The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 21, 1892 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 21, 1892
Page 5
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V \ fil- ;AnftlYAL AND DEPARTURE OF TRAINS, CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE * St. PAUL. 'wftst—t*asS.— East—Pass.— r«* w i ..,. ...6:02a m No. 2 .......10:24 a m 'So 3". ...4:37pmNo. 4 9:30pm * no. <•».»* ... * w..^i»v* ¥^6ifltbv H> * reignii 1 — MX p ^'.IB a in No. 8... 11:55 pin 8a irt ll:45ainNo. 14 2:30pm gJJ; 5,; 8:17pmNo. 10 12:16am CHICAGO & NORTHWESTERN. South- 4«ite$ 8:18aniPass 2:33pm SS* ..... 3:31pmMixea.. 8:07pm WrtlBht; 10:00 a m Freight.... 10:00 a m Pass, arrives at Chicago at 7 a m; arrives at D6B Momeg at 8:15 p m. Lv. De8 M. 2 -.30 a m Business Notice. D. A. Haggard has been secured by THE UPPER DBS MOINBS to act as its agent In making settlements with its patrons. Any business transacted with him will be the same as though done at this office. THE CITY. Armstrong is to have a $2,500 church in the spring. Lund & Nelson's new milk wagon is in the latest city style. Jan. C. Taylor post will meet the28th for the election of officers. The scenery for Bancroft's now public hall was secured in Chicago. W. F. Carter is moving into his new store. He will have elegant quarters. The first train on the new railroad in the north end ran into Armstrong yesterday. Bancroft's pioneer merchant, J. B. Johnson, is putting in a store at Reynolds also. Chandler's restaurant is now in its new quarters. The Boston store will move soon. W. B. Quarton is up and attending court again, fully recovered from his sickness of last week. The Catholic Christmas mass will bo held at 7:30 Sunday morning. Father Nicholls then goes to Whittemore. Marriage licenses have been issued to Geo. L. Willets and Sophia Anderson, Frederick Johnson and Margaret Dennis. • In the local market .wheat brings 50 '@60e; oats. 20@24c; corn, 25@30; barley, 25@30cS flax, 90c, and hogs hold firm at $5.50@6.< Rev. Sanderson of Emmetsburg is to lecture at Bancroft Tuesday evening, Dec. 27, on "Is Marriage & Failure?" Bancroft has a treat in store. Our new druggist, W. J. Studley, is setting the room ready for his stock Ind will open, early in January. His family expect to join him soon. The Methodists will have an old- fashioned Christmas prayer meeting at . 6 o'clock Sunday morning. We will report next week how many turn out. All will be pleased to learn that A. M. Johnson continues to improve and will recover from his late serious illness. He is slowly gaining strength. MB M01NES: ALGONA, IOWA, W^PKtjSPAY, .MOEMBEB 21, 1««S« of to use crutches. Her many friends will be pleased to know that she is improving, but the injury is of such a nature that time alone can restore the injured part to its normal condition. The local union club will meet on Friday evening in the Congregational church. The programme includes an address, " Year In and Year Out," by Rev. H. B. Butler, a recitation by Miss Nellie Hinchon and a paper, ''Libraries, Artand Museums," by Mrs. Milton Starr. Music will be furnished by Misses Mable and Ruby Smith. All are cordially invited. W. H. Conner and Grant Benschoter were talking over stock prospects Saturday on the street. Mr. Conner is feeding two oars of steers, which he expects to make into the best export stock by March, nnd Mr. Benschoter is feeding steers and hogs. A number in Plum Creek, Portland and Burt are feeding, and at present the prospect is that they will make a good margin. It is definitely settled now that in the early spring the Milwaukee road will put on a fast passenger train. As rumored now the train will leave Algona about 4 o'clock in the afternoon, arriving at Chicago early in the morning. Some claim that it will leave Algona as late as 7 o'clock, arriving early in Chicago. In any event a fast train is assured, to begin probably in May. The lust issue of Good Roads has a picture of Gillie Rutherford and his ^eam out in front of St. John's blacksmith shop, taken by Thos. F. Cooko when the hubs of the Wagon just, eame ;o the top of the street. It is a good view of our roads last spring. Mr. Uooke sent three pictures to compete for a premium offered by Good Roads, and received special mention. The front of the new opera house is about done, and is very handsome. Hay & Rice expect to get moved to their office this week or early next. The inside work is progressing rapidly and the plasterers are about done. The painting and frescoeing will take some time, and no date has been definitely set for opening. Probably the house will be ready by the last of January or soon after. Letters remaining uncalled for in the Algona postofflce for week ending Dec. 17, 1892: Geo. DeFord, Albert Etiure, A. H. Tarah, J. A. Gibson, Edward Galbraith, Mr. Hawcott, M. Hettinger, A. H. Hopkins, Herman L. Mass, Prank McCarthy, Mrs. Rose Mathews, Miss Jessie Meggs, Chas. Murphy, W. M. Rest, J. P. Sarchfield, Harvey Leley, Dominick Stuflick, Miss Maggie Vanhurttz, Mr. Peter Wetterer. A note from Norman L. Cotton of Whittemore, received yesterday, brings the sad intelligence that his wife died yesterday morning of consumption. The particulars with reference to her age, etc., are not at hand. She was formerly Miss May Cook, and one of the foremost teachers of the county. Her parents live near Burt. The funeral will take place at the church in Whittemore tomorrow at 1 o'clock. An entertainment of rare merit is promised for Thursday evening, Dec. 29, at the Congregational church, by the "Campus Quartette" of the University of Minnesota. The quartette pathy, but the man who would deliberately swindle a hard-working widow out of $120 is as conscienceless a rascal as "ever scuttled ship or cut a throat." The Sioux Rapids Press heads its item about the Button case " Started Him Over the Road." It says: One G. L. Sutton, who claimed to represent the Algona Supply company, secured what purported to be true duplicate contracts from each of several farmers in this vicinity to act as their agents. He soon afterwards attempted in several places to sell notes on the same men, which were undoubtedly two of the papers supposed to be contracts. He victimized a Mr. Sigertson near Linn Grove and attempted to sell the notes pect to M i Into the new State Bank Block this week. Owing to delay in get\ ting moved we will make a The matter was Attorney Faville, to Watson Mayne. put in the hands'of x»»«u...v/j *„....«, who had him arrested on his return to Algona. He was brought here and the preliminary hearing was before Judge Brainard yesterday. It resulted ih having him bound over to the grand jury. Mr. Quarton, one of Kossuth's leading lawyers, defended, but met his match. We expect that next week we shall be compelled to bid Bro. Hays goodbye. It will be the culmination of a series of farewells he has treated us to. First we dropped a tear over the untimely retirement of Bill Nye and his department of the Republican. Then Prof. Jim Wilson and his farm department winked out and wo again wept. Then Jake Freeh's name as one of the editors disappeared, and it was like parting with old friends. And now Bro. Hays himself jumps off the tripod from which he scanned the " innards" and "outards" of the press of the state, to become an ordinary drummer. It has been a severe strain on our lachrymal ducts, and if in addition to all this wo should now be compelled to say farewell to " home print," we can give no sort of assurance as .to what will happen. We are getting in the frame of mind that Rev. Davidson described, in his dream, "Everlasting Farewells, Miserere, Miserere." Baptist Entertainment. The Baptist ladies of Algona regret to say that, owing to the prevalence of whooping cough among the children, an important part of their programme must be omitted, and their candy festival will be held at Miss Cramer's rooms on Thursday evening of this week. Interesting features will be an art gallery, a new code of laws for A. D. 2000. We shall have on hand a supply of choice cream and nut candies. Come all. Admission, ten cents. Special Low Price K ' \ on fancy goods of all kinds. We will show the largest line oi lamp goods of all kinds ever opened in Algona. These goods are bought direct of the factory in Newton, New Jersey, and we can mafce lower prices than other dealers pay for inferior good. t We also have a line of novelties from the Hampshire potteries, something never before shown in Algona. Remember all ™™ Crockery, Glassware, and Lamps are Opened up New this week. We shall be glad to welcome all our old customers well as new ones in our new store room. as W. F. CARTER. IN THE MILL OF JUSTICE. The Ward Case from "Wesley Has Been the Absorbing Topic of the Week. The Case Ended Just Where It Began— The Ellsworth Case Continued to Next Term. VOl QJLliV Ul j.Yil.liJ.i^iauun'. — T5 1 have sung in Minneapolis and St. 1 aul and in the principal cities of Minne- Electlon of officers of the orfler —,.„„,„„„„..„...—-~- KaiT^-^ SfpSSSL Vising members invited. | ti on._TheyjviU give^a^acten.tic The Christmas cantata at the Congregational church Saturday evening promises to be very fine A present is guaranteed for all the children who attend. , John Haines was in last week with some of his premium corn, and showed us an ear with 956 kernels. This is from a field he planted well along m U "o'ak View Dairy; Pure Milk and Cream," is the neat inscription which adorns the new milk wagon of Lund & Nelson. They start out with the promise of a good business. j W Wadsworth has been invited to read a paper at the annual meeting of •' agricultural society at Des sttewsssr^ 3r'±S'vrrS\K; 'Sffih^^'fSBv? ifcsrrr^mr.™^ J Wish of their many friends. ) It is oretty reliably rumored that col™n, college programme of popular songs, quartettes, solos, etc. Tickets will be on sale at the postofflce after Dec. 26. Farmers of Kossuth should keep it in mind that the state dairy commissioner finds from the figures given by the railways that 300,000 pounds less butter was shipped last year than the year before, and that he credits the shrinkage here as all over the state, to the bad roads last spring. At 20 cents a pound this is $60,000 less received this year than last, all due to bad roads How many years can we afford to lose 8oU,- 000 on butter alone and keep on with our present worthless system of road work? One of the finest art displays in Algona is J. F. Nicoulin's new photograph frame in his gallery. It is about 12x5 feet, of heavy mouldings, and filled with by far the best exhibit of photo- Graph work ever shown in town. His new improved machines which enable him to take very large pictures give him every facility enjoyed in city galleries It will pay anyone to go and ook at this fine exhibit, which speaks or the artistic excellence of Mr. Nicou- Un's work, and which shows also the many late improvements in style and finish of photographs. The Minneapolis Journal says of the "Campus Quartette:" "The 'Campus Quartette'has been very popular in this c-ltv and has been pronounced by cSmpetent critics one of thebestcol ege ciuartettes ever heard in Minneapolis." C Smith Baker says: •' Having had HiePleasure several times of hearing Se Minnesota University Campus „._.„- Hide. The Baptist Sunday school is invited to the new church on next Saturday at 2:30 p.m. to enjoy a sleigh ride Plenty of teams will be provided for an old-fashioned ride—big and .little. Be sure and come. Jas. Chapm will he marshal. Calendar for 1803 Free. The Chicago & North western railway has just issued an attractive calendar for 1893, which is one of the best we have seen for practical use m the business office as well as the home. A copy of this desirable calendar will be mailed free upon sending your address with a two-cent postage stamp to W. A. Thrall, G. P. and T. A., Chicago.— 39t2 Miss NELLIE HAMILTON will do dress making at her home on Thorington street. Cutting from measurments by a method of her own invention. No system, no model, no charts.-39t3 Man Wanted. I want to hire a young smart man to J. VVcLllU UU li-u-*- « J-"~"-O do chores around the house and barns. Call at my office. C. L. LUND. Milk Delivery. We are now prepared to deliver milk and cream in any part of town every morning. Order ft* the holiday^ Court adjourned last Thursday evening to Monday of this week. The case taken up Monday morning, and one which has excited a good deal of interest, was that of Caroline Ward against Arthur Ward. This is the culmination of the domestic infelicity which has existed in that family for some time, and readers will remember the details of a family row given in our Wesley .correspondence some months ago. At the September term of the district court a suit for a divorce was brought, and Mrs. Ward was given the custody of one of the four children and $800 alimony, the other three children remaining with Mr. Ward. In the present term she brought another suit to set aside the decree of Judge Thomas and for the custody of all the children. The case was tried to the court and occupied all of Monday and Tuesday forenoon, Geo. E. Clarke and F. M. Taylor for the plaintiff and W. B. Quarton and J. W. Sullivan for the defendant. The testimony developed a peculiarly infelicitous and inharmon- Fous state of affairs in the Ward fami- guspenders, Nice ones. Caps in Plush, Night Shirts, Silk H'k'fe, Mufflers, Dress Shirts, Ties, Umbrellas. n *m $ 1, FAR Having secured the agency of the * New England Loan and Trust Company, [ am now prepared to make farm loans on five to ten ye^ . time at the lowest possible rate, with privilege of partial pay-* ments before due. Office over Chrischilles' store, Algona. S. S SESSIONS. »suth acquaintances •)HH pleasant gathering. r in court was devoted WHAT is nicer than a reliable piece of jewelry for a present? Bowyer has the largest stock ever shown in Algona. You will get nothing but first-class work at Nicoulin's gallery.—12 HOUSE and lot for sale, next door to Wilson's hall. Address Vira D. Lamb, Storm Lake, Iowa. SEE Bowyer's show window and then walk in. Don't buy until you price his goods. ALL kinds of silverware and jewelry are finer in design and cheaper in price than ever before. Call at Bowyer's. FOR the latest novelties call and get the Swiss or Paris panels at Nicoulm s photo gallery. / the Mnnesoa Quartette, I can cheerfully commend them as delightful artists, who by their g nd an The jury a ver s&a'sss^g.TsBas 1 * wnrn. or money. It is to °eutviu worn, or money { U\J tjc*tu j-.«—- -- « . Iverson is working f Algona grange in the mission where Miss Mary and teaching. From the secret.^ -^-^ the -. e IHSIi^i^s sfiBS'tBsnjS native talent and culture K^aSe r rTtera«ord Evening of superior enjoyment to all lovers of good music. The meeting of the world's fair• WBO- cJtU».tthe^l^^4;*t- M,; J T S°re^C el a 8 rS 'silk culture, was very interesting, and Miss Zerwikle vividly and in a tiiiu jyiao ' t flASpribed tlio Drift pleasing previous meeting 1 verTentertaiuing, papers were given on the subjects, music an^™' My S tarr joy its privileges. The suit on the »bluesk ff*™*™£ «n/.niipt Thursday revealed the meth- &&>*£^rMra and her two sons, BOWYER has every kind watch manufactured. In gold filled, or silver case, purchaser. _ _ of reliable solid gold, to suit the BRING your biggest ears of corn to - ~- ' See his offer in this F, S. Stough. paper. M. J. KHNEPICK, M. D. Office over Jas. Taylor's store. ly, or, rather, among the parties which atone time constituted the family, Mrs. Ward, since the granting of the divorce last fall, having removed, to the eastern part of the state. In this case much was brought out in the way of correspondence and conduct on the part of both Mr. and Mrs. Ward to show that hostilities were by no means at an end, and some of the letters tba were presented in evidence would not look well in newspapers. Judge Carr, at the close of the arguments by the attorneys, reviewed the case at some length, in the course of which he administered a stinging rebuke to both plaintiff and defendant concerning their actions since the divorce was granted, adding that it was an agrayat- ed case, and one in which he found it very difficult to decide without reference to his personal feelings. He said that, according to his best judgment, neither party was fit to have the care of the children, and he wished there was some method by which he could put them in the hands of some competent person, but this being beyond his jurisdiction he would leave the case as it was before this suit was brought, and continue the case on the calendar with the hope that further investigation, which he should endeavor to have made, would throw sufficient lightupon some of the dark sides of the case to enable him to reach an equitable conclusion. Leave was granted the plaintiff to introduce new evidence concerning the genuineness of some of the cor- ° t _ .1 Al- — ,l A f,nMnn .»rill YldtTA Dr. Morse to see his fat PERSONAL MOVEMENTS. Miss DeEtta Randall returned from her Wisconsin trip last week. •oes to Stuart this week ier, who is in poor health. Judge Cook is up for court this week. He is recovering his normal health rapidly. That hustler from the north end, R. M. Richmond, was doing business in Algona yesterday. Perry Burlingame is off to the old home in New York. He said he would write if he saw anything of interest to western farmers. A L. Hudson was in Algona yesterday greeting his many old-time acquaintances. He was on his way to Iowa City, where he remains a few months before entering upon the work before him. Misses Josie and Louise McCoy, Jessie and Mary Smith, and May Colburn returned from their college work at Minneapolis for the holidays Saturday. __. _• • _ -i „ .1« A /^ij-Min i A «n* I Miss Jessamine Jones NEW styles Grange Store. in fine china at the Coal, Coal. I handle only the best grades c Illinois and Jowa coals, always at bottom prices.-34t8 J. J. WILSON. I want Poultry Wanted. all the turkeys, chickens, X !T(b*»V v«* - — — -- ----- * • 1 • 1_T ducks, and geese I can get, for which I will pay the market price. 38t3 C. D. PETTIBONE. BUY your felt boots, overs and arc- tics of 'us; we sell them cheap. Geo. L. Galbraith & Co. extend the note another year he them sell. The ..„ come and uve a straight nego- »r i ^4 ii iid h w 1 iii J s t s £,SW&*&"*t wr *-& GOOD residence on McGregor street for sale. Inquire at this office.— 12 FIVE HUNDRED live pigeons wanted by John G. Smith.— 38t2 respondence, and the defense will have the right to offer anything they may have in rebuttal. Thus the matter rests at present. The case of Col. Clarke against Ellsworth, brought to secure his attorney fee in the original case, was called yesterday afternoon. Some affidavits that ought to have been here had not arrived, and the court sustained a motion of Mr. Clarke to continue the case until the next term. The case of Smith against Stephens, which grew out of work done on the now famous Algona city well, is now on for trial. At Geo. J5. Marble's, Burt. We intend to move into our new store soon, where we will have more and better room. . I heartily thank my friends in Burt and vicinity for the very liberal patronage given me, and hope with increased facilities to be able to serve you better. We have some bargains to offer that are worth your while to look at. I am mi Da UDDO «^ and"eornie and Fred Ingham come next Saturday. It seems THE UPPER DES MOINES was ahead of time in getting Alex. White off to Texas. He has been out in Dakota invoicing for the Paul company, and starts for Texas next week. Mrs. White is still visiting her parents. J T. Chrischilles came down Friday for a week at home, going east tomorrow to Lansing, where his family is visiting, He reports Robert as holding a good place in the city and he will undoubtedly make Minneapolis his home also, Harvey Ingham went to Ottumwa yesterday to attend the wedding of Johnson Brigham of the Cedar Rapids BOWYEB'S HOLIDAY DISPLAY. A Profusion of Diamonds, Opera Glasses, Gold and Silver, and Holiday Novelties. Bowyer's show windows this week are full of new and artistic goods for Lhe Christmas season, and his cases hold the largest stock of jewelry and silverware he has ever shown in Algona. He has novelties in jewelry, in table silverware, and the hnest selection of watches—gold, gold filled, and silver —he has over been able to procure. Every standard make in watches is represented. Some special bargains ia ladies' watches, gents' fob chains, and ladies' chains will attract attention. The latest designs in table silver, forks and knives, jowelry, set and plain rings, furnish a fine selection for useful presents. Gold spectacles, gold and silver thimbles, opera glasses, diamonds, nut picks, orange spoons, clocks, and dozens of like articles fill out the list. No one should buy before visiting Bowyer's store. He meets all competition in prices for the same quality of goods. You won't make a mistake if you buy your wife one of those Moquette, Smyrna, or fur rugs, at the Grange Store, \ SEE those seamless felt slippers and Oxfords. We have them in a variety of colors. Geo. L. Galbraith & Co, ttlO 1VUVVA* JVMft «41**V vw *w« — " V" 7 here to sell goods as low as possible, but HARDWOOD stove wood for sale by will not buy cheap, shoddy &°° d . 8 - , MB. Dalton.-38t2 a One hundred nlw preeents Jor th? *• I first one hundred ladies, W grilles, ind »ty Republican and Miss Lucy Walker of Ottumwa. The marriage occurred last evening and was the culmination of a romance which begun on the "Iowa Car" during the editoria.1 excursion to San Francisco. Frank Butterfleld, an Algona old- timer, was visiting at L. M. B. Smith's last week. Frank will be remembered as tinsmith and hard ware man by some, but by more as the old yankee in "The Bar'l of Apple Sass." He was the chief comedian in Algona's old home theatricals, and a good one, as the applause of of those days testified. LATEST designs in fine glassware for the holidays, a.t the Grange Store. WE have ft big Une of warm, fleece- NEW and dainty styles in linen, silk, and chiffon handkerchiefs at the Grange Store. You can't be in style at the new opera house without an opera glass. See Bowyer's. Cheap Holiday Hates, For the Christmas and New Year holidays, excursion tickets will be sold by the Chicago, Milwaukee & St. Paul railway, within a distance of 200 miles of Algona for a fare and one-third for the round trip. Tickets will be sold Dec. 24, 25, 26, and 31,1892, and Jan. 1 and 2, 1803, return coupons good until Jan. 3.—38t3 DBUNKENNESS, OK THE LiqUOK HABIT, Cured at Home In Ten Days by Administering Dr. Haluen' Golden Specific", It can be given in a glass of beor, a cup of coffee or tea, or in food, without the knowledge of the patient. It is absolutely hr— less, and will effect ft ponuanen.* i' € IQSOi ttUU >Y1»* O4J.WVV W J^.V********w^y *^V* speedy cure, whether the patient is a mod- _ erate drinker or an alcoholic wi-eol?. Ithas. been given in thousands 0? oases, and to ev,, ery instance a perfect ouee has followef « It never fails. The ed with the spe-'"-

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