The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 16, 1892 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 16, 1892
Page 7
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Do you know that bUmdrV At last he found Palmer, the banker. "The name, the name of that bloude hi the Sainte-Mesuie box?" "Mine Derliiie." "Is there a Mr. Deriiue V" "Assuredly—a notary—my notary—tho Saiute-Mesmes' notary. And if you Avaut to See Mme. Derline closer come to my house to the ball next Thursday. She will be there." After the opera when the people wen going out, the prince took position at tin loot of the grand staircase. He litu entrapped two of his friends. "Come," he said to them, "1 want U show you the most beautiful woman iu Palis." Just as he said that there was stand ig within two paces of the prime -.11 ' alert young man attached to one of the jinomiiig newspapers; a uewspapei widely read. This young man had :i sharp ear, he caught as it tlew the ex presslou of Prince Ageiior, whose hlgl: position in society he knew. He manag ed to avoid meeting the prince, but when Mine. Deriiue was about to pass the young reporter was clever enough to overhear, without losing a single word the conversation of the tlnve brilliant noblemen. Mme. Derliiie arose tire" next morning at 8 o'clock. Her maid came iu, placet: a salver on a little table, lit a big tin. in the open grate and withdrew. Then, were on the salver a cup of chocolate and a newspaper—the same thing every morning. Mine. Derhne touched the run of the cup to her lips and burned herself. -Su she had to wait awhile. She put down the cup, took the paper, unfolded it and rapidly, with a look, ran through six columns on the tirst page. At the bottom, at the very bottom of the sixth column, she found these linos: ".Last night there was a very brilliant reception of 'Sigurd' at the opera. Many of the most distinguished women of fashion were there; the handsome tluchesse tie Moutaigiou, the pretty com tesse Vcrduiiere de Lardac, the admirable marquise de Muriel, the plquaiite baroness tie Myrvoix. "W'e have to announce a new star that has suddenly came to shine in the Parisian constellation. The house was In ecstacies over a blonde with sad eyes, with eyes like steel, aud whoso shoulders —ah! what shoulders! Those shoulders were the event of the evuiug. Oil all sides people were asking. 'Who is she T "To whom belong these divine shoulders V 'To whom? We know, and our readers will thank us for telling 'them the name of this marvelous beauty—it is Mine. Deriiue." Her name! She had read her name. She grew dizzy. Her eyes crossed each other. All the letters of the alphabet seemed to dance like mad in the newspaper. After a while they grow quiei- r, stopped, and got back into their places. She managed to find it again— ler name—and took up her reading: 'It Is Mine. Deriiue, the wife of on<! of the most esteemed arid richest no- arles of Paris. The prince de Nerius, vhoso word carries authority in these matters, said last night to every oue he net: 'That is the most beautiful wo- nau in Paris, 1 We aiv entirely of that pinion.." '•: She finished' reading, and a' sudden inxiety seized her. - . "Edward? What will Edward say?" Edward was her husband. She had never in her life called, any other man him her husband by his first uanie. Ha vas loved, tin's notary; and almost at he moment she asked herself what Edvard would say Edward hurriedly opened the door, 'Why do those newspaper men meddle n what doesu't concern them? This is outrage! Your name! Look at it here; your name in this paper!" Mine. Derline, very sweetly aud gently, set about bringing- the rebel to reason. 'Why this outrage, this great vexation? They accuse you of being the husband of the most handsome woman in Paris. Is that, then, so horrible, a misfortune so frightful?" Reduced to obedience, M. Derline went down stairs to his office to make money for the most beautiful woman in P'U'iS A very wise and a very timely occupation, because scarcely had Mme. Derline been left alone *hen a thought 1JJ4.C L/v-*-" ••--- -- . 1 ., ce into her head that would rid the »t«oug box of a very pretty bundle of bank notes. It seemed to her that her W*m«n imposed new duties upon her. She coul u" present herself at the Pahn,rs',ba 1 without a new dross and on e :frou » a eel- liund. So she ordered, hei uii- in the afternoon and resolutely muted ive her coachman the address of M. Slmr ou of the most illustrious dress- for Tmrrsniay," said that ansrnst dignitary; "l don't dare make such a promise because I could not fulfill it, . There arv responsibilities to which T i never expose myself—" J Two tears, two little tvars. glistened ! on the edge of her lashes. M. Arthur I felt himself movtHl. A woman, a pretty ] woman, weepin.s there before him. i Xevi-r had such homage been paid : o j his genius! j "Mon Dieu. madamo. I am anxious to make the effort—a very simple dress—" "Oh. uo. not simple—on the contrary, very striking—brilliant iu the lushest degree. Two of my friends are'your customers (she told him their naiues) and 1.1 am Mme. Derline—" "Mme. Deriiue! You are Mme. I X-line'" It was theatrical, absolutely theatrical Mine. Porliue returned the next day and the next after that aud every day until the eve of the famous Thursday, aud every time she went baek, while waiting her turn to try on her gown.' she ordered dresses, very plain, .but nevertheless costing ~W to 800 francs. } Nor was that, all. The day of the first' visit to M. Arthur, when Mme. Derline ; walked out of the tine place she was • grieved, absolutely grieved at the sight I of her coupe. It had been her mother-In-1 law's coupe anil had rolled around tho' streets of Paris for fifteen years. j Mine. Derline only entered this shock-' ing coupe to be driven to a very illustrious carriage-maker's. That night, adroitly seizing the psychological moment, she explained to M. Deriiue that she had been a little black coupe, lined with deep blue satin, tint would divinely frame her new gowns. j The coupe was bought- next day by | M. Deriiue, who himself began to real-1 izo the extent, of his new duties. Bur, > uext day he saw it was impossible to; harness to that pretty toy of a coupe j the old horse that drew the old carriage, aud equally impossible to put ou • the box old coachman who drove the old horse. j That Is why on Thursday, April 25, at' 10:30 p. m.. a very handsome sorrel j mare, driven by a very correct. English j coachman, drew M. and Mme. Derliuo to | the Palmers' house. Nevertheless, yet one thing was lacking—a little groom by the English coachman's side. Bui one must use a certain discretion. The most beautiful woman in Paris proposed to visit for leu days before asking for the little groom. While she mounted the staircase at the Palmers' she distinctly heard the repeated little blows of her heart beats. She entered, and for the lirst minute she enjoyed the delicious sensation of success. Yes, decidedly, all weut well. She was iu the way of having all Paris at her feet. And, sure of herself, more confident, more, courageou me fondly—" Tears sprang to his eyes and rolled down his chwks. told mo to get some thread, sugar, toweling, matches, a -washboard, saleratns. noodles, and—and—" As he faltered the look of agony iu his fiuv grew more intense. —"aud one other thing that 1 forgot and—never—could—recall. 1 have an outcast ever since. I dare not go* home." Intently the boy watched the stopping figure until it hobbled laboriously from sicht. Itlney Md.. Mr*. Baltimore Md.. thn» glre* her exp«ri»M! "We have used Dr. Bull'* Congb. Syrup nd have never found 1U equal for our children." The first telephone exchange was established in London in 1S79, when tea offices were connected. In Olden Time* People overlooked the importance of permanently beneficial effects and were satis* fied with transient action, but now that ills generally known that Syrup of Figs vrill permanently euro habitual constipation, wcll-inforineil people will not bnv other laxativvs, \\hlohaet for • time, but finally injure the system. Mrs. Stowe's "Vnclc Tom's Cabin" is on sale throughout Holland under the title -De Neger Hut." NOBODY BFT A GUMP NEGLECTS A COUOH. Take some HALB'S UOSET OP UOUKUUUND USD TAR inttanter. PIKE'S TOOTIUCHB DROPS Cure In one Minute. Tho extremes of temperature in tho Sahara nre such that, while the day may bo oppressively hot. at iilnhtUls frcer.luv cold. BEHCHAM'S enjoy tho largest sale of any proprietary medicine In the world. Mario only in St. Helens, England. Abbe Lust's lirst concert programme, wliun he was only I) years old, has boun discovered. It bears the iluto of IS'JO. Thu performance was given iu Oldenburg. A SORK TKROAT OR COUGH. If suffer '•it to progress, of en result*- in an Ineiirnlih throat in- Inn;;' trouble. "/iVoini's Jlnwefiiu 'jiiH-lius" give instant relief. A foul pad was lately captured in a llni! Uiiriun lii\\ii. uuil wim Mm a I,oar Ilia I In li:ul tamed and laiiyhl In u'''np|de vvilli pi-iK-> ,naii!> whom In- desired li> roii. tho Important to Klonliy People. Vt'o have noticed a page article In Boston Globe on reducing weight at a small expense. It will pay our readers to Bend two cent t>tnmp for n copy to Butina Circulating Library. 86 E. Washingt'iu Street, Chicago, 111. In snowy weather In Sweden and Norway trusses of straw and hay aro tied to the lamp posts for the birds. Tho marriage Is announced of Miss ^ Ellen Vivian to Frank O. Luddeu, botl: s well known young people of Mlneiu more rash, she advanced, leaning ou M Palmer's arm, who introduced to her or the way counts, marquises aud dukes. Palmer suddenly said to her: "1 am anxious to present to you one of your greatest admirers who the otlioi night at: the opera could talk of nothing.: but your'beauty—the prince de Nerlus.' Mme. Derline was not to see tlu prince do JS'erius that night. Nevcrthe less he had counted surely on going t< Palmr's house and presiding at the apo theosls of his notary's- wife. But lit dined at his club and permitted himseit to be persuaded to go to. a. lirst performance at a small theater. They played an operetta cast in Uie' classic mold The principal character was a young queen, who was always escorted by 1'oiu regulation ladies of honor. Three of these, young ladles were well known to first-nighters as having llguretl iu it good many tinalcs of operettas and Iu not a few processions of fairies. But the fourth—oh, the fourth! She wa; new, a. magnificent brunette of tho most surprising beauty. 'When the audience was leaving, Prince de Nerlns said to every one who would listen to him: 'That brunette! 1-leln! That brunette! There's nothing like her ill any jlher (heater! She's the most beautiful woman in Paris! The most beautiful." The next morning Mine. Derline found n the fashionable intelligence of her lowsp'aper ten Hues about the Palmers' mil. The marchionesses and • the duchesses who were there; named, but of hqr, Mme. Derline, not a word—not. ouo word, ? Aud to make It worse, ho who wrote ibout the theatrical performance lauded u enthusiastic terms the beauty of tin: deal lady of honor and said: " Moreover, the prince do Norms declared thai, neontestably, Mile. Miranda was UK; nost beautiful woman in Paris." Mme. Derline throw tho paper In the ire, Shu did not wish her husband to uiow that she wiis no longer the most Beautiful woman in Paris. Nevertheless she held on to the great Iressmaker and tho English coachman, nit sho has never dared to ask for thu ittle groom. DARED NOT RETURN HOME. •ud Viitu of u Ainu Wliq Couldn't Uuniem- ber All UlH Wife'H C The old man who sat -by the roadside coughed, violently, says the Detroit Tri- nmo. He seemed to luive one foot in the grave, yet he was a wanderer, raged and forlorn. A little boy stared in wonder at the. strange, decrepit figure. "Why don't you go homo?" the child lenuiiidcd. The old man shuddered. Burying his 'ace in his hands he moaned miserably. "Don't cry." The words of comfort from the tender ips wiling the grief-stricken heart. -Boy-" His boy trembled with age .and bodily weakness. —"I (hire not go home." "Don't dare?" The. youthful eyes grew big wltJj astonishment. "No, I do not dare." There was u world of sadness in his tones. "Twenty-seven years ago, boy, I left niy home bright and early. My wife Point .Mrs. A. A. WUUama Lynn, Mass. For (He GOOD of .Kew. Mr. Williams IlcartMv Hood's Snraaparilla, Wo aro pleased to present this from Ruv. A. A. Willlmiia, of tho Sllsboo struct Christ Inn Church, Lynn, Muss,: "I see no reason why a clorcrynmn, more tlmn a layman, who knows whereof ho Bpoaku, should liesltate l.i approve an Article of Merit and worth, from which he and his family hayn been slRnnlly benefited, and whoso coinmomlo tlon may serve to extend those benefits to other- by Increasing their confidence. My wife has for many years been a sufferer from severe Nervous Headache for which she found little help. Bhohas trleil mnny things that promised well but porformoil little. Last fall n friend gave her a bottle of Hood's Sarsa'parllla, It Boonm surprising what simply one bottle could nnd did do for her. Tlu. attacks of 1-eudacho decreased in number ami were Jess violent in their Intensity, while hu general health has been Improved. Heir appotlt- lias also been better. From our experience wltli Hood's Sarsaparilla I have no hesitation In endorsing Us merlin," A.. A. WILLIAMS Hpod'8 Pills are the best family cathartk. gentle and effective. Try a bor. Price 860. Unlike the Dutch Process No Alkalies —on- Other Chemicals are used In the "reparation of W, BAKER & CO.'S reakfastCocoa which if at>$oluttlt/ furo and tolublt, tnt itrenyth ol Cocoa mlz«4 with Btaroh, Arrowroot 01 ."". "Ufc. 'Sugar, and it far more eoo- npmloal, ooaUng leas than one ctnt a, cup, It le delicious, nourishing, and BAiuur PJOBSIKD. " $40,oo,oo Kurued U/ tliu B«ll Tuluj.Loro Putuut iu 'BUI. Your In-votion muy be vuluuhln Yon aboul't [irotoct U by jiutttut. AddrtiuK for full unil iutullluHut uilvlco, fruu of chiirgo, W. W. |»VI»MCV * UO., 1'utouU, ..., Mention Uilu Plso'a Remedy ft>i Catarrh to the Hi'Bt, Kiislw to UBC, and Uticapi Sold by drugifUils or uimt Oy mull, We. ffi, T. UttjoltUw. Wftrron F» •toe. 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Mnlr l<> I <>•>>< t.ll-r. Nrw. Presses, Gent's rl<i|hing, r'rallu-r-t, t!lov>«, etc., Dvi-d or CK-anedi I'lu^h t!ai-nio->U Steameil, at Olio Pieteh's l>u- \VorK-s,'iti? \\' Water SL, Milwaukee. Semi for eireular. Fifty-one metals are now known to exist. Four hundred years ago only seven wen- known. "German Syrup" t a:n a fanner at Edom, Texas have used Germati Syrup for sil years successfully for Sore Throat, Coughs. Colds, Hoarseness, Patttsia Chest and Lungs and Spitting-up ol Blood. I have tried many kinds ol Cough Syrups in my time, but let me say to anyone wanting such ft medicine—German Syrup is the best. We arc subject to so many sudden changes from cold to hot, damp weather here, but in families whet* German Syrup is ustxl there is 1UU« trouble from colds. John F.Jones.<| FITS.—AH Kit* Stepped ft»» b» l»r. KUi>r'« «f>«t »rvr Il"M««-«>r. No T1U >ft»r flr->l dftf'unm. Mumlonn runw. Troottnoond 12.IV (rl»l bottl* tr*o to Fit duo*. S»mt to Dr. Kllnn. SMt AixhSt., Phil*., 1'n. 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Pro»rltli, COLLEGE rloi-iihliut llulilt Onrotl In 19 t» »0 iliiTii. No nnr.tlll ««« D,».J.8TEHHENa,Lobanoii,Ohl J O HN WANAMAKER, Post master-General of the United Statei, Is usually considered, and rightly so, one of the brightest business men in America, and when he writes to the Editor of ARTHUR'S NKW HOME' MAGAZINE as follows: 0 Fl'1 01! OF Till! POBTMASTnn-OllNnKA.Ti, WASHINGTON, J). 0,, Fob. 17, Ifioa. MY DIIAU Mn. BUKB : Aa your Magaxliio gole thicker, It goto brighter. Llko uho big wood (li-o on tho hearth In my library whoti I pllo moro IO^B ou. I knew Mr. Arthur very well from -vvuy buck, but I doubt it he would know his old monthly filnoe you'vo put out thu dead wood, and put In so miuiy moro pugos and departments, und tukou 011 BO miuiy young und Bpui'kllng writers', If you ktop on giving auoh good pictures you'll have 200,010 subscribers, I fear advertisers will crowd you (for some thing* can bo well advertised in magazines), but don't drop any of tht« reading pages, and don't lot a dry or dull lino oroep In, Don't raise the price either, If you can help it, ovon if it la hall the price of other no-bolter nmga/.lnoH. I congratulate you on doing what no one else has done In putting out two copies at tho price that others chargo for one. The old homestead and tho young daughters' now homo can each have your Magazine without paying moro than others charge for single copies of their publications. Your old friend, JOHN WANAMAKKK. It should indicate to the average American citizen that under the new management it is at least awake, and when we know that they have more than TREBLED their circulation within tho year, and that among the very best people of the land, wo may admit, without further argument, it has been the journalistic success of 1892. — "Building Business" Boston, One Dollar 9 Year, Sample Copy Ten Gents, Euch copy contain* 8i» order for «ff contw worth of McCutl'* Olore- Ff ttlnff J'tUtorun, «•« tltnt every hul*»<:i-lber lbi> n your (jet* 99.00 wort* Fr«e. Sewa lire iwwcout »tuiii|>» for;one, 10-46, ARTHUR PUBLISHINGCOMP ANY, PUila,, Pi

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