The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 14, 1891 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 14, 1891
Page 8
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THE UPPER.PK.S.MOiyEg,_ALQOKA. IOWA. WRBNKTMT. nrTORF.B u, , m . siiiaac and c-J a scr* to psss A •bo baa pro.'essed friec<J?ajp for fj« *.-r«,,___* -- THE LAWYER'S LULLABY, toy AUSTRALIAN CtttES. „ Osa ^ saEK3 | fee sac-3 far A SACHED ROCK fa, pi-safe? sSaEce less or , in fee -aaierfaS i <?r Ba.srMslaa. -erior oiaaseter to tie "bore" of the were- both too well Idle tl/r urStaitsittraHrjn. itfrt, And tat*. a pass SERVED HER RIGHT. /* tare eo>ffle Jo rucl tb-i po.-it/ of aa asg-el ezt'zap-1 froia tie abominable -rHHf-,-•;;..; of .'«:'- women's tong-uss. We V-/ pliaroes '-But falsrarltes soed In saaci: tier are alike crowds ie i,3 are on the" o^d^r^ Sf^ ^^ ^ . :.»» -~v ; of ae wt sw ^ ^£J^J£ ^ M 'hai great labor of iectij- fiaoolh before the There are precious fes TBQ fenoiv jttjrt what a a tough job tbeh Saxons a* have b Pennsylvania acd «f « the New York Reporter' smoke is suff<>caijatr in it is blo^n br iae «in4 before the' d *hat mar «i ami ^ * at «SU. CjifiT fli A 5ames in another directioa *~ : ' •rancing fire—by a anr -wlilcb beiDwsse large so wide is the ! ExauJnaJi. nal-urallj of The woodmen and .arrners who sboir; y at ^J-r i tA* pr--:-.ivu*car fhire- • ir, &« 'h'j lite!*; tj;ar-n</i; ? arg;-.r*;1 V> &',tez>L j're- br e of a ; a .bet tii-e rillaisj . E-J'.-C Lawlessness of be a j."2:riT v> tae s rkdsjiv.a of Cirlrf'sa <S^;r*3.-i«jir. Mr- Sasips>Q ii a very roxS person IKS t/ gia on, tor she tnaj te a wor-* £ <,-.";' ter to realize tie fact 3&s.t "a" cvataia r teaa. rail aad boat for the ' Jie residence. Thas lie cities inscr;? excess of'' where -ii-' to be on tie of I»if3e Ararat in Armenia. foot toa d ia all M with - •• sn OTS *^ a of not carlo: tilings ._ ^ssr« rjrssrsLT^s. 1 ? *i- •—•*=-"» »».»i tie rerolftig COT- ? tioa-? bad been pu j. s&»:ss arlificial sijica -aras spread grave dangers, ; after a lapse of tw« n »y-;eur oenturiss, as II- liis eiiicio-us coTering- "" a coaling- of :«: acd cow. lie to defend'the hoire From' inraS by an enemy who knows not pity and " ani march is blackened b? f eaa be obXaiaed, rti ' 3 ** £u cli as no conqueror ever iJt directions by little ^kiod his advancing armr. The bolile-greea glass know not the driJls^aod system'"/! ,, There is K g^'^^~ firemen and cave nVfire °n a 57aau specimen ia the National g 1 * 1 — or hc>5 ^ generallr no water " " nroseum which ha? tie appearance of hel P the;i > ia the frar." but thev" " h-anng- besa bc-reu by r: ie te:«5o. the to ^lier advantage" than holes msde by lie w.;»rni subsequently taor -« 1<«=!l iril.n flo== oM*. to work could ia e ;-c coapany used to day Mrs. Saiap^-n .— i&aic- ti* i at rosr iwnte At only co2va2xsK.-«£t frwia a very B»T<;TS Her g-srat's usdj&ras.tioa. Mone boo- ertrs --•CIMI fce.- 03 to Elayu _ ; temper of the coastrr is not favorable .ea by Mar-,' to the patient industry of the farm, ^^f^^^^m^^^s^^^^ 1 ™ ° ; "-"^ noiis phenomenon has occasion- on the prostrate eseptec itself of a serious dearth nice o'hers chained v !i- ^ ">«- " v.'= ' ~ •— ^ T "^ country claces, while in v-I, cftariijis Margaret- £ae be-: the towns masses of unemployed were aad dar;-«o.~=< 53;n«f«. rsj"fii.-'''j-.rj-v-v- c *- r ="-^ ^5-^ iOOiang- ice metier slrair-'izi : cnmutetion AtiteJi \>vrs ^«<i'i for br'"k-. Mr-- ' P thf ' ^-'^ £hft ooBda^od that *he bad ' the carioiis ftwaid. a rt-ird-r o;5 fxA-v : br--;n. old &ew '- r i^P«»7fe the • -aaTsEta,ge r ' her' a2ly presers- enwJir-i to be Ltr faii^j; ^ih . wjr . 9 ^ra^rul iadyihip t^rgtrtetL ; of labor ii Be- ihis is well these curious ef- artiit repreyenis a of uie inoasie,. OEte ^ the northem part of the gr-3at -Black Forest." Germany, and who had built a fire against they fe 3i - to lea.:: in the "heroi<- ures vr^ich are oilcn necessarv -u^h E.S back-Sri% on the Ikaber lisa'? i> a, yet unscaihe-3 by the fianes. Re^des, such a man has a feet horse which, bearing- {he ominous roar of Samoa. can run mile afj e r mile in ha;ta bearing warnings and c^.- to outlaying detachments, and al^en" a time a minute saved often deter- Xt***v i- — <-**•& tr-di i i Wi.hin the last few years Darius armed with a bow., his foot np. ^^v '.v? «--—.- « s-— u to , s fieure of a man -.vbile f S °' ^ nuatta - v meaL was ^rprised r nrtOa ; , - v — ined together b'v rhoL" -1.^ f^T^ nt ,° f ^^tic proportions .' ^ s ' w .« re , the ««an» run and the 3 a large dead lo^-picT'iratorr to nartair- P^ 63 the fa{ e o! communities. - inrr«' *,;=. m :^j , • • . I* inn an experieaced forester. He Br-siten Onlj- by JletljusaJali. from in massy < r;y y/roiiir motive, ....- •--.-;:..i i-' : r^1 la rrJ^^e-j. v:,','>r--. "Wby, J—I_i shouldn't hare : -ii-i.-. aaytiiug of it" 7 j "liat h seesie you c:d. l"ou entered i EJV room d.ur^g icy ai«&eace. aad raade ' caj/iui] oat of what you saw. J am not t>e IriSc-d whh. You raust reiraci' . Binaller aad smaller, untU he linaUv ceased to vrk-gi e and quietly coined up . We Die. The most common cause of death is fat and lime. Jlicrobes are mere ac- cessorjr-s in carsLa? death. Take ray- self as a case ia _ point. Oaec % v .-hen IT le^ron a level tfe- an with t?K- v.-ori't arn: f'.-oHc" th'- devi3on5n? of his jx>-r^r^ Va-' W'' ' t:;:jt hii j;«r %f . vv .^ ., al! lhr ? vi-^K^n V; K;xtkfy «.-5th'rr head or bis h».-,-J!-:. hut \i>- vra-« hop' orabk-. I i'j i»'.-.-«,-1 v> do v.-ha? Lf b^- lievtd to h<; ripht, H< ; »o;d jh/. jr',.i that hf; I.o i'iiif> r :r 1ov-<] h f -~ "f *;' v/o'jV Ife^p W*- «isfaj/W sfl l to r .4Wy 'h-r. U •he mtiittfj ujx^n h!>; 10 O.oinjr. llie jf»H did,--t. ;« w.J'i ?1 - her parent*, and thty -,v<=;•<. Eiarr:<-(3. So it wa? not al a" r'.-r/.Krkahle that Mrs. MnO-ocfi wiouJ/2 U fa verv t;.'jV,a-»';y worr.;«Ji or that r<-o;.-'f; Hho':ld Urk about Ur. M« : f;ro^u'H do^of.tic ir/dici- liut no or'; couio point u, a fact reflfrcllnjf <;j..on hij, honor ».-.n or ;i p'ny!-.:<•:;•.!,. 'I'Lcr, Mre. — that Margaret v/; : (, s/j hr-Jre. 1 ;--, "e:»j-<--d TCJ-.V J-ttJf; Iw n.-t-n, :>.n>l had di-c.-inir'/l would-Jx.- lovers hy the doz».-n. Bhf had a ^t.-ong. vS^oro«;s wind, with very Jitt,e r.-.-nt-'mfent. whif:h, hov.-ev<- excell«.:.'.t thJn» in woman: a eturd.v tfood .^riKo and lack of no,^.,,,,^ that char;sc-« ;! -i/e/i th'i hlraighlfo,-ward bcot'-Jj doctor. )i:;ifift him (x.-'.-ufiut-lv accept»bJ«.- to hr;r. both as phvhici.-in ftfi'i friencJ. Putti/ijf what. s-hr.. know of both together, ;-.n'\ n-'.itwrt what her iina"ina- tioii con*rihnto.J, M,-fi. Hampton concluded that «hc lia/i made a BOcia! dis- covei-y, and no. on the afternoon of upon .Mw^arei JJale, her iii;je.-,H, her v/oficerdil reeoveiy, in whiuh, of covin-'j, i he other !tiuJ(:« joined. After .Nfaryaret. had heen pretty thoroughly 'li.Kcu.-hi-ij, iJanie SiiiuiHon! v,-l,o );;,/| heen v.-atchin</ foi- u favorable Opportunity to ^ivr- vent to her HU.H- pjrionh, ^;Ji.i. wiiii n •,]•/},-. "V,')j;4 a p:ly it is Ui.-it. iny ! ;-v,ay on l)i-. .' Jt w:;s e'|',a! I<J the I b&liib-.-hr:!! in t.hi-. r.oclal WOllii;N, i)a! p t|i-i'l !t!!(l III 1 .... t-ii"i-r with !MerrOfi,.lionH, whir)) tin; v/isy for 1),,. ho,te-,H 1o detail «U- |.i"ion -, ia proof of which -),.• ' Jhil d the /;,-!. .,.' i),,. ,„.,,-,,,; , Hfl-i two my the There KKV,' nor danger, ar:d !-e pitootie tone hop«I Miss Dale .'.01 /mention the matter t'j anv °"'''. .'^' jf - Vl '°-^ K ---k her pardon—do ariythin^ the j.'J^ht suggf—l, U wo'jJd not ;f.ake a ••fu^,'' about it. "J>ui j have airf.ii/jy spoken to persofj."- ai>out it,"' hhe saiu. •-(^jj, J hope you haven't to'.d hutoa.'jri"" the c.-envuro implored. ".No. Oij-j v.-aj> my pastor, and other, Ja/jge Jloy/e.' 1 "Ou, .M.j;-.» JJaie.'" and the- goisipv dame v.a., oa hc-r knee.-; now; "^ihere D j way to hush up thb, unionunate of the materials of which the" '"' ' ' «»n never io.'<k any one in i o3d. 31 rs. Anna Si Jenkins' tinae, ha account of him: -I questioned him 103. I asked him what public event be could longest i-ememb-r. HP =«id the battle of Fiodden Field, when Henry VIII. was Kin-. He said he was then between 10 and 12 vears of age. and was sen: to Xorthallerton horse-load of airows. hut that he army with this ci^ree.- tory of thai time, bov.-s and care nono (The de <jf lirnc-. in death. It is as die as to be born, develop, we "-row *o«n£ ? ^S^t:-™"" 1 '^^-!^ live.-i his time, then vrithers, def-avs ; . r , „ dies. When we shall have learnVd' T v ' , rr rU '" h B ' !| everything we shall be wi.=e enough to Ib ™, ve " y - J brave tbe ni prolong the life of man. but by rea-on ' A* iT' I " : -' 1SOITOV '"- S to th & «' . i^.«...uii . .Mnn I|y to Kt^p U A'b my cos; is tljin ottd ited until the ma taen ap- and dispatched him vrith his ^asurements showed 'ho ?l ; my creature to be 27 feet« inches in k-n'-th and nearly 1.5 inches through ih" bodv in the middie. But tho most cu-ious part of the story Ls yet to be told: Just back of the inunense head, which was- eleven inches in length and almost as broad, a little j?o!d rlno- the did no*. for one moment- ung-uii-hed journalL': eity at an a/' of «;a/;h carafe ov.- gether, v/iih the rery y began 1m -.-- v-» . and died in Ifj35. If this account of ^ll™^ 6 aS ° ° f Jenki ^ i3 ««abi?he Svi Sf' .al foi man to. longer than any other man in the ?*i' Me are hon^we; known world. e*ceptMethu=a!aI, con! f^', ukJio;, cernmg whose a^e has epuhlic. :irar. :hc. = - -_iaer tnan one, being shape3 cot unlike a ii-ure 8. One part of the rlnsr was through the skin while the other was through a hole in a small capper coin bearing as :-tion had :-ket- 'i-kmanship hein^' very Krutzer B. G. Q., the oldest inhabitants lack Forest" remember hear- parentstell of "Krutzer, the rid: To ,,e.e her,^ . ,. . . . . composed ho must die Dr. Philip' <j twe .aw ayain if you prosecute me Wales, U. S. A., in the St. Louis Globe ! IW^niteL-. A public trial is just hor- j ' ! Because- J si jn v«j the outer rim 1, ,i,ere r ; o other way?" Sittlu-j B,,1P» Cabin. I To try aud keop it smooth a,,d trim the miserable creature on : -the, Inaians were vr.ry willino- to ' I l au -h an ' s; r 1 • tho n >u»My pS2f £r hoS m^ ' K be^ntofthe^uS^n?' J^ ! K ^-^^ ^^ "have v.-o:j pardon from anybody hut; ^^orld's fair. It is haunted hy .ilargaret. .Motioning her visitor to a ; & host of th e late chieftain and his sup- ! the cnai -"- nhr - emptied upon her her last erstitious followers, who avoid it with' v.;:n " viil1 "( v/ratii." j terror, will really be ylad to '•Don't think for one moment, Mrs. j **• ^ ut what makes it an object Sampson, that I supposed that any-: dr ea<l to the redskins will constitute tftinj,' you jujght say svould destroy my! one ot th « principal attractions at the ' i-eputatloi,. Jt was your hitrh handed ' fflir - 'Acre are a great many people- uuuacity in daring to set such an insin- for whom gfliosts and haunted houses ' uatiou aiiout that I so much objected ' Imve a facin siting charm, audit is not ( ation , It is u groat and shameful humili- , often that any one has a chance to see ' And with n for a u-omau to bo forced to 'eat ! eo distinguished a ghost as that of the ' I try an arc ' the sharp ami frosty air the My breath comes short, my turns blue, ; ary matter ' My fingers freeze, .- „ ,„ ,, , And m - v !-° (J '- knew •ret rid of J/ ould .,kn°cl: to-etbor did they dare; n object of : ' Ktl " J !:qt>iJ u Guilty air. "Whon broad is seuri-e and shelter poor • 1 watch the sparrows, cud I gay "I only want a meal a day." And if they turn me from tho door J tramp for weeks, Aud dodge the .... --— I--,* *-"«^*-^ 3;. > v, ttru, hckin ? up as it rushes on. their tall straying tops with a fury that mortal po^wer • cunning can not stav. The leader does not pause lon^ af;*r aisumins commaaa. Already he has tcought over the ground and" has decided on the road or brook where the lire must be stopped. I n bis hurried gallop to the scene he has watched the rising smoke eo;umns and with his : trained eye divided the width and distance of the !!:,raes. Quickly he finds out who have brought shovels with them. These he dispatches with ; oroers to dig a way through the strip of untrodden forest that is ignited be- hina them on the side next the fire. Then other men wbh axes are set to cutting- bru-hes of cedar, hemlock and pine r.-fijch are used by boys and the men who have come unprovided with means of fighting in beating- out the flames that leap the earth barrier and threaten to destroy (he very woods they were kindled to save. Sometimes they spread too fn*t to be quenched, and then the fire-fighters must heat a retreat and recommence their work miles distant in advance of the new fire, \\ hen the counter-fire is successful it burns against the wind, slowly advancing to meet i he other. .As "soon as it has burned far enough to secure that safety of the woods in its rear the fire-iighU-rs. lea ring it unmatched, continue the work o, conn ter-fir ing until at last two blazing belts of'"equal width are burning toward each c'tr-sr. The smoke is fce:i-e as the heaviest fog, and a roar like tho surf on a rock- sound coast fills tho, ears with ita \read noi^e. Xo other sound save the ioarse cries of the workmen is heard. ' !he birds have flown away and tha ijrri.'ied animals scamper' into the taickets beyond. no money for n be try an archway or a shed. If satisfactory ar-1 j bravo the day brave the night, wise to ke her own words' in a public court; aud ' ^ ato S^Ung Bull. because of this, and your evident re-! ''angements CJ *n bo made for a nfghtly givt, I do hug^est another mode of appearance of the interesting spectre' reparation. It i.s thi.s: Never again, th e cabin is crsrtain to be a strange at- j KO long as you live, are you to r,peuk ' traction for thousands of lovers o! the ! Aud so H,,d Mr fcianilurously of an absent person, or | mysterious and the occult. ! lu case you err,' allow sucli licr-n.-.e of «pei;i.-h in your j ^h over-pity, worso than none, house 1,0 ]iu:s.s unjiroliiinied and unre-! A I.Ittle Girl's story. Just hand a copper aud have done, bukcd. Do you promise?" j One day a lisping little girl ran into ~~ ~ • said to hor mother: the <:i\.in\>'. '1'ho 1 promise," hh. ; .said. | the house and '•.Moreover," added .\largarot, "if I 1 "J^ook, mother, what I fo;m,-l on heur of your having broken this con-! tni ( lowalk ' a Pair of tliitherth.' 1 tract, it sliall nyt be too lato to make'' ^ m ' a °n°«Sh, she had found a pai?- you hiiD'er tho other punishment. '• of Kciss °i's, an,d her mother patted h-i- lonyuo has been dijjpod in tho' °. n tlic llcad aild to!cl hor what a good poison of Miami, ; r , m a go.-sip, and it j littlfj X u ' 1 shc was to bring the scissors Will IKJ hard work for you to clean it. j hormo 'i ou'il nueii the grace of (Jod to helu ' The little girl was praised so much for her deed that she was beguiled into th" •< ultl:0' 1,0110.-, limt-cL-i-iH scandal, i|, u nunihor enlor- )oll)n of 11i( . , rl . (nil and interity of V(jur h.-d b .-r cx- and >''''< ,. () |.,, havo more now." Mho wont. But iilthough Marg.u-et liiereuftur, as it would ho yuan in ki;:;j)in,-.; with human nature it you go.s.,ip tiino to pray. help li-MH you will You may go hating Aliirgarei !<;i! OIK- |in!<; 1 . . ier rou 1 . lo d un !ille;.'aMoii, u;.;o, and . <j r. quite like tl». : fi-iends w>: i rlghunniH iii-i vexing, jujil •U(;h (I.Kconi lltll' faint -!M *(!!CHl J f!, «lii( whli.-h uiri iji; tnt-.l and the a?ler li : ;tvin;r liiii-'jai-di Jim] Slltidn in !•.->;, lH;i-'' -..,.'i:'',- ' V.'uo roi.i-.'-d t e. wo./,: n wanted, with all ••f 'id .Margaret from such bir. «h<! ht'-lciul the cour- :i.i:iin--d hilcnt. She was ^'•f.|•irs of naii:liy-p:iniby II li;,'.-i;, Who c I/;,. K- O 'f '.-lint 'on a'lil spunl: aro so '•-.ho i- fi-icnd.^hiii i.s of ''; : ". p -: vaiii. : , iiiu ihis .-irt'-d wo;i!)iii had a i'o n '••'• "v. u M.-nsii of ri'.j-ht ''" •'-'- :ii't t'i be v.-ri'iig, in V'-ry ;ir-.l, thing „!,,;' did '•'•'•':- •'> |;o i-.trai; lit t'J dut-iil in li,. r th,, convur- \:\ (., ,.,., ••• : i 1 '••!!• iin toid '"'••• • • •) " 'j'ii.-d >:!;, '' ! '' '' _•' !•'••" Uil :.-!: i. ;<>.,,:, ' " lury, hjio v.'a.i onr to Hiijjposo, t-hu was both loo proud and too politic t:> allow her circle of fi'jL-jid.s to kiiiMV it. - — Tin' StliinI S<-(il|>(or, Vidal, thu blind sculptor, is ono of tho wonders of Ihe Kreivh canital. lie has bi (!ii b'ind since hid 'Jlst year. To bo u .s.'iilplor it is gonorully sup. po.s<;d ^.hat ono must huvo tho "ino- ehanir'.s (; yo" ;,!),! the artist'a lasto and perspicuity. Tho latter faculties Vidal hiui to an exceptional degree -oven moru ucule, ho believes, than if the former w DI-O not lost to him forever. i I«o<> K in u to j* 111 ittKclt* HOM- !!.-.-.•.• h',nii.!i--ays that l-lincrson'a /Tff- J(H "'v' ' '( -r " - i • i . , <\-, ., I , !iC I.-.. ,| | , j,,, „;., Icul;;,,,,. i 0l . lii m , e lf Hi the .-,1 r<:, : .' r , ,,;- Coi,,.. 0 ,.a. saying: ••! ihuw live or thix other pairth of thithoi'th on the thidewalk, but J thought I wouldn't pick 'o Then tho little girl had to 1 u w for lying.—Texas Siftinys, A Queer Race. A pigeon-fancier in Iiamme,in Westphalia, made a wager that a dozen nciti.s. liberated three miles from their hives, would reach home in better time llrin a dozen pigeons would reach their cot from the samo distance. Theuom- Eerpent charmer," and they all unite . in declaring that this gigantic serpent ; was formerly the property of the old ; "charmer." and thru it was at least 115 • years old when killed by the woodchopper on that cold January day. i The Talmud. I What is the Talmud? The Talmud . is the title applied to the Mishnah and Geraara, two collections of Jcw'sh tra-ar.loMs and decisions relative to the law us pivirii by Moses. The Mishnah is the easiest collection of tradition- in regard to the law. and the Gemara is an elucidation of the • Mishuah text, consisting of a running { Trym- a DO- commentary explanations and opin- | A dog was recently a'ctuallv tried ; ion s given by renowned rabbinical ;'for his life in the Municipal court of Bcholars. _ The comments are frequent- Boston. The defendant was a hand; iy in the lorm of an argument, reasons i some setter, named Towser. His ; pro aud con being advanced and in- master retained able counsel. The stances cited in support of the posi- , dog was placed iu the pYisoners' DOS. ; turns assumed by the imaginary con- . and amid the titter of the spectators ; tenants. I here are two Talmuds. or and the smiles of Jud^e Curtis, the i commentaries: that of Jerusalem and trial began. i that of Babylon, the latter being re- A man swore that the prisoner had , gavded as more complete and satisfac- bitten him. and he therefore wanted i lory i he compilation of the Talmud ! him killed, according to law. On I was begun, it- ia said, about the time ; cross examination witness admitted ; of the return_from the Babylonish cap- : that he had provoked the prisoner by | ™v«y. B. L.. o36, and was completed in teasing him. Several witnesses for | the second or third century after ! defence tesliiie;! as to the good elmr: Christ. It is, therefore, a body of i acter of the ace-used. i Jewish thought and doctrine, covering i The latter was then brought forward , a period of OQO or 700 years. ; on his own beiialf. and furnished testimony as nov ' -u; it v effective. At various commands he played dead, walked on his hind legs, and stood on his head, sho-lderad arms, whined in uiJiiition of a soiig, and "Witness My Siaiui." In the early days only a few scholars, priests and clerks know how to write. It was then customary to si"n j dismally a document by smearing the hand with ! wound up by marching up tho steps to i', ' the judge's desk on his hind legs* and ,,.,-, -58 ; shaking paws with his honor. - -- r v nd ' Afterwards the sea! was '• The judge, without a moment's hesi- in advance of the first pig- | introduced as a .substitute for the hand j tation. said, ami!! cliee ™- potitors were given wing at Rhynhem, i ink illul impressing it upon tho paper ' a village nearly a league from Harnme I aceo:ni>hi]iecl bv Uio words: • -Wiiness and the first bee finished a quarter of ' ' ' " a minute in advance of the first p eon, three other bees reached tin: g the second mark, and was used with the words ! "Toivt Make It a CrJin:.. Nearly (hrce-fouths of t.'u; stair.. J-, the union have passed laws m-trioui .in son™ way or other the sale of ci ^nv- ettes. The hope may ho indulged that the tiino will como when the actual criminality of smoking tho abominable things where innocent people are compelled to smell them will be -Jove the tfe? ond pigeon, the main above quoted, the two formingtl^g! ? orderh"^: f ^ve ludj^t l? your m t HI ;H V 1 ' 31 ' 1 ?' 1111011 ^ finlshotl aU T'^ ThlS ^ th ° °'' igin ° f th ° es " i behalf ' n^ «3I 3 miss'Jou the phdnt ff 1 !icr In ; lltfineou f 1 i' a ? instant or two ! P»'ession as used in modern documents. ' paying the cosK" .... '."' * ^ v-ornnm -'Alagu/ino. M T.pnvnurr *!•>& ,,^,..« *.i,« ^— ,_: j Cornhill .1 hu bees, too, may be said "to have boon handicapped in the race, huvinw beon rolled in flour before starliti" for purpose of indentifloation. Tribune. and established bylaw. roi'og- GLASS MADE BY L1GHTN1NQ. Tub«38 lu tho Sana 'I'liat Tell the Diameter nest man. sup])OHt; I i ol' an tiouest Mini. First lobbyist -I toll you that fellow is a totraiirjit ii|> and ho lobbyist- Thon 1 cnn't bribe him. J-'ir-l— (>h. yos! WJul mean ii be v.-; 1 ! d.!> ..>;;;<•?) v u -t ... '| u, d... 11,. „,,., y',,-sLack the niuu tlua uribus luni. — JLiyiU. Tlie Primer. The "machine printer" is ono of the ' OOU1 ' t ' chief obstacles with which writers j have to contend. He it is who sots up wluuever tho copy looks like to him, regardless a;; to whether it makes ! sense or tot. Such a om: it was who setup "Gambetiu''as ••! um beuer," and mnile a heading intonded for "Bridge Ctirried Away by a Uri.-y of Logs" read. •'Bride Carried Awn.v by n Dro'-eof Ho.-rs." Another of 'this Leaving the room the dog received grand ovation from the people in of tho Fiery Uolt. "Did you ever see the diameter of a lightning- flash measured?" askocl i\ geologist, "Well, here is the case which oncemcloseda Hash of lightning, fit- j "Itts* '"ado an tidyertis-.iiumt. which ting it exactly, .so that you cum see just 1>oatl - ' The I'hriVtian's Dream-no how big it was. cross, no crown." appear a _ "iliiii is i-ii-Ueila 'fulg-urito'or 'light- ! <'hi-istiun'!$ Dream—no uiiivr hole,' uud Ihe material it is made ci'Oiim." uf .s glass. I will toll you how it was i:'.:i:nifiK-Uirod, 1hou;.rh it took only the] frui"i;u:i of :i socLind lu turn it out.' "When n bolt of lightning strikes TJiey Take It to The Japanese appear to have taken the assault on tho Cznrowitz doeply to heart. The name of the town where the incident occurred is to be altered, and even the judges of the would-be assassin were only with difficulty prevented from carrying- out their inton- tlon of resigning for having beea engaged in so humiliating a task. •The cows, 13. P. Steurue, 01' Lymthburg, v» , in his possession u curiously carved violin, a said to have ouue bow the property of , TUoiuiiS Ju£>»r»-ca. • Wild horses arc soo r able in churno- j ter and proiect thenn-elves against j oai'iiivorons bea-ts by hording, logeth- j er in largo numbers. In face of any i great, danger, such as storms and fires, they unite in still larger 'bodies, probo* bly from sentiment akin to the humnc one at similar crises.

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