The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 7, 1891 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 7, 1891
Page 7
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AtCj-ONA, JOM A, WJBD^£SPAY V OCTOBER 7,1801. TUB OKAV DATS. .,, , *It makes mo ttre&t PeopI* vac. mfr—isi tnhrriaga a fail- ur«? Of Course 't'alntj 8'pose I don't knoTT my biz—what am I here for?" If tbo women only keep healthy they keep in good spirits and oupid is in demand. Lot every enfeebled woman know this —there's a remedy that'll cure her, tho proof s positive. _ Here's the proof—if it doesn't do you good, within reasonable time, report the fact to its makers and get your money back without a word—but you won't do it I ' The remedy is Dr. Pieroe's Favor- He Prescription—and it has proved -Itself Ihe right remedy in nearly every case of female weakness. It is not a miracle; It won't cure everything—but it has done moro to build up enfeebled and broken-down women than any other medicine known. "3713:33 ALL COUGH CURES: DOCTOR SOLD- IN ENGLAND for is. IWcL, and in '« AMERICA : for 85 cents a bottle. I |TjrA8TES_COOD.j SHILOH'S CONSUMPTION CURE. The success of this Great Cough Cure li without a parallel in the history of medicine. All druggists are authorized to sell it on a positive guarantee, a test that no other cure can successfully stand. That it may become known, the Proprietors, at an enormous expanse, are placing a Sample Bottle Free into every home in the Uniled 'States and Canada. If you have a Cough, Sore Throat, or Bronchitis, use it, for it will cure you. If your child has the Croup, or Whooping Cough, use it promptly, and relief is sure. If you dread that insidious disease Consumption, use it. Ask your Druggist for SHILOH'S CURE, Price 10 cts., 50 cts. and $1.00. If your Lungs are sore or Back lame, use Shiloh's Porous Plaster, Price 35 cts. GOLD MEDAL, PARIS, 1878. "i W. BAKEB & CO/S Breakfast Cocoa from which tho excess of o'' has boon removed, fa absolutely -pure an,. it is soluble, No Chemicals are used In its preparation. It hio more than three times tlit strength of Cocoa mixed with Staruh, Arrowroot or Sugar, nnd ia therefore far more economical, cottlng leu than on* centaaip. It is delicious, nour- _ IshlDg, strengthening, EASII.Y DIGKBTED, and admirably adapted for invalids M well aa for persona In health. Sold by Grocers ereryrfhere. W. BAKER & CO,, Dorchester, Mass. PILES ANAKKSia (lYHliu Mllef, and ii M Hf7A BLB LDRB for P£ • »Ai »! " Mi*. taw 'tome Cm, WANTED-^* 'BICYCLE • EiUUisbment la th« World, Eft STYLES, «.-„ vw SOLID, CUSHION on 'PNEUMATICTIRES. „.,,„„. IIUIDII,BeitlUUrltbuilWorltmushlp. PrlevunnuilUlea. Mamv»d rrcmtftr Otnlt. Dnf rrauufor Lviie, „ Otnlt. F-f AltDUT_rmt,*-.,Mj n dl.oti.luitr .p,, «WUItt*81i!l.» The Soap that Cleans Most . .-., " . •*! * * \* is Lenox. "Wig: PUB. UNION J5-40~ Kvertnoreall the days are long, and th* ifeeeffctr Ucatles* Zanders the baffled wtndi that »catt<!_ tfce •• blindltiB spray And the drifting currents come and go Ilk* s«- pentS acros* my way. Wearily fade* the evening dim, drearily wears ths The Rhoetly mist and the hurrying clouds and the breakers' crest Of white Have blotted the stare fiotn the desolate skies- hare curtained them from my eight. ' Speeding along filfr Wave-tosSed 'bark encounter no passing Ball, Welcoming friend nor challenging foe answers my eugerhalj,— •••• ' • ». Only the sobbing, uflqulet waves and the ..ttraa't unceasing wall. Hopeful still my calls are bent, my pilot l» faultlessly true. He holds nls course as though the seas and the mirrored skies were blue, Anrlthe port of peace where the winds are still, were evermore In view. For over the spr*ay and the ruin «nd the clouds shines the eternal sun; t? The unchanging stare In the curtained dome still gleam when the day IS done; . . And the mist will be hissed from ttio laughing skies when the port of rest Is won. —Brooklyn Eagle. DOCKKKI.I/S DBPAR-JCUUB. Wtalever else Doekrell intended to do, it was evident that he did not mean to go. Mrs. Rap.hleigh began to be alarmed. She had asked him down, to be sure, without specifying the txuct day he was to leave, but now the last guest had made the last pretty speech, and the dogcart containing sportsman and his belongings wasj disappearing down the drive, and yet, by it blazing (ire in the cozy study, she knew that at tbat moment Willoughby Doekrell vms unfolding the morning papers and lighting a cigar, with that complacent smile which irritated her so > much when she was not in the mood for it. < And she was by no means in the mood for it to-day. 'It was not only a fresh set .of people were to arrive to-morrow, most of whom would by no met_ns shdre ,her enthusiasm for the poet was now stretched at his ease in her favorite arm chair, but that the party invited for the next few days was to include a faithful and somewhat stolid admirer, Major Champion. ; Now, Mr.. ; Rashleigh was not one of the order of women who are unhappy if they have not a second lover to play off on the first. Under such circumstances, she opine 1 ., both were apt to be fretful and unaiuusitig. Mrs. Rashleigh, to be sure, had been a widow for exactly five years, so that it may be inferred that she knew something of the other sex. Young, cheerful and well off, without being pretty, she was distinctly attractive,_ and, having the social instinct, her place in Blankshire was nearly always full. Iii London she was inclined to effect the "smart, intellectual set," and she Jilted to be credited with' ideas and opinions. Ideas and opinions, were, .perhaps, rather scarce in the circles in which Mrs. Rashleigh usually moved. It was probably this which had made-her seek the society oi Doekrell, for the man, at any rate, had brains. But there wfere questions which she could not help asking herself in .her present un steady frame of mind." Apart from a volume of poen>B which bad made a certain stir, who and what was he? Nobody seemed quite to know, least of all in the rather fashionable set into which he had effected an entrance. He had a clean-cut face, plausible manners and a pretty talent for giving the talk a neat epigramatic tone, while it was certain that he had lived in Paris, in Rome and in New York, aud that he knew every body a little and nobody well. If men, top, instinctively disliked him it was notorious that for most 'women he had and irrestible attraction, to that one was apt to' inertt Willoughby Dockre) more frequently in inner drawing rooms than in the more breezy mental atmos' phere of the clubs. But though Mrs Rashleigh was fond of having long dis cussioas with her literary admirer, it by no means followed that she intended tc continue those discussions for life, anc during ttie last day or two Doekrell hac assuined an all-conquering air which was distasteful to her. It is always awkwarc for a hostess to have to tell a guest to go and Mrs. Rashleigh racked her brains for an expedient as the hall door closed to or the last member of the party and she thoughtfully crossed the hall. "Well I shall have to tell Jack all abou it when he comes to-morrow," she said to herself at last, with that little sigh of re lief which a woman givea when she ha determined to transfer her troubles t< shoulders broader than hsr own. And meanwhile Willoughby Doekrell having finished a second cigar, was med itating on his plan of campaign. Fo nearly thirty hours he would hay hi charming hostess to himself, for the young sister who was there to play propriet hardly counted and he would be able t< get her to drive or to ridfe alon with him that very afternoon. Thirty hours, he told himself, alone in a co_untr house with a woman who obyiousl, likes you ia worth thirty months of after noon calls and dinner conversations London. He glanced around the room. ' How de lightful it all was, so crazy, so old-fash ioned, with the air of having been alway just like that. The leather bindings the books were worn &nd mellowed ;_th jiilt of the picture : frames was a littl dim with age. A Romney and a Gains borough— portraits of departed Rash leighs—gazed down on him from eithe side of the fire-place. A granduncle wit dilettante tastes, who had made th "grand tour," ;had brought back tha Canoyat from Rome. Generations ,pf gen tlefolks had lived and read and chatted i that room. At his age, and with hi tastes, it was all .just what had appeale to him most—the sense of security, c rest, of long unchanging years. Willough by Dockiell had been of late a frequen guest in English country houses, but n home that he had entered had appealed t him quite so intimately as this. A man of forty-five, who has lived in rao3t of the capital* of civilization, generally tarns at last to some such heaven. At 45 the boulevards of Paris, the clubs of London and the balls of New York may begin to pall. ' At that uncertain age, when' bp if neither old nor young, he had begun ^Q think that a man wanted a home, a tion and a wife. Now, all these he thought, were -well within hi, r . , ,., There were no children; the place.was hern for her lite time, after which it wotild go to a distant couain. As to that uripleas ant affair in America—well, it all Jiftppeii* ed fifteen years ago, and New. Yprki is _al 'loFjg way from London, even if; Loncktn if tolerably near New York. Ouly.ona. man in England knew anything about the story of those bonds, and thai man he is ceroain not to meet in a small country house. And then Mrs. Rasbleighbad said nothing in her note of invitation as to the length of his stay; indeed, it had been a word or two only. Dockfell took the note out of his pocket and read it with a curiously satisfied smile. "Can't yon come and see me in the ountrj V" it ran, and the fact of there einp nob-ginning was an impoi tint one the eyes of such a student of feminini- , as Willoughby Doekrell. "I shall ave some nice people staying with me at ic beginning of the month. Could you ome on the 3d? ' We shall be able to dis- uss—Bonrget—and lots of thing"! Ever "ncerely yours, Letty Rashleigh." Well, he h»cHome on the third, and ere he meant to stay—to stay until he ad made himself master of the situa- on. But the day drnggfid on, and he had ever found himself alone with his host- ss. The young sister—a girl of 16, with ed hands and a stolid stare, was present t lunch, went out with them in the agonette and faced him at the dinner able, and not long after dinner Mrs. tuahleigh retired to bed. The next day t was so much better, but early in the fternoon he did find her alone. Willoughy Doekrell was too much of a diplomat- st to show his hand before he saw what is adversary was likely to play, but still he time was short, his opportunities few, irhile the advent of a fresh batch of isitors might spoil the game completely. U the end of quarter of an hour's talk tfrs. Rashleigh began to feel uncomfort- ble, and more than ever was she re- olved to tell Major Champion tho whole tory directly he Zarriyed. She sot away nd'shut herself up in her room until lie fint batch of new guests were on- ounced. "What in heaven's name is that fellow oing down here?" was Champion's first uestior, when he found himself <tt last lone with his hostess before dress- ng. She was silent for a moment, but tie ctid not pretend not to know what he aeact. "Well, you see, he goes everywhere; e's very clever and a sort of celebrity n his way, and — I wish I hadn't asked im!" "So do I," said Champion fervently* "But it is not only his cominor that's lie matter," said Letty, incoherently; but I'm sure he meant to ttay. He will never, never go," Oh yes he will; he will go to-uiorrow norning." ' Oh, Jack, I can't have it. I won't iave a row in this house. Why the news- .apers will get hold of it, and—I shiill lever forgive you if you do anything horrid." "I'm not going to do anything horrid. shall just mention in the smoking room o-night that Job-on, the editor of the Evening Telephone is coming down here o-morrow for a day or two." "But, my dear Jack, Jobson isn't com- ng! I don't even know him. How on ••arth will that help us?" Wait and see. If the thing works, I'll ell you all about it. "You're a ridiculous ittle person, you know, and utterly unlit :o take care of yourself. You'd much bet- :er let—" • "There's the dressing bell, Jack. You're getting impossible. I shall send you away to-niorrowloo." And when the same evening, as the adies were going to their room-', Mrs. Ltashleigh saw Jack Champion walking off with Doekrell in the direction of the making room, she felt a pang of com punction at the innocent plot she had as- MtrlU.EREl> ills MOTIIRH. Inhnman Crltne of n Voting Stftn In Colorado. DUKASOO. Col., Sept. 29.—Ralph R-iy. the twenty-year old murderer of his mother, wns captured Sal urdny evening and returned to this city today. He says that after he and hts mother had eaten break- Fast Inst Wednesday morning he went to the barn and took two drinks of whiskev Returning _ to the bouse IIP informer! his mother that he v ^ goini? to Viirmington, New Mexico, to the fair. Airs. Ray remonstrated, not desiring to be left alone. This Angered him and as she passed his mother For the door, with a pan in her hand, he ••truck her a terrible blow on the back of the head with a hatchet, sinking the iron into her bead to the handle. She sank to the floor with- jut a moan, and tho son then plunged a jnife into her breast three times. Ho wrapped the body in a quilt, mounted his uor&o and started for Mexico. The father lias gone insane and his life is dis- paired of. Vniior Poison hnn Its Antidote. Tho morning nnd evening mists that pervade the atmosphere of nmlnrlotis localities ciumot 1>« breathed with impunity. A safeguard Is needed ;o render harmless the dangerous miasmata with which they nro Impregnated. The surest, snCest jcfonso Is Hosteller's Stomach Hitters. It Is nn antidote to the poison which has already boon in- hnlcd nnd borne fruit, nn adequate preventive of Its harmful effects. No preparative for breathers of mlacma tainted air or drinkers of malaria poisoned wnlor like Iho Bittern. It completely iientrallzca the otherwise. Irresistible onset of tho serial foe. Settlers on newly cleared land, excavators of canal routes (notably that on tho Isthmus of Panama), western pioneers nnd emigrants —hi sliori, nil subjected to niiilnrlnl Influences in air or water find In It a belilan remedy, nn effectual safeguard. Disorders of the »tomacb, liver nnd bowels, "la grippe," rheumatism and kidney complaints are remedied by the Bittern. An Inch of Uain, Few people can form any idcao^what is involved in tho expression "nn inch of rain." It may aid such to follow this curious calculation: An acre is oqunl to 6,272,640 square inches, and an inch deep of water on this area will bo as ninny cubic inches, which, at 227 inches to the gallon, is 22,000 gallons. This immense quantity of water will weigh 220,000 pounds, or over 100 tons. Ornpb Jolly. Pick off stems and cook in enough water to keep from burning; then proceed as for other jellies—a pint of juice to a pound of sugar, etc. Some kinds of grappa are-moro than others niid miiy nefi) .1 little longer boilinsr befon nddinjr hot ens'.ir. Remember that nti fruits jell more qttickl.i if not kept lonj. after pickincr. K«t«t>1l»1ied I PBS. Dmsos, Oente'i CloUilne, Feathers, t.loras, etc., Pvod or Cleaned. Tliisli UarinonU Sl.ntTiMl at Olio riek-h's ]>re Work*. 'JW W. Water St., Milwaukee. Scud for Circu )nr. In washing blind* »nd dark paint alway* •dd several tenspoonfnli of ammonia to the water, and when dry rub the paint with kerosene nil. F. J. CHKNET A CO., Toltdo, 0., Props, of Hall'* Catarrh Cure, offer $100 reward for nny case of catarrh thntcnn not bs cured by taking Hall's Catarrh (Jure. Send for testl- monlala, free. Bold by Druggists, 75c. Bear In mind that barrel salt contains lime. When, therefore, you use the material to nit butter you ure encouraging the. production of a first class article of loap. It U very Important In UiU art ot vnsl material progress that a remedy be pleasing to the taste and to tho eye, easily, acceptable to the stomach am) 'healthy' In 1U nature and olTccU. Possessing these qualities, Syrup of Figs, l.t the one perfect laxative and most geullu diuretic known. In boiling meat for soup use cold water to extract the iulrcs, but If the meat Is wanted for lUelf alone put Into boiling water. Tho Ooly On* Kver I'rlnUiiI—C»n Too Find tha \ToriI T There U a ..-Inch display advertisement In this paper tills week wnli'li has no two word* alike except one word. Tlio some U true ol cncli new one appearing ear/h week from Tin Dr. Harter Medicine Co. This house plntei- a "Crescent" on everything they make nnd publish. Look for it, send them the naim of the word, and they will return yon noon, BBA.tTiruk LiTiioGiiAFns or ruin. When washing flue while flannels add n tablcspoonful ol nulverlzcd borax to n piilltul ot water. This will keep them soft mid white. Best, easiest to use and cheapest Pise's Remedy tor Catarrh. By druggists. We. It Ir sometimes surprising to note how early children leixrn to consider right and woiig. Undue restraint and overmuch urging never help them in this respect, how- over. l-ITN.-All FHi itomiori fre»l>y DiuKMUK'sQiiRAT NKIIVJS ItKKTOnrii. NoKIUnftnr llr»ldn/'«n>*. Mnr- '»el!cm« our»i. Trentln* nnd »2.«) trlnl liottln fro« to Vlt cni«. Ben* to Dr. Kltno, 091 Aroh St., 1'blln., I'l. To remove rust from plows, stick their noses deep ID the soil. It's » good deal like holding your nose to a grludsloM. I suffered severely with faqc neuralgia, but in 15 minutes after application of ST. JACOHS OIL was asleep; have not been troubled with it since. B. ADAMS, Perry, Mo. elter ouI- of,the world.fha.n oubof the sented to in order to get rid of her bril- iant guest There were lots of letters by the morn-Hf? post, which came in while they were it breakfast, but only one for Willoughby Doekrell. He le 1 ; it lie by his plate for some minutes, and then, asking permission of his hostess, with his rather ever laborate manner, he slowly broke the seal. What a bore," he said, presently, when he laid down the note and deliberately resumed his breakfast. "I shall have to go to town this morning by an early train. Some bothering business which I can't get oul of." Mrs. Rashleigh dared not look at Champion, "whoso triumph was now complete. Both had seen Mr. Willoughby Dockrell's letter was wallet-shaped, adorned with a pretty monogram and addressed in a bold feminine hand. The "business," t,ben,Jwas a myth. And yet, woman-like, she felt almost guilty when the clog cart was at the door and the last cood-byes were beinp said. Doekrell, wlTo for once looked red and flustered, seemed to avoid speaking to her alone. She murmured something about having the pleasure of seeing him down there on some future occasion. And yet aa they looked straight at each other with the ' final hand shake, Letty knew that in all probability she would never see him again. ''What does it all mean?" said Mrs. llashleigh sternly, a few minutes later. It wa? in the sanctum and there was no there but Jask. It was a mere trifle but it struck her that Major Champion did not lounge in her favorite chair, but stood tentatively at the fire place, playing nervously with somt) tin bronze cats clashing cymbals, which she had brought from Vienna. "The magic name of Jobson w9rked the miracle,"' said Champion smiling "Jobsc-n knew something about your poet which makes it—well inconvenient for them to meet. I told you he would go, Although the man has never been con victed, there's no moral doubt that he's —well a forger." p "Great heavens 1" murmured Letty as bhfl thought of intimate little notes she had written him, of the confidetial talks in London, of the still moro compromising interviews down here. And here was Jack, who, whatever his fault, had clearly never committed a forgery, butwh om she had 'always snubbed! Mrs. Rashleit;b crossed the room to his side. . "How can I ever thank you?" she whispered gazing at the half moons on his necktie, Lettie gave' it wonderingly and he helc it gamly in his strong grip. "I am going to keep it for always," announced Champion gravely. "What rubbish yon talk, Jack" whispered the owner of the land. But she did not take it away. Diyt flint Wus.Once A)lve. In some parts of the earth people oat the dirt, which is found to possess nutritive qualities. The Indians on the banks of the Amazon river use the meal as food during (he times when other food is scarce. It i° made up into a dough and baked as bread. Chemists have analyzed this substance, and find it to be composed of the remains oE infusoria, and it ia this animal matter yet remaining that makes it valuable as food. • .Fourteen HulUliuB, Uurn«4 uml a Family FerlBliea. ' PAIVW, Oct. .1.—Fourteen houses were destroyed by fire at Puyl^urens, in the department of Tarn, today. A family of six persons perished in the flames. .' x . -- _________ for hou-se-cleaJnin"<J- Ibis a so lid c&ke of scouring soe-p-Try i'h Cleanliness Is always fashionable and the use of or the neglect to use SAPOLIO marks a wide difference in the social scale. The best classes are always the most scrupulous In matters of cleanliness— and th Sff >st c 1 " use SAPOLIO, Beat Cough Medicine. Recommended by Physicians. Core* where all else faila. Ploasant and agreeable to the tMte. Children take it •without objection. By" In Its Worst Forji». i B£»TO», Lttf. Co., WJo., DUO., '88, Bar. J- 0. Berg«n vouchon for tbo following J»n>«>» Sooaey who W»B suffering from St. Vitui Daiice in its wont form for aboub 1% yeui wan tre«.Ud by ••rernl phyglolani without »ffeot; two bottlci of Futer Koeclg'l N«rv» Toulc «ai*d blm. (Saved From the Grave. NOUTH WA«MINOTON, Iowa, Mob., 1891. Th* -wondorfal discovery of Futor Koenlg'i M«r« Touio bu erldently earod m» from tne gr»TO or nn Insane asylum; and I and my kind eld mother cannot thank yon onongb for tbo bapplnen you have bestowed upon as, for irhlob we thank yon many thousand times, and will {•member you in oar prayers. VALENTINE BAPP. —A ValuaMo Hook en Norvong PUeuaev eout froo to any add.imu, and poor putlonta can also obtain tliU medicine free of cliurjce. remedy lias boon prepared "by the Beverond Pastor KncniR, of Fort \vavue, Ind., since 1876, and Is now iirepured under m» dlroctlou by the KOENIC MED. CO,, Chicago, III. Sold 1>y nragg^sts at «1 per Bottle. 0 for S5 T \n :'.-. Size, S1.7S. « UottloH for SO. FOR OLD AND YOUNG. Tutt's J.Ivor PHIa not as kindly on tho chilU, the tlullcato feinulo or iuJQrut olti age, aa upon tbo vigorous nuiu. FREE "German Syrup" We have selected two ot Croup, three Hues from letters freshly received from pa«, rents who have given German Syrup to their children in the emergencies of Croup. You will credit these, because they come from good, substantial people, happy in finding what so many families lack—& medicine containing no evil dru^, which mother can administer with confidence to the little ones in their most critical hours, safe and sure that it will carry them through. > KD. L. \Vn.LiT3, of Mr*. JAS.W. Ki««, Almn, Neb. I give It Daughter*' College to my children when troubled with Croup and never saw any preparation act like it. Itia simply mi- rnculous. Fully one-half Harrodiburg, Ky. I have depended upon it In attacks of Croup with my little daurb> ter, and find it an ia> valuable rtmedy. of our customers ore mothers who use Boschee's German Syrup among their children. A medicine to be successful with the little folks must be a treatment for the sudden and terrible foes of child* hood, whooping cough, croup, diphtheria and the dangerous inflamma- 1 dons of delicate throats and lungs. • tLY'S CREAM BALM cimic CATARRH Prloo BO Ccntn. Apply Dftlm tnto enoh itontrll. U.Y flllOW.. «« Wurn- n St., N.Y MIL.ITAUKII, September, 1891. POINTER NO. 1557: There it a crtt- leal minute for all thinyt. Never a department opcnedi more auspiciously than ourj newMillineiy department. The sales exceeded our most sanguine expectations. Just think ol it, a room 40 leet wide and i 50 feet long, and devoted to nothing but millinery. Whore else is there such a department? Fresh arrivals oi new styles in CLOAKS, DRESS GOODS, TRIMMINGS, CARPETS, DRAPERIES. If unable to visit us in person, then write for samples. All mail orders receiva prompt and careful attention. (Signed) Gimbel Brothers Milwaukee. DONALD KENNEDY Of Roxioiy, Mass., says Kennedy's Medical Discovery cures Horrid Old Sores, Deep Seated Ulcers of 4O years' standing, Inward Tumors, and every disease of the skin, except Thunder Humor, and Cancer that h^s taken root Sold by every the U. S. and RELIEVES all Stomiu-h Dlatreca. REMOVES Nausea, Sense of r<Uln*X8k- CONORS-ION, PAW, REVIVES FAIWNO ENERGY. RESTORES Normal Circulation, WAKUS TO Ton Tiro. 0\t. IIAItTF.R MEDICINE CO.. St. tovlt, tff Price |i.5o. Druggist in Canada. Send at once for our Catalogue, zoo testl- k rapnials. C. N. Newcomb. Davenport. Iowa giveifone and Btrongth to the weak »tom- wOij bowel* fckioeyafiud bladdor. on clean piece white blotting paper j Ben 4 with nfto.u 'X.occupation. Microscope mag* nlfy 8WXX) llmu". 1 BO'id frea — -»'-~- 1 •»•«•. "n/)'. N C. AGENTSfii MONTH « to Heii ill ti>i< AMM* ;thu tlMYkm. »•• tat }•• k«7, M«4 (»'»u4 Th* FAT FOLKS REDUCED fofiS8Xi.%S?i$& For'olroulaf* addrwv, with §o, MoVlok»r'« Ttiwtro- ObJ<u>u<>. lu IQUIS BAGGER I* and reliable o Wutfiiizjgtwi, i>. 0, & CO. PATINT SOLICITORS moat effl clout Pnltl»«lr Cured with VeseUblo Remediw L EWIS' 98 SOTOBBEO AND (I'ATENTBB •) The strongest and purest Lyt made. Will make the best per famed Hard Soap In so minute; •without boiling. It i& tl»t l>OHt for softening watei cleansing waste pipes, disirjfecl Ing ainks, closets, washing bot ties, paints, trees, etc. PENNA, SALT M'F'G 00 flon. Agta., l>bU&^ Pa. "A YOUNG WOMAN AT FIFTY," ' r Or, as tho world expresses it, "i> woll-prb- served woman." Olio who, uudoi'Standiug the rules of health, hua followed thom, and liresurved her youtliful goes to the root of all female complaints, renews tho waning vitality, uml invigorates tho entire system. Intelligent women of middle age know well its womlcniul powers. All Druggists sell it as a standard article, or suut by mail, in form of Pills or J^ozengos, on receipt of SI. 00. e Ov.M» l |.y«lia E, plnKham Med,

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