The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on December 7, 1892 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 7, 1892
Page 5
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THEtJPPERDES MOINES: ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, PEOEMBER 7, 1892. ••rartB^BMMBiiliM^iartaaMdMMBiia^a-a^^^ ' ' ... ._,..., .- •-- ^.^^.U^,**^—^-.^^^^ ALGONA AND BURT. SPECIAL CLOTHING SALE For 20 Days Only. Our entire stock of Men's, Boys' and Children's Clothing will be put on the market at nearly wholesale prices, as OUR STOCK IS TOO LARGE and must be reduced by January 1st; therefore we will make prices LOWER THAN EVER BEFORE in this market. Remember these special prices will only at our two stores—ALGONA AND BTJRT. Also our Entire Stock of Fur Coats. JNO. GOEDERS JR. ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE OF TRAINS. CHICAGO, MILWAUKEE & ST. PAUL. West—Pass.— No. East—Pass.— No. 2 CHICAGO & NORTHWESTERN. Iff t Business Notice. • D A Haggard has been secured by THE UPPER DES MOINES to act as its agent m making settlements with its patrons Any businesa transacted with him will be the same as though done at this office == THE CITY. Read Foss on clothes. Germania is said to have 25 buildings already. > The first real snow storm of the season is on today. The Rutherford house also sports a new hack these days. A. M. Johnson is still very sick, and not able to leave his bed. Dr Pride now has a fine office in the second story of Goeders' store. w F Carter expects to begin moving into his new store next week. that he had the best crop of corn this vear he had ever raised in the county and that it was all planted the last of May or the first of June. Court meets next Monday with Judge Carr presiding. More than 20 cases are noted for trial, and if they all come off it will make a busy term. The famous stallion case between Dingley & Moffatt and Matron is postponed till next term of court The parties were not ready at this term. Barnet Devine has been under the weather lately and had a doctor from Algona Saturday. He is not dangerously sick and will be out again soon. E P Biroher has a new baker, who arrived from Des Moines yesterday with his family. He is better than any he has had yet and does all kinds of baking. Algona has a new resident in the person of H. D. Sage, who has lately come from Buena Vista county. He has rented a house near the fair grounds, J. L. Moore of Osage arrived here Saturday night and Chas. Ingersoii 01 Waverlv, Monday night. Both gentlemen will work for Spurbeck & Lambert at the Algona tub factory. W W Wilson of Bancroft says the cattle feeders this year will make mon- ev He; by the way, is now a member of a Chicago commission firm, and attends to the Iowa end of the business. Miss Harris will lecture on temperance this evening at the Congregational church in the interests of the Good Templars. She is highly spoken of as a speaker. The lecture is free to all. Dr. Kenefick is having front rooms over Jas, Taylor's store fitted . ior an nfflpo and will soon be at home mere. The office rooms of this block are very fine and arebeing finished in good style, resents two rods and two-thirds of a rod of land. If any county in Iowa can beat that it should report at once. J. W. Wadsworth- is on the pro- looking up poultry at other points. Dr. Morse went to Bancroft las week p and will occupy them soon. •NTavt Saturday is the time set for the coS/meetinTto Perfect ar> organization for the world's fair work. various features of the duly published. ' Letters remain uncalled for in the $rafi^^ B ^* Lr^^^ 5 ^ Herman P. Enerdlng. At the Knights of Pythias election ridav C. E. Heise was re-elected CO gramme of the state stock breeders meeting, which begins at Humboldt today. He is to discuss the horse. The meeting continues tomorrow, and tomorrow evening a banquet will be spread. Ed. Donovan is soon to become a resident of Algona, having traded off his farm in Fenton. He gets the new house A. D. Clarke has been building in the north part of town. L. Hulburt has'bought his farm, and we understand will move there to live. W. B. Quarton went to Rock Rapids yesterday on a law case. He defended a man at Humboldt last week, who was arrested for obstructing a highway in that county, and had him released. Our Algona attorneys are covering a pretty wide field these days. Our old friend L. Witham tells us about a big ear of corn. Thos. Rich, who bought Uncle Steve Pettibone's farm, raised it, and it has 18 rows with 50 kernels to the row, or 900 kernels in all. It belongs to the white variety of dent corn. Who can beat it? The marriage list holds its own this week. Licenses have been issued to A. W Calkins and M. C. Leatherman, John A. Malllnger and Mary Ann Brass, A. Bradley and Blanche Clarey, John Knutson and Annie Anderson, H. F. Randall and Olive M. Nellis. As the tools were being shipped for the butter tub factory the boxes were broken somewhere on the road and a lot of valuable pieces were stolen. The Northwestern is looking the matter up, and will make the owners whole so that no loss will be suffered by them. We hear that Geo. Hollpway and Frank Byrne are having a lively race for the Bancroft postoffice, with db5 others in the field. The nxact number we are able to give on the authority of a brother democrat. George is a hustler, and will make a good race for the winner. All old settlers will regret to learn that David Sample of Irvlngtpn has had another hemmorhage and is very low He has been unwell for some time, but last week had a more than usually severe attack. He was one of the pioneers of Irvington and is 71 vears of age. which maltes his sickness a source of great anxiety to his friends. that a lady from the country attempted to cross the track ahead of the train, and becoming bewildered ran down the track and was killed by the engine. The company notified him at once and he went to see whether there had been any neglect on the part of the officials. B. F. Smith was down from Ramsay Monday, enthusiastic as ever over Chester Whites; He raised 104 boar pigs this year and has sold all but five, shipping to Nebraska, Kansas, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and even to Pennsylvania. He says he will raise about 500 pigs next season. Ho is also getting White Holland turkeys, and will .soon make his Ramsay farm famous for high-bred stock. terprise is going on he is usually in it. His latest move is the purchase of the new town of Reynolds. He was down yesterday having his deeds recorded and is now sole owner of the townsite including all lots unsold and contracts made. The purchase price is $12,000 and hereafter those who want to locate in one of Kossuth's booming new Cities will do well to call on him. He is going to see that Reynolds does not fall behind in the race. should market prices are bringing 30 cents. • Lund & Nelson announce , theii wagon in, this issue, " benefit to Algona, and the get good service. THE UPPER DES MOINES has a new eta X sale is any measure of how The juvenile temple will hold a dime social in Starr's hall over the postofflce next Monday evening. A short litera- rv programme will be given, inter- snersed with taubleaux, after which h everyone will have we may as 'atonce. "One a chance to try their luck fishing. It is hoped the narents will be present and encourage the children in their temperance work. It is likely that the case in which Col. Clarke sues E. S. Ellsworth for a $5,000 attorney fee will be tried at this term. Col. Clarke was Mrs. Ellsworth's attorney in the well-known proceedings ia which a divorce secured by Mr. Ellsworth was set aside, and as he won, the law orders the husband to pay his fee. Mr. Ellsworth has failed or refused to comply and the suit is noted for trial. fflSSSSiK^ft-w.w Geo. B. Clarke waj caUe4 to Clear Mon4ay by a very sa4 acoiaeni p« ««•"« The outgoing county officials are making arrangements for the new year. A. A. Brunson has made a partnership with H. Hoxie and will join him in a loaning and insurance business. J. B. Hofius will move in a week or two to his farm north of town and buckle into hard work again. Recorder Smith's farm is a little too far away for winter moving, and he will remain in town till spring. Philip and Paul Dorweiler and Henry Bell were over Monday for the tax sale. Paul says that if no one can be got to take the postofflce in Algona he will come over if a good bonus is raised, and Henry Bell says he has signed two petitions already one for the Whittemore and one for the Bancroft office. Our Algona candidates should be moving in this matter of making a showing of strength. One of the most enterprising business firms in the county is Thompson & Dorweiler at Whittemore, and the business thev are doing there is a recognition of merit on the part of the public. They have an announcement in this issue which shows that they are prepared for the holidays, and everyone within trading distance of Whittemore should give it close attention. The boys are both well known In the county and this success gives pleasure to their friends everywhere. 'Squire Thompson's court had a family jangle before it yesterday. Fred. Johnson, who works the Wm. Peck farm in Fenton, had his brother arrested for assault. It seems they had a difference about some corn husking and the young man had varied the monotony by giving his elder brother a baa black eye. Fred., his wife and her brother all told the same story, but the court let the defendant go, evidently believing that the state of Iowa shouldn't be meddling in family quarrels. J. W. Sullivan defended and the county attorney prosecuted. THE UPPER DES MOINES is keeping a close watch on postofflce developments, but has nothing new to offer this week except that Jas. Taylor is likely to have something to say about the final disposition of things. Tho Dubuque Herald speaks by tho card and it says that the democrats have agreed in Iowa to leave the postoffloes to the " district oommitteeman acting in conjunction with the candidate for congress at tho recent election." We would advise all applicants to call nt the next aoor east ot the pofltoflloo at an early date. Among tb,e rustlers at M i Richmond has " F*f ?^ '**rJ p ~jW ««T*T The Concord Journal in reporting the closing of the national grange meeting said: " Mr. Blackford from the committee on foreign relations submitted a. report which recommended the closest fraternal relations with Canadian and Provincial patrons. It deprecated the introduction of foreign paupers, which it designated as tho scum, drift, and dregs of pauperized humanity; also that the tare of cotton be reduced. The report was adopted." It was decided to expend $1,000 in opening grange headquarters at the world's fair next year. Following is the programme to be given at the Congregational church Friday evening: Song of the Soldier, male quartette; instrumental duet, Lizzie Wallace and Mabel Smith; the Y. P. S. C. E., Guy Grove; musical mosaic, chorus; violin and piano duet, Geo. Horton and Lizzie Wallace; song, male quartette; recitation, Erma D. Clarke; song, quartette; solo and chorus, Ernest Beale; vocal trio, Maud Cowan, Ruble Smith, Frank Tellior; duet, Frank and Arthur Telller; " My Dream," Rev. Davidson; song, quartette; song, double quartette; "Good Night," C. E. Choir. Everybody is invited. Sheriff Graham came again from Chicago Saturday and returns tomorrow. Mrs. Graham is improving in health and will soon be able to be about. The railroad company, whose negligence caused her injury, has offered $1,000 in settlement and then raised the offer to $2,500 and expenses. Mr. Graham has retained Geo. E. Clarke, but no settlement has yet boon made and suit may be brought. Mrs. Graham will bo disfigured for life, and the company should pay liberally for its carelessness. PEBSONAL MOVEMENTS. J. J, Wilson will got away for California early next week. Mrs. F. H. Vesper goes today to Horicon, Wis., for a visit. Mrs. L. G. Corbiti of Huron, S. D., is visiting her sister, Mrs. Herb. Batloy. Mrs. W. W. Johnson camodown from' Minneapolis lust week for a visit with old Algona friends. Miss Mary Smith spentThanksgiving at home. She WUH the only collegian who returned for tho short vacation. Martin Bronspn starts for San Diego, Cal., today. Hurry Walldoy was to have gone with him, but is sick abed. Mrs. A. W. MolTatt has enjoyed a , visit from hor father and mother tho past week. They came out from Elgin, 111. Capt. Tyrrell was up from Clarion yesterday swapping cattle stories with Senator bhubb and looking over tho new bank. Mr. and Mrs. Alex. White are off on a vacation. Mrs. White visits her parents at Earley, and he has gone to Texas, where his parents reside. In his absence Jas. Chapin is running the lumber yard very successfully. . Fred. Bronson was called to Springfield, S. D'., last week by a telegram announcing the dangerous illness of his father. He wont at once and arrived before his father's death. Andrew Bronson was well-known in Algona as he started and for some time conducted the jewelry business before Fred, took it. He wont .to Dakota from here and is said to have built up a good business there. He was an older b7-other of Martin Bronson, and about 70 years of ago. _ v Poultry. The Algona Co-operative Creamery company will pay the highest price for poultry after Dec. 2. 86t3 M. SOHENCK, Secretary. MONEY to loan on chattel security by J. B. Winkel.—30t2 The sensational case brought by A. Sawvel against S. A. Thompson Is noted for trial next week, the trial notice being served by Mr. Thompson. His answer in on file and its statements reflect very severely on the plaintiff. The pleadings show up one of the most scandalous events which ever occurred in Algona, and the evidence, it is said, will substantiate all that is claimed. This is tho ouse where Mr. Sawvel paid $650 to settle a bastardy claim against him which Mrs. Anna Cooper presented through Mr. Thompson as her attorney or agent, and whore he sues to recover $150, which ho claims Mr. Thompson wrongfully detained. Ucut, House of eight rooms, hot ,and cold water up stairs and down. Large bath room, furnace heat, 160 barrel cistern, good well, ajtj water brought into house. Large bara<aM W«o4 sh,ed, v Tbis LAMPS! Lamps! Lamps! The finest line to be found, at our new store. Langdon & Hudson.-35t3 LADIES, call and see the corsets we are soiling for 48o. Goo. L. Galbralth & Co. BUY your felt boots, overs and arc- tics of us; wo soil them cheap. Geo. L. Galbraith & Co. FOB real estate time loans at the very lowest rates, make inquiry at the Kossuth County bank. Go TO Stough's for all kinds of arc- tics and warm foot wear. HOUSE and lot for sale, next door to Wilson's ball. Address Vira D. Lamb, storm Lake, jgwa. rn to

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