The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 28, 1892 · Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 28, 1892
Page 3
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f ttft UPPER HER S, A LOON A, TmVA'/WKnNttShAY. DfcCKMBER i.,^-. .,-, TIM'S FI&ST DAY'S WOKK. 'By Sidney Da'yre. Things looked bad. for Tim as he p" awake one morning In 'early spring. " L it .was spring only by name, hot by '; early enough for the crispl- BOSS nnd snappiness of winter to bo and top early, for, the nnd sweetness of spring to have begun. Silt this was not the worst of it for Tim. mother had been sick for a week. For six days there had been plenty to eat of the provision made by her brave, hard-working hands. fiilt to-day Tim got up to find nothing but potatoes and salt, with A-pinch of tea for lils mother, "And it ^ thankful to the good Lord well be for that, Timmy, me boy," silo said "In the ould counthry, a bVsslnj-. bi' on every inch of it!—wo saw the bit o' mate only twice a year ing with great surprise at her neighbor's walk. "Yes, ma'am,"', said Tim. : "1 don't mind.': saying. I'll "give, you your dinner it' you clean it all up 'nice'.. Come in when you hear die bell." • When Tim, hungry witii his long THE FARM A»D HOME VALUABLE PECEIPTS- Ramequins. —Two egg?, two spoon does not preaches. like to practice what ha We are willing to accept without question the assertion that there is but small profit in- cultivating poor land, but why is it that'we are unwilling to admit that Uiat pnrpos- 1 . This yard should have GREAT FORTUNES OF water, hay racks and shelter. A lot contiguous to tliis should be provided with c,>,.Mlu,ti.v pfentv of truoghs for leading grain. The sheep should only have access to The death of Jay Gould sends, tills lot while eating grain. Having to his pos;crll.y one of the greatet the ,worid. Whether tiff l>5" thcForn Own Momentum. JwSVfS E£ TT T.'J 5 «•* "°« t™»~<S* = < fi2 ™,l^ m "">'",'.'"•' tor, hvo ounce, of natal «ie™o. Mix • luiiim a good (miner waitm** for iiiui n n . , , » . c •in--..' ,,. . . *.? • all well, and bake it in molds or tart-.* - , i- 4 i i •> ™ 1= .1 ' nrovidod a good wide gat- in the par- tunes in th> same rule applies to stock? It is a I!™ ^Vtwoen the lots, you arc amount be $00,000,000, $78,000,001 feeding. The grain ;j;ioo,OOO.OoO, as the varying guea while arc, it; is exceeded in magnitude by o n'o '«,„ 1111 4. i T -i. , '•' "" " L ", "" ll ".live H in moil its the illlgant nate kitchen ye pans for a quarter of an hour, have, ma am," he said, smiling .all over ivgood-hahired, hohiely, freckled, round „,„. , . . .„ ,. , , ., iuuu i-imamm-n. n.<." "«<--o "~ "*,... cheeked face looking out from a shock ™f. ed Potatoes with sal and butter; , al dnl {ralts , of red hair.; "Two win.lys and such a £J *™ «*» ™S "^ *' b fJ±'. -ell-bred fact that it is very bad economy to feed grated cheese. Mix «»»d care for poor stock because good it in molds or tart- stock will give a much better return for what they receive. A good dairy cow ..' givts more milk In proportion to the . ( 1 food consumed than does an ordinary the sheep are in tlie other yard, and ly two or three or perhaps half a when all Is ready tlie gate opened and of the large estates in existence. 1 the sheep let through to feed. When it is distinguished from these ill be- they have done, they should be turned ing wholly the accumulation of a single out'immediately. We have found this individual during a life which wo* f or red hair • "Two win.lys and such a — Vl en bent a wttl an egg beater > wclM)r( ! d Shorthorn or Hereford steer: ——^-' ' lg wc havo not ll!ul coini , lirs , Uw ly short. The Astor for- S ,?owin' Tnd D a WtTen A,fd a to' *"*»•"*> bnl " Mpta white of egi ^^JS£n£i S" SnmoS 2 many offfeed, ami have not been pro- tune, says the New York Sun, is now /. mn?I f«7^v ,lil ^ hl a k ettle of hot fat, drain and f,Tj n °"J me *°°, dh .T 8 heen wiU pr^ voked by the sheep nmniiig between our held by doscoridents of Its founder la f mate for niy dinner. _-.__ _.;,. . . > native cow. Weii-oreo. sueep \MU pro- • .... _ ,.. v«r,, ,,x«at,im. .1.., r n .,.^\. .,„..,....,«»,. t< 0 i,,wri,»,il«* jf * mate for niy dinner. He, ate the "bit o' mate," the potatoes .arid cabbage, and liberal supply of bread and butter. Then got up with a face full of questioning. "Don't you like pie and doughnuts, csked the woman. serve whlls hot. We consider U lo fourth gcno.-aUon. Its beginning feet and spilling grain o-enndbtter wool vatlon of the crops Is needed; > indispensable neSier of these will pay better than eminently the ' his bow, finding It a difficult thing to ;—-» ""„."" """ '""* """' .'" " , " uuu ULIU "- 1 UL uui:DC "' ,, ' V , ,,",' rom-s next In the list, then whatever i ts do when he had-no hat to take off, brown. When done remove to a hot the Improvement of the live stock. The com x utxt in^ut urn, h dlffcl ._ |» '•It's my mother that's sick and doln' ^ eb l bl ? d1 ^ 1 «*?« in another layer. mau who does. not observe this falls hi >ou u u •» t*u. «j i ^ ^.^ s -at Christmas and at Easter." ( «.fr yo pleas0( nm ' am ;- T i m limfl ,j the bottom of the spider, loosen with . "I'm glad I don't live there," said Wa bow flndlnB lt a difficult thing to ^ nife - l)U L do ™t turn until a golden Tim, "I like a piece o'bread for break- " T1 — J *~ " '"* fast—and a wee scraplu 1 o' butter on .. u , a my illulllul lixtlto „„„ .„.„. , It, too." I no work the week, and she nlver atbV Kce P llot in ttlc warming oven. tno vo ry foundation principle of sue-, 'His mother shook her head, but h cr dinner by the Messed sunshine like ! Oyster Filling for Poultry .-A sixteen cessful agriculture, and It Is only a whether hi regret at his not having the lms _ an 1t it wouldn't bo dlsplaisin' to pound turkey will require twenty-live question of time when he shall lift up bread and butter or in reproof of his yo that rd just , nko . cm alul mi wlll oysters, one tablespoouful of chopped hte voice to wail that farming does not extravagant Ideas Tim never knew, for ; om to hor and be ^cli to the' clainin' parsley, one teaspoonfnl of SAveet mar- pay. , joram, one quart of stale bread crumbs, did not say. tlie walks—" "It's myself must be nimln' the ( w \ )( , r( . c io you live?" asked the wo- one tablespoonful of butter, one teaspoonful of salt, pepp?r to taste. Drain tlie oystere, wash them in cold water Tim •(•OOll \Voiuun We often when among fanners In the its volume has become greater. Its bginnlng was in the early days of century. Who4i Mr. Gould wa» born. In IK'W, Commodore Vanderbllt was already a rich man. The original various ,T,,hn Jacob Aslor lived to the great ago of 8.'1 years. Mr. Gould has died In his steers. The rangs g7i, u y CMr , a comparatively young man. sheep are a mixture of breeds. The .\n that, he leaves was gathered by nlm- shtK-p from the southwest, have had S( ,jf n i one hi the short period of about a sprinkling of Mexican sheep in them, thirty years, yet he has transmitted to the Colorado sheep have a pronounced llis Children a, fortune ranking next basis, while the sheep of Mon- onlv to the Astor and A r anderbllt os" " '*"' among beforo money for ye now, mother," said Tim, in , m .as he brought her her breakfast. _ , ,, 0vol . i n Dust-bin alley." "It's the fine fellow ye'll be for when ye're grown bigger. And •growin' fast, yc are now," she gazing at him' in pride and fondnrs^ Tim had 'spoken without • ' thought of "airnln'," but with tier noonyou had Words the thought really came. "\\ hy jn M . hon you llliv& done and I'll shouldn't he be doing something to some ( n | n g for your mother. help bis mother? He was rather a voul . 8clf » email boy, it was tmc, but. small boj-s *., r j m wcnt> j )nc it to his worl SHo^to'cook 1 ^ ttlTSo" 52 ^SS ^foUowit^ b^wo* and^fit until'the se^ds are cooked meal We do not reason it out but no ^^^p, and arc the;result of the ^'^^^^ S^ro™ no more ^o rSelv to fit that J e began to out, and theii strain through the potato less do we feel it. if the dinner should usc of ^ c ootawold ram on the native 0 Ul ^ ' ro ^. osmi t 0 d there weie no moio. __ , , so closely, m ™ : \™^_?^ r * 1n Ma slcvo _ At the same time have tlie skins not be a good one, well cooked and cwog H;A V^ »f»_A^-.-.- dw »_»utj\.»j j-— 1 But what was he to do. If he had fiM lt very wam as he stooped to his onlv thought of it yesterday he might sta ,' gle witll the well packed snow, boiling have'earned a little clearing from side- - -- .—«—.1 +~ *« fr,v n wiiiio. •walks the snow which had fallen Uie evening before He had kept the little bit In front of the house in which they had a room-it was only as long as tlie house was wide—so clean that people ised to look relieved when they came to it. Besides this he had never done anything except the housework when his mother want out to wash. Tliere still might be walks to clean, m Tim shouldered a borrowed shovel and went out. He did not feel very courageous, for things were not very when his mother ww sick. But lust as he turned out of the nar- ^^ bel , ore ye , ' ' -- ' -'- ««>-«" The a iternoon was "• SOOOlKl the vine- neatly served, wo feel that we have i practice. millions where presented thousands, lie- come self-perpetuating by reason of We consider it field of rye to bo .a very thpll . vory j^gnjtudc. Their incomes * •ached the consistency of catsup.' iuiiiii nature connects witli gooa outtei sll p m d not be let out of the yi Fnrfish Plumb Pudding-Nine eggs, making nearly all human virtues. It in- tilc should have plenty of ? P Cl «a?one h p g omid of 6& , ^^}^^^^ '^" P-ious to.that time. And lust as he had decided upon this one pound of sugar, one• P^°; —- i who mldg the best papers and who ^Sc=i=^n'grS K^SSSliKiSSS --^isgomg^among^peo; CITY OF MEXICO. ow street Into a broader one the sun came into sight, mooting his eyes with r£ . m had hou0 rably paid a beaming smile that Tim felt % ^ Ulpped at the door of the t to exercise lmpajr tllc cap itul Is no longer so ac- i live. They brood rather the disposition to preserve the goose which lays so rich a golden egg. They take on the diameter of an enduring institution which commands the best financial be- his sure he was saying: "Good morning, Timmy. Ion and I have our dnv's work before r.s, haven't. we? And we're going the very best we can, hey?" same!" nnd blinked ns he nod- in Wll"^-* 1 »UHL """'* back in answer, and stepped oft w ,,,i a ring of resolution in every tap of his foot on the pavement. .Most of the people 1n the center of ftMown had had Hiolr sidewalks clean«1 the dav before. But Tim kept on until he reached a quiet street in whioh ho found a row of small houses in rath- Jr la-ge vards. Tt would take a good deal of shoveling in order to clear ^thorn vrnlks and for some reason it had not SfflSS. The snow was brokenJP ^ iry people who had passed, and looked -- • '---. make hard wnlklncr. The woman ,who came to butter, one heapin Sfcrnut S«'«IIHH «'lt.V. „ Mtexlco presents a aliillty in its management, and this 'mice, says Harpers character Is stamped upon them by suc- whatever point of eesslve testamentary resti-alnts. Not » L >-.«.-„- i.— „ avenues are shut in by single one of the many groat fortunes ™ if2i,wrr^ i 5^^.^rsi&.' Mnul - ~ dl " B " 1B ^«as s vsz snred that it is a good place to stop and j The straiaht whk> streets, running in way of dissipation^ thing else will be all right, parallel lines from north to south and " through the country from east to west, make it look modern ismiuM.K'ism Atmmc HH-.IK. to ston over night enough, but, for all that, the old white- The most remarkable instance of ee- - washed houses, the only architectural theticisin among birds is that exhibited Australian bower birds, which, Chamber's Journal, build in which to play, adorn- shells. feathers, leaves, If we were writing up the shady side built in four blocks, with one or two. bones or any colored or glittering ob-j; IL >\i< wen. b i j . . , ....._,.. „.. ,. .... ,. M)iue m tllcll . wny< Capt> i.ext nou.e. -- •;";r, ))au tue 01 hei- S . tablespoonful of '^'SrrS^ C Why yes, I want, tablespoonful of - th« full radiance of his smile tor j Excellent Salad ^ Ul " . _ !.„„ «tt-n/1 nilfl ' 4-itrvitt/xlir lll'istfv Kn This was niE' • M . But just as he decided it he found no courage to ask any ho inb. He had know how to begin. lie stopped to think-then mads UT> his mind that he might as well_be work- Ing while he was thinking. So ho began vigorously at the snow. "What are you doing?' called a voice, and he saw a woman coming from tho towards him, "It's lust clainin' the walk I ani. Tna'nm," said Tim. pollltely taking off bis hat. "You're making a mistake. I haven t hired anybody to clean it." a mistake In the vuiynld The snow's here and it ought one of these bowei shell alternately fron bower and carrying f beak. LuuiholUa d of these playhouses _...., „„„ bring in the butter that he is in tho witn mgn stone sie^s luaums; iu um rue oower uiixi. H«-' says they are ; and green—and put a delicate green habl( . Qf j llinpln g \ u the alley or selling upper rooms. Thes-.' rooms, which are w ays to bo found "in sniiili bruahwoc lettuce heart in the middle. L'se the for ™ oase ' mostly paved with tiles instead of never in the open Mold, and in th . . „ . ,.._„..._ ± ,.!„,, „/!,-! „ • ^ eg ^ not perhaps rea- planks, open 011 to a gallery running immediate vicinity the bird collects estimation in which they round the court, with n balustrade at a m ass of different kinds of objects, e town depends more, per- convenient height for loaning- against, pocially snail shells, which are lald-rff Iia . JOi „„.„.„ quality of the butter they which balustrade is decked with mini- two heaps, one at each entrance, the Put this dressing over the salad, leaving g^d'to"the"inarket, than any other one erous pots of flowers nnd shrubs. Tho onf! being always much larger than out the lettuce, and set in the ice-box a tlimir t i rs t s tory alone is used to live in, the the other. There are frequently hun- 'v"one"if hnnlin> h °, W ,"7?tn tho V worm" the'sun couplo of houra. Wien ready to serve In " mallv cnses her reputation suffei-s ground-floor being occupied by shops, d reds of shells, about three hundred in nd never sayms sood-nlgnt to uie ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ lettvice heal . t ln y le cento r and fmm no j iu]lt of her own imloss it bo magaxines, or stables. The better ono heap and tiiirty in the other. i rUdnot P° c l )wl out ,'pim and his work serve cold. In making the French dross- tlmt slr > d id not begin her life on the houses are built of freestone, whilst the T ] 10 re is usually a handful of green i 4...!., ,,n.nnnm!. ui" - lng mix m tllo porpprtlon of the table- fnnn by tl . ainlnff nol . husband in the poorer tenements consist of a material berries, partly inside and partly out- siAd Tim beaming spoonful of vinegar to three or oil. rlgllt ^ ny ' If £ C1 . (loes not prov lde known as amygdaloid, which is a variety Rl(lo 1llo bower." In. his Interesting ' - the facilities for making good butter of porous trap or basaltic rock of a red- book, "Among Cannibals," Lumholtz de- she should register a solemn vow that no dish color, the blocks being bound to- scrU K,s a playground of what AVbidd fc cold] ., (or by b to brlng a BU nlght and tlie sun he worked now. Just "Vlver a ma'am . to bo .off, bad luck to it." - needn't, go on. I'm not going e same to yc nja'nm," tn a yellow glow., 'I'm most clone,' and get warm. » before you go. I knew vonr hand's were cold " ° U "and barle^as" cow"eedThen'cheap facmti'es'for'maidng butter "of the'best, great cubes of masonry kept in place by poached it, sat on tho ground, and a cup of :;: 0 ~ h A A bin ot barlov may sell for If the needed lessons has b'.'on neglected their own weight. fil]ot lt lt wtls one of the bower birds, i ououcii. A.AUIUU . .......... „ J .,..«.... i ..,,,.,„ ,.,4i, !„„«... Ayl j h a ffl . |iy nil d :i very modest plumafie nnd of the siKO of a. Ihnish. As T pick- coine OT | S an( j barley as cow leecl wnen cneap racnuies lor intiKiiig uuut.-r UL uiu m-m.. h»> •••- ^."^ — —.T —* * •-„ iP of Miouaii A A bin of barley may sell for If the needed lessons has b'.'on neglected their own weight. i B°- brewh - at a bargain to iho dairyman, in the hey day of youth it should not be From the first thing In the morn ng the -old," i^of Dakota third-class whvat may, delayed, even though gray hairs have streets are full of trafic; nobly dressed M Tim eld them up before ^Here's a pair of :nittens , ,,rnv He left them out. nnd ihev ' anci m»-,i for lum- there and it won't be lookln' well widout this bom* done too. to'do that one, am ber neighbor's house * ,",? «me I ever knew her to hlr h« cleaned. But you look too httle .so much work," „ "Wait till you sre, ma am. "Well. I clon'i mmd saying ^ ^ you ' „„ they •''re as warm as ever Thirty-two cent butter justiil'.' ' quiry into every eatable thing. Distance liey were. ^^^ fhonl ns mll Ql . wagon ma ues much differenc.e, \Vnvm nuioeo i _ • coinpany with nnd thls ls ()no of lllo fiu-mor's problems. westei ,-lth his nnnw l .1 . fitonp( ,d for Wc ar.> on the highway between the ex- mi uoste him cleaned," said the n o came to the door. 'T hc-re much passage here and it dont . to ladv Tim felt In honor £ the walk next to her's was clean . V VOU lieedll t Say MO imuiy uy-pruiuiuin ii T V 'i v,L 'it isn't any more'n you've We can buy iSv^nied « was a_ long walk vantage. o clean and hard work too Ton sugar a gl-iss of .1™J' ft Iloult - .. Sl ,,, ; p smin ind 'a lo'if of fresh bread. As \ i nioii" to his mother he a'he man 1m liurl " rt( , st '' lmpn !pst 1 boy in tho. poso " cattle was tno l • •_ lt to the a notch or two Si 1 J n ,l jSnJ iSr surprise and delimit kot> iU ul his TUU ' ' ~r i,ic, .mm naming Tim i o w way. Water-carri-rs, or aguadors, com- (l y , u . (1 c . K , ll • wn y l the ground having plotoly elad in leather, and wearing a ', Hl( ' in f .i 0 . n . CK ] O f' leaves and rubbish. Western Livestock Journal: W'-- are kind of jockey cap also of leather, be- Ou , llis n( , at iy deared spot the bird We or- on the ingnway oeuveeu u, u — requested to say n few words in regard siege th-> public fountains, carrying h(ul MA larKOi frosll k , avcs , one by th« tren es of tho growers and feeders. We to feeding sheep for market. In feeding two huge amphorae, kept In phio» by rf(1| , of 1hc olllpr> nit h considerable P, cm fish protitablv along the roadside* for market much depends on the local- «l™p», which cross on the head ovei n r , a ,, rityi an d close by he sat sinking, •v for cheap tilings.' The east buys those Uv of the flock, the kind of sheep and a'palm-leaf cap with leather visor. ai , 1)ni ,.nii y extrerni-ly happy over his by-products from us and from th* south, the feed at hand. One farmer will havo Indian men and women pass to ami ^ As soou ns lho i eiwcs decay We can buy and feed at gre"' ' ' • " ' -^ — n. ones. On such places each other, and from tlie same r r ir ^cZlne Sm S So SeTwe ^bred dol^ ^ws, ye lad nothhig in Uie hay line but vmder the arms across the ch^st. llS °r, the stbov Ss he Massachusetts Wowman. We prairie hay. Tlie V.T.V best feeds for Street) boys follow he passers-by nlS ll j^nfee n- ^nmd imagine thero was not much fattening sheep are clover hay, oats and breathlessly shouting^ out the_ names of went, to sleep fcenn.., shouia imatmt uii-i ,„„„„„,.. „,.,.,,„.,*, V, * n ^n.^ «,„ <,,.»\ n i,, the daily iwners and the numbers of the Int XrSJi^lTa^lpln S bovs who love their mother, and In this, even if one does sue- shelled corn. In feeding tlie grain to the ^"X J«P™J«^ ^« ?™»^«' «» o f be^ityV" e oa, ground, against which the green leaves make a better appearance. Can any one doubt that this bird has tho sense for ^o drtlu^r^^^ 1-st. Fh-e was discovered on '«H!L'".r.r=Vn'«;'*r Mrs Mary Bays, a milliner a,t 'to produce general pin-- shoop it Is necessary to get th™ on full l««t tick>ts of the Loteria Nacional, or nose animals feed pretty much the same as we do eat- National Lottery, \oupauseaninstant, _ Tt is a very difficult matter to br->ed tie, and they should have about all the> yon give a sliver coin. Horror ol hor- . g 0]1 Mnl dmvc( , d Avith luiv- « r ^nccessfullv for two qualities In tho w lll eat while und'i- the fattening pro- TO™, you have been notice.!, and you ' f d a notl , for ?500, and the the morning ot suoctb^mij^ _ ^ ^^ ^ ^ ^ g ^ ^^ ^^ wm _ nrc lmmert , ntt . ly smT ounded by twenty ^ no o f . ToHhua Weaver, a wealthy and "'»»-•• compensating results, ter's crammiil like cattle, but instead beggars of all ages, followed by floss-ns f . imlpv of tlm( . vicinity, is s • - - about six or of maguey yellow dogs, which appear "' M Bayf . lt ls S1 ,id, sold - 1 - —•• ' " siLneciiou. ]Ull) - mson , of KlllsviUe, wilted to Mr. Weaver forgery. The ve plaze, ma'am, ' he said, "I'll yo- "IT Vv5 IJI.»*«v;i *"•- • .. bo glad to be doln' It without pay.*^ off with you," said the other- ^rseUo^andlnhalfanhour ™ came and looked over t,i» the woman also nesuoji.u. James ff m'does 106k «lco," *he •*• ^ ««%*..»£ -LrtnjfflKjM fi wTIilnomb liilev is Rpeiuling a £ «?S-VM:- ssr« s^r^^irs h\n,d trip, as wOBliqutP often aooiaent than intention on the a bout when the sheep are to be sold Tos-ph, and Mary, senor, give a dole, a -— (nwm( ^ lt „ fovg.O'. The nofe ; ^ nflrt of the br-eder." One should by all and begin fattening about two months little dole. Oh, dear friend (amigulto), J , J|SO nncl was mude /, .jg means have a single and dettnlte aim iu before they are to be shipped to the God and your sweetheart will rcwiml l ™ } ^ two ypnw f,«m date. Mrs^i , J breeding Much as some men like to market. The Irst time, all things 0011- you! RnVH , uttornpys say sjie can prove W». ;,S nrtvocate general purpose cattle they siderfed, to sell sheep is in the spring _^..,.IT ' ' ,..,„„„„,,.. _ ..^/^ validity of «io upte, . / ^2 breeding advocate general purpose ,, , would be slow to buy of a man who after they are clipped. The sheep and student of advertised his stock as bred equally for clip can then be sold separately, - -- . •,, once said'to ™ ltait - v f. j don't be- J«ppj?$l>ly not, ' of I- .4,ffAs!v&£^il^!

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