The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 7, 1891 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 7, 1891
Page 8
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1TOE COM BY THE POST. . life forrr} if 3T*J acre*. <j»r«» jm'Fe fiorift of Jnwn. ro p*rtfe» fr*»m JHfnoi*. who psMf 3K,,5(W for it , I*w»t we»sk tfl bona fide wafer? nrbo Intend t*jcome on in ','n*t A. H. Whs'tw has C«!}"r? Jo, sprng. his property in T**. and on Main H. AW,">jt«?httj baa j } of rook- from Ma^on Oify. He In- tf> '.)<>f. it to btjjid a •»<?{? -m'l'ir Jiia . If b ihr?apr;r to hav« ;irn*?- « zhipy&i fmm Mawn Cisr ;han to hoy th« hart-h«irf« hf-r*. aiwi'thuy lay a mwh tetter -Mli. F, M. By?t* ami Tho«. OirrHng>y of Cl»fca4?r> are hrrpf- this •#«iek =*tts5fntr up w»n« of 'Mr 1 bfi.«Jn«««. F. M. Danfcta if r>,p»ir.h v»,jk ?hr- l.-asn hotv; Tuesday rtir.f-.iing for f/ity. mr>r<i oadoad.a of flt THE L-PPEK DJSS MOUSE*- AJUjQ^A. IOWA. WEDNESDAY, OCT. 7, 189L ^trffeisf line ft»*» I^iAr«* smi Araxtfrwie- G a s&eir iaf^atsmi to Infld a -* to tfj« <?53t*r of ^fie ocmntr sai :be grain aiaa^retn. 3»ine say »IIt be "TOilt Snto Kftherrfi'ie. A5YICE. A ' Wiufer Sf^T jnestt** _ •»ili aifl«i fa Lirerawir*. aiimentu tfcst —J SjSinrfsr rncsfess wilE illas- * wee -M?»if*»9wt»twIrf««J*taia{M«a , a 3j>r sjte -.fee ersa-Urr part af' -she tiate %r i -Jirw j-ar».-ratil cored tw" C*mnber-aJj3-» , Paia B«iai- It ^as. I •;&!!' i <rareJ aer. W« ?s»re also • ,j ;. _^ ^^ S By me Govemor—For a GSSL- eral Election, to be Held! Taesdaj, . , A. c ,tm esjfltfou- I I Sun--; to swr. i Horace Bwes. -•"••' ••" "**= ****** -if. uj.ita- <m jc'ssaj, oro- 5 eiann that at vfee zsserai «S-pe&ra to SB SeW j . •lay <»!>>iAn<ar « a on Sas- _ * wtrenise *t gwsea WSESE IOVA STAIZSS. Her Rank We wii! Me the iargvwt Immigration Jo ;hi*« part of jfowuth another y»»r that/ *h<ir<> hsw been for year*. The beginning c>f a ^anrf boom Th««> .*;n jy, a ^tv^riwn ™t**. ;U- ?,h«; if. E. church, f .«?. ;•:. by W. J. FVto ,-ihun ai» by t&» . ;n proporlJOTi of peonie ahie to f«^r a 3rtn . jn 7?:r .yira they c! * ilB to *«-i Cfl«fc CJioier^ and ffiar*-- ; aoa ReoKdy. We «Mu»i ip »or 'bi« jnedi- ; CTC« aecaase w»? haws Sated it Tata is aot an wlT«r1{«enj«Bjt for 55 . re a» be- 5Hesi Br -rote >jf aU t The office of saTHnjflrrf irae«saie; Yard on street, south of State, ALGOKA, - of illiter- production of com . out and ar5---- him a full hon««i. _ ,-. ]•*!-. b«rJ«jy. :}.>: ilax. T.>: timothy >/. uxws hay. *4..W: bated Pan, of ih.. brick f or t'n> hou'w ar» h'jwr and a -o VERNE. .. . 7!, Oct. 5.—A Htile g-ir! born to Mr. arul Mrs. Wm. Mtumn. fWfWirnirt are lifting -sv'iL Ed. Prank and Dr. Wight of Liv--r- Jtioris !»/>rc on our *tn»«t,a, Friday. W. Ff. Godfrey dug four rows of rx>ta- We* (SMC we*;!f, an»J on th«v four row* he picked up 3 ha«(fctfi»! of potato**, and they weighed 47 pounds There were just 20 of the tubers in the basket, J>» u» hear from xotnri one sine now. Thm ij* no Huh »tory. Sfonday to be gone a few riny K. A. Pope in on '.he mi;ni! •reeent afcknew, Henry .-jehlwehtinjfof •aw in town ia< Je butter and ..^ Leonard Tanahii! tWhein^l^"*' """"•"" "" ; '^'"""«™. MiK* Lilly ffili of Wf-»l,-,y WSB viaitr mj? with R. A. .Simmon^ i««f, «v»-k Wm. Person i* building- a nr-.w barn on one r^ W. A. Patterson'* ioU by tiv- .rauroad. ' THE PUBLIC SCHOOLS. m F:r»». :n acy. First in rirop if ISSO.,: F;r»t in pnyjrjetirtn ofoora p«»r capita, Fim in yield of corn per acre. F:r»t in groin product,* of sH kind? per capita. First in V)?«i number of Pjr»t in jotai number of »um <^w-. - <r-:t :n production o/ butter ,'act/jr ;es. First in clip of wool per sheep. First in total production of crop of J8S9.,. First in production of t»fcato<«) rwr acre. - H--' Second in total railway nriieagu. Heeond in total production of oats rfecond in tota! production of all Wad* of strain. Heeond in yfeid per sure of hay Heivjnd in number of cattle and iiv» atock on iarms. Third in number of farnw from ino to 4W aeres. Third in totai production of spring in production of butter on fair trfal." Sold bj- F- tfr It Will Pr*r»3t •* w 3 jnttnr feoo. erssrJetMje ;n "he 2se <rf Cbamber*aia'9 Caoefi Eernedy t&at it will prereat ei.jj->." says Ifes*.-*. sf Tae -rfSce of raCrnad csssniasujner. Bj* yte 9f *&e «<?cSOTs-<if 3ie 9BTesai M^i- atonal 'iissrriris aesssaated beiow: Tae J® 1 ^ of senator _£n aie speaerstf asesaibfj tpnut ^ft£ii of said ^I5«7ii^s, ^p_-j|^- Tae Sevscd sgsSrfsrt. .sssataaeed of t&e coisntles of Jei&is<ai aid Vao'Btas- TSe TTzird dissrict ftntsoDnnrfaf t "«,'£ Appanoose aa«l Da" A2C ffonrill < K«ftr : «rr A3e cinrsi dis&fcs, i^nnuwgeii of Sie i <nsisEies of Wajue ami LacasE: Tae Fjftfi distrrct. - j»r. Hy prepared ftrom the and aetforriiiur t*> -3 -. and are *ne in^st i«Mi I£y.;r ?ili in;j/i^. Sojrf Tlie *If>nT City Corn Palace. On account of Jhe Corn Palace. Jo b e'd a;. .S!o>i.i CKy from Oeu I ;o i: on tm*n aj' ibe re* .^ .„„ t<Jt _ , t . the round Mp." For fu^'ihfnrma'^oa a» to date* of sa'e. ere., appfr Jo ae^nt3 \ of the Chicagn & Xortiiwesst^rn Railway company.—:"•"- oomiwsea of tfie tenmerj: cxjniixssed of the Mod of Sie " .sjmiKiaesi of th«* . week in the interest of . *old h:.-* U;Hm Third faraw. Third in production of butter and chee«e an factories. Third in total value of farm product* Third in ho»»e« and — : " X&e SJziijiE >iistr:ct. • wranrfes of iCila and S&, ; The Eerenthj disa-fct. , coantias of Warrsa and f. Tae F.3arr«?3te .ie«:r:J •Mentr ."rf iCahaska: Tae Fifteenta disfrrct. •M^Eies of llarion and Jluuiw. TJie sfitesatli liistr-rct csjmooaed of tfae : C0antie9 of ifatiiwm and Adair": The Sefenteensfa district, comvosed of the i-oontics of Aatinbos. Dallas, and Guthrfe- ^eJNineteeath diatr-cs. camp««ed of the 3'bux Ciiv and"?P- .J^ ^'"•enty-thitd disarfct. comnosed of ^^cfoifcfarefo-!*!^?^?"?^ 111 .. - lae Tiveaty-fQiirta <usEr:c?- f.-araDased of *ae eaonnies of Jones and Cedar -. " The Twcaty-afth iiis??r:cT. composed of «ne csjnnses of Johnsna and r owa- The TwentT-^iith dlatrict, eamnosed of — ._ , tae conntj- of Linn: artLtorPilb !^^Plll3^ t ?;«r? lUl<Jis? ^«- ^Z&i: WHfTE r A$gn tt 111 ndles the best ofaU descriptions of UILDINC MATERIAL •icA includes everything that is possibfy needed for the wnstructiof* of anything from a picket fence to tk&very finext residence. WE MEET ALL COMPETITION. Come and give us advance to figure your mis, and we iffttl prove that this is not merely idle talk. aeh. 3»d BOW* Dr. 3t!l^' p;n . U»er. . , for Mien, sooi^n. and ehl1itn».i. ^ ^ 23 wnia Sam- «orf. . W. Bintfe? Third in horse* and milk: ROW* T ^ - Are T °" AJlTe Fifth in school hou««j and teacher- - h ^ I7n ?°'^ ilCfi of f^PJn? up wl;h employed (this without regard to' ^ [ ™-frtnr> '.L^- 3U r"^- ^ r lhii * of ,tate-in proportion fowa rank, fir,t. ! I^* T^^irc^r- -T °^»»° w «fc- Hixth in total output in tons of coal' • ?,? tr ' t '- t - f -'-j •'«« -a.. Sixth in tota^aloe of faml -o swethw paper tae widffllt Tf-nth in population. Twelfth in area. Nineteenth in regard to state ta,x. ^ Aae i^w*?ncy-eigQ6ii district, comoosec of \ The Thirvr-arat district, eamnosed of tie CTjuutiea of Story and i>~j«jiie' The Thirty-second dwtrx-t. composed of ; the county of Wooiiber?- «"i«»» <« The Thirty-third district, camoasea of the counties or Bachanan and Delaware: city for b«r I «OO, and October I Pollowinsr i--« « eomparativf: report of anri. Total «nro ifonthiy <> ending- Sept. 2*J l«»»f). .. :itr<»iiriani'». fW.70 108 ^ pape; uircuiation th^ pub'Uhe-.-s have mad« : the followinir sitirs -ecoden'^dly low- prioe«. from'thin d?;A for'the cam-i paiufn: Sing-]e (;opie*> to .Vor. If}. 1«<>I. — C.Taytont The Thirty-ninth dLitri«. comnosed of ie wmnties of Batter and Bremer- ' I J^SJ?! 513 ^ «»P«ed of the FARM LOANS. Having secured the agency of the New England Loan and Trust Company, I am now prepared to make farm loans- on five to ten years' time at the lowest possible rate, with privilege of partial payments betore due. Office over ChrischilW «*««> A Vc T&e r — — :ct eomwjsed of the ^^^ of ifc&iheiL Worta."and Wlnne- ^T^nt^nth^lhe^t-rf^ni, SS^^fi£fco^ S^ 5 S" I JtT^^ia^js^r e i ^Ad2^p^» Ese..ioS ! «m^E^sas?saL. th * Th|rt,^venth ; in numir^? ^ HOn , fc ^ r ^ .._ S u^^^aS^^^-- Ca«h Girl*. , son. Clay, and Palo AIM. in prisons in proportion to population'. (.tiarantppri Cwre for \A Grippe. " M ^" a ^o^r waiter m one of JTew l W> authorise our advertis^I druggist to f r ' )rk '. : ' blg enl l*>rmnis, bus has set np a ! li Dr. Krnot'sNcw Dim>jwf»rv f/-.i- ..r'.^i,,™^ store in a.n^iirhhr.rrTinr'«-^,n»n f^- ti— •>* ! While talking with: James ifillet; w ho 1 m has been a. floor walker in one of 2Tew Sfo5£ Osceola, Ly 0n , and A CHref-'il <t>u!y r,f the nhov*- via I the following lac.ia: i. There were •>"> rr.orepupil^ thin month than d-.irinx Ihnrw i'.ig hut yo;n'. nvl, /' ''U, 11 ^ s ^ cw " l! "»'-ery tor consump- tioti, cou^rhs and colds upoa this condition • .r.voa_ar«5 afflicted with la grippe and will use tniH remedy accordintf todirer,tions sriv- mtr u, a fair trial, and expedience no beiieflr you may rftt.irn the bottle and have your mnr.«y refunded. W rt mate this offer be- "ause of wonrlnrful success of Dr Kinc-'a -W.v Discovery during theiast season's epi'- 'iftTJiic. HiiVft hftflrrt of no ra*w> Tch^t*** it- toi««d. f Try it Trial bottleaTeelt L i Sheetz.' Lari?e sizr ; , 5<V; and $1. 4 fJootl fxiokn. Thrift n ronn thi,-, sr than of l,'t.-<f. .-;, from 3. Our rx;r .>mt, of attendance year is nearly Uv., ;,.•]• cent, lean than »t wa« iant year- ;i f;ict not so ^ratlfv- in». J 4. Our percent, of punctuality for tnw month is al^n l.^s than hwt yf-ar— another faot not MO wrivtlfying. 5. The number neither aVmc-nr, nor •.-.. ....iiji)..) oi>^< iii, nor terdy tor this month ia W I,H. th«n tor , "*<•*. chiibliin^'.lhrp^Tan'SCcSn^Sd JfWt year, notwith-tamlinsr «'« have ,V, a)l s ^'n ei-iiptfon«, and positively cures nfles more pupils this month, a fact whir-h or "" """ : " •""• •-'-"•' " : - - - shown that the attondanoo was mufh more Irregular for thia month. The following tahtfs nhows tho rank Of each rrtorn in atUsndance and p-jnr-tu- allty for thft month; tho number''of t/iroeB each cr^rn ha/» rank.-r) ono in at- tendancoand punctuality clurin" the store in a. neigh boring- town for himself, he said to me: "The newspaper- which • will take np the caiwe cf the immature i ' For the" pirsC I^e'^Twenty flrat. D« children who are engajpsd as caah girls : Motae. ; Thirty-tei PoSwlSn,^ m the larj?e stores of New York will be l hlrT f ^F en *- Po! '*: Forty-third. Score : doing a great work for humanity. I have I Fifu^Sh C w£?r Far &-*&** ^nnl no mean, of knowing how many c«h n^h^taiurtt^ ^ the S « ty - girk tnere are in New York, but I should i tiyfia **'*• ' ' ' aay abont 20,000. Pnllr one-half of them • . Forth e Second. Van Biwn are nnder tonrteea yeara of age, and j Sl«hf OU Dwita many even nuder twelve. They are not ; Eighth. Taylor-' X r governed by the factory !aw3 of the '^mont: 'Eleventh.' ilii: s •" " TweZ' : h" states which prohibit the emnlovrnMit r,f i ^3?omery; Thirteenth. Adams: Four- Clarke : Stz- llonroe; , »n; T^ntieihrHenryV^TSSsS- "If I was obliged to make a choice for I TW^ : f, n £ wen Hr" £ ? : ' r ^ Was W"?toa i my own children of Bnch ages, between ^-^'- tou ^ 1 ' Keokuir: " 14 ( a factory and one of the big stores, I ^^ » , " j"".|^»--o. uiuicu- ) snonld choose the factorv wh^r^ i-Hdfi. -id ^rf. Sh'Su 1 ; t&ZSZ 1 *™- 4Is ! jf b« would be of Sn? n .SS 2" ! i keep them busy ail the time. In the j nun. uuinne- Th-: stores they have idle moments, when ! ty-eighth, Jasper; " Thirty-nmS"' Fowe" they learn all sorts of wickfedneaa.—New i !? iek; S onieth - Iow a; Forty-flrst, JohnI York Press. ! f? n .L Forty-second, Muscatine: Fbrty- ' i • "-(3^ • Jl £/cu. i_itu UcL Uttice over Chrischilles' store, Algona. S. S. SESSIONS. •-riVi wV w - Dyspeptic look, and if ^.^n^»^*«1| ^&^^l^^^ y t IIF YOU SHOULD TR/j/EL OER THE I A5 FAR AS >X)U COULD CO, !A BETTER SOAP Tf|AN SANTA CLAUS %_ YOUD NEVER qLT TO KNOV/ Twenty fifth, Bnckl<>n'» Arnica Salv>. ^ h«M«t ialve in the world for hni^-s '• sor , ft! !-. "I'-ers, salt rheum, fever sores' i'I* frn 11 rJ-jt-rta r.V».,««, .!!..'» .' month and a!.-*o each has had no the of l.TUIIeCrairn-.r 9- JvllIJan ;>p/;kir . 5. Jennlft Hal ley. O.Cora WU«... 7. Hattle C'hftHlny H. Rdith Call....... '!" 0. MM. Horfy/n . . 10. KvaM. Whitney...." Uepot— J "" §|T* sis ?i^S'2 ? ijjj^^jx. 7! ft 10; .( (i I._; £.. X X or no pay ;„-,«.rlred. ^^^^^^ *>:<. pei, w.. satisfaction or money refunded. . r 'n« 5 -2 , c a Iwx; sold uy Dr. Hheetz. Watertown Boots and Shoes, f have ji w t receiver! an invoice of the above make, con.s/.itin.? of Kangaroo' <.Alt, anrt rjon^-ola Kid. both for ladies' and gentlemen'* wear. Faviiv had 0! 5 , Story; fence in bf.o,.8 and hhfxjs r can assure rny oa. -Oiis ,:, material and s'. y l fJ o/ . nave no aupe -io.- i,i ou to suit the t.:.ncs. . •South Dodge-*.., Algona. e manui'actureo/ wilh conndenoe :, or c-imlity of ;.ia - The Wilde*. Oscar Wilde, since he ia a pere de famille -•--•••• man i •••••^ "•-• n^u«ci j iiona ana Ida- h'il wears garmenta a la Disraeli; he has left i tieth. Sac; Si'xty- off tnrn down collars and short waiated ' ""'' Tlr '" " "" coats and fobs, etc. Oscar has grown very stout. His conversation ia still brilliant—rather too epigrammatic and Boone; Fif- State: University Prif-es ' Number flays taught, W. H. Uuno.v, Huperintcndftnt. JJancroft's KlnB itoom. LuVerne .Vows: The writer w!W in Ji.mcroft tbia w««k and vra^ pleased to note many evidence of growth and fii-ospcrity in that bu*y city. The most Hulwtantial amon^ the rccont improve- wionta U the buildinjf (xicupiftfj by thf State bank, whinb. orxjupies a L'owi lw:a- tion on a cprnftr lot, in the bu.slnww center of the city. A very large area of land b;w b.;o,, nolrl to actual «ott! t; /'« *r» the vicinity of Bancroft durlri" thf present Mtuon, and the. future "p f-orlty of our northern neighbor The (Jrcat«»» Strike. yreat striken that of Dr Miles In rila. .Vew Heart due ha« pr covering hi. . ue h« nne of the most Important. proved Iwlf The rteraanrt for It rfh »nK. ready the trwtmeB of heart dise;i,se u being revolutionized anrf man. nnaxpecteft cure, effected, rt »oon r^ieveg ?h f r? « t ' " 1l| " ertn «f- Pa">» 'n »I^ arm. shOTirte? weak and hungry spells, oppression aweinn* af ankles, .smothering and heart drop"? 5r iffiev boolc on Heart and Nervous dlaea*ei r,L a !rt. B?1? ll w"ninSr. Htt \ rt Core J? '^^ wanting in simplicity. Mrs. Wilde is young and pretty; very quiet, almost demnre. She is as silent as Oscar ia loquacious. Lady Wilde (Oscar's mother) is a striking old lady, rery accomplished. She can speak seven languages, and though she has suffered terribly from the state of Irish affairs, she bears her many troubles bravely. Her norn de plume is Speranza.—London Star. *»»%**u . i*JlJL L> Black Hawk; * • I •«"» «-jf ^->^ (1 UK, ---., Clayton; Seventy- en ty-second, Bremer: " ler- r - - • ' Fayette; Sev- third, But- Seventy- —--—j ~.~..ti, Humboldt «f?vf' • fc ''^ ht ^' fourth ' CerroGordo.; Eighty- M&VSve^, ?. i » Six %. <?*«S The Several Departments wil] Beg&i the Year 1891-92 oa Sept. 16. r. Hathaway. friTMe. Blood, Skla and Serroag Dlaeaaea. V Will B* filv«n Away. Ourent*rprlsln«iJmggirt, X. W r>ln&l<>v . etc. • "-"• -""ae****** »*»/ it i.i ifiQ v ever knew, and la unlversall? »Jte* of nervous or organic heart Nervous and Heart 'otoewm "fel! Coninniption Cnrtd, A Wealthy Prl«at. Rev. Jarnes McMahon, of >Tew York city, who recently gave $500,000 worth of real estate to the Roman Catholic university at Washington, 13 perhaps the richest priest in this country, his wealth being the result of judicious investments mreai wtate. He ia an accomplished Biblical and Hebrew scholar, and once published his version of the New Testament, Of '.at* years he has given much attention to the perfection of church organs, making many improvements — Harper's Weekly. tiAth \i", . V .f-'sfit.v-nmtn, Howard; Nine- ^^^^^JSSS^ rJPtoSSZ* th * elect °™ of the First Each department is thoroughly equipped for efflcient work, and no pains will be spared to afford students the best possible opportunity to pursue their chosen lines of study. For par- tlanrar information as to the resTjectl-re departments, address as follows: .Collegiate—Charles A. Schaeaer, president, dl^l£%» ch *F?!*'.!A^a*y-. of nfnf ^ fflce ° f di3tric t ^dge in said district the address , . .3a per week ' or for S enferal information, CHA3. A. SCHAEFJ>EH, President. the Tenth of the counties aator ^o«n said district, to By vote of the electors of the Thirteenth *• C ° mp0sedof Iowa State Normal School CEDAR PALLS, IOWA. An OI<1 Metllor'H Kecorcl. The Hsthcrvlllc Vindicator ) lf is tho following Item about a well known pio- ncftr^ "K. H. Carnpboll of Armstrong i r i° V ?/<!' ( i 1 ? 0 on * J ' a ' arr " ' n that town" ftUlp HOJ hiMhfds of whf-ut, blue stern yurtoty, on roue acres of land. This is ^7t"fi OV , b i 1 ' 3 ? bust " jl< * to tho acre, and probab y tho largest crop that was over ra«cd j n Krnmct county 1 . Thla is tho lifth crop on tho land that been manurwj," novor Another Jtallr</a<l ICutnor. Kathorvlllo Jtoj.ublican: Tho 0. & JN. W. row! bus »urvoyo<l a Ur.o from JrtOyunl, north of Wancro/t, weat to DB. L. A. SHEET7, Drugs and Medicines. ^^ haj Wt it !ii8 duty to'rnake'j * suffering fellowH. Actuated to Tf-^lriM In flo*, ft« « V Mvoiiw Jt, ini-S *ct-M)«, m lierman, French, or KnvtiMh Twitvi KnglUh Spavin Mnlment oaes only. of senator fr °m said district, to Whereof all electors throughout the state will take due notice, and the sherijfc of the several counties will take official notice and be governed accordingly whe jf eof I have hereunto set A NTED _ SALESMEN; Local W A NTE _ f r.--nt our n-M. 1 no c lh:tt warra "!»J f ravenK nt our well-known house. You . 1 no capital to represent a ten lh:tt warrant^ nursery Block true d, and SeedsnionT (Thla Is c«n h< > lm >4 >l MI «1I lint of work Mir r HI. lm > >l MI «1I lint of work, .nd bononblr, by lion ot I. rout,! o, ,,14 M( j i, tt ,|, ' ™ HI. rout,! o, , .iitf..,. j,,.,,, ,' h , 7 u,,. , -— -- "-•* Moines, this twenty-eighth day of September, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and nmety-one, of the independence of the United States the one hundred and sixteenth, and of the state of Iowa the forty-fifth. HORACE BOIES. SHERIFF'S PROCLAMATION, T,I 0 a the *- e!ec . t ? rs of Kos »uth county, Iowa: Ta^ e notice, that at the general election to SL « n 0 ° llie ttlird da y °t November, 1891. the following offices are to be filled by ' of all the electors of Kossuth county, to- The office of Treasurer; the office of Superintendent of Sc-hools; the office of Sherin • LfiR f\n\r>£*ti i\r tT«-«i c?.....^ i .* . A Technical Sclul for Teachers Established, supported, and supervised by the state of Iowa. Sixteen Specialists in the Faculty. More than on* hundred candidates for e-rad nation the corning school year. Student! are graduated any time during the year when the course is completed. State certificates grantee by law to graduates of the school. Write for eatalogue to HOMER H. SEEBLEY, Prest. • yierowaictj or impraclence or folly loSer from Sep. TOM Debility, Ex- Dauarlag dratoj antia the foanialiu of Ufa. affecting tha mind. body ajxil maniiood* ihoold eonnolc tha celebrated Dr. HaUt- »wiy at onee. Be- member nerroni dla- e»ae« (irlth or wlra- oac dreams} or debility and Log* of nerre power, treated iiueatiflcauy. by aev methods, with great faeces*. It makea no difference what you hara 7 taken or who tuu tmileil to care you. BW». Blood,' -. , The moat rapid. ttfB and efleetira A complete cure aniarante*^^^^ »U kind, cured vher, srr METHODS. gy M.STEPHENS, Sheriff of Kosguth County, Iowa. *MOO.OO • . . »rt for ui.,7 ou m»jr DOI ni«kf M much, but »« CM WCll J.'uqui.-klj |, ow ^..rg ft om jt w U.daj itib« »t«rt, «ud DJorn uroun o. Bull »i«, .11 «„«,. l a „, 'ftn\t . . »ni«nt». , »- il £ •>> ;uur time.or ipire muacnu oikljto lk« icofk. Al! U »,„. Gr«l ,., *»»ry wurker. Wt lUrl you, ir t»«7iliin«. HA8II.T, SPEEDILT l ' - ni for Symptom Blank No. 1 for Men. .- ly ures EBADICAT08" POSI- l dist'ases— because It kills ; .-. parasites, microbes, and lculse in the system, which the promt. f 1 ,?! 115 ^ c °nS?n«?n agre«?d was the all disease. The air, water, vegetables and fruit are full of these little worms, S^cJ? catarrh, consumption, diabetes, and Bright s disease, cjueers, tumors. Mid all so- called incurable oJseases. (Neve.- known to SnnM « CU1 ? ^^^JMiPtlon. catari'h. kidney troubles and .sypbjrs.) Retailed in I.-3, 13, and - 'a«re on receipt of price. nuine article; all o.hers are dangerous connTerteits. Dr. Sheetz iisuel 1" Hmwn* '«>' v he manufacturers

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