The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 16, 1892 · Page 6
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 6

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 16, 1892
Page 6
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THE UPPKR DK8 MOlNfiS. ALG.<JNA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, NOVE.MBEK16.I892. FEEDING THEIR DEAD- is Orcni( II'OB Carried on In a C'emo tory in tiin Stute of Oregon. •eat many white people hi Port re wondering why the Chinese its of that city are making so fuss over their dead at Lone Fit fetery, says the Oregoninn. Kccen'v large crowds of Chinamen have visiting the graves of their dotted Mends and depositing thereon asted pigs, apples, rice, wine and dough dumplings. These deposits are offerings to 1 the devil for the repose of the dead. The dead are supposed to get lip out of their graves and pnrtako of the food. The evil spirit is also supposed to get up out of their graves and partake of the food. The evil spirit Is nfso supposed to join with them in the lunch. The roast pig, us a rule, however, is taken back by the Chinese and eaten by those who pro pare it. The dead do not .seem to be particularly fond of this diet, and their friends dota't appear to regret it. This is a regular cleauing-up year with the Chinese, and the remains of all Chinamen who have been burled for five years are dug up. The bones are then scraped, packed in neat tin boxes, sealed, labeled and shipped back to * China. A Chinaman who has the contract for doing Ibis work gets $12 for exhuming the body and properly preparing the bones of every Chinaman. The bones are shipped back to the flowery kingdom as freight, and the steamships charge about $30 for transporting them. On reaching China the bones are buried, and a brief cere- «mony; amounting to a blessing and a prayer to the Joss, is performed at the grave. | It is estimated that the Chinaman who has the contract for this work •will this year ship the bones of about two thousand Chinese back to 1 China. His territory includes all of Oregon, Washington, ; Idaho « and Montana. About five hundred skeletons will be] taken from Lone Mr cemetery alone. rug, or snugger. The populous walks of life are not for him; on the contrary, he seeks the seclusion of deep woods or swamps, as a rule, aiid sits all day on the brink of a pool, apparently lost ABOUT THE AMERICAN GIRL. She Him Item retted so MuHl that She Ig Thoroughly Spoiled. Hasn't, the fair sex in general and in solemn day dreams. If a hunter or the American girl in particular been trout fisherman stumbles into his re- ndvcrilscHl abciut enough? asks tine under the influence' of pleasurable emotion, can be traced directly to the time when the clog used his tall as :1 signal of the" Uiscovei-y of Iris THE SIJRF AS AlSt treat he sudjdenly awakes and just. New York World. It was absurd to its Most l):tiippr,,L falls off the bank Into the stream with begin with; now it has degenerated into a doleful "kerchug." In an Instant ho has disappeared. IV u«> -Kit- HOW THfe ARAB WOOS. lit extremely bad taste. And it has occurred to our gentle sisters that on the principle of good wine needing no bush, they would not- i bo held up to public admiration BO i continually and have so many colums i of unmixed puffery printed about them Is Kxeltithle mid Ills Cotirttliiii is Ho nuiriflc mid Orlentnl. An Arab loves as none but an Arab lf there were not grave Aveaknessos can love, but he is also mightily ex- which this storm of applause is nocos- "A good surfman," old habitue ' J.Oilg;• Branch'-to a NeAV 3.M' mail," "if he is 611 a there are liable to be;any.cjir will study them before he enters Wat oi American »*> » u mi til a make a dive throtigh It, cltablc and easily won. An Arab sees, sary to smother. a girl bearing Avater or brushwood, Just nt present tlie and in a moment, almost at a glance. ' s supposed to be the Is as madly in love as if he had passed Europe. years of courtship. He thinks of noth- ; I-*t royalty It is supposed once BO ing ;elso, cares and dreams of nothing m ueh as lay its eyes on Miss Trudy else but tiio girl he loves; and not In-- Sproule, of Hohokus, and royalty Avill sta3tc7i%f Toam'and"' frequently, If he is disappointed hi his """ " """"" "' '"" J> '" L ufficctiou, he pines and dies. too rapid, as sobn as his water he Avill look for If It breaks dive expect the prostrate at her feet, us save a lot of his Strength. If 'hot, he Avill either .ride it, it. But he never T , + In order to commence his suit he a country Avhero there is a monotone of comes careltss. He looks unon the surf sends for a member of tho girl's tribe universal prettlness.'real b-aauty is rare. !ls !in oueuijt lt - ]lo is llot C!ll 7 ofu i nu( \ . ls who lias access to the harm and, first The American girl thinks that she is a means of ghW litiu nle-isiirp if he insuring his secrecy by a solemn oath, the best-looking and best-dressed woman handles himself as he ought ' confesses his love and entreats his con- on the face of the earth. Her father , "The most dangerous bath'tilsf is whoiv fidaiit to arrange-an Interview.- i iind brotiiors and admirers and -.-.--.-b dangerous bathing tho there is a soa push, or, as the sailors call According to Col. Child, Foe sold his United States Geodetic survey "Annabel Lee" twice, once-in Buffalo companying his report was a pn c irf£ and.'again in Richmond. If this story of ashes or volcanic dust thrown outT has ever appeared it has been kept out the crater and collected by him of books on Poo and his work, for the the deck of the Richard Rusk, on reason that ft casts a shadoAv oA-er the It settled. giiimor that envelops the .character of The volcano has hitherto been the', poet. John M. Thompson Avas ed- ed as being an eruption of itorof the Southern Literary Messenger mountain. This report came trmt. at the.time-that -Annabel Lee" was Chignlk bay and from Vessels thatwr*! written. Poo brought the manuscript cruising many miles to the westward nf .to him, and sold it to him for a good the bay. Lieutenant Cantwell says that suni. Thompson announcjL'd to his the volcanic mountain Is in reality Vh his frir-nds the next number of the Mes- volcano of Weujalnihow, and, not Pat stnger would contain Poo's master- loff. It is located oil the peninsula to piece. Ho ret'iwd. however, to my the west and north of Chlghlk bay \* •anything about he sti lc of the poem, latitude GO degrees 5 minutes, longitud^ After Col. Child had put the- verses m. .1.50 degrees. It stands near a scries of type in the Kiclnnoii'l -Whig office, lakes lying on the peninsula, of Avhlch where the messenger was printed each the northern lake finds an outlet info Week, Thompson took the proofs aAvay Behring sea, and the southern lakes' in his pocket, so ns to be sure that, tho discharges Into Ivanoff bay, on tho poem would not appear before his mag- southern side of the peninsula, azine camo out Avith it. OnodayAvhen Wonjamhiow, or Benjamin, as It | 8 Thompson, Child and Dick Heath, a, translated, Is named after Wcujanilnow subetltor, Avere lounging in tho oftico of the former archbishop of Alaska, who tho Whig, the latter said:- made a report, of its existence nearly "I've got a now thing by Poc hero In fifty years ago. Ho states in hi s n^. my pocket. I clipped it from a Buffalo ratlvo that it Avas throwing out a column paper and I'll bet it beats that thing- of smoke from the year 1830 to 1840. yau are hidhn." • Agent Applegato, formerly of the Head If!"'chorused Thompson and Alaska Commercial company, also saw *.„ „ - ~ , . .- . ... . - ™.v-^ v. •*« n- *j^ t t J^LH^IJ.* v/1 , U.3 Lilt; tMLliUli Iho confidant goes to the girl, gives press are constantly telling her so, and ;it, a. sea. puss.' it is a current wliich her a flower or a blade of grass, and she is only too glad to believe it. runs :froiu tho shore along a canal between says: "Swear by him who made this) As a matter of fact the Irish women;'. : two sand bars The waves breakimr flower and us also that you will not have considerably more beauty and the . overlthe bars meet on the shore -11111 run reveal to anyone that which I am about: French women dress with better taste, out together in the same channel Then- unfold to you." I But let that pass. together in the same channel. There is no chance for the ignorant swimmer Child. Then Heath b"rran: It was uiiiiiy a. j u..r ago In a kingdom by tho soa That a maiden there lived— "Groat Scott:!" Thompson exclaimed. "The same thing," murmured Child. "And he's got the money for the volcano while recently in Ivanlioff bay hunting for sea otter skins. He saw the eruption with the flames and columns of smoke thrown to a great height hi tho air. Applegate made a report of tho cir- it," cumstimces to Lieutenant Cantwell who was fortunate enough to see nnd day setting it," groaned distinguish the mountain plainly, a few uoverthless, keeps the matter perfectly time that he left school. There are two itj he will "go Avitli7t'ke : e"Diue'hk' l fepr Child> days later, from Chlgnlk bay. secret from all. If she is favorably i dominant interests in his life. Ono the well uu until he irotmi',. t^ ,.,•„ .„ "What in the world, is the matter?" Tho package of volcanic ashes which LII««~«~.S j._ it._ j._i- -.1.^ .. v 'i i.n_ t.. -!.(_ »_»„ .1 ._. .1 _ ...... _.. f fav-"3 "• uiuiiix.^ ly L/lUfta TT«..*I. j!...>n._ .,_i.~.i Jjy tynvo to ProfcSSOl* Djivklsoil is '1 vni ion almost shrieked flue powder without a tract- of grit. It matter is that that fel- is of a.dark_sliitc color and so light tluit time of meeting are settled. Thesp oatiies are' never broken, and it is not long before the ardent lover becomes the happy husband. If tho girl wUl not accept tho pro- 1 Well, hei' father is a sou of toil and whjy. is caught in a sea push The ex Tllom P sou wout ou has worked with all his might front the pericnced one' will never' swiin against posnl she will not take the oath; but, S1 ' out BRINGING THE MOON CLOSE. A GlKiintlo Cryxtnl Mirror PropoHcd by a 'Froncli ScleiitlHt. DRESS OF ENGLISH WOMEN. Uur Maids mid Shop Girls the ItcHt-drexscd Women In London. Class distinctions are more decidedly Lohdon Chronicle: M. Francis De- dl ' awu in 'England than elseAvhere in loucle, a French savant, and deputy Eur °P e > but the women aU. dress so for the Basses Alpes, has a marvelous neiir aUlle tuat ^ G1 ' e is uo wa y to 1 tell project on hand, which he hopes to to AVUat class a woman belongs except see completed in time to astonish man- ^ y tlmt uncertain standard of smart- kind at the Paris exposition hi 1900. ness or shabhiess of attire. When hui- . Though the mo'on is 240,000 miles clis- &-' vlce tant from tlie earth, M. Deloncle tlflnks ller s ° wn duchess has finished with i(i ^ sol(i to a dealer and he can construct an apparatus Avliich rca PPears soon again upon the back will enable us to examine that lumln- <rf some one tower hi the social scale. aiy at very close quarters. There is, of course, nothing wrong hi Tlie idea has been expounded by the sulu ng cast-off cloithiiig, but it seems author before a French scientific socie- to me hi doing so her grace in ty, and M. Deloncle says, in substance, somo way besmirches her high nobility, that the only obstacle to 1 a close ob- savs a writer hi Godey's Magazine. servation of celestial bodies is the rela- There is one exception to the rule live imperfection of Instruments, and that all Avomen hi England dress alike. that all that is required is an enlarge- 'There are two classes which an observ- ' meiit' and improvement of the present Person soon learns to distinguish Instruments. Astronomers, says M. without chauc.3 of failure* These are Deloucle, have reckoned that the image ^ c west-end shop girls and the bar- o£ the moon can be brought quite close mfli ds hi the uotels, restaurants, and to the earth by means of a crystal mlr- railway stations. I don't know that it And there who, in spite of all their boasted ror eight, meters in diameter, but. ls true > but J suspect that personal ap- which, owing to the thickness required, pcarauce has a good deal to do Avith •would Avelgh about eight tons. Ho has securing such positions, for it is very •consulted A'arious opticians in Paris, 1>;u ' e *° see oue °* these young Avoineu and they are prepared to execute work who is not; well to look upon. And before tlie year 1900. they are the best-dressed Avomea in There remains, hoAVCA r er, the ques London. tloii of tiie structure Avhlch Avould be They do not have the most expeii- required to hold this gigantic mirror, slve olothes, but they seem to hold and upon this point M. Maurice Loewy, together Tietter and the tout ensemble a distinguished French astronomer, ' ls mol ' e Harmonious. And Avhat is says that, Avhlle In principle M. Do- nioro their boots and gloves are trim loncle's scheme Is possible, there arc aud il1 order, but alas, the inevitable e.iormous difiicultles in the way of hllt! Mveu the stop girls and barmaids H ( U V^nuan"Wlhe'worid? it-a vnolIwoil/Mi +17^ nitt^f r>-p ...i-,;,-.!* r .~ h:vvo lint, ospjmprl t.hnh TMin chnnlrlm's ' _- ' . • '' . _ her lingers when she puts on her a short distance with it. But the force THE NEW U. S. FIREARM, gloves, not forgetting always to put, and power of the undertow have been them on in the street, mind you, and he .very much overestimated, and there is AA-on't care at all. ', really not much danger in it. When The first Avords tiiat as a child IMiss fatal accidents occur I find they are S. of T. understood, fully Avore that she generally caused by exhaustion or care- Avas a beautiful little girl, and in this lessness.". belief she has been nurtured until that | . •• and tiio fact of all men being simply | puppets Avith admiring eyes and lips Avhich tell her how beautiful she is are It Wtls ' Sol<l Thilt Ilc Miffht Publish the tho chief things of Avhich she is positive. Description «f the Improved Ivrujf-Jorgon- son Gun. The form of the Krag-Jorgensen gun, TIM'S KIT. Death of II IK Brother. heaA'ing sea of ashes. The Richard Rusk through this ash-covered water for three days, during Avhich time the dust continued to fall, covering her thickly. Through it the sim lost Its brilliancy and is undoubtedly the ono recom- • took on a Avhitish appearance, liko the , mended by the magazine gun board, moon. The air AVUS so heavily laden Avas examined by a reporter of the with it that it became extremely dtffl- j Springfield Republican before the board cult for ono to breathe, finished its work. There Avero live of Wonjamiuow has boon in a shite of 1 these guns submitted by the inventors eruption, throwing out fire, rock, and during the board's Investigation, be- ashes, •. for several mouths past, and When the tributes,to' youth and ' American Youth: It surprised tho 8 :limm S'U the first with that now used when scon by Lieutenant Cantwell beauty begin to wane a little on this 1 shiners and newsboby around the post y Dcnm!irk illul arriving this spring by showed no sijms of quieting down, side of the water, Miss S.'of T, goes' office the otiier day to see "Llmpy Thn" SUCCCSSIVO Improvements at a form abroad to look for fresh fields. At the first blush the modern maiden to hear him say: come tunong them in a quiet way, and llliltw>iilll >' different, which was gener- . . -*• •* * """ tillir *i i I lit i t4-i .1 *•*-» 1-irt -Jli*. 1.....1- -,J1 *-!,,. I! ally admitted to be the best of the five. QUICKLY DONE. amuses tho foreigner. She is HOAV, she "Boys, I Avant to soli my kit. Hero's L ° m <-*' hil " lsm ot ' this gun is, of course, is different. . two brushes, a hull box of blacking a mildl llk(> tllat of tho 1)f)nis!l !lrm - Tll ° She teases lilm and-amuses him, but good stout box, and the outfit goes for "™ g!lz "°. ' s of . tne ^ xod ty Pe. holding all the time Jie regards her very much tAvo shilllu's." '""' """ f "" '" " ' *"' as he would a wild goat. Then it suddenly dawns upon him "Goin 1 away, Tim?" queried one. "Not, '/.actly, boys, but I want a c«rom»,,y in oiii«,i Times. yontli's Companion: In the old pio- iivo cartridges in a horizontal position m ' 01 ' llavs o1 ' the Green Mountain state below and at the left side of the re- tho """Tinge ceremony partook of the celver, which they enter on the left, simplicitj- which was a distinguishing thar^i^a^ti.T^^ " j-d - u P p« side. The cartridges are ^^.^^crn^^ side of his nature comes out and ho "Goin' on a 'scursion?" asked another. tc l\ t ^ n tllt; riwllt suk> ' thron S h a (loor ' ! !± tries to marry' her, not) because she is "Not to-day, but I must have a quar- charming, but because she is rich. tor," he answered. 1UlHvo f O , 10 Shlt( ; , t ? Us1!a tho81 ' oarly tlnys> which his R horizontallv. In Knin.lfathor used to take great pleasure whidl in tu ° old W" 1 is hin « e(1 ou its foi- - °' y miiiuii.,, mil. uuuaiise sue is nun. —-M •"• """=» u-icu. - . •-• •' --- . ....i.-j..-,..... .How many instances are there of Ono of the lads passed over the change the new gun tins door Is hinged on its m ""V^ 1 : foreigners of assured position marrying and took the kit, and Tom Avalked ^wer side and swings down part Avay, 1 -" lm ™" . •*• * r^ • " >lllm»Ti»->r» 4-J-i ri rut ttt-inrl ,i- f .t. 4-f, 1-.,-. 4>,i/l ...!1-1. poor but beautiful American girls? straight to the countingrooni of a dally !lH^' ln £^° liOAV 1 many American girls are to be fed with a much beloved Motho- Avas saAving in ills front much greater facility, because there Is dooryard. Tho day Avas Avarm and thu no danger of their dropping through to minister's occupation Avas naturally heat's tendency, so Elder Browinvus independence, would, not rather bo tho work from daylight till dark for her to Hovln; left one bmther." and thhik her the best and most beau- i "Was it your brother?" arms .clasped around its chief of which, so far as the exhibition is concerned, is o1 ' English women are, I think, natural- that the apparatus must be erected on i>' broad, certainly broader 011 the -a mountain about two miles in height average than the shoulders of Amerl- in order to .secure the proper ntuios- can wdmen. Their habit of tight lac- iu ff accentuates this and makes them still broader. This peculiarity is pheric conditions. If this and other •difficulties were surmounted, says M. Loewy, there would be some very re- moi '° exaggerated In the shop girls and niarkable results, for it would bo pos- barmaids than in the other classes, «iblo to clearly distinguish hi the move- ', fol> those comely young women lace meiit objects about the size of a four- ljl1 their waists are literally wasp-like.' story hoxise. 1OO YEARS OLD. Box Turtles In Ni'\v lie dUl Thiil i.u'<> to PHILOSOPHY. Why thu Old Sinn Couldn't I.oiin His lirud- dr.r-in-l>t\\v Ten Oenl ; s. . M. Quad: I was talking with the Box turtles may not live to bo as colored man who was swooping out the old us tl whule or phoenix, but there corridor of tho nost oilic.o whnn n. vnnn«r No, the American girl will not stand tged 3 yeare. Funeral to-morror, gono „„ - .,,,, -, , . m 1 ~ • - ' " | The gtm may also bo cooked by a hind him, with asked the t 1 ™ 111 ^ 1000 at the end of the bolt. Tho llls waist. cashier. . change in this part of tho mechanism is I As they came to a halt Elder Browii Tim tried to brace up but he coiddti't the substl tution of a safety catch, like' Hdvanced to the fence and rested Ills that used in many of the foreign maga- j ams comfortably on the top rail. iho big tears came up, his chin qulvei in tho white light of cold facts. any point of view it is wholly vulgar. DOGS AND THEIR TAILS. went to the boys, and they gathered in a group and talked. Tim had not been t Jnfonmition Cuiivoyori to ICiuili Oth IS* In Fox Iliuillaf,'. Dr. Loins Robinson, the ingenious man i, n( j ]3 eeu experimented Avith when he d— died!" " "" "" unn & w '- These two are the principal HO hurried away homo but the news cllim S° s ln th o mechanism of tho gun. : "•Tomes will you take this woman for ent to the boys, and they athered 0 is nbout il pounrt liglltol> thllu y ° wlfV " i homo an hour before a barefooted boy ],.\ l , ° " re slx W-^ves llor by . left, the kit on the doorstop, and in the nttme ol the hnrrel illl(l tlln twist I box Avas a bounuet of floAvers. whir-i, turn in H. 8 iudu>s . Th e caliber Of science Avlio babies in a London Avorldiouso in order to prove their descent from monkeys, bouquet of fioAvers, Avhicli in the market by pennies contributed by tho croAvd of ragged but big-hearted urchins. , to old ono, Avhich weighed f).S3 pounds. In both these are six grooves in tho twist is one of tlie is .315 while that of tho now , a-as," replied the grinning bridegroom. "And you, Hetty, will you take tills man for your husband?" "Ya-as," replied the bride, AA'lth an- are some extiomoly ancient box turtles plodding about the fields and pastures of Itho,d|i) island and eastern, Connecticut, says a Westerly correspondent of the Now York Sun. Mrs. H. F. Glrqeu of this place met ono of tho old ,'ellows near tho works of the Stillmaii Oiirrlage company a day or two ago, who was sliding along Iho grassy roadside as briskly as it' his top ami bottom shells Micro not scored with a backload of antique chronology. Mrs. Given picked up tlie turtle and deciphered his history in tho dates pooplo hold out on his shells as far back as the bo- giiming' of tiiis century. On his lowe'r shell, however, woiv; inscriptions that doubtless belong to tho eighteenth century, but they had boon nearly obliterated by the turtle creeping over the earth's rough surface. Tho only plain ono was tills: "0. I)., IS^U." Thero is no doubt that the turtle is considerably more than 100 years old. gowns, 100 loose gowns, 120 kirllos, 130 ho jogged on down the country road. AYitiihi a year not less than threw or four box turtles have boon caught in this region and North Stonington whose sinells wore markoH with inscriptions as old as those oil Mrs. Green's turtle, and one Avas marked Arith the names of members of throe generations of one Westerly family. Tho box turtle is a queer, rather unsocial and contemplative follow. He lives longer than almost any other kind of turtle, perhaps, but ho never becomes big and corpulent like the vicious snapping turtle. Ho is rather handsome and shapely, with yellow spots 011 his top shell. When he is scaned or offended he pulls his head and legs into his house, and a queer sort of a diwvvbrldge, attached to his floor with a hinge, is lifted, and corridor of tho post office Avliou a young man of his color' came along aiid beckoned to him to stop aside. The old man looked at. him sharply, but did not comply, "Say, yo'!" called tho young man. There was no reply to tills, and after a minute ho called again. "Boy! what yo' want wld meV" stern-, ly demanded the old man. "I wants to speak wid yo.'." "\Vlio is yo".'" , "X'o' know who 1 is. XV is dun engaged to my sister Evangclinc." "Oh! yo' is hor brudder. Sain. Waal,' what yo' wautV" "Kin yo' lend mo ton cents-?" "On what grounds, sah?" "On do grounds dat yo' is gwino to bo my bruddof-in-law;" "Boy! Doan' yo' know nnltin 'tall 'bout philosophy!" shouted the old man as he raised ins broopi over his shoulder. "My bL'in ongaigud to yo'r sister lOvan- goline us u private citizen an my slandin hoah represoiitln do United States meiit, an talkln wid a gem'Ian besides, am two entirely different contostnshnns! lias a.very Interesting article hi the con-! tmporary entitled "Canine morals and manners." It practically comes to thisj that tiio dogs speaks with its tail-tip. , Dr. Robinson says: "In tlie case of STORIES AIIE-NI n/~> AUUtN POE - Danish i one is .30. This reduction required a ' Altering promptness. corresponding reduction in tho size of j "All right then," remarked the inlnis- | the cartridge and in the size occupied by j tei '« reaching out his right arm and be- tho charge, and consequently tho board stoAving a parting handshake on oacli of ( lias boon seeking, not yet Avith the best tlie noAvly married pair, "you can ride Tlie Urrittlc 1'oet Had Loose Ideas of Coin- results, a more OlKTgOtic explosive than - . me,-ei»l Jf , SIUokoloss powdoi . Kansas City Times: To bavo loaned the old gun. Tho board has so far em- all hunting dogs, such as foxhounds or Kdgnr Allan Popo 50 cents is a dlstinc- ploywl tho Wetterin poAvdor. There are wolves Avhich pack together, tho tail is l '°n; to havo put into type tho poet's ;5 ° grains of this used in a charge, Avith carried aloft, and is very free in inovo- °\vn coiTection of ono of his poem's is u bullet composed of a slug, nine-tenths ment. It is also frequently rendered "u honor. It is questionable, however, lead and tho rest tin, Avhich Avoighs 230 nioro conspicuous by tho tip being white, that tho man Avho entered into such grains, The initial velocity obtained and this is almost invariably the case, transaction with tho poot back in tho with tho guns tested here Avas over 2, when .the hounds are of mixed color.' forties thought ho Avns particularly j 000 foot per second. Tho Danish gun When ranging tho long grass'of tho favored. Col. Jacob Child, ex-minister; has an outside coA'oriug over tho barrel prairie or jungle the raised tips of tho to Shim and prominent citizen of Ray which prevents tho rapid firing from tails Avould often be all that an iudividu-' county, eloquent, irrepressible, pulchri- burning the hands and molting off tho al member of tho band Avould see of ais tudinous, know the author of "The sights. Tho gun tried by the board had felloAA'S. There is no doubt that hounds' Raven" intimately. Indeed, ho Avas so n ° such covering, but tlie board's object habitually Avatch tho tails of those in well acquainted Avith the Virginian ! °f investigation Avas the magazine mc- front of them Avhcn dniAving a covert-.' genius that he let him have 50 cents on j chanism and the second barrel may be If a faint drag is detected.suggestive of ono occasion Avherewith to buy the cup . added afterwards, tho presence of a fox, but scarcely suf-' that cheers and at tliol sumo time, in- floient to be sworn to vocally, tlie tail toxicatos. of the finder Is at: once sot in motion,' "I knew Poo very Avoll," the colonel and the warmer the scent tiio quicker said yesterday. "Ho Avas a tall, slender does it Avag. Others, seeing the signal, fellow", looking much younger than ho instantly join the first, and there is an really Avas. His hair made him look assemblage of Avngglng tails before even liko a poot. It Avas long and ho 'combed the first whimper is heard. Should the it under' in the stylo of the time. His drag prove a doubtful ono the hounds piercing black eyes Avero. another fea- it boxes him up as snug as a bug in a ( Asyo'r fui;her;brudder-in-lnw I'd like to | separate again and tho Avavlng ceases,' tare of his unusual appearance. When obleege yo', but as a representative of but if it grows stronger Avhon followed the least bit under tho influence of ilis guv'ment I doan' know yo' from up tho wagging become more and more alcohol Poo Avas a man long to bo ro Adam, an if yo' dotm' move on I'll hev | emphatic, until ono after another the ' mcmborod. Those sparkling orbit to smash yo' to bonodust!" Aluminum is being tried for various sparkling orbits hounds begin to Avhlno and give tongue fairly blazed. Ho came into the office and stream off in Indian Jilo along the of tho Hichmoud Whig not long before Hue of scent. When the pack Is at. full ho died and asked me to let him have articles Used in tho Germany army, | cry upon a strong scent tho tails coaso 50 cents for a short time. In those davs with a view of lessening tho loads of tho soldiers. In ono regiment, for instance, 10 men in every company havo received an aluminum equipment. Aluminum is also being tested, by a regiment of Finnish dragoons, as a ma- ^erlal for horseshoes, a number of horsos being shod 011 one side Avith aluminum and ou the other Avith iron. After six Avqeks use on stony roads the aluminum were in gopd condition, and had AA'ora rather better than the iron ones. to wave, but are .carried aloft in full a poor printer boy in the south thought view." .. i tl good deal of a half-dollar and I re- Tho moment Avhon the dog 'enjoys life foro lotting the poet* havo the money, is the moment when he sights game. I A few days later ho brought hi a proof That mom'ent is tho time Avheii ho Avags of 'Lonoro,' which had appeared in the his tail most vigorously in order to an-' Southern Literary Messenger, full of nouiice his discovery to his felloAV dogs, errors. Leaning over one of tho big In this way, by the habit of association, make-up stones, Poo made a number of ho got to wagging his tail whenever Wo | changes In the oribinal poem and asked Avas pleased, and the more pleased he is i mo to set it up for the Richmond Whig, tho more vigorously he Avags his tail, j <ji<i e0) ftn <j b e next week 'Lenore' so that the wagging >of th'e dog's tall, I appeared in correct form- ALASKA'S ACTIVE VOLCANO. Its Nuinu and Local Ion Settled. DHhiilcIv Oil?" And as they rode on, as happy ns if tiie ceremony had boon much more elaborate, while the older returned to his Avoodsivwing. Tho active volcano on tiio peninsula of Alaska which has been recently ro- _ ..„.. _ KI . UUJI1C potted as being in violent eruption, outward adornment." covering tho land and sea for hundreds "That's nil trim ™r Tho Main J'oint, With Marie. . Chicago Tribune: "Do I not always try my best to gratify your reasonable tastes and ambitions, my daughter?" There AVUS no reply, and the mother resumed, gently: "If 1 were Avoalthy, Mario, I vvoukl spare no expense to provide you Avitli all that heart could Avish. But there is a limit to my poAver to do so. I can only exorcise my best taste and judgment in tho selection of such things as you may require for your personal apparel, and If they do not always please; you, remember, Marie, that there are treasures of mind and heart that may bo yours if you seek for them <| with earnest purpose, and they f» r outweigh tho ephemeral trifles of one's of miles Avith ashes and volcanic dust- has ut last been definitely located The name and the exact position of the burning mountain arc for the first time correctly made knoAvn by Loiutou- ant Cantwell of tho United States revenue marine service, says tlie San Francisco Lxamiuor. Lieutenant CantAvell arrived hero recently on the United States revenue cutter Jtichard Kusk just returned from a cfliso of several months in Beluiug sea on the lookout for illegal sealers. During his stay In tho waters of Alaska ho has obtained much information of value bearing on the topography and general condition of the Alaska coast. Upon arriving ho made a report of his discovery in relation to the great volcano of the Alaskan peninsula to Professor Davidson of the That's all true enough, mother," answered the proud young ghi," but I look like a sardine in that hat." Ileot Sugur. Over 250,000 pounds of beet sugar havo been produced ut the Chino factory, in San Bernardino, Cal., fi'° m this year's crop, sliOAViug tin enormous growth of this industry hi the state. Four hundred thousand acres of beets were planted against 2,700 acres lost year. The growers have netted ?4.SU a ton, and ono man, Avho bought twenty acres of land and raised fifteen ton? to the acre, paid for tills land wtH the first been crop. Since a bounty was placed ou beet sugar the f « l>me *: of California have been quick to sw the profit in this industry.

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