The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 23, 1892 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 23, 1892
Page 6
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THE UPPER pEsMUINES r Amo?<A.t()WA.W|.:nN'KSt)AV. 23,1892, *but CONDENSED NEWS, lONA, ''ifiu IOWA.' **e[w rale8 are adopted by the AVest- , om turf congress. •——— The British conservatives adopt a democratic platform. Chauncey S. Hart-was killed by the cars near Fort Wayne, Ind. PERSONAL POINTS. The class with which Frankie Folsom Cleveland graduated from AVells college ' AJI accident on."the Milwaukee hi numbered six. Three of the sis nro Iowa results in the death of four per- married. Miss Mary Virginia Kingsford, sons. . iL^timt'cit^^ The New Orleans •*"» <***• ^e &£^ L &^^S 6 L^ *»*** of ™ ses - m bo -'«• 0. McdlachiiM, of Frankfort, Kv Tiie ' Chlli P re P ares to defend herself hi a other three arc Miss Minnie'Rachel war witfl peru nnd Argentine Repub- Alexniider, of Bridgeport, Conn., Miss llo> Julia'AVahvorfch Severance, of Cleve- _ A crowd of contract laborers from land, and Miss Martha Wright, of Riverside, Gal. Blaokwell Bolgulin is detected on a vessel NCAV York, at Ground is broken at Atlanta, Hid., "I venture to doubt the rumors which for the largest tin factory in the United destine'the earl of Rosebeiy to become States. the husband of Princess Victoria of Kit Carson, son of the famous scout, Wnlmo » on-.™ *i,,v •*«-„. i i ,< 7 AVU ' ^muoii, sou 01 ma lamous scout, %JT±V5St l Mr* WB- ^ mother-in-law and wounds his Isaac Lotik, while out hunting near "us tiiere Is not n. man In the whole of Mher hilnv the British peerage who has been re- fntnel - I11 - law ported as engaged to so many ladies In , , turn as this smooth-faced and voiy am- Allatllsylll e Ind. was ueeidcnitly shot bltlous young pcfer. Previous to his (toiul by a eompanion. | marriage wltii Miss Hannah Rothschild, 1* ls auneiuici'd In Pwais that a~ treaty It was frequently alleged that ho con- of alliance between France and Russia templated offering Ids hand and his has been signed. title to some American girl, and several General ma.nagere of western roads well-known belles of Now York, Phlla- met In Chicago for the purpose of form- delphla and AVashlngton wei-o men- ing a new agreement turned In turn as being the object of his attentions." At Brussels a few days ago Mile. "Marguerite Gombart was awarded her degree as doctor of philosophy and letters amid great applause. Mile. Gombart Is the first yotuig girl who has obtained this degree. i The Health of the dowager duchess of Marlborough hits been so affected by the death of her son that her physicians have forbidden her to go to Blenheim. Lord and Lady Cufzon have gone there In her behalf. A mill collapsed uvGrau. Moravia, as tiie hands were leaving for tiie uight. Fifty were caught In tiie ruins, it Is supposed thirty-five or forty were killed. Twenty bodies have been removed. ) Mrs. Jane Hnllowny, a colored woman, 108 years old, called on the workhouse board in Cincinnati tha other HAZARDS OF THE SEA A Thtitictei* Stoiffi on the Ocean Aiiiid Darkness intense arid Painful/ Strange Sontids Heii-d in the Distance, a Sound as of Rush, ing- Waters* By a decision of the general land Lord Bute, who has Just been elected rector of the Scotch university of St. ' office thirty-live settlers on the Mllle Lacs lands lose their claims. ; The Chicago bank clearings were Andrews, is the first Catholic' TO hold f 18 ' 780 - 200 : f ° r the week, $101,088,that office since tiie days of the re- 407> against $101,420,430 for the cor- former, John Knox. Lord Bute, who is rcs P°nding week of 1891. portrayed In Lord Beaconstield's novel Prank Ward, 20 years old, was Lothair ns the hero, is a very scholarly caught In a revolving shaft at tho Red and accomplished man and one of the .Jacket mine in Houghton, Mich., and first living authorities on Scotch history, killed. ~ Fire destroyed the almhouse at Sugar The wedding of Miss Clara Potter Creek, Pa. The rescue of 100 inmates and Mr. Mason Davidge that was cele- was accomplished with much difficulty. ^^i~.£»^^^^« Among tiie official announcements of Champalsn ' on ^^"^ last divorces asked for which appeared in a e mn uguratiou of Jacob recent; number of Petites Affiches was Gould Schurinan as president of Cornell uni- this one: "Mme. Bemhardt, nee Jab- versity occurred Friday at Ithaca, N. Y. lonovska, against her husband, 14 Rue Tn e world's fair directors, at a meet- Crevaux." The husband in this case Is iu S iu Chicago, decided in favor of Maurice Bernhardt, the son of the SiHSday opening, providing tho machin- famous actress. The wife was formerly l 'ty be not run. known as the Princess Jablonovska. The French hi Dahomey seined a — British slup laden with arms and ani- Henry AVatterson was bom at AVash- munition for tiie Dahomeyaiis, and cou- ington, D.. C., February 16, 1840, the fiscafe the cargo, son of a member of congress from Tennessee, Captain Dcnsmore, for twenty years ' ins* Tt.i~l«~ 41 T « ,. v^nj/wiiij A-HJIIOIIIVJUT, LU1 l,»Uiil,V V t-11,1» wnrlf; ™5l «° ? r'l ° £ the (>llirf U8her of tile White House, s ly- •aM^d thJS,^^ C ° nfed0ra e 'T ny> m * a* the point of death at his hone ana aia the southern cause service from October, 1862, to September, 1S63, as in Washington. day and secured the release of hor 75- year-old sou Samuel, who was doing time for wife-beating. Postmaster S. 51. Teats, at Hope, Kas., committed suicide by shooting himself in tiie head. Fear of losing his place under the democratic administration and financial embarrassment, caused him to become despondent. Allison, Shafer & Co., contractors, of New York, doing a large amount of worR on the world's fair, wore- sued Friday morning by the AA'estem National bank, of New York, for $200,000 for money loaned. 1 - : Herman Hibby, an insane man, while being taken To the Dlxmount asylum, near Pittsburg, Pa., leaped through tho car .window while the train was running tiurty-five miles an horn 1 , .receiving- serious but not fatal Injuries. The business portion of Camdeu, Me., has been destroyed by fire. Loss Is estimated $750,000, insurance $500,000. Many people had narrow escapes from death and others are rendered destitute by the fire. The powder magazine in which the merchants of Tola, Kan., stored their powder, was blown up Saturday. Lewis Bliss, who was in the magazine at the-time and who jwas attempting to open a con of powder, received terrible Injuries from which he died. A Russian woman, during the absence of the mother, killed the latter's child and gnaws Its body. She also killed a second one in tiie presence of tiie mother, who becomes a maniac!. Attempts to lynch tho perpetrator of the crime fail. , The harvest in southern Bessarabia, Russia, has proved a complete failure. The Inhabitants are without- grain and the cattle without fodder. Much suffer- Two Sailing Vessels Saved from , Ruin by Vivid Flashes of Lightning;. ftjtfoi t , . Indianapolis Journal: Not a prominent young society i ad > n ^ neighboring city was stopph-f & stopph- of To Martinique business called me in June, 1844, The Corsica, a staunch, full-rigged brig, owned- by Bartol of Baltimore, was the only vesssl which offered me means of transit at the time, and hi her I took passage-, says a writer iu tiie Dertolt Free Press. She was not meant for pass sugar traffic, and had no accommodations there- for, but I had' known her commander, And frbmi 1liat instant his orders were given so promptly and. so plainly that the.-luoiij who hod come to realize, that tiieir lives w:re ill tiie balance, 'made no blunder nof mistake. The -brife had a good" full upon tiie start and, as she 'had no course- .set to both.r, she was handled easily. She obeyed her h'.'-lin quickly; and yet it, seemed an age .we she came hits i. ihe wind. "'is she coining Into stays?" ground out tiie captain, with his hands clinched alid his t'.oth set like the Jaws of a vise. . As. he spoke we hoard the foretop- aail flap, and in «• moment more th> staysail had taken the wind on tho other side, Tiie order for swinging the. .nalnyards had just bven given when the heavens and tiie sea. 'wen* agalti illuminated'by the lightning's blaze aud a cry of terror went up from our deck; The men wfio Jind been rounding in on ^ Ihe iii-aces held their hands and stood . such was her intention. He then aghast, tiie helmsman clung to tiit' j If he should call for her and Wheel for dear life and."evcn the cap- ( au 'affirmative answer. > tain for, the momuit had no thought: Promptly at 9 o'clock a carriage save of the great terror., ed up to tiie hotel entrance, a y<. Tho ship was now upon our star- [ man- alighted,. was whisked up to sides upon believe that a man upon 'our foreyard arm inight have leaped upon hor deck, but, shei was not, upon her course—-no, no, thank heaven! She had snuffed the danger and, with her helm hard down, was hauling away from us. It was .friends in tills city at Ing hotels. There is IK ly strange iu this, except £o' she was here Fed to an extrenielv „ usual aud omushig incident. 8 &h at the same hotel was a society * man of large acquaintance Not ago It-happened that two WeddiiJ ceptlous, both In high society, OC 4 on the same evening. That ev as he left tiie dintiig room of the the gentleman who figures in this H , met tin' young lady above referred awl after an exchange of — • asked her If she, v was to m wedding reception She replied , hurling the spray from her' first floor parlors in the elevator and t our cathead, and I verily in a fow minutes came down with. u>l young lady, attired in a bewitahZI costume, upon his arm. The canl aK el then sped away to th'j- northward anal hi a very short time halted before, nl Large residence. In a fashionable parti of the city, from the windows of whlchl mntur If.rlito c*t..n,.*.%*..! 1 dark again, pitchy dark, and while Ave many lights streamed. Capt. Paine,'in other .yours, and' ho watched and waited, with our hearts The young lady and her escort were' 0 clock on the evening of that day the sound, then followed a sna,p and a waiting in the hall for the youns lA^I wind came up from tho northeast;: and crack and—nothing mora, AVere we she suddenly appeared with a sWrwil very soon .great drops of rain came free? The answer was at hand. An-' look on her face, and motionlnc Mm I pattering upon the deck. . other blaze of electric light revealed out of hearing of every one exdtoZI "There's thunder in this," said Paine, to us the ship on our quarter, flying exclaimed hi a stage whisper y | who had donned his storm gear. swiftly away to leeward. It also re-1 "Do know where wo aro?" ' I If it was to be a thunder storm at voalcd to us that our starboard gallant! "Why, yes," said tii- gentleman wlthl sea I meant to be a spectator, and I backstay luid been carried away. One a questioning look on his face' «wEI had come prepared for such emergen- of the ship's lower paittanns must .----.- <•• >™l cies. I Avent belo\v and donned a full have caught it:. On tiie following moni- ollclotii suit, and, having pulled my ing the storm had passed, and tiie sun broad-flapped sou'Avester over my broAvs soon chased aAvay tiie lingering clouds, 1 returned to tiie deck. It, was IIOAV and I venture to assert that no men dark as dark could bo. The blackness ever entered more willingly and grate- are at Mr. T - "s." "AVell, I was not invited here," said| Uie young lady, Avlth growing alarm. "Well, whafdid you como for then?" "I thought AVO Avore going to the re-[ ... -•--.- •= , ception at! Mr. M 's. I knew noHrl was so utter that there- was relief In ful upon tiie work of repairing dam-' Ing about this reception " closing oils* eyes. At tiie wheel there ages at sea than did tiiose Avho were "I knew nothing about that recep-l tion." said tiie gentleman. "I was not! invited there. I suppos-.xl you Avere in-l A-ited to tills one." ' was a ghastly beam from the binnacle set to splice our broken backstay, lamp, which, viewed from a distance, only served to render the, surrounding gloom more palpable. By the spectral glare of the lamp, 1 TAKING CARE OF A CANARY. ing is certain to result, and it is likely tlmt tho government will be called up- editor of tiie Chattanooga Rebel After Kx-surveyors of public lands in Cali- the closo of the Avar he and tAvo others fomla are to bo P 1>ose<jutf>d by the gov- renewed the publication of the Nash- onunent . Uley being charged AA-itii vllle Republican and Banner, Avhich had ftlllutlulon t Practices. been suspended. The enterprise proved Emperor AVilliam, in gratitude to a success, and enabled Mr. AVatterson Providence for vouchsafing him a to provide, in association Avith Mr. daughter, has pardoned a number of Haldeman, money necessary to consol- women Avlio Avere hi jail for various Idate the Courier and Journal of Louis- crimes. ville into tiie Louisville Courier-Journal, The cxar of Russia is tha largest in- and to buy the Associated Press frun- dividual land oAvuer in the world. The chise for tiro city in which it is pub- area of ills possessions is far greater "^ . than that of These transactions took place in No- France vember> 1808, since which- time Henry Watterson has been Accounted one of the ablest neAvspaper men in the country. He Avas a leader in the movement the entire republic of Burglars robbed tho safe of D. AA'or- ner & Rons' Implement warehouse at South Bond, Ind., of notes for $1,500 whicli^uhnm^ed to t^ nomm^tion^ mn ?° ™^ to th « Milwulkce Hai> Horace Greeley to the preside^ M? ™** r wm ^^'- AVatterson AA'as a member of the forty- President Harrison AA-ill place more fourth congress. He is a forcible cam- Kovmniment departments under the civil paign speaker and a clever political SM '\' icf > mles. just as Mr. Ck-voland did manager. 'The earnestness and ability in lno lils(; (uiys of nis term. ( Wltii which he enforces the doctrine of Robert B. Peoples, a Aveulthy resident "tariff for revenue only" are every- of Chattanooga, Tenn., committed sui- where recognized. His pen is a poAver fide by shooting himself in the head, in local politics, and his name becomes Despondency is supposed to liave b?en especially prominent In A'!CAV of the re- Hie cause, cent democratic victory. on to extend assistance. In a fight over a boundary apple couid s^ the ^ spoked tt.e whee H »"'" ""V"" *!"* '^""^ U ' e •. lll*i*lr IViitfikt* fliiir.: and a part of the bodies of the two JJui-k Winter Days. men Avho stood at tiie helm. AVhen I A P rst *5' bird fc» a pretty cage is as "And just to think," exclaimed thel young lady, almost on the, bonier of| tears, "my sister expects me at' M '( AAliat shall Ave do?" looked away I looked as against a black wall. Not a. trace of our tall tree over between ICharles Knorr and DOINGS AT HOMESTEAD. Many ItaroiguurH ilireit and a t'mv Old J.'m- |>luj'«a JVOLuril Hi U 01 k. At Berlin the police authorities sriz- cd tho Arbfiter Zeitung, a now auaiv eh 1st. pap si 1 . The. plates and 4,000 copies of tho paper were destroyed. AVillimn Bant, a young Englishman Homestead, Pa., Nov 17—It is re- wl '° lms s ^' 1n{:llofl hundreds of people ported that 150 Hungarians' and Slavs from Snn Francisco to NCAV York, is made application at the mill for work " n(lf ' r !U ' rast ln lho lnttor - cit J'- and Avere Uikeu in, and 150 others had Tt bas T.^eon !dcdde<I that Canada their applications accepted. A mechanic sh-'ill be represented at the monetary stated this evening that he Avas one of Conference at Bmssels. One delegate 17 mechanics Avho had applied for their ^^ 1)0 appointerl immediately. old positions today and are going to Three men hold up a train at Adalra- vllle, Ga., but AA'ero successfully re- One of tho robbora was shot. work tomorrow. The mechanics and laborers held a pulsed. meeting today and appointed a commit- They are being pursued by a posse of tee to confer Avith the amalgamated of- toAvnspeople. / ficials. It Is understood that they hi- -77— __ , T , . timated that they are not altogether' ^P 6 ™ 1 p ™ ncls Joae Pfc has entnwt- pleased with the present condition of af- al , ^\ £°™ ati ?? ° f 1 "T Hungarian falys • cabinet To Dr. Alexander Werkele, min- Thls afternoon yesterday's adjourn- J^r «^ finance-in Qoirat SSPM^B mined meeting was reconvened, 600 men being present. AVhen the meeting ad- istry. Hubert A. Newton, professor of journed all Chairman Crawford would mathematics at Yale, has been elected say was: "The strike is stlU on, and to the Royal Philosophical society of tills thing of declaring it off is all bosh.' London. Not over a dozen Americans The general impression is that a change have been similarly complimented. is not far off. LEAVING THE FOLD. J'resbyterhui Clergy th A terrific explosion of dynamite occurred at the Cataract- Construction company's tunnel at Niagara Falls Saturday morning, demolishing buildings and killing and severely injuring workmen. Thomas Hussey, living near Bessemer station, Pa. ; Know was soon knocked to the ground, Huasey, it is said, u.s- ing the ax Avith which he AVUS cutting down the tree as a Avea.pon. Hussey has bren arrested and Knorr is dying. Dr. H. A. Slade, tho spiritualistic slate writer and medium, Avas arrested in a cheap lodging house in Sioux City, lOAva, Saturday morning and brought before tiie insanity commission, adjudged insane and ordered to tiie hospital. Ills case is considerad hopeless. At Pittsburg, Pa., Mrs. Beak left her children, at home Avhiie sir;.' Avent to a near-by grocery. During hor absenci- John, aged -4 yours, and Josvph, aged i!, scoured a can of oil and poured it on the stove, causing an explosion Avhich fatally burned' both. The. former died in a. few minutes, and the latter lived but a feAV hours. Dense fogs have been prevalent in London for a Aveek. At noon Saturday tho atmosphere became thicker thaii ever, and the blackness of midnight set in. Everywhere gas and electric lights Avore in use, but in the streets their rays Avere unable to penetrate fiTe dense mass of vapor, Avhich even penetrated houses CA'orywhere, causing great-discomfort. Henry P. Luuse, manager of a Frodo-' rickburg, Cal., [ioAvelry house, was found Lunging from a trto Friday moniing. His hands Avere tied behind his back, his feet tied and a handkerchief tied over his mouth. The ground near the tree showed evidences of a severe struggle. The affair is surrounded in mystery. The body Avas robbed. Tclumuque Timayonls, at one tune professor of Greek in Harvard university, and who Avrote the "History of Greece from tiie Time of Homer" and — — J.'~ - —-V -•*-»«. —«- M. fj* ^fvi.j vtl^V. 1«3 11*7 fP1*J_i.l I cheerful a sight as can be found In a ' lle Sltllatlon was so funny that both u.a« w ,u,. ^ ,u .uux, u, our ,, u , luu « search tlu ' ou g h the coBlCHd homos. a ";| u ^ ™?y™ng iiuin had been In-| spars could I detect, and the me* who rt is 1*™*"* J™t to look at birdie as ^, tpn , ou ; lcct> I )t]io » .«'«l |ho younff stood only a. few feet off were hidden ho h °P s ^ om P»ch to perch or lazily i J«> lo ^ lo f ^ ^ lu-itliia- knew ttat as by an" opaque bum ,r. And ttio lwks in lljx »***. But if he can ».»' ™ ™ to b ~ two '-«««Vtloim on flu» uiiu IIOAV came down in torrents. The l>«*««dod to open his littie bill mid " ,„ , lg .. ' brig, was. heading upon her course. very near south, Avlth the Avind upon llot oiuy !l llim K of beauty to bird send forth nodes of melody he becomes " ri i take you OV(>r '" AI >H '" ' ajd ' ''_ he. At first tiie young Luly thought thp. larboard quarter. By and by a blinding flash shot out from the ebon ° 10 ^^ntest notes of his round lay. vault, acid a broad blaze swept through To brm f»' birdie to Uie state of phy- flie heavens. Far and near 1 saw ibo sil>!l1 illul mental dellglit such as A\ r lll lr,vei-s but a joy to all who catch even slll> woulir %°> bull changed her mind, asid both returned to the hotel to await the coming home oT tho former's sister. A consultation was h'ld and It was] iiiv, iii_ti. Y v^im. j.- «ii. ,tmi J1UU1 1 ^^«l,^\ 11H" " ..«^-* »»• j .. *i* ^ , _ { Avavo caps reflecting back tho startlim? «WW»t song, kerp Inm ahvays during ««»Wed to keep the affair secret, but light, and as the inky veil wad dosed Ulu *W "» « "Bht room. But at night Ul ° f"^ wn » so KOK\ first one the lightning conthmed, sti-eaming forth (>l> ived by the artitii.-ial light, tiiiukni; at brief InteiTols, and then tiiere AVUH lt '" 1)0 daytime, a cessation, the rain meamvhile falling lieavily and the wind hauling to tiie '"^ '•* possible, IAVO cages, so tliat tiio ( soutliAvard. feathered beauty may be transferred i It must have been v'ry near another nulfkly from one to the other without | half hour before tiie gloom wns again h( ' inj - r wently disturbed by the ordeal tion with him ho Avill furnish a diagram showing the name of the family and | Cliwn birdie's cage every day, ILIA-- ! Ul ° nunl1jol> of tiie house. broken by tho lighning. I had gone of lils daily houKecleanlng. fonvartl, and AVUR leaning over the Do not. allow his birdship to bathe bows Ava tehing " " sparkle of the sharply uttered out aroused me, and, as I raised mv a very short one. SILKEN TRESSES. Various Wuytt in Which Tiicy M:iy b« He- I PliiladolpTiia. Tinus: Never Avas tharo hing |jho phosphoi, SC ,nt. tec, often in cold Aveathoi-. Once a day ' ft Un^-h™M£W' o^ld «nSS he broken Avater, wh?n a is of Fen enougli at best and, when the h cl . s ii k(m triwses in so m-rnv w-iw unfl red «h-flt!» from the look- weather is below ,ero, ht the batii bo still ,-«, i, T, f" ,"" ' f. .^f "f „ . ., . , . sU11 remain hi fashion, as at thi- pres-1 1 uti the tub in the out To suit one's own face seems to-l head, I distinctly heaixl a strange som,! cage, haK-filled Avitif ™ wa^" £ei ^ tiie edT ^^'SflSJ'LS ^tiie distancc-a sound of rushing it remabi ten, or fifteen minutes, and if ^^^'^£^^S^ waters. Capt. Paine was in tiin iii,*i ri^,n t . „«*. ff j. i, '. i'- . "•' "" "**"=*'msuidatie ever was utter-1 a moment by ^^^^rt^L^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ° f S ° 10mO11 ^ • .women whether old or. young wore the my sicie. I did not knoAV how long he birdship is an excellent judge upon ' ]t ' was a verv U-vln" wi-lit wh»n nil had been thera. AA 7 o stood by the thpsn "inttm-« , , ^ «as a AUJ UAiug sight, AVlieu alt weather night head. "Is this you, captain," T asked. "Yes," he answered. He spoke in a whisper, and his attention Avas else- »ig your bird-seed at a different" store £ r ^ - W-r ^S^S= these matters. As Rive scatters % bim "nurol/r^ ""f ?^^ ^*^ a-^Vw curi ^ilde faT nox t h^n n "f if , ho . ous by the Jc "«y L«y- So t™ looked 1 °1 S '* F.° n( nl roason ' ta 7 b ">'-!Well in this style coiffure, but that style coiffure, but that AA'as of little consequence; it AVUS stylish, therefo-fo it AVOS AVOHI, and great AVOS the dlsfiguileancnt the LlliCiAvise Avlth other modes, women He listened an instant longer, and I ^"SnZT 8 , Can , ea \ If ** h- y o adopted tiieni^with a rSdi^ dis- heard him gasp. , a ;° ? 0 ^°™ If1on Jtf ls not a l>ncl regard of flie requirements of their ''Sound!" ho cried; "it's a ship!-some-' £" ^J? 11 ™ Z "!* "™2I« ! J '-° «™'«>t of featm^s and have mad,. , ... .. ,. v . wii^v*.) in K» fb OJ.1AII i J3WJ115- .^l A. • - .- " VtVil Bl'L UL J.t?il L11IC8 «ot thlng'-^mlng down upon us!" ^ .° nn ^. in \^ ™* ™ him pick frights of tHem^ves. The lookout was on the, point of cry- p?™ Ins ** ^ .^° 1 ^' °*™R* of diot. | T o-day, however, tiie artistic and plo-l - «»* >*»* the captain stopped him. "a a hZl^i^f h ' ^ 7, ,? S ' tuvesflll ° lpad Ol ° W< «"»* « ™****\ get the men to tiieir sta- , n "l a handfl11 of llem P for blnlie's, notf whether your own esneclal coiffure Aliiriuod About Theoliigifiil Scuiimii'les. Chicago, NoA r . 17.—A committee of ,. prominent Presbyterian clergymen is tA cns P iltcl1 fl 'oin St. Johns, N. F., in the city arranging for a conference * tates tlwt as a result of tho S ale of : tho souate to formulate a more- direct relationship °f ol)01 ' 10 te 'i yp ssels Avere lost or are between the theological seminaries and mlssll "ff nncl t\venty-two lives are lost. In a dispute OA r er a bill Robert J-Iar- other .books, through the publication of wi bli he attracted general attention, is in nil in New York. Ho was arrested Friday. A man named Ranisej is sale. ,tto be tijie complainant and to have brought suit for $4,000. As Tlm- ayenis failed to furnish the required $2,000 bail he was locked up. . It Is probable that before the next democratic congress adjourns threo new states will be admitted, all of which Avill cast their electoral votes for free coinage and democratic senators and representatives. New Mexico, Arizona and Utah will no doubt become states Ing out but. "We must l )0nc nt ' " w i 1IUU wui-umr your own especial coi£ftire-| lions without alarming them, if we Tot «,P ririnin™ TO tn ( i, I on the Avooden blocks in the hair-dress- can,";ha said, and then he leaped aft, J^J™, ^± k ^L ^T,. 1 " , 1 ! Is ™* , <** window or not, if it suits you-you be always cool and see that his cage ' louting as he went. " u 1 ""'^« ««» «na see tnati bis cage ; are afl right A vei-v nrettv stvle for a "All hands-all hands for taokin, "rSS?^? a *° "T WMt ° ^ ! »«H»lo^ c^SSSbiSlfil ship! To the braces, every man!" O f e^ sholTnd nn?n^ TT ft P ^ frinff on ffio fore-head, a fuller one at The wind had been gradually clia-ng- 1 ^Jf ,f ? m ^ , ^ »™?** ° f the sldes and the back hair curved Into ing and was now somewhat south of ™Mrrt"s 11?^ rfo? ^ lu",*,™ 11 ^ a loos " fl ^- 0 ri e ut ft>om the e ^'° of {vist c<\ iVint -fv,/x v,w™ !,„,! i,..i _ j, n "'"'is nro very nleasnnt th liimaoH 1 «,„ i.-_.,..» and to others. very pleasant to himself tiie head. enst, so that tho brig had but. a feAv to tM/Stions^and ?S^i£fSS °i ve hlm ' ****** on these things, a ' A »**?• ™»*-^ creature, though .f them were inclined to press formwl noat1 1IMo swini? ' a ^nll or two of not «o chubby as to rosemble a full to see what was the matter! but ti.e ™*' s " s P™ 1ed *>y "Wnp,. and some- "i°° n ' , looks w ^ ^ ^" ^liole top commands of tiie mates, who wer? i Wn f. nt wlllcjl he oan ^ «"« scold °£ the hair Avav«, a few straying tend- A i. nmn »» «i ^i..,_ _._,_ . . _ for his own amusoment, and you have on ^ G forehead and tho Avuves promptly at fthelr posts, restrained ' VV " l> " om ' an(I you bave "--"•"*•*«»«-"«««. .uiu. U1U ,»«,y~ them. Capt. Paine Avas again by mv provU ™, a " ttlfl J n«Pi'-ation that birdie s f ^ (!d back mto a litWe « uf|y lal , ot, and we peered off ini th7d^ ^^^ f ° r his «™*«* *««* «**?%*!*«!%*• ^, tl ^.^ ness. The dull roar was plainly hoard, song. | the Presbyterian pulpits, some semin- arles in late years havhig shown a ten- W, « notorious gambler, shot and kill- ^^^^—^ ^ ^iha dency to remove themselves beyond <d Robert Lytle, proprietor of the lead- chill which attloknf«l, :'!,„;„! - - - • v t ._-. - v »... ,, -.AWU utfiAVAD AU (tU MVUtWk Ul J.T3VO, the control of the church in a degree m S restaurant at St. Joseph, Mo., Frl- j and bilious remittent. Uostetter'e alarming to its supporters, ^ ' day evening. under democratic rule, and if so it is but, AVO could see nothing; AA"C coiiid liable to be many long years before oven see the head of our own bowsprit the republicans again haA'O control of The old sailor groaned in agony. "If I could only see," he muttered. At that moment, while yet the words quivered upon his lips, the lightning blazed forth In the heavens and the sea AA^S illuminated far and near. "Heaven save us!" burst from Paine's lips, and I echoed the prayer. Upon our weather bow, and but a An Icicle Suddenly Thrnst Down Your Buck Would produce a sensation akin to that exper- chill which uehera in an attack of fever and ague Stomach Bittera, in such an emergency, U wh»t It wanted FOR GOOD ROADS. Interstate Cou B r«KB «rc-.onuncim» u Convict l>ul»or System. Memphis, Tenn., Nov. 17.-Today's GEN. SHIELDS DEAD. The closing of tiie American tin plate! at once to BCOtcu the '« nem y W M<=1» wen" "> i f,° W oables> length distant, loomed up -i . • ~r~,t _ I i inn af rat a iY\a ir&»ir *».._..'«... ,,e . v -. t .. t. TJlf* fiTlP/>frn1 /MffH-ii/ri /\4> J-l»«. 1 11 __'_•» factory In Elwood, i proved not to bo perman He >v»s u Cuiitoiuporury <>f ciuy uuu supposed and us a result of the elec- j ^iim^l'i^jm wn IJIJIU: i - - -- -- —~ ,^*.w—.^ ,. U.VM HVVUAO w j .^ -' .^v.-..n,. fc i, )r Ind on AA'ednpsrl-iv' ' J6 ?« tr ? te ^ e very murr'aw of ihe bones, niter- ™° spectral outliiifS of the hull and J1 ">-. on ^efinesuaj | uat eiytrwziug,toai»UuK (HI'S deluging the sufflerei'spai-S and the bellvlns? pmiTma nf „ irmniirtirt, as at first ** ,per ? i. mion. 1-iu, Vg.auaSntWebnio ,!„_",„ m ®'r.?_ ln 5 ™ nvnB _. <* » ClllllOUM. I tiou, but only a closing for repairs. Mortin, Texas, Nov. 17.—General B. J. I TTncle Sam has trouble witii Vene- Shlelds, an ex-member of congress from zuPla. resulting from th.e refusal of the Alabama, minister to Venezuela under commander of the United States war President Polk, and a contemporary of S 1»'P Pennsylvania to surrender a pns- OUiy and Calhoun, is dead, aged 82. ! senger demanded by the Veneauelans. - •ireclflc 1 9 i|jo surest mediciurff uufeguard tnat an euiitfruuc to the far weat ca&v take with him. M»larial complaints are rifa iu aJJ regions newJy -IsureU of limber, in uilumg cttiuNfl uud hi low Jin* river bouoms where m« sirMMUB periodically overflow their bunks.. iwwKpity from •ualuria is, Uowt-yer, obiaiutd from thXLrottctiv* i^eni piuua, wbi«U i» ulao ur c iutdy fvjUiuLLev- iyw,iUeuia»Uottua kiduuy (.iliueuW, UvW COW"** S # 9 ** t * M f' - ^ heavy ship. She was heading directly across the Hne of our course, and we- were dashing toward each other at a fearful rate. During the bri^f period of light the cnptatni had been as one paralysed, but when the dnrl<n p ss had again shut In he started Into life. "fleady about!" he .thundered. find tiie high coiffure most becoming tiie back and side locks aivi Avaved, a little pointed bong rests lightly on the forehead and tho hair is tossed carelessly into a high coil quite on the top of the head, "the, French twist at the back being so loose and wavy as to hardly deserve tho nama one alAvays spscirm nf H T 4. ' i " '• ~" "•> " ass °ciates Avith the hard, uncompiwnls- K'"i^..^^teretato Road congi-ess ing roll. I ttSST^nS 6 f T V before the na - : For young girls the long braid, turo- a coiLTsfZ, ! 01 \ U °, a i lp0lnlment of wl "P at Ule back aild Cilu « llt fcvloe roadS^K^ ^° « ntcreBt ° f ff0od AYltU volvct 1>lbbon ' ls ll P°P ulttl> style> of a atota ie ^ mea ^ tue "PPouitment one bow at the top and another tied assist^t en^r, f " ? ach Stato and at tiie ™PO o f «ie neck. Parted hair StetJto? iSf U , en . conKI>osslon «l continues much in vogue, though many slriui thom fhri? tS t0 COUlltles de - haye *°™ d ^ too unbecoming to adopt, each bear nmif « i and WWrty Veiy light fringes are permitted by bulidiS- \C L°, th ! ? UPdfln of roacl fashion, and if straws tell which way tar?SnXS,Z? i! atG T 1 *® aux11 - tiie wlnd Wows- surely there Is coming SSS - *"^n^onalleaguo upon us an epdemio of French Avater Sea ftif f ? vl «r n y * >U ^ e state V(V °»vls, the one pointed lock In the cen- llumi £ I ° C ° nV * Ct lftb ° ?ere ', *» of tiie * OTehead belng ' noW T61T * ' mvch la oyldenoe.

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