The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 21, 1892 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 21, 1892
Page 7
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fTPW'i ^-«tv-^, -' THE UPPER DBS MOtSES.AGONA. corn**, BO BUNSaitfJS ffl&tte* bow wtuwf «w UH* vvor uw TT dark th» clouds are, when tbe woman Who la borne down by woman's trouble! turn* to Dr. Pierce's Favorite Prescription. If her life is made gloomy by the chronic weaknesses, deli- cat* derangements, and painful disorders that afflict her sex, they are completely cured. If fche'i overworked, nervous, or " run-down, 11 she has new life and strength. "Favorite Prescription 1 ' It * powerful, invigoratinc tonio and » toothing and strengthening nervine, tourely vegetable, perfectly Stet and promote* all the wopeFTnhctions of Ji/omanhood, improve* 1 dkestion, enriches ** blood, dispels aches ; IQ,) pains, bring* t jkxtfhlng sleep, and re' storeaheaith and vigor. For every " female complaint" and disturbance, it Is the only wmedy so sure and unfailing that it can be r H$ W 4oe*n't benefit or cure, you have your money back. ' II OHM Goldi,Cattghi,8m Thrott,Cronp,t»flM». M,WBMpUiff Ooujh, JronchlUi and Aithnt. A .etrtaia «nr* for Ooninmptlon In flnt iU(«t, ial • cutnli«f !• Uranoad itefn. VM .at MM, Vra will M* th* Mctllent ifftot after taklBf th« , •—14»»*. Bald bjr dealm •Ttnrwhtn, lumt - "-iM»»U«U»1.00. v „__»__ Many women fade early, simply because they do not take proper care of themselves. Whirled along in the excitements of a "fast-living age, they overlook " How Old 4 1 Look, arid not yet ^Thirty. " ^ _ - , h 14 V T v »»•••»»»*«» 'those minor ailments that, if not checked in tune; will rob them of health and beauty. At the first symptom of vital weakness, uso T..J...- c* Z7.«A/./.M.'r l/ftr*tablt Cfim^ouniL ujafc ay iii|^i^«ii» **- . .•—• ..w—...."—, —— — E. ftnkkam't Vegetablt Compound. j roses will return to yoar cheeks, sallow looks depart, spirits brighten, your step become firm, and back and headache will be known no more. Your appetite will gain, and the food nourish you. inliU Mil U,.pr«enl 1.YKM. AUB». ABOUT FRENCH _FUNERAL8. j M - ho kuew thut R sbry TOW ^^ Home yticcr c'uituuiH in vbgue to rny iiom- !ind wanted to Ingratiate himself by nge to thte Ot-art. lli'lpilig it to develop. One of the very oldest custom* hi "Just been iradtac;'how one of In- French cemeteries is the existence of specter Mcl.iiU£bUu's umu disguised u card receiver, in the majority of the himself sis a street ear horse and trot- mortuary chapels. Therein the friends' ted up awl down 3d avenue dragging of the family who pass before the tomb a ear without the driver finding out tho of a defunct acquaintance deposit a' deception. AVcnderful! 1 ' pasteboard that the survivors may I "You didn't believe any such rubbish kuow which of the members of their, as ihalV" sneered the wholesale boot sex has paused to do homage to the j drummer, inking another stewed prune, dead. It is certainly a very civil idea, I "I didn't'." the autocrat exclaimed says Lucy Hooper in a Paris letter, but warmly, "Why, by Gemini, I did, sir, how extremely taken aback would be and I have no doubt it's true." the courteous callers if their late friend "Rot!" declared the practical drum- were to follow the example of the nier, starting on Ids part of the chuck- IOWA, WttttKttBPAY. UECEMBEtt 21. 1892. statue in "Don Gi'ovani.l" and return the call In person. Another funeral custom In vogue at present is for the mourners at the obsequies of some person of limited means to follow the hearse hi an omnibus. To. be sure, it is a veiy solemn vehicle, all aback, with "Omnibus Ifuueralre" inscribed hi large silver letters on either side, so that the careluss outsider shall not bounce into the midst of the mourning multitude, 'but on tho whole it seems to belittle the dignity of grief. However, ihe average Parisian doi« not specially enjoy funerals unless they are grand official functions, wheu the crowd thai lines the streets has a most unaffectedly good time, and is unsparing of lively and frivolous criticisms on-every detail of the affair. • Women no longer attend "chic" funerals In France, which is a great boon to the fair sex. However, wheu an actor of the Francais dies the entire company, male and female, walk be- liiud the hearse, which always causes the neighborhood of the church of St. Koch, the official worshiping place of the Comedle, to be crowded on those occasions with envious gazers, anxious to know how their footlight favorites will''stand the garish light of day, andj if the coat and trousers of private life |. are as becoming as the classic draperies I papers to •'*-*_ L .LI. _ i~.»,it n » ran tnflT. T, steak. "Don't say 'rot' to me, sir," roared the autocrat. "I tell you it's true. Here it Is in the paper." "I wouldn't believe It if I sivw it hi a million papers," screamed the drummer. "You're no gentleman." You mean I'm no ass, only an nss would take such a thing seriously. Don't you see that it's a joke of the newspapers?" Light began to dawn on the autocrat "You think It is?" he cskcd anxiously "Why, of course. See hero where It says further doAvn that Inspector McLaughlin was disguised as a telegraph pole nt 14th street and that every time the horse passed It signaled to him with its ears." "Yes, tho paper says that," confesses the autocrat slowly. Then the whole tiling struck him. "Why, I see now,' he exclaim wl. "Precisely," It's just their fooling.' agreed the drummer Do You Wish the Finest Bread and Cake? It is conceded that the Royal Baking Powder is the purest and strongest of all the baking powders, The purest baking powder makes the finest, sweet* est, most delicious food. The strongest baking powder makes the lightest food. © That baking powder which is both purest and strongest makes the most digestible and wholesome food. Why should not every housekeeper avail herself of the baking powder which will give her the best food with the least trouble ? Avoid all baking powders sold with a gift or prize, or at a lower price than the Royal, as they invariably contain alum, lime or sulphuric acid, and render the food unwholesome. Certain protection from alum baking powders can be had by declining to accept any substitute for the Royal, which is absolutely pure. Syrup" Tot»G« J. B. Hilt, ofthe Stipeito Court, Walker county, Georgk,\ thinks enough of German Syrtipto send us voluntarily a strong letrat endorsing it. When men of tttiJt and education thus use And tecoftt? mend an article, what they say » worth the attention of the public* It is above suspicion. " I have Used your German Syrup," he says, "for my Coughs and Colds on the Thrott and Lungs. I can recommend it for them as a first-class medicine,"—^ Take no substitute. • "They're, having fun'with their road lira."' "Thins outfit to bfi stopped, though, suirt tho autocrat solemnly. "Now, If I hndn't tumbled to It so quickly I mieht have gone around betting on it, their obscure humor of their stage tragedians. robe's t<> the leading A most painful custom at French funerals is the posting at,:the exit door of the church wherein the ceremonies take place of the u-ale head of the deceased person's family,'the widower or the eldest son or brother, whose duly it Is to shake hands with every person .who has been present at the obsequies, when once they are over and people are going away. It is not etiquette for the gentleman to speak to anybody, but if he is moved to tears bis weeping is considered a most appropriate action. ' •.'".• A very beautiful and impressive adjunct to an aristocratic official Parisian funeral is the presence hi the procession of tho coupe of the deceased, the horse, of horses, led by grooms in mourning liveries, and the lanterns lighted and veiled m long streamers of semi-transparent crape. The effect a nt once sombre and picturesque, and Is especially striking at the obsequies of some great personage, such as M. Thiers, Gamberta or Victor Hiwo. Nobody, not even the nearest relative of ttw defunct, is permitted to occupy the vehicle. so thnt the public may stand somo show." Both the method and results when Syrup of Figs is taken; it is pleasant' and refreshing to the taste, and acts gently yet promptly on the Kidneys, Liver and Bowels, cleanses the system effectually, dispels colds, head- achea and fevers and cures habitual constipation. Syrup of Figs is the only remedy of its kind ever produced, pleasing to the taste and acceptable to the stomach, prompt in • . j» ' ' '_— J J.Mi*1**> ItaYt^li/tinl in ltd FOR.TH-E YERKES TELESCOPE. Fnurmoin Mounting for tho UJK LOIISB *•" KOW IJelnif M»nuin.!turcd. The contract for the new Yerkes telescope was formally 'let to Warnur_ & Swasey, a Cleveland firm, says the Leader of that city. The monster iiH stnmient, which, will possess' the distinction of being the largest telescope in the world, is to bo the gift of Chus. L. Yerkes of Chicago to the; Chicago university. The gift will also include observatory, in which the .telescope ,,a be placed, the entire amount given to the university for this purpose^aggregating half a million dollars. Work on the new .mstrument will bo .commented at once, and it will be pushed !o completion as quickly as possible. It is the wish of the company to. have the telescope, entirely finished in ono LATEST FASHION. Long gloves are worn again on the promenade. Triple cotxchmaii capes are the no plus ultra of style hi walking dress. The fashion of having diamonds set in platinum Ls becoming pronounced. The fashion of trimming felt hats with every variety of material at once, whil« not specially _ artistic, Ls popular. It is dillicult to get a good substitute for the black lace evening dress, but it is said that fancy grenadines, with lino stripes of llower patterens, will probably find favor. . Black dresses of the favorite wido diagonal wool.and others of roughly re'pped silk have sleeves and bust drapery of green velvet or of eminence purple, if intended for the 'street, while house dresses of black have gay magenta velvet trimmings. A novelty in an evening dress Is an accordion-plaited crepe made almost precisely in the style.of the old-fashlou- cd "Mother Hubbard. A corselet and wry deep cuffs of metal embroidery or passementerie relieve the wrapper- effect ..which might be otherwise objectionable. • " A large hat is made of black velvet, lined with rifle green, felt and trimmed ASlth a bunch" of black feathers and a cluster of magenta roses. These imi- geuta roses of the bust quality are shaded and made of velvet and embrace four tones of purple, violet, um- Tcacher: "Give an illustration of the superiority of mind over matter." "Pupil (after a prolonged reflection): "I have to mind you. That's what's tho matter." Shallow: "Why, just read that sign— •Dental Parlors.' Isn't it absurd to call a dental room a parlor" Deep: "It is probably the printer's mistake. Ho meant drawing-room." Walter (seeing dissatisfaction on guest's face): "Wasn't the fowl cooked to suit you, sir?" Guest: "Yes, all but the bill; Just take that back an tell them to boil It down a little." Harvard Lampoon: Husband (irritably)—Can't you remember where I said I left my glasses at breakfast this morn- Ing? Wife—'m sorry, dear, 1 really can't. Husband (Pevelshly)—That just shows Uie forgetlulness of you women. Philadelphia Kecord: The doctor had just made a professional call. The wife of the patient overtook the physician as he was leaving, and whispered: "I wish you would cure his cold, doctor, but don't.stir up his appetite until jnarketin' gets cheaper." •.••.. • ".••'•'•.; _..-••"• Qeo. W. Baber, a traveling man, nnd until recently a wholesale dealer in fruits in Norfolk, Va., was found dead In bed hi Chicago this morning. Sarah Hawes, who has been living with, him as his wife, is under arrest and cir- cumstanitlal evidence points Btrpngly to the fact that she poisoned Baber for his money. TKE NEXT MORNING I FEEL BRIGHT AKSl NEW AND Mr COMPLEXION IS BETTErt. My doctor «ays It m;t«i pctitljr on tha utomnch, HTM K id kidneys, p.nd In r.jilcnsnnt Inxntlvo. Thin (It-mil made from herbs, aud IK rreparud (or use u etMltf utan. It Incnllrd LAKE'S MEDICIHK All itruffcMift Ifll It tit fiOr and 91 |wr [tttrkn|t«. If jlii citnnot Ml It, ifnil vonr MWu for » frit wmpV. Unr'l F>«ll« VrdliUt • ^ J '- -- \,t In k» hmlthy, ttli li UMW - -•- •,iK«r, N.T. >? v J i lur Imffrit rnrh ditr. In orde * Adilriii "HATiIll P. WOODWARH. Pimples There is more .Catarrh In this section ol Ihu coiiutry than all other discuses put to ircUiur, and until the last few years was sup. posed to bu liiciinxble. Tor a great man) years doctor* pronounced it a local disease, and prescribed local remedies, and by constantly fulling to cure witli local treatment, pronounced it liicuniblc. Science li«s proven cuturrli o constitutional disease, and therefore requires coiiKtitutiomu treatment. Hall's CiiUirrh Cure, manufactured by F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, Clno, is the only constitutional cure nil thu market.. -It is taken inlernally in doses from 10 drops to a leatipoonful. It aoU directly on the bloo.l and mucous surface of the system. They offer one hundred dqlliirs for any case It full, to cure. Send for circulars and testimonials Address. ^ ^ CI i ENEy & ^ To i edO) O . by all Druggists, 75e. Important to Fleshy People. ( We have noticed a page article in the Boston G'.obe on reducing weight at a very small expepsc. It will pay our readers to send two cent stamp for a copy to Betlna Circulating Library, 86 E. Washington Street, Chicago, 111. When an American heiress presents herself abroad tbe foreigners follow tlio example of tbe prize-ring and put up tliolr dukes.—Boston Transcript Blade to Look tike New. Dresses, Gent's Clothing, Featliers, Gloves, etc., Dyed or Cleaned, I'lusli Garments Steamed, at Olio 1'ietc.h 1 * Dye Works,216 W. Water St., Milwaukee. Send tor circular. The Erie lines liave advanced the wages of every telegraph operator, train dispatcher, and every agent acting as operator lu tbelr employ. A minimum scale ot wages of $45 a month Is established, and from this amount the usual advances are mHe. JAYNK'S EXPECTOIUNT Is botb a palliative and curative In all Lung Complaints, Bronchitis, Ac. H Is a standard remedy for Coughs and Colds, and needs only a trial to prove its. Look abead, but do not spend all your time In a vain effort to scan eternity.—Uai- veston News. Small Bile Beans will euro U. Blotches ARBKVIDENCB That the blood 6 wrong, and that nature is endeay cring to throw off the impuritiet. Nothing is so beneficial in assisting nature as Swift's Specific (S. S. S$ . . It is a simple vegetable compound, la harmless to the most delicate child, yet it forces the poison to the surface and tuminates it from the blood. ^-VVVh^MMMtalWBVr 1 ^ I contracted a severe case of blood poison . that unfitted me for business for four Tears. A few bottles of Swift's Specific (S.S.SJ cured me. J.C. JONES, City Marshal, Fulton, Arkansas* Treatise on Blood and Skin Diseases mniky* SWIFT SPECIFIC Co, Atlanta, Ga. «><> itVcr fci)(» uw"~—i •"—• y tho blood, are wife and effectual i the beat medicine known for billon* uesB, couitlimtloD, dyepepUa, foul brcnUi.ljondache.iuoiiUiI depression,! painful dlge«tlon, bad complexion.' Mid all dlteoMicauied bj failure of the Btomacli, liver or bowels to pur- "unctions. Tenons given to orer- ouo a,'ter each meal. Ccpuiuiu VJ V"" ow/m»*•«,!" •"••{,. . uiw i ita action and truly beneficial m its year. . " ._ __;_j__j „„!„ <vxwi T^O mnsr. I Tue Yerkes telescope will bate object glass of forty inches and the total length-of .the tnue, 1 ts accessories, will not be less than .—- '- ----.- 7K fopt The instrument complete wm pular remedy knowr^ ^ _ ^ 76 to^ ^^^ weight of 00 tons. u ..M/ all leading drug- Any reliable druggist who may «ut have it on hand will pro- TOM it promptly for any one who i vhlch u 1 ' Mto try it. .Do not accept any | towense luuo „ _ v -—- nonding to the exnct apparent motion - tie star being-observed, will weigh tilG The weight of the column,IP- weigli 0 curries ilie entlro and its attncbmonls, t u WM ". Tlie driving clock, to automatically move tbls •witli a motion con-us- Bubstitute. CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. 8 ' N ™ HOISO V' mKi M . __ I ton. The weight of tlie cmmuu ^ porting the meohanisra of the tele- r ^rin tint h<> less than , so tons. »timii^S¥® l »£EMA=WS - ^ " M w ' 'SHlLOHSl CURE. , which can be 'CWMConsumption,Conglu,Cro n p,B»«* i ^ similar to ±^.S™», s?»™;«c 0 »«:»» 0 P^^UI pm$m W»aii^-Hw»-» than that Instrument. • mstrumen t •^Sf*«^*?aa i The construction o* the instrument ^"^SS^sw'aisS^Kas Ul il^^ <tt/l*fc vw»»*-•' •**— *.- • • geuta and pmlc. "Roseate purple this color plctui-esquely. termed. ^ a uuie } The round-topped trunk has goae out amount askotl. of fashion, for the reason, the msuiufac- turer tells us, that the trunk has so often to be part of the furniture of the room. The flat-topped trunk may have an expensive or rich cover laid over the top, with a cushion beneath, and nvike an ornamental if somewliat ele- iuted seat. The front tind sides of tiia trunk may be hidden, by a valance attached to Die cushion. If not desired for seat, a trunk that is not too large may be made to look like the treasure chest of a priuca by fitting to it a covering of dark velvet, ornamented (with bands of light-colored leather, applied with gold, copper and silver threads. • Don'tl H a dealer offers you a bottle 01 Salvation Oil without wrapper, or labela. or In a mutilated condition, don't touch It- don 1 1 buy it at auy price, thero Is something wronjr—It may be a dangerous or worthies* counterfeit. Insist upon gevtlng a perfect, unbroken, genuine pacKage. Be on youi guard 1 Lady: Did you ever go to » military ball* Old one-legged soldier: No marui but I ouce bad a military ball come to me.- Tid Bits. "How I Wrote Ben Bur," told by Gen, Lew Wallace, is one scrap from the voluminous nndauperb•programme of eminent writers and interesting article* which The ' YoutKs Companion announces. It retains"Its place in 500,000 families by the versatility auc\ the Instruetiveness of its gen- ertil aslieles, the high character of all It* stories, tho brightness of its illustrations. Then it comes every week, and one gets n great deal for $1.75 a year. The price Bent St ,,uce will entitle you to the paper to Jan The telegraph operators, employed by thr Baltimore anil Ohio company, have won » partial victory in their struggle forhighei .alarles. An ugreement Is reported which gives the operators an increase of f 35,000 • little more than a q,uarter : of tbe Of course the lessons of the electionjure adapted to all clasnes.—Philadelphia Times. MTS.-A11 FIU Stopped t»e bT Mr. J t Un«'« y^^sxss^ff^'ffs^ bottlB fr«B to Fit C«M». Send to Dr. Kline, Ml Atoh St., PhlU., P«. ' Telccranh operatori on tte N. Y. P. &O. road have been granted an average hicreuse in wages per month as the result of negotla- 1U nakfo 1'" _.I-J „- tnr unilin I.IlIlU THROAT DISEASES ebm'menc* with a ias^vi-5' 5" ^ss&^^ssi' Sold only in boxet.. Price 25 cta^ Tne embarrassment of » stuttering man in the act of asking for a loan is sometmnf; painful to beuolfr-Fhlladclphlft Becord. tlons past. es per have been carried on for some timo We eat too much and take too little outdoor exercise. This is the fault of our luoderu eiTlltnUpu. It Is claimed that GarUeld Tea, a Bimple herb remedy, helpi Nature to overcome these abuses. "All roadslead to Rum," remarked the tramp as he started ouce more ou his travels. —Washington Star. Go twice es far us liver pll's and cure of.' tenet—Small Bile Beans. A man wlio likes anything that is good for ttlm is a curiosity.—Atchison Globe. • Restore the complexion by cleansing the tntlre system, Small Bile Beans. A suburban poultry raiser advertise! "eggs laid to order."—Binghamton Leader, Sia Constipation, Ueutam shops e 1804. Address Tun YOUTH'S COMPANION, Boston, Mass. Hlu-irerstaff: Gasmen is going to spin us » yarn. Giklersleeve: How do you know'. BiL"--erstaffi: lie is knitting his brows.— Detroit Free Press. At Denver, Col., James T. WUber, business manager for the Henry T. Lee Seed and Implement House, tha largest flrin of tills kind east of St. Louis, suicided at the Henshaw House Friday. AVlinn discovered at noon he was hanging to the chandelier. An empty morphine bottle wa9 found on. Sarah Muir Of Mlune»pollB. "I wu for a long time a luflerer from Female Weakness »nd tried many remedlei and physlcUnt, to DO good purpose. One bottle of Hood'a Sargapa- rilla made so great a difference In ray eonditloi that I took tbree bottles more and found myuel perfectly well. I have aleo Riv«ix Hood's Sarsaparilla to the children, and and that It keeps them >n good heaitli." llua. tiAiu.u Muin, W)816th AY. Bo. Minneapolis, Won. Scotfs Emulsioi of cod-liver oil present/ a perfect food—palata' ie, easy of assimilation,/ nd an appetizer; these*- are everything to those who are losing flesh and I strength. The combination of pure cod-liver oil, the greatest of all fat producing foods, with Hyixx phosphites, provides a remarkable agent for Quick Flesh Building in all ailments that are associated with loss of flesh. Prepared by Sontt 4 Bnwn», OTiemtota, New York. Bold by all drogfUM. , ft ''I S ORTH BE GENTLE. Nature is most effective when she exhibits her gentle side. She can Btorm when she wishes, but the re- eult is terrifying. So with you. Do not tear your system in pieces by •ough and powerful doses of medi- ^ cine. It is not necessary. If you j i. h & will get a box of the LAXATIVE GUM I d*'®®** DROPS and take tbem, you will soon be cured of your dyspepsia and indigestion, long continued constipation will yield to this remedy, They contain no taste of medicine. They resemble the ordinary gum drop in appearance and taste, but if you will take them persistently they will certainly cure you. They come in two sizes. Small size, ten cents; large size, twenty-five cents. Any druggist will get them for you, SYLVAN REMEDY Co., Peoria, 111. AU you have guessed life insurance may be wrong t If you wish to know th» trutli, send for "flow and -Wliv," issued by the 1M LIFE, 921-3-5 Chest- to' 7 A '- ?/' •/&'•: */" 0<l'ti .(>' ' l .« ornhiiKi Ilublt Cured In 1O 20 Uuj H. Nojiay till cared* R7j.8TEPHENff.Lebanon.Ohlo, DOUBLE THE MONEY i to .TOUK SKBABTIAN, 0. T. A, p., J go, m,, and receive, pontage Dal of ciirda you ever liundliid. On \ ( S,' | .TOIIN W.IWOBBIS, ites. Claim* FAT FOLKS REDUCED , , »,, J^«i^S8f&8«"Wug u^i^M-Mk^^^i r a^> ltevitc<t to date, Tbene, only, are U>( , cpnulnBTAILOB BTBTBMB Invented »nj fSpytSbtodby" mot, B.W. ™°»J- »?• \varo o? Imitations, Any lady of o«U. nary Intelligence can easily and quick, ly learn to cut and ninka any Karaent, n ins'style, to any measure, for ladle*, men and oblldrenT OarmenU ™ 'S ibii!*. la tue'froui i»uk o£ monthly public*. K^"-""i5i<-li uuuiber contttlua » complete novel.M' • ,UUV JJ»* A nfw / tto f^j. eB jyUl fp( ot tne age bvr« beeil from time to time U. lucott'e • dlBUaotijj i»u«»d4r8(|ir 5lr ii», sftotTf 1 copy.

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