The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 11, 1891 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 11, 1891
Page 4
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rfl THE OTPER The Upper Des Moines JBY INGHAM A WARftKN. MQQtm ALGOKA. TOWA.wumKHMtiAV. NOV. ii, 1891. t««n* of Th* tjfjttt DM «oln«d; One copy, one JWM- ......................... *i so Oneeopy.Mxtntmths. ...................... 75 One copy, th«w month* ................... 40 ent "to sfi ndrtr««« At above rotes, br gent "to sfiy ndrtr««« At above rotes, Beimt by draft, motley order, express order, rpostal note at our rltoc. Rttifl o( ttdvertlBlng sent on application. men at tin Hut moment put *t work* scheme which beat* a good wMilm&lytecfttrtahe will not allow the t*Il«»d» to Me ma, tfrdgwd people of the THE itKsuLT m IOWA. We give elsewhere the opinions of the press on tho cause of Gov., Boles' re-election, a majority of them attributing the outcome to the prohibitory law. While directly and Indirectly that is undoubtedly accountable for Iowa's being a close state, It furnishes no suffl dent explanation of Gov, Boles' personal victory, which has probably carried trlfch it tho whole democratic ticket. Prohibition has directly crippled the republicans by giving tho democrats the almost solid German vote of the etate. It is indirectly maklnglowadom- ooratlc because tho now settlers of foreign birth go to that party. Thus In Kossuth and other northern counties tho democratic gains are almost wholly due to tho influx of now voters, which has boon very great during tho past two years, and will bo still greater for A few .years to come. But these facts give no adequate explanation of tho 6,000 to 8,000 votes which went to Gov. Boles and which did not go to Judge Klnno, and no explanation can bo given other than that Gov. Boles' election Is « purely personal victory. It Is a compliment to him for a plucky canvass. It came because the voters like to see a man stand up and show himself. This friendly fooling was further encouraged by tho flno personal address of tho ffovornor, and his shrewd appeals to tho farmers to support him because ho had as ho claimed defended them. The name audience which In Algona scarcely gave him a cheer during his whole talk on local option, raised tho roof as soon as ho reached a point where they could at least passively endorse him. Tho sympathy of tho public was with •Gov. Boles, and 8,000 votes in Iowa Is not too many to bo accounted for by this fact. Tho truth Is tho republicans lost tho election by depending on claptrap. Away back in tho summer tho loaders urged that wo must have a farmer for governor. There was no sonso In tho talk, and what there Is no «onso In farmerti won't endorse any quicker than anyone else. What a man's vocation is has no more to do with his flttioHS for governor of Iowa than has tho color of his hair. And repeated experience has shown that thoso class appeals have never succeeded, for tho classes whoso votes wore to bo «aught have been tho very ones to got away, just as this year tho farmers have elected tho lawyer and landlord. Tho republicans have boon able to give The alliance movement was all but wiped out thlnyear. AccoHing to Chicago Tribune returns; "in Ohio It polled leM than 12,000 out of 700,000 vote*. In Iowa It had less than 1S.OOO out of 875,000. In Kansas It tssrricd but one Jftdldal district out of ton. In Nebraska It was extinguished. In South Dakota its vote fell off one-thlrd. In the east It gave no sign. i n the south It was wined out, wherever there was an elec- tlon, by tholwurbona." In The bofft'OmcIal roporte this morning Indicate that 'the entire republican state ticket Is defeated. Supt. Sabln's vote will be very close, but.he will not win. that it tested. ' in MaggOfihtiaAita vannbltcan- If . f— -„ It Is another. "The" ebb flow is ceaseless. The to»a «tw.b- to prohibition in loWa -.--. j ° election than it Would been otherwise. That position to it, and kept iu it to town and 'ould have voted against That Is so potent a fact cannot be successfully con- Official Figures of the Recent Election Show that Koflsnth Is Growing' at a Rapid Rate. Th«y Disclose Alsb the Fact that the Republican Majority is Not Leas than'in Previous Years. nspector had, in Ah ungttarcl- ed hour, swooped down upon the office at Irt^hgton and found things there in ft rather backward condition. tTpon examination the letter stamp was found to be still set for June, and had evidently not been changed formonths, while the Nasby of the "office" could not be found either at Bascom's or elsewhere. A new postmaster has been appointed and the letter stamp set forward a notch or two. tfae ,,. a , elected I »> is the Massachusetts. onlv democrat The republicans gained control of tho legislature, and hold all the state office*. At. A . " that any of us do "The amount not know about the Senator Sherman of Ohio: " I think the republican party has been taught a lesson that will taft ke Iowa a decided republican state In ne*t year's contest. The leading elements of the republican party of that state made It prohibitory, and the contest for ages has shown the attempt to the People of 8UCC688ful - The a PP reciates ^ no party can sooner any fact the rrv that suit of olectlong beforehand Is enormous." Charlie Davidson, Algona's old time and man, was beaten over sonntorshlp by 147 votes. 1 the result serve as a & In west for the Iowa jpur- Sonator Punk carried his county bv 07. It was froely predicted that ho would be beaten there. Tho republican candidate for repro- Bontotlvo, Carpenter, was elected in Hum- pose In other directions." Spirit Lako Beacon: brought the democracy ... ,,„,_ iu Iowa, and tho managers are in no haste a^rl^i 8 "^/" 1 " 16 republicans Prohibition In power In and prohibition. held to tho maintenance of The county board met Monday and canvassed the returns of the election. The result shows a total vote of 2,989 for governor. Last year for secretary of state the total vote was 2,408, showing a gain of 681, of which the republicans got 248, the democrats 298, and the people's party 85. In 1889 the total vote for governor was 2,279, or over 700 less than this year. Hutchinson had that year over all, 169j last year McFarland had 162, and this year Wheeler has 112. But this year VanHouten has 172 and Sabin 181, showing that the actual republican strength In spite of the largely Increased vote is essentially what it has been. The returns in the county show a singular variation in the vote for the state officials, the figures being: For Governor— raa- Kasa for representative got 175 majority fn Emmet, Dickinson, and Palo Alto. • •+• • The democrats elected treasurer and suporlntendo«t In Dickinson. Senator Punk ran ahead, of Wheeler in Emmet, and Kossuth. . • THE OOBONEB'S VEBDIOT. T ! I ,L T {, 8 "! 1 . 1 *' 08t Morto » '" Ho'd Over Gibson .'. ' Wheeler over all For Lieutenant Governor—' VanHouten Bestow Scott '.','. VanHouten over all... ' For Supreme Judge— ZOSSOTH OOtJKTY SCHOOLS. Snpt. Carey's Annual iteport Shows Their Good Coudltlon-A Credit* able Record for Her Term In Office. Supt. Carey has made her annual re' port M the state superintendent for the year ending Oct. 1, and the figures given in it are of interest to every taxpayer. The teachers alone during the year have received over $40,000, and the total school expenses are much more than half the total expenses of the country. Some statistics of interest are as follows: There are 141 ungraded schools, and 21 rooms In graded schools in the county. The teachers number 60 male and 216 female. There are 145 schoo houses, worth $85,000, having S5,64 of apparatus, 1,115 books in libraries surrounded by 987 live trees. The total number of school age i 4,927 as against 4,067 last year. Of these onft BBV. BLAOl, Att Attack tjpon the Presiding -Tin* Cause frot Visible to Jfaked Eye. TheHumboldt Independent gives'- letter sent by Rev. Black to some and accompanies it with comment fo* which there is no occasion whatever. It says: A very juicy and at the same time a very ridiculous thing was brought to our attention a day or two before election. We give below a portion of it. Suppose that a bishop or any clergyman in the Catholic church had addressed the members of his church on any political subject In this manner °? in , an y way suggested how thev should vote, there would have been - on the eve of election, after newspapers of the district the and ai counteractany of the evifeffprtsof Pope Black's bull aeralnst dnv.- P«I»» or.1 34 112 Wheeler got 820 majority in Emmet, ine total vote was 988. Brooklyn Chronicle: A majority of the people of tho state want saloons. Monticello Express: The democratic victory is a blow at prohibition. It is I Kinne .. ........ Weaver over all'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.','.'.'.' '. ........ For Superintendent- ......... ui*u *rfjtp\ju i.omitrH3o« ' is only 3,608, and itZnTlf. aUendanCe 'W » les8 The number of- teachers receiving first grade certificates during the year ("21 ma} °° ft " ' '--• second grade! grade, 11 1 failed 'IK? Kline Bean "...'.'.. ..' " Snbin over till The democratic | Campb R eii llr0ad Con "»'««' 30 181 1,551 Mart Whelan, for 14 years sheriff In ^minot, was beaten. . * Wright county wontovor 600 ropub- lican. Horace Boies Iowa D - O. Chase won In Hamilton by 897. THIS farmer, him «n- Des Moines Capital: bewailed the lot of the while the dor the ( Boies' briny tears-the best! Dubuque Times: There is one thing that is evident, and that is that it will Campbell over all...'.'.'..'.'.'.').','.'.'.' Those returns show that for railroad commissioner was undoubtedly cut by the Dey pasters. Mr. Sa- bin'svote for state superintendent is the most flattering of all. The figures f^,^° \° Cal offlcers show some changes from last week's estimates: For Senator— IQ T ale ?' n 62 fem ales, OC u 19 males, 62 females; third males, 83 females. Eight males get any certificate and 88 the applicants 69 were males and females The average age of male teachers is 26 years, and of tSe ladies 22 | years. Three teachers hold state certificates. Miss Carey has visited 128 schools, making 276 visits, and holding six educational meetings. She has re? ceived a salary of $1,191. £S™?£, 1 & 80 i° olB Algona pays lght ad ri the bull bears of a bfgoted c^rgy wouM voi-v ffio.ii.. _JL-_ ^ v lu 'syi would ver the But despite renew the terrors i their: Iowa. true Voters—Dear Brethren: I ^!L that , th ?, <''iends pf the ;he majority in voters, and all no will fall to vote next Tuesday^ Shall V any Christian man care less tor'the j£- V Let me call issue For. same. Jov. Boies ; ihe resolutii hibition of $360. 615 100, Among 66. •'. J • • ••» wuv. JJLIUJL o UU, the townships Greenwood Algona speech. Also to as on temperance and pro"'"• "ast general, annual conferences. Funk Painter For Bepresentatl Cedar Rapids Republican: The reserves which will be brought out, in re80rves that ve— Swea and Harrison take the $3* a month. The lowest ported are_$24 a month 30 in wages re- A OALirOENIA PIONIO. Old AJRontans Meet and F cn8 t Near i onaona—A stm«v n«^ » Stephens Graham Rev O M ' no reason why Mr. Wheeler should bo governor except that ho ib a farmer. They wore unable to point to any previous training for public life, any public service culling for reward, or any personal qualifications not possessed by anon In every county. And worst of all Emmotsburg Democrat: iW3 v Thresher of Whittomore goes to warden soon to take ohargSof a , at thllt "!«» J- M. My has «7e >r a larere store place.. foundation laid man. Ksthorvlllo Republican: Mrs. Esther Hidloy had a fall recentl recently which ••«., oi.o iciirs, caused inter; many new sfer^rK^-wTs I|tho,.vill 0 Democrat: While Hon. |ouSit D ati°e\SoT^rm ntl | ? ^«^ft«rte!!«?A& Mr. Wlioolor was unable to himself .give uny reason for his election. What wonder is it that a man like Gov. Boies should bo able to take advantage of ovorv c-nnntiHn M---.-r""""" 1 " " U1 " -i y «uch a Bituation and carry public sym- favorably?, L r^^lfinT m ^' pathy with him? Had tho republican "- iLmmntn™,-,.. met the Issue In Iowa as they did In Ohio, and with tho courage of their named a political loader, thoso " Dee P er ""w e'er plummet sounded." Sioux City Journal: Wo may think as wo please as to the ulterior design of tho governor and his party; we mav reason as we please as to its sinceHtr nlov^d y hv n t°v, W f Uch of t , he methods em' ^^r^Si^ssi that has boon made up, nor alter thn substantial fact that, bad of a Gov Boies owes his election to his course with respect to the liquor question Pioneer Press: Regret at the loss of Iowa too, will be softened by the reflec- KtV^y' 1 ' 011 " 8 of the state .. 250 ..1,423 1 RO*7 :: is* 1,253 Chlpnun Lantry *, Lantry's majority ''inn Heed* Count y Superintendent^. Carey.'.'..'.'.'.'.' 1,510 Heed's majority.','.'.'.'. 1 'V2g ForSurveyor- 1<)2 Telller Mlnkler .• '.'.'.'.'.'.V.; -""i'5S9 Telller's majority. .,.".'.' Sheetz. °™™~ Busby J.62C Sheetz' majority'.'.'.','.'.'. ll45 .J For Supervisors— -"• ° 2 Hollenbeck.... Hawson , wnd rolled on tho good BOIIHO of tho people, Gov. Boies would have received tho same vote his ticket got, and all would have had many loss than they have. ' ty soil. Livormoro Gazette: et coun- Dave a li-vinelon was in tow,; last and tn,«, alone what ought never to ^ We ......... Henderson.... Ronpe.. ...:... Hollenbeek's majority " " Raw' "" J'5 50 Council Bluffs Nonpareil: Tins OHIO Cov. Caiiipboll's admission that his defeat was caused by the free silver plank In the platform is confirmed by Senator John Shormun and Major Mo- ICinloy. Senator Sherman says It was tho main issue, and that it will bo tho main issue in tho coming national campaign, McKinloy In his speech at tho ratification rally in his honor said: " Tho protective policy and a sound our- joncy hiivo triumphed In this state. Ohio has Bpoltoii for both with emphasis, and In »voice wliioh roauhos every pau-t of this country. Passion mid prejudice hud no wlttoo hi this campaign; side issues wore 4iHin nutod. Notliing crept In to divert tho imblio gazo from tho actual issues, mid the vordlot of Tuesday lust, therefore, is a f i n wulfrooand dollborato expression of tho SSSiM" 1 U1K> " tu ° 80 groat niltloiml .As affecting national politics next your tho Ohio election will have more bearing than all tho others this year. It almost insures tho nomination of Cleveland. Tho froo-silvoritos will bo In bad odor from this on, and Clove- jarss^SfiSS-M =m«»t a wintoi* toI*MI iv?1 1 i +1 uiiii w mo * j »'oj wouici ijnv(3 m/il^pD In u.. i.._. " ul °° l 'ie inOSt SUCHnssfnl that thnrn ia ,„!*„. f AS TO PBOHIBITION. ClnrksoM, Snm Clark and Sen. » or r,,,,k Vxpnm 0 pIn"«S.f Raster: " Dick" Clarkson is bo in favor of prohibt- uon asa moral moasuro for the suppres- Hion, o misery wickedness, and crime of all degrees, but ho believes that it is a moral question that should be settled by tho people of the state at non-parti- elections. Henry Ward Boooher they would'TaVrmakes H mai ' &1 ? Other Board Doings. The county board at this week's session laid out two rather expensive highways, but as land will never be any cheaper they thought best to invest now. One runs on the first township line south of the state line, across the county, and the right-of-way comes to $.1,281. The other runs 15 miles from Ledyard northeast, and costs $850. The routine proceedings in brief are as follows: Peters and Lovell are committee to' to view road asked for by Schults on east line of 27-97, 27, with authority to grade half section line or to lay new road County clerk reports fees from yl «o,^ ov - 1: WfcBO marriage licenses; $84.75 court fees; $57.25 miscellaneous Consent highway asked by D A. Buell, beginning §78 feet west of the southeast corner of southwest i of the southwest quarter of 29-97, 29, being the center of Fifth street in B,,W, l»£ Th^n h n y f ^tisM.'lfi in Lotts Creek. The cost in Algona is $1.42 and thp average of the county £ about $2.25 ^^sw^^^s nOUSQ 8it08 J&4- *lfifl 91« K A owiiiuui «4n'q^. 10 £' 53 U ibrarles and apparatus, *4Ud.75, for other purposes, $261.87. ha^pS CSrfuel^^S^ secretaries and 'treasurS" So 46- omona-A Spicy Report. E^™, Cal Oct. 30.-To the S I M- ?/° Ved ' seconded ' a "dcarried that Miss Mann shall write up'this picnic for one of the Algona papers » Last Tuesday a party of sixteen went' to San Djmas canon to enjoy a day among the rocks. Among our number were Mr. and Mrs. Hyde and son , £, and Mrs. Forbush, and "yours' truly" from Algona, Thereat, with one exception, were from BTumboldt. Though :Lr!:" ea ^ a11 old P^ple, we were records, dictionaries, etc., $248 84- for other purposes, $1,186.63 •• ' Jd ^S^' 8 Ss? d » tiie , cou , n *y > s on hand, that of 1890 shows year. a big gain respects our speak well for Miss Carey's management during her term Sho office overto her successor in 6XCellent " i.- on house with GOY. BOIES AT DES MOINES. • A Great Koceptlon Tendered Him- aeJe K rams of Congratulation. As soon as the news of his election reached him at Waterloo Gov. Boies went to Des Moines, where he met enthusiastic welcome. The says: an Begister sum- neat, ,, « . — —*™*j uo one the canon was a fit s.Thw? T Iew U P . l :°. adf ™. m theone li'iilfw°f?iifln f, ttttl } te 'books, and energet- Iffig^fMSff 'K itamalAn. san a tithe of was be Had the cam- conducted with with which it Srl^i" 101111 ' 81110116 ''"^-"-* pa Jy will have a majority," or words to the same effect, and there seJT'o Chicago Tribune; allowance for these But making nil street in Burt, run, nort h on line with Fifth street and stopping at cemetery, was granted Claim of Studor, Rafam, and Immerfal I? r dam ?f °S to engine by breaking through Prairie creelc bridge not a? r^.fi d> ,,, Gra( l e ?, n north u »« of 26 in Garfield and bridge allowed, Lovell to A solid sea of faces blocking up the street saluted Gov. Boies as he stooped to go through the window and appeared ^ 1 ?,* h ?u ci : o .} vd - F "- three solid min- Hnf9 line of 20-96, s °" th on ^ Grade on south r on n #J all °wed. Grade Twit! i o - f i 0 ^ 96 ' 80 not allowed. Petition of Geo. Hanna et al. for brldjre over slough between 5 and 8-94 27' £ i™^ Lovell a committee to build committee to build overflow utesthe^heering coniinuedT B A? ffi duc'ehir?' ^ tn if rwaa , al)le to .Intro- BERTHA MANN. MEMOBIAM. Peters land's silver letter will now bo accepted «a n wise and timely document. Qn the republican sldo tho election without doubt brings MoKiuloy to the front as ai presidential possibility. Should Ulalno refuse a nomination, it is possible McKinloy might wlu against President Harrison. several voters Boies Tho party for «n i ., local option and issues, the great . 7 hether thesta te I11 inois liquor law of a $500 minimum II against tho saloon wlll'ffo on HB «s leads to suffering, ruin ilo will ye 10 monstoi Pf^S 8 S»™ to fn want tt UI)0 ?» it i-e- Tho State Register says: "The publicans juudo u gallant light for tho lower Uouso of tho losisluturo, uud redeemed Uieinuelves in the following counties • Aduir, Adums, Audubon, Boono, Dooutur Floyd, Powoshlok, and Kossutli. ' ha ve the right 8 that do not », , i88Ue the batt le was has given the victory to *" cl> r ed majority ^ve? Th Ie880n to be learned bridge on north line of 15-95, 27 pro- vidin viding township will build grade £f ade n a8ked ° n , north line of 8 not allowed. W. H. Nyoum $30 damages on road No, 855, A „ . 3», allowed Grades an old and well-known „„ She was born in Ireland in 1807 married Mr. R eed the re in resident, and Notwithstanding three in- the " the stmln as hasher r. Reed been or remove it somewhat oppressive. Gate City: Well, Iowa republicanism is »ot dead. Before prohibition came up as an issue the republican party was led In the Iowa legislature tho """-monopoly issue, and later W. E, Jordan Lieavea Kosauth. Register: A large number of the friends of Mr. and Mrs. Jordan gathered at their home Monday evening to pay them a farewell visit. It was a surprise and the party left two nice books with them as a token of remembrance and esteem. Bancroft ., remove necessary Coun. ty auditor authorize'd to let££tr£ttor 50 tons of coal, and authorized to renew Insurance on court house. Claim of A exem P tion no 4U.OSI every day, and be- creature of tim^rSSVoSs ^ , . , - - — V** tho which is still known as the farm. Uutil late years they re' 1 TriMn-k 1 1 •* f __. ** 'sin- when he entered upon the campaign. Telegrams were reciyed as follow n j^ D- Lovell Is committee to on bridge and grade between 5 I^TI oU, them all joy in Evanston, 111., v week. e oth 1 * t others living here. •nru-i — ,s_ .«"• their new home at whither they go this "Frank Campbell will be tho next governor of low,.," said a republican louder los * our majority *| n ' tho Ttate on the to tho Stute Uugister. « if j undorstund ffwonbaok isbuoi and in 1877 by not tat toe-people of Iowa at all they will not allow ing up prohibit!™ A / , J n °ttak- ai midnight consplruoy in tho city of Chiojiim is Inner nn , ' u 1B as °roa4 as it *^*-^-u.^ f ^ j^'^spss-i*: \ After Bancroft Tovvu Lots. Register: Everybody seems to wanting a lot In Bancroft. This W. P. Hoflus of Algona has be G, time traded for „ street of consideration be- qiiite a i-eal New iiuUdlngs at Bancroft. Register: While riding out one day last week the writer counted 19 new buildings built or building this year from one point of view. In all direc' tions from town it shows up to a To^ advantage like a city set on a Im /It 1 ? is qui t° a contrast in the looks of this part of the county now and what ALBANT, N Y Nov K v E> Ru8SELI -. marked character , -ov are the d is at not come came from, her WendtgrhMto 8 ^."anTma'ny 0 rowandfniV^V^^P^s their sor * 3 remains to the was a woman of to that . which have de- so many O t the most . 5 scended, and held tvfl oted „ ?Y] ly Slul »»y Looks Pleased Goldfield Chronicle: If to Elmore. LuVerne n Po«offlc« Trouble, News: A rumor reached has noticed som e one the —-« V<4O me smile on our usually ce the past few dnvs n«/q it *„ 7 way ays and ou .-. „ . w « v , , wuuea| and . daughte returnd from"' us the other day to the ofleot that a da? Alg ° na and LuVerne i WedSe* andpitoher. f Algona ' w « 8 t bowl <

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