The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 4, 1891 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 4, 1891
Page 7
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THE UPPER DES MOtNES, ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 4,1801, > As good as »cto —that's the condition of liver, stomach and bowels, -when Dr. Pierce's Pleasant Pellets havo done their work. It'a a work that isn't finished when you'vo stopped • taking them, either. It's lasting. They cure, ag well as relievo. And it's iall done so mildly and gently 1 There's none of the violence. that went with tho old-time pill. One tiny, sugar-coated Pellet's a gentle laxative—three to four act as a cathartic. Sick Headache, Bilious Headache, Constipation, Indigestion, Bilious Attacks, and all derangements of tho stomach and bowels, are prevented, relieved and cured. As a Liver Pill, they're nn- equalcd. They're purely vegetable, perfectly harmless — tho smallest, cheapest, and easiest to;take. They're tho cheapest pill you can buy, because they're guaranteed to jove satisfaction, or your money is returned. You only pay for tjie good you Can you ask moiro? the peculiar, plan all Dr, medicines aro sold on. A STILL, IJAY IX AUTUMN. I lovp to vnnder through the vrnodlnnd* hoary, In tiio soft elnnm of an miinmntil dny, When pnimner rather- up her ruin-" of tilory, And, like a dream o£ l>e:iuly, glides anay. How through vat h loved, familiar pnth she lingers, Serenely sinhini; tliroMali 'he to'den niM, Tlniliii; the wililtrmpe with her dewy linupis, Till the cool emeluld turns lo eineihjvt. Kindling tho fnlnt stars of th» ruizM, shining To light the-gloom of Autumn's muiiUlering hulls, Wit'i hoary plnmf.'S the clematis entwining:. Where o'er the rocks, her \vither'd garland falls. VVnrni lights nre on the sleepy uplands waning ileni'iith ilnik cloitil.- nloni! tlie horixon roiled, Till the plnnl sunbeams through their fringes relnlnjr, Bathe nil the hills in melancholy gold. The moist wind breathes of crisped leaves and flowers In tin-(lump hollows of the woodland sown, Minuting the freMuiCM) "f autumnal flowers V\ ith spicy airs from the cedar alleys blown. Beside the brook and on the cumbered meadow Where yellow fern tufi« HccU the faded ground, Wi h yellow lids beneath their palmy gnnduxv, The gentian nods, iu do«y slumbers bound. Uuon Ihefe foft fringed lids the bee fits brooding, Like a fond lover loth to cay farewell, Or, with shut wings, through gliken folds mtrud- illL', Creeps near her heart his'drowsy tale to tell. Th" lillle buds upon Ihe liill-slde lonely Fill noiselessly alou<{ trom ppray to t-prny, Silent as u sweet, wandering tliuii^l, thai, only Shows its blight wings and tultly glide away. The FceiiHesfs flowers, in the warm sunlight (Ireiiiuini!. . Forget to bio.ilho their fullness of delight— And lliroiigh the tranced weed toft alra are Htreainliif;, Slill as thuilew fall on u suimner night. So, In my heart sweet, unwonted feeling sure, like the wind In Ocean's hollow shell, Thougn all l\f serri-t eluimiiers sadly stealing, Yei'linds no words its myi tic charm. JDK. HA "That's all right," sai'l [/-wincing n'qnnuk doctor, n fellow nnmrd Viddins 0. little, for in.V't eonomical miturr shuddered Jon-?.*. \V\\y do 1 (hirk su? I will (oil somewnan at the thought' of p.iying out j yon. Tho other duy in speaking rf mv money; and I WHS about to MisrgR«t that j \vif-. ho said: "Dr. D.ip-mi iiovcr h: <1 tn-3 bill might be cut down, when the doc-t but two natti-iiu. She killed o::r nnd mar- •'Itis an odd char,ic|prtst'ic of humnn nature that men should hwle a doctor's bill with ?o strong a degree of wrath. * i ..11 i i 4 * . t . rieil ti.n other."—Arkansas Traveler. Coma to Stay. ^ ^ Ttrt Urrfbly aggravated fort* »f UBaenta, who cheerfully pay an nnd>;r£aker, shy at it ' which phytlclan* on th« continent of Bnrop* doctor." f v . ' | deilguat* u "Is. srlppe," Seems to katt effected t tlad tb« Desired CflTcci. Ju OABBOUTOIT, Gia«n COi, 111., Nov., ''03. X highly . i*oeaataaad Faitor Koenlg'i NOT Tonlo to anybody th*t bai • offered from Mh* M my Ma did (or 5 yoaxB, becanaa 2 bottlefl at Ul» BMdlolB* ennd him. U. UoTIQOE. IiAHBABaB, Wls., Ootobor, 1800. Ttarco<h • fright my ion bwamo B.£Toct*d with •pfttm* and nanroni proitraUon, Wo used one botllcotPMtor Koanig't Norvo Tonlo, and ho. hM Dot had a qpum einoo. ED KITZEBO W. IDA GBOTO, Iowa, Oot 9, 1890. Hy wife inff«r*d from headache for ten yenra and, dMptia alL treatment from doctori, »h» got HO rall*f. Af tai iulng only on» bottla of Pnotor Kowiig'i Hum Tonio, iha la entirely onrod, P. HA.RTGENBUSCH. •—A TaloaMe rtoofe on Tforvous free to my addroKB, obtain FREE I)l«9a«e» tout and poor patienta can Uua medicine free o al« ThU remedy bai been prepared by the Itoverend Pantor KoenlR. of Fort Wayne, Ind., since !B70.aud ,Ii now prepared nnder Mi diroctlou by the KOEN1C MED. CO.. Chicago, III. - Sold by Dmffvlsta at 81 per Bottle. G for 65. £arr« Six*, C1.75. 6 Bo( HOB for »9. It is an old-fashion notion that medicine has to taste bad to do any good. Scott's Emulsion is cod- liver oil with its fish-fat taste lost — nothing is lost but the taste. This is more than a matter of comfort. Agreeable taste is always a help to digestion. A sickening taste is always a hindrance. There is only harm in taking cod-liver oil unless you digest it. Avoid the taste. N Scorr& BOWNE. Chemuts, 133 South s ih Avenue, n Yo "u <l"iggm keeps Scotr'a Emuliioa of cod-liver •U— all druggist! everywhere do. f i. The success of this Great Cough Cure is without a parallel in the history of medicine. All druggr'M are authorized to sell it on a pos. Itive guaraHt 1 ;-*, a te$t that no other cure can successfully stand. That it may become known, the Proprietors, at an enormous expense, are placing a Sample Bottle Free into every hpme to the United States and Canada. If you have • Cough, Sore Throat, or Bronchitis, use it, for It will cure you. If yourchild has the Croup, tr Whooping Cough, use it promptly, and relief fat sure. If you dread that insidious disease Consumption, us*' It. Ask your Druggist for SHILOH'S CURF Price 10 cts., 50 cte. and 11.oo. If your Lu-gs are sore or Back lame, ' Porous Plaster, Price 25 cU. Pure TH? IKT fOB EVERY PURPOSE, The following confessions of Zib. W. Teul was prestntcd to inu by the uuthor: It doesn't make any ditlereuco \vhere 1 was born or where 1 was reared. J am Ibi; proprietor of a grocery store, and by n coolness which involved uiuch self-sacrifice 1 have managed to buy a home; but this can be of iuleiest to any onfi who uniy read these confessions. 1 must have been 85 years old before the thought that 1 marry some gentle and confiding woman occurred to me. 1 had never gone into society aud consequently knew but few women, nnd those whom 1 did know hud huggied to much over the price of sugar or dried codfish that the thouaht of marrying them was a shock to niy fancy. 1 was at that time Hying in a big city and boarded at a home situated peveral miles from my place of business. One day while going home; on a horse car I noticed a woman sitting'opposite me. Of course, 1 noticed women every day, but there was something about this woman that especially abraded me. Her *ace was not impressively handsome, but there was an intellectual cast about it, an evid«ni e of cultivation that f could not help admiring. 1 must have giized ac her, indeed, I know that I did, but she did not appear to take any notice of me. Tho next evening when 1 started for home, there she was again on the car. I regarded this as fortunate, but was compelled to content myself with simply looking ut her. Just before getting off, i aeki d the driver if he knew her name, but he said that he did not. The next evening, when 1 started home, I was disappointed in not finding her, and I got off and waited for the next car, but 1 did not see her. One night I was suddenly taken ill of pneumonia. One of tho boarders was dispatched for a doctor aiid was instructed to,get the nearest one. Shorily afterward the nveisenger lelurned with the woman whom 1 guzed at on the car. "la it possible that you are a doctor;" I asked. "It is not only possible," she answered, smiling, "but it is an established f.iot." "I am glad to see you again, at any rate." "See me again?'" ''Yee, for 1 was disappointed when 1 found that you were mt on the car the other evening." "I don't remrvriber having seen you before," the replied. ; I was unreasonable enough to allow a sharp sting to enter my pride. She had not even noticed me. She Jolt my pulse, wrotn a prescription, anu paid that bhe would call again u>xt day. She came early at morning, and declared that I was much better. "But I think you'd Iwj'ter cpnie again," said 1. "Pneumonia is a tricky disease, you know. ,1 had a friend that was pronounced cured, and 1 ho doctor ceased his. visits and my friend died." "i have known a patient to die before Ihe doctor's visit ceased," she responded, smiling in a way half professional and half woman. "But you don't think I am in a similar danger, do you?" 1 asked, somewhat alarmed, for'courage wasnever tunjlutd among my virtues. "Ob, there is no cause for immediate alarm," she answered. "I will call again to-morrow." "Can't you come this evening?" • "That would not be nee i-sary." "But can't you come anyway '/ 1 rather like the society of doctors, i know a great many physicians." "What physicians do you know?' 1 she asked. That somewhat stumped me. I had never been sick befoie, and ah 1 was a humble if not a modest grocer, 1 knew no doctor?; but 1 v-as, as the congressmen say, equal to the occasion, and t replied that i know Dr. Prouty, Dr. Snell and Dr. So-aml-Hu." "I don't know them," she said. Neither did I, but 1 wiis determined to maintain my position.. "Can't you come this evening?" 1 implored rather ttian acked. ' '•• " "I will'co'uie to-morrow morning," she replied, and in a way so unsentimental that I was almost angry; she murohtd out. By this time'J was really in love with :her, and in order to kei : p up her visile, 1 resolved to feign Eickjntss; so, wtu j n she came up the next day and asked me how I felt, 1 answered that I thought 1 was ' worse. "•. "O^i, I don't know," she answered. "But I do know. I have a p"in in my side a»id feel shaky. By the way, I have not askfd'jour name. 1 wish t.o say that.I am a very peculiar man."' "My name is Dapson," she answered. She came early the next morning, and after taking iny temperature, remarked that I was so_ far restored to health that further attention from her would .be unnecessary. '•Doctor," said I, "it is much better to be OB the safe/side. To tell the tmth, pneumonia runs somewhat in our family, and the worst phase is, that my people have fuffi.'red.inost from {ho dread diseate aftfr having been pr;mounced'cured." But she sat down' and laughed. "You are the _fiistn'itwl ever .knew to'regard wi'h friendliness an increasing doctor's bill." "Probably" they think thai tho doctor causes both bills," I remarked, attempting to b i witty. '•And thus contribute to the_support of two worthy vocations," she quickly rejoined. . "Ye.«, tjie.v render C;ich other relf-sus laiiiing. |}y the way, you are coining onco more, aren't you?" "I don't see why I should." "But I do." "Anil why should I come?" "Because Move you." "Why, what an impudent patient you are." "That's all right. 1 love you and want to marry you." .. "To save your bill ?" she archly asked. "Come, doctor, don't make sport of me. Ever since 1 first saw you I hnva loved you. I used to watch for you and- when you failed to be on tho car I was prief- stiicken. Now, after this confession, won't you ngrei! to visit tun until J ain able to visit jou?" • "Your very peculiarity attracts me toward you," tiho said. "Then I wish that my ponuliarilies were stronger. 1 wish they were strong enough to draw you to my nruis." "Oh, what a trillinir rascal you aro to bo guru, I don't really believe that you have biH'n ill at all. It was merely a design figiiinKt me." "No, I not aware that you wcro a doctor. If I had known it 1 would have been ill long ago. By the by, wtioii will you lie ready?" "Ready lor whit?" "To be my wife." "I ura not looking for a husband." '"YtM, but tho greatest treasures are somptimes come upon by accident." "You aro quite philosophical for a grocer." "Ah, but let mo tell you, Miss Doctor, that tho grocery business requires more philosophy limn tho medical profession. I'lie grocer understands the weakness of the ftVsh." • "' "1 must go," she said, arising. "When shall I expect, you?" I asked.' "You neeci not expect me." She did not come thu next day, and I sent, for her. She did not come until "I suppose you aro worse," she said, smiling. "I am dying." "Then I can do nothing for you?" '.'Yes, you can save me with the medicine of love." "With the medicine of nonsense." "Well, that is the formula for love's tonic.' 1 . "I did not come to bo insulted." "Nor shall you bo." "Tell me plainly what you want." "t wuut to marry you." "But don't you think that I prefer to look higher than a grocer?" "Pocsibly, but J dou'fi prefer to look higher thnn a doutor. You suit mo w"ll enough^ Probably jou don't know it, but ac one lime in my life i couldhave married a seamstress." " I hat's encouraging, surely. Could you have married anyone else?" "Yes, 1 think that a female barber wns once smitten with me. She diu not say so but she.shavfd me delightfully, and on ono occasion refusecl to charge anything, and I confess that this was a strong pullin her favor. If she had refused the second time I believe^hat 1 should have proposed." "I don't know whether to love you or to be angry." "L't me decide. Love me." "All right, 1 will." "When will you begin?". "Lnt me see what tiuio it is," ehe snid, looking at her watch. "A quarter past 9. Well, I will begin at 10 o'clock. I could not help laugh ing at this. We continued lo talk; she s.iid not a word of low but Ipolted at her wat ,-h occasionally. "Ifn't it nearly ten?" I asked. "Wants two minutes." ''Do you love uifi now?" "1 will in ono minute and a-half. How is HIP rrocw.v business anyhow?" "Picking up all the time." "I have ntvi'r known many grocers to pet rich," she imnarked, holding her watch open, "1 know one that—" 'She shut the watch with a loud snap, and looking affectionately at mo said, "I lovo you." , There are ninny mean people in this world, hot. 1 think tho Vfi-v nu'iviiPttt; is a Health l« that itat* wh.n all tho of tho body ptr. form tholr funotioui la Mgular and •BlvUiit mai uuri nod t« r<no» any ctirtructioa to aucb action In tin propor dutj of midloiua. Hood's Sarsaparilla fllvas health by purifying Iho blood, tailing tha «M>maoh aad bowcli, and ImlforiUlug (ho kldnuyi lid llrar. Therefore, II you an ia poor health, ik» Ilood'i Surtaparllla. IMll».-Do.» Hter JaTlgorAtor nnd iftlhnrtlo. Rtllable, effeotlre, g«ntU. Vrlo» S5o. SOLD IN ENCLAND for lo. l>itl., nnd in AMERICA for 85 cento a bot iT TASTES GOOD'. permanent lodgment thli ilde tht Atlantic. II makes Iti reappearance si IOOD u tb* cool weather >et§ In, and not Infreqnently dnrlnR th« lummer months. In the tpring It II rampant. Nothing chcrkfl Iti first attack, or lo *flt>ctnally counteracts Its inb^equent ravage), «« lloitettAr'i Stomach Ilittors. The fortifying, Invigorating In- flnence of that beneficent tonic protecli the nyt< tern ncalnst the danven which beiet t feehlt physique and a wenkly constitution consequent npon abrupt transilloni of temperature. It diffuse* n uc!,!;,l warmth through the diaphragm, which II the best corrective or preventive of a chill, and U it mentis of nentralitlne the effect of exposure In damp or rigorous weather. Indyt- popsla, liver complaint, coitlveneti, rheumatism, malarial and kidney troubles i't li never reiorled to without COCK! retulta. CHII..U-1..1KK AN I) 1!1,AN1> How JiiKllsli, <;<>rumn mill French W«r<i Spoken lit » <lH]i!iii(>iiu Ini.. A nnil tourist, in Japan, coining upon n neat tiily inn Unit looked quito Kng- lish ami bnru the inscri(itinn in liii'.tfn lot.- trra, ''Kiifrlisli.Ornnnn iind French npnKon here," (If uicled to slop I born. He asked for an interpreter. "Pardon, innstpr," mumbled the landlord in cntr.kml Kiitrlisli, "but, I have none now." '1 he tourist wan just nbln to mn'iTPtiuid liiin. ho know u f>>w English words nnd his tjui'sl u low Japanese. "No inlerpioter? 1 ' thn fmvpli.'i 1 exolaiined. "No." "Yournifrn snjs that all languages tiro spokou here." "They nro." "13y whom?" "The. gupslH. We huvo all IduclH i\t ilifTo/ent, times." Exiniiiner (in phymes)— "Wlint, happens wlien u light. iitllH into the witter at un foitv-fivo dpfm'os?" Pupil — "It coi'K nut,." Mndo to T.ook tlkfc New. Dresses, Qcnta' Clothing, Fcathera, Qlovcs, etc., Dyed or C'loiincil, 1'lnsli Garments Stcnmci] nt Otto Tleteli's Dyo Works, 24(5 \V. Water St., Milwaukee. Bend (or circular. . A crisis In the Now South Wales eablrmt linn buuii brought about by the ministerial defeat on the eight-hour question. KITS.— All FUa«toii|ieil frooliT On. It LINK'S (Jnr.vr HHIIVK UKHTOIIKH. No Flln »riBrllr»lilny p « UM. Mnr- Ydllnin euros. Trentlm! mul fli.UO trial Imtl.lo frea to I'll ca«». Bond la lit. Kllu>, 1KI1 Arch SI., 1'Ullii., 1'u. It*ppjr ttfthy! Brranse he Is lienltliy. There la no b»by rotnfort but in health. There U no b»by bcniity lint in hpnllli. All his comfort U from fat, and most of his Ucnuty. Fat U nlmoslevcrythini; to him.' Tlmt is why babies nre fat. It is Imby's wi-nllh, his surplus Initl by. What he does not need for Immcdinic use ho tucks under his velvet skin to cushion him out and keep • Uie hard world from toiirliliiir him. , This makes curves and dimples. Nature Is I fond of turning use into bounty, I All life Inside; nil fat outside. Ha lias nothing to do but to sleep and grow. You know all this—at least you feel It. when baby is plump you nre as happy as lie Is. Keep him so. But what if the fat Is not there? Poor baby I we must get it there. To be thin for a baby, is to lose what belongs to him. Why should the little mortal bci'ln hit life with Buttering! Go to the doctor. Pon't be doting your baby wlieu all be needs la a little manage ment. A little book on CAtterm. LITIJJO, of In finite value, will be sent free, if yon write for It to Scott A Bowne, Chemists, 133 South Fifth Avenue, New York. Scott's Emulsion of. cod-llver oil, at any drug-store, (1. Mis« Laura Tresby, one of the bellea of Smith collepe, at Northampton, Mass., was caught stealing from a classmate. She baa disappeared and It la (eared abe drowned herself. The Russian cKtirowltz, It li reported, IB to marry the Duchess Klsca, of Wurtcm. berg. _ The Ludlcs Delighted. The pleasant effect and the perfect safety with whluh Iitdloa may use thu liquid fruit InxHllve, Syrup of Kljjs, under all coii- dillons make it lliulr favorite remcily. It Is pleasing to lliu eye and to the taste, j;ontlu, yel etTuL'lnal in noting on the kidneys, liver and bowels. It la the design of the (Irand Array of the Republic to erect In Washington, D. C., u monument to Olcncral Grunt. It gives us pleasure to rcler to the advcr- tlsiiinent of Dr. \V. 11. Tult, which appears In our columns. For over l.wcnly-tlve years Tutt's 1'ills IIHVU been before tile piiblle, ami each Biiceeutliiig year lliulr valuable proper ties become belter They MOW stand second to none fur Hie relief uf that much abused nnil ovcrlaxnl organ, th liver, and fur the removal of thai cause tit »o ninny ills, constipation. They are used In every civill/.cd country, and carry with them voluminous testimonials of their safely and ctlicacy. Tult's 1.1 ver Tills should have a place In uvcry household. Ltuly Macdonnld, widow of tin late Uana- dlun prcmliM', has been made a hurouess, with the title of Uuroncss Macdouald. 'I lie Uuly Ono Kver I'rlntnil—Can To a Find tho Word? There Is a 8-lnch dloplay advertisement In tlii« paper tills week which has no two words nllliu except one word. 'The aame Is true of each new one appearing each week from The Dr. llarlur Medicine (Jo. Tills house places u "Crescunl," on everything they maUu and publlith. Look for U, send them the namu of the word, and they will return you iioou, iiuAUTivui, i.rniociiiAi'iis or SAMI-MSS t'ltun. The rail-American 'medical congress has refused to admit Dr. Howard K. Ames, who wan appointed by Secretary Tnicy to rujiru- senl Iho United States navy department In stead of Dr. A. L. tilbbon, who was too busy to attend. lient, easiest to use and cheapest. Hemcdy for Catarrh, Hy <lrugji!bts. Plso'a 50e. Italy proposes to abolish tho export duty on raw silk. J. C. SIMPSON, Marquess, W. Va., sayi: "lUll's Catarrh Cure cured me of a'ycry bad use of catarrh." Urugglsla sell it, 75c. Commodore Nathaniel Duncan Ingraham. formerly of the United Slat«a arinjr, died at Charleston, 8. C. Newton, 111. From 1863 to 1885—about 22 years—I suffered with rheumatism of the hip. I was cured by the use of ST. JACOBS OIL. T. C. DODD. j> "ALL RIGHT! ST. JACOBS OIL DID IT." & Best Cough Medlclno. Recomnion J«d by Physicians. ™* *&*?£ aU ^ ^^ , 1J1 «"»stvnt a id » B ro«»blo \n tho Clnldren tako it trithout objoc'iou. By ^ THE SMALLEST PILL IN THE WOHLD I TT f TUTT'S ® ®TINY LIVER PXIXS« A liavo al 1 the virtues of the larjrer on«n i A ViMluully oiruotlvej purel v« K ot«ble.ffl purely Exiwt Klzo Hhoivn In thin border. OOLD MEDAL, PARIS, 18?a ] W. BAKEll & CO.'S Cocoa from which* the cicona of oil him bucn removoa, In aliHoliitKli/ pure and it is stiliihlf. No ivre used In Ua i)rcparatlon. I| hua more than thr's tlmn tht itrtngth of Cocoo mliiul with Btarch, Arrowroot or fjiigur, ami U therefore far more economical, -otting Itst thnn on? cent a cup. It IB dellclotu, nourishing, •trfiigthenlnif, KABII,^ i and admirably adapted for Invalid* M well aa for pemona In health. Sold by Grocers everywhere. W. BAKEE & CO., Dorchester, BTasa, . »;« o r e a a «il, OIIKI, n«rvn«, nun. clci, recclTunow rpree. tnrrortiig from oomplaluCJi n,u- I eullar to their BUI, uuluxlt, find .» •t f *v i .P?«.''y «<!">• Jtetiinu ' '', i • •' .» «af«. Bu're. 'Itctiirnj ro««blooinouchoeka,beautllloii Complex Ion, • •Kl£,* r r r f r i w u l ' ar 5 > A 11 «'«»'"«« K'iodi betl- ^•CrojceuU" Ucnd niUceutaUM— *-- — Piraptilot. OB. HABTER MEDICINE b<«., -1. LouU, II*. A Throat and Lung Specialty. a Tail Those who hnve not used Boschce's German Syrup for soraa severe and chronlfl trouble of the Throal niid Lnngs can hardly appreciate what a truly wonderful medicine it is. The dcliciouf sensations of healing, easing, clearing, strength-gathering and recover* ing arc unknown joys. For German Syrup we do not ask easy cases. Sugar and water may smooth a throat or stop a tickling—for a while. This is as far as the ordinary cough medicine goes. Boschee's German Syrup is a discovery, a great Throat and Lung Specialty. Where for years there have been sensitiveness, pain, coughing, spitting, hemorrhage, voice failure, weakness, slirx ping down hill, where doctors and medicine and advice have been swallowed and followed to the gulf of despair, where there is the sickening conviction that all is over and the end is inevitable, there we place German Syrup. It cures. Youar* a live man yet if you take it. O JULY'S CREAM BALM IN wouni $500 TO ANY MAN, Woman or Child , HiiU'orliiic from CATARRH A jmrttcl. In npiillml Into ennh II and 1* or 1.7 inMI. t, N.« York. o. Prlcw Ml oniit.ii i>l DriiwtUU or 1.7 inMI. lil.Y 1U10TIUOH8, Ml Wnmm Birn. Milwaukee, October, ISttl. • There is some- tiling going on to all tlie time tbat implies some oWiga- tions 10 i)uy il money-saving is of any interest to yon. Write for Samples. (Signed) Gimbel Brothers DRY GOODS, Milwaukee. liALDlEltflf " Of Roxijiiiv': Mass,, says Kennedy's Medical Discovery cures Horrid Old Sores, Deep Seated Ulcers of ^-Q years' •landing, Inward Tumors, and every disease of the skin, except Thunder Humor, and that has taken root bold by the U. S. (Jancer Price 11.So. Druggist In Canada. and 1'or C'lroulnrii free inldreia ouly JONgS OF BINGHAMTON, M V UU, mo«t o Big I'D in ?.'& PATtNT SOLICITORS Pennsylvania Agricultural Works, York, PJL Farquhur'K Stuudurd KuKlueii HUI| tiair Mills. ' for Cataloauu. l/wtablo, Stationary. Traction Send at once for our Catalogue, aoo tettl- mtmlils. C, N. Newcoinb. Ujtenport, lowl AGENTS WANTED ON SALARY *r eomuilaaiop to hwudl. lira N.» I' Chemical Ink Eru.lii K I'.ocll. AK«UU lokluv |W ...r wo»k. or M'l'g Co., U On.w».Vi». L» KU. mm m FOLKS REDUCED \ x\/Y^ U"-* 1 '** Mup;», Ort»OB, Mo., »rtv«t V ui I I "M» w«libt wuibliO round.. iio« U U Ul '' " r \ V « rv TV, - , , ., I I "M» w«libt wuibliO round.. iio« U U u uf I'.'r. !l,«." for jiroulni. *tt<lr»M, wttu a.?v!.V.-M V) .••?!•». *'.Tl'..*ir« <1k(, n ,,a *»KN T\t TKAVKK W. | »nd l».ll«,n,""\Vi£^ Cunt Iii It dura, uruKK. AUdreuu 1 KorkC'lty.N V. Fbtll ITO 1 N81 ""»NT RELIEF. "WBH Ha V IicH'l ivuini!,. T,, M m,yo. • Bfl UT «n «U|i|'i"iinuri.UmiKin M.111.11 * i IfcaiU \ff J. 11. KUKVKH.IIoxiKUU.NoH A SAVIOR OF HER SEX. WIIKN puln bvcoinw a coiljtaut compauloat when Is no repose for the .uO'ercr, by day «• • night; wlit'iiUle Itself eccma t J bo » calamity i ami when nil this u reversed by B woman, hoi Hhe iic.t v m tho ubovu title? IYDIA I:, PINKHAM'S

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