The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 14, 1892 · Page 9
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 9

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 14, 1892
Page 9
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THEUPPMVtiiES MotNHS, ALGOiNA* IOWA, wfrrilsmSDAY. DECEMBER U> 1892, FROM BEAJJ TO FOOT I reelthe go6d that's done by Dr. Pierce's 5fen Medical Discovery. If purifies the 1.. And through the blood, it cleanses, w, and invigorates the whole system. KF fa recovering from "La Grippe." or in iMnvalesfcence irotn pneumonia, fevers, or !! : Mher wasting diseases, nothing can equal it ill aiJ appetizing, restorative tonic to build up " d flesh and strength. It rouses every i into natural action, promotes all the functions, and restores health and mar JIM ***!?• disease that comes from a torpid liter or impure blood, Dyspepsia. Indigestion, F Biliousness, and the most stubborn Skin, *8cslPt or Scrofulous affections, the " Discov- v try "Is the only remedy so certain that il £Cfln be {jwaranfeed. If it doesn't benefit or ffctirei in':every case, you have your money For a perfect and permanent cure foi ,'daterrhj: take Dr. Sage's Catarrh Remedy. t US proprietors offer $500 reward for an .Incurable cose of Catarrh. It Cures OoId3,Coughg,Sore Throat,Croup,Iniratn- «»,Whoopins Cou'h, Bronchitis and Asthma. A certain cure for Connumption in first atagen, nni) • sure relief in advanced ota^es. TJse at once, Ton Trill see the excellent effect after taking the first dose. Bold by dealer* everywhere, long* b«ttl«i 80 cents tad Sl.OO. '. Treating Ailing Women by Letter Most cases of Female diseases can ba treated as well by us through fte mails as by personal consultation. In writing for tdvice, give age and lymptomi of your complaint, state length of time you have been suffering, and what means you nave tried to obtain relief. Mrs. Plnkham fully and w carefully answers all letters of inquiry, and charges nothing for her advice. AH" correspondence is treated strictly, confiden- , tial. 'Your letters will ,be received and answered by one of your own sex. Address, LYDIA E. PINKHAM MEDICAL Co., Lynn, Mass. LANGUAGE OF ELEPHANTS. It ts UmlPi-Htoocl by tiilialiitiiiits ol India ntul Oylon. The language of the elephant is Avell understood by the East Indians and those who have to do with the animal as if the communication wore made in their own tongue, though, curious to relate, Hie sounds in India and Ceylon have different meanings attributed to them. When em-aged, an. elephant utters a slu-ill cry through the trunk, which may be taken as a warning. A sportsman engaged in hunting elephants hnd approached a large tusker, when he found to his chagrin, that he had dropped his ammunition, so that he could only lie concealed and feast his eyes upon the huge animal. His disappointment was partly compensated, for, by observing tlie elephant informing tlie herd that danger was lurking hear it The tusker was feeding, and moved slowly around until it came below the concealed sportsman, when, with its wonderful scent, it immediately recognized the presence of its enemy. Then it stopped feeding, raised the tip of its trunk cautiously, and, In a low suppressed but penetrating tone, uttered with its lips the sound "prat," which is repeated so that it somewhat resembled the twittering of a bird. The sound would hardly have been noticed, had not the sportsman been near at hand; but it wns immediately understood toy the herd, which moved quickly but sileully away, followed by the sentinel. Pleasure is often expressed by elephants in an excruciating squeak, fai- from pleasurable to the auditor. AVhen satisfied and coutcnted.thc animal purrs gently. Fear finds expression often in a remarkable reverberating roar, and sometimes Jin a shrill squeak. A thoroughly enraged elephant utters a deep warning sound hi. the throat, and often a ^ollow, reverberating, rumbling sor , When suspicious, or desirous of .... ring a slight warning, the tip of tbe trunk is tapped upon the ground, while from the trunk there issues a volume of air, which at times, sounds like a sheet of tin being rolled. Young or baby elephants express their wants by singular sounds Uttered by the throat. Another sound made by wild, elephants is produced by striking the sides forcibly with the trunk. That elephants, use these and other soxmds as rne'thods of cunununlcatlon, or as &• language, there can be no doubt. It is loo plum to need a dumostrtition by ifinrt or diagram that Dr. Bull's Cong!Syrup is what the people need everywhere, for cure of bronchial and pectoral trouble! It is a ior« care. The plumber and the poet work In very different ways; For while the former lays his pipes, The latter pipes his lays. —The Campus. VtT».-All Fit* Stoppea fr*« by Or. ««"«• « «l-..ftt Srfvr. Uvstnrrr. Ko Tlt« lifter ft"' dny'stiso. Mnvvelona cnren. TrentUo nnd $2.00 trial bottle free to Fit Cases. Send to Dr. Kline, ArchSt.. Fhlla., fa. . YOUR HEALTH. The citadel of life must be guard' ed at two points. Ih the first place, The Greek c theaters had no scenery, the I there is danger of talcing cold. We being painted to resemble the • ,, . , ^ skin ftnd Disease Is unnatural and is but the proof that we are abusing Nature. It is claimed thai Garfield Tea,.a simple herb remedy, helps Nature to overcome tills abuse. The Turkish tuban came in during the reign of John of France, It was sometimes three feet high nnd as big as a barrel. INSTEAD OF Tiui'i.iNO WITH A. BAD COLD use Dr. D. Jayue's Expectorant which will loosen the phlegm, subdue iiillnuiatiou, and certainly save your Lungs and Throat much dangerous wear and lour. Four members of one family in New York mimed Cuchrnn hold positions as majors in Uie volunteer militia of. thai slulu. A Child 10nJoy« The plcnsnnt flavor, gentle ni'llon nnd smithing effect ul Synip ol FlgH, when in need of a luxnlivu, nnd if Ihe J'tillier or in.i)lher I)U vosllvu or bilious, the most, gmlifjing results follow ils use; so llmt il> Ts Hie liesl family remedy known and every family should have a botlle. locality intended Mario to Look tiik« New, Dresses, Gent'B Clolliing, Fentliora, Gloves, etc., Dyed or Cleaned, flush Garments Btenmcd, at OtloPietch's Dye Works, 345 W. Water St., Milwaukee. Send for circular. The male'isf half lhe"hei-d"nnd should be kept hi good condition. "ALWAYS THUS, Pilot Knob, Mo. Suffered Mr. Henry P. OO Travers, formerly &\J of this place, suf- Years. fered with chronic rheumatism for 20 years, and was treated at times^by several doctors. ST. JACOBS Oil- cured him. No No Return return of pain O in 3 years. O G. A. Farrar. Years. The Inet soldiers in Franco to wear defensive armor were llio pike men, wliiwi! nrgamxaU'm was abolished in 1075. A riirlstnms Present from' Mr. .Tadniijrn. Uit. T.MAIACIK, wiio hits t\ !fv.ui«s for duiuti things (lira f-ijtimtic scale, Veeently placed the liirifi'st. book order ever recorded. 11 was for 100,000 beautiful Oxroiti) THACIIISHS Hindus, fresh from the Oxford University Press of England, ouch Bible containing 1,450 pa!?cs, bound In leather, Divinity Circuit, ffilt edge and round corners. With these 100,000 Tables it is the intention of Dr. Talmagc to make 100,000 hearts happy by malting a Christmas present to each now subscriber to Tnn CHHI&TAJN *2. DH. TALMAOB is editor of THE OHUISTIAN HsnALD which is issued every Wednesday, and it is needless to soy that it is edited In his happiest rein. Itis tilled with bright pictures and every issue contains a charming piece of music contributed by Ira D. San- K6V The orders for Tnii CHIUSTIAN HKBALD since DR. TALMAOB's Christmas present waa first mentioned by the press, are pouring in by mail, telegraph and express at such a tremendous rate, that is quite evident that the supply will give out before the end of the present month. Each one of these Bibles contains a Concordance, Subject- Index, 12 beautiful Colored Maps, and a great quantity of information absolutely in. dispensable to a proper Interpretation of the Holy Scriptures. . The best Investment of a two-dollar note is Co send it to T. DisWiTT TALMAOB, 777 to 783 Bible House. Do it to-day. All you have guessed about life insurance may be wrong, If you wish to knoAV the „„_, trut'h, send for "How and PflST-Whv," issued by the 1'EHH «nr MUlTJAL LIFE, 921-3-5 Chest- flGt nut Street, IMiUadelDhia, WE PAY take cold through the skin and this affects the kidneys and the Umgs. So intimately are these organs connected, that a cold affects both of them. iji order to relieve' the system, both should be treated. I 11 L 111 or rather, the whole system stiouui be regulated. This is done by REID'S GERMAN COUGH AND KIDNEY CUBK. It acts as a stimulant and restores l,he organs to action. The otlu>r weak spot is tlie digestiu . When the food does not digest, u accumulates nndjcnuses fever, sickness and death. The LAXATIVE GUM DROPS will remove all waste material from the system and do it without pain or griping. Ask your druggist for these remedies, and see that he gives them to yon. SYLVAN RKMKDY Co., Ponrin, 111. 1 ' For two years I suffered terribly with stomach trouble, aod was for all that time under treatment by ft physician. He finally, after trying everything, said my stomach wa3 worn out, and that I would have to cease eating solid food. On the recommendation of a friend I procured a bottle of August Flower. Itseem* ed to do me good at once. I gamed strength and flesh rapidly. I fed now like a new man, and consider that August Flower has cured me." jas. E. Dederick, Saugerties, N.Y.* AT" Illustrated iWITH MAPS, <M Mlnmiou, North niVoti,M _ __S Haho, Wuhlnjtoo »« On«ta, FREE GOVERNMENT AND LOW PRICE NORTHERN PACIFIC E, R, <^Th§!ngan4TliB»« 3 Landinonrepoa'.or.. <. M«ilndFHEKx AMrM» _ _ . r_. - ..-..._ "1^-*^^^^JBLMfc , Lui. I The Afrlcii Jlolu l'«»n«, .AiKCOV<>reH In Congo, Wo»t Afrlcu, Is Nnturo'a buro ()uv« fnrAstlimn. Ciiro GuiivaiHi'i'il «••>'« *''jy- i ximrt olllce, 1104 Urondwny, How \ork. 1 or J.«' | •. ,-.BI <..'« VHKK »y Mull. mWroni) »; •' ' Kilioi'tliit; C«: 13- Vine Bt., Olnolnnnll, iJlijlo Epilepsy Can be Cured.. BileBe^ns Small. Guaranteed to cure Bilious Attacks, Sleb feeadache and Countlpulloii. 40 in each fettle. Price 23o. fee sule by druggists. Picture "7, 17, VC" nud sample doso free. F. SMITH *. CO. Pranrlnfprl, NF.W YORK. No Alkalies — OB— Other Chemicals *ro used in the preparation of W. BAKER toaMastGocoa , by flrcewi •T«ryw>«M. W. BAKBE *JJO^Doroh«ri«Ci «••._ BTS CREAM BALM CUBE CATARRH ,-rfICEBa CENTS. Apply Balm into each noatrllt tlS BEOS., B8 Warren St-iK.? Wanted— Young -women make a big blunder if they do not learn to take care of a home. It is a grievous social and moral -wrong •when girls are brought up helpless hi household life., How often we see mothers busily engaged in domestic duties, like a slave, hi order that the girl may enjoy every luxury and do nothing; Indeed, many hardly let. their daughters soil their hands. No woman ought to many who cannot look well .to the ways of her household. In case she may not herself be required to work, she ought to be able to see whether the work is done in a proper manner. A woman is out of her element unless she i is acquainted to a certain extent with the sciences of bake-ology, boil-ology, stitch-ology, inake-ology and , mend-ol- ogy. There was never was a greater, blunder than to substitute good looks for good qualities. The reason why so many men do not make homes for themselves in these days is because they cannot afford it. The women are too much averse to working,'"and too extravagant in all then- tastes. We want more frugality,' ! industry and system; if we could intro' duce these virtues into our higher BO- 'ciety we woul diminish,the envy, jeal- ! ousy and suicides of the single, and the 1 wretchedness, bickering nnd the divorces of the .married. Every girl . ought to be brought up to have regular 1 domestic duties. Idleness should be for' bidden her. The onto' dignitled life is a useful life-Labor Tribune. HulliK for Winter Ulooiiiliiff. Demorcst's bulbs for winter blooming should be potted in October, in a good, rich compost. On potting, water them well, then at once put them in a cellar, or any other place where they can be kept cool and dark. Warmth, and light excite growth of the top. Cool weather and the absence of light discourages j it; but the root-growth goes on under such conditions, and it Is very important 1 that it should be secured before expos- I tog .the plants to sucH conditions as will 1 encourage the development ol the top. Bulbs should be left in the cellar, or wherever they are stored to make roots, for six weeks or, longer. Be sure that the soil is full of roots before you brrng them to a Mgfht, warm room. In case the top has not begun to grow, when e^ and the soil is found full of can be left still longer m the j>i». O. Plielp* Wro^vmj -tb. noted Ki)llt>l>Ky MpeclnllKC <<«<' tterb- nllBt-diBooyerod that "-" '• caused by a pooullai derat itomaoh «nd prepared M« ^olebri..j._ . REMEDIES for Epileptics -rUon hev. ._. THOUSANDS of on«e§. Bond for pnrtioa!«».--_ tlmonUli, »nd hi. "Tre«tl«« on th& Oanw »nd Oar. cf Epllep.y." J. Glb.on Uiowu, 41 Qrund Btr«.t. imij Olty, N. J. NESS AND HEAD NOISfS CURED 'byrMrttnTlnllileFJirCiiililmin. NVWn»»nmMi . Suecn»ful»liou»ll remedies fnlj. Rnl'l bl F. Hiwox. 858 U'wiy, N .1 (Vrlto W 'o. v I'lI,rtlHlAN."rnliitliii, Flu., for price and IcKlhiionnilH (/'. liis liooli Unit Ic'iirlirB liow to )mve stock cninn t!u Bex ih'Kiml. (I. IH cheap, imil not to liu i>«lil until you uvo uonvlnoud It IK ci KIICC IF"" ..„ _.1U It lb IV hHUUUBB. T(1 DIIV or tnitlu for nliomel* I U D UI Florida, write me. THE MONEY. HCO to JOHN HKBAftTlAlt, U. T. A. U., «» r,«. H., uuloogo, III., and reoelTe.pentagy paid, snokest docket cards yon mn luadUd.OnW CENTS per paok. In itamp. or coin. W ORTH DOUBLE . Send »tonce m Otdat XaHetiu in tM Wtrld U ]>B. ISAAC THOMPSON'S CELEBRATED EYE-WATER ThU «rtlol. U » carefully propawd phr>lol»n'i n forlptlcm, and ban bwn In ooniUat nj. tor •••"7 . Muturr. Tlmr. w few dlMMM to whlek mmldm w, mifaject mor. *l«tremlnB th«« •«• »ye^.«n* , erh. jr. «i«remuiiH »•— *-« r*" 1 ..— non*, perh.p., for which mot. »»•«« *i™ "E! tried wHhouli«o<]M». For «11 »(«rul l»f»?" r of th. .yM H U u tafmlUbl. »m.dy. II tk* Hon. «ri follow*! It will M«r fr" Inrlt* th. »tU»a.m of -«-—•-•— isl. by nil dnurcliU. k 00., Tmo*, S. T. 1 . . BkUblUW4»H. THE NEXT MORNINQ I FEEL BRIGHT AM NEW AND IAV COMPLEXION IS BETTER. My doctor unyn It not* pcntlv nn the stomach, II' mmlklilneyn. ( li«ntl»p. Thin drli ui nindo from liorbn. and Is propanul fortiM iu ttJti •I too. Itlncnlled LRME'S MEDICINE All.I H, ntul l.T*. i n . n .*.. i. at 60c and |1 p«r pfc,-. .-. .. , I your niton for • tut umpU. UBK'I VMlllr »••"—. id b.nfli «»eh 4», b udir to k« hullbr, till U ••}» Addroii OIIATOR r. WOODWARD, laHoT. N. T. $40,000,000 Earned 'bj the Bull Tclrplionn I'ntent In 1891, fmr Invention mnj he Tulunblo. Yon nhould proUot (t by pntont. Addnu for (nil nnd intelligent tdvte*, <r*«' at ormni, ~W. IV. I.VUUMCY A 4JO., 01 cn.rg., solicitor. »t tmtntm. PMifl* Bld'fc 03 F BL, N. W., WB« 1»«t»«, »k O. All Indian of tlie Grand Rondo reservation in Oregon, Is claimed to be the only Indian in tlie state that draws a pension. A Mammotli Competition. $0,500 in prizes for the best seven stories was what Tlie Youth's Companion offered; $5 000 for the best Serials, and $l,r>00 fov the best Folk-lore tales. Ijo less than 2,903 stories competed for these prizes. The sue- cessful stories are just lumouueed to appear in Tl\e Companion during 1893. By sending $1.75 at oiice you will obtain tlie paper PKEE to January and for a full year, to January '04 Address TUB YOUTH'S COMPANION, Boston, Mass. St. Charles;'MO.J has been under the dominion of three flags, namely: Spain, Franco, and the United States. , Deafness Cannot be Cured by local applications, as they cannot reach the disused portion of the ear. 'lucre s only one way to cure Deafness, and that s by constitutional remedies. Deafness is caused by an inflamed condition of the mucus lining ° £ tllu Eustaeuian Tube. When this tube gels inflamed you havo a rumbling sound or Imporlect hearing, ana when it IB entirely closed Deafness is the result, and unless the inflammation can be taken out and this tubu restored to Its nor- ma! cumliUon, hearing will bo destroyed forever, nine cases out of ten are caused by catarrh which- is nothing but an inflamed condition of the mucus surfaei!6._ We will "ivo Ono Hundred Dollars for auv case of Deafness (caused by cataran) that cannot be cured'by HaH'g Catarrh Cure. Send for circulars, free. F. J. CHENEY & Co., Toledo, O. by Druggists, 75. ^^^^pr^^Br^lH^ ^^pf ^^pf ^J^ ^^^ ^U? ^F ^U ^^7. ^^r ^^ ^^^ ^^ ^•^ ^^^^^ Two Letters to Dr. Talma g > ^^ * DEAR DR. TALMAGE:—I again send you $2.00>foi another OXFORD TEACHERS' BIBLE and THE CHRISTIAN HERALD lor one year, both ot which you will please send toT. McKean, Cold Springs, N J. It is but just for me to say that I am well pleased with the beautiful Premium Teachers' Bible and I tender you my sheerest thanks Or it. As for THE CHRISTIAN HERALD I regard it as the " Prince of Family papers, in fact I love it next to the Bible. Yours sincerely, Rev. THOMAS J. TAYLOR, Cold Springs, N. J. DEAR SIR:—1 made the best bargain ol the year when I sent you two dollars for TUB CHRISTIAN FERALD and the OXFORD TEACHKRH' Ilini.K. "otli have been the source of much pleasure. Now I wan! the home folks to have THE CHKISTIAN HKIUI..U. In- closed find two dollars for THE CHRISTIAN HKBALD and OXFORD TEACHERS' BIBLE to be sent to my brother. Hubert C. Niday, Mercerville, Ohio. Sincerely yours, J. E. NIDAY. Principal, Public School, Reagan, Texas IF YOU willle^Two'DoUars'TTHE CHRISTIAN HERALD as soon as you see this * advertisement, I will send you THE CHRISTIAN HERALD for one year--52 times-every Wednesday, and in addition I will send you free of charge (all charges prepaid) by express a beautiful The value of the honey and wax produced in the United States during the po»t year bae i b6eu estimated at $-20,000,000. important to Fleshy People. We have noticed a page article In the » Street, Chicago, 111. Wednesday, I make this extraordinary offer in order to introduce THE CHRISTIAN HERALD into] Hi your home. . THE CHRISTIAN HEKALD is the ONLY PAPER IN THE WORLD EDITED BY REV. DR. TALMAGE. It is issued every of pictures. Every issue has a piece of in circumference f-OVGHS AND COl.'DB. Tliusu who ur. ;rf''iS^ E '£» s s^a TKO'CIIKS. Sold only in Jten- __ Both Greek and Roman ladles ?"'«»<** their iacls- for white, using white lead; lot SSd. tto« juice ot an unknown Uerte. «* l«cffi with veeetabl. mBr»pidlydlB»PP'J'" 1 . aa *' u J,'"m,Ked BOOB a) A Dangerous Deadlock , w "™ " THE Oxford Teachers' Bible SENT FREE WITH TO EVERY YEARLY SUBSCRIBER •^ AT $2.OO -*• contains 1450 Pages, is Leather Bound, Divinity Circuit, Gilt Edge, Round Corners, and Overlwping Edges. This Beautiful Bible is Printed from CU«r Pearl Type, and Measures when open, Flajs included ,,„,,. re **. •** 1 x 11 INCHES. ** We Prepay Express Cliarges. Ennh llililo i fi printed \" r . t '. 1 ? 1 5.j'i >r<i "" Univcrbity rr«" *•»? ?"„ O n at Aniou Oornur, m I-omlon. TUB Oxford Teachers'Bible COMI'RISES The .Holy Scriptures with References. And All tlie Helps. Summaries of the (Several uuoka. Tables Illustrating Scripture History. Concordance, ^o.oooRcferences. Index to Persons, Subjects and Places, 16,000 References. Genuineness and Integrity of the Old and New Testaments. Summary o( the Apocryphal Books. I>ictl onary of all Scriptural Proper N'ames.'llwh Pronunciation and Meaning. Wordtt OllHolete or Ambiguous in the Kn(;lisli Bible. 12 COI.OKKD HCRII»TW«.E MAI'B. Animals of tlie Bible. Jlarmony uf tho (iospels, etc. IV J — D. SANKEY. No Christian Home in a Christian land should without THE CHRISTIAN HERALD and a Genuine OXFORD TEACH ERS' BIBLE. Send Two Dollars Today and make your home bright fcr a whole year. - if your subscription is received after our stock of Bibles is diabetes inactloa complaints to the re»« Stomvob Bitte r B to aliments unchecked are wy Mr. Hernwn "Three yearsago, as t teeult of CATARRH / entirely lost my hearing and was Deaf fpr More Than a Year. rn mv surpiue and great Joy when I had i.kfln three bottles ot Hood's SiirsuparUlit 1 tound »y iVrius was returning. 1 VeptOD fm I had taken three more and I can Uear per• -iitivwcU. I am troubled but very little with he caUrrh. I consider this a remarttaWu Sfge/ 1 HBBMAN HicBe, 80 Carter Street, Kocheeter.N. Y. year for OBly $2. Address 777 to 783 HELD TEA ! /( Patents! Pensions! HNGOTTS ,? i-u,?*JUr JZZlr nf tnnnthlV DUbUcflf ! for Invent9t'» Quid* or How to ObMa » Putput for Pigwtot Feufloit imd I»ou«Uy

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