The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 28, 1891 · Page 10
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 10

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 28, 1891
Page 10
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THE UPPJ3H DISH MOINK8: AL6QNA, IOWA. WEDNESDAY, OCT. 28, 1891. IOWA'S tlOBfl CROP, The tinmen*^ 1'lolds or 1801 — Corn Av«s«*ft««*i Over 4O itafth'felil—Other Statiatlc*. Following is the October report of the Iowa wcnthor find crop bureau, compiled from the reports of 800 correspondents: The phenomenally warm and dry wenther prevalent during nearly the entire month of September rip- oned the corn and gave assurance of n yield greatly exceeding the most sanguine cstlmntcB mtido n month earlier. The average condition of the crop is marked 93J per cent. Its condition is quite VftHftbie, one county giving it a rating of lift per cent, and another making it as low an 58 per cent. The reports from 31 counties estimate the crop at 100 per cent, and over; twenty counties place It below 00 per cent. So it is safe to say that in about four-flfths of the state a full avorngo crop has been secured. .Severe local storms or very wetanrl cool weather at tho critical stage of its growth, caused tho shortage in the counties which report their condition below tho avornge. Though no actual tests of tho yield had boon nmrln, our corrusnoiiucnts have glvi'ti their estimates'of the yield of corn pur More. The average for the state is found to be ,'i"J bushels per ucro. This in ci.'i'tnlnly a conservative estimate and WH believe that in three- fourlhH of th..- stntc the final rowilts of tho husking will show au average of forty btmhom. Tho following question was submitted to our correspondents: "What proportion of tho total area of your township or county wus this year ulanted to corn?" The answers to this Inquiry are quite variable. Tho average of their estl mates for the stale Is 22* per cent. This would indicate that our total acreage in corn IH 7,876,000 acres. This wo do not accept as fully conclusive, but wo holluvo the rcoulla . of further Inquiry will show that tho total acreage is below rather than above these figures. Making allowance for all drawbacks and possible mistakes in estimates wo plaoo the total yield of corn in Iowa this year at over 800,000,000 bushels, This, of course, Is subject to revision after tho December ro- ,port Is made. The results of threshing, since tho August report, show au Inoroiwod ylold • of oats over the estimate then made. The average Is placed at 41J bushels per acre. This will make tho total for tho state, In round numbers, 120,000,000 bushels. The ylold of winter and spring wheat has also been found to bo greater than tho August estimates. Tho average of winter wheat is placed at 201, and spring wheat at 15}. This would show an output of a Httlo ovor 84,000,000 bushels, on the basis of tho acreage reported. . . Tho yield of barley Is OHtlnmtud at 21) bushels peracrc, giving a total of 4,785,000 bushels. Flax Is rated 11} bushels per acre, and the estimated yield Is about 8,814,870 bushels. Irish potatoes have made an Immense yield. Tho average condition is placed T experiments, hns filed with - the secretary of the state the cbflf^r of the Artificial Rain-Producing company. As directors of the company there are named six Stephens-county men. Tho Capital of the concern ft placed at $100,000, find the object of the company is stated to be "to furnish water to the public by producing and Increasing the fall of rain" by tho Melbourne plan. Melbourne will do the rain producing and the company has contracted to pay him 10 cents per acre for all tho land watered by him during next summer's season. SEASONABLE ADVICE. A Pavnrlta for ttu> Winter ttnntti*-t)n Yon Wonder What it M F. W. plngley, drumrlst, takes especial pleasure In supplying his customers with the best medicines obtainable. Among tho many excellent preparations on his shelves may bo mentioned Chamberlain's Cough Remedy, a favorite during the winter months on account of ita groat success In tho euro of colds. There Is nothing that Will loosen a severe cold so quickly, or so promptly rollovo tho lungs. Olioh It counteracts any tendency toward pneumonia. It Is pleasant and safe to take, and fully worthy of lt« popularity. , ' Knows It to He Reliable. Dr. U. L. St. John ot Rowland, Putnam county, Missouri, takes especial pleasure In recommending Chamberlain's Couch Kom- cdy because ho knows It to bo reliable. Ho has usud It In his practice for several years and says tbero Is nono bettor. It Is especially valuable for colds and as a preventive and cure for croup. This most ux- colloiit remedy Is sold by P. W. Dlngley. It Has No Klvnl. As a preventive und cure for croup Chamberlain's Cough Uomedy has no rival. It Is In fact tho only remedy that can always bo depended upon and that Is pleasant and safo to tuko. Thero Is not the least danger In giving It to children, as It contains nothing Injurious. Sold In 60-ccnt bottles by F. W. Ulugloy. If You Are Troubled with rheumatism or a lame back bind on ovor tho suat of tho pain a piece of flannel dampened with Chamberlain's Pain Halm. lit 108J per oont, and tho yield per acre io 16l)fr bushuls. This would indicate a total output of ovor 28,000,000 bushels. Tho December crop report is likely to fncrouBo those figures. Of rye the estimated yield is 20 bushels per acre, and tho total for tho state will bo about 2,051,000 bushels. Buckwheat IB estimated at 178 bushels per aoro, but tho acreage is not ovor Tho average yield of tamo hay is reported at IS tons per acre, which is a fair estimate. This would give a total Of about 4,500,000 tons. There Is no estimate of the output of wild hay, clover and millet. Tho condition of sorghum is placed at 01) per cunt., grapes 1UH per cent., pastures 8().J pur cent., meadows 001-0 per cent, Tlioro liaa bocu im average amount of fall plowing done. THE RAIN-MAKING BUSINESS. Melbourne AUTOOB to FiinilHli Until In KUIIHIJH for Ton C'outa mi Aero. J. H. and E. H. Warren's Spoarfish Mail has a report of the Wyoming rainmaking experiment which Isof interest. It says: W. M. Bowman of this uity was at Sundance lust Sunday, whore ho had an interview with Col. N. J. O'Brien of Cheyenne, timber inspector for Wyoming-. Col. O'Brien stated that ho was ono of tho many who witnessed Melbourne's " ralinnaklng" at Cheyenne. It was given out that Melbourne would produce rain on a certain dixy, Tho day was oloar ami warm, The officer in charge at tho United States signal station consulted thermometers, barometers and anemometers, also the outward indication, and expressed a readiness to put upas much money as any ono would cover that no rain would fall at Choyonno within 24 hours. Soon after noon Melbourne and his brother, with throe largo grip Hacks, wont into a barn secured for tho occasion, closed all entrances, ami hung up blankets over all "peak holes," They cut a small hole in tho roof to allow tho passage of an Iron pipe, which was run up to a considerable height above the roof. What was clone inside the barn nono but the Molbournoskuow. What occurred outside was a free show. In about an hour u sudden gust of wind o'.uuo with groat force. A few moments )liter tho nucleus of a cloud was ob- Horvod, which rapidly grow until rain began to fall, and u lively shower of rain was the rosult. Al'tor tho shower was over, Melbourne stuck his head out at the partly open door ami Informed tho spectators that at about 4 p. m. he would " give them another dose of the name sort." At tho appointed hour tho " Hood gates of heaven wore opened," and rain poured clown for an hour. Tho shower covered an area of more than 50 miles square. Melbourne is now contracting to furnish rain in any desired quantity In any arid region whoro rain seldom falls. It is probable tkatsome sharp speculator will now pro-ompt tho great African desert, employ Melbourne to furnish tho Irrigation, make the desert to " blossom like the rose,"and make a pile of money out of tho scheme. The latest about tho business is tho- following report: TOI'EKA, Kan., Oct. 20.—A. B. Montgomery of Goodland, Kan., whore Melbourne recently made his rainmaking Ai'o You Allvo To tho importance of keeping up with the timoBi 1 If BO, subscribe for that newsiest and best of metropolitan weeklies, Tho Sioux City Journal. In order to give this paper tho widest possible circulation tho publishers have made tho following unprooodontcdly low prices, from this date, for tho campaign: Single copies to Nov. 10, 1801, 25 cents; clubs of live or more to Nov. .10, 180.1, 20 cents each. Sample copies free. Address Perkins Bros. Co., Sioux City, Iowa. Ketaarkablc Faets. Heart disease 1s umialiy Happened to be Incurable, but when property troatnd a liwe proportion or cases cnn bo cured. Thus MM. Klmira Hutch of Klklmrt, Iiul,,anil Mury L. Bilker of OvUI, Mich- wore eurod afler suffering 20 years. 9. C. Unbur. KOT, druggist at Sun Jono, Cal., sayn that Dr. Mile*' New Heart Cure, which cured the former, "worked wonders for his wife." l.evl I.osan of Buchanan, Mich., who had henrt disease for 1)0 yearn, oara two bottle* made him "feel like a new man." Dr. Miles' New Heart Cure la sold and guaranteed by K. W. DliiKloy, druggist. Book ot wonderful testimonial!) Free. i « A National Event. The holding ot tho World's Fair In a olty scarcely llfty years old will be a remarkable event, but whether It will really benefit till* nullon IIH much as tho dlncovory of the Restorative Nervine by Dr. Franklin Miles. Is doubtful. This Is Just what the American people need to cure their excessive nervousness, dyspepsia, headache, dizziness, sleep- losBiioim, neuralgia, nervous debility, dullness, confusion of mind, etc. It acts like a charm. Trial bottles and fine book on " Nervous and ileurt Diseased," wltU unuquuled testimonials, free at F. W. Dlngloy's drug store, AlKona. It Is wm'rnnted to contain no opium, morphine, or dun- gorous drugs. j * Miles' Nerve mid Liver Pills Act on a new principle-regulating the liver, stomach, und bowels through the nerves. A new dls covery, Dr. Miles' Pills speedily cure blllousnoss- nud taste, torpid liver, piles, constipation. On- oniialod for men, women, and children. Smallest, mildest, surest! Fifty dnnes 25 cents. Samples free at K. W. Dlnglcv's drug store. Wntortown Uootn mid I havo just received an invoice of tho above make, consisting of Kangaroo, Calf, and Dongola Kid, both for ladies' and gentlemen's wear. Having had 25 years' experience in tho manufacture of boots and shoos I. can with confidence assure my patrons that for quality of material and stylo of finish these goods havo no superior in our market. Prices to suit tho times. JNO. SHARP. South Dodgo-st., Algona. 18 HOUSE to rent; 7 rooms, pantry and collar. Inquire of E. H. Clarke. KngllHh Spavin liinlment ItomovoH all hard, soft, or calloused lumps or blemishes from horses, blood spavin, curbs, splints, Sweeney, ring bone, stllles, sprains, nil swollen throats, etc. Save »50 by use of ono buttle; warranted. The most wonderful blem-. Hh cure ever known. Sold by Dr, Sheet/.. Huh cnroil In 110 minutes by Wolford's Saul tury Lotion. Sold by Dr, Sheet?.. NOTICE. W« the undersigned, commissioners appointed by the Judge of the district corn-tot Kossuth county, state of Iowa, hereby order au election to be hold at the Bell hotel, on Thursday, Nov. 11), IKUl, to determine the question of incorporation of tho following described territory: All of See. No. 5, all of Sec. No. U, nil of Sec. No. 7, all of See. No. 8, and Mid North half of the North half of Sec. No. 17, nnd the North Township No. 05, North of Rauge'no, West o" the 5th principal meridian Kossuth county, Iowa. A petition and platt nhowlug tho territory intended to bo incorporated are on file in tho clerk of court's oillco in Algona, Kosouth county, Iowa. Said territory to be known as the Incorporated town of Whlttomore. GKO. E. UOYLE, J. M. FARLKV, J. DoGHAW, H. S. DAILEV, .,,. , A. SCHMIDT, • lltj Commissioners. * RUSSIAN CIRCUMLOCUTION. lint* rroj*«ti loir ifapfo*«m0nt» in th« Pohllfl ferrto* AM Killed. The reason why changes that are manifestly desirable, that are in the direction of econo'my, Mid that apparently would injure no one, are not made in Russia is one of the most puzzling and exasperating things that are forced upon a traveler's attention, tn every branch of the administration one is constantly stumbling upon abuses of defects that have long been recognized, that hare been commented upon for years, that are apparently prejudicial to the interests of everybody, and that, nevertheless, con- tinne to exist. If yon ask an explanation of an official in Siberia he refers you to St. Petersburg, if yon inquire of the chief of the prison department in St. Petersburg he tolls you that he has drawn up a "project" to cope with the evil, but that this "project" has not yet been approved by the minister of the interior. If you go to the minister of the interior you learn that the "project" requires a preliminary appropriation of money—even although its ultimate effect may be to save money —and that it cannot be carried into execution without the assent and co-operation of the minister of finance. If you follow the "project" to the minister of finance you are told that it has been sent back through the minister of the interior to the chief of the prison department for "modification." If you still persist in your determination to find out why this thing is not done, you may chase the modified "project" through the prison department, the minister of the interior and the minister of finance, to the council of the empire. There you discover that, inasmuch as certain cross-and-ribbon-docorated son atprH and generals, who barely know Siberia by natne, have expressed a doubt as to the existence of the evil with which the "project" is intended to deal, a special "commission" (with salaries amounting to 20,000 rubles a year and mileage) has been appointed to investigate tin- subject and make a report. If you pursue the commission to Siberia and back, und search diligently in the proceedings of the council of the empire for its report, you ascertain that the document has been sent to the minister of the interior to serve as a basis for a new "project," and then, as ten or fifteen years have elapsed and all the original projectors are dead, everything begins over agitin. At no stage of this cir- cumrotatory process can you lay youi hand on a particular official and say "Herel You are responsible for this What do you meanby it?" At no stage, probably, can you find an official who is opposed to the reform or who has any personal interest in defeating it; and yet the general effect of the circumrotatory process is more certainly fatal to your reformatory project than any amount of intelligent and active opposition. The various bureaus of the prov <al governor general's office, the chid ,son department, the ministry of the i ,-rior, the ministry of finance, the ministry of justice, the council of ministers, and tho council of the empire constitute a huge administrative maelstrom of ignorance and indifference, in which a "project" revolves slowly, month after month and year after year, until it is finally sucked'down out of sight, or, perhaps, thrown, by a fortuitous eddy of personal or official interest in to the great gulf stream current of real life.—George Kennun in Century. The Air'* Triuiapurniicjr. Unlike fog, haze commonly occurs during an unusually dry state of the lower stratum of air. In considering its cause, it has been suggested that the small quantity of nontruuspure.nt matter required to prodftco the 'dimming effect should always be borne in mind. If the eye can observe the change that comes over a drop of water when the fifty millionth of a gram of fuchsine is introduced, possibly'a weight of water or dust not much greater would suffice for visibility in a column of air 1,000 feet long. -The air is at all times charged with dust particles to a degree difficult to realize. The purest air tested by Mr. Atkins when making his measurements on the top of Ben Nevis contained about 84,000 dust particles to each cubic inch, which would give 85,233,000 particles to every cubic foot, or 85,383,000,000 to a horizontal column of 1,000 feet. This being tho case, it is manifest that a condensation upon a small proportion of these or a momentary adhesion by electric attraction would suffice to produce the optical effect called "haze" or "haziness."—St Louis Republic. AN ATTRACTIVE LINE of Millinery, in the latest and most approved fashions, may be found at Matson & McCall's. We have an infinite variety of styles, at the lowest possible prices. SEEDS, SEEDS! Timothy seed, Red clover seed, Mammoth clover seed, White clover seed, Oil cake meal, Lawn and .orchard grass, German millet seed, Alsyke seed, Blue grass seed, Red top seed, Canada field seed, Stock food, Seed flax, seed wheat, Seed oats, seed corn, AT J. J. WILSON'S. F. L. PARISH'S Hardware and Tin Shop Special attention given to all .kinds of repairing, Including Guns, Pumps, and Gasoline Stoves . Successor to J, J. Wilson, Office and Yard on street^ south of State, ALGOItfA, - IOWA, ALEX. W&1TE, Agent. Hi 1 1 idles the best of all descriptions of BUILDING MATERIAL Which includes everything tfiat is possibly needed for the construction of anything from a picket fence to the very finest residence. WE MEET ALL COMPETITION. 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Bids will be received ut the Bancroft post- pmce, Saturday, Oct. 81. for building two g»««es across the Blue Earth river near 0. H. . . In 100-J38. Hlght reserved to reject any or all bids. Q. H. PETEKS, Coiunilttoe, gUOBT-yOBM MOUTGAGES- Tue best for chattel work. Always In stock at the Upper Den Molnes office. ' i' Mu*lo of the Sphere*. The origin of this, everyday phrase is sufficiently interesting to even bear retelling to those that already know it. Pythagoras, the Greek philosopher, while experimenting on the vibrations of tight drawn strings, discovered that strings of certain lengths produced certain notes. He then illogically connected the seven planets known at that time with musical notes for the reason merely that the radii of the seven spheres, in which, according to then existing notions, the planets were set, were of unequal length and therefore (?) produced different notes. These notes he dubbed the "mnslo of the spheres." This music,was not supposed to be caused by the friction of the spheres in the sockets in which they were set, us is now currently thought, bat was produced by the vibrations of their unequal radii.—New York Hecorder, The Young or tho Sen Devil. You may find in the sea devil a curious illustration of nature's system for adjusting reproduction. The cod lays several hundred thousand eggs at a spawning, because nearly all of them must uecesttarily be lost while floating on the waves and those which hatch are mostly devoured. But the sea devil, which-produces but A single young 009 »t a tim«, retains the latter in its telly until the infant creature Is from four to cix feet in length, so that when born it U able to take care of itaelf and it in no danger of Wng destroyed.—Int#rrl»w tn Washington Star. My rigs are all first class, and I will do what Is right to secure a share of the trade. I WANT YOUR PATRONAGE and I will try to use you right. LOTJIS Dealer in all kinds of Furniture, Picture Frames Looking glasses, chroraos, and nil kinds of ready-made cofllns. Hearse for public use. Headquarters for the best SEWING MACHINES AND ORGANS. NOTICE OF PROBATE OF WILL, STATE OP IOWA, KOSSUTH COUNTY, S3. —In the District Court. To all whom It may concern: Take notice that there was tiled in the offlce of the clerk of the district court of Kossuth county, on the Oth day of October, 1801. an Instrument in writing bearing date the 6th day of January, 1801, and purporting to be the last will and testament of Kasper Hauselmon, late of said county, deceased, was produced and publicly read by me, and that the 3d day of the next term of said court, to be holdeu on the 7th day of December, 1801, at the court house In Algo- ua, aforesaid, has been Jlxed for proving said will; and at Q o'clock p. m. of the day above mentioned all persons Interested are hereby notified and required to appear In said court and show cause, If any they have, why said Instrument should not be probated and allowed as and for the last will and testament of said deceased. Algona, Iowa, Oct. 0,1801. A. A. BKUNSON, 20t3 Clerk of the District Conrt. Consumption Cared. 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