The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 30, 1892 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 30, 1892
Page 7
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'. • t THE UPPER DESMOINES,AL(k)NAaOWA, WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER30, 1892 ""WOW*^^ ,,,,.11 i. .„,.,, f . 1llf , , -* -- ........-.--^ nn-i .n.Mir^.fcr***^^^ mwwdiuMiintMMk. DAViD C COO'C. Die i', !!>![<!, , itr t David JIT. Jordan of Edmcston, N. T. Colorless, Emaciated, Helpless • 4 Complete Curt by IIOOV'8 8Alt- SAPAJlfLLA. Thli la from Mr. D. M. Jordan, a retired fcrmer. and one of tliu most 'respected ciU lent of OtBugo Co., N. Y.: "JFottiteen yo'>ii ng> I had an i'tuok i. '• j|ji»tl, and hovi -(.cabeer •routiled with ',y Liver and Kidneys mdnail) growing i-'oree. Throe •••!••- ngo I gul Jown n low Unit ' cou'il nciircpljr \vnllt. 1 look >1 iuofft Kke u uorp^n tint- n up being I hail I. eoi-e in hntie e r-t otlo no'ce lh»t I felt liotlor, mtfVurod le»n, tlio klllliliumiillon tflllf l>!ail<l. i lind -iiibsick'd, th nlor btiRHR |o return to my face, iind I begun (o l<>«! hulir'.v Altorl h«tl tukim three'jottlesl could eat any thing vttbout Hurling in IVhy, Igotno jmuRry that I bud to out livu timo u day 1 hav* BOW fully recovered, tbirnks to Hood's SarsaparilSa I feel well mid mil w«-ll. All wb know m* marvel to nee me BO well." U M. JOKDAN. Hooil'x I'lllR ar tin best nfter-dmnni Flll>' SMlftt dilution, cure headache nnd biliouau*fti-. It Cures Colda.CouRha.Sore Throat,Croup,Influon- zu,'Whoopinij Cough, Bronchitis and Asthma. A certain cure for Consumption in first stages, and a euro relief in advanced stages. Use at once. You will seo the excellent effect after taking the first dose, Sold by dealers everywhere, bottles 60 cents and $1.00. , David 0. Cook, the Chicago Sunday i fohool publisher* was born in En/st Worcester, New York, in 1850, a son of Eov. E. S. Cook, a Methodist minister. a cultured and scholarly man. Sinoo earliest childhood lie has been devoted to the Sunday School, iln boyhood he joined 'the church, and began teaching In the DAVID o. COOK. Sunday School at the age of BeTente«n In the ,We«t Division of Chicago, and for four years following taught most of the time in two or three schools each Sabbath. The fire of 187J was the beginning of his mission and Sunday-school work on the North Side. His field was one of tho roughest and poorest of tha burnt district. Here, in a German theater and beer-hall, he organized "Everybody's Mission," afterwards removed to a building of Us own. With an attend- niuo of :j.-.0 to 4SO, he sustained tho school lor five yrars without tho a : d of cliutch or eo'-loty. O'id'-s 1his, he has since orgnnixcd nnd sunerintrmJed >orth Avenue Mission. i:,iil-:o View "Mia-ion, Lake \li-vi- T'lih n Surul ly-schools in Chi riRO. arid tli Siitii.liiy-8 hoi Iconuocted with Cra o ('l:\ir.-liiu j.i.uin, III., bontdos s:",v;a! Important to FleHliy I'rnple. i We have noilccd i\ ]iaj,o; article in th Boston (,lob<: on reducing; \rclglit at a verv j small expense, It will pay. our readers to | I send two cent stntnp for a copy to Bctlna I Circulating Library, 38 E. Washington i ; Street, Chicago, 111. = .- 6 1 ! Autumn mid -winter all the year round, ' , nnd there 'will be no dull seasons nor poof . trade. In Olden Time* People overlooked the importance ol permanently beneficial effects nnd were MtU- fled with transient action, but now that Itll generally known Hint Syrup of Figs will permanently cure habitual constipation, well-informed people will ndt buy other laxatives, which act for e time, but finally Injure the system. There is n great deal of food In corn Tod tier, but the cows get little benefit of it when they have to run down the stalks in the field to keep warm on cold, stormy days. Beware of Olntmenta for Cutiirrh tlmi Contain Mercury, KB uiercury will surely destroy the sonso ol smell and completely derange the whnlr system when entering it through the mucous surfaces. Such articles should never be used except on prescriptions from reputable physicians, as the damage they will do Is ten fold lo the good you can possibly derive from them. Hall's Catarrh Cure, manufactured by F. J. Cheney & Co., Toledo, 0., contains no mercury, and is taken Internally, acting directly upon tho blood and mucous surfaces ot the system, lit buying Hull's Catarrh Cure be sure you i-)ir t iitiblii/nilr.ns wuro lotted I'm own Suiiday-schdiilf) alone. XeLh- i!i.^r Sunda.y-B:-li(K>ls, upiM'"'-''"'''-'*? ', ftlll ' Ol' t.'..0.;<). lll % l|'S, ))(•<!.. 11)1' ll :• i.i'Ki, siibsuri: cr». Si on Mr. (' i,k iii* eovi.ivil 'hat bin were no tin.- ui.h B.-liools Unit nooilod luovo tun! botf.i'j U:iTalu,u than thuy I'oultl ali'onl to buy iii, HIM prison Uiun oxisliu , and ri'*oivi.'il lo niaku it his lil'o work to pi, co in th' hands of tho Kunday-ychool i-hildrwi 01 tho land an abundance of iho very bo-l lit,( r:iture at the lowo. : t possibly prii cs He was mot at the very outset wiih dlmost insurmountable olistafles and lively opposition; b;it the obstnclos and opposition only furnished /oat, for ho is a man of purpose, and it has been well said of him, "his indomitable energy do- nitind-* Insurmountablo obstacles. " That his i.ui'i oso was good aud wise is proved by Ihu way ho has been suppoited. It is seyeutoon years since he issued his first publication, and there is now scarcely a village or Aamlot in tho laud where they are not known and used. Ho employs regularly six associate editors and some sixty writers, representing some of the ablest - Sunday school talent in tho land. Among those who know him personally he is always recognized as a man of strong Christian character, a practical worker in the church, Sunday school and temperance cause, and a •warm friend of missions, both horn* and foreign. get the genuine. II. It taken Internally, and Hindu hi Toledo, Ohio, by F. J. Cheney & Co. Testimonials free. tJJ"Sold by Druggists, price TDc. per bottlo. "One sweetly charming thought Comes to us more and more; . To-ra-ra-boom-de-ayo Cnu'l reach the shining i Advice to" Ailing Women Free. Countless let* j ters are 'received by us from aUing women in all j parts of the j world, seeking I advice. All arc | answered in a prompt and careful manner, giving each the benefit of the great library of reference compiled during a woman's life's work among suffering women. These are the largest records concerning Female Complaints in the ivorla Thousands of women have bten benefited by Mrs. 1'inkham's advice after all othc> treatment had failed. Won't throw awa\ this chance. Write us about your case. Ii will cost yon nothing, and may save your life. Your letter will be received and answered by one of your sex. Correspondence strictly private. We never publish even a lette'r of testimonial without the person's unqualified consent. All Draggli!) sell it, or aent bj mall, In. form of Pllle or Loungci, on receipt of Wl .OO. I.lvjr PiH«, Sr. oungci, on recep o .. .vjr , . CoTTMpomlence frrelvaninrrcd. Ad( 'ren "i conflrteiicc, llyillA K. I'IfJKHAM MED. CO., LYNN, MASS. Pilot Knob, Mo. Suffered Mr. Henry P. Travel's, formerly of this place, suf- Years. fered with chronic rheumatism for 20 years, and was treated at times by several doctors. ST. JACOBS OI3L, cured him. No Wo Return return of pain in 3 years. G. A. Farrar. Years. « .«• .__ •__ The Africa KoIaVlimt. *tt<i"& fl STfl M <U««overeil In Congo, Want mO R. I I I I 11* A { rlcUi [„ Nature's Sure Cure for Aflthmu. Curt' CJimranloiMl or No 1'iiy. Export office, 1164 Urondwny, New York. For Emr«" Trial Ciioo 1>'KKK liy Mull, nrtdress liol i Importing Go; 132 Vine St., Cincinnati, Ohio. DM-J-M-.-, tli-iil's I :iul In us, VVilhcr*, Oluviii. etc., Dvril ur CU-niicil, I'lu-h GunnuiiU . Sk-atm-d. iit nun I'iclrli'M Dju \Vnrks.3W « \Vnlcr St., MilwiuiUte. Send for circular. The sun (lower bears 4,000 seeds, the poppy 32,000 and the tobacco plant 70,320. FITS —All Fits Stopr 0 ' 1 treB ^ l>p ' K"""" 1 * Br-nt. Xi-rvi- n-MoiVf. No Fin ftftor first dny'BnsB. Marvelous cures. Trontlsonnd 12.00 trijl bcule free lo Fit Otwes. Send to Ur. Kline, 931 Arch St., I'hiln., Fa. A million and a half of men are employed lu coal mines, and of these-800,000 we In the United States. Don't Rive np and say there it no help for Catarrh, Hay Fever and Cold in Head, since thousands testify that Ely's Cream Balm has entirely cured them. I have been bothered.with catarrh for about twenty years; 1 had lost sense ot smell entirely, and I had almost, lost my hearing. Mv eyes were getting so dim I had to get some one to thread my needle. Now 1 nave my hearing as well ns I ever had, nnd 1 ctin see to thread as fine a needle as ever I did, my sense of smell seems to be improving all the time. 1 think there is nothing like Ely's Cream Balm for catarrh.—Mrs. is,. K Frlines, Kendrill, Perry Co., O. Apply Balm Into eac.'.i nostril. It Is Quickly Absorbed. OIVCS Kdlcl' ttlOMCC. Price 50 cents at Druggists or by mail. ELY BKOT1IE11S, 50 Warren St., New York. BE SAFE. "A sense of danger is a sen«u ot safety in. all walks of life and the way to be safe is never to be secure, said old Quarles. Safety is freedom from harm, while security is safety I'roni care. .You are always environed with foes. Even, the wind that , fans your cheek may bring death on its wings. Tho pleasant turf may so chill you that you rise with tho , seeds of pneumonia or consumption planted within. Delays are dang.fV- . cms. Neglect is fatal. Get a bottle ot REID'S G-EKMAN COUGU AND KIDNEY CUBE whenever yon tnke cold. You cannot help taking cold, but yon can cure it after you have taken it, and this great remedy will do it effectually. Get a bottlo now and keep it on hand. It is the only conga remedy in. the world that contains no poison. It is the only cough remedy that can be o-iven to children without any danger. It is the only cough remedy that there is no fear of an overdose. of any dealer. Small bottles are 25 cts., the large ones are 50 cts. SYLVAN REMEDY Co., Peoria, 111. IT 7SWT Iff THE ORDINARY WAI that I)r Pierce's Favorite Prescription comes to tlio irenk and suffering -vroman who needs it it/s midroiife«l. Not with words merely: «• vir nipi'Ueino ran make claims and promises. AV'iiat is done with tho " Favorite Prescription" U this: If it fails to benefit or cure, in any cnso. your money is returned.. Can you ask any better proof that a ruedicmo will rto what it promises ? It's an invigorating, restorative tonic, n Foot-hins »«d strengthening nervine, and n certain remedy for ttio ills and ailments that beset a woman. In "fomalo complaint" of every kind, periodical pains, internal inflammation or ulceration, bearing-down seim tions, and all chronic weaknesses and ir- regularites, it to a positive and complete cure. To every tired, overworked woman, Mid to everv weak, nervous, and ailing one, » ta guaranteed to bring health and strength. __ Itiglit doctors treated rnefor ttcato Disease and one for Rheumatism,' but did me no good. I Could not speak aloud. Everything that I took into the Sto nirch distressed me. I could not sleep. 1 had taken all kinds of medicines. .Through i neighbor I g;-.t one of your books* I procured n bottle of Green's Aug* ust Flower nnd took it. I am to-day stout, hearty nti't strong and ciijoy the best of he.;:HI' August Floweir saved mv lilo And j;avc me niy health. Mrs. Sa'nili J Cox, DeGauce, O, « The F1SU BHAND SLICKEU I« 'L» IT « n , t «l wll i? l t: .roof, ati'l will keep you rtrr In th« h«rd«t §10™. TH* i«w POMMlil, SUCKEll U a perfect rWliiit coal, ftiu ddl«. Bewsreofluillatloa*. Bon' KU» Brand" In not on 11. H!n«tra A. J. TOWBR. B<nt«», Mam. Unlike the Ootch Process No Alkalies — Other Chemicals Are '" 90tl ln thie proparatlou ot W. BAKEE & CO.'S THE NEXT~MORNINQ I FEEL BRIGHT ANtt NEW AND Nl* COMPLEXION IS DETTER. My doctor rays It nets jri'iitly on tlio etiv"ncli> MT»» unit lililni'vs. nnil Isnpli-nRiint Inxntlvp. This drlnK Is miulo friiii) lmrl)8, anil la tircpnivil foruso na OS toft. It IP All , ,rniK-» '" » ; It «™.l vonr nililrc" for n ftte imn|ilii. Unn'i funill uun «• rlli I i»ry. «™. vonr niirc" or n te imn|iii. uunn iho Imwcl. nwli 'l»y. I" nnlw !«• In hrnllliy, ISU !• UKH Aililtwi (WATtlll 1'. WOllDWAUH, Ultov. ^N. Y. ^ Patents' Pensions! ~ .oh It abinlutelv pur» and toluble. IB n ItbMmorethanthreetimat «sf the ttrength. of Cocoa rnlMi! "'"Jwlth Btaroh, Arrowroot ol ' Sugar, »nd it Ux more eoo- nomica!, costing less ^fion cn» cent » <— U is delicious, nou>l«hinei and OIOEHTED. lntrl«lk A. C.LEAK COMPLEXION. Ur. O. P. Ufoxvn'H . _^_ Sold br grocer* W. BAKEE & Oi , , MM*. Irenutlfles tlio skin ,v .^ ••• v- w - ^ -«• —•• c<)rtl)H)tiIc, bUl U^flit.ltlV .,, -Ulu To/ilc. whluh ln»Hl nidus, hunitry for -iLUvldhtnunt, nlmorb It like n nnoiige. DrujjKl 8 * 18 ••' i >• n.nil *l: Hiiud lOo. for SAMl'iJl with Ladjii* luiiiiir illiiu. Sovtm Amw of Womuu'a LI la and voiii.l to lli« t,<a» ot FHC« unit liuil/. J. """ t,i.>~K. 47 OrunJ 8l..,_,l«raay Oil)'. N.J. « niorphlno Unblt Cnrjjfl InJUl 8 to ao days. Noj>»r till onr«a» I DR. J.StfePHENtf, Lobanon.Ohl*. PERISHED IN FLAMES. Another Very Disastrous Milwaukee Fire — Kinployes.Juinp from Wliulowr. Milwaukee, Nov. 22.—A flro wliicli originated in tlie Milwaukee Bedding company's works, iii Sixth street, tonight, destroyed that establishment and the iipholstery works of Karpin & company. William II. French, foreman for the latter firm,was cut off by the flames on the fourth floor and perished. Several other employes jumpd from windows aud were slightly hurt. Five flre- men also sustained slight injuries. • The pecuniary loss Is ouly $15,000. | ^gj[ypi^^ anitri r r foujmaaaM «§^ - g We offer you a remedy -wnicli if used as directed, insures safety to life of both mother and child. "MOTHERS FRIEND" Bobs confinement of its PAIN, HOKBOB and many testify. AMATEUR IATHLET.ES. ••.;:.:. rroL-«-c<llnK« «>l tlie JI«etiiiK of tho National Association llelil Vwiiterduy. New York, NOT. 21.— The aiiuunl meetiiig of the Amateur Atliletlc Uniou of tlie United States was lield today. Many reports were discussed. A resolution was adopted ileclaring that the board of governors ought not to authorize LaCrosse, -baseball and football championships- prizes other thaai banners, nor make tiny allowance of expenses for traveling of teams. The world's fair committee was instructed to make arrangements to hold in Chicago next year a handicap meet- in" open to the world, and the world s championship competition to compete with foreign associations. JUMPED THETRACK/ „ _ J. S. MORTON, Harlow, N. C. Sent by express, charges prepaid, on ro- ipt of price *1.50 per bottlo. So d by all urrrrNts. Hook To Motliow mailed free. KuauLATOB Co., Atlanta, Go. ItVIN SBVfNTCEIj -THE brightest and best religious paper in the world is THE CHRISTIAN HERALD. It is edited in Dr. Talmage* 1 happiest vein, beautifully illustrated, with a Profusion of timely Pictures, well executed, admirably. Printed on ex-^ cellent Paper, and issued every Wednesday-^ times a year at $1.50.per annum. ^^ Amid a host of other delightful Attractions, every Issue-contains a charming piece of flusic, especially selected by fir. Ira D. Sankey. In fact THE CHRISTIAN HERALD sparkles with Bright and Beautiful things from stem to stern, from Centre to Circumference, and from New Year's Day to NeW Year's Eve, and best of all there is not a dull line in it. It is useless to attempt a list of forthcoming notable ar= tides. THE CHRISTIAN HERALD is the only paper in the world edited by Dr. Talmage, who makes every article notable, and every number Peerless. Then there are a great host of beautiful, timely Pictures, drawn each week specially for THE CHRISTIAN HERALD, and fully protected under the Copyright Law. To this feast of good things we cordially invite you. Opening your doors to THE CHRISTIAN HERALD is like open- in^ the shutters to let the glorious sunshine in. In fact a *^ . _ - • . * . f-w* s~* _ I I • ' . __ EDITOR. .llil-M X Uii. V i Illti LlUwJlil-l LLV^l >J l-w iv**. v»«v^ ^«^x»»v —»w ^«..»-...-.— •--- - Christian Home in a Christian Land should never be without THE CHRISTIAN HERALD,and a Genuine Oxford Te ' " '- ( < 0 |||Hl.... ..» a Oui- Kiiliul mill "Cleveland, O., Nov., 22,-Au clcetrlo train was running over the long -ntrai viaduct at a high rate of speed this evening, when a train car jumped- the track and swung around. A train coming to lie oppislte. direction at full speed dash- id into it, badly wrecking the car, Charles B. Hussey was fatally injured and Miss Lulu Fay and Jacob Pfahl may not recover. The other passengers escaped with slight cute and bruises. Small. Guaranteed to cure Bilious AttaoUs, Sick. Beadacha aud OoiistlpuU''"' « '" 6aoU iottle. Price S5e. ^ur salt) by druggists. Picture "7, 17. 'if" and ennip'o dose free. J. F. SMITH A. CO. "•••• '••'-•• '""" l "" Mf - islisgK , mis ^^ A Beautiful GENUINE OXFORD TEACHER'S BIBLE to every yearly Subscriber at Two Dollars. Then here is your Golden Opportunity to secure BOTH, either to the same or to separate addresses, under the —— ___«Mi«Mwi»iiBBBV!aBBB4».—:— -^.asxfflwssssfSMAMMu*.,^.—_«nEwa89h>. j"nost Generous and most Magnificent Premium tarn W»vwy, Sussex Co., Ya., nem been without it for twelve years M; >Bribes to this opinion, lie Bays: "Ou fanillv ba» lieeu using Dr. Bull a 8y up y for twelve yew., and are never out it in the house. It IB m valuable." Arizona baTproduced $8,000,000 in gold, $9900 000 in .Hw aud «4,500,000 in eopptr during the yeur. _ ___ Ghee! Hou» • THE G1SNUINE OXFORD TE&GHER'S BIBLE SKNT FIIKK WITH THE CHRISTI1 HERALD FOB ONE NEW ANNUA1 SUBSCKirTIOX AT $2.00, Contains 145O Pugus, la Leather Itoiiud, Divinity Circuit, Oil t Kdge, Kounil Corners, and Overlapping UUges. .This Beautiful Bible is Frlntud from Clear Penrl Type, and Measures \vbeu Opeii,]Tlups Included 7x11 INCHES. WE PREPAY EXPRESS CHARGES, Each Bible i» printed by the Oxford Uni- j verirfty Proas and published at I Amen Corner, In London. THE OXFORD TEACHER'S BIBLE COIHPRIB1SS Tlie Holy Scriptures with Ref-1 crences. And All the Helps. , of tl»e Several . Tables Illustrative of Scripture History. ,1 Concordance, 40,000 References. I Index: to persons, Subjects and;| Places, 16,000 References. . I eiiuliieiieNB and Integrity of thel Old and New Testaments. Summary of the Apocryphal Books. Dictionary of all Scriptural Proper Names, their Pronunciation and MeaninR. Words Obsolete or Ambiguous in the English Bible. M COI.OIIISD SCKIPWRAI^ MAI'S. Animals of tlie raible. Harmony of tlie Oospeln, Ktc 'Offer ever put before the American Public. i. THE CHRISTIAN HERALD, the brightest 3*eligious Newspaper fn the world, for a whole year, and .2.: A Beautiful Jpenuine Oxford Teacher's Bible with Concordance, Colqred Haps, and ALL the Helps. THE CHRISTIAN HERALD is sent postpaid, each week—52 times—and the Bible is sent by express, all charges prepaid. The paper may go to one address and the Bible to another. If too latg_forjthe Bible Premium we 1m* VIBST x COLD, THKH BRONOKWU. the fl«t ' DESERVING which so ricu > Last year some waited just too long, and felt lyery much grieved and disappointed at receiving ^^^^ ^-~-~ 3 ™«^^ -^'their money back. A few even wrote some rather unkind things, claiming that we ought to have given them the preference. But we must be lair to all, and hence, First come, First served. You can save nothing by waiting, but you run the chance of being " atuin tho hands,injure tliu iron, s off. TiioUisinK Sim StovePolis Hunt,' Oilpvlcus, Purablu, ii'id tlie i-ou sumor pays for no tin or with every purcl^se, __ HAS AN ANNUAL SALE OF 3.000 TOKSj u<j. t-J-H'miU'MMftWUWWIl'" 'I • "" " v ' u , I AGEHTS WANTED ON SALARY fe.wSj^WyyS ,"$ uiUufiil dluebtluu, linU tumpJOJloo, JSaWawawwi f a "* lr ' «' the JtoiSftch, liVer er bow«S>9 P»r- *^JL-T. _ii_T.T. * •nnnanMH rvlwatn tA nvan. tUolr proper luuotloiu. r «j-« lioucutcd lur taUn ( PIso'B Remedy fin Catarrh la ttx» , KaBieat. to Use, «tnd Cheapest. [Hi) OHBM10AI. 00.,10BprUMi Wjflew jwwj ***tT************ f '' re* Consumption, Coughs, Croup, Bow> Ve» VVM»» r Dnnmiau on a Guarantee, . L ^, . ^ .( •' ,-j

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