The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 7, 1891 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 7, 1891
Page 4
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THE UPPER PES HOMES;ALGO^A, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, GOT, 7, 1891. The Upper Des Moines, BY INGHAM & WARRFJN. Term* of The Upper DM Molnen: ne cop, oe ........................ . One copy, six months ...................... 76 One copy, three months ____ *. .............. *0 Sent to any ftddrcHH nt above rates. Remit by draft, tnone" order, express order, or postal note at our 1 1 . Kntes of advertising sent on application. The Kepnlillttin Nomlnntlons, For Governor, HIRAM C. WnfiEMtn ............. of Sac county For Lieutenant Governor, GEO. VANHOUTEN ............ o; T;,,rlor county For Judge of the Supreme Court, Sil/ASM. WBAVErt ........... of Hardln county For Railroad Commissioner, FHANK T. CAWPHKM> ...... ...or Jasper county For Superintendent Public Instruction. of Clinton county USOIBhATIVB. For Senator, Forty-seventh District, A. B. FUNK ......... . ..... of Dickinson county For nqprosentatlve, Eighty-third District, JOHN G. SMITH .............. of Kossuth county For Treasurer, W. A. CHIP-MAN o.' Portland For Superintendent of Schools, B. F. IlKEl) of Algona For Sheriff, M. BTBFIIKNS of Algona For Supervisors, H. 0. HoM.KNBKaK of Wrmlov J. G. RAWHON of Lotts Creek For Coroner, Dn, L. A. SHKET7, of Algona For Surveyor, C. A. TKM.IEII of Algona Cnnls of CnndldntcN. Fon Bni'KitiNTBNDBNT—I am a candidate for county mierlntondont of schools. IIKIITIIA CAHKY. A Hood Thing to "Keep StnnilliiK." The Carroll Herald snys: "Wo notice the Algona Republican Is blowing about being all printed at home. Wo don't nee that It maltcs any difference whether It prints the 'plates'It buys In Chicago or gets the Chicago house to do the press work. The young editor's printed labels asking exchanges to puff him up for his 1 homo print 1 venture Is exceedingly boylllte and silly. It Is In strong contrnsl, v. «H Bro. Starr's conservative self re^ieo. .'n;,iuo Harvey ingimm of TUB UPPBK DUH MOINKS thus asking newspaper* for taffy and lots of It I The Republican with Its shabby makeup and poor press-work looks as though It had been run over by a prairie lire." IS TIIKKH NO Dr. Bourne in his letter of acceptance Buys ho Bees " no conflict or essential difference between the democratic platform and that of the alliance party" and that he endorses and approves hoth of thorn. The chief plank in the people's party platform reads: " The right to nuvko and issue money is u sovereign power to bo maintained by tuo people for the common bonoftt; hcnco wo demand the abolition of national bunks us banks of issue, and as a substitute for national bank notes wo demand that legal tender treasury notes be issued in sufficient volumn to transact the business of the country on a casli basis, without damage or espooial advantage to any class or calling, sueh notes to bo a legal tender in payment of all debts, public and private, and such notes, when demanded by the people, shall bo loaned to them at not more than two per cent, per annum upon non-perishable products, as indicated in the sub-treasury plan, and also upon real estate, with proper limitation upon the quantity of land and amount of money." If Dr. Bourne is correct in assuming that the democrats are in sympathy with this plank, there are several peculiar features in this campaign. Why in that event is the peoples' party which nominated Dr. Bourne opposing Gov. Boies'? Why is Wostfall gottinff the support of the fanners' party, and why nro Gen. Weaver, Mrs, Lease, Ignatius Donnelly and the rest denouncing- equally both the republican and democratic parties, state and national? If the democratic platform "essentially" covers this one plank which distinguishes the peoples' party, and which was first announced by the southern alliance at Ocala, Pin., is it not the height of political folly to divide forces and attempt to run both Boies and Wostfaliy And if this is true is it not the height of ingratitude for the same men who ask the democrats to elect Dr. Bourne to bo rlovoting their energies to defeating Gov, Boies? However much Dr, Bourne may wish /or the purpoBOS of this campaign only to have the democratic and peoples' party platforms appear to be alike, his /rionds will readily credit him with too shrewd an insight to himself bo deceived. A man who can see no essential difference between Wostfall's platform and Boies' platform, could BOO no essential difference, if he were elected, between a normal school at Algona and one at Bluo Earth City. Dr. Bourne is an able man and a shrewd politician nnd the essential difference is as plain to him as the sun tit noonday. But if ho can lead The Courier and Gov. Boies' supporters to carry his load for him and put him in a position of influence, he is hoisting them with their own powder, and using their votes to put the Wostfail party where next year if not this it can control state polities. The peoples' party is first and all the time for flat money issued on real estate and farm products. Every time they can load the democrats to boliovo that this is "essentially" democratic doctrine they take a long stride towards putting their theories into practice. tion issue. But The Courier supplements it with the following statement: "The democratic convention that nominated Dr. bourne had assurances from Mr. J. J. Wilson, who interviewed him, that Mr. Bourne stood squarely on the democratic platform, and that if he himself had the writing of it he could not write it better t$ his liking. With that understanding Mr. Bourne was nominated. It Is true that Mr. Bourne was and is a temperance man and that ho at one time thought prohibition would be effective in promoting temperance, but has changed his mind on that subject. He believes in the fairness and the practicability of the democratic view of the question and endorses it. He is a life-Ion? democrat." This is undoubtedly authorized and places Dr. Bourne squarely in opposition to the present law and squarely in favor of local option by townships, the democratic plank being in part: " We again declare, that in the interest of true temperance we demand the passage of a carefully guarded license tax law, which shall provide for the issuance of licenses in towns, townships, and municipal corporations of the state by a vote of the people of such corporations." Whatever may have been the intentions of the Britt convention as to this issue, this stand taken by Dr. Bourne pledges all the delegates to an active effort to secure saloons in the townships of Kdssuth and Hancock counties. Unless wo are greatly mistaken in the men this is an attitude they*will not relish. They may disclaim such sentiments, but they cannot avoid the effect of Dr. Bourne's avowal. They know that local option means saloons in half if not more of the townships of Kossuth, and a yearly row in all. They know that it means the worst saloons, for no decent system can bo established where license prevails one year and prohibition the next. They know that tho saloon and the saloon keeper will be tho center around which all contests will turn. Wo boliovo they know that the only decent way to regulate liquor selling is by state law, and oven if the present law were twice as ineffective as it is, it would still ho preferable to the law which preceded it, and which Dr. Bourne proposes to return to. In spite of all this men who have been known as active workers against liquor selling now stand before tho community us acquiescing in if not openly demanding a change to the old law. At a time when hundreds of anti-prohibitionists openly declare that they prefer the present law to local option, these well known and conspicuous prohibitionists confess by their candidate that they have seen a now light and that saloons in tho rural communities of Kossuth and Hancock counties will better conduce to temperance.and morality. We do not believe that Dr. Bourne represents these men; and we do not believe that they will go through this canvass without openly taking a stand so that their old neighbors nnd friends will know,that they are not tho ones to assist in re-establishing the worst system of liquor regulation yet tried. trayed the people. .The silver question Is not cutting much figure in the Iowa campaign, but such utterances as these quoted should open every voter's eyei to the truth about money legislation The present administration has doublet the purchase of silver for money, 1 haa done it with the active opposition of the party which is now trying to ge credit with farmers /or being the rea friend of silver coinage. THE UPPER DES MOINES does no wish to be considered as endorsing any per sonal reflections on the character or ap pearanco of any citizens of Kossuth county of whatever political faith. If it thinks they are wrong on political issues it will in a gentlemanly manner debate with them Other than that it desires at all times to treat them with the respect their hare work and earnest desire for the best inter eats of the state entitles them to. While voters are discussing Congressman Dolliver's challenge for a single article of American manufacture tho retail price of which has gone up under tho present tariff law, they must not forget what the Elaine part of that law is doing for our export trade. The following item we clip from tho Des Monies News, the independ cut farmers' dully of the state! "The trade of tho United States with other countries goes on piling up. August exports just compiled by the bureau of statistics reach the enormous amount of 178,762,754. For August of last year the exports were $5(5,180,845. The United States imported in August goods of nil kinds to the value of $05,804,754. The showing for August of last year was $01,200,440." TJIK KEAX, PKIISNDS OF SILVER. In one day's daily papers last week appeared throe items which should engage the serious attention of such farmers as have been led to boliovo that the republicans did not go as far in re-establishing silver as they ought. The first is the silver plank adopted by the Massachusetts' state democratic convention, in part as follows: " While wo believe in tho use of both gold und silver us money iind in tho full re- nioiiotizatlon of tlio latter metal by international agreement, wo arc equally opposed to froo and unlimited coinage of silver by our government, independent of the action of other nations, and to tho dangerous silver legislation enacted at the last session of congress." Tho second is a report of a mooting of the Now York chamber of commerce: " NEW YOIIK, Oct. l.-Prosident Smith in an address to the chamber of commerce today said; ' It scorns to mo that tho danger signal of tho future is tho continued purchase monthly of 4,5(X),(K)0 ounces of silver by tho government. I am confident tho chamber can do no bettor service to tho country than by devoting its attention to tho formation of a sound public opinion which shall operate upon congress and chock this folly, and I hopo our finance committee will vouch tho emphatically well known views of tho chamber upon tho question.' J. Edward Simmons offered u resolution, which was adopted, to tho effect that the existing law is against tho public welfare, and should be ropmiled. There was considerable diversity fif iitiiiitntt lit tin* <1 tui^nucit A.» i...* «... t\, „ i... A little daughter arrived nt the home of President and Mrs. Cleveland, Friday. Congratulations pour in from everywhere, for no more universally popular lady ever presided at Washington than the happy mother. Humboldt and Pocahontns counties had six votes each in their representative convention and voted 157 ballots. Pocahontas gave D. F. Coylo a full vote but he refused to take tho office again and in the end Pocahontas gave Frank B. Carpenter one vote and the Humboldt delegation made the nomination. T. A. Rossing of Bode, Capt. J. J, Smart, and others were voted for at various times. Carpenter is said to be a good man and will be elected. Many in Kossuth will regret to see Mr. Coylo drop out of tho political ranks. The Spencer Reporter has changed hands, J. Merritt buying it of Randall & Gillospio. The Esthervillo Vindicator says: "Senator Funk passed through town on Saturday. Ho had been over in Kossuth county, where he has hosts of friends, who will see that ho has a rousing vote Nov. 8. Ho will also curry the full party vote in the other counties and bo elected by a handsome majority that ho fully merite." The Courier says Dr. Bourne wants a Joint debate. How would it be for the doctor to hold one. He could put in the opening speech for Westfall and the middle speech for Boies, and close by showing that both men ought to bo elected; or at least that tholr supporters ought to unite in electing Dr. Bour%. The democrats have a big rally at Dos Moines next Tuesday. Gov, Boies, Gen. Black, and others will tako p&vt. Next Wednesday iiil tho ox-^ovornors of Iowa will join in a big republican rally at Des Moines. They are Samuel J. Kirkwood, William M. Stone, Samuel Merrill, C. C. Carpenter, J. G. Nowbold, John H. Gear, Buren R. Sherman, and William Larraboe. Their administrations cover the whole history of Iowa from 1859. It will bo interesting to see what these leaders of tho state and state makers .have to say to the people of Iowa. The great race between Allerton and Nelson comes off tomorrow. The race with Nancy Hunks is sot for next week. send for Sam Squires and have him drill a company.'' Humboldt Independent: fro little curiosity was manifested in observing two moose that stopped at the Clark feed barn for dinner Monday. They were on their way from Algona to For* Dodge across lots. They will give an exhibition race at Fort Dodge. They are considerably more speedy than horses on a track, if not so graceful. Corwith Crescent: The Algonn, papers and others along the line of' the Chicago & Northwestern road are jubilant over an increase of train service on that line. A complete line of passenger trains has been put on, and has i-aised the line from a very poof excuse for a railroad to a No. 1 line. Here is a sentence taken from a column article of THE UPPER DBS MOINES regarding a possible trip from Algona to Chicago. "The traveler takes supper at home, a sleeper at Eagle Grove, and breakfast in Chicago." No doubt ouT booming crops in the northwest have caused this change in the service on that line. ^ PEBSOffAL MOVEMENTS. Mrs. Dr, Read is a corn palace visitor. John G. Smith'wont to Des Moines Monday. ' C. L. Lund went to Chicago Saturday on business. John D. Glass was over from Mason City Friday on a visit. Mrs. Dr. Hudson and Mrs. B. F. Reed are home from their eastern visit. Martin Bronson has gone to Seattle, and will spend tho winter on the coast. Mrs. Peter J. Walker is off on a visit, and will stop at Sioux City on the way. S. S. Sessions and M. Stephens went to Des Moines Monday to attend to state fair matters. Mrs. Laura Bovee is out from Wisconsin for a visit with her sister, Mrs. R. B. Warren. C, B. Matson was nt Estherville on business last week. He says local politics is hot there. J. W. and Henry Wadsworth are en- ioying a visit from their father, who is out from Wisconsin. 1>H. HOUHTJK'8 ACCKl'TANCK. Dr. Bourne's letter of acceptance appeared in Tho Courier of last week and in it he says he approves the democratic platform and the alliance platform. Inasmuch as tho alliance platform adopted at Des Moinos contains tho following plank: " Wo couauro tho loaders of tho republican. aud demoa-utio parties for tlioir constant efforts to ropo In tho temperance question in this state to tho exclusion of the now co »- This statement would not be considered vory explicit on the local op- of opinion in tho discussion, but ou tho vote only one 'No' was hoard," Tho third is an interview with Gen. Nowborry, a loading democratic congressman from Illinois: " As to silver, I am pronouncedly and unqualifiedly opposed to froo aud unlimited coinage. I expect to vote against it, no matter on what grounds it may bo urged. I boliovo in the old democratic doctrine of hard money, and u dollar's worth of hard money instead of a depreciated dollar. Our party in Illinois is divided ou the subject but it cannot bo said wo are committed to free coinage." Here in one day are three significant utterances denouncing the republicans for going us far as they have to put silver in circulation, issued from influential democratic sources. The acknowledged landers of tho young democracy are in Massachusetts, and Gov. Russell is their chief. Like President Cleveland, and Secretaries Manning and Fairchild, they condemn any stop towards increased silver circulation, while but one man on the New York- chamber of commerce votes against n resolution of censure on tho administration, and Illinois democracy is pledged against free coinage by n lending congressman. And yet while thus the eastern democracy is denouncing what has boon done, western farmers nro asked to vote with tho democrats because more was not done. The administration hnving fought the eastern money centers successfully, is now threatened with desertion in the west ou tho alleged charge of having be- What our politics is coining to is seen in tho following from tho Emmetsburg Democrat: " Senator Funk Is credited by some as having mndo the statement that no farmer in tho district has brains enough to represent this section in the senate." A newspaper is hard up that will publish such stuff as that. IN THIS NEIOHBOEHOOD. John Connors, our old LuVernite, has bought n home in Livermore nnd will move there this fall. Bode Gazette: Miss Belle Rossing returned homo from Algona last Friday, where she has been visiting tho past three months. Goldflold Chronicle: Will Hough was in town Wednesday. He is now traveling for a Chicago liny and grain commission house. Prof. Simpson, Into of the Algona schools nnd now n lawyer at Snnborn, debated for protection with J. A. Slocum hist week nt Sanborn. It was n public discussion nnd hotly contested. Livermoro Gazette: At the meeting of the supervisors of Humboldt nnd Kossuth counties at the "company bridge," which is situated nearly on the line, the object of which was to either buy or sell, we understand nothing definite was determined upon. Emmetsburg Democrat: Jns. Taylor the democratic committee for this district, is doing his duty toward his party. There is certainly no better worker in town Whittemore hns a new photograph gallery. The people down there are said to be getting handsome. Humboldt county wool growers meet nt Livermore next Saturday. The Gazette says: "It is proposed to organize a wolf hunt. We would ndvise all the sports of this county to groom themselves up, cut off their horses' tails in the latest ' henglish 1 style nnd practice their nags at running at stone walls, fallen trees nnd the like. Better Mrs. W. H. Ingham went to Des Moines yesterday to attend a state iompernnce meeting. Mrs. Tennant, Mrs. Jas. Taylor, Lettie Dingley, and Mrs. M. Stephens made up a corn palace party Monday. Mrs. Frances Hathaway, who has been visiting at the Fill home some days, returned to Mason City Sunday evening. John Reed and Horace Schenck started yesterday to attend regimental reunions, the first at Marshalltown and .he second at Iowa City. Mrs. E. L. Cooke, a niece who is vis- ting her from Dubuque, a sister, from Eden and a brother from St. Paul make up a party for the corn palr.ce tomor- •ow. J. E. Blnckford left for the east on Monday. He will visit relatives in Indiana and Michigan, and attend the intional grange meeting at Spring- ield, O., being gone three months. W. B. Quartern goes to Hancock jounty tomorrow to try. an important jase. It involves the question of vhether a mechanic's lien will hold for work done in digging a well, and this las never been raised in the Iowa sun-erne court. Many old friends were pleased last veek to greet Jas. Taylor again after a 7 year's absence in Oregon. He was the owner of what is now the Gnlbraith farm on Four-mile creek, and for many years indulged in the excitement of pioneering. Oregon climate has treated him indulgently nnd except gray hairs he looks n& young as ever. Lewis H. Smith returned from his western trip last week, after a four weeks absence. While gone he visited Marcus Robbins, who does not change much, saw Col Comstock nnd Geo. Annis at Spokane Falls, and visited all the boomed cities in that section. He thinks that times are quiet now and that the growth is slow. The chief business in the cities was jewelry stores, saloons, and rooms to rent. Everywhere were signs of " for sale" and " for rent," On the way back he saw fine fields of alfalfa nnd grain raised by irrigation in the Yellowstone valley, and big wheat fields in Dakota. Mr. Smith is considerable of a Iowa mnn, and while he does not say anything against Washington, it is evident he thinks this country is as desirable as any. IT PAN BE DONE. A Proposed Factory In KosButh for Miikliig Lumber out of Corn Cobs. The Nevada Representative hns the following on Wm. Locki-idge who hns bought a section in Buffalo township, north of Wesley, and tiled it this season: Boone Standard: "The Britt Tribune tells the latest corn story. It says an lown farmer raised 1,000 bushels of popcorn and stored it in a burn. The barn cnught fire, the corn began to pop nnd filled a ten-acre field. An old mare in a neighboring pasture had defective eyesight, saw the corn, thought it wns snow, and Inid down nnd froze to death" There is little doubt of the truth of the above—the imagination hns a wonderful effect upon living organisms. But, speaking of corn, the farmers of Boone county have found a new use for the stalks this year. They hnul them to the snw mills and hnve them cut into slabs which are used as mattresses. The soft dry pulp of their centers makes n fine mattress, the sides being left higher by shrinkage answering for the siderails of the bed-stead. These two statements both give color to the report that Lockridge will after election put up n snw mill on his Kossuth county farm to supply his Nevada- yard with lumber sawed from the cobs. Kossuth Furnishes! o Preacher. Bancroft Register: H. Austin attended the M. E. conference at Fort Dodge last week and enlisted in the ministry. He was assigned a newly arranged circuit with Swan Lake as headquarters nnd he will remove there shortly. It is now in order to put Rev. before his name, and we hope he will prove n shining light in the ministry. FRUIT IS ABUNDANT. Nearly everything in Dried Fruit is away down. We have just received a bbl of fancy new Sorghum. We expect a car of choice Bulk Apples at C, & NW, depot today. Buy at the car and save money. —THE GASH STORE^ — <£& Now is the Time! To look over and make your selections from THE LARGEST LINE OF eating: Stoves Ever brought into Kossuth County. The Garland Oak for 1891 is the leading stove this season. Call and see it and get prices. I also have over 30 SECOND-HAND STOVES, from $3 upward. . Also Guns and Ammunition, Wood and Iron Pumps, Kean Kutter Kutlery, Glass, Scissors and Shears, Western and Wayne Washing Machines, Baker Barb Wire, Husking Pins of all descriptions, Heath & -Milligan's Paints, etc., etc. I have a first-class workman, and am prepared to do all kinds of Metal Roofing. Tinware repairing promptly attended to. (The accompanying illustration shows at a glance the difference between high and low prices. The short man is my representative. Keep your eye on him.) My goods are all first class. My experience of over 20 years in the hardware business has taught me that the best is the cheapest. Call and see them and get prices. 4 CT_ Ts7\ LOTJJS Furniture, Picture Frames Looking glasses, chromos, and all kinds of ready-made coffins. Hearse for public use Headquarters for the best MACHINES AND SEEDS, SEEDS! The Finishing Touch, In putting the finishing touch to your toilet do you always see that your shoes are in keeping with the rest of your makeup? The shoes may be better than the other garments and still be appropriate, but if they are not up to the raiment in style and quality the effect is unpleasant. W. H. Goodger & Co. shoes stand on their merits. For sale by JAS. TAYLOR. His stock is infinite in variety, excellent in quality, and moderate in price. You will want rubber goods soon, and as we keep a very large assortment, and prices —well, you know they are always O. K. Timothy seed, Red clover seed, Mammoth clover seed, White clover seed, Oil cake meal, Lawn and orchard grass, German millet seed, Alsyke seed, Blue grass seed, Red top seed, Canada field seed, Stock food, Seed flax, seed wheat, Seed oats, seed corn, AT J. J. WILSON'S, F. L. PARISH'S Hardware and Tin Shop. Special attention given to all kinds of repairing, Including Guns, Pumps, and Gasoline Stoves, Wrlang-srs, etc. Am also prepared to put In furnaces and do plumbing and gas-pipe fitting; AND IRON AND TIN ROOFING, Prompt attention will be given to all work in my line. Shop south of court house. r Jas, Taylor, O. DEALER IN REAL. ESTATE, XO-W.A.. Lands bought and sold on commission. Particular attention givou :o care and sale of real estate ia Kossutli iiud ad joining counties. Agt. for German Ins. Co., Freeport, 111. Passage tickets to old couuti-ies at lowest rates. MONEY TO LOAN- 1 **- ON RAILROAD LANDS. Persons wanting to borrow money o roafl lands will do well to call at the K< 1 County Baal? aud bring their contracts,

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