The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 28, 1892 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 28, 1892
Page 2
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DM8 MO1.\K»,ALUONA. 1()WA, WEDNESDAY ONDENM<:DNEWS. i.fchce has adjourned till May. a4w5fP;/'?'¥ *>><< •'-'' - — V?',.-r-v.v;;>'£<?. pr.-",<, • •. -/-. , ? " '- The" Intel-national monetary coiifer- About 2S promtaefct colored inen of (* A motion was made before Judge Coi- KansaS met at Topeka to orgfttilae what 1ms on the 17th at Chicago, for the ap- they call the colored men's brotherhood of tho people's party. This organization of the negroes is part oil the general plan of tlie populist party orgaization. Pasteur will be 70 years old on Dec. pointment of a receiver for tlie Western Manufacturers' Mutual insurance company on the charges of fraud against its president, P. A. Montgomery. The defendants want the case removed to the federal court. , Mr. Blaiiio is said to b» in the last •tages of Bright's disease. Aii Amerieah sjtiJicale lias secured Virtual control of San Domingo. dh'arles Doatle, of Monterey, Mich., killed himself accidentally while huttt- btf. Cietelaud, O., capitalists will erect a lulgo ship-buikliug plant at Salt, Ste i'. Michigan. A former <.«><ik at llio Homestead mills 'gives H'lmatiolia.l t.sttmony in the case of alleged v bcJc-Kiile poisoning. Receiver Oakmaii, of the. llichuiond Ti-rnitnal company, accuses fonner owners of the toad of gross frauds. Gen. R. E. Lee's signature is wotth' $10 'in the autograph market, Geii. Mc- Ctellan's $3 and Gen. Sherman's ,f 3. Thii case of the ex-supreme ofllcers of thi; Drill 1 ! (if Solon, charged with embezzlement, had*, been given to tlie jury. Mr. Gladstone was in parliament at the early ago of 2J5, but ho seems to Iuul t O f from bavo more iroin in the lire now than he ever hud-.before. A bill is to be Introduced in the Minnesota legislature to tax Inheritances and devote tho proceeds to the Improvement of public highways. Mrs. Elizabeth Oady Stan ton, Isabella Beecher Hooker, and Lllllo Dovcreux 27, and on that! occasion he is to receivr a cosily present from tlie chief Russian I Mre - Jnrvls, who lives two miles from medical men. In his own country the I Albion, Neb., was burned to death on appeal for subscriptions for a similar t1]t> 17th - A Iam P exploded, throwing oil over two of her children. Mrs. Jarvis fought the flames to save her children, but her own clothing caught lire and she was so seriously burned that die died before medical aid could be summoned. At Pittsburg, Pa., no effort was made ou the 10th to have Robert j. Beatty, [the alleged poisoner of Carnegie's nonunion employes, released on bail. No more arrests have been made. Joseph Car- gift has been but feebly responded to. Senator Peffer does not look with favor upon the candidacy of Mrs. Lease, lie is justly fearful that her stentorian voice would attract more attention than his vormilllon whiskers. He also surmises that Mrs. Lease is endowed with brains. Fidward Gould has ordered from a press-clipping bureau "all the comments and accounts about" his father which have anm- win apar in ^1 • ,. tho newspapers of the- world." Ho will , U( > r| ' eoinpany, hns died and us Mends have a mass of cheerful reading for tho I J^JJ^i^* hC WU! n '" lctun ° f thu Jlon. George It!. Foster, douilnion min- ; Istor of finance, has inndu n rejoinder j to John W. Foster, secretary of state ofij thu United States, who replied to tin; i CONGRESSIONAL Monday, Dec. 10. , former's criticism of President ilari-l- 1 House— This was suspension day In Foster stands by his- 1 ? 0 llouso - A biu was presented for ' I the reiief of W. L. Wlnans, an inventor ! of Baltimore. The committee cu civil son's message. criticism. Vninof li 1 Wnl-nvf pntlflrlnnHnt i.lni-1- fintn-'ff Hft^'Tr* f^nFFtf No arrests were made. Major MtlHos satisfied Sportsmen who sat Ml r H K MrMSUKrHK' says he is convinced that meetings and Mrs. k/s ample lunch at the UJVLLli alLLt 1 O WlLiLjU demonstr , tions of tllla sort can' be most bungalow.i e flow a Bloody Riot Was Supr pressed in Classic Athens The Fire Department is Better for Suppressing Mobs Than Soldiers. • demonstrations successfully coped with by a judicious application of water, which, as a rule,* 1 the anarchists dread more than poison; To let tho police shoot and club tlie, people simply engenders bad blood, but' a thoroughly drenched anarchist gets no sympathy from his own fol- '^^ r j lowers; all he gets Is derisive laughter and ridicule, which is more efllcacSous :is a dfiinpcner of enthusiasm than anything else. CHRISTMAS GIFTS FOR h what >, ''*"" 'i are Anarchy (Jan Not Exist'in the Presence of CoH Warn-. CatUlot THE PADDY OF OLD Mllt<Jg lvard Bok November Ladies Home Journal has used a wilting table, or if his out desk has outgrown his papers ' _ How Our U»ndfotlier*UM>d to lentil On* . m ° St ««OPtaWc gift WOUld be oil'e O f in* rtit. , fllose wller-top desks of generous cat Our grandfathers used to laugh over l )Uclt 3'> winch men so enjoy. Expen- le wit of Paddy mute as much as we f lvc > vou sl 'y ? N °t «t all for the last- the do to-day, and 1 am not at all sure. that ln S enjoyment derived from' such '- uu hi the olden time Paddy was not much ''U-uec. A most capacious oak desk brighter than his desceudents are now. nu ° d wiUl Pigeon holes, drawers ana in looking over tin old volume of curl- side-slides, can now bo purchased for ous anecdotes', published quite seventy iMl '^ dollars, and far better is it ta years ago, Which has been lying npmi si' 01 " 1 a httle more on a useful present my shelf for many a day, 1 iiud quite tlum lo waste a smaller amount upon glaring contrast between splendo ' a number of evidences that our uneea- something utterly xiseless to a man. lualor was brought into painful i tore had il deal of fun provided for Ol '< " 11le tk ' sl{ bo there, or the purse The and squalor prominence dining the recent celebration of the silver wedding of the King anil Queen of Greece, and came very near being the cause of a riot, says ail exchange. ^Yllile a vast number of Won m mri- «' fol ' m them at Paddy's expense, and of very, w111 llot Permit, there 5s perhaps lack- rare quality too. ing a comfortable rag under the desk, w l One of these stories is told of the or nu east«' chair. A revolving book- Irish servant of a naval commander. cns(1 ' II dictionary holder, or a s to jja of live years. upon a resolution demanding ployes dismissed from ofllce. Mr. "erTnerioTl ' Oystc ' r ° f Wellington efmtoml(>d lllat ' "• 1JL1IU i many old soldiers had been dismissed ' Tiie arguments | splendid carriages roiled up to the en-: tl teaucttle fall over! ; of Public ti~uice of the ivyal palace and deposit- trembling he rushed ed their distinguished aud richly attired guests, who haughtily swept pnst the lu-ougs of beggars, laborers and (•hop-keepers, who had congregated to !t who had the misfortune, one day to let "<l««ble-slorled" table stand for book Bishop >SpaMing, who lias just re-1 j to make room for younger and incap- j S ut !l glimpse of this brilliant array of royal f omp, a -workman, evidently feel- turned from he bt. Louis conference sciuite-The Senate met to-dav tind ! *»S keenly his .poverty and despised said when spoken to about his proposed ; mollon of Mr aSn ndlourSd = Audition, called out, "Hui-rah for so,lal- tippointment as coadjutor to Arehbisbop j o , t of for tie Late LuoffSn> ism! Dowu with ™*W He wa« ^^ r ^:."' ll . 3°,f°™ ~ 4 "^^^ son of Louisiana. ^ ^ «ry quickly, silenced and hustled off to St. Louis, and is satisfied to remain Blake will be among the speakers at the bishop of Peoria Mothers' dinner Dec. 20. It , s offlc , n]ly dpnlcd t]mt Tuesday, Dec. 20. Senate—lu the senate the army aUcttle fall overboard. In fear and nnd pnpere, to be placed bti'slde the to Ills master, and tlosk ' !u '° luxuries whicti™nW* envoys out to him: " in llis library. For the inside of UJfe Piaxo, yer honor, can anything be doak thero nl>0 nm "y Uttto things which • to be losht whin ye know whore c " n l)0 tboi'ffht of to brighten writing '• i houi-s, and when they are to be had "Certainly not," replied tlie oilicer. ln sllvcr 1noy ill '° 1>!11 ' '"ore- acceptable, "WTiy?" i since silver brightens by its ornamenta- to the guard-house by a soldier, but his exclamation liad found a sympathetic "\Vhy, thin, ycr honor, ye may tink llnn ' anf1 is lasting as well in Us uscful- the taykettle is losht, but it ain't, son-. 11PSS> A silv er ]>en tniy or pen rack, I know where it is, soor. It's at the n l )l1 Per weight, a letter opener, a paper bottliom of tho ocean, sorr." i cutter, a mucilage stand and brush,' a It would certainly bo dlflicult to find lt; tter or bill clip, an Inkstand, a faidt with one who made such, a orandum tablet, a penholder, a hand A negro Who boarded a freight cat- at i )a s taken place between Buffalo and became locked in, was ills-' nand of Bulgaria and the covered at Coney Island, having spent flvo days and nights without food. cue Louise Henriette, daughter of the Count of Paris, and a cousin pf Prince *JtJJiHv«~.i_H *, 4i\j oLrllLLLfJ 1 lit! *11 111 V *ll)-' --- ------ ------ -, --^ .._^,., _-., ^> u . ------ ----- """ t 1 i A. "iii 1 •• mt a marriage ui-unriaiiou bill MI,, ],„„«., „'.,. i echo among the people, and moi-e uiut- 1'eauttful bull as that just because. ho blotter, a match box or stamp box, a . Prince Ferdi- . w ; wlll d .. el "!r d ^ „,.,„«, m,u tcrifl S s of a far ft' 0111 complimentary Iwd lost so Insignificant an article as librar .\' nsli Receiver, nn ink eraser, a u Princess HP!- i feo'ou a nmourl itlons A Hi-^, " : natm ' e wre he;u>d !UUOU S "™ crowd a teakettle. , pincushion or holder, an engagement ....... *~ - "~ ' " ' -------------------- ......... m,.,^_.. n ,, «.™» ...... „. ------- , -------- -.__ Thomas If. Bayard's boom for score- Ferdinand, whos;» mother is related to the Count of Paris. Another indication of the Franco-Russian alliance is seen in tlie order of the nntl-oiitlou bill were presented and n- fermi to the committee oil agricultui-e. However, there was not the slightest once that night. The police oboyed at ouce wlleu the - v told tary of state seems to have collapsed. It is not unlikely Dliat somebody mistook it for an air cushion and sat upon it. Rufus E. Graves, president of iho ^^^ ^^-^^m failed Commercial National Bank, Du- French industry and commerce in Rus- | mafs"referred to "cornnuYtee^'ou'jLorei^n men> Wlw ° U account of tn ° silver-wed^^ '?, COUVlcted « f m » Uhls Msc rc - ^l; 1 :,"" FrMld 'I?*™*™!"? 1 tl ?^. so - Ueuitions. A resolution for assembling j! 1 ^..^. 1 ?. 6 ? ™° *?« cd . to W1 ^ as ' Mr. Sherman hitroduccd a bill to ex- "f C /T , ° clis P CKO aucl S° llomL 'tend to the Aorth Pachic ocean the pro- lhe foUowlu fc' toy there seemed to be , visions of the statutes for the protection a eroat , Ueal o£ ^P^sed agitation czar that, for the purpose; of developing ol - t - ur ^^^ , md otller fi U .. Ul .. iruj ., aui aluon £ tile nlllli y little groups of work- . ports to tlie comptroller of the currency, cieties may establish branches In Kus- j 1,0,1, }*,•,',,<,,- uuui -"""^i-o David Shearer drew J. B. Faulkner's pay, .102.25, from a Fort Wayne pay car without special penult. An entirely new area of gas territoiv KM, oiil, lit Lima, Ohio, and forged the pay roll and perhaps a new oil Held, has been on tho 17th. He Mrn. Ellen Richards "Ekology," for domestic may, with more now' included auiou At Boise City, Idaho, Samuel Jlalton, Tll ° 11(?w Smith collp se catalogu a convict, serving ten years in the pen- ^' h is i" st out ' shows tllllt """ count of tlie electoral vote was present cd and. referred. The McGarrahan bill was laid aside and the house- it having been decreed that three days le set aside for its celebration. A small coterie of societies of the Herr Most order made up their minds Another anecdote teaches In mirthful those are little adjuncts any guise a lesson our boys -and girls can- 01 "\of which is appreciated by a man not afford to leave unlearned, which is, m «ch at the desk in his home. Do not that true politeness always pays. Tlie choose the elaborate. Men are fond of. j story states fliat an Irish officer in tho simplicity about, their things, and cs- mldst of a hot battle happening to In- podally when It concerns their work- dulge 5u tho courtesy of a bow to some In £ teols - l h |lv e known men to receive one on the Held, a cannon-ball passed fls somo of ^\c things I have men- tive session the senate confirmed the nomination' of II. S. Grosscup, United duty to their country and themselves, Iti-'utlary for yraud larceny, was stabbed and killed 17th, Fran li against New York decided to take his case to a higher court. ' ' j Mrs. Sarah Kiple, of Scrantou, Pa., 99 years old and has was t!0. She has spent times us much in tobacco The American delegates 7UU students registered at the college, i States district judge for northern dis- patriotic harangue about the workmen's directly over his head and topic bfC that Honed, but of such a fancy character of tlie soldier immediately behind him. '' 11mt tlloy refrained from putting them The bow alone saved his life, which he ou thelr desks, A man's desk should had the wit to see apparently, for turn- l) o masculine, and Its belongings should ing to a soldier nenr him, he observed, never uggest the more fancy things "You see, my man, a fellow never loses lo llc found on women's secretaries, anything by politeness." ' . i Whatever you buy for a man's desk An Irish' Judge who was much ini- Kot of good, quality, but of simple de- noyed by loud'conversation In tlie court- s 'sn- Look for .the serviceable qualities, room" cried out: A man soon tires of a fancy inkstand" "Silence! Keep silence in tho court, to-which there is more ornamentation Here I have decided a dozen of eases than there is depth of ink well. this morning without hearing what one i of 'em was about." . j A Sivci-t Kpi:iHiiise. Ill General Moore's command was an The amethystine lines of evening- Irish soldier Avho, having been ask'od were growing inlo darker purples and' the Hollanders were a hospitable the purples into black. ,'- j people, immediately replied: "They On the little vine-clad porch of the- that. Too much so. Oi was in the old house the two sat .silent, as they .. i • i - " ..^ JI..I.,O-..IV.,;....,K iu C-IIUH . hoshpllal qll the toimo ol was there.-" . had been sitting since the sun had' liquor ,aud cigar .linn of , amendment authorizing the sale of land that the Greek workmen knew and ap-1 This criticism is quite on a par with thrown its long farewell shadows across ' that of the Englishman who objected the Holds. Milliiis, chief of the police in j to the French because he said the What thoughts were In their intndsM g, Klcine & Co., with hoadquar- | in the vicinity of Fort Miflllu. A rcso- predated their power " Galvcston, Tex., made a general j lutiou was adopted calling on the secre- .ait ou the 17th. No schedule ,, ( ^ ... | *I — •• --..— —--..— -.l«^»,»«. — -- ^...»»»r^ r,*i.>' IIV.»V^ ^/tl*. II] ^ 111 I 11IJL il 11 JU II 1 1 I' national monetary conterence are book- pei-suaded to settle his estates' on his ties to and beneficiaries under tlie trea- ihat he had mo-ins ed to sail on the steamer Lahn from . W ifo and children. Up to this time lie ;'<y concluded at Buffalo Creek, N. Y., which would prove Southampton for New York ou Dooem- i ma absolutely refused to do this, con- J In January, 1893, involving $1,000,000, should the occasion " er - 1 ' tending that as all land belonged to the l was called up. At 4:40 o'clock the Malor Millios is a ' antf;] Detroit*] its: at his disposal: gentleman who was visited one day by vesper hymn, and in the old trees be--!] prove very efficacious a friend who .found him very much yond the road a roosting fowl, at in*-1 occasion require It. Tills vexed. f j tcrvals, croaked contentedly. "What is the matter?" asked the I* was a time when hearts may beat popular official who never tolerates any harsh measures. The meeting took Mr. place and was fairly well attended. visitor. "You seem much disturbed." ,- in harmony and souls In wordless meas- "I am," he answered. "I'ye just lost ures make music to each other. a new pair of black silk stockings out \ It is rumored that a French syndicate public at large, his property ought to be house adjourned. Is about to ask the Mexican government divided among the pooivr neighbors. . Wednesday, Dec. 21. for a concession for the building of a | AU unknown man who took a train Tho senate to-day agreed to filflp railway across the Isthmus of Te huan tepee. "Northwestern policyholders in the Western Manufacturers Mutual In- 50 years old. iNo clue to his id, utity has tors. Mr. Morgan presented the joint anarchistic in its tendencies'.fill a work- j asked the "friend. '• I Softly the man put out his hnnd and £urancc company have applLd for a re- been obtained further than thai he hud memorial of the senators and repre- man, rejoicing in the clnsstc name of j '(Yes," he said, "everywhere; and not touched his companion on the arm, ceiver and charge President Monlyom- been visiting a sick sister at Lemurs. j sontatives of Alabama urging that such Mizzopoulos, took the platform. His ! finding them I have sent for the town- Tlie touch was light, but It was enough, cry wltli fraud. Tho allotments of land to halfbrecd '' ul casures be adopted as will secure the spontings and fumings would have ' crier, who will ci-y them and offer a ' "What is it?" came tne gentle query e-, at AVaterloo, Iowa, at ii o'clock on tlhe | Vest's resolution that the census com- There wore some revolutionary sonu;s of my room that cost mo eighteen shll- gontlo wings and all the turmoil j 17th fell dead as he was leaviuy the j mitteo Investigate charges of partisan sun ar and somo speeches made, but the ! lings," . .the world run to her shielding-hi ie train at Oolweiri. He was apparently ' action against eft-tain census emunera- whole mooting did not.seem to bo very | "Have you searched everywhere?" . and sink to sleep. rVt such an hour Peace spreads her turmoils of J breast Stephen Farro, an Italian minor, was children and white men in tho gouural ; speedy constmction of the Nicaragua glnddonod tho hearts of the most rnbl'd , half-crown reward." in response. killed by an American miner named allotment to Cheyenne and Arapahou ™ nal and lls conh-ol by the United socialists. HP told his hearers that j The friend expressed his surprise that j The man moved his chair a little Farmer at Geneva, Ind., on tha 17th, Indians last spring will probably bo can- st!l tes government. The memorial of they were a lot of dowji-t'-o'lden 'curs,; the owner should offer so small a re-' closer. and the dead man's countrymen there celled on the ground that tlie children tho committee of the Nicaragua canal and not fit, to spit upon so lout? as they ward for the recove'ry of stockings of "Jim, swear vengeance. | and men wcro uoc members of t'ho ! convention, asking aid In tho construe- remnlnod content with their present silk, and of such value. George Gould has been elected direct- u ' iljl -' s - T he question is in the courU i tiou of tt>c canal, was also presented, condition, etc. He bad not pone very i "That's all right," he replied, in a or of the Union Pacific road in place of i At Shclbyviile, Ind., Deputy Sheriff ' ^ Shcrman i-eported from the com- far when a detective among the audl-, confidential tone. "Nobody'll know. I , ., . Dillon William MclJougall attached tho Big mttte ° 1 " n foreign relations a bill to ,u«u liliXLCl) OlOCGUbtdi toldllOV jLVii-iv^ii • * •«•*»«» *-*.v^— i* vt^iv**. t,ii *.!.».»v-*j\^v* m\^ A-ufy _ Ripley was also elected a director in Four road on the 17th under order* of a " lond tho act of '"corporation of tlie to keep his month sliut. place of Sidney Dillon. I the county treasui-er. Thu road has 1 J Icnril S u ' v onn "l. a ad h e gave notice THs created a, Hubbub among the _„ ... • „ „ , „ biK'ii m'L'lwHiv i-n n-iv t-nvi.< Th» ti-,in i " iat lle would later attempt to secure audience, which quickly divided itself ^S^S^^-SZiiS^S. IS l^r^S^/HwX "^ ° n !ta , " W1S Ptaced on ,he ncrebnTblfiW ,af, S so ,b mh mhbr v, JTUUliliU. I^VA^UUIII^ , U IliUlU5(JIUi!I.y l)l*Jll- ... PJllPlulm 1 T^Iin nmir»mn'f>-nf i*nc;/\1iif \r\r\ In linffla owm* T^mHiin- i 2 i • i I* •• -i i ov*lr»i*** trmn tin* )* > i>iifi"ii wiiimiMnt i^nj n*- i * j « lll - ilt * il '• j. in; (oiu.iinojic itifcoiution in finny. i Minn or «d quarterly magtissmo, publtelied under oidus tioiu Uic ttuuai bupLiiuttutk-nt. fw , ^ the auspices of tiie Chica«o Unlvcrelty, Senator Randall L. Gibson, of Louisi- J l othpl . vo ,., inl „,._«„; wn „„ *,,,„,„,! ^., 4i. „ i TJ.I- «i 11.1 ILK- ><ii rr, .it. L.I 1.1 i i it 1 1,». _.....,* TT ftii. •._ . .. „ . i***-i t * .1 u<i i jui. mil .^ v\i eiioe rose and told htm in choice Greek : ordered the crier to say they were wore teH." It is to be hoped he got tliem. ho said, "can you give me a al ch?jw of terbacker?" <J And the other man, In the soft, sweet'" hush of tho evening time, went downi ana, bus suffered with the yout more or was issued on the 17th. Mr. and Mrs. McKce, of tho pros!- ] dent's household, have gone to Now ' sud . 1 a fow moll < llls »»> tlmt he was less for ao condition was House—Tho house spent the day in the first en- Hellenisms, and other verbal missiles were hurled In fierce Interehnngc, This was found too York for a short visit. not -change William fugitive Boonville, Mo., was fatally shot by ofli- ci-r Eckles ou the night of the 17th, while resisting arrest at Sedalia, Mo. The recount of the Fi . auxiou ' i to mite tr " m listening to reports on private bills. I Blow for tho Pntrer f u a , mtnn t s , the I'ew of the reports received favorable c^onker. niiTlnns to innl™ nn imm™. Mr. Grocnleaf Introduced for siot1i smnsn< ,fl i,i s opponent, in the noso thilt Cl - ty Riches.' As a "very queer small boy" he used The tight nqw began general. In. - - • -.' • -«-*».- *«£3 A> - V **yj» nyv-^jtuv rt^-m-iUA" XII" against Sunday funerals ou tho two to walk up to the house—it stood on trenched on the platform the Helen grounds that the associations of tho day i the summit of a high hill—on holidays, blazed away on his fellow citizens in district of Michigan shows over ovei election , not interment, and or when bis heart ached for "a great ihut undue labor should also be avoid- j treat," writes Mamie Dickens in "My in the No- Journal. He |UP liwburt Spencer has been wriiing lor i Fttthel ' As l ncclU1 vember Ladles' Home the nrescnt incumbent liv 1'> nliii-ililv . "*"-"^* *"'~ "^" ,>»».".„ IUL iui m ,ui- j.iuiii.,-s iii;iiu; .luuruiu. lie c«^I i, Srn^« 1,^. "v"-, 1 ' i movo tliau 40 y^™- il » a «• l' ai ' tial <-•»«-! would stand and- look at it, for as a has failed for $.100,000. others wood get pos.- which Judge Willi.ston holds that t'he finding ' tioti. 1UilU -' lrf «'« l»-"«t" the sale of his little fellow he had a wonderful liking tell him that perhaps if he worked of tho medical commission which pro-1 Vice- President Charles S. Perkins, of hard, was industrious, and grew up to nounced George Peters, the StillwatiT, the Denver Mining Kxchaiiye, has been be a good man, ho might some day date the verdict of the jury which de- am.-stvd at the instanc;,- of AV. II. Con- | «omo to live in that very house. Hi's dared him insane. don, who charges that Perkins sold him i love for this place went through Ids Walter Gni'i-na, a Chicago post oHlee ^,(M)() worth of Little' Rule mining , whole life, and was with him until his clerk jias been arrested for stealing kt-j stock, representing it to bo paying div-1 death. He takes "Mr. Pickwick" and "'" ' '"" •'-•— AI " iijeiuis. Mr. Perkins says the charge is his friends from Rochester to Cobham by the beautiful back road, and I re- from unbroken packages. When arraslcd ho had in ihis possession drafts, checks, railroad tickets, jewelry, money orders and postal notes. '» Loria, a wealthy Hebrew who blackmail. John Block and Doc Payton have been j member cue day when we were driv- nnvslwl, the former at Quiney, 111., and j Ing that way ho showed me the exact the hitter at East St. Louis, as accom- ! spot where "Mr. Winkle" called out: dlwl recently In Milan, left a fortune tjs- pllces in the murder of R. Frank at "Whoa, I have dropped my whipp!" tfwiftfc'd to be worth $5,000,000 to the Burlington, Iowa, a railroad bridge fore- After his niaii-iaae he took his wif« ty of Milan to found aij institution tb ( man, last July. Daniel Waters, a third , f 0r the honeymoon to a village called ptfa work to worthy persons unaM party to the crime, was arrested two Chalk, between Gmveseud and ttoches- employment elsewhere. \J)veeks ago. ' ^«^*«WH This PIG-STICK1NG IN INDIA. iKorous K port njfiigt Around O-iltiuttn. A correspondent of the Calcutta Englishman, .writing from Mozufferpur, Tirhut, gives a description of a day's pig-sticking. The fourth boar proved a tough customer. This animal,- says the writer, was a typical wild boar, sulky and savage to a degree, breaking backward and backward again whenever the elephants reached him, charging with real vicious intent whenever any one ueared him, find when forced out of cover using the body of the hall with every pro- j his pace to get back again. He totally jectlle that came handy, inkstands, j refused to go away clear, so it was chairs, lamps, and other trifles whizzed ; determined to kill him in the grass, through space like Bella's comet. But I Mr. D. Promptly got a spear into him, the other side rallied nobly, and, pick- which did not Improve his vicious dis- ing up the benches, used these as the position, and lie charged in savagely. famous Greek .battering rams of old, only to be struck again. Upon this he and proceeded to thump the anarchy lay down and let himself be prodded out of those on tho platform in great, , twice, making us believe that he was shape. dead. But suddenly, without warning, , Just as the fun and light had reached he charged out and cut H. C.'s horse its height, the chief of tho police, who In both hocks, then, with a spear still had got' wind of this animated debate in him, charged between two elephants. quietly ordered the lire department to , Then, as Rider Haggard would say, furnfsh music for tlie anarchists' enter- a strange thing happened; for one of taimuent, the lire laddies responded the elephants, seeing the spear sticking nobly to the call, and in less than no in the ,plg, pulled it out. with his trunk time they were playing a nocturne with and threw it high above the mahout's half a dozen powerful streams In the head. When tho spear had thus been midst of the sizzling social reformers. : extricated the pig evidently lost blood, What a transformation sceue! AVliat for 'ho lay down and let himself bo silent eloquence there is embodied hi slain peacefully. After this surly f el- dote for too fiei-y temper or eloquence, low's death the elephants were 'taken The anarchists scampered away in wet to the smaller grass across the "bandh." into his pocket for the plug. There is a movement to organize lnto> l/ one grand federation the GliOOO or so. employes of tho Baltimore & Ohio railroad, embracing conductors, engineers,, firemen, brakemen, telegraphers, ticket' agents and, sUit'ion ayents, yardmen), trackmen and janitors, all who are to-. tho service of the company. A Herald or the Infant Tear. Clip the Isut thirty years or mow from tb« tary, aud the aegment wUJ represent tha term oti the nnbounded popularity of Uoatetter's atom.. ach paters Th« opening of the year lift* will* be flgnalked by the appear nee of a, f imcof the Bitwrs, in which the uses, maM and action of this world famous meUlclna . will lucidly eet forth. Everybody chould I read i It calculaUoiu "to*b accurate, aud brochure a,.d oilier readln procnure ure aiwaye abUmiabioglT, n h » e riH5l%.'!l«}««M«»"», »>um»r. , raou h In interest George S. Doe, a resident of Ashland,., died suddenly at the age of 20 year*. Deceased formerly lived at Kipon, and disgusted silence, their Greek tiro Seven fighting boars, averaging was most effectually quenched, and like collectively over tliirty inches eacli, and Jtalf-drowne4 rats_ they disappeared in fom' ( horses out was good enough, for the $ym fit ^ nlfht- " ofto/jnrniBg, ^ ^ W a.s OLD, CHRONIC SUCCUMB TO ST, JACOiS Oil IT HITS THS 8PQT AMP CURES,

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