The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 21, 1892 · Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 21, 1892
Page 3
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TilE UPPER DKS MOTNttR. ALGONA, IOWA, WKt»NtiSDAY< DECEMBER 2!< 1801 jEits CALLING. Bflrrie% unique and pathetic story, <5d "A Window in Thrums," in' he portrays the peculiar life of .jmmon people ift a Secluded town, h, if read dloUd by those familiar the Scotch accent Is exceedingly rable.) 'Weel," continued tlie farmer, "I never set up for bein' a humorist, but I con just assure ye 'at I lauch at queer things too. No lang syne I woke up in my bed lauchin' like ony.thlng, an' Lisbeth thocht I wasna weel. it was something I dreamed 'at made me lauch; I coulclna think what It was, but I lauchcd rlcht. Was that no fell like a humorist?" "That was neither here nor there," said Tammas. "Na; dreams diunocoont, fgor we're, no responsible for them. Ay, an' what's man-, the mere lauchhi's no the Important side o' humor, even though ye hinna to be telt to laudli. The Important side's the other side, the sayin' the humorous things. I'll tell ye what: The humorist's like a man firm' at a target, he doesna ken whether he Hilts or no till them at the target tells 'im." "I would be of opeenion," said Hendry, who was one. of Tammas' most stanch admirers, "at another mark o' the role humorist was his seeln' humor In all things?" Tammas shook his head —a woy he hod when Hendry advanced theories. "I dlna hand wi' tlliat avu," he snjd, "1 ken flue 'at Davit Lunan goes about unusually numerous. Tammas sayin' he soes humor in everytlilng, but t Uked, however, to puti a foot on It now there's uae surer sign 'at he's no a gcnu- Pand again In the full swing of a bar- ine humorest. Nt, the rale humorest |f ifrngue, and when be paused for a sor- kens vara weel 'at there's subjects rises !, casm I have "seen the pall kicked toward to tlie sublime, 'at should be regairded [i«hun. He had tho wave of the arm, that ( philosophically, an' no humorously. ', Is so convincing In argument, and such Davit would lauch at the grodcst j-fa natural way of askbig questions, that nthocls, whaur they only fill tlie true |, an audience not used to public speaking humorist wi' awe. I've found It neces- *• might have thought he wanted them to sary to rebuke him at times whaur his reply. It is an undoubted fact that lauchbi' was oot o' place. He pretended 1 when he went on the platform, at tho olnce on this vara spot to see humor In lime of tlie election, to heckle the col- tlio origin of cock-feclitin.'." one!,, he paused in the middle of his "I>ld he, mon?" said Hendry, "I wos questions to take a drink out of the na here. But what is the origin o' cock- tumbler of water which stood on the fcchthi'?" table. As soon as they saw what he j "It was a' i' the 'Cheap Magazine,'" was up to, the spectators raised a ring- said T'nowhead the eight o'clock bell had rang occasionally crossed over to the of T'nowhead olid sat on the pig- If no one Joined him he scratched "e pig, and returned home gradually. ;jj ;ere wh'nt was almost a club held in formal meetings, at which two or four, *Hi even a half a dozen, assembled to feebate, when there was any one to start f ihwn. The meetings were only Jnem- prable when Tammas Haggart was in fjfettle, to pronounce judgments in his |Vel| known sarcastic way. Sometimes Ilie got off the pig-sty to separate before was properly yoked. There might remain a long tune, planted around him like trees, for he was a mcs- ; jnerizing tnlker. I?' There was a pail belonging to the plg- which somo would turn bottom r Upward and sit upon, if the attendance OVERCAME His S.3RUPLES. Th* (ttptaln Lcotnreil 111* Soldier* for Stealing Clilokc-MB, but. At* One llUnoi-lf. The San Jose Mercury prints a story of a certain Captain J - , who was a jrave officer and a good disciplinarian, but nervous and eccentric. He had a nania for rollcalls. One day he saw [ileces of soft bread littered about the company streets, and shouted, with his justomary Impulsiveness, "Fall in, Company B!" Tile men fell in and the Ing cheer. "Was I sayin' it was na?" demanded ; On concluding his perorations, Tarn- Tammas. It was through me reodin' mas sent his snuff-mull round, but we the account oot o' the '.Cheap Magazine' had our own way of passing hbn a vote 'at the discussion arose." of thanks. One of the company would j "But what said the 'Chcapy,' was the express amazement at his gift of words, origin of cock-fechten' ?" and the others would add, "man, man," i "T'nowhead '11 tell ye," answered or, "Ye cow, Tammas," or "What a Tammas; "lie says I dinna ken." crittur ye are!" all which ejaculations "I never said naething o' the kind," meant the same tiling. A new subject returned T'nowhead, indignantly. "I "being thus ingeniously introduced, Tarn- mind o' ye readin' it oot fine." mas again put his foot on the pail. | "Ay, weel," said Tammas, "that's all "I tak no creedit," he said, modestly, richt. Ou, the origin o' cock-fechtin' ,«n the evening, I remember, of Willie gangs back to the time o' the Greek Pyatt's funeral, "hi bein' able to speak ware, a thoosand or twa years syne, roll was called. Then the captain referred to the fragments of bread. 'Don't let ine see any more of this waste— mako a mighty good pudding. Right face, break ranks, march!" The story WHS current, but probably not 'true, that Company B was once called into line that the captain might ask which man it JWOB that owed him ten cents. On another occasion the same captain liad command of the guard line, with headquarters in the village of Fall's Church. At the post were a sergeant und a half dozen men. Strict orders were issued against interfering with private property. Soldiers are human, however, plump chickens were near, and the result may be imagined. Early the next morning one of the "loyal" Inhabitants presented himself at headquarters with a. grievance. His fattest chickens had disappeared during the night, and feathers had been found just outside the post. Captain J - was Indignant, and of course the roll was called. The men wore lectured on the sin of chicken stealing, and a search of haversacks was ordered. The search was made, but not a f eath- er was discovered. Captain J - gave a. sigli of relief, »nd the complainant had nothing to do but, withdraw. At dinner that day the captain found a plump, juicy chicken, finely roasted, awaiting his attention. He looked at it, sniffed Its aroma, and was about to fall to, hut the Instinct of the officer stayed his hand. He .called his black servant, "Horace, where did tills chicken come from?" "Got liitn out of ycr haversack, cap- waste of the farm exists on every side! and how to utilize everything must be solved before we can hope to make composts of the right manure and at least cost. The making of composts is as old as the hills, but it is none the less capable of improvement It. is in this work that we save direct outlays of money, and improve the soil more than If twice as much was spent for commercial fertilizers. All vegetable matter contains the very essentials which make a good pile of compost and tills, fresh or decayed, must all be gathered. In Autumn, all of the vegetable matter that is not needed for fodder, should be gathered in one heap, moist earth and lime mixed with it, and the whole mass exposed to the sun and rain. In a short tune such a heap will be BO rich AWHirtllTY O" FOOT BALL a fluel to th ° flwith - nncl the ™ ANTIFUITY 0._FOOT-BALL. ^^ ^^ ^^ ^.^ ^^ m ^ It W»« ri*ye<> hj-the GrwkH mid Rnmitnft foric needles. It appoam that the* Critturin* Ago. hig swain was another Doii Juan, \ In answer to a query whether foot- made mad love to every pretty woa-, ball is a modem game the Boltbnore he met. Two pretty Marseilles American says: makers were the recipients of mafkeu r day in his presence nnrt engaged in. ft. V , - very uudlgnltled ( scratching match, and • ' No; It was a sport which highly de- attentions from liim and grew Insane-. lighted both V^ho Romans and tlio ly jealous of each other. They met ono \ Greeks. It was known by the fomuT as harpastum, and by the latter as espl- . skuros. There Is a reference In Fit/, he suggested that, they settle the matter Stephen which is supposed to indicate a la mode, promising to marry the sur- that the amusement was popular in vtvor. They agreed and the next morn- England during the reign of Henry II., lug's sunrise saw them in a wooded about 1100. This mention has a. doubt- suburb of the city with their attend- ful meaning, and may refer only to ants, ready for the fray. Through, ft tennis. It is certain, howwer, that it friend of the mic-hlef-lovlng captain, was familiar to the subjects of Edward 1 learned of the affair, and in company III., for he In 1341 felt compelled to with a Pnrlslnn journalist, 'was pro- In nitric add that it would stimulate Issue an edict prohibiting It, not because sent nlimt rfrowHi to an. abnormal develop- of its umlorsirability, but because of "Your French maid Is nothing if not plant incut Such a compost enriches the soil Its uiulesirobillty, but. because It imped- dmnmtie, and both stripped to tlio beyond all comparison. «1 the progress of archery. For a sinil- wn.^ wearing only sp ked shoes, wi' a sort o' faculty on topics 'at I've malr or less. There was ane, Miltiades made my uin." by name, 'at was the captain o' _ the "Ay," said T'nowhead, "but It's no o'reek army, an' one day he led them tain." "Out of my haversack?" The captain looked at the chicken, 'then at the heavens. Then, he laid down Ills knife and fork, sprang to tlio door and called out, "Kail in!" Again the Inevitable roll-call. "Who puFttiat chicken into my haversack?" he demanded. beyond all comparison, Fuelling J-niiiliH. A writer from Champaign Co., o, in Country Gentleman, gives his experience which will doubtless be of value to others: 1 bought 200 Illinois lambs, mostly grade sliropshires; 25 of them 1 put with my sheep stock as they were nicely marked ewes. The average weight was a trifle under (50 pounds. My first mistake was In taking too many bad, thin lambs with poor stamina. I thought feed would bring them right along, but in fact they held flic whole bunch back, as I fed them together and could not give the hearty ones as much as they could use, for it would throw half a dozen of the thin ones off their feed. It was not practicable for me to divide tlio bunch, which would of course liave been the better way. My hunbs were very ticky. 1 lipped .them, using chlomaptholium, wh eh, for some reason, was not successful. In the middle of winter I treated 'again, using a tobacco dip. This was entirely successful in .killing ticks, but undoubtedly lost me a week's gain in the lambs, as tlw weather was bed and they were a long time getting dry. , This year I shall see the last tick dead before I begin to feed at all. For the 175 head I used a shed 20x52, and did not think they had too much room before they were shorn. lar reason, James II., of Scotland, olso stockings, nnd short skirts At least, put the ban on the gam". Sir Thomas that was the only clothing' visible The IClyot, writing In the time of Henry captain acted o.s master of ceremonies VIII., denounced the game as being and privately encouraged each other "nothyuge but beastly fiu-y and extivlne to go In and win I thought of the con- violence whereof proccedeth hurte, and test on Mount Ida as I looked on the consequently rancor and mollco do re- scene. Here was Paris, Venus, and main with them that be wounded, .Tuno, but Minerva, dear Goddess of wherefore It is to be put in perpetual Wisdom, wos conspicuous by her ab- sylence." .Tames, also shored this be- punico. The combatants faced each lief in the brutality of tho sport, and oilier ou a grassy plat, surrounded by wrote in his BasllieonDorou: "From this live trees, just as the sun allowed his court I debar all rough and violent ex- rim above the wave; and they Avent at erclscs as the football, meeter for lam- their work with a will. Neither knew ing than malting able the users thereof." anything about: fencing, but each was Barclay In his Fifth Cclogue, da ted 1508, hungry for the other's gore, and rock- hod these lines: less in consequence. Their temper soon "The sturdle plowman, luslle, strong got the better of their judgment, how- and bold ever, and they began to belabor each Ovorcomoth tlio winter with driving the other with their weapons as though football, they were broomsticks. This proving Forgetting labour and many a grievous unsatisfactory, they dropped their rap- fall." The poet Waller scores it thus: "As when a sort of lusty shepherds try Their force at football; care of victory iers and began to pull hair, while tho barbarous captain rolled on the grass and shrieked with laughter. The Journalists soon got enough, and, despite Makes them salute so rudely, breast to tiu> captain's protestations, separated the faculty o' speakln' 'at takes me. doon tlie mountain to attack the biggest j -^ snulo p nssed flqwn the line, but TJhere's David Limou 'at can speak like army 'at was ever gathered thogitbcr."' 'there was no response. The demand i* -L.. i._j i««,.«^i <*• nfe n nnnpv. im' i "T]inv wore Persians." interposed ,,.,, 0 vonnnt/vi In smiH'What milder ac- if he had learned it off a paper, an' j "They were yet I conna thole "im." ', T'nowhead. "Davit," said Hendry, "doesna speak ^ ' cents, for the fragrance of rbast chick- 'Are you tellln' the stoiy, or am I?" t on M , as m the air. Finally the servant YANKEES OF SOUTH AMERICA. TUB Chllllins lire Wl«le-A.w»ke, ProgreiiHlvci breast, That their encounter seems too rough for jest." -t- ORAVEYARD IN A CAVE. and Jngrui "The Chilians are the Yankees in a way'at a body can follow'im. He asked Tammas. "I ken fine at they ; gp okc . doesna gae even on. Jess says he's just were Persians. Weel, Miltiades had the . .. Oap t nm » he said, " a man aye at the cross roads, an' matter o' twenty thousand men wi' 'mi, . , mnd m lt Wo thought; 'we all had a a bit of poultry no sure tlJU. « J i" ***• >-*»^ v»v« ---- — • ---- -- - - f Jl, rt ------- ------ . o' his wy. But the stock has and when they got to the foot o tlie mlf;ht be R0od for yo u.for a change, " words, an' no ilka body has that." , I was bidden to put Tammas' gift fechtln'." w.m u mountain, behold there was two cocks anfl yom . nnvcraac k was handy." to a word," said T'nowhead, "I would say 'at he had a wy. That's what I would soy." "Weel, I suppose I have, Captain ,T - called up a serious Man, man," sold Hendry, "an 1 was fnce> bllt tho c i no ] CC n had a tempting there cocks in thae days?" j H1 iell. The lines of bis countenance re- I "Ondoubtcdly," said Tammas, "or , laxed> Tammas how could thae twaliae been fechtin'?" j .ij t wls a wrong thing to do, 1 ' he South America," sold Victor . P. Hart to a St. Louis Globe-Democrat reporter, after several years spent south of the line. "They ore alert, progressive, ingenious, and give tho almighty dollar as hot a chase as any people on earth. The women ore remarkably beautiful, and the men os lino a lot; of fellows 03 am be found on the earth. They are, for tlie most port; tall, broad- shouldered, supple as Hindoos and bravo as lions. It is peculiarly fortunate that the United States did not become embroiled in a war with Chili. Of course, such a contest could hove but one result, but it would not have been the walkover WHERE COLUMBUS WAS BORN Tammas, •wonder things them I.ULOf nwi x»«i 73*"- *.• » ---- - ~ - ' ,_ true" said Tommos, for their .children, but only because tlie S, S thinys I've ever tlie said cam what it was some laddies at set them see what Miltiades 1 "an 1 vet it inoun be you 'at was after," said T ' .,, | "Yo've taen t u doubt about its being Tammas explained, lor I've meant if cocks could ^ m nrch!" » Tamuins, ^v often ThereTwos a o' mere deviltry, surely the G •feel . orau. ±1^^ ,„,.,,«. + nin Hivin fnv their eods no the case," said watched vara gnid l-'t:=«^ £ c,-: m:S ; •Well Hag- j "Ou, that was the grave-stones they OUR BEEF ABROAD. lt»tolier» of the United Kingdom Sell It for HritisH-l i 't«I A Scotch 'newspaper of late date Is .very much exercised over the importation of American dressed beef, and the habit which the butchers on tlie other f the Atlantic has of palming our oil 1 as gepuiue British fed. To them. "He then picked up the rapiers and handed one to the'author of tho exhibition, saying: 'Monsieur, you have, by Inciting these foolish girls to fight about your worthless self, sullied the cuvom m Kmituoky round to He uonor of tho womcll of Fnmco. In their I.-III.HI with iiunmiiiJodicH. ^ ^^ j clmlloll| r O you to mortal com- An exploring party has been through H at.' But the rover, while willing that the large cave discovered recently near others should spill their blood.had none Advance, Ky., and has found the skele- to lose, declined the combat, and sneak- tons of dozens of human bodies and the ed ou t o f the port." bones of hundreds of animals. In many places the roof of the cove is ssjveiity- 11 vo feet, high, and many apparently bottomless pits were discovered. Mr. Chorltioii, one of the party of explores, who relates the particulars to a Seven cities claimed to be the blrth- corrcspondent of the Cincinnati Gazette, place of Homer. Nearly or quite seven soys the light of their torches reflected houses in Genoa are pointed out as the from the glittering walls of the dark spot where Columbus first sow the cave, combined with the ghostly bones light. However doubtful may'bo the' and ghost-like quietude, give one a queer t >xact spot, whore the great discoverer feeling, which he likens to traveling was born, there seems to be no doubt through a grave-yard nt dead of night;, that the house where he lived bi Genoa 1-I'j went all through the cove as for os may still be seen. It is numbered 37 explored, and looked it over pretty core- j u tlio Vlco Dritto Ponticello. Here fully. He brought two skulls and other Domenico Colombo, the father of Co- bones with them, arid has them at the imubus, liod his home.' The following Spencer house, where he is boarding, on iiiscriptlon cut 5u old-fashioned .Uoman TU« iiouso in n« still to IM» »'er the people of this country sup-1 exhibition. They ore larger tlion most ( .iiaroctoi-s, upon a white marble tablet, Dsed. The Chilians are not only o human bones, and he says there are two measuring three feet" by two and plac- brave and warlike people, but their OT tilree wagon laods of than in the otl ubout Hfteen feet from the pavo- mountoinons country affords every ad- «"re was discovered, and with others mont may b c read, vantage for defend It is full of Ther- w ll( > was rout in the fox chase when uie NU I.,LA DOMUS TITULO PIGNOH mopylaeon passes where a handful of "We was dlcsoveml, and with others men could hold a mighty army at bay. wo appoints Saturday night as omit offers abundant sites for fortifications ll ">e to explore the cave, a he entrance as impregnable as Gibraltar or Quebec. All tliis talk about the .Chilians dlslik- was very narrow, and a largo man found trouble In squeezing lilmself in. Tho Americans as the greatest people 011 ,„ _______ ..„„ ..„ — a _________ ,— . ------ ,,,,,1,, earth. We could captivate tlie Chilians. «.-on except by the aid of lamps. They are a deserving people, and tho iind othcl> l )01> «on.s of skeletons are clorv of South America depends cliiefly folm(1 in cvol 'i r nook and cranny, tin W(n , ft slllTO1lndo a by such u nnon them " nrm nere ' a leg tucre ' a pllc oi ril)s - in nelghboi-s as is the prese HKIO PATIQRNTS IN AI3DIBUS - CHRISTOIPHORUS /COLUMBUS PUI3RITIAM PRTMAMQUE' .TUVMNTAM TRANSE- GIT. 'No house Is more worthy of on Inscription. In this paternal dwelling Christopher Columbus passed bis boy- Skulls ljQod an(1 youth." Whether Columbus oncl his ancestors its ' avoid tills evil, which is of their own ' making, they propose to brand or ticket every American quarter, roost or boil- t . ing bit which, is exposed for sale. In =:S==F%S»S"- „_ , rtn-rtln *WfMl U.U.M* i \JU. Lillt «* n »*" ».-.— ^ <U*d, an' I'd marr.ecagain » en ^ , u , y ^ ^ y(u ^ ,,j. , twi. «MVK. Ill JUS lltUm- "Ji l _ * , ,..... -,4-i.n.. he says, weel, ; "I wonder the otllc , a vost onny of men and women bo j a to lccep tj 10 butchers ^ ^ ^^^ Iangamn , n tUe stel ig llt Thot it wiUmoke any difference j m the sole or consumption of our pro- L upon tliem.' ; A CURIOUS CASE. Doclslrm of a New York Court Ovor tho tlio Ownership of an Aorolito. A very curious and interesting case has recently been decided by the su- premo court of Iowa, says the New York Herald. Some time in May, 1S90, an aerolite , weighing sixty-six pounds fell on the souras ottootually blocked by massive unarlstocratto - nelghboi-s as is the present occupant another place, and so on. A queer odor o( 37 vlco Dritto Ponticello we do not os of snakes pervades the place, and sur ]{now ml) . ., ust now thora Ls a gi-ocery party wos always on the lookout for storo ncxt dool . on ono slde nud n shoe them, but none hove been found so far. pl ou , ho otllel . Tho flrat ga t e of The ceiling and walls are of many vor- |fio o]d pU tllo ci1y pl . lson and the old ions hues, which moke a scene with c . lnu . dl C olumbus bin-It are in the hn- tlioir canny surroundings awful, yet mediate vicinity beautiful. 'In many places it widens ^ N y y 01 . k Advcrt iser, from out Into broad chambei-s, hallways ond j ildl 1]loge factg ave ti , koll) says: corridors, while at Intervals tho way » Noal . lr all of tho Biirroundlnp : houses ' Qp Bcyen Btm . los; mimbo] . 87 te you moon!" Hendry. I* "Av, but they wonfed them on' naf. - ' raliy "the Greeks stuck to the stones they head. ^Ums'hod been looking at us paid tor." ^ he.^^^^^^^^^ no one o' ye louchin!" east tlie toon thing." -But what wos he lauched at?" «0u," said Tammas, "a humorist doefl-. «a tell wheat the humor comes in. »No, but when you stud that, am yo mean it to be humorousr "Am no saylu' I did, but as I ve been tenin' ye, humor spouts oot toy «stti.^ ducfs is 10 bo tliought '.of. Beef is a staple article. It is like potatoes or wheat and ft sells on its merits. Tho American product has been so long on the market that the British public has IpameTl its value. It does not command the highest price, but it ranks well, and om- best American bullocks seel alongside itself hi the soil to the depth of three feet, Mr. Hogaland, a neighbor, whose wife sow the aerolite fall, dug it up and corned' it homo as a valuable curiosity, claiming ownership on the ground that it was a stray piece of property, and belonged, therefore, to the person who fordid it. The court found as follows: First—An aerolite which falls from land of Mr. Goddtird and imbedded stoucs - but "• « ll-clnl setu>ch ™ vettte " flv e stories high and barely twelve : •— naaaago to grander views In some ^ It has a very plain, undecor- phices tho floor seems to be almost stood of stucco whl(fll , 8 ln a fnlr up on edge but hero you Ulrcotly find v ( vosolTa(5on . The windows that tho distance to level ground is not Vo , ctin n blinds, painted green. „ , . . , fl ,.,,. more than ten feet, instead of hfty or ontranoo , B t h roug h a, double , 100 as It looks. As you advance the fl ft , B a sldo door strange odor grows sti-onger. While not • probably used by the ser- very offensive, it has a queer uncanny , ^ h ' f ^ Ou the door , 8 effect, and one passes on awed with n , , wulch feeling that he need not be surprised the sky and is embedded In tho soil swceplt tho Persians oot o' the coun- riiiR four inches long, which evidently used for the double pur- cvrpny 1WP , at what may be revealed to his vision ."iia LM ». .> next. As you ooiitinne you come to a P ose of Mnfll ° nnrt k » ocl ' CT -, try." -Ay; but do ye ken noo Earl's son gaed owo louchiu atf see'l We all agreed that Tammas' wos the gC .^on U Sible possession it is," said Hendry ?n a wy," admitted Tammas, £ . ± i., n -iwa." He hesitated, and lish voles. Wo'have an endless supply i os t goods Is entitled thereto, except ] profane will take off his hat as ^mark, of feeding stuffs. Our blue gross pas-1, as against the true owner, is not ap-' ~" "*" 4 " '"'" ' 1I """ ™ tnres are not as rich and luxuriant as ( pUcable in such case. • ( olfl grass of • the Midlands, but they As a consequence Mr. Hoagland loses of respect to his surroundings. Eleven: ghastly skeletons are here seen, seem-! iiigly placed at rodom In the chamber of HELPFUL HINTS. Clean bronzes with swoet oil carefully rubbed on, then polish with clmm- If an article bos been slightly scorch- in ironing, it may be whitened by ; the Miuianus, om muy AS a consequence Mr. i-ioagiana loses '"KM vw^ •" •.^^u. ^ ^ ^ u ^ u ^^ , . n bl .i,,i lt S mili"ht. the averase_grass fields ' hte „„, and tiie aerolite belongs to deaf:h, as Ills room was named Th-. ^^JJ^KffiJS ttS no in a an' I can hardly keep f roe must very be found on a British farm. From Mr . . - - imtll "the time owner" skulls of these were better preserved In pouring out medicine turn tho bot- ""' illi: 1-iUUUIUll IU1111 '"« line uivnci. - -• - - — . .,,,•, i , i !„ „,, «,„ the lack of the root crop we cannot get ruts i n an appearance and demands than any others found but no reman- to so that the lobol Is on 1he that extraordinary whiter finish which j^s property., ' mitH " f "^ M "* ™™ tn hs H ™" """ a!f1 " !1 " rl 1hlls wiu uot be b ° Ued places British beef above oil rivals.' But we are approaching it since wo have eomo to use Unseed cake and mill feed in such abundance. The Ameri- auts of clothing were to ba seen, nor side, and thus will uot be soiled or de- were there found implement of any ( faced. kind, only the clean bones, glistening! Never bite sewing silk or pass U , . . . . white, but which soon turn brown upon' through the mouth, as it is soaked In Tha Princess of Wales te a staunch 1)clng bl . ougllt up out of the bowels of aco tnie of lead to moke it heavier. A Iloynl Kxiimple. patron of the Society for the Protection tuo C)U .th." dozen ^TWTHWWffiS .««;««<.««« 1 ' , k«j l >,.,' i '„ v.ft. .ri HHUBr con fender need not fear the, «->- of BlrclSi nncUms intel . (llcte d iu her own plan, even if it were praciicawe. 41 f imily tlle 11SO of p i umu g e ns dress would be only another means of adver-;. ornnmentBi The ldPO wns tasea up b y tlsinc his goods. As we send only oin fli6 Duehcss of Poi . llnnd and other lead- class beef from this side to our ejig o( flldll nnd there nro now mno -,p_,«ClOWl. JL(IO111U11( ClULi l**v..l^ l»i.v* **« It «*«-^ WUKH^U cousins, we can afCora to imvo lmntlred nnd flft ladlcs ple{lged to the it, ninrkcd with the rtUynlty of _^brand uuman ,3 rcforra ns members, nnd who or ticket. It will speak for Itself. THo f ompoHt GIRLS FOUGHT WITH RAPIERS A Novel Dlorniny; Scene In the Suburbs of Lead-poisoning has been known to result from such a habit. Instead of putting food Into the oven to keep hot for lote comers it is a good to cover closely with a tin and set , of Mnraeiiies. j it over a bashi of hot Water. This Globe-Democrat:— "Speaking of prlzo j {ecl , u ie food hot and at tho refuse"to ISnvo their" bonnets 'trimmed ' »S uts romlnOs mo of one I once witness- tlme im , VO nt it from drying' riles beteen wo, with maternlls to obtain which it 1ms 'ed In Marseilles, France, between two, scicutlst says that, of all fruits, aged birds. How to fertilise our fields thoroughly and at less cost is ono of the problems of agriculture that demands solution Wife: "John, dear, you know how I been necessary to slaughter bright plum- as handsome young women as ever! ' look < d blue Medlterran- every JA'9*3 V^WOU * fcj v**»' "» — — 4, ..--,_--, . **F|Mi *•» Y i-Iculture that demands solution Wife: "John, dear, you know how 11 x "° »• vear. The tendency Is to reduce' have been sklmpjng and stinting niy-, less tuau ' _ _ i > ._ _ir 1 _— ,1 ^.1.. ^« tja j. ^ ^ _t_l_ A_ 2. ~ n n «1nlvt« nn rtl^ I \ r fYUIl££< SC , ean," said Otto Gotts'.uger. cost of production, and by so doing self to be •sve often UWHdge oup lanfl Jts pvop.ey 1 ,|^ow J wlsjj amount o? fo,o4< ~" " " ' ' me^taMMe- to cet a T * Back. young sea «» 149 ¥m i was nothing more nor heart and hand of a gay might have and who, sajia tofl 'practice^ piracy p» is the most nutritious, being richest in sugar and albumen. The cst apples are move digestible, but sorts arc usually preferable are nioro nutritious. Atkinson Globe: If he hfidu't onemj, fe b*ve any, 3 .& '«>.! '/ $ M&ft.,

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