The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 7, 1892 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 7, 1892
Page 7
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UPPER DES MOTNES, ALGONA, IOWA, W-ttHNKSD AY, MCfiMBKR 7 1892 &ASYTOTAKE — Dr. Pieree's Pleasant Pellets. Bttiall6st ( OOSi&St, • cheapest, best. They're tiny, | Sugar-coated, anti-bilious granules, a compound , of refined and concentrated vegetable ox- tracts. Without disturbance or trouble, Consti- j Bilious Attacks, Sick and » Bilious .ncmuM-, and all derangements o£ •* Si Uter» fitomaeh, and bowels are prevented, 'Si«v«di and cured, Permanenll]/ cured, '• to£ By their Jnlld and natural action, these ' tfttie Pellets lead the system into natural '** fays again. Their influence lasts. Everything <catatth itself. Mtne from catarrhal in Its nature, >., and all the troubles tliat catarrh* ttl-e perfectly and cured by Dr. Sage's Ca, tarfh Remedy, No matter how bud ' youf case or of how long standing, you tin be cured. It Cures Colda,Coughs,Sore Throat,Crotip.Inhntn- ia,'W1ioaping Cough, Broncliltisnnd Asthma. A certain cure for Consumption in first stages, and a euro relief in advanced stages. TTse at once, Von will sen the excellent effect after taking the first dose, Sold by dealers everywhere, Xarga bottles 60 cents anil $1.00. ^ y "A Woman Best Understands a Woman's Ills." Thousands oi women have been benefited by Mrs. Pinkham's advice, and cured by her remedies after all other treatment had failed. Lydia E. Pink- ham't Vegetabli Compound has „ more successful in curing Female Com- ff**;plaints than any remedy the world lias ever sfSknown, including Leu- ^ieorrhea, the various %SWomb and Uterus Hiroubles, Uackache, 'and is invaluable to the [Change of Life. ". For Kidney Complaints the compound is inequallcd. ; All nnipsiiU "II It,, mall, In limn of 1 inccf, on recclpto r Pllli, ar.c. ilenre. I'rpcly 'l.Vi.K, .M. t. "ELY'S iCREANI BALM IS WORTH $500 TO ANT MAN Woman or Child suffering from CATARRH AIR. UIlM.M,].rs LKTTKH. S. (J. & (Jo's. Monthly: er — er — Aliss— . "Now, Miss— "Tliiiuks, very much! Now, .Miss Fos- dlck, in eoiiini! ucing your ,Avork as a stenographer for the iinii of i'oitliii it Son it is nocessary for me to instinct you as to your dulies. 1 Imve charge house's coiTt'spoudeua 1 — entire My 11:11110. Miss Kosdick, is mean thni' you may take a coupl. 1 , of on. l,o noiiiL- rigui IIUMJ. anu i u SLV mat lie annoys .1011 no mure." Aiii'i- uui lair typewriter nail put on her wraps ami gone Home, Mr. i tipple was caii\il Into tho prlvnie uitliv and Mr. I'opiin ask d him: "Ai\.t you m the haiiit of reading and signing the iii-iii's letters utter tlie type- wift r has taken them trom your dictation and transcrilxMl them. .Mr. Hippie?" \\hen Mr. I'oplin look tho i-xtra time necessary lo us.> the prolix ".Mister" in addressing one of his clerks it was j an indication that the subject of the interview was of more than ordinary e-xpand his chest to its utmost capacity, • importance. It was with soliiy perturbation Ihereiore that Mr. Hippie ro- of tho charge. .Hippie." "Yes, Mr. Hippie," the girl replied' iiK.v'hly. I "hi the lirst place," Mr. Hippie went j on, leaning buck In his chair so as to; mid twisting the tiids of his mustache with both hands as he spoke, "iu the lirst phice. 1 always Insist on my stenographer taking 1110 down verbatim t,t what plied: "Well, sir, I used to, but 1 found Miss NOT a LIQUID 01 '* i particle IB I Ht»»bl6. Prl e. Prlop ELY IlKOTH into ennh notttrll and r&6*oentmit DriiKBi't" or by <n»H. :EHS, 511 W»rron Sirooi, J«evf xor« 1 4 ' /I They all Testify — To the Efflcacj of the World-Renowned s Specific -io old-time slmplo remedy from tho Georgia awarops and fields Ua» sonofortlitothe w»tlpodcB. astonlalJlngtliOSkepUoalaiHl confounding the thoorles o« ^ those who depend solely on tha physician's skill. There Is no Wood -tatat which ltdoeanot Immediately litonitlin. 1 suppose you know that, means. It's Latin." ficse iiulinjjfly. "Yt!s, sir." "Well, Miss Kosdick, 1 have had the house's ciji'i'i-spondeiux' In my hands for s:-TiTiil years, and both Mr. rop- lins liave come to reply implicitly upon nn 1 . Indeed, 1 do not milly see how this di'jiarlnu'iit could move along without me." The girl's <>yes looked at th • Indispensable clerk Willl :lll aintWlllK twinkL'. think 1 can say Miss Fosdick." the yomifj; man proneedwl as he s.'ttled himself more comfortably in liiH chair, "and 1 think 1 can say it without, the sli.iihtest, egotism or desire to boast, that I Have made, the letters of t'opliu & Son famous tln-ouKh th'- 1 ' bnshwss world as models of KiiKlish fimiposi- tlou and ornate diction." The' clerk watched the counteuauce of his new assistant clos ]y to note the impression of his words. Miss Fosdlek nodded understandiin.'- ly and smiled, it was a, sweet smile, for she could not. smil?, any other sort had she tried. "Those are the reasons why I always Insist on absolute accuracy on the part of my st.fliographer. I' do not permit even the alteration of a single word or any othw change whatever. 1 trust you appi-'hend me clearly'.'" ".Quite so. Mr. Hippie." "Then we will begin." Mabol Fosdick's lirst. day's work was perfectly .satsifaetory to tho loptrcriti- cal coirespondeuce clerk. He found liinisolt: laktu 'down with unvarying accuracy. In thu transcribed letters, too, the words were spelled all correctly. She never struck the wrong character on her machine—n fault so common fimonsr ' typewriters, and one which sonK'times makes typewritten communications res jnble Egyptian hieroglyphics. Thanks to Miss Fosdick's skill. Mr. Hippie's specimens of ornate English composition ww'it forth into tho business world more faultlessly than ever, and aided in making smooth the rough places of commercial cplstoltuy com- nniuicatiou. The llrm of Toplin & Son had bisn serve<ri>y a musctilhif typewriter, but tlw style of tha correspondence clerk had become too oppressive 1 for him and ho had resigned. This was' exactly what Mr. Hippie wished, for he longed for a typewriter with laughing eves and golden hair, upon whom to lavish flowers of language-such a 'being as he had read about in the funny papers. At last ho had found one, to suit, after much examination of applicants, in the person of Miss Fosdick. Fverything went on with apparent smoothness for a month. Tlu. members of UK- "nn noted with approval tlw modest: dem«mor of tbKr n ,w tvnewriter, and tlie other male clfj-ks in the establishment envied Hippie his pleasant duties. . One day the eld a- Mr. 1'ophn sent, for Miss Fosdick' to come into his pnv- nt "Sif: down, please." he said, wh'n she arrived. "I have here a letter Iron, friend Mr. Shaw, of Shaw ft lung, , , Fosdick so scrupulously exact that late- I'eoplfi Til*}' Uirtn't Know. •V respectable looking colored man of the old school was standhlK uonr the family oan-iage oil Fourth avenue the 1 other' day. says the Louisville Ooiuier- .louniai. He was gazing n« the display of lace in the windows when a seedy White man. wlia looked as though he was about to beg a dime, approached and said: "Ilo do you do, uncleV" "Howdy, sah," responded the old fellow, lifting his hat V "You were born in Kentucky, wore you not.V" "Yes, sah." "Didn't you once belong to the liar- dins '!" "Yes. sab." "I used to know tho Tlardlns," said the tramp." getting ready to make his romust. Cleanliness, exercise and diet ftre the cardinal Virtues of good health. Tnke care of the IIrat two and If yon know what ftnd liovr to cat yon need never be 111. It is flnliiii'd that. Garllold Tea, a simple hort ri!i!iud.t, overcomes the result* of wrong living.' The peach Is of Persian origin and tho apricot is Syrian. The former fruit is men. Uoned by classical writers as early as 200 B. 0.. but the latter not until 30 A. I>. ... . have permitted her to sign and he added con- ,; i( ,ji tin., letters dictated to her without my r. iidiug. She takes down word for word, sir; so I feel ibat it isn't necessary for mo to f'Jad them over." "The I'.ason why 1 asked'you that (piestion is this: 1 received a note from Mr. Shaw this morn ing-of Shaw & King, you know—in which he asks an explanation of a. letter he bad just re- i«ived from this house. Perhaps you can give tho needed explanation after I have read you the. letter. " 'Me«-, Shaw & King:—(Kutlcmen: Vour favor of Monday was received in due course. Hot that down, sweelmss? In reply, we would—I'd like a swrot kiss from those ruby lips —say that the goods you mention— yon charming creatur s why are you so cold to uieV—mention were shipped yesterday morning. "•Your bird-like vole.. 1 , thrills me through and through! Why do you never smile on your adorer? Hoping that, they have arrived iu good condition—give in? just one kiss, Mabel dar- lihg, won't you'.'—and they gave perfect satisfaction—got that, clown, little beauty!—we beg to, yours very truly—ono kiss ucnv. I insist. What arc you straggling forV Your obedient, .servants,' " 'Poplin & Sou.' " Hippie tnrni'd alternately red and white while his employer read this let- tor iu icy tones, and said nothing when It was concluded, not seem to be one ornate English composition. After a painful piiusu the senior member of the llrm went en: "Mr. Hippie, 1 thing I'll alt.'ml to the correspomli'iK-e of this lirm hereafter myself, and what love making It is m'ccssary to do to the typewriter I. will also look after. The cashier will give you your salary to date. <Jood morning sir." "Thi 1 idea!" exclaimed Mr. Pojilhi to his-'son. til' 1 . 1 junior nuiiiiber. half an hour later, when belaid the (whole mat "Yes. sah. Day was lots of people dat knew the Hahdeiis dat do Hahdcais didn't know." and he proudly opened the carriage door to allow his mistress to enter. Tin; most curious clock in the world was constructed'by Amos Lane, of Amodo,-, during the past, summer. The contrivance, which, by the way. is all 1'aco, hands and lever, is attached to a geyser which shoots upward an ini' meiise column of hot water every This is it: | thirty-eight seconds exactly. TliV annual report, of Inspector (Jen- end Dnmoiit. of the steamboat inspection service, to the ,socrotary of tho treasury show* that the number of passe-users curried during the year (partly estimated) jwas (i,(>50,000,000. The number of lives lost was 1!00, a do- crease of i:W. Of the liven lost, 4S were passengers, and 152 ollicers and crews of tho vessels. "Germa lyrup My acquaintance with Boschetfi German Syf up was made abotit fourteen years ago. I contracted a cold which resulted in a hoarseness afld cough which disabled me from, fiU* ing my pulpit for a number of Sabbaths. After trying _a physician, without obtaining relief 1 saw the advertisement of your remedy atid obtained a bottle. I received quick and permanent help. I nevet hesitate to tell my experience. ReV* W. H. Haggerty, Martinsville, N.J. • Mrs. Elisabeth Kesse-" Baltimore, .Mil. "MooiVc Bursapnrtllft l« a wonderful mcHltltio. For Klyparn I lnwi Vcnrulurlrt, l)j-Bj)O|)sl:> nml fiiliillnKupotl'. Som-'linies 1 woulil Iw Hlmo^t ptld with <-')lil perpplrailnn. I wplifhad IOFI Un\c UK) Ibs. nnrt WBB ft plc'.nrn n( misery. Uul 1 1)8 gan to Improve iitoncpon Inking Hood's Sarsaparilla and am now perfoolly «mr«il. I eat wpll, »leep well, mid am In perfect hciiltli. Itistcn'l nf being dead now, t nm nllvci ntid wclKli 14S ll>s. ' Mns ELIZABETH MEBSKII, HI Mast llnrnuy Street, Baltimore, Mil. Tlie family physician. Mrs. Helen R. Shalters, -120 Walnut St., Reading, Pa., states: "We always use Salvation Oil for whntit Is recommended in place of a physician It never falls." Hood's Pills are purely voKUlnble. THE NEXT MORNING I FEEL BRIGHT ANB NEW AND NiV COMPLEXION IS BETTER. My doctor pays It nets ccntly on tlio etoinach, !!»»• •nd kidneys, nml Innplcnsnnt Inxntlvo. This drink In mndc from liorbn, mill Is praparud tor UH u ea»U/ nstcn. HUonllcil . An English dairy paper thinks tliat If more doiry fanners would make it a rule to veal the poorest calves and raise only tlie host they would find the proilts arising from their cattle increasing. Miide to Look Like New. Presses, Gent's Clothing, FuaUiars, Glovos, elf. Hved or Cleaned, I'lush Garments Slciinicri, at OUoPieleli's Oyu Works, 31(5 W. Bund for vlruuhir. The occasion did j Wnlcr St., Milwaukee, for the display' of Gilbert, Sullivan and Carlo, as composer') nml managers, divided Sl,3. r >0,00q in llfloen yuars, pnillta of tlieir joint lalmrs. I'l'rp4.—All Fits Stoppeil free hy l»r. Ulli^'x <Ji'"iil Xrrvf It No 1'ilH nflur llwt dny'H UHB. Mnrvelnutt cnm». Treiitlminml J'i.OO trial Ijottlo tree to 1'lt Onsen.' Sonil to IJr. Kline. Bit 1 Arch St., 1 hlln., l>n. All »lni(rt;l!tttt Kill It at COc i-.. v . ,.-. t B -It, leml vour »<Mn-M for K frM iftnipln. Lunf'a rnmuj p.r,,ir.^ no*H 111* bowflli »nrh day. U order to be hrftlthf, uli It n*M» utj. Adilmi ORATOR P. WOODWARD, L«RoT. N. T. U ..•> FnMllj ol ft tl^ltfft ntM» . T. _ You Spoil Tho telephone Ims for u. Uionsnml yoars. buun known tw before him. "Th., idea .thijt a wo 5«ndf or a treatise. Examine tlie proot. Booki on «jnood nnd"s5n Disease* » m«U«<i tat, Drvygtatf B«n It, SWIFT SPECIFIC CO., Pn»w«f a. Atlanta. Q». niv iriiuHi j»". «""••> •- . . wfib B.IVB thiit a n-cent c.-mimnncat.oi from this linn contains much irrelevant looked over his glass at M* IHillllV Jlllll HKMll'St K' tlk-lv 'should l)i' so fjro^sl.v mistreated in my iwtiiuHsliiir.itit cxaspcL-ntos me. She's prctly inul swoot. :ini.l iiltofe'iitlior iulmirablc. "1 nitluT adiiilr. 1 . Hippie's taste, said the. son. "Oh, you "do!" exclaimed tlK - l" !l tlier. "Then' 't supposo I luw« doivs wrong in disi-lmwiii),' the semnp, even wheii lie knew his attentions were; distasto- fnl to the girl?" "No, father, yon did finite right. Of course, it wonlTl not, do for that sort of thing to continue." "Of course, it iwonldn't. It. would lie persecution of as swtyt a. girl as 1 know." "Wliy. you are not in love with her yom-seif; are yon faTher'.'" ' "I? A 'widower of liftePii years staud- ing'.' The idea! Cnn't an olderly nmii defend a h^iU'ss young woman without, such an Imputation as that'.'" "Oh! certainly." TlM'ii the convarsatiou dropped. Old Mr. Poplin ,was in love with Miss Kostlick, nPv^-theless, and he "resolved to ask her to bo his son's stepmother on the first, opportunity. He thought, moreover, that, ho would make that Fosdick and found HOT brushing, with castdqwn. He askc,d, not, un- you write a letter to that tlrm lately?"' "Yes, sir." „ "Tim you know its eharaciei. "Yes, sir." • "What have you to say about ItV" "I wrote it down just as Mr. ^oTsuppoil, af^' reading It, but Is it not rather unusual to insui; iettL extraneous remarks nuirtc .dur- B Tal.Trad« Mark ta on »•»«•» _. WATERPROOF COAT son sir— has . TOWER. BOSTON. MASS. fi&ffiSSsfflSSS^K BUiTBiinpletree- £UBn«u>-i«*^jj» Cures Constipation if office, and head. "You did : ^ .-««*•..»-•——— i— "•" > Tn3rir''i' i Pl i stt flX^""""" 1 - * ~^ IH fiOT BE DECEIVED *^£w* *w< * w.tU Pastes, Knimiols, and » aiuTh ^ stain the hivuds.iujurctliu no j' 1 ^,:;. n tt rri,nlJ! u !,uvSlu\StOV01OllS" " ... , _, Off. Uant,' Od6tl«8s guiiior pays ior with every yurchase HAS AN ANNUAL Illi^ii"..., .«.^.>. -- opiiortiuiity when she should report- for duty. Miss Fosdick iv'tliriied to the store at, 11» appointee lime, and proceeded 'straight to tlie private office. The elder Mr. Ponlln was alone. -Good morning, Mr. Poplin," said. Miss Fosdick, with her sweetest smile. ' "Oh, it's you, is ItV" Mr. Poplin re- nlled, raising Ids eyes above his newspaper "Sit down, Miss.Fosdick, pl?ase. Before you tako the lid off your ryiHv •writer l' have something— er—to say b\ von mthei-«t>-important. I have been thinking of yon almost constantly since you wi'int, away .two days ago, and I 'wanted to--er--ask you " •'One moment, please, Mr. Poplin, Miss Fosdick interrupted him to say, -yon must pardon me, hut, I have, not 'wine back to work." "FOhV What's that,?" "No sir Fact is, T—that is—your Vams from liuligusliou quickly relieved with one di>s(i of Bilu liuaus Small* The total ainuial product of our Industries hi 18UU uquulled probably 1,000,000,000 "•mas, or 500,OOU,()00 nut tons, the value of Lliu saino being ^0,000,000. Sutu|>l« racknge Mailed Free. Address Small Bile Henna, New York. King Henry I. Imd an arm 36 Inches long. That is why the English and American yard is its present length, n liltle fact many stu- (dents have learned and forgotten. One a night for ^ week will cure any case o' Constipation, Small Bile Beans. "Character is like bells which ring ouV sweul music und which, touched accidentally even, resound with sweet music. Knr sk'k lieadiu-lie di/./.iness or swimming in tint head, pain in Ihi: back, body, or rheu- uiatliiia, Luke Bceeliam's WJ)s. There is. a lighthouse to every fourteen milus of English eoast, to every thirty-four miles of Irish coast, and one to every thirty- nine miles o£ Scottish shoreline. USE BKOWN'S BRONCHIAL TROCHES for Coughs, Colds and all other Throat Troubles. — "Pi-e-emlmently the best." — Reu. Henry Ward Jieicher. The Turkish government has issued an edict prohibiting uriny officers below Iht rank'of mujur from hariug more than oue wife. ^ How'l ThU t We offer One Hundred Dollar* Reward for any case of Catarrh that cannot be cured by Hall's Catarrh Cure. F. J. CHENE5C <fe CO., Props., Toledo, O. We, the undersigned, have known t. J. Cheney for the last 15 years, and believe him BotL the method and results Syrup of Figs is taken; it is pleasant tnd refreshing to the taste, and act* gently yet promptly on the Kidneys, Uver and Bowels, cleanses the system effectually, dispel* colds, head- Aches and fevers and cures habitual constipation. Syrup of Figa is th« »nly remedy of it» kind ever pro- Juoed, pleasing to the taste Mid 8pure tlm Hod the Child. If you nre nsked the author of this great saying,you would promptly reply, "King Solomon." You'll be greatly astonished to learn that King Solomon never said it. This IB a fact, nevertheless. It Ocean in Butler's "Hudibras." Solomon believed in thrashing children though, especially in beating the dull ones. He was always prescribing M A rod for a fool's back." 'Many childrea are dull from indigestion and constipation. They should be given the LAXATIVE GUM DKOPS, two or three every night on retiring. These will soon brighten the dullest intellect. fiuced, pleasing to sue wa\a »^« •«- —— — D —-- eeptoble to the stomach, prompt IB / They come m two sizes, bmall size U. *n+tnn UnA tniW hflnAnClB.! In itS nnr.1- 4-nn nollfd fllO InVdrfl O17.f> C.OSk t/»UlV W H«W w«v—«— j w — . action and truly beneficial in lt§ effects, prepared only from the moat k«a?thy and agreeable substance*, "ta iixay excellent qualities commend it to *11 and have mad* it th« taatA popular rttmerly known. Byrap of Figs IB for wi3» in BOo uid $1 bottles by all leading; dray jiBto. Any reliable druggist wU uiay not have it on hand will pro «ur« it promptly for ar,y one wh« iriahes to try it Do not accept anj large size cost them of imy cost ten cents, the twenty-five cents, dealer. SYLVAN HKMEDY Co., Peorin, Til. Cheney for the last 10 years, anu uenovc mui perfectly honorable iu all business transae. lions and llnaneially able to carry out any business ohllgultoiiH made hy their lirm. West&Truax, Wholesale Druggists, Jo- ledo, O., Wuldliig, Klnnan & Marvin, AVholesale DrugjrisU, Toledo, O. Hall's Catarrh~ Cure is taken Interimlly, ai-tln 1 ' direetly upon the blood /ind mucous niirfaces of the system. Price, 75c. per hut. lie.. Sold by all Druggists. Teslimoiii-».« free. Kud UalUloiius fell at Amsterdam In 18:301 at, London iu 1(103 (diirliig the Uiiio of lliu »™u iilugiiu), mill ul, divers plm-eu in Jr<>Und aud France iu Uic curly purt o£ tla- present century. "Toiir Work In Life." A eerlos of 18 articles by successful men In w many pursuits is one of the many ^rong^roups of articles wldch are announc. CALIFORNIA FIG SYRUP CO. SAN 'FRANCISCO, OAL. wtnsvtut. re * r * *"""' *•*• Driving the Brain at the expense of the Body. While we drive the brain we must build up the body. Exercise, pure air —foods that make healthy flesh—refreshing sleep—such are methods. When loss pf flesh, strength and nerve become apparent your physician will doubtless, tell you that the quickest builder of all three is Scott's Emulsion of'Cod Liver, Oilywhich not only creates flesh of and in itself, but 'stimulates the appetite for other foods. Prepared by Scott A Bogna. N Y. A Choice Gift v A Grand Family Educator A Library in Itself v V Tho Standard Authority , "Tn« done me tho honor to— and— and to—propose 1 . ••"• . • "The sly young vascal!" ejaculate 'Poplin, not giving her a .fihaiice to fli b 1,1,'•-Well, T suppose, TlMuive to lie to yon. and T will say I am of my Mix \iaiar-.Mutilda. Maulsby, will was lately presented for probate at D. C., left $80,000 for tlu; maintenance, of a homo for ":il to her also, $30,000 to tho Newsboys' and CHiildren's Aid Society, for a build- in- to be, known as the "George Mauls' ' Home," iu memory of hei husband. The plumber and the poet work iu very different ways; For while the former lays Jus pipes, The Mter Pi P e* his fciys.., ^^ YoutKi Companion for 18U3. Bravest Deed 1 ever Saw" is the topic of another series by United State* General*. The prospectus for the coming year of Tn» Companion is more varied and eeueroui than tver. Those who subscribe at once -will re- eelve the paper free to Jan. 1, 1898, and for a lull year from that date. Only $1.76 • 'ear. Address TUB YOUTH'S COMPANION, toslon, Mass. The largest and oldest chestnut tree In he world stands 'at tho foot of Mount Etna. t Is 313 feet in circumference and Is known ] o be at least 2,000 years old. IT 18 WELL TO OIBT OJ-KAR O» A COLO tht week but it is uiuch better and safer to dySlf of lithe first forty-eight hours the proper remedy for the purpose being Dr. D. Jayuo'B Bxpoctoraut. Hereunto, the newlrench explosive, , 1» so powerful that half ft pound of It, n i a recent test, displaced, a »tone *eis'" n g thirty tons. _ ___ Important to Fleshy People. We have noticed a page article In the Boston Globe ou reducing weight »t a very small expense. It will pay our readers to send two cent stamp for a copy to Betlna Circulating Library, 36 E. 'Waslilngloi Street, Chicago, 111. The sunflower bears 4,000 seeds, , • the poppy.. 39,000 and thejobaeco plant 70,320 , Have Too A»tUn»»T DB. B. SOBI^PM^NN, St. Paul, Mlsn., will malj a trial package of SclUff mann'* Aathma Cure7V« tQ any »wfl«rer. Qlve» Instaut re- Uel in wojat cww, an<J cure» where ptlier* DT Mtorn m»ll. fall a«- sorlptlve elicDlan ot and UOOOT'B IMPBOVKD BT8TEH8 OP CEEBS OCIIIHO. Eevitcd to date. These, only, are tba KenulnetAlLOBBTStBMB In vented and copjrrtBbted by PBOF.p.W. MOODY. Bo- vrara of Imitations. Any lady of ordinary Intelligence can easily and quickly learn to out and make nnygerment, in any style, to any measure, for ladles, men and children. Garments gaartto- NEW FROM COVJBB TO OOVBB. Fully Abreast of the Timei. _ Successor of the authentic. . 4 > bridged." Ten years spent In revlsl 100 editors employed, over $300,0 expended. .. % SOU) Bt A I.I. IIOUKSELLEES. Y OUT TUB IIK8T. , < • To not liny reprlnls of olwoleto edition*.' ' T Hen.l for Tffo imiiiirtilet cnmalnlng •pecluwn 4^ pn|(c» and HILL I'Altl ICULAH8. , G. Si 0. MEBKIAM CO., Publishers, Bprlngfleld, Mass., U. B. A. <" ' A ULKAK Or. O. 1'. Krovru'n I1EK1IAI. TlSSUfc BUILDER Hi Kklll T.»ni<.. wUluU Unauan, pr»T«nt«nr •hriukae* "'- v ' J JOHNW.IflOItKIS, WuHlllligton, p.O. j prosecutes Claims, ngesfe^g'^s I TIltl AI'rH'H liW.'W, riHWl. dUuovm'eit in Congo, Went Al'ricu, in Nuluro'u Buve Cure brcith.lieaduche,mental aepreaaioq. painful dle«itlou, bod coinplexlou. Knd oil dlnuM wuMd br tfUwt of t _^ tlie itoiaaob, llrer or b« their proper funotioiu. Periona gl U «, Beneflted by Uktae one «JU«. IRANS oaioAi, oo.. «>p™"i2i ,..«.«••••«••••••••••••••••• Asthma for Authmti, iJui-o €3^ iiuort olDc'e, 1101 Uroudwiiy. New York. Fpi 1<rlal tW« FKKIO by M»ll. uddruBS Kola ~ " "" J ~ Co* 182 Via* St., Cincinnati, Ohio. FAT FOLKS REDUCED n, Mo., writes* li,no«lU«lW Idreu, with Bo_ r*, ObioM«>UC . 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