The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 11, 1891 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 11, 1891
Page 2
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THE UPPER 1)ES,MOINES, ALGONA^tpWA. WEDNESDAY. NOVEMBER 11,1891. tow w$ LOONA, IOWA Mf." Spnrgecin, Iho eminent I/onriorj preacher, ia making fftpid recovery to health. He is nt Mcnlono, Franco. Dean Hoffman, of Itm General Theological ff minnry in New York, is mid-to have a fortuno of 815000,000. * T J - Jmm ^. m ,, J ., m .. u .n..-.- L i^.-.-mn-.-iM A jeweler who knows flays thai at a "di awing room" Quncn Victoria wears at least iTOO.ijM worth of jnwelry. THE LATEST MS. GBNBBAL NOTES. THE Arizona lerriloral legislature at its lout session panned an act exempting all land used in the cultivation of sugar beets, 4fl well M the plant and machinery employed in tho mf.niifao.luro of domestic sugar, from taxation for 10 years. A iJtdcovKitY moro important than (hat Of Arinl olio's IraitiM) on the constitution of Athens has been mudo in ono of the British museum'«job lots of Greek manuscripts. This is a pnpyrus continuing a number of short dramatic sketches in verse by one IleradttH, a writer in Ionic dinkct of the name group as Ibcoceilus. Thi«, says the Balurlny Hevicw, "is literature, and that of a high clnsflj" Aristotle's recovered treatise fo dull and not much of it new, but the sketches of Ilorodas, while not at all poetical, arc vivid and realistic. The Alexandrian would seem to have been a tort of Howellf of his dny. A few dnys iigo tovcntcen trunks full of silken tights were held atlhe collector's office in Now Yoik, and pretty Agnes Iluntington, the consignee, was notified (bat they wero dutiablo and that she owed Uncle Ham's treasury a good round sum for buying her costumes abroad. Miss Iluntinglon .herself laid nirgo to tho collector's office. She n.ado a spirited ap peal to the board of appraisers and explained that she was an Amcriznn girl; that she proposed to wear (ho dinphnnouR costumes herself, and that the action of the board was directly op- poKed to the intcreslH of tho public which demanded high art and high heels behind tho footlights. Tho board listened and was taken cnplivo. The tights woro admitted duty frco under tho classification of "tools." TriE first MJjBtird of the season occurred at Bismarck, N. D. CAHTEH HABHIWN acquire* full control of the Chicago Times, being sole owner. TriF.Nflw York presbytery has diwissed th* 1 charges of heresy against Dr. Briggs. THE report that „ twa Americans were e*ecuted in Meiic& was erroneous, *"• H. A. Pt'.GARfRn, so long 1 Hawaiian minister .to tho United State*, died in New York. . iJHow'*tof&iB art tf ported in Minnesota^ delaying threshing. and farm work genef* ally. Kx GovKrtNOB ALBERT S. MABK, of Tennessee, died Tuesday morning, aged aixty three years. TUB money for Minnesota's exhibit at the world's fair will be secured witnout difficulty. CORA NRESE, a Lebaton, Ind., girl, has just died from the effects of two w'eekii' cigarette smoking. SEVBNTY thousand BCTC.I of land on the Fort Assinaboine reservation in Montana arc opened to settlement. A nicrr gold find has been made near Llano, Texafr, and tho prospectors think it the bonanza worked by tho Spaniards two centuries ago. TIIK communion on the Minnesota capi- lol met in St. Paul and decided that the 8t*te should have a new capitol of granite upon the site of tho present building. THE United States warships Philadelphia, Atlanta and Newark, have been ordered to Chilian waters. A DITTEII war of p»culiar origin is threatened between the Y. M. C. A. and the Catholic church at Fort Dodge, Iowa. PRESIDENT Thomas W. Palmer of the n J '!! r ? d by a t V* tw toile* explosion in D.tkr,ta. r i AT Chicaetf • Atigmt ftotl*^ killed while at wort ift Aftftonr'l frfoe* -factory Wednesday flioirning by a fa/ling tim- Dcl*» AT Martin's Ferry, Ohio, fire destroyed Me»rs barrel fa/tory, warehouse, frame dwellings and a Lies, $100,000; fully in- boildingH, (wo tairroad trestle, snred. Cox, aged fifty, and his son 23 years, who lived near Wau- .I"-/ were, suffocated bv eaa mdeepeniflt.a.tell, and both Are dead. - A I,A# Went t jnte eifec^in Paragnaf. Sarurday \taposmg»n import duty ftf 10 percent, dn the tariff valuation of flottf,' and increasing the duty on, imports 20 per cent. - * . THOMAS FLYNN, of Chicflgo, while eating supper at a Milwaukee boarding house Monday night, swallowed his false teeth and choked to death. THE Allegheny cementery company recently began boring a gas well in their cemetery at Corapolis, Pa., an explosion occurred which threw hundreds of bodies m tbe air and shattered many costly monuments. ArPeoria, III.,'the Advance elevator, owned by Kitgham, Warren & Co.. has been completely destroyed by fire. There were 100,000 bushels of grain in tbe buildincr, some of which can be saved. Loss, $100,000. A COU.TSIOM occured on the Missouri, Kansas & Texas railroad near WRCO, lexa«, Wednesday, between" two sections of a stock train. Four ttockmeu were Killed andjan engineer seriously injured. J. E. DAIIL. eighty one years of aee. was asphjxiated by gas Wednesday at 634 They are IlpJd In Varions States , ; i of the Union ..,.. . Tuesday. Ohio Goes Kepubliean and New York, Iowa and Massachusetts Demo- <!f atle. Espial <y oil Govei-uor. Tammany Proves All Powerful In the Empire Cifjr—Ihe Volinj? in Detail. world's fair will erect a manual-training scheme on the site ot hia childhood's home near Detroit. OIIITUAKY: At Lockpert, III., Robert Milne, nged nighty-six.—At Americua, Ga., Walter Crisp, son of Congressman Crisp.—At Savannah, Ga.. Colonel Samuel E. Chalfin, of New York. TIIK Now York bank statement of Saturday shows a decrease in reserves of 852, • 625, as compared with their condition one week previous. GOVEHNOH PAGE, of Vermont, has is- Hiied a i reclamation formally announcing Ihn appointment of Redfinld Proctor as .. M ——..•—— —. e> uu • '-v»n\io«e»jr ciu ui/t mSalle avenup Chicago. He waH the father of H. L. Dabl, the tailor, and arrived m the city Wednesday on a visit. Having lived in the country on a farm it is supposed he know nothing about the use of gas and left it turned on in his room. Favorable wrather generally prevailed n the various states -which voted Tuesday, and there was quite a general turnout of electors. In brief * the results may be thus stated: Flower (dem.) is elected governor of New York by 30,000 plurality, more or less, over Fassett (rep.), and tbe legislature is .in doubt. The rest of the democratic state ticket is also elected. In Ohio Major McKinley (rep.) is chofen governor by from 15,100 to 21,000 majority over Campbell, ILte present democratic incumbent, and the legislature is republican. Boies and Russell, both democrats, are elected gov- ircKi»it*y B.OOO Ahead; < "Two" hundred and thirty-six prgcincts rtiit«W%df Cincinnati give MeKinley 30> 182; Campbell, 25,136. CottiJtBus, Ohio, Nov. 3.—At 11 p m. Chairman Hahn, on the meagre returns received, claimpd MiKinlej's plurality to le abonfc 20.000. At, the fame hour Governor Campbell said it wan too early to make an estimate, though he felt confident, as the vV'te in Cincinnati an 1 Hamilton county Hid not show the republican increase which bad been cla med. Campbell CoDCrdM McKlnley'8Election. Midnight—Cnmrt'jell concedes McEin 4 ley's election by 15 000. The L*|ih!ntnr«-. Chairman fiahft, 6? t^e republican state committee. has fecpired information on leg'slafure candidates in about all the conn'i PS of the state an I gives as the result 65 republicans and 37 democrats are elected to the house with five in doubt; 18 rt publican and 13 democrats ere elected to the senate. Chairman Hahn at, 1 a. m., claims the state by from 19.000 to 21,000 and {he-general assembly by from 31 to 33 on joint ballot. Hamilton county is still claimed by the pie's* candidate) 7 plnralitv^ Kebron gives Boies 17.. ajrainst 20. in 1889; Bnck Wheeler 28 .majoritr, a loss of 11; eives Wheeler 57, against 22 m 1 Willow gives Wheeler 52, eainof 50 1889, and Woodbnrg gives Boies 56 against 8 in 18^9. MoscATmB. Nov. 3.— This city gives Boies 1,415, Wheeler 1,010. MuscatinA connly. f xcept three precincts,, gives Boies 537 majority, a gain of 16. Boies undoubtedly is elected by 8,000 plurality. , NEBRASKA. ^^^ Carries tlie City. t Right precinct* of the city give 600 ma* jority for Bemia (rep.) for mayor with in- d cations that he carried the city by republicans. If Cleveland also goesrer publican, the bouse of rppresebhilives will stand: Republicans 66; democrats, 41; senate, rtpublicans 19; democrats 12. MASS AC U USETTS. CRIME. , WILLIAM BENDKB, accused of wife murder, is placed on trial at Little Falls, Minn. "NOT euilty" is the verdict in the case United States senator to F. Edmunds. succeed George PEUSONAl,, POINTS. The many Chicago friends of Mrs. S. C. Griggs, Jr., daughter of Iky. Dr. George C. Loriuier, tha • former pastor of the Immanuel Baptist church of that ci.ty, will bo surprised to luarn of her mnrriagn, Thursday, at the residence of Dr. I/irimor, In Boston. She was married to Edward 0. Russell, an attorney of Chicago. Saturday at her homo in fiyanston Mrs. JonncBH Miller gave birth to a 10 pound baby girl. It bus been claimed that by her method of dieas reform but ono day of confinement after giving bittb is necessary, that a mother of a single day may go •bout her duties as if nothing hud happened, but Mrs, Miller has not UN jot been able to see any ono but her immulmto attendants. » » » Chief Justice Fuller's daughter, Mius Mary Fuller, will soon return to Germany to rcHumo lior musical studioa. She takes ft younger sister with her. Miss Fuller dovotes six or tiuvon hours a day to her piano practice. a patient at the Barmore city hospital, leaped from a fourth- »tory window and landed on the head of Neal Cook, colored. Cook was temporarily stunned. Wuerder bounded off un- haimudand ran away., THE following Mexican consuls wore rocogniztd by the president Wednesday: Salvador F. Mnilfefert at Euale PJSS, lexas; Cfirlos Fornwidmsy Pusaloguo. D(;uiing, N. M.; Rafael G. Acosta, Phil- udclphiu. THE postmaster general has appointed Iho tollowing postmaster* for Wisconsin; I', Becker, of Briorton, Shawano county, vico G. H. Goldrick, resigned; S. J. Sullivan, at Thompson, Wunbington county, vice G. J.-Garvoy, resigned. FOREIGN. Finis in the village of Redstein, canton of St. Gull, France, destroyed thirty llOUSe8. TUB bend leas body of a man, entirely nndii, was founds in a cellar in tho Rue Charonne, Paris. Tins sultan of Iurkoy has ordered hund _ — -"'"* '•• »"•" »w*«*wu Aii uuo ^UOU of Rev. W. E. Gifford, tried at Milkank, S. D., on the charge of adultery. XT A ,"? Pljynville, Mass., the body of Mrs. iNellie Holmed was found buried in the cellar. She had been biutally murdered. Her husband has been arrested. DETECTIVE THOMAS, of the Chicago police force, who is charged with soliciting u n/I rififtAt-^t-tnf^ V._i Kn« l_ — _ i_ _i i* ™ ernor in Iowa and Massachusets respectively. . . In Pennsylvania the republicans elect treasurer and auditor—the only offices voted for. Ihe republicans were alpo successful at the local election in Chicago; but in New Jersey, Virginia and Mississippi the democrats swept everything. The republicans elect ',a congressman in South Dakota, aid the farmers' alliance is worsted in Kansas. lu Nebraska the republican* judge. elect- a supreme court and accepting bribes, has tho force. resigned from LEE HUOIIES, colored, was hanged at Crenham, Tex., Friday for the murder of his wifb. THE West Coast Fire and Marine insurance company, of Tacoma, Wash., has been wrecked by its officers. Mns. CHAISES REAiiicK.tried at Woonsocket, S. D.. tor killing her husband, is convicted of murder in the second degree. IN New York Wednesday, John Kramer, a laborer, shot and probably fatally injured his wife and then hanged himself. NEW VOUK. rods of heavy guns from tbe Krupps for tno dol'enso of tho Dardanelles. _ TUB ChinvBO government pays tho mis- According to Danish papers, Huron RoBunhorn Lcbn, minister of foreign affairs, intends to resign his ollice because of hit) advanced ago. Among those mentioned as bin Butvofuor are Count Moltlie Huilfoldt, Danish minister at Paw, mid Count Ahlelddt Imiiervigoii, the richest lauded proprieior in Di'nmurk. * » # John Howard Piiinoll. a brother of the Irish lender, runs a munll fruit farm in Gooi-gia. llo in dpscribi-d :w a weedy- looking man of 47, who bus not, met. with great BUCCI'BH in UI;H country. 1L in thought that ho mny inherit whalromnhiH of tho ostato in Ireland. Kx-Quoen Nalalii', of Scrvin, i* at Itinr- rilK. Sorrow IHIH not mudo her I'ado away, mid H!IO is gutting to bo as plump us u partridge. * * * "If," BiiyH Ij'ibi/uoliero of tho emperor of Germany, "Unit vomit; man is not Or lator tho CIUHO of a Hur.-ipo.Hi ucuill iion 1 Blmll bo greatly niUlukon. ]],j \ K «s dai)K'J«'US on a great military throne as a luuatiu would b>) in u powdur maga- nine with a lighted eiu'ur in his mounth." # * » Lird Huwke, tbo cricketer, mado a good bonmot in Piiiladelphia. It will bo ro. wombored that the, woi-k tlui crickotern wero thero thu weather was decidodly vuriad. When asked what ho thounht of American weather bo replied: "\Vmith- er? My doar boy, wo huvou't seou any ivtwtlier yet—only Huwmplos, don't you Icnow'i"' * * » The Into William llonry Fit/,bugh Lao »—tbe BHveiith member of tbo forty-second oougrebfl, by tho way, to die before tho firat Be.sHiou opened--was gn'atly ftivou to yreaoiiting his frieiuU in tbo house with jroBOB from bi» Virginia gruon bouses, Tho llowrrs wore brought to tbo cloak room, u Washington carrospomle.nt says, by tho barroliul, and aa a lar«o proportion of them worn a deep red, tho houso would iu au hour or two UMIIIUO a carmino huo from thy docorutiouv on desku utul coat tho full vahio of their property destroyed in tbo recent riot.-i. THK loss of life by tho recent earthquake, in Japan is iiov/ thought to exceed 10,000, over 18,000 housed were destroyed. DK. UiczrAT, chief of tho mediwil staff of tho Krencb colony at Siibervieville, Miulagiificar, and eight native soldiers bavo been killed by bandits. THK government has given notice to bunkers that no dealing with or through tbe house of Rothschild will bo permitted in RuKHia. Tun terrible situation in tho famine- Btrickmi dititriols of Russia has boon aggravated by a violent outbreak of typhus lover in BOVOIM! of thu provinoea. TIMOTHY llnAi,icY.tbo most bitter of. the aiiti-l'.irni'lhtds, wan lipranwhipped in the strecLs of Dublin Tuesday by u nephew of tlm Into Mr. Parnall. 'J'nn suspension anupunced Tunsdny nt Ui-rliu, was that of flirBchlleld & Wnlf, bindtcrs. Tboir liabilitioa amount to !iOO,- 000 marks. IN a religious riot at Mnzundernn, I'or- HIU, a mob wet lire to tbu houso of General Smulal (inolcy Kh.iu, wlio was killed, with twenty it, pi.'iuleiil.s. A niM-ATCit from Niiiuur, capital of tbo province ot (bo samo naiiio, sa)s that, the entitle of Duke liVruan "Nuiw/. has been partially deaimvt'd by (ire. Th'j loss is estimated iilUi'OO.UOd. Tun Sudo Sau/.o, who gained a world widii iidtoricly through hia at tempt up;>n ibn lil'n of o/i irowitoli at Otsu, ,)ii|j!in, and who was umilouci'd to iuipriaoment tor life, died in prison last week of 'meu- mourn. ' TIIK Kansas City express on the Missouri Pacific was held up by masked iner, nri>r Omaha Wednesday night.They broke op°n the express safe and got away with 83,500 MAYOU RAOHDALB, of MoberJ-, Mo., has sued justice Robertson of that "city for 810,000 for slander in charging that the mayor waylaid and shot a councilman. CHINESE highbinders have again begun operations in San Francisco. Throe Chinamen have been found murdered there within tho last twenty-four hours. THE mayor and city'treasurer of Huron, S. D., are erjoined from paying warrants and bonds said to have been illegally issued, and the county treasurer is enjoined from selling property for taxes illegally assessed. THK young Texas negro who murdered his employer's wife and child, was chained to a troo and burned alive by a mixed assemblage of whites and blacks. JAMES Bicaqs, i farmer near Columbus, fud., died Friday fiom tbe effects of injuries inflicted by Peter and William Nowby, two colored boys. They attacked "?trgs for tho purpose of robbing him. AT San Finncisco, Siecfnd Gosch, n Herman laborer, niurdered his wito and young son Wednesday morning at tboii cottage on San Bruno road, cutting their skull* open with a hatchet. Ho then committed suicidj 'h'y bunging? himself in the yard. It is suppoted that ho was insane. It Was Taiiiiimny'n Day. In New York Cily Flower, up to 9 p. m. made a poor showing. Even his later majority of" 58,000 is much less than tbe natural democratic majority of the metropolis. The falling off here is attributed to the action of the county democracy resenting the exclusion of its dele- trates from the S.iratosa convention. Kings, Richmond and Queens counties, however, showed gains for the democrats. Late returns showed a remarkable gain froji the districts controlled by Tammany ball., A falling off of the ( votes in the counties north of the Harletn river seems due to the action of (he ballot and registration laws under which the election is held. It seems to indicate that the purchase of votes has come to n, stand still. The democracy carried both the congressional districts, the tenth and twelfth. Little, of the hitler district, is elected to succeed Flower, and Cockran is re-elected from'the tenth. Tammany carried all the. senatorial districts except one. In tho assembly Tammany made almost a clean _ sweep of the city, the republicans gaining but one district. Tammany candidates foi the judiciary are elected by large minorities. The board of aldermen was swept by Tammany. Brooklyn democrats electeu mayor, one congressman, the entire city and The Candidates. BOSTON, Ma?s., Nov. 3.— The candidate for governor were: Republican, Charles H. Allen,' democratic, Wm. E. Russell; prohibition, Chas. E Kimball; reo l?s, Henry Winn; socialist labor, H. W. Robinson. The weather was clear and cold. ItUfBell g Plurality Last Year. Twenty-one < towns give an averasre republican gain of 21}£, indicating a'total gain in the state oH 5 824. Russell's pluralitv lact vear was 9.0?3. , Uusst-irs Vote lioldlnc Up. One hundred and ninety-one precincts out of 207 in the city give Russell a plurality of 13.237. This is within three of his pluralit> last year in the whole city. Smull Kepubliciui Gain. Ninetv towns show a net republican gain of 954. Russell's majority is about 5,000. ILL1XOIS. Chicago Kepubllcan. With the exception of two candidates the complete returns show that the repub licans made a clean sweep today in both city and county. The two exceptions are L M. Cooley, the democratic candidate for drainage »rustee,and Babcoclt,candidate for county superintendent of schools. Babcock's opponent, Bright was ropposed by a large element a« too prominently identified with the Bennett school law. For the • first time in many yerirs the repudlicans secure absolute control of the county board, not a single •democratic candidate pulling through. Thfi republican majorities range from 3,000 to 10,000, acraihst 897 at tha last coun- tyelection. Sixty-four towns and prpcincts outside of Omaha trive Post (rep.) 3,743, Edgertoni (alliance) 6.808. Tost Probably Elected. Returns are coming in very slowly, Rough estimates from those at hand in* ('icate that Judge Posi (rep.) for supreme jndere, has carried the' state by at least 5,000. VENJJSYL.VAXIA. IOWA. Davenport. . _DAVKNpoitT, Nov. 3. — Scotfc county gives Holes 3,800 majority, a gain of 200 over 1889. Grlnnell. GRIXKF.LL, Nov. 3.—Thirteen precincts of Powen<luck county give Wheeler 1,546, 'Buieii 1,250—a slight republican gain. Good Weather and Uljr Vote. PIIILADELPHIA, Nov. 3.—Too weatLer throughout the state was bright anJ cool, and a big off-year vote was cast. The vote of Pennsylvania will be compared with the state treasurer's vote of 1889, which gave a republican plurality jn Philadelphia county of 39,744, and a republican majority in the slate outside of Philadelphia county of 40,162. Democratic Majority Doubled. The democratic chairman estimates that Cumberland county erives 1.250 democratic majority. It was 552 in '89. I.OHS ana Gain. Chester county shows a republican majority of 2,000, a loss of about 1,000. Delaware county shows a republican loss estimated at 558. In Snyder county the estimated republican gain over '89 is 520. A Midnight Kstlmato. At midnight returns from 21 counties exclusive of Philadelphia show a net republican gain of 1,648 for Greg?, republican, for auditor general, and about the same for Morrison, republican, f L r state •treasurer. Philadelphia county returns indicate that, tha republicans will carry the city by 20,000 and the repulican majority in the entire state will not be less .than 40,000. The proposition for holding a, constitutional convention is overwhelmingly defeated. ' .. NEW JERSEY. Democrats Control the legislature. TIIENTON, Nov. 3.—The'.democrats will have a majority in both houses of the legislature. Mnjorlty ot 33 on Joint Ballot. Up to 1 o'clock the returns indicate the election ot the entire democratic senato- "£! ticket, and 41 out of 60 assemblymen, l his wi I give the democrats a majority of 33 on joint ballot. VIRGINIA. FIRES AND CASUALTIES. Tun steam burgo Sovereign foundered on Lnko Superior. Finn in tho l/imlon residence of the prince of Wales caused u loss of §75,000. TIIK Russian government bus assigned another iW.OOO roubles to tho distress fund. A NU.MIHSH of business blocks in North Ihltimoro, Ohio, huvo been burned. Loss, A iiimnwiNu stand bearing 200 people foil 1-ridiiy during n aomoiratio parade in U.iltiiuoro, Md. SBVHKAL persons are reported to have noon killed bv a collision on tho Kansas Utv railway at Taopi, Minn, MANJUWIA, an important town near Mtidairasuur, has be visited bv a do.slruot- ivotiro which caused a luss of'$200,000. KASTKUN states are experiencing deadly cold woathor, A death from freezing is reported from Koystono, N. J. • T " E J»P' 08i on of na.turd gas in a building in Allotfbeuey, !>., Tuesday uioriiiiig, injured Hvo persons,!one of them fatally! men were, killed and others A Suvlnc Mini. "We only want economical men in our employ," said tbo railroad superintendent, to an applicant for a conductor's place. D "Ob, that's all right," replied tun up- plicant conlidtMiUy. "I can wave ?5,000 a year on a $1,200 salary."—Detroit Free Press. IliiHit Wvluoitiu for Ouplil'ti C'npiirx. . "Thero are a groat many 'ringH 1 in this ooiiutry, those days, judifinpf by what the papi-M print, said a pretty Scr-nton girl lust, evening, "and I nin opposed to them all but, one." "And whut kind of a riut; is that, pray i 1 " "It is a wedding ring." — Scriinton liutb, JUM1MUJ THIS TJIAC'K. on Mount Kullruitd. Gravity HKADINO, Pa,, Nov. C.— While a train of two cars was coining down tho Mount I onn Gravity railroad this afternoon the rails wtro BO slippery, the c;rs could not be held and while rounding a curve they jumped tho track, dashing into an embankment. 0 Irwm Houck, conductor, wus killed. Anthony Keeley, brakem-ui, wiw fatally injured. George Johnson, the only other passenger, jumped while the train wan going twenty miles an hour and escaped uninjured. county ticket, seven alderiiien-at- large, _ eicht district aldfrmen, three civil justice^ and five supervisors. SyriicuKO. SYIIACUSK, Nov. 3.—The eitv comnlete give Flower 8,904, Fassctt 9,249. Albany, Nov. 3 —Tho city complete gives Flower 12,418, Fassett 8 505; Gov. Hill received the election returns in tho executive c. amber. He was greatly gratified at the bunclfome plurality fur the •Jeraccratio state ticket, and thought it mennt a democratic victory in tho nation in 1892. IHower'H Homo lOiidorseinent. ^ATKUTOWN, N. Y., Nov. 80.—Thirty districts in ibis city, Fiowtr'g home, give Flower 2,029, Fiuselt 1,586. lie htw a uiiijority in his own city of 443, Hill got 1,599 and Miller 1.730 in 1888. A Republican Cuni;reHHinilll Klectecl. Curtis, republican, is elected to congrets in the 22d district. A Crumb Tor FnnHntt. ROCIIESTEH, N. N,, Nov. 3.—This city' mnjority tor Fassett is 1,929. STATKN ISLAND, N. Y., Nov. 8.—Tt is estimated that Flower will carry Richmond county by 11,000. Fbwer's plurality is a bout 40,000. • OHIO, Hurlington. BURLINGTON, Nov. 3.—The latest returns show a gain.ot 200 for Wheeler. • Grand Rapltla, GRAND RAPIDS, Nov. 3.—Belknap, (rpp.), i« probuoly elected to congress by 700 majority. The people's party cast 2,575 votes in this city. lowaClty. -OWA CITY, Nov. 8.—Nine precincts of Johnt-ou county trivo Wheeler Sol, Boies 1,080, against 741 and 899 in 1869. Cedar Kapldg. CKDAII RAPIDS. Nov. 3.—Reports from Benton county indicate a democratic.sain of 200 over 1889. Hales' Slight Lo«s. Fourteen of 35 precincts in this county pave Boies a mniority ot 637, a loss of 42 over two years nyo. Blliqutllieta. MAQUAKETA, Nov. 3.—Jackson county returriB partially in, show democratic gains. The indications are a net gain in the county will be 100. Oitiiinwa, OTTUMWA, Nov. 3.—Returns'from half tbo precincts in the county indicate heavy Demooratio LcglBlature. Of 19 state senators the democrats have elected 11; of 100 members of the house tne democrats have elected 70. At 1:40 a. m.,.the democrats claim ev- orv senatorial district in tbe state. The democrats will have at least four-fifths of the house. The alliance has two candidates and one "straight'Out" republican has been elected. • wu» COi,OHADO. '. A Republican Chief Justice. DENVER, Nov.3.^-The election was the most peacelul ever held in Denver Five tickets wtre in tho field, democratic, republican, .prohibition, people's party and people s non-partisan, the first two polline most ot the vote. No state officers were voted tor except chief justice of the su- P ? e ?if COU1rt ; Sports from various parts of the state indicate that the election passad off .quietly. It will be very late befoie definite returns are received. However there ...... •""» J udge ship.. we is no doubt of che ejection of Helm (rep) to ' tho chief .justice- The dem- last year ,.*,». . A . * DlMutrnui n If with f««UiiKi p( r«gr»t U*. w* Maonnc* (h« fallur* of hoita of peopl* (ro«k *d with IBM- HOB of tbt kldn«r« to Uk« «fflcl«i( m»an* to renew their activity. Tbl* foliar* U mod dl.«»- troui, for • compUt* wrvck of th» QrfMi them§*]»«• mult •Tmlu»M It \ha»\j mwni »r* not Uken to r* «*t»bllih tbtlr **«ntlvt <»nctloa on » bavin of ictlvitr *nit regalMltjr. Ho.WKer'k atouiach BltUr* reuewt bolb, ««4 prtvtot* nlll- utto tad fatal dlenter. At It U OB* «f tb* luuc- ttoui of ih* kldu*;» to itrttln from Ik* blood, lu ill puiiag* (hrouth ib»m, ImparltlTM pro«re»ilv» of dropsy, rbeuBiallam and joul, an *«rlr lmp«tui U nil (b* mor« D ««4ral to b« given to ihelr op«ra- (lout whtn lardy or ftuffeclimT. The aamedicxed •iliuuu of coraiarro» do not aoiw»r tbti Guln. fteturns from 30 precincts of 'Hamilton' county show a not democratic gain of 140; 210 prerincts outside .of thucit> show u tun '(•publican gain of 1,023. ; r If the present ratio is mainlaine'd M* 1 Kin ley will be elected by about 26,000 uinj >ritv. Tne Commeroial'Gizotte's estimate' i|i 15,000 mtijurity for JNH'Kinley and n rii- publican mnjoricy in the Iflgislutuie. Two hundred and ninotj-fivo precincts oulsido of tho .city give a net republican gain of 1,121. Th'ib is about 'one-eighth ct the state. At AIuKlnloy'N Old lloino. At Niles, McKinley'n birthplace the re. net Kttin was 200. Wellsvilie showB a net republican gain of 30. Eleven precincts of Medina county show u not democratie gain 01 three. OttU)|ib«ll'it JUNtiuiute.' A correspondent telecrraphs that Gov. Campbell concede's McKinley's election bv 'S.OOO to 20,000. TlieOuU Q« In. CLEVELAND, Nov. 8.—Thn indications are that the republicans pain representa- ives in Hancock, Paulinsr and Uaddin • ounties, all of which returned democrats wo years RRO, Olierlin gives a net republican gain of 70. Republicans gait, twelve in Wellington and thirteen in Garretts- villa. Oi.KVEi.AMi>, Nov. 8—Bellvue shows a net republican gain of 37; Hamilton a re- pubhctui gain of Jl. . By at {.root 10,000. MrKinley is elected by nt lea^t 10,000. It ttunis from Allegheny county indicate "'"-"'• t - foi the republican etate ticket republican gains over Irist year, ocratie majority, which 'was 748, will be reduced over 300. . In Wapellu County. In Wupello county nine precincts give Wheeler 1,380, Boies 1,513; republican gam 41. Waterloo. WATKin.00. Nov. 3.—Tina city, Boies' home, trives \Vbet'ler 1,151. Boies 887. The mime prech'ci.s in 1889 gave rjntchin- con 850, Boies 742. PUHUQUE, K 7 nv. 3.—The total. ,-ote of his ciiy was 5,313, a gain'over 1888 of 10o9, which indicates an incre'-sed clenu- cmMc mujnrity. RetnriiH from nil over tbe state received at the llertild oflic s up tn 2 o'clock indie ito the election -of Boies by a decided majority.- Nearly all the cities give a democratic pain or hold their own, Some of tbo interior counties show republic™ gains, but it is conceded that they cannot fivprrnma H,\ino* mn-i.%»;4.. «£ . SOUTH DAKOTA. S D., Nw73.-The election in this state was tor congressman to fill thn Gamble vacancy. The candidates were Jolley (rep), Woods (dem ) Smith ,« 'rn Up to - 8 p - nl - scattering returns rom 50 precincts in 100 counties including he cities of Waiertown, Huron PallR ° 86 ' Alieud. ago, 6,700. Boies 1'ioin the se Towns. Alliance I.OH«CM. T , . , ce .OH«C Tt » evient at (hie hour ( majority of two years liurllngton. , Nov. .coming in slowly. So republican gains. 3.— Returns are fur they indicate 320, ALQOKA, Nov. 3 —Wheeler has Boies 193—a republican gain of 24, Independence. In DEPENDENCE, Nov. 3.—AVheplor will carry Uucuunan county by about 206 majority, a gain of 100 over the last elec- Clmrlr* Clry. .CHAKLES CITY, Nov. 3-Floyd county gives 2oO republican majority. I Keokuk KKOKCK, this county of 34. Council Itliiffd. COUNCIL BLUFFS. ,Nov. 3.—The estimated vot£ of iho city shows a republican gam of 800. Nine townships show a democratic gain of 180. Various riacta. L I ^.l^ v L. N °y-, 3 :-Arlington town- Nov. 3.—Two precincts in give a net republican gain p- Grange gives Weatfull (pep- MICH 10 AN. Kepubllvan Victories caturrh that pnnnXt r ' war ^ for any case ot "waW^t^""

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