioned a,s early as ihu eleventh century. Its special cliuraclorislio was that by the arrangement of warp and woof, both of llio .-anie tune of' color, a design could be produced on the web -which had iho uppcuruncc. of being raised in relief above Iho seemingly dusky ground. Cloth of gold was" dhi|mred wiih designs in this way. Exeier Ca_H-cdral had, in nn inventory datud 1277, a cope of while diaper with half mooiiH. .and'Si. Paul's Cathedral with parrots done in green. The .meaning of tno word diaper gradually uidened, so that it eamu to bo used when Ihu p.iitern or ornament was repealed, or when Ihe pal turn was sprinkled or powdered over the surface. Embroidery to imiiaie diaper in irold was g ..... mil j n tho middle ages. Tlie beaniiliil Bidden ground of "the Opus'Angliciliinin was u-'iially dollefl all over with a repealing pattern. Thin apparently mechanical met hod was capable) of inliniiu variety, and formed the most effective backgrounds, and it one is remarkable I hat in different examples of old work llio .sumo iliaueiy seldoai appear. COM Somn In^roAllnir SlnVlnUri Rnlnl.lm to tlio , I»sui! ill' Am rlci!in Silv.T Moni'y. Slau^litur of Son JJIi-ds. It lias sometimes been supposed that Coloridgo. iu tho "Aneiunt Muriner." did something to chock tho barbarous custom of slaughtering se;i birds, but a correspondent"of a London contemporary informs u Manchester pupor that in some of iho Yorkshiro watering places guns are regularly let out to visitors, who mako a practice of killing and maiming tho birds, fur tho imiro pleasure of ' destroying them. Tlm seagull is useless for food, and tliu Mien whoso wanton cruelty is exposed do not, it scums, even to so- cure thoir prey. The favorite piuu is to liro at first indiscriminutoly. Then, when thu birds hover over a wounded companion, wholesale and indi.-oriini- ii.-iio slunghier is iillcmpiocl.— Biuck ' At tlie club onu of thu members pulled out a handful of small cbaii"- u to pay his bill. "Have Do yotrwaut to borrow I « coins them- Wound by tlm Sun. A clock is to bu seen ai Urussola wliicli COIIHIS us near lo buing u pnrpuiuul- motion lunohiuotis is likely uvu;- to bo invouled, for iho sun does iho winding. The molliod by whioh it works is described iu the Optician: A shaft exposed to thu solar rays onuses ;iu up draft of air, which sots a fun in motion. Tho fun auts upon u mechanism which raises thu weight roaches ilm to of tlu> clock until it e you any quarters?' 1 said ono, who was .sifting near. • "Yes, four. thoiiiP' "No. But what will you bot that cannot, guess thu dales on thorn? 1 ' "I do nut, know what vour trick i« but for a ilior 1 will but tiio coins themselves." "Done. I W i|| nnmo-tho dates: 1853, and two of 1876. Am J ri»-|nP" (!t , Un n ::-''• °" u '' 3 ^^"I'i's is ; tins 1M/G, and this is 18,03. 'You guessed thruu corroclly and missud ono. bo you owe me u quarter and I owe you 75 cunts. Now oxplaiu your Li 1 Cl is • "it is no trick. The fancy took me a tow weeks ago to examinu tlio dates on coins, and I found thai almost every quarter boars ono'of tho«o dates *''''' ill | occasional 1866, 1857. 1858. Io7d. I suppose moro of ihoni wero coined in ihoso years. Durin" llio weeks I liavu been iutereRied in tlio subjiH-t I have seeu ono 18U1. but not » siu»le other quurter boariin' dale iu tliu sixties or in tlio- seventies except ii" 1 huvo montionud. If ono wantud lo bet as we have just douo ho would bo u suro winner in thu long run." I witnessed this transaction, and it interested muso tliat I looked thu imit- Ku- up. In ii u , import O f the 'Director of the Mint I found a full explanation. In i ml. is a titblo giving the coina"o in ddlerent deuoininaiions fur oaeli year sitieo tliu ' organization of tliu mints. Tlio coinagu of -quarters has Huciuated-iu a most renmrkalilo Ik-ginuing with 1850, for three It is only now nnd then that »om» accidental revelation exposes Work of ' thu criminally careless or incompetent plumber. Sometimes it is fatal diseases in families which lead to critical examination of his work and in rare cases Iho oHR-iul inspectors of buildings detect it; but it is a fact known gen* ••rally lo physicians and to ' nil who have given the subject Careful study that one-half .or more of the fevers and oilier malarial maladies which are so common iu Philadelphia are the logic* ul results of the criminal plumber. In point of fact tho sanitary plumbing proclaimed nod professed to bo practiced by. the organi/od Mauler Plumbers is seldom enforced. Tho keen competition in trade compels active underbidding for work, and that causes plumbing contracts to' btt taken at such low price's that tho contractors must choose belweon doino- bud work where it is coucoulod, or losing money on the ' contract. Few are willing to do good work at less limn its actual cost, and'plumbors uro- eminently liumuit in Hint regard. Most of their work is hidden from ordinal-/^ notice, and'they largely muko tlieir/1 prolits by dishonest pra'cliees. -SJs**.. Tne one part "of a residence that should not be offered to competition by contract is tho plumbing. Oulv- "he most experienced, skillful uuii "V honest men .should ever bo eniplovefl r 10 do the plumbing in n Jiome; unit [lieu it is safest lo watch it with cure. The ignorant or dishonest plumber will sow thu seeds of death iu every h«mo if lie is allowed to do tho plumbing, no muitijr how well ho is watched or paid: und llio only sufo'rule is to employ thoroughly honest nnd com potent men. to pay thorn fair prices for their work and then require thorn to guarantee il for live years subject to semi-uniiiiul tests. Tin's rule would be likely lo ussiiru lirst-oluss plumbino und it would drive iho inconipeiunt iinS Hie criminal plumbers out of ihe busi- uess. no excuse for ignorance of poisonous gases in a homo. T-ho integrity of Hie pipos can bo us easily and as curlainly tested as tho leaks in a roof when it .rains. Bv closin<>- the I'ipes and applying s'ulpliur Timor under pressuio. it will not only, find every imperfection in llio »lmil bin" but it will deolnro tlio exact" point- of Hie defect alike by its visible color nnd by its odor. Jf it-cniors tho house anywhere, it at once exposes . the •• negligent, incompetent'-' or criminal plumber. This test, or some ono equally effective, if there is such should bo applied to cuclf homo nt least every spring , W( | fal] ; ,,,,,1 i(i should bu u part of the plumber's tract loTepuir for a term of yeiirs all delects thus exposed at his own cost. •Iho plumber who deliberately pats imperfect work in tho hidden parts of a hunso, und thus cxposos'a fumilv to disease und death," is us much a criminal us any burglar or murderer, llo knows that the diffusion of poisonous guses destroys hen 11 It and imperils He, and when ho deliberately loaves hidden vents in plumbing for sewer "-us lo carry its deadly fumes into hoim-s lie is u criminal and he should bo treated and pnin'slied as u criminal A recent report of tho oHiciul Inspector of House Drainage', wherein ho 're. ports the plumbing in n house ns "•lone in .the most incompetent and dangerous manner." offers an opportunity for the m'usler plumbers loboTin I iy dismissing-tho criminal plumber and dumandin<; his prosecution for his (•rime. Tho criminal plumber cun be driven out of business if ihe'people act with common lidoliiy. to themselves and it is high lime that tho good wort should bu begun iu earnest.— jjhiu 'limes. Lived Amid Skeletons. Two prospectors recently visited tho Island ot St. Nicholas, off ihu Ventura emist, with the purpose of luki»' J land. Thoy found tho laud, on island, which is four miles wide bv twelve long, utterly barren. On tlie westurn sido sand is about the only I. nng seen, -and it has beon blown from ; up tho On the othur sido of the island they found human bones for a distance of live miles along tlio biiuch. They were very thick and it looked as if it had been u graveyard. They also discov- erud the remains of human bodies on tho ndgo which runs lengthwise .rough the island. 1,, 00,1,0° place! two skeletons were seen close together, us if they had been buried in ho,same grave Thu wind hud blown off nlmt covering of soil had been li.rown over (I,,,,,,. Dones weru thick- lystrown along ihis rid.r e for on to ihu about go nnd from seem i"to a cave w'aioli had boon built was found buried «uni|. There an sheep on the island, nfforded an way. and then puts a brake ht fan o, on tho fan till tho weight has gonu down a little, when HID an s again liberated, and prouueds lo act sis' before. As long us Ihu sun s'lim-s j'ro- quuutly enough, and thu maoliiiu-ry does not wear oiu, the olouk wiU keep going. _ _ _ They are now trying to show thai Christopher Onlumbus'was a Fivnoh- niun, or at least was born j u Corsica uudor trench govornujont. tho coinage.avoraifttd uboiil $10.000 a $.1,818.555. In 1*54 it Was almost us much, $309.).000. Then it dropped .to $7H2(iO- in 1855. In 1H56 it was $1 81(i DUO: in 1857 $2 411 OUO and in 18.18. $1.8-12.000. Then' it d'ropl pcd aguin, nuver risinsr to $400,1100. and in war timos-avorasring only livu "I 1 six viionsands, excei.t in 1801, When it was $1 213,050'. In n was !?1.07.-),;i7;',; in 45-l.2S7.5l); in 1877. $2.727, bt-'j-un iho coinage uf silver lurs by the million*, aud tho proof subsidiary coins drouued 187G, 1875 §1- Th.-u boforo she Jr'reo /Vuss. in the ni glit. Years went was taken off.— by Alligators. A Lonisinnian. at Uin s Mill, Thnro kinds uf are said to-bo 20.000 difforont ju tl, e world. 'j .' i 4* I : j»s«K^i^!.i^a&ft^»a)fefcV \ ^.vr *^*^Lvt«*w»«

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