The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 14, 1891 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
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Wednesday, October 14, 1891
Page 2
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THE PPKR DES MOtNES.AlGHOKA, IO^ A, WEDKJiSPAt, OCTOBER 14,1891* LATEST NEWS, IOWA. PAIVNEM, «EAl>! It is nn pr;i of startling tieafb". Bal- rm'ceda, fjouliingf-r and Parnell have made for the present fall n somber record. The third in the list of mortalities is divested of tragic features Fuch as marked the other two, but the news of it nevertheless comes with n suddemiesf equally great. Bat Parnell nn less than Balmaceda and Bon langer had passed the pinnacle of bin glory. His s'ar was already declining. Hie life was a failure. What it might have been is not easily conceivable Even the Entflich premiership was not beyond the possibility of his reach at one time. His rise and fall are matters of current history. His work for the Irish cause was great, and resulted in a nearer approach to the end desired than had ever before 'been attained. But at the very moment when it seemed as though success was all but ready to crown hia efforts, his public career was blasted nnd the cause he championed greatly injured by indiscretions of personal condu:t which forever put the stigma of shame upon his name. Even had it been possible for a grieved and betrayed people to overlook this serious lapse, the imperious attitude of the fallen hero afterward, when he disdainfully declined to relinquish the leadership of the Irish party in favor of Gladstone and sought to bring into contempt the grand old man himself, would have forbade reconciliation. In that crisis the true character oi the man was exhibited, and, instead ot an unselfish spirit laboring for the ad vancement of a noble cause, the world beheld an autocrat, ambitious, self- seeking, and dishonest — dishonest insofar as he deliberately endeavored to belittle the glorious services of Ireland's best friend, Glads-tone. Parnell lived long enough to produce a serious split in the Irish party, and the GENERAL NOTES. THE Mormon conference discussed poly- KX-PKESIDEXT and Mr?. Cleveland had a daughter bora fo them on Satujday. I?r Shelbyville, Ind., a 17-year-old youth ha? just marnei a 13-year-old girl. THE MHIe I,ae Indians will have to move from (he White Earth reser\ation. THE weet»rn sugar factories erpect to make fully 27,000,000 pounds of fugar (his year. > THE Minnesota supreme court has decided that contracts for grain futures are not valid. RAINMAKER MELBOURNE is reported to have succeeded in causing rain fo fall at Gooplantl, Kas., on Monday. THE Austrian imperial government asks the reicheralh for 180,000 florins for the Chicago word's fair. OVER a million dollars in gold was taken from the bank of England Wednesday for shipment to this country. Tire appointment of Prof. 0. V. Tousley, of Minnesota, as civil service commissioner is considered certain. THE liabilities of the PbillipsburgfPa.) bank, which closed its doors Monday, are $380,000, and the assets 6400,- OOC. D. B. BAKER, a shoe manufacturer pf Abington, Mas?., and Peter A. Worthley, dealer in hats and caps in New York, assigned Tuesday. THE plans of the new public library, to As absent memtyjr of the St. Pan! grand j jury proves to have been poisoned by eat-! lug sausage. RALPH BRIETEXSTEIX, a 12-year-old son of aJaruifT near Blairsville. Ind., was killed Wednesday by being crushed under a heavy roller. Two freight cms were run off the track into the river at- Memphis, Tenn.. Sunday, and four tramps in them were drowned. MRS. FAXNAH EVASS. aged forty-two, was burned to death at Wilmington, DeL Her clothing caught fire while lighting a pipe. A TRAIN ran into a party of track walkers in the union tnnnel in Baltimore Wednesday, killing two and badly injuring three. . • A FEW years since Jericho was one of the most prosperous villages in Van Buren county Mich. Sunday the last building was wiped out by fire. THE recent hurricane in Minnesota de- PIRATICAL CHINESE. The Deportations of Those Desperate Sea Robers Date Back Several Centuries. Account of the Method Pursued Gain Possesion of Merchant Vessel. to Manner of Capture and Execution of Pirates on the Standard at Anioy. vastated fifteen townships, sweeping them clean of timber. Several surveyor's crews are missing. AT Ottawa, Out., eight children from three to ten years of age, have been prison- fir! n-rr £>nf«*m ll*~. !,,._«,.._ _.* 41 -_ • i _1 man whose labors he vainly tried to discredit has since accomplished wonders in healing the breach thus unfortunately created. After the terrible storm of scandal had broken over the head of Parnell he seemed to grow more determined every day to maintain his personal leadership at every cost, and more violent in his denunciations of all who relumed to enlist under his banner. He abandoned utterly the old principle of working by parliamentary means through existing English parties, and asserted tun right of Ireland as an independent power co shapelier future for herself. However ready any man may be to accept this m an abstract principle, he must, if he understands the situation, admit that it is entirely impracticable as a matter of fact. Ireland is not un independent power, and it cannot IK; made such unites some force is brought to bear on Great Uritian stronger than Great Uritian horsolf. When Mr. Parnell .spumed the Eng'iuh liberal party with a contempt and virulence even greater than thiit which lie bestowed upon Balfour and his lory associates it wan not surprising that the personal influence that was his diminished in a ratio equalling the intelligence of the people. There waa then nothing to lj« seen in the future of his Hide except, a personal endorsement and a personal triumph for Mr. Pnrnell. If: ho had gone into parliament with the Irish members solid as a unit behind him, a result which is not possible, what could he have done except to claim it, as u vindication of himself? His party, as a party, would luivo been, absolutely powerless. Haling anil hulwl by liberals itml lories alike, it could not have snsurod tho passage of a siiigla remedial measure. That ho was a man of talents cannot be gainsaid. He WiR ft genius as a manager anil director ami '•ho hatllo for Irish home rule *as planned and prosecuted with mmmng .•access up to tho donoueiiKint of two years ago when tho iiloliy.tid leader bccinne involved in a scandal which at once alienated from him tho respect and assistance ( of (hill, boiler element both in tho Irish pnri,y anil among the English liberals which could not longer labor in Iminumy with a loader who.H- pure-ness of diameter had been foully tainted. That a career HO full of promise at one lime should thus end so suddenly is novor- Uiolrsa sad. But Iwppily tho Irish cause cannot materially suffer beciiuso of the unexpected event. be erected in Dearborn park, Chicago, are completed and are on exhibition. The building, without the interior finish, will cost $1,200,000. FRANK MEKBOURJJE, it is said, succeeded ^in producing a light rain at Good- Friday, by his mysterious land, Kan., process. DR. FELIX B. THOMAS one of the oldest citizens of Winnemac county, Ind., died Wednesday. M. C. CRAWFORD was elected Grand master of the Illinois grand lodge of Masons Thursday morning. REPRESENTATIVES of leading cigar manufacturers have taken the first steps at^ew York for the organization of a mammoth cigar trust with a capital of $25,000,000. by eating the berries of the wild parsnip an d^ are not espscted to recover. THE immense packing establishment of John P. Squire & Co., in East Cambridge and Somerville. Mass., was partially burned Tuesday night. Loss, $ 150,000; fully insured. BT the sudden folding op of a patent bed Tuesday night, Mrs. Mary Nye, of Warsaw, Ind., had both arms broken, and her daughter Bertha was severely injured. MORE than half of the business part of Columbus Junction, Iowa, was burned Tuesday. The loss is estimated at from 8130.000 to $loO,000. It is nearly covered by insurance. AT Detroit, Mich., Parker, Webb & Oo s pork packing establishment gutted by fire Thursday morning, AMOT, August 1.—This is the home of the famous pirates of tho China Sea Three hundred years a^o the old Dutch navigators referred to this district as "the cruleat^and most bloodthirsty in the world. ' As soon as the young pirates reached manhood's estate they wculd join the band of some great corsair and sail away in their clumsy but powerful junks to the waters frequented by the argosies of commerce. These were the seas between Kong and the Philippines, the Ilong Malay was The IIIK Spanish Admirality will, it is announced, build a caraval similar to the vessel in which Columbus crossed the Atlantic, for exhibition at the Chicago world's f air. fever is raging at Conrives and small port towns in Hayti and many ship crews have been attacked with the mal- idy. FASHIONABLE men in Paris and London. ire now using electric' tyjis a re for excessive BULLION to the amount of £100,000 was withdrawn from the bank of nEgland Wednesday for shipment to New York. Ihe bank also sold 110,000 in United -states eagles. A HPKCIAL commission, including Director Craneral Davis and Mrs. President 1 aimer, will go to Mexico this month with a view to interesting President Dif.z find tho Mexican people generally in the world'i fair FOBBIGN. Tun great crops in the northwest aro stiiiilating tho value of farm hinds at a phenomena! rate, according to the Mhinc.iotu and IXikola correspondents of tho St. Paul Pioneer Press. Wild lands in Mower county, Minn., that brought a jeiir ago from !?8 to 810 per acre aro now worth from §12 to §15 an aero. A fariiuu- in' that locality has recently sold for $f>,000 u farm (hat could not sell for §4,000 a year since, and stiles equally or more .•ported from a wiao extent 11 some towns of that state iin advance of 50 per cont, a.lviiuco in values r cant, is reported. . , , ny farming towns ol Souih and Novih Dakota. The i'ione"r I n*s Minutes on ih« busis of UK repo/is I 0 . 1 ,". li , s . w ' r ,! x ; s l 1 '' lll|l ' nl ' 1 il tut"' inm-i'Io i u which is muro than the value wheat crop of the tarrifnn- THE deat is announced of Yir.cfcnt Vela, tbo Italian sculptor. HKNRY M. STANLEY, tho explorer, has arrived in London from the continent. Snt JOHN POPK HENNESSEY, an anti- l^irnollite member of parliament for North Kilkenny, is dead. IN u certain portion of tho Ural district camols aro the only working cattle used, some largo farms possessing 100 camels. THE Chilian steamer Hal a has sailed Irjm San Diego for Valparaiso. Mas. FRANK LESLIE has married a brother of the famous Oscar' Wilde. THE Standard oil -company is reported to be behind a scheme to combine the southern rico mills. MUCH dissatisfaction with Mr. Glad- stones's Newcastle speech prevails among tho English Liberals. TUB premier of Bulgaria carries things wild a high hand, nnd a reign of. terror results. TUB king of Scrvfa has been betrothed to fcho Princess Helena, of Monte nogro. THIS king of VVurtemburg died at Stuttgart Tuesday morning. He was bom in 1823, anil ascended the throne in 1864. COUNT TOLSTOI, tho great Russian novel ist, will hereafter chum no copyright on any of. his works published siuco 1881. A i-AHTY has left Black Foot, Idaho, to eshuino tho remains of Robert, Buy Hamilton in order to ascertain whether he was drowned or murdered. A CONSTANTINOPLE dispatch vuys the nivoh, in Arabia against tho Turkish au t u;ritii.'s has eiulinl in the submission ot the robels. THE bourse is distressed on rumors that [lie Russian government intends to pro- lulnt the exportation of wheat after Oct 15th. " ~~ ~~J **•" .«.«iAiov»l*J 1UU1X1A1JK* J. UC fire was caused by an explosion of tar and other material used for painting hogsheads. The total loss is 8150,000. nearly covered by insurance. Four men were burned, two of theni very seriously. OBIMB. THOMAS EVANS, of Heltonville, Ind., killed James Griffin ia a fight Saturday right. MEXICAN Indians in Hidalgo are reported to have massacred 200 Sparish and German settlers who tried to evict them from their land. ROBERT WOODS, justice of the peace at East Grand Forks, N. D., was killed by unknown assassins Saturday night. EDWARD ABARA and Charles Sfrrgiss, of Buffalo, N. Y., were assaulted between .brie and Dunkirk by a gang of tramps because they refused to give up their watches. Sturgiss will die. JUSTICE of the Peace Woods was murdered on the streets of East Grind Forks, N. D., by unknown assassins. NEARLY two hundred men, women and children were massacred in Mexico, the result of an Indian outbreak. AN old soldier killed his wife and mortally wounded his rnother-ii-lf)wand himself, near Walla Walla, Wash. CHARLES II. EITTEK, a defaulting bank teller at Evansville Ind., haa been sentenced to six yean in the penitentiary. WILLIAM CANFELD, of New Lisbon, Ohio, has confessed that ho wrecked the tram at New Palestine, Ohio, a few weeks ago, in which three men were killed. TOWN TREASURER L. B. BOOTH, of Newton, Conn., is missing and there is a shortage of several thousand dollars in his accounts. Miss ROSA LUDLUM, of Lake Bluff jumped from the fast Milwaukee express at Lake Forest, III., Thumlay mornin" and was instantly killed. ANXIOUS creditors in the City of Mexico Straits and the Indian Ocean, Venturous Chinese nirates have gone so far west as the Rjd Sea, and long before the discovery of America by Columbus had visited the Pacific shores of North and Sotuh America. The Chinese records state that in 1050 pirates from Quan-tung had sailed many moons across the eastern sea (Pacific Ocean), until they discovered a great land where there were many natives with fine cities, volcanoes, a profusion of gold and silver, and where the officials wore costumes made of bird's plumage. No one can r?ad the description without identifying Mexico, Central America and Peru As a result of these discoveries the Chinese government sent emoassies to these countries in the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries. The embassies returned bearing rich presents for the emperor, and described the people they had visited as polite, peaceable and prosperous. Strangest of all, they reported that these nations had much trouble and many wars upon their frontiers with the red-skinned race, similar to the Malay'savages with wbom the Chinese were always in hot water. THOUSANDS IN THE PIRACY BUSINESS. At the beginning of the present century piracy was well nigh universal in this port ot Asia. At least half a million men were more or less engaged in it as a profession. Ihe civilized powers made short work of the evi . England, as usual, took the leading hand in suppressing the practice, and showed no mercy on either junk or manner that displayed the symptoms of buccaneering. Portugal and Holland were more diplomatic and economical. They would em- •wete identified and had fmttty-eight hours' start, the prospejt of tueir capture seemed very improbable. Nevertheless the thing was_done, and fifty pirates in the "Namoa affair, but ninety-four pirates have been already beheaded for that crime. The trials and executions were conducted without any of the law's delay by each of the five iribuals engaged therein. Some of the trials afforded startling glimpses of criminal life in China. In one case a pirate was identified by some twenty twitnessess as having been engaged in as many piracies and as having taken part in the slaughter of more than one hundred innocent captives. In a tecond trial occurred a very dramatic event. The proceedings were at an end and the magistrate left his throne to kneel and praj before the imperial tablet which is set in the wall of the court room and on which in heavily chiseled characters are inscribed the words which give him the power of life and death. The act is equivalent to passing the sentence of death. When the inagisfrate arose from his knees the burly pirate, who had never moved a muscle during the ceremony, said in tones that could be heard through the court room: "Judge, jour justice is injustice. Under the guise of law you kill the same as we pirates kill. This trial has been e farce. I was not in the Namoa matter, but I am a pirate. I glory in it and am ready to die. There are three other pirates whom you have condemned, and condemntc justly; but yonder five creatures, who stand there with chattering teeth and hands palsied with fear, are not and never were pirates. You can'see for yourself that they have not the courage of a small child and they are not the stuff of which pirate are made. Of course you will kill them, but tneir killing will be none the less murder. THE EXECUTIONS, t The executions went off in the regulation oriental way. A company of soldiers appeared at the appointed hour before Won't take a papjr off the bays one or takes one off soon as anybody lays a he grabs it and generally hi? pockets full. "Another crank who t here," went on Mr. Phillip, up and clown in front of the mg for cigar stubs. He' morning and watches the s I have seen him' when full of stubs. .''Wfiat he don't kno.v, He lives over on avenue somewhere and has slightest ploy one baud of pirates against another and a third against the survivors of the whose claims aggregate over i'100,000, are seeking the whereabouts of Salvador Malo i prominent contractor. He is said to lave pone to Europe by wav of New York. ..-W. CnirsrAJr, ajomig Mormon merchant of American Fork, Utah, was windleil out of 84,000 in cold cash by a Ur. Smith in a cattle deal at the Kansas City stock yards, Tuesday. 4 FiiEicmT train on the Milwaukee •oacl between Lake City and lied Wing. Minn., was robbed or! seal skins and imported suawls valued at thousands ofdol- ars. DEPUTY Sheriff Caslon anil a bartender were found murdered in a saloon at Arthur City, Texas, Thursday morning, both being shot in tho back. AN unknown Scandinavian was found dead on tho street at Republic, Mich., Sunday night. He had benn shot in the back, and tho coroner is investigating. G° v - PATTISOK is determined to bring William Linesey, ex-cashier of the treasury of Pennsylrauin, back to face some charge the nature- of which secret. it. kept OFF Nuwbiirg, Scotland, a vessel was seen to lio on tiro. An explosion resulted, and vc'ssc'l and crow wore blown to atoms, it is believed. Hum winds prevailed in the Irish Sea Monday night, Three vessel" are reported to have been wrecked noar ilolv- head. IN Xiiwirke, Poland, Monday, bakers' shops wevo broken into and plundered by a moo of workmen. Troous wore cnllprl men out and fired on tho Troops rioters, wore called killing one oi' territory, Ir.cre has l>c(_'n and in nearly Thi'' L " 1U ''' >:1 ' u!l an t 25 p» of , and wounding several of them. Tiuc Brazilian government has ordered thi) purchaso of 500,000 cuttings of grape vinos in tho United States and Europe fen- uso in starting experimental vineyards in that republic. AN attempt is said to havo been made Wednesday night to blow up a bridge over which tho Emperor of Austria was about to pass in a railroad train. The would-bo- assassins were seen by watchmen, and their design frustrated. Tho emperor ar- rivwl in safety at Prague Thuvaduy morn- nig. of FIRES AND CASUALTIES. C. W. SHANKS, slicriff of Robertson county, ivy,, nnd the pretty wifo of S. H L l) k ?^ missi "f-'- It is said that §8,000 or §10,000 as also missing. A'i' Clearfield, Pa., President DiU, o the Lk'tirheld and lloutwlalo bunks, has removed from his residence to jail. Mrs Dill accompanied her husband to jail am was given permission to stay with h,m all night. 8AV1SD AM., Silk COin.,!). And -Walked Away Smiling as Sweet us a Flower Gimloii. A young lady went into a drug store at ut Belfast, Mo.,tho other evening and purchased a bottle of very high-prico \>er- i'limo. Sho hud scarcely left iho store tvhon she dropped tho bottle on tho sidewalk, breaking it in many pieces. The nute look of distress which her face as- aimod assured tho spectators of the state of her feelings. Kicking the pieces of ho bottle in all directions she took ner handserclief and mopped up ns much of the perfume us possible and walked off smelling as sweetly as a llower two. In 1780, In Formosa, by a wise distribution ot cheap firearms, they' induced the leaders ot aflakka pirate village to make war upon and exterminate a Chinese pirate village of 2,000 population, and the year following prevailed upon To-Yens to make a night descent upon the Hakkas ll ,"-, , ll L allnost everv nian,-women and child. No one can read the local records oi this district without seeing how high a value was setu pon piratical crime, and how valueless and insignificant has been ana is all human life. Ten years ago it seemed as if piracv wore utterly extinct, Tne vigilonce of the authorities on the one side and of the foreign naval commanders - on the other was relaxed to such an extent that trie condition of affairs here became the same as what prevail to-day along the coast of our the prison; the pirates were brought out with their arms pinioned behind them and their feet manacled. Their queues were tied up in a curious, high, hard knot, into which was stuck a bamboo skewer holding a paper card, on which was written the name of the prisoner and the crime for which he was doomed to die. They were escorted by tho guard to the place of execution on the beach. This at Kowlocn is within a cabletow's jength of the shipping and at Amoy directly opposite the windows of this consulate. The ceremony, though public, appears to have little attraction for the Chinese Ut those who witne3sed it the majority in every case were Europeans. The troops tormed in Mine and the prisoners knelt down upon the sandy shore. The warrant was read by an official and the executioner who seemed a slender stripping of 16* began his work. The sword was of medium size, heavy, two-edged and sharp as a razor. The headsmen knew his profession well given by WISCONSIN A suit has been comtoenced cuit court at Waukesha on the Miss Mary Matters, against Andrews on a'charge of i.,™ parentage. She asks tot damages extent ol 810,000. Andrews hTg one to Canada, and it is understood a teqWttS has been issued by the governor r r ra £ k ,?W M ,° ore ' °f Waukesba, and Julia a MiMahon, of New Orleans married in Milwaukee Sept. 3. A. W. Raboss, who robbed J. R. Olcag . dale's.safeof $00at JanesvUle, has Si arrested at Clinton, Ia. Mn St. Michael's Catholic congregation will erect a new church at the corner of Cherry ty-fourth streets, Milwaukee the building is given at $65,.' Clara Helling, a young lady of Sheboy- IT1. WHO »lin rttra** Kw n V.A UA _1 * w UUU. was The moment.the order ..„„ gl , oii UJ tt bugle blast from the herald at the signal of the commanding officer, the executioner advanced toward the first pirates and stopped two feet away. Then raising the . .„_ ^ ouc glittering sword he struck a blow so quickly that it was scarcely visible. The head fell vertically to the ground, a column o red blood shot a dozen " and the body swayed gan, was run over by a horse and wagon V-reakmg t rr& of her rib's. B ' Norman Johnson, of Western Union Junction, has been arrested, charged with selling liquor on Sunday. Racine people are g-ettng tired of tb] oalvation army, and have declared public nuisance. Port Washington people have given bonus of 83,000 to W. Gerwin, of Chi cago, to remove his brass foundry to th city. Mrs. Mary Reiner, of Van Dyne, tried :o jump off a moving train at Oshkosh md sustained injuries that K,ay prove fa- All the cases against, Charles E. Cook of Juneau, chirged with i illegal banking, .here and at Hartford, have been continued to the February term, and the cases against Prank Leake. his partner, have also been continued. Cook will havfl to renew his bonds, which were placed at 812,000 by order of the court. A number of young ladies of Darien, Walworth county, have clubbed together and bought twenty street lamps and will keep them lighted themselves. The remains of George W. Hall, con- own country. Tho pirates and the criminal classes irom whom their ranks are recuited perceived the opportunity and took advantage of ic. At first they confined tho depredations to vessels belonging to their fellow countrymen. TLey prospered, and in almost every attack were very successful Emboldened by succrss they became very venturesome and reckless, and last winter extended their operations to European vessels and European steamships. Their work culminated last Christmas in the capture and looting of the British steamship '•Namoa," one of the handsomest cratts that ply these waters. The pirate s ailed the captain and several passengers besides wounding a, score, aud robbed every soul on board. TI1EIK METHOD OF OPERATION. Their mode of operation is as simple as u is ingenious. Through their spies they earn when it is probable a steamship cr us passengers will carry large amounts ef, treasure. 1 hey go on board as steerage ind deck passengers, each one carryin"" us be.lduig and cooking utensils and di°- ;uised to resemble innocent, hard-work- coolies. When the ship is at sea out ot sight ot any other vessel they rise en nasso, kill every person who makes any vsistance and imprison tho officers and Tew. Wlnln one detachment is rabbin" ..U tho passengers, the mail and rreasuro room, the second is steering the ship -ind over and concealing the head beneath it. Ihe next moment a second head fell then a third and a fourth; only once wns there a slip in the entire nineteen behead edon this paticular occasion. Then tho prisoner swerved, and the. sword striking too low, but half removed the head. Two assistants sprang forward and seized th body, then in the \,hroes of death, while a siiw-like cut of the weapon, severed tho neck epinplel-ly. A minute after the last head had fallen the command was given and the troops inarched away, and the headless bodies were left with the gaping crowd. HOW THEY MET DEATH. In one execution a prisoner lost his courage and be-jan to cry like a child The next moment his right hand neighbor turned and said to him: ''Don't be a baby, oe a man—die like a pirate " In another a powerful fellow whom the ex- cutioner was approachintr grinned at the liurppeans who stood in front and said: 1 All right, foreign deriUj you can say good-byto the boss pirate of the gang." But the strangest oi all was the dyimr remark of the ugliest and crudest of the entire band. He enjoyed the singular reputation ot being a fearless cut-throat and a very pious Buddhist. Just before his head fell he cMled out in the most solemn way: -'Itis your turn now, but ours is to couio. My soul will be back here in eighteen years, and for every head you take to-day [ shall take one hundred of yours then/' The bodies are allowed to lie a day o more upon the beach aud are then thrown into the sea as food f3r the fishes. Their heads are gathered the same day and put into what looks for all the world a third is attending the machinery and boilers below. They take their captim to some point where their junks are awaiting them, draw the fires and anchor the steamer. Ihey transfer their plunder to their own craft and nre soon lost in the tortuous waterways and intricate channels of the coast. The system worked perfectly in the c<i«e ot the "Namoa," but it produced a reaov. e cigar boxes and exposed to public view until decomposition renders then unrecognizable. • There are a number of trails yet to bo beheaded. It is to be hoped that these systems of wholesale extermination will intimidate the criminal classes and restore the peace and quiet that prevailed iu lofeO. If it does not we are bound to have very lively times and deathly one. too, at every port on the coast of China, and 'especially at this ancient and. venerable city of Amoy.—Edward .Bedleo, in Philadelphia TiiueR. HIGH MKN'S FANCIES. New-Yorker Who Captures Dlscm-decl Newspapers iu liotols. '. "Do you'see that man?" asked Detec- Uye Phillips of the Fitth Avenue Hotel, turn ot which the pirates never dreamed. of a reporter as n tall, well dre-sed man' i< or twenty-tour hours there was more than with a full, grayish board, entered the reading room and took a seat near a man who sat reading a news- consternation in; Hong Kong, Amoy and other I'hineso cities. It was dumb stupor, press, the merchants and ami in turn tho Kioc Souffle. vnovp tho im- ^ houses were wrecked at Uutte, Wont., I'rulay night by an explosion of giant powder. VAN CAMP'S packing house at Indianapolis, md., was burned SuiuUy, causing a loss of $250,000. persons lost their Jives iu a Wash half a pint of ric' 1 , r perfect grains. Put in a ilon add a quart of boiled milk MUC! u piece of cuiimtuou and allow tho rico to bucome cold, then add the beaten yolks of four eggs with two ounces ofsugai. Beat the whites of the egg to tv stiff I'oum, whisk it into the rice and beat the mixture thoroughly. Grease a hot, deep pudding tin, pour in the mixture, und bake a light golden color in a quick ove» the diplomatic officers began a movement poking toward tko p-auishment of the offenders and the absolute prevention i 1 inure of such mines. The Chinese officials became alarme nm to the astonishment of the foreign community dropped their time- honored system of dignity and delay and took up one of the mosf, intense activity. CKU84DB AOAINST THE AfUItDEUEKS Proclamations were sent to every community where the pirates might possibly be; large rowhrds were offered, and every available policeman, detective and soldier was put to work murderers. upon tho capture of the Their success was really phenomenal. When you consider that the districts iu which the pirates could take «nn ge contl » ne d a population of 80 000 • WO and that there are none of the facilities tor police and detective work which we have at home, and, that the pirates paper. "He's after that paper; just watch him." A few moments later the man who was reading tossed the newspaper upon the table and sauntered out of the room. He was hardly out of sight when the tall man seized the pap,:r, folded it carefully and phicedit in his pocket which, was already stuffed with other papers and then moved ovor to the other side of the, room where another man also sat readin» a r.e« spaper. "He'll get that other paper before he goes, said the defective laughing. "wi,..;., t,.,o., asked the reporter. , . -- — — *•-•£«<-' • > I -*-~LUl.t} IrfiyAl- trading agent for the Atchison, Topekaft banta Fe railroad, who died at his home in Milwaukee Friday, were taken to Whitewater for burial, and placed beside his wife, who died four months ago. Last January he was married to Miss Maggie Vincent, and now in four months more he has followed her. In a freight wreck on the Northwestern railroad at Little Chute, several cars were and considerable damage done. ' ate south-bound train was delayed five hours. Harry Heatt and Miss Charlotte O'Brien _______ and Percy D.Martin and Miss Leo Me- feet into the air ^° m o, runaway couples frouty and fell forward "'•• a 8 e< i respectively 17 and 15,-«-« and 13, were married at Like Geneva ^ Henry Scheutte, of Ableman, was arrested tor selling liquor without a license. He was fined $75 and costs, which amounted to $112. _ John Dooley. of Delevan, while pitcb- ing hay on the farm of Gsorge Cramer, dropped dead. A contract for sawing, within three years, $0,000,000 feet of lumber has been let to the Doherty, Durfee & Kennedy at Ashland. Mrs. A. VV. Davis, of Janesville, received severe injuries by beino- kicked bv a horse. ' The m ayor and aldermen of Racine will hereafter be .adorned, with badges. A bounty on wolves will be offered by the Green Lake connf-y board. A new Congregational church will be organized at West Superior. At a recent meeting of the Fond'du Lac common council Mayor Mayhaui suspended Chief of Police McDerrnott, who. i*- is claimed, hus not transacted his duties properly, and also challenged the seats of Aldermen Bishop and Atkins, as the records do not show them to be freehold- is. Rev, Mr. Weber, rector of Sh. John's church, Milwaukee, made a mistake and washed bis throat with a strong solution of carbolic acid without diluting it,. As. result, he is unable to speak and his' hroafc is in a terrible condition. Announcement is made of tho coming veddhig on October 15, of A. M. Fairchild, one of Marinette's oldest merchants, and Miss Phyllis Brown, one of the most popular young ladies of the city. x _ The Rev. Father T. A. Kelly, of Eau/1 Uaire, pastor of St. Patrick's church", died, aged 39 years, after a long illness. He was for seven years pastor of the Hudson Catholic church. Chief of Police Kennedy, of Ashland, ims that tli« keeper of a disreputable house offered him 850 a month if he would let him continue his business in peace. The bribe \yas, of eouiw, refused. A i Syracuse man ia making negotiations at West Superior for the establishment of S in!?, e ba ? rel frotory with a capacity of 3,000 barrels a day. D«H B h( Followed by Torment. What man ot woman will deny th»t a gtod dinner Is a present delight. Equally undeniable Is U that when a wal) cooked meal Is aucceeded by a at of Indigestion, rapture ia converted Into torture. Oon't charge your dyspepsia to your dinner. No, mydearair, yoor gastric department was out of oi-Jor to begin with. Had you regulated it with Hosteller's Stomach Bitters, the cargo that jou ook on board would have been comfortably stowed away without the slightest inconvenience. fills incomparable stomachic entirely reforms aulty digestion, and regulates, besides, the liver iml ilie bowels, which mnst act harmoniously with vlili tua i digestive organ, or all three fall out of '. Inks the Bitters for kidney and rheumatic fir. omplainls, and iu all cases of malaria As a onio, appetizer and promoter of convalescence ias no Who is he? "I don't know, but he's a gentleman and appears to be a man of some means; at leust he always dresses well aucl is very quiet m his way. - But that is just a hobby ot his. He has been coining in here for a ;ong tune, generally about 10 o'clock in the morning and again in. the evenin<* He never says anything, but just hangs around the reading room and picks up all the papers he can lay Ms hands on. He Ihe apparent flattening of the vault of the heavens has been found to have an annual period, and to depend on clouds. It seems least flat with a misty horizon and less by night than by day. A living AI hi no~~~frog~fonnd In Wiltshire, Kugland, was recently exhibited at a meeting of the Linnean society of London. Albinism is very rare among the batracbiana and reptiles. The Egyptian Gazette announces the discovery by Dr. Grant Bey of the Smithsonian institute that tho ancient Egyptians, in their art work in the interior of their tombs, made use of a smokeless light, equal in intensity to the electric light of. to-day. • e

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