The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 5, 1891 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Thursday, November 5, 1891
Page 2
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THE man The Upper Des Moines ttft&fc* 1 l une to bo rcmi BY INGHAM & WARttEN. term* of The tipper Den Molnen: one year y, si« ftionih* 75 . three month* 40 an* l&Mrfefffl at above rates. Retnlt by draft, money order, express order, rpwrtftl not* at our «M». RAM of AdVetUftlrift (font on application. TifB t:t«UA*T OUTRAGE. The order which has been Issued for three of the best American war vessels to repair to Chill at once, and the defi* ant tone of that country point to possi* bio hostilities. The situation exists because of the massacre of ono American eallor in the streets of Valparaiso, the wounding: of several others, and tho IK legal imprisonment of thlrty-fl voothors. The tticn were unarmed and were walk- Ing In the streets poacably whew they were sot upon, and the police instead of aaslstlng them became the most dangerous of their assailants. Ono American Was dragged through tlio streets with a rope around his nock *>y a JMM-SO, 'and other indignities have boon shown the unlucky prisoners. The amen wore their American uniforms, *ind .that wa« tlio occasion of the attack, 4ts ;tiho now Cliillan government 2s tnwd TDOOIJUHO it is charged that our »nthfa*m!, (Patrick Egan, sliowod the dead dtettrtor, Bal- nittccda, some favors diH-ltu? their civil war juat ended, and too •c'ltinons took vongonco on unoffondUigciitixons known to belong to this country. (President Harrison and Secretary IBliiino have jwlltoly but firmly insisted<on a settlement for the outrage, tait'Ohlll has re- cured, so „ good fort- to hisfamily .andrbstdre ... -.,_—-„ «idnl« name. Thin man I hftvolmown for IS years. Few^bette? *c- contttjmte aver picked up a pen. He stopped drinking two days after he reached there, •wll no not ..believe he will commence There &re now over 600 at Dwltfht, rich and poor, frott all parte of the known world, taking trcfttment* 7}he usual Mme for liquor drinkers is three or tour weeks. Morphine, opium, <» cocaine victims require a longer course. Both sides claimed Iowa by 16,000 Sunday, and were confident that they had figures fwtt. The geographical society now spoil it •Chile Instead of Cfelll as of old. "tfhe proper upelltag will bo Chilly it they <don't quit .foolihg'wlth Undo Sam. The Andrews Opera ftt Humboldt Monday Bode has petitioned were s l' eech Mr. Allison, Hsten turned a haughty answer, i«nd what tho outcome will bo roiwai/ns ito 'bo soon. ^Tho order of ships south 'evidently Indicates that tho backbone (Miat has Dhus far characterized this administration has not weakened, and ffliat Chili 'will ollhor apologize or a I/oat 'will 'bo imado of our now navy. M Annoricans 'have boon in tho wrong the maltitorHhou'lfl 'bo fully Invosllgutod. IVtiif tlio 'Cltllian outrage is unprovoked Ifoeillttlo'coimt-ry and all that abldu In Hit 'ought ito bo blown into mid ocoa'n. Sunol, -'Senator Btanfordls great mare, has boaton'the time of MaudfS, and has tho world's trottfciK record .rtt J-.-s^. Maud S b«d tho record for yenrs.atS :85/. Allertoti stands at 2H% Thus so.ys tho Kansas City Journal: "Ohllelsia country wo'can lick, and wo don't Utoe any hmultiiigiremarksfromhcr; 1 ' Tho'Carroll Herald again attends to oureorrtcrnporary's case w i th noftt ne B s and dlspuWh! " Tho Algona Republican quotes from Aho Lbhrvlllo Enterprise in reply to our-'discourtesy'In expressing an opinion on a subject to which a printed label on a itopy bf tho Itepublican called our attention anil asked for a . candid expression. All onth eS ±« d «^l °?H3 B«»wlek voted nSfl^^f ! Ion of • ***!•* Incorporated |J|j do *J v °tes were cwst in its favor itnd soon be caUed tochon^city o Cml ce 1 rs. WlU Tom Sher- last week left to Stirred. tr£. toBcmofe Ufa now of ffAacrdft, , s wee hia banking b«flt nes8 lortg enough make his frtewds here a flylne visit They hope IK, will in the future has chronicle: Mrs. H. R Smith and .Juno are visiting relatives tho Enterprise and Republican can have It all their own way. If they can regulate tho country press it Is well? the 'Horald'must beg leave to pldd along with Its 'discourtesies'—It's built that way. can- T3ut If tho young editor'dboiin't want a did expression' ho mustn't ask for It Ho may run against somo taffy him as ho desires.' follow who can't .St. rou Congressman N<sidii]<nghaus of Louis is oho of tho new tinplato i faclurors and ud vacates <of the 'tin tariff. In Chicago last week 'he was ilntcr- vlowod and said: TT < 'i'f 0 i C J!! Jl !' II '* l) *o«Milirto industry iln. tho United Slut™, wo w Wvo to Import, .BOO ' . ', • j in tliiplato-onakinir, uiul .with.tho Wwls^iico of tho«o Wl0. can workmen will booomo ro»t» right at tills point,' and www rimit at Ibis point, and It la; •'/ShaH ™«Sy ( ?. t , l ' l8 .workto.BO,00()an'on In Oakland 40 WK) AmorleatiBwul fiOOffingliHlimo, who will come over hero nml t«,r,.i, ti,« ,' Senator Allison and Congressman Dolllvor woro both porfoctly confident of Whcolor's oloctlon, and so expressed themselves In Sunday's" Register. John P. Buncombe mentioned Blaino in a speech at Eldora, and tho audience chcorcd so lustily that ho had hard work to got started on his argument again, ho was so disconcerted. Tho Sioux City Journal says truly "An oloctlon but proves nothing, except that ono of two guesses Is certainly wrong." Gov. Boies made a wonderful canvass for a man of his ago, closing Saturday with a trip of 100 miles in which ho made many .spoochcs. The grcatflnnl meeting was at Waterloo In tho evening at Gov. Holes'own homo. ' and West anfi Miss' Flora Wilson f £ croft were summoned here last week on accountof the nines* of John wTlson IngemoJi*. Views on Protection. There is another thing, coming to tho matter of money: Tho man or the nation that raises and sells raw material will grow ignorant and poor. The raising of raw material does not require any particular intelligence in the labor. The consequence is remains Ignorant, because man as a rule lives in accordance with his necessities and opportunities, especially with his necessities. Now if instead of raising and soiling raw cotton wo sell cotton as cloth, as car wheels, and in possible form in which cotton manufactured, then wo get in our coun" try not only the profits of'tho raw material, but of tho manufactured article In other words wo get all tho profits Oct. 30.— The controversy f dver the action of three or four of our prominent church people in swearing but an 'information against the wheel of. fortune which Mr. Williams permitted to run at Hush Park pursuant to aft agreement with its operators, nad the serving of the warrant by Sheriff tliff is developing into a many-cornered fight and resulting in much hWd feeiifte between i the good citizens of Independence. Sheriff 'llift stands between the two fi res of those who are rbasttng him for permitting gambling and beer sell- Ittg here in AJugust, and those who hold mm responsible for the seizure of the fortune wheel at the October meeting. ^£.. w ' WilHaais is very indignant and mortified at the course pursued bv those who swore out the; information. Dr. ' Whlttemoreis building & neat little Baptist church and many other build-* ings. She has also commenced the arrangements to cdnvert a hay presS establishment into tt to* mill. Whittemore rivals Corwith in the hay ness." every can be out of tho cotton business that is in the cotton busincBs So, if we simply dig iron ore and ship it Wo remain poor; but when wo put that iron in every form in which It can be used we not ""ly^f" 11 the profit there is in- the Iron biisiness, but we develop the Intel- g 1 n ?, 0re tho P°«Ple; aud there is a vast difference between the intelligence that digs the ore and the intelligence thatmakes the locomotive. 'There:is a rfl I ^^ ce ,. in Jh«intolligenceofthe . r. HiU, otte Of tlw number 'who swore but of some of Willianis' friendb, WHO consider theactiph unnecessary and un- gtfttefu dn'hltf part. "Theyclaim th4 P r> Hn i h ; as borrowed breaking carts horse boots, toe weights anff «the paraphernalia of the turf from Mr Williams repeatedly, for his own pri vote "Be in break ng and tailning colts And that at the time of swearing ou the warrant Dr. Hill had several such articles of borrowed horse sroBirsr JORDAN'S OABEEE. flic Chlcnxo News llcportcr Tells of IOTA'S 5tost Noted Saloon Keeper— '"the Hoftd to IFell." This man Jordan has had a career. His saloon is a veritable gilded palace and a Mecca for the thirsty law violatf ors of Ottumwa. It is on one of tire principal streets and is furnished ifl solid marble and mahogany, and the bar alone is said to be worth $iO,OOU Over the saloon is a gambling Hall, where the tough and disreputable gather to do the devil's meanest work on earth. In former times Jordan bold- Iv labeled his saloon, "The Road to Hell." Now it is "The Corn Exchange." but judging from the way the procession who went their way through PUBLIO SCHOOLS. Cotidparfcilve neport foi: oil. 24, i860, and Oct. SO, Following Is a comparative report * the city schools for months ending Oct.- 24,1890, and Oct. 30 f 1891: f»91, 627 609.. 480.65' 464.6T 417.& 30 IL 09.84 0 Total enf ollmeht ............ 473 Monthly eHronUttent ........ 468 Average belonging .......... 444.75 Average attendance . . . .t. . . . ; 424.5 Days of absence ...... . ....... 403.5 Pnplls' tardinesses •. ......... 31 Visits ............... . ......... 112 Percent, attendance ........ 95.46 Per cent, punctuality ....... 99.85 Teachers' tardinesses ....... 2 Number neither absent fior lardy ....................... 354 204 Boom No. 9, Mrs. Hbrton's, stands first in both attendance and punctuIIBfo The following shows the comparative rank of each room in per cent, of attendance and punctuality for the month, the number of times each has ranked one in attendance and punctuality during the month, and the number of days each has had ho absence: fi,-V uij. « ,,, ' *"" naa OGen In the habit of calling upon Mr. Williams for any desired number of passes to the races which he mightdestro for himself, friends, follow officers and distin- ff^Jfe^.™^ ^ tt t^ u «.^^tS of Hm nni i o «P ital - ' That "the 'state purchased a roller, for which it had rio wesent use, and which was in fact pur- chasod «t th 0j itlme to accommodate Mr. Williams, and which Isobw stored awav on the hospital grounds, never havinc been used except on die kite-shaped track. And also that the hospital engineer, acting under the direction of the superintendent, surveyed out the famous kite-shaped track, which services wore freely donated to Mr Williams. In the course of the mud throwing it has been asserted that this Hill is a silent partner with its portals, the change in name has not changed the destination of the victims. 4 Kinsey Jordan—for that is his Christian name-^hns been one of the most persistent Violators of the prohibitory law. He bos' denounced it as an infamous enactment, and cursed those who placed it on the statute books. After years of violation the law was at last superior to the defiance of this one man. Ho was arrested, tried, and convicted. Its penalties were visited .upon him with deserving severity. He, with his 250 pounds of avoirdupois, was allowed l°M?" gU 5 h ln > iL ™ 8 n11 happened while Mv. Larrabee was governor. Jordan's friends wanted to intercede for him. but he informed them that he would rather rot in jail than repent or •"" promises. But a -few Weeks' of daylight through prison bars satis- iedJhiin. Jordan went to Nebraska, 'uthowns ill at ease. He longed'for Ae old saloon in Ottumwa. He wanted to clliect more weary travelers to " the fioom and Teacher. 1. Tlllle Cramer 2. Lillian Decker 3. Alma Chronholm 4. Ollle Wilkinson B. Jennie Bailey. O.Cora Wise.... " 7. Hattte Chesley .... s. Edith call;.;:...:: : 9. Mrs.^Hbrton.... 10. Eva M. Whitney....!. Depot^-Josle ^Pettlbone. . KankiaperctJI attendance. |{ 0 2 10 3 g 0 fi 11 Kanklnperct.ll pnnetuauty.l I 10 9 3 g o 5 4 j 2 1 No. ttmes i ln| 1 attendance. || o H g Q 4 1 10 5 n NO. times l inl 1 punctuality.! 1 19 1 R 17 17 ifi 1ft 17 ID 17 19 No. of Says no) [ absence. 1 1 3 3 0 Number il f days taught, 19. W. H. DIXSON, S Superintendent. PEBSONAL ™/l i ! » e •ood to hell." He hovered along the borders of the state. When Gov Boies " SrSSf 0 ^' "Stormy" was one of th rstmentorecross the dividin land Dr. W E .oan- «,m t. tlnplato at tho . l cowo over Jiwo and toacih. tl on tlioproccHsof tlm)Urto,.niakliig(' Wo UCO """Scl'Ott In this can tlio . tl,o oxo n d '" tl "" lnxit ' t * v olvo.yoars,thopoo- 1 ' sauio rates tuwr.out On the morning of election the democratic papers had what purported to bo a letter from H. O. Wheeler to W. C. Turnev as follows : » Your favor of tho 21st was duly received. I luivo made no pledges of any kind nor to any poraon that I would sign a high license bill; for that would b.o in confllct with wo will -.-., .,„„-. n >y views. Neither havo I no moro for ..the ildmosUo :thi 8 »W that I would veto a state consfnhni,,,.,, U.o P«»t.. Glvo us ,work- act. On tho contrary, I should docrn it m v but d !"; y t0 ' lpprovo u law Providing for com- can-11'loto enforcement of tho present law In all tho localities of this stato should such a ono by tlio noxt legislature," .of the English concerns'out .of IVWlifr American -wages, as wo do, wo uu uu moie than s.uiir" market. Our Unpluto t *B,8flporb()x, and Uiat is tho English goods." He also stated In his talk- .that ho is I Ml »nenpolis is making a hi" effort to paying twice as high wages in ,Bt. Louis | fe ' 0t tho " oxt » utlo '"»l republican convention «H tho same workmen anu getting ff? ±r imply ^^inThe^oundand that of tho man who constructs an engine capable of forcing a ship across tho Atlantic in six day! So ? might go on showing the thousands and thousands of things made out of iron, not only M? ™ alt . lnI g ° fow hich there is profit, maker. So you might take i <--• —«5* httt we raise and the same doctrine will apply The farmer that raises corn and sells it as corn is not "-'•'•- get what they call Rosemond, who keeps a clothing store in this city and is also the resident trustee, and that official influence is to Williams caused a notiice to be served on the hospital trustees to remove the water mains which he had permitted thorn to have laid through his land to save distance, and also to remove from I-? tittle TJ*. ..!__ 11 l*i» «v..v At v/1.4.1 amphitheatre which permitted to be erected for the so fore-handed , . .-..__,. -, wllu *»jia \j\./i ii but as pork, beef and horses. The ' lat- n?,f ^f al M 8 ° 11 the 1pr ? flt that is out of the corn business. When wo take into consideration the difference between the raw, material and manufactured thing we apu getting In tho Welsh factories. There hae 'boon so much discussion of tho possibilities «nd probabilities of this tin I ho republicans had a closing rally at Ottumwa with Win. E. Mason'of Chi cago, Saturday night. Tho same night tho It. G. Ilorr, in answering a Boston .Ci-oo trade club, staked tho whole lusmo .of as a result of Hie tariff American Cuolo-1 l0crut8 - rlos did not open, and by thoir competition reduce tho price of tin below what it was when tlio tariff was creased, ho would admit his theory wrong. The Boston club made no response, and failed to accept ,tlio lost. President Cleveland spoko in Boston Ho mot a groat reception. is i Tho republican candidate for governor of Now York, j. sioat Faasott, hasmndo * wonderful campaign. Ho spoko many 'limes a day for wooks, and always with effect. It is said that his opponent, R. P Slower, gave *250,(K)0 to tho campaign fund B and Flower's brother-in-law a -- a »o amount. As Fassott married a Crocker cam- guesses before election McKinloy by a safo vote, special This has boon tho greatest campaign over conducted in Iowa. MONTH'S MAGAZINES. Tho iu»t number of tho ninotoonth vol- THIC .K.KKLJ5Y <JO1,» C'UHK. So much him boon said .about D,.. I -of:Sucrmmmto, It is unllkolyVlmt Kooloy's InHtltuto for curing tho whisk- &*** !'»» suffered for want of funds" oyimdinorphino habits, and so over- Tho ,„. . whelming IB tho published testimony of K Jo o. lo tn the graduates that there can no longer gT,£ ° l ° bo any roasonablo doubt of tho efllcacy ami made of his remarkable discovery. Tho institute is located at Ihvight, 111., 72 miles southwest of Chicago, iuui' his euro consists of injections of a preparation of bi-chlorido of gold. Tho exact oomposition Is a secret which ho has not disclosed. Many able physicians havo ridiculed his theory, but so many confirmed drunkards have boon absolutely cured that doubt has about dis appeared. Tho Bi-chlorido club of Ch «i«o numbers hundreds of profession. and business men, who openly gh their own experience and who fiu-ntu tho statistics of euros. Of all who hav thus far attended over 05 por cent, hav xomalncd permanently froo from a last lor Uquor. In the last North America Boviow a Now York- literary man toll -his story over his own i mn , 0) Sunday's Minneapolis Journal „„„ „ Morritt gives a throo column report o Jiwowu caso. Mr. Mm-rili Is a promi iiontmaiiin tl 10 , U ,ur city, and tho Journal endorses all ho says. Spouk i»fif of a caso at tho Instltuto while lu was there ho tolly .this story: -AiiiTiiirti* limn f/it»>i.>..t.. f » •'ifnnoapplls, lussUk-d by tlio "t^i.ury department, not b work, of art, but merely as "nanu- twturosofwood." see why ,, . —- .-«w material' of «io locomotive is not worth to exceed ** 5 ? r '. ot ;,V 8 Sll y*10, and I mean by material" the ore •'-•"-" coal in the ground . used in tho furnace. b 9 twoon , t' 10 *1» -and the $10,000- for which the locomotive sells is mado by abor, by ingenuity, by the development of tho brain. So it seems that fa every point of view protection is good. But they say: '' We can got steel rids cheaper in England than we can get them hero." Well, let us sec. Suppose wo pay $!?0 for a ton of steel rails made in the United States. Then we open the books and the account is: United States, credit by one ton rails, $80. Tho United States y cash for ono ton of steel rails. hat is to say, at tho end of the V: a ,"SS tl n n i thte , rel8ttto ' nof 8teo1 ™»B ind $80 all in tho United States. Twenty MUes of UlackblrtlH. Webster Ci ty Freeman: Last Friday iftornoon millions of blackbirds passed over this city, going from tho north- vest to tho southeast, oluran (which seemed to —... of .the hospital em- ployes and-patients. It is undorstood that the state'claims Williams' permit to run the water mains through his land is binding, and; a law suit is to occur. Geo Woodruff, another who ai gnea the joint .complaint against the unfortu- , Su^n^ 8 ? 1 ' ! , 8 beinff roastod foi< iicon- the S1 j t . enc ^ he being agent for a- buildinir this : which ho rented In August to McDonald of Mi " ' ling, and signed . . _—-~~.v,oo UJID dividinsr land Jetween Iowa and Nebraska. The sa- oon was in the saddle again. The riginabpackage decision :made him x>id, and he opened his saloon in rtncely style. •'While others dealt trictly in packages, "Stormy" pulled the corks and sold drinks by the glass Then Gov. Boies revoked the Larrabee suspension but that has not disturbld stormy," and during the coal palace he has reaped a rich harvest. WEATHEB STATISTICS. WUoii Frosts Have Comc-Tempera- wr a ur nfaij - cicnr — «<— In the annual weather report for Iowa *- *«*'» are given for first frosts in since 1878. By averaging then! thp reader can decide what chances for every 'year. In W. W. Wheeler was in' 'Chicago last week on a visit with his brother. Mrs. May Stinson is over for a visit Stac P arents ' Mr - an d Mrs. J. E. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Dingley are- home and are receiving the congratulations of their many friends. Dr. Sayers was at Sutherland last Thursday in his capacity as state veterinary, and shot five glandered horses? f^ r 'i5? d Mr f' ?' R Buker arrived from Wisconsin last week, and are getting located in their new home inSwea. ton fi i a , e is on the express car from rroll to Sioux City, and has a gbbd ' L - F - Robinson friends m ° re returned to Des i ™>* A1 & ona are 1878 the the «f Of ~~~ , —.., "P° n discovering that raw Donald had added beer • selling *o ™.»the" bu8l n eSB i demanded an additional §25 and tho limestone for the us e of said huilding. Now the difference | .Mr.'Williams is very popular wi'h the masses of our 1 citizens who know-he has greatly benefitted this vicimity in a business sense. Many feared that the controversy would .end in his'leaving Independence. But we believe that thl actions of Mr. Williams as well as those of all concerned in the, matter have boen hasty that Independence is Mr. Williams' home, where he is fully appreciated, and that no consideration would induce him to live elsewhere" and that when all the participants have Z?!. 1 !!* 11110 ^ 0 soberl y refl ect as to the . •• . •• " * -- -• *»» JO(O L1JO first frost was Sept. 10, and they'follow for each year In order, Sept. 8, Sept 9 Oct. 18, Sept, 23, Sept. 9, Oct. 9, Oct 5' ' £' ' The last frost in was April 28, and the 'spring in 18, 1870 Stella Brooks is home fromjowa MSs^wel^-to^ iS^n?™',,^*"^ .%M "' Geo. Kuhn is off from 2, the the The highest temperature durinc flp'crT. v, i e coldest da y in 1878 was 10 1 -lOf J.O t In 1879 there and the number zero as. fol- 30, 20,: 24, 24, It took the be thirty or forty foot wide,) just two hours, from 8 to 5 o'clock, to pass a'given point, and at an estimated flight of 10'miles Zour there were 20 miles of blackbirds In this migrating column. They were not over 200 foot in the air, andThe un- Bwtn ° 88ed by of people along the streets who declared they never saw such a sight in all * v1 ' lu their lives. Tho birds wore ght in all mid Jus «Uvorco from him on amount of fhU that ono of tho babies \v " ' luidvomo to " f for boys, by Braridor Matthews. 1. called "Tom PauKlIng,-. nml deals with tho Hoard, by « Now York boy for buried tr^u.,0 in tho uppor part of Man- hutto, inumd. Local color IB given to tho rst o hnptor by the bright flames of an oloo- tion.night flro. soemedtol 1 y 1 ,sthoStZ l Sa 0 d f J± from a long distance. But when tho roar end of the long black oolumn had passed, not a single straggler was to bo Jvory one of tho millions of birds {{rand hegira kept up with the It was, indeed, a singular A llellc of Early Days. The Emmetsburg Reporter gives a sketch of the cannon which the demo- Craits had over to ; help celebrate Gov. Boies'' meeting, fund says:: "At''the' time' of the histbrical Spirit Lake • jnas- sacre, in 1857, a, company of the state ; Droops wont from Fort Dodge to the iroscue of the settlers and took with them this I'olic 'of'tho Mexican war. J-Jl" 8 h i M 10 wintcl 'i th e siio\y was very deep and the gun was mounted upon a sled. The Indians heard of its coming when mjwjy miles away, and fled in groat precipitation, leaMng bnly ?t he sad havoc of their hellish deeds. If ' va8 79 ' ^' number of fair and ^r other return trip. davs y ''n^V 89 ' . Tbe number of days * n' ?*» 103 ' The largest sine-le ' fall during the -'--'- . bl ?fe. ie rain- was on Sabbath School ConvenUon. Following is the programme for the Uon tn \ r$ Sabbath Sohoolconven- tion to be held at Bart on Saturday and Sunday, Nov. 7 and 8: y Music. SATUKDAYEVEJfrac -'7 : SO. ; Invocation. 'formed. a pretty fair 'weather can es- be HOMES FOE ORPHAN CHILDREN. Fifteen Now York AVnlfs Get Good IMaces Anaong Kbssutli Farmers ^ The' New Ybrk brphans, in charge of E. Trott, arrived Friday morning to the number of fifteen and were soon in the court room being inspected by the numerous applicants. Fully five people IVII lll*n/1(lv*n..k.__J... * * Music. Prayer. Davidson, Algona. . WA.M. ' Mnsic. Music. this old gun had been there 24 hours sooner, many valuable lives might have I had Tnd TuTT "'"^ ° n6 W been saved, On "the return tr . thS , dl , ftnd Wlth the assistance wanted a youngster when one was to be return U-ip, the I ^ ™f. ! vith the "^ance of the ancroft; Rev. Williams, Bancroft. Music. Wble Ueading. Masio. Iiiijorsoll on AVoiiinn _._ >> ^ j A Chicago Tribune reporter last week Q homes, but perished on 'thb~S ^^ ms ^^ have secured good homer leZfn"^? 1 ! y6 T life rtwb.'BkeIeto« gf Si^^-.^'-tiilnly are fortunate; ^^SSSSSSS?S^& l^^^^S^^K ltcieS3d ll «:^a r W i-KmV£tt ^Cngti vunturoinwritiug This is Mr Matthews-11,^ I "?"* ^W-'lngonwll what ho thought Aiatuiovs mat | 0 f women voters and ho said: "1 claim a loiij? story for tlio no right that I am not willing to givq to my-wife and daughters .and to tho •worn! tho notable of tlio i readies a climax after imdnfew the men until wo have had a generation of great women. I do not regard gnor- aiicoas tho foundation of virtue or .111 , . . which may have had a' tendency to detract from its historic interest .as a relic. But there are one or two old Hex- veterans still living in the county could be i Music. Music. i Prayer. ci Paper, Amusements-Mrs. Renfrew, Ban, Music. Teacher- ttg 17 age ] A. •ame took W. B. Kenney, took Edward Kenney, AH papers open to discussion. -...—.^.^..vuo, to hide thoir modesty and substantiate the facts. It '" 8uueM ' y ' that this is tho even M '* t ? ne ^araer took Francis Hig«. a ? e *. . b and able fame. *c i •-.-^ "v "•" --^v of Mexico thus laid tho foundation for his subsequent world-wide and imperish- Yoa, verily I It is a great gun,' Martiiiouu " " IB writer, man or women a chnnoo." wonderful woman, and, tho .greatest living woman. Glvo tho eus Johnson Peck took Wm. Wheaton, age H V< D ° nOVan t0 ° k Uzzie Rueman, E. a Eddy took Henry Rueman, «ooa Woras for WUWtemor.. 1 12 ' " * 1Km&n > U&e The Corwith Crescent says that L,,^!?^ IcArthui> took Tillie while in 'f coaa- THIS NEIGHBORHOOD. Kossuth KiiouKli News: of DitUotn. W. H. Godfrey has . --- iho proceeds in Iowa what they all do now-a-days. That e age 14. Wm. Rue- took Chas Rueman, William Wluttomorp, Monday, we C.'c Dreesman were particularly attracted by the | age 5 n ' ln soouos at thoir creamery. They use a separator, and there \viis a long string i ri w f ^v , Sch'mir^ 11 ^ •' !W t0 ll ° liTOr S^aSSe'gS??,^^ tiipu milk. They were mostly driven oy womou and boys, and the wagons milk. Tho door was blocked TO "with did not attempt to enter. ?ne supreme wurt"aSd°?!SJ e ;|ustices of testate university tHO re ^ ent s of """ Jersey i Irenes, age 4. d 2K J«l?' SOt ** look ovei ' our 5 . 10. c enr an 2K « * . . furmors say they Hko the system.' I Smith's counters when « at Gall gates to d olected

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