The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 23, 1892 · Page 3
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 3

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 23, 1892
Page 3
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MOINES, ALGONA< IOWA, WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 23,1892. WARDING OFF CHOLERA.'if; They Miuin K p It In the Fnr-Awaj OUlffi Cteo, W, Turner Simply Awful Worst Case of Scrofula the Doctors Ever Saw Completely Cured bit HOOD'S SAlt- 8AFAItITjI,A> "Wh»n I was 4 or 5 yenrs old I h»d a srrnf n lone pore on the middle flucer of my left hitud which got. po bad thnt the doctors nu tho flnypt off, 8D(1 later took oft morn than half my haml Then the sore broke out on my arm, camp out 01, my neck and face on both fllden, nearly deptiov- Ine the eight, of one eye, a!?o on my right arm Doctors Bald It was the Worst Case of Scrofula '.hey ever Baw. It was simply awful! Klvr years ago I began to inke Huoil'e SarBuparllla Qradnally t found tha 1 the cores wern bpirlnnfnc to heal. I knpt. on until 1 had taken ten bmili"-, ten dolliii-Ht Ju»t think of what a return 1 urn for that Investment! A tliougiind per cent? Yes, many tb'mgand. For the pa§t four yearn 1 have bad no sores, I Work all the Time Before, I could do no work. I know not what to i»y strong enough to express my gratitude to Hood's Sarsaparllla for my perfect cure" OIOBOB W. TnuNXB, Farmer, Galway, Saratoga county, N. T. Hood's PHIS do not weaken, bat aid In dl gestlon and tone the itomach. Try them. 860. It OUTM Celd»,C«af hi,Bor» Throat, Oroup.Iwfluan U,Wh«opiBf Cough, BronohttUand Aithua. t •erttii ran for Oonnmptioa in flrit ataf u, an' • nn nllif IB tiTtnoed itarea, TTu at one* tn will Moth* txoellent aff«t «fUr taUag tin •nt4*ta. Bold by dealt]* avarrwhara, liarp WMUaMwatiud 91.00. Ask your doctor what happens to cod-liver oil when it gets inside of you. He will say it is shaken and broken up into tiny drops, becomes an emulsion; there are other changes, but this is the first. He will tell you also that it is economy to take the oil broken up, as it is in Scott's Emulsion, rather than burden yourself with this work. You skip the taste too. Let us send you an interesting book on CAREFUL LIVING ; free. SCOTT &BoWNB,Ch«mi«t«, 131 South 5th Arena*, Your (IriiKgist keeps Scott's Emulilonof cod-Uvw oD—all druggists everywhere do. fit S i CURES Mrs. B. J. Bawell, Medford, Mass., says hoi mother ha* been cured of Scrofula by the use of four botoea of flraraguH«"« navln s had amchother treat- B > ^f'^ qK ' mcnt, and being reduced to quite a low condition of health, as 11 Has thought she could not live. •33B3J Cured my little boy ^ ofberedl peared all over his ^xOi>^ face. Sfh.s'^^^^e.overy.^n finally I wan "^^^ Induced to use A.fewbo ^ttlescuredhhn,andno * " M f vr.mTmna TlTathArviHe, MlSS. uG*. It is interesting to learn bow Finland ms warded off the cholera. Our Hels- ngfors correspondent sends us many details of the methods adopted. This country is next door to the districts in iussia where the cholera is raging There are several trains a day from St Mersburg, and soldiers come thence by the thousand, and yet without any luarantlne arrangements the enemy has hitherto been subdued. No trouble * expense has been spared. Along the 'rentier in every town, and along the lino, hospitals have boon built of ml- wood boards two layers deep, with isphalt between,, with asphalted flooring arranged with complete drains, uiron&ii which all substances washed from the floors, etc., are taken to the huge boilers, from which the refuse floAvs to tin; mains. In the toAvns there are central cholera bureaus AVhero tlwa-*} are u doctor, nurses, ambulances, ciu., in constant attendance. Every house is connected Avith the telephone, and as soon is a case occurs the patient is taken by ambulance and Isolated in the hospital, while everything he or she has been in contact which is disinfected. The great thing, however, is to prevent the cholera coming, and to avoid this, frequent visits are made by the police o every house where every dust bin and .anitary disorder is immediately seen to, cleaned and disinfected with lime, or. which has been found to be the best lisinfectaut, "Lysol." All cab-stands, vhcre uncleanliness often prevails, are constantly seen to and disinfected, and even the streets are cleaned with llnu 1 . verybody has had gratuitous medical idvice. Though quarantine has not yet )een enforced, no boat is alloAved to enter a Finish port until the cholera loctor has passed it as being healthy. Should there be cases of cholera on board, the patients are directly convoy- to the hospital and the boat stopped. Of course the importation of such goods s rags, bedding, and clothing from Russia is strictly prohibited. Monday mi Unlucky l>iiy. A statistician of the German govern* uent has come to the rescue of those )ersons who do not share the Avide- spread superstition, thai! Friday Is the nost unlucky day of the week. A short time ago he determined to make v scientific investigation of this question. The most fatal or unfortunate veek day, according to the- iiivesti- ;ator, is not Friday, but Monday. Garfeeld Cures ^ t ° Ils ^'P ft *'* ontt iVSh l ?Lrj)YiACo 8Ww.ww* 01 ^**•*• "Cure's'SicK fleadacne OSHKOSHWNES^^ SCuDol of MM and lypetritliii "School In the Student* can «nter •» •ttlar. W. W. DAOQETT, The last year has been the most prosperous of the Sixty-five years of THE COMPANION'S history. It has now over 550,000 subscribers. This support enables it to provide more lavishly than ever for 1893. Only a partial list of Authors, Stories and Articles can be given here. Prize Serial Stories. The Prizes offered for the Serial Competition of 1892 were the Largest ever given by any periodical. First Prize, $2,OOO. Larry; "Aunt Mat's" Investment nnd ils Reward; by . Miss Amanda M. Douglas. Second Prize, $I,OOO.; 1 low a very hard Lesson was bravely Learned; by Charles W. Clarke. Third Prize, $1,000. Crterrycroft 5 The Old House and its Tenant; by Miss Edltll E. Stowe (Pauline Wesley). Fourth Prize, $I,OOO. Sam; A charming Story of Brotherly Love and Self-Sacrifice; by Miss M. O. McClelland. SEVEN OTHER SERIAL. STORIES, during the year, by C. A. Stephens, Homer Greene and others. The Bravest Deed I Ever Saw, will be described in graphic language by Officers of the United States Army and by famous War Correspondents. General John Gibbon. General Wesley Merrltt. Captain Charles King. Archibald Forbes. Great Men at Home. How Mr. Gladstone Works; by his daughter, Mrs. Drew. Gen. Sherman in his Home; by Mrs. Minnie Sherman Fitch. Gen. McCIellan; by his son, George B. McClellan. President Garfleld; by his daughter, Mrs. Molly Garfield Brown. Your Work in Life. What are you going to do? These and other similar articles may offer you some suggestions. Journalism as a Profession. By the Editor-in-Chief of the New York Times, Charles R. Miller. Why not be a Veterinary Surgeon? An opportunity for Boys; by Dr. Austin Peters. In What Trades and Professions is there most Room? by Hon. R. P. Porter. Shipbuilders Wanted. Chats with great shipbuilders on this Subject; by Alexander Waihwright. Admission to West Point; by the Supt. of U. S. Academy, Col. John M. Wilson. Admission to the Naval Academy; by Lieut. W. F. Low, U. S. N. Young Government Clerks at Washington. ' By the Chief Clerks of Six Departments. wnooping-cough, croup, sore-throat, In. luenza, bronchitis, cold, and cough are at mce relieved anil positively and permanent- y cured by Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup, tha incomparable remedy for all pulmonary and hroat affections. ~ In certain parts of India cocoanut trees once almost lifeless in appearance have been made to yield abundantly by placing salt at he roots. BEECHAM'S PILLS cure bilious and nervous llnesn. Beecliam's Pills sell well because hey cure. 25 cents a box, Tun"; Kiting Yen, the author of an article n the September Forum, entitled "A Chinaman on Our Treatment of Ohlna," was edu- catod In this country and is now an Eplsci >al minister in Shanghai. Made to Look Ukn New. M!*, (Juilt's (.'loUim;;, Kuiilhurs, (ilnvm. •Ic 1 ., Dyed or (Jhsiintsil, I'lusli (iurniifil- leaniisd, lit OUn 1''u l^e Win-ks,:JliI W Water SI.., Milwaukee. Semi for drenhir. A farm without a tool house is like punt vitlioutpot'kcts. I.—All Fits Stopped free by Dr. KH»«--.-... TivrvH lleHtoi-nr. No Fits after hrn iluy's use. Mnrveloun cures. Treiitise nml fli.OO trial oottle tree to Fit Oases. Suml to IJr. Kline, 11.11 Arch St., 1'hllli., I'll. 11 is said Hint 33,000 varieties of goods arc- .auufuclured from wool. If you wnnt a positive cure for Bll Attacks and Colds use Bile Beans bmall. Whou Bullishness comes iu, smiling ;lir»ugh one door, love walks out, grieving, through another. _ Will do good i,n almost every case of sick. ness—Small Bile Beans. • Tho total production of maple sugar in this country last year was 33^959,927 pounds. STATBOrOnio, CITY OP Toi.udo, I x LUCAS COUNTY i FRANK J. CIIISNBY makes oath that lie .s the senior partner of the Hrm of B. ,1. CHENEY & Co., duliiff business in the city of Toledo, County and State aforesaid, and that said Hrm will pay tho turn of ONfc, HUNDRED DOLLARS for each and every case of Catarrh that cannot bu cured by the Things to Know. What Is a Patent? by The Hon. Carroll D. Wright. A Chat With Schoolgirls; by Amelia E. Barr. Naval Courts-Martial; by Admiral S. B. Luce. Patents Granted Young Inventors; by U. S. Com. of Patents. The Weather Bureau; by Jean Gordon Mattill. Newly-Married in New York. What will $1.000 a year do? Answered by Mrs. H«nry Ward Beecher and Marion Harland. Over the Water. How to See St. Paul's Cathedral; by The Dean of St. Paul. Windsor Castle. A picturesque description by The Marquis of Lome. A Glimpse of Belgium. The American Minister at Brussels. A Glimpse of Russia; by The Hon. Charles Emory Smith. Adventures in London Fogs; by Charles Dickens. London Cabs. "Cabbies;" their "hansoms." Charles Dickens, Jr., A Boy's Club in East London. Frances Wynne- Short Stories and Adventures. More than One Hundred Short Stories and Adventure Sketches will be given in the volume for 1893. Knlttin' Susan. An Able Mariner. Quality's Temptation. In the Death Circle. Uncle Dan'I's Will. A Bad Night in a Yacht. A Mountainville Feud. On the Hadramaut Sands. Leon Kestrel!: Reporter. Mrs. Parshley's First Voyage. An April First Experience. Uncle Sim's Clairvoyance. Bain McTickel's "Vast Doog." Riddling Jimmy, and othe:- stories. How I Won my Chevrons. The Cats of Cedar Swamp. A Boy's Proof that he was not a Coward; by • W. J, Baker. Strong "Medicine." The amusing effect of a brass instrument on a hostile Indian; by Capt. D. C. ICinginan, U.S.A. "How I WROTE BEN Him," by Gen. Lew Wallace, opens a series, "Behind the Scenes of Fnmrus Stories." Sir Edwin Arnold Writes three fascinating articles on India. Rudyard Kipling tells the "S'-v of My Boyhood." A scries of practical articles, "At the World's fair," by Director-General Davis and Mrs. Potter Palm::r in: full of valuable hints to those who go. "Odd Housekeeping in Queer Places" is the subject of half a dozen bright and amusing descriptions by Mrs. Lew Wallace, Lady Blake, and others. All the well-known features of THE COMPANION will be maintained and improved. The Editorials will be impartial explanations of current events at home and abroad. The Illustrated Supplements, adding nearly one-half to size oUthe paper, will be continued. FREE Send This Slip with $1.75. To any New Subscriber who will cut out and send UB this slip with name and address and SI.75, wo will send The Companion Free to Jan. 1, 1803, and for a Full Year from that date. This offer includes the Double Holiday Numbers at Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's, Easter and Fourth of July. The Souvenir of The Companion illustrated in colors, 42 pages, describing the New Jluilding, with all its 10 departments, will be sent on receipt of six cents, or Free to any one requesting it who sends a subscription for one year. 48 to 1893 Specimen copies sent free on application, THE YOUTH'S COMPANION, Boston, Mass. Send Check or fost-Offlct Order at our risk. Sworn to before me and subcrlbed In my presence, this ath day of December, A. D. 1886. HAL } A. W. GLEASON, Notary PuWe. Hal?BCatarrh Cure is taken internally and »cU directly on the blood aud mucous surfaces of the system. Send for testimonials, "A proclamation by President Harrison names Nov. 24 as Thanksgiving day. I BEST POW8H IN THE F. J. CHENEY & CO., Toledo, 0. jsf Sold by Druggists, 75c. When bees do not go out as usual, bu* keep in or about their hives, rain may be ex peeled. ______ FOR BRONCHIAL, ASTHMATIC AND PULMONAUV CO-Ul'LAlNTS. "Jiii>w'> UiwMal 2V/vte" havo ruuiui'kuule curatm •roperlius. Sold only in bo.-esi^ Chrvsanlheinuins, served as a salad, are t favorite article ot diet among Iho Japanese" COUCHI AWAY U' Vou WANT To, but if no) 11.1 i-'u 11 nN I' 1 V ol«' liui* JSilOUNli AND i*h ""viKB'B ToaiuA«ui Ujicm. Uuuii iu on Minute. Be not proToUd when opinions differ froi cour own, Small Bile Beam All for 55 Oeutl. The Monon Route has added to its al- readv splendid equipment two brand-now dining cars, which are now iu daily service on the fast day trains between Chicago and Louisville. These cars are models of convenience, com. fort, aud beauty, and are operated on the a la carte plan, which means that a passenger can get anything hu wauls and pay only for what he gets. An elegant steak, with bread, I butter, coffee, or tea, with cream, Is served for only 65 cents. Watch for tho Monon'a new schedule to Florida, A will trial in New York developed the tact that Mrs. Colo put ,sllk gowns «nd a lash upon a statue ot Venus. Seven Indians were Tnimed to death to a cabin in Washington state. >'. J\Vuyn mill MeaiiH. I Puck. Jim Ball—Will Jones doesen't seem to have much voice hi the management of his house. ; Tom Call—No; but as he supports his wife and her mother and two sisters, he constitutes a good working minority. Comfort ihoTear'rouud 1» Uw rule In keej tug Have You Asthma? Du. R. SoniFi'MANN, St. Paul, Minn., will mail a trial package of Schiffmunn's Asthma Cure/ree to any sufferer. Gives instant relief in worst cases, and cures Avhere others fail. Name this paper and send address. "Why Are You Sick?" tant to Fleshy People oirect, Chcago __ Make the farm a home- the the world with JPastea, Euainels, »uu * •/•• •taiathe Lauds, in jure the Iron. off. TheRisiugSuuStovePoll Uant, Odorless, Durable '"- 1 lumej 1 pays for no tin * ey«r7 purci, , All ANNUAL SALE OF 3000 TO»S. " - . « i TO BRACE UP the \ V-'»V system after "La Grippe," V .a« .' pneumonia, fevers, aud '• other prostrating acute diseases; to build up needed flesh aud strength, and to restore health and vigor when you feel "run-down" und used-up, the best thins in the world is Dr. Florae's Golden Medical Discovery. It promotes all the bodily functions, rouses eveiy organ into healthful action, purifies and enriches tut* blood, and through it cleanses, repairs, and invig- u orates the entire system. For the most stubborn ,-ofulous, Skin or Scalp Diseases, Dyspep- . Biliousness, and kindred ailments, the Otscovery" w tho only remedy that's acuiitoi. K il> doesn't benefit or cure, u have your money back. you think of anything mor» cqnvtao : than tha promise that is made by tb«. pnetors of Dr. Sage's Catarrh Remedy I s this: "H we can't cure ypw Cfttwr U pay you *50y iu cash," " I know precisely how you feel j it is that nervous, irritable feeling; your back troubles you, and when you try to read a little, your head ___ _ . aches. Isn't that so ? I' knew it. Oh, bother the doctor I Get a 'bottle of Vegetable Compound, and take it faithfully, as I have done. I've been through this thing myself, but am never troubled now. Do as I tell you, my friend." _ Prudent women who best understand their ailments find in the Compound a remedy for all their distressing ills. It removes at once : those pains, aches, and | weaknesses, brightens '.he spirits, restores digestion, and invigorates the system. 4 ,.« .AIMIIC Mtaicint tn IM Horn* u jn-OMtM* DK. ISAAC THOMPSON'S CELEBRATED EYE-WATER Tali krtlolt U • M.r«full7 prepared phrilolu'i pr» wnutiuu, nud bn* b«e» In oon«t*ui «•• for Btt*rly i •outurr. Tb»r« m fe» 41HHM to whlob munktud ira •uuieot more dUirumlni than ear* •?••* <"i4 uonci, pnrbap*, for which mor* rvmodivi h*va !»«•• •rmd without lucami. For all »*t<>rn«.l tn(Ui»a»ttoi> tf tli« vye* U 1> on Infolllbl. r«m«ilr. If lb* din» tiout »r« folloned It will u«T«r fall. W« pkrtlaaUrl] Urtt« th» »tt«ntlon ot phTiloUn* t» H» •»>*£*. tv M li bj Alt dnittuu. JOHN L. rHOHP»OM, BUMt k 00.1 THOU, 8. T. EtUbUih.4 M«. Asthma I The AfrlcaRola Plant, discoveroil in Oongo, Went Africa, U Nuture'n Sura Cure (orAithma. Ourw Uuuvnnteett or No l>ay. Export office, 1104 Broadwajr, New YorVc. For JLilra rrlul «;»•« lifKKI-: by SIiill, addrein lioli All iell », Addreii In cuiitldciice. In cuiitldciice. ,' . 1'INKIIAM MID. CO., LYNN. MA». y UfORTH DOUBLE THE MONEY, PI DB ?, ad .,« l K? I f <; « to .•iV'"' 6MA8TUII, 0. T. A. C., B {• & P. B. B-uCbloago, 111., and receive, postage paid th« Bllckejjf deck ot cords you eyer bandlSt OnlJ TEN Ctlyrs per pack, la stamps or cola. by SIilll, addrenB liola Vln. St., Olnolnnfttl, Ohio. LIOHTNINO PLATER •nd pl>tlD{jew(lry,w>VitiH UU«w>», io. Plttii OH Qaeit of jeirolry food u Dew, On all klndl of milt) vlth (old, ilUor or DlokiL no oiporlenot. No gtplui. Erer; bouit bu coodl DC«4> Inf plulnj. Whotoul, u lari. H. C. ItELNO * Illustrated PuWloatl WITH MAPS, toMri MinDiiot»,NorthD»k«u,Mt.i I Idaho, Waihtngton aa« O«M«a, FREE GOVERNMENT AND LOW PRICE NORTHERN IFIC R. R. •'1 jM-Th? l«lt Ajripultural,Qrazlnt »n4 Tlmb«« J Luudi now »peu '.i. i::•'•• i. Mullud FREE. A4«r«M tun, U. UJBOua • •" " " .'In 1 I jiratitude liift. and who bart «n»k ran^t of ma, ahoava OM Mao 1 1 Q*r* (or COM»»pil»». It hu «ar«<l «h«va»*da. ftba* not Injur- •d on*. It li not bad (• t HUtbe twlV6cu»niyr»i». WIS. out ot iir Ilie Itirtli of his (laughtt'r, luis onli'red that all feniale prisoners in Germany who are novi undergoing punishment for crima committed in distress or in anger, shall be liberated. It is _ a well known fact, that consumption fre« quently renders a person insane and that this is often the first idea that his friends obtain that he is;afflicted with pulmonary trouble. Now r person does not get consumption alV at once. It is slow and insidious in its attack. It al'-vays begins with a cold and if the sufferer will get a bottle of ItEtt>'s GERMAN COTKJH Aiq> KIDNEY CURE and take it freely when he catches cold, he will nevei have consumption. Of course, if he would rather let it run than to spend 25 or 50 cents, he is liable to catch tjjis. dreadful disease. PP can get tliis.'great remedy of any dealer. One bottle,. cu.'es' any ordinary trouble, whether it is . throat complaint or even if it has settle'd inU) iJiiounionia or pleurisy. REID'S GF.UMAN COUGH .ANI> KIDNEY CPRM is tlm best, remedy iu the world tor ill troubles of this kind. 'Get it ot ,uiy Ut'ciler. Small bottles ;i5'cen'v, iiii'gu siiio 50 cents. ' SYLVAN UEHEDY Co., Peoria, 111 til t UTC n I MKN TO TB AYBL. W« P»y ffft WAN til to $100.» mouth »nd ezpennf. ?i.f?yj VjrtrKLt,lNQION, Mtttlldou, Wii. FIT FOLIS REQVOEI swatf*' 1

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