The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 14, 1892 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 14, 1892
Page 2
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an- *^ aza «*K-wBv«-t. is fat JaJl a* I'*nm. tal, <.4»argi*l witfj to «•»*£& it tistisi S.g- At Afezzivlrta.. toS \*t <03K Jars***- fa «fa*s ITbttei £ta«*. was 8i*e L'fltaB ';&»? Company* »yf iiiato rtvm VCVK. at MaKa, Stoat,, 'jo the with hfMims op Xorttuera train near that to aJx/at to IK lite wife, , Mary Vrnmtt 'A RTfjf. &u<l R, Klwrimm<;. 2!5 yr WiL mjk». ttAy;aan J>.n!j-'*- t^iaryt ;>.z.v5ji>t ; Mtt&ti, "hM 'if ¥».. I'itul 'J.^- 4 H2re?, » wA mitx&jaafatefl. <iarrj5/^s of tfe > S MOlNES.ALeOlfA.IOWA, pat UK- fire of a Young: Who Went to , aStOTft tetsBsc lit -ctul 3int * feEt-iasr tusu -ti0nlfl 3iv« -Jar ffiEHse? sxnsms sniai •wfrr<« a« -iiufl tinssMBrr wrer Hit itifi. Man litter. .OH aircl ft "wa I esfsefl a trt<a£t -of ifop Great Lujreh of the VesseL Jral I mafie f or f . ,^ : iirtle raft ^rlfe nS my He was xniwrfl Overboard bj a strength. J ^a* CTEjfifeait a faHrfre*! times. Ssnrss r cff lames seas broke <rrer me sad sac me far bt&nr fee surface. I mansur«a to [ie tO tile SiirfS.Ce Tmi:4l^ .1dltif*g JUST, «ac»ogii to fce?3» from Cr^u iiiiig. At last I readbeS Hhs liateau jeraspeS s i*n*. f'it v^Tng' »^aV*- r flU^l 7S5»tfHCl il i befo? 1 ? I had f^/*-*:•> E^fiH pnfxtit?h t.<> i snysdf upoa tbe half sn.timer.eei3 raft. ; There iras a bfct of rope trniiTfnr in the I water •sriih •srbieh I Jashsd myself fast < to the halcii to keep from bemr off into the sea. A Desperate Fight With Alba- tros While in the Water. Srwn tr , , Helena Jadepefldent: Capt. Hart, of . «i jhrnk I must hare siept f<sr a Sme. Ui« ween . llariposa, safljag be- to o f the ooH- At aaay rafe. 1 n- - . ftaa Fractisoc, lad Australia, • m <nalx>T that tbe sea became sa3<3erOr ? filed At IJwlwsL, K. IX. asmli'.'r 'iAn min- is Wind gle breeze. As aigai came on .a .£? of indescribable 3«neliD<'=;= l-xt i f me wtici Tras tetensHea I saw Jtliat t»j9 aJhaffiro'ss^s Jisd me. A man who cliap? to a in the •waters alxut Osj»? Hf<ra s more fenr from ih<? plant birds of ., frankly forgare Min. | venHon in town its, ;e foDffwea the sea many years to-' but I'd be one ^^ t and expfiJSraitK'd many dangers ( be a sister In less'n two minutes Him -ffinfl sfooe, tat I sftiaH never fwrest. IDT terabit 1 fight with the Alba- 5TOK1ES TOi-D OF TENNYSON. Id Man Occasions. we Been headquarters, j ask the question. Np harnT Ef there was a convention o' republican or democrat^ Congregatfonalist, old school alte* An -writing to a L/ondon quotes a TrMmsieal little story tolfl l?y Teifflj-san, "It was, 1 think, hi •fte year 1SJS," sajs this correspondent, ~t3iat 1 TTEE risSoi: in Liacolnsiiire, and laist |iroi»«ei mat -vre should call God Templar, Sons of " Temperance, Temple er Honor, o' Husbandry, P. tJ. O. W. F., Q. A ' oa itie ITnmerB, «a fl»e <3iaiM3e of finding fesre. He had just arrived a fe^r dars l^are, snfl •was.fortunatel.r, at borne. Mr fiSemd, as a Uncoui- -was alraady acquainted Tvilh bfigaa at cmoe to draw him out. This Tras no easy task, for, as he said ofienrara, is just like a Hte«pmr Baa,trtio reqmres a great deil sarnnr up Itefors; be ^rill roar.' At last lic^rerer. Ifee desired roar came. 13j.e ocET-ersBSoa toraed <«a education, aad xht s <sf scaentl&c knowledge, Tes," saifl Taraysim. 'It is spreading, it as ail the romance and Sons o' Vet'rans, or anvtbing ' O f Idnd-you'd know it, -tvouldn't you?" "There is no convention of any kind » "Come on then, Hesty," said L. wearily; "we'U hare to stay here settle.' and "Sam," said the landlord, "gtVe thta couple the bridal chamber." CONGRESSIONAL ;;:j Monday, Dec. 5. Senate. At 12 o'clock, noon, tha United States senate convened and appointed a committee to wait on th« president, to notify him that congres* •was In session. A recess was thpii taken until 1 P. M., at which tune tha committee reported that the president had no communication to make at present and flic senate adjourned for tha day. was farmed}- a -wealthy young ;aan, wlw went to sea bt*ause b.« lovyd life <ni Hie water. He was asked by a pas jstfjger <m one of the MarSposa'* tripE ho-v }JP came to adopt a seafaring Jiff, w fj r , n aia'j to relate his most thriiliug adventure. Jltrl- is bis story: "I v, as 24 years old ,-vilien I left Harvard, haviim graduated well up in j.iy oj,. a ir ttwn fn>m the moasters of -JL-^iny 3x,y. tore is a fciiiy ring. 1 'A what. c -d to act with a coniinittee™fro'm cla'M. I bad oouw inU- IX/RS-KH-JII of - ' 1-—.-...^ .... __=» .^«-n__ - x._,_ _=_.... "* it" pmpersy k-ft to iu<j by my fath •m-4 deal •»•«* cl'/svl by the Jwiwfer of j s :j that year, and as uiy" njr/th.-r had of jie"p. Tb<? Ti!2ht fras a T-eTy k»az ou". 1 tzicle*/ be said- TVhy. a fau-y riUj:. '- r - When I was not &vtixz I was looan^: i T& f - t'M folks woid «e21 you that these •of ciul'lrea's lires. It was i C>I£'.T jester-Isy I iras fralkins in th-jj House.—Speaker Crisp called Ui 9 feifi? —:A iQ-? tif my ni-phews—a h'ttle i bouse to order at noon. Prayer wag -•svfcen we Giine to a j offered by the chaplain and the roll 1 M3 ^ -j^jt jj^re. j cji]]^ A commjt^e was ^^ appolnt . tlie of * or 1<» ris.?. 'l,&ak' 1 said. fjut over the waves Jn search of a T«E- if airy rtnrs are so called because tho J 41 tJ*l /*J1 1i •—«--• "^UC *J \ * * *.SiV *T ll • ...^ i(.U ^TT^LlJ ^.it* -Vi «a l -!.*r : f ^— — - — -™- — — "-"» by ttei FX*r«uce Ooirt aa-1 ] a l*so .U^l and jjjy sterns ha<l marrie.1, gel's u^ts. Norn.- came iuso view, and \ fairies were dancanr here Lost night.' | »lver 3lioto ? vflni«j.7 to tte Wrfwn.- j I ^temnned to Kpend.a lew years in J£/ 5av""bro^T cold w-nt t/j £uix*pe and U) .^uth -\vhen the sun come ;«nd caeerle?s ' "Oh- tmde." lie relied, quiie gravely, I tiiougiit 1.: "ii is well taKTOH tiiat these fairy rinpj, »atx >4&x.-tow «li <fv. ^rtrt- rtr^ti?; r TTifiM, r. "•---•^^ i ar-tennuw j9Ut»^-ffl tte i;tdte«^^^^jAHains.awlJIiBtaKfxKapHiii-. «av.,J. J ,, tfttm^tt at 't(At?Af> ()lAfi " ' '] ''"k« i"^ 51 Pft-'SsyMiii^ Wiit<i>:uiy'Ki Afnca, retu 4ia« fnamteratiMi a,-'W"!« bar* |- j * v ^* MI-«auf5tti-*t«jue, C^uwbiuf, j w-ar. Clark J?X^ •Mlrbiosut i'U'tltMt\ ^ *,, ^^ <&&»> ~ A ''~ r<i 'te*tr*y*A by fire wu the 2u«J j alw:iys int^cnn.-u uw v,i&.\iy, aii/i i sure whether it was lanfl or a »an£ 01 i iij< -' ^wi»i..»«i!;; i." \(»ihy^f'rl^7^ I v ' iiU a ^ f/f ^VXW. An Jiisnran% w^d« up my mind to rough it on a tnp ' clou ds I praved' that it might be to»i, j this writer, "will at . iww&i i .m.f,r). } ljf jiMfffft ft varri&l 'Ki Uie property. to Australia in a clipper ship. I rded'-^d I felt more cheerful when I savr.;;curious: A friend lurnipz to London th« Clark KujsseU's sea. sUii<»K had w -as onlv a faint line, ami I was not . sp&caes of fungus.' interested me gr*sitly, ami I gm-g ^vhether it was land or a bank of I "T^^ foHowSng coincidence," ; ' 'l<'«.-ried lund off to ihe northwest. It as you call them, are caused by the adds i *J,-j Kt<iaiJi«.'n5 JsaUix will tak« out fn>m New! 10 least lie considered _ of mine, who has cabin passage ini the \ ^^ a current was carrj-ing me to the .been a life-long student of Tennyson, , , an ! J'*«l»huu.', th«a one of the largest sail- \ northward. I was verj- hungrj' and I a^ last grahied an introduction to him. 21, a Co., ar- i La/lenlJurg, I Ins? BhipK uflv<lt . }>ut Fn.<r»* andi v '' hom wry1*.>dy Capt. liardy, 'the bear 1 'be& $.%<>//« • of Ht Ix>ub«. */* a falling- of flute In a mine, Jay'tifMlA I» to ?Ki burial on Tuxj»- Ol«aw>n, of udS/.^l by other Bch/x^ Jand City, j« gnind juiy, 'GotniniBeiontTB. wa« so many was that ,f i did not reach land, or His object in doing so was to obtain picked up, that 1 would be at ^o™ the poet himself an explanation an and brusque,! j3|j trl ^. to choose death from either of certain'things hard to be understood* saying i K tiir\*ation or drownhig. I didn't count m Memoriam,' on which he had e didn't keep any blankety blank : oa another danger, which turned out to ciercised his poor wits in vain for many - if and no man could sail on his' te grea^r evc *i than the others— the a Jong year. In the course of the con- saw a num- ^ersation, my friend's copy of Tenny- his no man could sail on his signing articles and doin of work. Of son passed into the poet's hands. Turn- Salt Corni/any btuc ad- of it. I HUW a twinkle in the old cap- x t n >ot onct see ^ against this stanza?' 'Because,'said my it there.' 'Well, that Jiy tfift recent ftaiv;fl/>r ab<>ufc i/X in San tiui '"' ni wr <5 ck- ' (01llo) P°" W! , ... . , , . , , air, using then- wings as sails, the Springfield lilt on board and took ray place anmng fl perfect toowledge of tacking, gybing of tlu - » jan lj * »"J»dcr of four per »8°- Tt is "^"evcd but the police will llie c-rcw. I found friends in the fr,re- tbe a Wabaxh an/1 * B, & O. Ii.-iilro.-ul, Ji/^JIng IMiJrawte at ; I l Jii of ihn minttiy are to i and \w>. building a# i;ito the >n;U.t/;r of dlBcri/nliuitlon in freight ratc'K lli<i .Mlns'jiirl Pacific III favor of the Halt combine ban been drop- by thrs X^^'.'ral gi - an/l , Uje Jn U i<; line of tlie peopl«', Htivnriil nmnteni bare been of .folm, KocclH, who has at Trenton, ?\ r . '.T., for 5 ills miKtrcKH, Mary MagollK, July ') last, UK; Jury on tho 3rd. brought in a verdict of murder in tho flint degree. at once, for I assumed no airs, acted just as everj-body else did and j Jn mv studiously minded my OWTI business. ' made some enemies. One of them was in the same watch with me. His name was Norris, and he-claimed to be an a (i. KngliKbman, but he spoke with a slightly foreign accent and was dark' enough to be taken for a Portuguese or a Spaniard. 1 disliked him from the first, and he evidently hail as little regnrd for me ns J bad for him. He Insulted ;nr; and the like. They went .to windward and before the wind with equal facility, for the great creat- hcfn sta J" <**x*<n> end Some years (the ° ¥f ' } an old friend to Hani- ilton terrace, the cloaked and slouehed- senate, to call upon the president, uott- fy him that congress was in session and receive any message he might have to communicate. A recess wai theu taken until l p. M., at which time the committee reported that the prest dent would have a message for the Eouse at noon to-morrow. A resolution was then introduced by congressman Durbarow, to repeal the clause m -the world's fair bill known as the Sunday closing clause. The house then adjourned until noon tomorrow. "Wednesday, Dec. 1. Senate.—On tlie opening of the son- ate prayer was offered by the Jewish rabbi, Rev. Dr. Joseph Silvennan, of the Temple Einanuel, of New York. A bill to repeal the Sherman silver act was introduced by Mr. Hill After the announcement of the death of the late Uepresentative McDonald, of New Jersey, by Mr. McPherson, the senate adjourned. House.—The house has refused to order the previous question on the third reading of an amended senate bill conveying the entire Fort Hayes military reservation to the state of Kansas, the fee, however, to remain in the United States. Senate bill terminating tiie reduction of members of the engineer corps of the navy was called up, and on the question of its passage the vote LIU UlCilU CitJ.llr , , "" ^"*- vjnvoMtjix \Ji 1U> Uil un» I lost steht of the fact, even if I ^"ed figure attracted much attention stood: Yeas, 12G; nays, . .'.,,, OS hf> tnOt JllS /IniH' C/lnatH-llt-lrvTlol nn I -, j- .had realized it, that they were a more serious source of danger than the one day in the forecastle during our watch below, and I ptnick him a blow under tho ear that put him to sleep "Nearer and nearer they came, and I could see their cold, staring eyes regarding me with somethhig in their tliat made me shiver. Even my me that I was fanned by the air lie had ......... ,. i ~ —.-~, -L«\J, U4I..* o, , Jo. JiT. ITOl- he took his daily constitutional up man moved to reconsider and Mr. Herand down that broad St. John's Wood bort moved TO lay the motion on th* boulevard. _So seldom was. the laure-{table. Tho bill wont over and the that there was even j house considered a voluminous senate among the j i liu relative to public printing and bind_ ._._ identity. To the [ j n g young ladies, especially of a boarding ' Thursday, Dec. 8. Senate.—Tlie senate hi executive scs- little flutter of romantic interest as'* 1011 . t<Mlay °°nflrmed the following disturbed. Tt was not until another Q 0 f d ' resided of liifiorporation of the Ume <lld not in any way Interfere with Jttck«o»vi]J<;, AJu,, capital Block IH $100,000. When wo ,wcro aloft Hometimt'H, F. 11, 'VWmiw Ji/tH Ixjc-n tirreKUid in California for wrecking a train. War iiw li>ul boon put off /ui/1 caused 1.1 H: •wreck tliroiigh rcvc-iife'e. , Tlio d«Joga,U,'H I* Uio Ameilcau Publlr: Jlt'liHh AHWx;lutlon lutvc- l«!(;n uliown liuuiy.' uourtaMluH In Ui« City of ' 'J'Jioy havo Jcsfl/ ff>r T. Wilbur, 50 yearn old, coin- 7iiltlx;<l Hijlcldc In HoiiHlmw'H hotel, Donver, Colo,, i>y Unit taking limn litinglng Jilnmoll'. llll(!H(( KfJIlill HlghlH '. New .York IIMH iHHiicd an appeal to UK giiliiHU tho exolimlon law. Tho IH denounced ax hnrlmroi'H. Buporlnlcndont FoiiHlor of tho county iiUlnnnry nt Minn, Ohio, IIIIH Ho wan charged with and bad treatment of II. IT. Odoll, at ono (lino ulmniplou sprinter of AiiKtrioa, (roniinlUcd miicldo on Uio nlglit of Uio 2nd at Spokane, by tdkln/y an ovoi-dowo of inorplilno. Oovcrnor infer ban pardoned C Smllh out of the reform Hchool. He in only about JL yearn old and IH 'tliouglit to ho In a dying rxmdltlon. The London Htandurd'H Madrid cor- roHpondenl. HU.VM that Honor Damlllla IIIIH been apjxilnled MlnlKtcr of the Interior In HticcoMHlnii (o Honor Hllvela. Mi'H. MurguorlUi Itodgei'H, of N(!\v 'IlarU'ord, III,, \vlio wan 1 charged wltli polHonlng her himlmnd, was on (he .'In I. found not guilty by a Jury al, I'lllBlleld. A Il|roo-Hlory hrl<'.k building III La- fnyoltc, .liiil., 4'.olLapsi'd on l,ln> ;inl. Tl»» front, wall fell to the Bldownlk and (U-imhed Oarrle Dougherty, l!{ yea 14 old. The wliallng bark Art nicker Is en route home a.fler being for two years locked In the lee In the Arctic, regions. Not a member of the crew IUIH been IOH| . Mrs. Annie 1'ulk, a well-known society woman of ^loniphLs, lias secured a divorce from ,iolm .1. Polk on the grounds of incompatibility and immorality. The Phoenix Horseshoe company, of I'onghkeepsle, N. Y., will remove (heir plant to Jolief, 111., having signed a oontraoC'loi 1 tho slto. It will oinploy JKX) nu>n. " Charles immmoud of Moiuwoh, 111., t ;uj* stilt for $90,000 damages against Af*0A rf1n«*1r -wli/vm IIA ^liaw.i*Aa «v44*ii It IH charged that the recent failure however, I could see him eyeing mo of Kolomon & Co., of Denver, wan sharply, and was satisfied that he was fraudulent, ami the courtH have been contemplating some sort of treachery. axked to investigate, • Tho firm owes I wild nothing but, tried. always to keep $200,000 and ilv; anHotH have disappear- my eyes in his direction. Ml. "We liad a fairly good voyage until A hundred coal minors, •employed at we ulruek Home extremely rough weath- tho CorllloH mine at Han la J'V, N, M., ' or off Cape Horn. For two days wo ran under close reel's with tlie wind abeam, and then the gale become so They awori the vein IH too narrow for violent that we had to heave to w<j.aUi- Jinvo gone out on a strike because ordered to work on a tonnage basin, tross and picking at my r>d right and ing tho while, in the hope of scaling tho vicious things a,way. I must Imvn wounded several but they came at me again and again, each time more savagely. Occasionally, in spite of all that I could do, one would fasten his boak into my flesh and tear a piece away. My face became frightfully lacerated, and I was soon covered with tiie blood tliat flowed from my wounds. "I was in the verge of fainting when I hoard a shout' near at hand. Turning, 1 saw a boat cloBcly approaching, manned by a crew of rough-looking died. | hue, almost bluish, in the southeast, natives. I had been so absorbed in my TJicro WOK a bill Introduced on the I(; 1<>oko(l like more heavy weatli-1 light with the birds that I had not ob- .'inl la'the Alabama Loglslalnn* pro- ;•'''> (lll(1 l doubt wl Uio wisdom of slink- served how closely to the land-1 had or it. On the fourth day of the storm tlie wind moderated end Capt, I lardy tiiem to make wages at tlie rate offer<- ; d. Two hundred Hebrews in Buffalo, N. ' ordered us aloft to shake out the lower Y., havo submitted to tho mayor a petl- leefs, We Imd resumed our course and tlon reciting tliat certain distressing oc- wore booming along at about ten knots. ourroncoH are of frequent ' repetition j '"Although the ,wlnd had moderated and Invoked Uio aid. and suggestions considerably the sky was a dark gray of the mayor tliat they may be reme- nil around, wiUi clouds of a d« eper I hue, almost bluish, in the southeast. John H> Gear °" f T °wa- asslsmnt sec- . af tbe *™™< ^os extraor- had made a vicious Jab at me with his jn he ten-acea < beak as he swooped by that I began ab]e se if.possession and determined will duuuy an<1 mlnlst crs plenl-potentiary- to understand the horroi-s of my, posi- J'T; Jfr™ ™; lpOIl , bU L: a -i!<r knife, which T opened, and .with which lous _ Confident that the stranger really to Ttaly; TTnltctl Stfltes a K ent nnd con " I prepared to defend myself. I had Wttmly debated the topic of the hour Davld P " l^ompsoin of Oregon, to Tur- hoi> father - who remained incredu- kfi - v: Wmijim Pott «' o* Pennsylvania, the , uithor of .. Idylls of sul general-Edward C. Little of Kan- bcen lying do\vn all this time, but I K mg," tiie daughter declared her inten- sas ' at Calro: TT nifed States consuls- now sat up, and made ready for the tlon of agkln hlm hersclf t seta th 0. M. Barr of Michigan, at Valparaiso; , attack that I felt sure would come. It ; question. Her good-homored parent Jolm p - EIrich of Ohio, at Antigua; Ma t lon delaePlrstone alba- . not long delaye^^Plrst^one^ alba- j th en laid a wager that she would not Etes Minnesota, vldlng for mi aiumlty of $500 a ywir out !ln - v of til(J NolTis all(1 for Mm. Duvlu, widow of JOITWBOU "'•'«' °" thn in!llu ro - VMl V™ 1 who » n I>avlH, during her llfo. It mot with lu ' ay y I )llff of wind struck the ship and iiiiicJ) fnvor iuirl will nndoiibtiMlly )„, throw Tier almast upon her beam ends. AH I stood on the foot rope with my i aniiH over the yard, tho heavy piece of i timber wits almost perdendicular, and passed. At New York tlie fire on the yml (•.aimed tho death of Michael Doyle, who leapt*! from a third Htory window, and tlie Injury of Willie Doyle,', Felix Murray and his daughter, Annie, AH otheru escaped with the assistance of firemen. Orders have been Issued by the Navy Department detaching Commodore .f, R. Bkcrritt; from command of the Washington navy-yard and ordering him to assume charge of the I'ac.itlc station about January I next. Irene Newman, who was serving lung term in Hie Maryland 1'onll.cnliary for Hui murder of .May L', ISSl, has (iovernor Brown. Marlha JO. Cordon, been pardoned by She Imd made known a plot formed by a number of prisoners to (.-scape. Two strangers known as Joseph Kosn and yMsepli Oiuft, claiming to hall from Armstrong county, i'a., are held to the grand jury at Vandalia, 111., for obtaining money under false pretenses by moans of dawks drawn upon a bank In Brookvllle, I'a. The members of the Norfolk and Portsmouth uoltou exchange have handed to tlie secretary' of the exchange their estimates of the crop of 1802-03. average reached was (3,780,582 ranging from 5,- I had to ding hard with hands and feet to keep from going over. Another lurch can ID when I was resting my whole weight on tlie foot rope. The rope suddenly parted, and I felt myself falling. Instinctively I flung out my arms to gnusp something, but, my lioad Htruck the gallant yard, and over I went Into'the-sea. I remember heaving a cry of "man overboard' from the dock and must then have become, unconscious for a time. I next found my- Holi' Htrngglhig among the tremendous waves. As T roso upon tho crost of each big son 1 caught n glimpse of the ship, mid as slit- was still standing on her course T know T was loft to my I'a to. 1 was not excited in the least by my post I Ion. I fully oxpoctod to drawn, but I made up mv mind to fight as long as I could. T was and am a strong swimmer, and r hoped to be able to keep atloat until 1 could find some spur or bits of wrookiige to sustain me. Moamvhilo, I made as little exertion ns was necessary, strength. Tho so as to preserve my water was very cold, and I know that no man's powers of endurance, however great they might be, could bo but equal to nny prolonged struggle Avltli such elements. "I expeotwl no relief .from the Joseph- toe. A small boat launched in such & seft, and not Jiaye drifted, and that a boat was coming to my rescue. .1 was taken on board and was glad to see that the birds had given up the figlit. They made a few wide circles around tho boat and then sailed away to the westward. • "The natives spoke a Spanish dialect, which I could only slightly understand, but from'it I gathered Hint thoy were Torre del Fucgnns, and that I was bo- ing taken ashore. I did not like their looks, and was almost inclined to think that it would havo been hotter to have lot myself drown. I 'was now very weak and ill, and when we landed (hoy had to carry mo ashore. I was taken to a hut whore my wounds wore dressed by an old woman, who was not at all a bad surgeon, and, after having oaten a little,'I was lain upon a matrofiB, where I slept soiuidly for several hows. An attack of fever followed, and it, was nearly a month he- fore 1 was,able to walk, T must have been well nursed, for there were no medicines there. T had a little money in my belt, all of which I gave to my rescuers, making them understand, however, tliat T wanted them to take me to spa every day in a boat, until 1 could hail a ship. Thoy did so, and hi a week I Imd caught a vessel bound for Sydney. Whatever can be snld of tho Terra del Fuegans by other unfortunate travelers, I must admit that they treated me well. "At Sydney I ran across Morris, 'who acted as If ho had seen a ghost. He left the ranks before the bonified eyes of the lady principal, and, rushing ap to the astonished poet, interviewed him mal&a : C. H. Cojwan of Illinois, nt California, at Guaymas; L. A. Dent, of Columbia, nt Kingston, on the spot as follows: "Please would ; W. L. Stone of Iowa, commlfi- you mind telling me if you are Mr. s1onor . "Pent of the general land office; Tennyson?" "AVhat is that to do with M1 chael Goode, assistant appraiser of you?" he roughly said. "Oh, it matters mp rchnndlse at New York; George W. a great deal to me. I want to know." collector of internal revenue, (This with an air of convincing logic,.) wnty-^thlrcl district of Pennsylvania. "What do you want to know for?" said Mr - Vosi; repotted favorably a bill the bear. "Why, some people say you fiuthorising the construction and main- are Mr. Tennyson, and some sny you are tennnco of a bridge over the Mi£sls- not, and father bet me a five-pound si PP' ~dver above New Orleans, which note I would not ask you. And now wns unanimously passed. The senate I have asked you, and whether I am ratified the treaty between Chill and right or not, I have won my five <]l ° Tfiiiteil States, for the settlement pounds." "Well, you are a brave girl of tho long-existing claims of the Unit- and deserve to know. You may tell your father I am Mr. Tennyson.' KNEW WHAT THEY WANTED. There WHS no Conrmitlon <n Town Hut the ': to tho States against'Chill. Adjourned until Monday. House.—The house has passed the bill terminating tiie reduction hi tho engineer corps of the navy. After some discussion over' the bill extending for three years the proyis- Lowiston Journal:—"They hain't no lons of ttl ° act to P rovide f° r the inus- convention nor nothin' in town is tor nn<1 pny of certnll l officers and en- they?" asked a long haired man who llsted mon ln tile volunteer forces, the with an elderly lady, carrying an enorm- lumse resumed consideration of the bill ous reticule, stepped falteringly up to P rovitlln £ for Public printing and biud- a counter in a Lewiston hotel, Friday lngl etc- evening, and looked the proprietor fail- in his weather eye. j ine<\ i>>»i» KX««H»IVO in-ink. "Not that I know of," said Uio pro- 10au Clarto ' Wls., Dec. G. Adolph Dally, priotor. "What kind of a convention, wuo dled so suddenly at the Bedal mister, were you looking for?" ' liquor Cure Institute, came from Nor- "Wa-ul, Baptis' is my first pick. I'm Wfl y tbree years ago. In addition to Baptis'. Hetsoy here," nodding at Ida tlie whisky given him by the doctors, wife, "sho's got a Meth'dls' loanin', but lie went up town and drank a quan- 'twouldn't matter much either way, tity o( alc °hol, the autopsy revealing wpuk} it?" ho replied, smiling at his tllc fnc ^ thllt uls luHfe's wore diseased modest partner. ' and his heart t^vlce tlie natural size. tiie treatment; convention?" asked tho proprietor. " the officers acted in a most judicious "No! oli, aio! Not's I know on. We're In!lllner nucl the man Avas to blame himself. Ho leaves a wife and live cwud- run in destitute circumstances. "Did you como to town expecting a • No 1)lamo ls attached to iouvcntlon?" asked tho proprietor. ^ Q officers acted in a "No! oh, aio! Not's I know on. We're both Y. M. C. A., ye see, and she's tem- p'rance, and I'm considerable- in tho Orange, and she's a Hobeckah, and I'm one of 1lir> ft -A n ,,^,,1- .... i hl«i and shook, feo^r, and I rope, .JRfe 1'ni one of the G.-A, It. post up in my MAKING His LAST SPEECH town. We come vjsitin', but tho folk's is away. We'd orter let 'enj a know, but we didn't. We've ullus had ood l of the '1'rof. Smith TrhU. had good luck Cincinnati, o;, Deo. 0.-The conv.entlonln ; allud staid a good while forenoon of the session of the Olncln- ' P ! anrt a luleht - v nat i Presbytery was occupied In hear* t nevOT cost us ipg the co^ttauatloa o« Dr, Lowe's a^ *S tend to dQ WwentfortHeproBeouttQn^tbtm^ strange places Smith Wai, .. . • «,,,« ,

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