The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 21, 1892 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 21, 1892
Page 2
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&-; - M i .a , ~*~t~* i -^-J^ ^^a».»,^^.~,Ljah, -.^ ^^^j.^^T.M, ".JlT.- -^ IOWA. , *he English mint has an electrical ma? aiine touch counts coins. In every minute sixty-seven people die In the world and seventy are born, Tne postmaster-general of Norway has ordered that after Jan. 1, 1893, the bicycle shall be used by all country post- tnen for the delivery of malls where the roads will permit It is not often that a jail is robbed by burglars. Such a thing happened at Oldenburg, Hungary. Burglars entered the prison, then occupied by 800 prisoners, and among other things stole and carried away 1,800 florins and a quantity of gold and silver bric-arbrac. Peter Bcrlo la going to place his new safety bicycle on exhibition at the world's fair. It wieghs but eleven and three-quarters pounds, yet he, weighing 170 pounds, recently rode the bicycle over ten miles of road in the vicinity of Boston without so much as straining the machine or starting a spoke. France 1 shaving her innings now. First It was Great Britain that had a crisis and a change of government and then this country came along with a popular upheaval. Now France furnishes all tiie excitement with her mammoth bribery case In the chiunber of deputies, threatening to overturn the ministry, and even affect the stability of the republic Itself. A Mrs. Alone, recently arrested in St. Paul because a Mrs. Phillips had dreamed that Mrs. Alone had stolen $1,000, was found not guilty. A St. Paul jury had the good sense not to accept dream NEWS. I At . *'*«« A diamond mine has been discovered In Idaho. The annual report of the secretary of the navy has been published A bloody fight took place between Mexican troops and Garza's men. In a fight between sports ftt Hamilton, Ohio. Grant Fox was shot and killed. So far the work of preparing for the world's fair has cost over $12,000,000. Fire at Sumter, 8. C., destroyed the opera house and eight business houses; In the coldest part of Silx/riJ. tho ground Is frozen to a depth of 020 feet Mexican Indians have banded together and are making -war With the whites. George W. Vanderbllt has arrived at home hi New York after several months stay In Japan At New York, Charles Ilehn, the oldest bandniasUT in the United States, died on the 10th. A trust has been formed in Illinois to control the entire subscription book business of the country. The trouble between the Big Four and its telegraph operators is still unsettled and a strike may result The Kansas populists have held a conference and agree not to attempt to organize the legislature by force. Tommy Warren, the feather-weight cluunplon pugilist, has been sent to prison for six years for murder. In a difficulty In West Virginia, two men were murdered, one lynched and an officer mortally shot on the 12th. Chief Arthur, of the brotherhood of locomotive engineers, ridicules the idea of a strike on the New York Central. Cigarette manufacturers will appear jefore the Alabama legislature to fight the bill prohibiting tho smoking of cigarettes in public. At Unlpntown, Pa., Jack Ramsey, a member of the Colley gang, has been I recorded from James H. Carletntt, wlio recently purchased the Whittier nome- ' stead in Haverhlll, conveying to a board of trustees th$ homestead; to be held in trust forever as a memorial to the poet, and to be at all times open to the public. evidence. There Is a flavor of super- convicted of robbing a farmer and as- stition yet existing hi the northwest, saultlng his daughter. The celebration, in St. Paul, of the but it docs not go so far as to admit dreams in fair evidence. It Is proposed to make a new Canadian province to be known as the province of Algoma. This Is the region lying north of Lake Superior and now completion of the Great Northern railway to the Pacific coast has been postponed until May 'or June. B. Prentiss Bailey,, the editor of the Utica Observer, on Monday the 12th forming part of the province of Ontario.! Iast - be & an nls fortieth consecutive year It is the great mining district of British of work oa that Journal. America and has interests quite distinct I Parson G. Ogden, one of the wealth- from those of Ontario proper. It Is un- lest men hi Cincinnati, died at his home likely that there will be much objection from heart disease. He was a brother to the proposed division. j of Mrs. P. D, Arthur on the 12th. , I The reported wreck on the Rock Is- The year of greatest growth in boys laud road, supposed to have occurred la the seventeenth, in girls, the four- near Horton, Kns., Friday night proved teenth. While girls reach full height in to luive had no foundation In fact Panama canal. Mr. Stewsrl introduced a bin amending the Sherman act so f,3 to provide for free surer coinage and the coinage of bullion now held in the treasury, and In addition for the Issue of , treasury .notes based on the silver deposits/ which notes are to T>e redeemable to gold or silver coin at the option of the government and ate made legal tenders. The anti-option bill was laid before the senate, but Informally laid aside to allow dis-Tussion on the Indian Territory resolution to be continued. The senate then adjournod. The presidqrt to-day sent the following nominations to the senate: Lambertson of Nebraska, to be assistant secretary of treasury, vice A. B. Xet- tleton, resigned; Charles C. Cole of the District of Colombia fo be associate justice of the supreme court of the District of Columbia, vice Charles P. James, retired: Peter R. Orossup of til., to be United States district Judge for the northern district of minois. vicn Hpnry TV. Blodgett, retired; James W. JIcDUl of Town to be an inter-state commerce com. (reappointed): Percy O. pnny for an injunction restraining the j Cheney of New Hampshire to be en- American Express company from mak- i voy extraordinary andI-minister plenl- ing any contmct for express busim-ss r-oterttiarfr- of th'e United States to south of the line of Boston & Albany Switzerland. - The Southern. Pacific company has issued a circular to all general passenger and ticket agents, setting forth that after January 1 next, it will not honor tickets issued by the Canadian Pacific over any connecting road for California or Oregon points via the Canadian Pacific, At New York an explosion of gas occurred on the ffiorn'.ng of the 10th in the one-story brick building owned by the New York Central railroad at One Hundred and Fifty-sixth »street and Sheridan avenue. Peter McCabe, who worked in the place was burned to death. At New York Judge Ingrahain heard arguments on the 10th on the application of the United States Express coui- railroad. Decision reserved. House.—When Speaker Crlso entered The steamship State of Alabama, the house'to-day and took his chair FARMING IN JAPAN feii Acres Constitute a Lafg Fai'iu Under the Mikado's Over- Forty-Oiie Million Fee( from 18,000,000 Acres* Interesting Facts Uoneerniiig Ag ricuiture oa a Diminutive Scale. A Toklo letter says: 'Die land uude cultivation in Japan is about 18,000,001 acres, upon the .product of which 41 000,000 must be fed. It is uuuecessarj to add that tue farms are small. Tli average farm is but one to three acres which has arrived at New York from there was a spontaneous outburst of; a nd a ten-acre plot Is considered Bremen, had on board a consignment applause from all pnrts of the floor j-irge of rags, which has been collected in a -ind cnllerlos. a tribute of sympathy So juany tilings are dou en the diminutive scale hi Japan. district in which cholera was prevalent for the speaker In bis unpleasant con- ' ».j imce nu ii zmg and territory savins during the past summer. The federal nocHon with 'the Reform club dinner. ' lulve bc>en lvt i uoc< i to a flue nit Afte at '• authorities will not permit the landin of the rags. The speaker laid before the house a '• communication from the secretary of deng it ^ the Japanese fields and gar easy to undcBrtand A loaded freight train on the Missouri ™ e treasury. calling attention to the dwurfmg horticulture originated age • Pacific was thrown from the track and 1Ilnpss ot Oon - Koseomnz and trans- • ago m tllls country over an embankment twenty feet high fitting a joint resolution authorizing by the spreading of the mite at Little ™ p to delegate authority of ife rwrfrter of the treasury trmposarl- metllo(I) so long r ,, g!mled bj (ither ^^^ as a secret , was resorte to as a u , atter of expedieucVi u uot 0 Blue, Mo. Brakeman Oglesby was i caught under the wreck and so badly '* (1urin f " Ie !lmpss of the register. ; nccossltyt foi . the limited S { MCU A , ] crushed that he will die. The rest of ™«* resolution was ™««>d. Thp oom- not othcl?vise havc pennlttwl a var i ety the crew jumped and escaped serious »"**«» on ninitarv -affairs reported the f At New York while putting to sea on Franglin street, completely demolishing the pier and doing a damage of ?25,QOi). The La Bretagne has two big holes in her bow. Her steering apparatus was works. . Placed on the calendar. I House then adjourned. ', Tuesday, Dec. 13. House.—In the- house to-dav If the physical aspect'o a country affects the intellectual hf of the people, then the nearness o b t eradicate the range of perspective ii the mental vision. At any rate, w find hi Japan a people who jiarticuloi ... -. .. Mr. izo rather than generalize, and whc out of ordtr and the pilot had no control. Mitchell of Wisconsin, Introduced a bill' dwell with infinite nicety upon the de She was towed to her dock. . appropriating $1,500,000 for militia! tails and minutiae of everything they A band of Garza revolutionists crossed camp purposes at the world's fair dur-i contemplate or undertake, from th from the Texas side of the river at La- ^S next August The bill authorizes' wrITIng of a poem to tiie planting o redo, Tex., into Mexico, and potited two the president to accept hot to exceed a field. That extreme cleverness am companies of Mexican cavalry. Several 50,000 state militia for United States manual skill ore the expression of cer were killed. Reinforcements have gone service for fifteen days for the purpose j tarn Intellectual traits that fall In th eleventh year; then girls become super lor physically to the seventeenth year, i when the tables nro again turned and re. Wallace, and both were cremated. Members of the whiskey trust deny main so. From November to April dill- tlmt the <*>niblue has beon in the market dren grow very little, and gain no bu J' ln £ whiskey. The recent advance weight; from April to July they gain in Ls claimed to be due to the demand. height but lose in weight, and from July to Xovemebr they increase in weight, but not iu height. When a couple many they an: suppos- At New York a certificate of consolidation of the Bavarian and the Star Brewing companies has been filed. The capital of the new concern Is $1,000,000. Rev. Nathan C. Chapln, 09 years old, ed to take each other for better or for , uul for Ilmny y ,, nr8 a loadln g Oongre _ worse until death do them part, and ^ at j 0 iuil minister of the northwest, died there soems to ho uu impression among HlMMcilly ,„ his study on the llth at Min- railrotul stockholders that when the peo- neapoll.s. pie grant a franchise they hike the road j for better or for worse until Gabriel' Two tram l>» brak « into the Panhandle blows his horn. Th<« Now Jersey nu- statlc)n at Crowu Point, hid;, and, after thorlties are Just now making heroic of- destroying all Uie furniture:-and taking fects to correct this misapprehension. I everything of value, fired the building j and departed. Recent curious observations indicate At Milwaukee, Henneke & Go' that our appreciation of food depends store, on East Water street, burned largely—if not chiefly—upon tiie sense Saturday. The building, a three-story of smell. A student 21. years old had brick, was gutted and tiie stock destroy- inherited from his mother the defect— ed. Ix>«s, ?75,000 to $100,000. acquired by her in childhood—of com- j The Kansus surpreme court has deplete alwence of smell, taste and other cidod that a county attorney does not sensations being unaffected. Ho could neoeasarily have to be a lawyer as long detect no difference between tea, coffee as ho Is recognized as county attorney and water. In throe trials out of flvo by tho Judge of Uie district court he confuted bitter "Knoml water and | At Boston Jud Hammond has water but dlBtingulshod between other • (]lm(ted tho Veceiver of tho National and ether and-ammonia. Fruit syrups (< nnmvma „<• i.i_i™,i., ,„ , ,,-. ...M V^UUJil UrWj \jL -I'lieiMln IO wero simply sweet, with no difference of flavor. Glover and cinnamon were recognized, but mustard and poppet gave only a sharp sensation- on tin tongue. fro Nueva Luredo, and the United | of instruction; The' president is further States government has ordered two com-, authorized to notify the. governor of the panics to pursue the bandits on the ] states to inform him before May 1st American side. Garza .was not in the of the number of men that will volun- pairty. teer for the service. The committee -Congressman J. W. Bailey, of the fifth on nlles re P orte <l favorably a rosolu- 'Texas district, is the youngest member a ° n directing the ways and means of the present congress, and Is believed committee to find out tin?,exact condi- to be the youngest of tiie next one. Ho tion of the public treasury and the is a native MIssissippian, tall and Probable Tnture revenue., It was adopt- straight as an arrow, has a handsome, w1 intellectual face, and Is a natural ora- -Senate.—A bill was introduced hi tho tor of tho Patrick Henry style. His Henn te by Senator Cullovn to amend the district is by no means the largest in Interstate commerce law- and one-by Texas, but you could drop several of Senator'Peffor to' facilitate promotion the smaller states of the union into jtv in the navy.. Senator George.addressed and Uiey would not criowd each other'the senate in favor of tho anti-option bill. -''Before 'he had •concluded, the senate wjent into executive .session and Wednesday, Dec. 14. Senate.—The McGarrahan claim was discussed In Qie senate until 2 o'clock, when .the anti-option, bill was taken up, Senator George resuming his remarks. 'When he got the floor to-day At Kansas' City, Benjamin Copenhaven and Tliomas Novltt, county Judges of St. Glair coimty, were fined by Judge Phillips for contempt of court Saturday for not issuing orders for a special tax levy to take up bonds issued to tiie Tebo & Neosho railroad, which i-uus, on paper, right through tiieir county. Three aldermen of Latlirop, Mo., II. II. Freeman, William McLow and M. A. Goff, were also' fined for the same offense. same category and help to prove the theory. Farming is not regarded by the Jap anese in the 'light of -science, subjec to the fluctuating modlficaiior.s of nev improvements, but as an art whosi scope was measured and whoso limita lions were conceded long ago: The methods- of cultivation, the succession of crops, and even tho kind of machin oi-y used, are tho same as they wore nearly 2,000 years ago. In spite of th agricultural limitations, no cotmtry li the world produces so much per acrf as Japan. The limit of cultivation was reached long ago, but by judicious us< oT fertilizers, and a skill in farming iliat amounts to a genius, the sam average yield Ls obtained year aftei "The land Is well suited to Irrigation and the water, which Is regarded as impure by fastidious Europeans, Is abundant. Most of the land is made up of plains, whose surface 1 '. Is well drained irt of : HP Lucy Booth, General Booth's youngest daughter, is about to go to India to be at the head of the working among tho women of tlmt dark land. Like all tho women of tho Sulmtton Army in India, she- will go among the native women in their own costume and live In the samii planner that they do. An Enoch Arden. case is reported from Benton, 111., without tho conventional termination. A resident of that town disappeared some six years ago, and returned- 't find his wife married again. Ho was found In this house, of his wifo with tho -top of his head blown off. Ho hod not, the philosophy of Tennyson's ideal returned husband. Tho cruiser Cincinnati, just launched at tho Brooklyn navy yard, Is of about tho sumo size as the Boston and the Atlanta of tho white squadron, but is greatly their .superior in point of speed and in "coal endurance" or ability to keep at sea. for a long period without replenishing her supply of fuel. Her battery Is also said to be more effective. The monetary conference has listened to speeches, but nothing practical is in sight. Professor Andrews, Senators Jones and Allison each addressed tho conference. It is expected that at the adjournment this week the members Ci will be wider apart In their views than they were a week ago, aud there is no v prospect of their uniting on any nions- *i. ure. It is possible that tho discussions g ft of this body and the public interest * i wluch they have- excited througout the .;•! world may open tho way for a more suc- conforcucG in the future, «r $17,000, tho amount of a shortage- in tho treasury. Yaqui Indians to the number of 2,000 are said to have banded with several hundred Mayo Indians and ure commet- tlng many outrages on the Spanish and American settlers In Uie Yuqui and Mayo valleys iu Mexico. At Cramp's shipyard keel blocks have been laid for two of the five new American registry, which tho Ininau company has engaged to build for tho purpose of carrying trans-Atlantic mails under tiie postal subsidy act, Tho contest among the Michigan republicans for the United States senator- slilp is becoming lively. Stockbridge, the present senator, and ex-Gov. Luce are the principal contestants. Indications favor Stockbridge. Albert do Lour, a Milwaukee contractor went to Now York November UO supposedly on business , is missing. Oil December 4 he left the Fifth Avenue hotel in Uio metropolis, and since then nothing has bi'cn soon or heard from him. While Mrs. O. Ii. Albertson, of York, N. D., was absent from her home for a . . there 'was a movement on the part o/ \ being 'washed by the water 'falling? up on Hie hills and ranges from the back Tho numerous rivers and water courses whlc-h cross the plains on tiuvlr way to tho sea are utilized for purposes o many members toward the door, spoke over two hours and did not finish. The bill tEen went over without action. i Daniels' resolution calling for informa- employ of the Camegies have discover- tl S reed fo - "nd the senate adjourned. wl a plot to poison non-union men employed in the steel works-at Homestead. Members of tfie Amalgamated assocUir tlon and officials of other labor orgaui- House.—in tile House to-day Mr. Cpbb ?of Missouri, reported a, 'bill for 'the .relief of Mary Ann Randolph Curtis Lee-of Virginia. The amount Involved zations are said to be implicated. It is , is $217,000. The Senate bill relative 'to two months ago since the first BUS- I public- printing was sent to conference. It is reported that detectives in tlui 11on on tKe "^J^t of civU service was Irrigation. Th« water is drawn to hlgl J "- — J " "- --" ' 'elevations, from which it overflows tin, land In channels. In April the crops arc In a flourish lug condition, and .wheat, barley, rape and corn Jorm tEe principal part. Al the fields are planted with matiioma tlcal precision, for tho element of ac curacy enters Into the art of the farmer, and the fields must be pleasing;In appearance. The cereal^ are astonishingly regular in position and growth And even the ears of com appear in line as they come out. Tho cereals, whether planted In single or double rows, grow hi clusters of several stems each cluster being 'exactly In line; so that tho eye detects jio Irregularities whatever. Seed is too valuable to waste, and only rice is scattered brood- The 1 publication of -10,000. copies of the President's , message ^ plclou was entertained tiiat Uie people wore poisoned. As a result of the alleged plot, it is said that thirty or more pei-sons lost their lives, while scores are still suffering in hospitals and at their homes from the effects of the drug. Robert J.' Beatty bus been arrested in Louisville charged .with poisoning several of the non-union men. Kx-Kmpress Frederick of Germany, with her youngest daughter, hail an unfortunate experience jwith the police of Venice a few weeks ago. She was living at one of the principal hotels along the Grand cannl. Leaving her apartments one afternoon for.a walk, she and the princess took a little dot; along. Contrary, to the Venice regulations, the dog was without a muzzle. A dog catcher happened to pass them, and despite the protests of the royal °™'£ w £ £»W °«' J Lullos. Insist^ unrni tnlHn,- «,« ™+ t J ."«. M ?°?. C * B 'f*™ 1 * do '"* the ordered. When ttio army bill was reached, 7 Mr. Antony of Texas- stirred up excitement by offering an amendment to the effect that no person pensioned By the government should be ^permitted to receive pay under the ponding 'act. Blngham, of 1'ennsylvania, strenuously opposed Anthony's amendment and referred -to tho cases of General Sickles and Rosencrans to boih of whom he paid a. high nompllmcnt. He was ably seconded by, Ca8ti Four or five grains of com are Mr. Quthwatte and the amendment' Phvntod together upon ridges equal dis- was rejected. The committee thohrose ' tances apart, and generally 'in rows. and-tliie bill f was passed, and tlip'house adjounuxl, , ,' . ; 1 !. ; Arc Ton Sqolri And in it pain that daws yon to squirm f Rheu- m t-t " ' on ' wlnce ladles, insisted upon taking the pet to the station house. The ex-empress and the princess followed him thither, .The man hi charge recognized them at once, however, and /with profuse apologies, they were allowed to depart with'the unmuzzled animal. with Bon- tetter's Stomach Bitters, which expels the rheumatic virus from the blood and promptly relieve* the tortures that it produces. The •Ttdenc* in The intervening space is utilized for growing beaas, which are so planted that they can get space and light without Injury to tho other crops. Land Is so valuable that no space is allowed for grass-plots, and It. Is a curious tiling that no weeds are to bo seen In any of the cultivated plots in Japan. Hvory inch of ground must be put to the most, profitable use, and a medical practlcionew. CONGRESSIONAL Friday, Dec. 0. House.—An Important amendment to tjie rules /was adopted hi the hoqso short time, some paper caught lire from ' to-day, which provides that business tho stovepipe and tho room was lillcxl j left unfinished by congress may be con- wlth smoke, which suffocated her two sldered immedia'telv bv th« n^t. Tho children. The mother has become insane. Gov. Oulcord, of Nevada, confirms the statement that the silver mines iu that state are being closed owing to the low price of silver. He says there is uot a dividend paying silver mine In Nevada. He still hopes tho Brussels conference may be something. Alfred J. Price, bookkeeper for Street & Smith, publishers of the New York Weekly, has pleaded guilty to larceny In the first degree. He was sentenced to the penitentiary for flvo years. Price committed a series of embezzlements by which the firm lost about $?5,OOQ. sldered immediately by the next. The speaker announced the appointments to fill the vacancies on a number of the 'jomuilttees. After further consideration a bill relating to the public printing and binding was passed. A petition from Massachusetts, asking for the repeal of the Chinese exclusion act was presented and ordered printed, after which tho house adjourned until Monday. Monday, Dec. 12. Senate.— In the senate numerous petitions foi 1 and against the passage of the anti-option bill wore presented? also for closing the World's fnlr on Sun' day 004' for tfee o| man; Like all standard prep orations, the Bitters deserve* a persistent trial, which tt It receives, the happiest and most thorough result! may be confidently anticipated. for malaria, kidney aud liver complaints, neuralgia, nenrontness, indigestion and loss of fle«h and uppetlte it Is a world-famous remedy. Con- valpseiice atter debilitating allmeuti U much tuclUUOed by it The condition of Spain is by no mean's satisfactory to tho ruling power there. There has been exhibited of late a by a bird stands little show of growing fo maturity, So thoroughly have the Japanese go(t tiie mastery of these pests that the son Is entirely free from every trace of them. The climate and tho warm, humid atmosphere' are particularly favorable to the growth of rust and other parasitic forms, but they liavo also entirely disappeared from the fields of Japan. A i'ew narrow paths are made in the fields where absolutely necessary, but there aro no roads, and consequently no room for wheeled ve- spirlt of turbulence "and .unrest, and . Wclos or machines. Almost all the there is no enthusiasm over the regency ' work of cntivation is done bv lumd or tho succession when the baby ku>« and the toolsl ai-o simple. Tho tool shall be old enough to rule. Tho tend- used for cutting barley or wheat con- eney Is strongly republican, and vouhir sisra nf n oi.n.-n i.i.^i^ ^i,,«,,^ „* .....1.1. eney ,1s strongly republican, and young Alfonso^may never sit upon the throtio of tho notion which has not advanced with the rest of the world. The political era in Europe Is one of remarkable changes. Postmaster-General Wauaiuaker has issued an order to go into effect Jan. I, 1892 reducing the fee for each piece of registered mail matter from, to to 8 cents. fists of a sharp placed at right angles to the shaft, which is about two feet long. The com ia cut yerr carefully, so that Uie adjoining plants nro not Injured. Thrashing, too, is a tedious process. There is no room in the fields for dry- Ing sheaves, for the ground must bo used immediately after harvest for other crops. The com sheaves are tied up in bunches nn,d securely fastened ard always placed uv tho rain may run off. vest, season the eaves and every village house n with neat bundles of __ ^ b<aten oub as soon rie dry n ui-e knocked 'against a pole few feet above the ground, una . grain falls ui-ott the mats placed low to receive It. Th. Ce3 - e 4 *> tlu-ough a sort of primitive winn or thrown Up for the ,whid to away the husks. Bunches of , rice straw are drawn through and gathered upon mats T straw is used in the Wntifertnte^S a tough paper that has a great sain 'k Japan* • m 111 July the fields are inade ready the rice, after being properly bat up and irrigated. Wee is a staple Is regarded as a luxury among the ««* mere, being used only on holidays or £ case of illness. If ,t patient ia i tt ? critical condition he is permitted te have rice. "What, so hi that he must have rice?" is asked in sympathy, aud Uio patient's case Is indeed ttlarmuw when tills grain is resorted to as diet. Before tiie fields are hoed the surface is covered with vegetables or straw, such as Dean, haulm or bamboo grass, .which decay in time and make excellent fertilizers. This coating Jg turned under tiie mud by moans ol hoes a little- larger than ordinary spades. Sometimes a subsoil plow Is nsod to accomplish the same result The coating of vegetation keeps the muddy enrUi open and in a porous (•oii'Uticn the first season and furuLshcj fertilization for the second. ; After tho surface Ls carefully' smooth: ed, it is covered to a depth of six inches with water. This process of irrigation Is very particular, although simple enough. Water is conducted into the field of the highest elevation in nelghbtihood,'which it overflow)), and then is carried, to tiie next Held, a few inches lower, and on tlirough the whole series of fields to the lowest. Water! at the uriform depth of six inches Is allowed to stand in each. If by chance any of the fields cannot be watered ini, this way, another method is used AVater is thrown up to the required level by means of tread wheels placed iu the channels built for tins purpose. The weight of Uie men who tread the* wheels is sufficient to throw the water up to a considerable height. THE GREAT ,ELK. Indian* Still Shoot Thrm With tJi<- Uugt Hhttrp't) Kllle. N. Y. Journal: The Queels river, winch flows Into the Pacific ocean about fifteen miles north of the Quinfault agency, Wash., Is a, good-sized stream,' very deep in places; with bad rapids at 1 Intervals. Its waters are of a muddy, greenish hue—very similar to the color of the St. Lawiviico. It is fed by the melting snows of Mount Olympus. The bottom land of the region has ft rich black soil and is covered with alders and salmon-berry bushes. The upland Is shot clay and Is shaded by mammoth spruces and hemlocks. ', ' • ' To see groat hoof-marks hi these jvild forests one might; think tho. .country overrun with cattle, but this idea is generally dispelled by the appearance or those an tiered monaivh.s known as elk, which are gradually being thlned out, o\ying to the merciless slaughter, the Indians make upon them. Four and five canoe-loads of SI washes go up to tiie Queels a.nd'Clcarwater rivers every few weeks In quest of elk, usually remaining a fortnight in the foothills, during which, time they kill many of the animals, often taking nothing but the Mdes and leaving dozens of < the carcasses as food , for wolves aiid cougars. Such proceed- ngs should bo stopped immediately. The reservation is amply large enough for the few Indians it contains, and they ougjht to be made to stay within its limits. A young man who had accompanied them on pno of thelj- hunja informed me that when they discovered where a band had crossed the riverland climed up the steep, wooded hillside, hey forsake the canoes and start on the | trail, going with the rapidity of wild' uiimols at first, but growing more cau- tjlous as the signs get fresher, and at | ast sneaking llkp a cat upon the unsuspecting elk. They invariably use tho Sharps rifle, 45-120, and with such A cannon it Is not surprising a Siwash hunter recently killed two of these powerful animals at a single shot. Black bears are quite numerous throughout the country, and are trapped uccessf ully by tho Indians. The groun-l Is printed with their long, wide tracks my place you may look, though bruin 1$ exceedingly shy—more so, In fact, than the deer, which frequently gaze at a jorson with a world' of wonder in their oft, brown eyes. . _ to bouses, , Tfee, ,ea,ra half IferopluuH \Vulv«-n iu UuHniu. In.nuuiy of the southwestern districts f Russia the wolves are this season howing unusual temerity iu raiding heepfolds and attacking not only orses and cattlo but stray Avayfarere long the highways and bypatlis trav- rslng or skirting tho forests, says a orresppnclont to the Oiuclmwti Coin- lercial Gazette. A l'ej\y' days ;j ago a •easaut ton foot ,aud :ii. sieve-maker hiving a single house tiu-antoss were owards nightfall approoclUng the vp- age of Plan jo, near Dubno, \vhen they startled by the chas> cay of » pack to their rear. The peasant ed and reached the, village in safety, 'ho horse and tantntiiss, 'whieh byd een some little distance behind the easimt, clashed Into the village a. few ilnutes later, but without their owner. The next morning t^e poor sJ e / e nwk" cr's bones were fQund soajftered'a.bovtt tho spot whore he liad beeu,'a^c,k?d oftd dragged from the vehicle, by h JS ravenous pursuers, whilst tjte liplsnun- ate man's head was tUBOoyorftd.hj dreadfully mutilated cop^efl |nj|l@ away.

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