The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 5, 1891 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 5, 1891
Page 4
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to Prt»*ite fabric*. Gemini IngfmnHy Is stated tt- ROrtM to A method—revived from the toost anetettt past—of tendering fabrics |*roof Against the ravages of decay for tin Indefinite period, a process by which It ift oaid, no matter how delicate the texture or color of the fabric may be, Its long life is assured. It appears that the Inventor In this case, A German chemist, based his experiments on the commonly knowi fact that the wonderful preservation characterizing tho headbands of Egyptian mummies is attributed to their having been impregnated with a kind of resin. Acting upon this assumption, experiments were made with the substance extracted from birch bark, with the result that the green tnr left after the oil tisod in tanning Imn been extracted from the White bark of the birch tree yields a substance neither field nor alkaloid; and this, in solution with alcohol, forms a liquid with a power of resisting, after once becoming dry, even the action of alcohol Itself, and Is alleged to irassess tho property—BO long a doslderatum-rof rendering textile fabrics apparently imperishable, as far as decay is concerned, n peculiarly valuable property being afco claimed for it, namely, a ready union with the most delicate an well as brilliant colors,—New York Sun. —I-----I A Fnvrffire tot the Winter Month*-!)* WoMtr Wlmi it !»? P. W. Dlrifrloy, druwrlct, takes egpecte plOftliuro In supplying tils customer* tirlf iho bcstmedldnc* ofcteln ft b]e.^Ataotig th rrmnv mrpnllnfif ni'ntin».«»i«,. ._ ui« „».?«".. .,..., „.„„ of colds. There "te^ofwngHSw will loosen a severe cold so quickly, or si nromptly relieve the lung's. Then Itcouri let* nhy tendency toward pnoumonln » pleasant and snfe to take, mid fullv worthy of Its populnrfty. ' y . Know* It to lie „„ „,.. ! » »&• 8tl 'J T 1 h ? of Howland, Putnam <£?.&, Mlfi .' lour ktekeaespecialIpleasure"to ecommondlm? Chamberlain's Cotton Item- £tt C ? l i?1 h S, knowB !» to. bo reliable. He hflB used It n his practice for several years and says there Is none bettor Itlspa poclally vahmblo for colds and as <i ti vontlvo and cure for croup. This most cellent remedy Is gold by ft w! Dlngloy. p Cham- Il-'ii llnr Wwy, TII.'M ifm-i It was ;in up town fliirfneo cur, and three wonu-n currying small parcels bourdod it. After disposing of their bundles and themselves on the Beats, two of thorn started desperately tit work to open the pockotbooks that they carried in their Imndfk Neither succeeded to any extent, and the rod haired conductor waited and winked at a cross eyed passenger in order to note for future reference how a cross oj'od man winks.' Meanwhile each of the women had grasped the other's arm mid exclaimed: ''Don't, dear, I have change." The third woman said nothing, and the conductor paused In front of tho trio for his fare. "Don't you dare to pay the faro!" said one of the women. "And don't yotil" WHS the reply. Then while ibis frioTidly argument was going on, the small woman who had fluid nothing quietly handed the right change to.tho conductor and tho uironv was over. . ' "Faith, thim wimin do bo always the flame," said the conductor as ho returned to his post. And who nhall say he was wrongV-New York Recorder. the-largest and best line of Feed, and Sale Stable Sonth of Tennant Btonse, ever offered in Kossuth county? sLon Henry Winkle. * , * * If You .Arc Troubled wltli rheumatism or it luuio bark bind Arc You Allvo uus, l ho Sioux City Journii. In order to give thlB paper tho widest posslWe clroula on the publishers havTmnde tho following unpreoedontodlv low Ka™. 1 «,° m , ti'Vato, for thSoim. imlfrn SH»,.l -,pi 08 to Nov. 10,180.1, five or moro to Nov. ,"fi°!i'. T, 8 " 1 "'' 10 °oj'iuH AN ATTlUCTIVE LINE of Millinery, in the. latest and most approved, fashions, maybe found at Matson.Sc McCall's We have an infinite variety of styles, at the lowest possible prices. Agnln: and proved to bo price will bo refunded No J),,ulit Aliiiiit Alum-limn Soldlnrn. Infantry, of course, constitutes tho main body of all modern armies, and by the quality of its infantry an army must be judged. Tho capacity of Americans to make excellent soldiers was proved in the war beyond a question. That hundreds of thousands of men, most of them entirely unacquainted with tho elements oven of discipline and drill, wore traus- formed h, so brief a period into officers and soldiers was certainly one of tho wonders of onr time. But the material was in tho main of the bent, tho desire to master tho new trade well nigh universal and very strong, and thero were from the beginning many opportunities for practising what had been learned. Iho armies of 1803 wore far and away superior to tho levies of 1801. Tho arm- M i???!*™?™ deoia °«ly Hnporior to those of 802 But in 1801} it is probable that the highest point of efficiency waa reached in both the Federal and Confederate armies in the east, and certainly in tho western army of tho Confederacy. —John 0. Hopes in Scribner's. HlnU for TruvuIurH. Nausea, from (lie motion of tho cars amy be prevented in tho following wav'- l«ko a sheet of writing paper largo enough to cover both the chest and atomach, and put it on under tho clothing next to tho ponton. If one shoot is not largo enough paste Ihu edges of two or three together, for tho chest and otomaoh must bo well covered. Wear the paper thus as long as you are traveling, and change it every day if your journey is a long one. Those who have tried it miy that it is a perfect defense. llioso to whom the term "sleeper" is » hollow mockery may profit by tho experience of salesmen and others who travel frequently, and have tho bod made up with the pillow toward tho locomotive. Just why this should make Bleep easier is not explained, but the '' , fiOe and 81 . a Timothy seed, Red clover seed, Mammoth clover seed, White clover seed, Oil cake meal, Lawn and orchard grass, German millet seed, Alsyke seed, Blue grass seed, Red top seed, Canada field seed, Stock food, Seed flax, seed wheat, Seed oats, seed corn, "Wonderful" Riverside Oak in All Harflf are ! My rigs are all first class, ftnd i will do What Is right to secure a share of the trade. i WANT Yotm PATRONAGE, and I will try to use you right, F rcpared P ai " ts ' lead »" d oi| . "Ilk cans "* "" HENRY WINKIE, Algona, Iowa. Happy HooNlpra. J ' J ' ISDN'S. OV ^«S I n, 1 .^"! , f ,°° !"(C» rlH ^B ' • LOTJIS Dealor In all kinds of Arnica Halve. Our New Fall and Winter Goods ARE HERE. A larger stock and better bargains than ever before. We cordially invite your inspection. NOTICE, We the undersigned, commissioners apltoint- ed by the judge of the district court of Kossuth county, state of Iowa, hereby order an election to be held fit the Bell hotel, on Thursday, Nov. 19,1881, to determine the question of incorporation of the following described territory: All of Sec. No. 5, all of Sec. No. B,' all of Sec. No. 7, nil of Sec. No. 8, and thd North half . of the North half of Sec. No. 17, and the North half of the North half of Sec. No. 18, all in Township No. 05, North of Range 30, West of the 5th principal meridian Kossuth county, Iowa. A petition and platt showing the territory Intended to be Incorporated are on file in the clerk of court's olllco In Algona, Kossuth county, Iowa. Said territory to be known as the Incorporated town of Whlttemore. GEO. E. BOYLE, J. M. FARLEY, J. DeGKAW, H. S. DAILEY, „,.„ A. SCHMIDT, Jlw Commissioners. Take Warning in Time! i _ . . FirthB, Picture Frames, 1 f c, lilnlini'iit B H Suul Cui'i'il. Out of Iho Quualloii. Many pleiisuntrios nro written and •••Bpokon about the eapriciousnesa of fenwlu •oorvants, but it is donbtfiil if, , u a clasa, ; they approach in captiousnoss tho malo aomestio servants omployud by tho rich. •Good male servants are hard to got, and •proportionately hard to please. A goutlcmmn hud engaged an English valet tie clmmbro at good wages, and •everything had apparently been satisfactorily arranged, when tho man said: I'Might I ask, sir, if I'm to wear livery, "Yea." .., "And whut color will tho wesldt be oir?" ' "Red." «0w, Indcsd! Thon I wtwn't take tho place, sir. Tin much too blond, you Jmow, for to woar a red weskit, sirl"— jouth s Companion. AVatortown Hoots niul Shoos. I Imvo just received tin Invoice of the above make, oonai.stintr of Kangaroo, Ui If, and Dongola Kid, both for fadW and gentlemen's weui-. Havino- had "5 yours' experience in the manufacture of boots and shoes i oun with confldonco ussuro my patrons that for quulity of inntorlttl and style of finish those gooda hiivo no Hupprior in our market. Prices to suit tho times. JNO. SHAKP, boiith Dodg-o-st., Algona. is ^Sfc^^fe^^%« Hoadqiiiu-tors for the best SEWING MACHINES AND ORGANS. DO YOU WANT AN AUCTIONEER? AUCTIONEER, Will crv «Hy and farin property, n.ako colleo- 10 "?,',±:,, A ..^'» u . HS ' >f '\J»:ivate , Offlcn wm 1 w e S, tr fe tly , cou "<lental ' omco with F. M. Taylor, ov«r Howard's. O. DEALER IN REAL ESTATE, Successor foJJ, Wilson, Office and Yard on Dodge street, south of State, ALGONA, - IOWA. ALEX. WHITE, Agent., M.n 0 .', 1 ?, 11 ' ft ", rt H0 ¥ on commlsHion. PBV- VKtHniS K-n 0 }\ Blve , n t ,°/ !aro Ilnd Hille o' real . L. A. SHEETZ, Drugs and Medicines. Handles the lest of all descriptions of Buy the Best. Buy Bonaparte Yarn. ' Buy Bonaparte Blankets. • • Buy Bonaparte Flannels. . ••: < Buy Bonaparte Pants. : 1 Buy Rockford Cotton Socks. •' ^^ Buy Racine Woolen Hosiery. , Buy Lamb Knit Goods. Buy Staley Knit Shirts. ; ' Buy Good Boys' Clothing. Buy Lion Brand Overalls. . Buy Lion Brand Duck Coats. BuyGrinnell Gloves and Mitts.' Buy Brodhead Dress Goods Buy Rochester Ladies' Shoes : Buy Men's Hub Gore Shoes. • '• Buy Durable School Shoes. Buy Milwaukee Boots. Buy Best Rubber Goods Buy St Paul Fur Coats. Buy where you get the Best Buy of ^ A Fatal . I'hy.slolaiis make no more fatal purpoaos only Boohs State: University me ttorld. It cures norvoun uiut oruunlit iimirt (liseiiso. short broatli, lliiltorlnB niiiii or t«!!S2? IUWN in tha Hide iaW r The Several Departments will Begin the Year 1891-92 on Sept. 16. V i.nw!im}t < \ OIMl ? tmoi } t ls thoroughly equipped for umoU ut \vorlt, and no pains will bo snared to to ?«}-,'" H MI ! S ''I 10 ^ I'o^lble opportunity to piirwio their chosen I uesof studv. Kornar- Uoulnr Infonutttlou us to the respective Pie pnrtmtmts, uddress us follows: r ° Bpocln ° ae ' low} oftv te ~ ChlUlk)li A- Schiwffor . President, ,li'"r ln w CC f 'i'A 1 ,' onanooHor, Iowa City. L1Ml M> °" 8ecwtnry " f g. Cowpert, Wa ,te " , •Bloomer—Don't you think the high liats worn by the women should bo abolished? Blossom (who has just paid a milliner's bill)—Abolished? Of course. 1 do. ;• Bloomer—Especially in the theaters. v.Blossom-iThearors or churches, they should ' be abolished. What we want is A low priced hat every time.—Now York Jgpoch. Thin Ountli'lliitii ])1(1. •'Well, Rastus," said Mr. Preshfleld to the waiter, handing him a five dollar bill tp pay n fifty cent check, "I understand you have discovered tho difference botweeji a gentloruan/andi a gent." "Yassir," returned $«stus, "De geu- an nebbor waits tor no —Harper's B;k?«r. w v . -60 to »3.50 per week. J ftddreas KUUh '' ° 1 ' for B ° nul ' al information, _ CHAS. A. SCHAKFFEB, President. Miles' Nerve and Mver j>||| s Which includes everything that is possibly needed for the construction of anything from a picket fence to the wery finest residence. WE MEET ALL COMPETITION. Come and give usaehance to figure your bills, and we will prove that this is not merely idle talk. — ; '. — '_. fJjree little kilters, soiled fyeir mittens, /Oi •%*) J?*J_.L i^i« / /L i i i old friend dangerous coMerfel?s ^}? !sa11 others are Dr. Hathawavi w"rU lur ui, by Annn Pir>, Autlln, 11 ">««, ami Jno, Bonn, Toltdo, Ohio. »>; > cui.uihm>nitoln(MW«U.Wb7 '"' ??"'_ 8 ""« «»' over »M)O.OO • ijoiuh. You r>n ilo lh< work «nd llrt home, whtnrtr you «it. Ereii b«- ""r ««nlii«' ftbm *t la '»»r«».W«ibo»70Uhoir llM-t you. Oin work in i jure lint Mill iho ilnif, || S ,,,o n ,y forwork- ' MOOO.OO It )-r«r li Mug \a.,\, \,j John R. it'll (IIHJ' ut'l iiiiikv «i uiucli, but we mu |i*«vli jrvu<)uli-klj- lion- torn »IU • ilu.i ,11 UM> ,l«i|, «ml li A l«, Ill " * *..AT$ I I uiiilrrtakf to briiB* EY FURNISHED— At Sovoii per cent, lutwoat, at the Kossuth County Bank. Apply at ouc». &3 bri^j- ^d soFi CHICAGO,

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