The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 14, 1892 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 14, 1892
Page 7
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IRIVAL AND DEPARTURE OF TRAINS. CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE & ST. PAUL. West-Pass.— THE tPPME DES MOINES: ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 14, 1832 ALGONA AND BURT SPECIAL CLOTHING For 20 Days Only. \ Our entire stock of Men's, Boys' and Children's Clothing will be put on the market at nearly wholesale prices, as OUR STOCK IS TOO LARGE and must be reduced by January 1st; therefore we will make prices LOWER THAN EVER BEFORE in this market. Remember these special prices will only at our two stores-ALGONA AND BUBT. Also our Entire Stock of Fur Coats. JNO. GOEDERS JR. CHICAGO & NOllTIHVESTEBN called to the new two-cent postal card. It has a return card attached for answers and is yery convenient. They are now to be had at all offices. A. L. Seeley brought in 14 hogs last week and got $259.15 for them, which sneaks pretty well for the profits in hog raising/ The market still holds good and is likely to for some time. The storm prevented anyone from » :33 p m South— Letters remain uncalled for in the ip». UuBlness Notice. M D. A. Haggard has been secured by THK PMiiDBBMoisBsto act as Us agent m aklng settlements with its patrons Any ™iness transacted with him vnll be the fffjwme as though done at this office. THE CITY. I Boardman Bros, want poultry, f Mr. Mayno, the new editor, is on the gr Tbere is snow enough on the ground for good sleighing. Tho Boston store has a cut sale advertised this week. Dr. Keneflok is in his new offices over Jas. Taylor's store Noah Mohler, S. A. Montas, Don .' Mrs. Maggie Simmers, R. L. Stixson, E. B. Trine, Miss Dora Tillson. It is reported that J.'W. Hays will eo on the road for a paper house. A few months newspaper experience oH vns a man every needed qualification for succ^is a dimmer, and we have no doubt Bro. Hays will succeed. Settlements with out-of-town patrons n f THE UPPER DES MOINES are being for a favor on us by dealing with mm. Dr. Morse .went to Bancroft.this i er after that. o'clock. iZm They are fine rooms. f.ssscsrv^st && W*.2S_ %KKr25JSJ ' * taking of the "Farmers' Baggy C °'sia g To.» e Th e s d lllSr 6 is &°e i^s^^^sa^f^- CtDly?" Thereof big difference in these two concerns site Hand's grove by the Bellows farm, and Tom was born and raised a pioneer. He is a pleasant Bancroftito even ir his politics is bud. THE UPPER DBS MOINES has an able corps of contributors this week Their essays on Christmas goods, clothing, iewelrv, etc., compel us to issue two Kpnges: Algona is full of finer goods thin ever before displayed, and it will pay all to come m and see the town before holidays. W B Quarton was taken sick Monday with an aggravated case of tonsi- litis and is confined,, at home. Coming ]ust as court opened it has been very inconvenient. Much of the business of the term will be continued until he can get able to attend to it. Dr. Pride is attending him. Ruthven's blooming democratic orator Thos. Wilkenson, was in town las week, and confidently assured us that the man for postmaster in Algona had already been picked. Consultation wHh other powi-rs that ^however failed to confirm 1.1ns report. The chance is everybody's as yet. The Dos Moinos Capital says: "Car Harrsh of Kossuth county has been confined in Anamosa since 1883. He is now in the insane department, m time has expired, but the warden say Harrsh is not fit to be turned loose, and hasi no.friends who will take charge o him. He will be transferred to Inde pendence." A petition is to-be presented to the county board next month asking them to ctmnge the name of the new town Revnolds and call it Swea City, thus reserving the name of the old original settlement. We should dislike to see "Swea" lost to county nomenclature and if all are willing, why should not we have Swea City? will prove a [lup— - I „ there is - ; officer. , . ™ w v, 0 come before the society JSISM The frame building „ John Lindblom ^^^CmS 1 ^^SSffi^Zr'***** fwith some corn for *^§f. Ll» p /vf<r«t,,i.te I lor was in durin^v«^ i<Mtrfltore wlU lgo \ had this year .- - li«l .-"^•_ J Vi >«"ihe t to be'married or 5s ™y, i ;f" t pn have | Re and Mrs. Sp.lccr <af H vJngw ^ I concluded to join hands, ne»iw, [fortunes, TT^ivoi-sitv I The Minnesota State Ufvers^y 0 %«t,Sgr^ hR^^^ 8854 ,o WrtwArWf te^^ m ^Sr^.:-^-'^ fa '- iJ iai ^su..-» v »^ u » e ri B £ ««K.:fs^si! The attorney fee case between Col. Clarke and E. S. Ellsworth is set for nnvt Tuesday. Attorney Birdsall of cfSion? who IB attending to Ellsworth's interests, was up Monday and will return for the trial. This will prove a very interesting case as it wTl Very like lead to a review of the Ellsworth divorce proceedings. Last week we copied a stray news item in which the farmers'co-operative nsm-ance companies of the state were credited with some seventeen million dollars of policies. Secretary Blackford says that a year ago they had Snety millions, and now have over one hundred millions. Their business has Sown with remarkable rapidity and greatly cheapened farm insurance. TIP Sheetz received a commission last evening from National Commander Wetesert of the Grand Army appointing him an aide on the national stair. This is the same position J. W. Robin- Bon held under the .commander last earfand the appointment is very oom- >limentary to Algona as well as to the doctor. The next encampment is to be held'at Indianapolis. The body of Andrew Bronson, whose death in Dakota was noted last week, wls brought to Algona for interment. The swvfce was held at the cemetery - tvy afternoon at 2 o'plopk, and the fo societies attended. Mr, Bron- S 1 do WSJ^KSSJHS? laed p, many acquaintances in Algona, who hpwed their appreciation by attending lie burial. A divorce was granted yesterday set- ing aside the marriage of Mr. and Mrs. Jhos. Robinson of Wesley. They had ueen married about five years, but have not been able to get along peacably together. Our readers will remember hat this was a runaway match, to which the parents were opposed. Mrs. Robinson is now in Mason City. E. H. Clarke was the attorney in getting the decree. In the case of G. L. Button, whose ar•est was noted last week, the defendant was bound over in $500 bonds to meet the grand jury of Lyon county. W B Quarlon conducted his defense and is confident that he cannot be held under the evidence. J. R. Jones and John Grove were taken as witnesses for the state. Button gave the required bond and came back to Algona with the others. The "Algona Quiz" is a new candidate for popular favor, being a little folio published by Wm. and Jas. Hm- chon. It is intimated that this is a littlo preliminary practice for the boys, preparatory to getting up the Courier when J. W. has his time occupied with the postofflce—that is if he sho.uld be called upon.' In any event they show good newspaper ability and the Quiz" ought to succeed. This term of court will be exceptional in one particular, it has no grand jury. It seems that the grand jury for this year was not legally selected, seven being chosen instead of eight, and the question being raised Judge Thomas at the last term dismissed the panel. Judge Carr could order a new jury, but this being the last term of the year and no cases being urgent he decided to wait for the regular selection. The usual routine of court was varied yesterday morning by the appearance of flames around the register in the rear of the court room. The floor had caught fire from the furnace pipes, and only the prompt action of those present prevented a bad blaze, Had the fire caught when no one was about the court house would have gone up in smoke, for a very few minutes would have seen the inside floors and partitions in a blaze. The first case for trial in this term of court was the Wagner case from Lu- Verne. It was brought on yesterday and was a criminal prosecution. It seems that the defendant got into a row with his uncle and in the course of it took a club and broke a shoulder besides doing other bodily injury. J. C. Raymond assisted County Attorney Joslyn in the prosecution. J. W. Sullivan defended Wagner, who was convicted of assault and battery. Hebron has what promises to be a great scientific curiosity. A short time ago as Wm. Goodrich's father was walking in the pasture he heard a peculiar noise in the air, and immediately an explosion right in front of lum oo- c'urred near the ground. He went up to the place and after a little search found ft piece of ft email meteorite, We then spent some time and has succeeded in ftnding within a few rods several IWger pieces pJ what fee W«k« m$ tare b/en<_ rtrayjisttor r«p fegfl y. Tfcjiff etftrm mm ft Goodrich is 84 years old and intends to have his find investigated. Some specimens will be brought to Algoua as soon as he can come down., How carelessly we observe things we see every day. Tho dead man was believed by dozens to bo Asa K. Smith, and his own brother-in-law identified him absolutely. And then Monday Asa came to town himself to see about it and decide whether he was really dead or not. He decided he was not the man, and so did everybody else as soon as they saw the two together. And yet Asa has lived here all his life, and been seen frequently by everybody. It is little wonder that people so often dispute honestly over the simplest every day occurrences. What bad roads cost is shown in the one item of butter this year. Iowa shipped over ten million pounds less than a year ago, almost wholly because milk could not be hauled in the spring. That means at least two million dollars not received this year by the state. In Kossuth the decrease is about 300,000 pounds, at the least calculation cutting our receipts $60,000. What would that money do for good roads in the county? And how ( many springs will the farmers lose $60,000 on butter alone and still do nothing towards getting good roads? BOWTER'S HOLIDAY DISPLAY. A Profusion of Diamonds, Opera Glasses, Gold and Silver Watches, and Holiday SfoveUtoa. Bowyer's show windows this week are full of new and artistic goods for tho Christinas season, imd his cases hold the largest slock of jewelry and silverware ho has ever shown in Algona. Ho has novcltins in jewelry, in table silverware, and tho finest selection of watches—gold, gold filled, and silver he has ever be(;n able to procure. Every standard make in watches is represented. Some special bargains in ladies' watchos, gents' fob chains, ana ladies' chains will attract attention, Tho latest designs in table silver, forks and knives, jewelry, set and plain rings, furnish a line selection for useful presents. Gold spoutticles, gold and silver thimbles, opom glasses, diamonds, nut picks, orange spoons, clocks, and dozens of like articles fill out tho list. No one should buy before visiting Bowyer's store. He meets all competition in prices for the sumo quality of goods. I'oultry. The Algona Co-operative Creamery company will pay the highest price for poultry after Dec. 2. 36t3 M. SCHKNOK, Secretary. The State Register says: "The Algona UPPER DBS MOINES makes mention of the enterprise of Mr. K. M. Richmond, president of the Farmers' and Traders' Savings bank of Bancroft, and one of the leading business men of northern Iowa, who has recently purchased all the unsold lots in the new town of Reynolds, and assumed responsibility for all contracts previously made. Reynolds is located on the new railroad through Kossuth county, is surrounded by one of the best agricultural regions of Iowa, and Mr. Richmond is determined to make it keep pace wjtn the growth of the county and state." For Bent. House of eight rooms, hot and cole water up stairs and down. Large bath room, furnace heat, 150 barrel cistern, good well, all water brought into house Largo barn and wood shed. This property is also for sale or trade Want to give immediate possession Enquire of Mrs. W. W. Wheeler or O M. Doxsee of Algona, or W. W. Wheel er, Dos Moines, Iowa. W. W. WHEELER, WHAT is nicer than a reliable piece of jewelry for a present? Bowyer has the largest stock ever shown in Algona. Go TO Stough's for till ics and warm foot wetir. kinds of arc- IF you want to see the largest fram and finest display of photographs ever exhibited in Algona, call at Nicoulm's gallery.—12 You won't make a mistake if you buy your wife one of those Moquette, Smyrna, or fur rugs, at the Grange Store. SEE those seamless felt slippers and Oxfords. We have them in a variety of colors, Gep. 'L, Galbraith & Co, NEW and dainty styles in linen, Bilk, and chiffpn. handkerchiefs aj the Grange Store. You will get nothing but first-class work at Niuoulin's gallery.—12 HOUSE and lot for sale, next door to Wilson's hull. Address Vira D. Lamb, Storm Lake, Iowa, SEE Bowyer's show window and then walk in. Don't buy until you price his goods. kinds of silverware and jewelry are finer in design and "heap 0 '! in price than over before. Call at Bowyer's. __ FOR the latest novelties call and get the Swiss or Paris panels at NicOulm s • photo gallery. POUND—A pouketbook containing a sum of money sirid other valuables. Call atNicoulin's gallery, prove property, pay charges, and take it away. BOWYER has every kind of reliable watch manufactured. In solid gold, gold filled, or silver case, to suit the jurobaser. BRING your F. S. Stough. paper. biggest ears of corn to See his offer in tb> M. J. KBNEPICK, M, D. Office over Jas. Taylor's stove. -*M.*i' i NEW styles Grange Store in fine china <$ the .', •; f i^yf^ji in JX# , V n Mrf «

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