The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 16, 1892 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
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Wednesday, November 16, 1892
Page 2
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nr- THE ttPPEH DES M01NES. ALGONA. tOWA, WEDNESDAY. NOVEMBER 16.13M. CONDENSED NEWS. IOWA. PERSONAL MENTION. The man that won the most' money by tiv.i election of Cleveland is Michael Dwyer, tlie New York plunger of the ttirt. Mr. Dwyer's winnings AVlll aggregate $75.000 against this amount Mr. DAvyor wagered about $180,000. The bulk of his money Avns placed at big odds. Another big AVinner by the democratic victory is Joseph J. O'Douohue. Hie has a little over $20,000 to collect. His wagers Avere principally that Cleveland Avould carry NBAV York state and Indiana. Edward Muilphy, Jr., AVOII nearly $40,000. Ho bet but little on the result In NOAV York state. His biggest bet AVOS $35,000 even on tiia general re- sfllt. Ed Kearney has AVOII about $35,000. His bets Avere made chififly on the result In NCAV York state. The bulk of his money Was plaot|d at odds of from 8 to 5 to 2 to 1. SubAvay Commissioner Walton Storm Avill profit to th.j extant of $12,500. Bookmaker , J. Mahoney foots up his Avinnlngs hi the neighborhood of $25,000. Tliti heaviest knoAvn losei-s are Dave Martin, Avho placed about $50,000; Bookmaker Wheelock, Avho lost $55,000, and Bookmaker Fred Lowe, Avho has about $12,500 on the wrong side of his ledger. All these sports aro NCAV Yorkers. General Samuel Wyllo CraAvford, of Pennsylvania, Avhoso death Avas reported last Aveek, commanded tlie reserve guard of the Keystone stiite at the time of the engagement all Gettysburg, As a matter of sentiment, he purchased tine grounds Avhich his troops held some time aftenvard. H'o entered the regular army before the Avar as a surgeon, and was at Fort Sumter Avhfoi that Avork AVOS fired upon iu 1861. The Anglo-JeAvish millionaire, Lord Rothschild, appeared in a Jewish synagogue on tMq day of Atonement, and there read tlie Ha,ptharah, from the 57tli and 5Sth chapters of Isaiah, to a congregation of impoverished Russian •Tews. His lordsliip put the proper emphasis upon those passages which contain tile command to piwide bread for the hungry, covering for the naked, and a home for thte friendless. The chemist, Berthelot, is a candidate for two places made vacant by the death of Rqnan—membership in the board of managers of tlie College of France and In the French academy. To the former there is a salary of $400 a year, AA'ith rooms appertaining. He is already secretary of the academy, and is said to express little hope of being made one of the immortals. Other people, however, regard his chances good One reason among others urged in his behalf Is that toe is the only man hi Franco capable of giving the funeral oration of Renan before the academy, as possessing the sole secret of the peculiar philosophy held by "Hie pope of free thinkers." A very pleasant little anecdote is told of Queen Victoria and Albert.of Saxe- Coburg iu their courting days to the effect that it Avas the queen and not the prince Avho popped the question. It appears that the first time they met t}fey AVere both 17. Albert at that time Avas rather short and thick set, but fine-looking, rosy-cheeked, natural and simple in his manners, and of a cheerful manner. Ho took a great deal of interest in eA'erythlng about him, and Avhile on his visit to England lie spent much of liis time in playing on the piano Avith his cousin Victoria, Avlio Avas then a slight, graceful and interest- Ing girl. She fell in love Avith him at once; but he was not, it seems, so badly smitten. He wrote to his uncle Leopold that h'o liked his cousin and found her a A r ery bright and amiable girl. Soon after this Albert returned to tho continent and spent souio time in travel and study, writing occasionally to Victoria and she to him. 'Meanwhile King William IV. died, and Victoria, in her eighteenth year, ascended the British throne. The young prDuce's next visit took place iu the 'year after this event, and IIOAV his object Avas to plead for the hand and heart of tho young queen. Victoria could scarcely belioA'e her eyes when she saw him. The short, thickset boy had grown Into a comely youth, with elegant mourners and a strikingly handsonto face. Soon after she wrote to her uncle Leopold: ' : Albert's beauty is most striking, and he is most amiable and unaffected—in short, very fascinating." A feAV days after his arrival Victoria had made up her mind, and sending for Lord Melbourne, the prime minister, told him that she was going to many Princii Albert. The next day she sent for the prince and "in a genuine outburst) of heartiness and love" she declared to him that she had given him her AA'holo heart and Avould matfo her very happy If he would share her life with her. He responded with Avarm affection, and thus they became betrothed. The queen not only thus "popped the question" but Insisted that the marriage should take placft at an early day. This was In the summer of 1839, and In the early winter of 1840 the young couple were married in the royal chapel of St. James, in the midst of general rejoicing and Avlth great pomp and ceremony. It Is reported that ex-Secretary William O. Whitney Is to become a director of the New York Manhattan Elevated railroad. Mrs. Evans, the wife of a lawyer and the mother of five children, Is a student in the loAA'a state university. She proposes to practice law, and expects to get two briefs to her husband's one. Several disasters are reported on the great lakes. Postmaster Gei^ral Wahnainaker i makes a speech iu Indiana. South Dakota, electors are instructed to vote for popldist electors. 1 lion Chauncey M. DepCAv answers j Mr. Cleveland's last speech. I A colony of about 1,000 Japanese is to be established at Slnaloa, Mexico. A mountain of carbonate of zinc is the latest dlscoA'ery near Hillsboro. N. M. interesting testimony- is given in the Leader-Smythe suit for slander In London. Attorney General Miller confirms a report that he will soon retire from the cabinet. Charles Wan-en, a fanner, committed suicide on his farm at Spencer, Iiid., Wednesday. . Tflie French forces have icapturetl Abomoy and the rule of King Rehan/ju Is at an end. M. Deveatix, director of the Ottoman bank of Constantinople, committed suicide at Corfu by drowning himself. j A Chicago merchant having stores at Fargo and Jamestown, N. D., is forced to assign, although perfectly solvent. Jacob David, under arrest hi Germany for forgery alleged to have been com- • mi Mod In Chicago, Avill be brought back for trial. I Lieut. Frederick Sclnvatka, of Arctic fame, died suddenly at Portland, Or-' egon, from the effects of an overdose of morphine. Mr. Chambers, an American, Avlll preside at the International monetary conference to be held in Brussels on November 22. The French government Avill be allowed to bring thirty native sailors and a feAV policemen to guard their national exhibit. Mrs. Deacon's suit for divorce against her husband on the ground of alleged cruelty, lias been dismissed by the tribunal of the Seine. The signal man at the point Avhere a train disaster hi' England occurred, Wednesday, says he fell asleep and neglected to turn the signals. Rutland, Vt, had its first SHOAV storm of the {season Wednesday. On the mountains east of Rutland the SHOAV is from two to three inches deep. ('hark 1 *! A. HoAves, the forger Avho victimized banks in all parts of the United States, has made a full confession in NeAV York of his man'r crimes. At Oxford, Ohio, Wednesday, Joseph Slingor shot, himself through tlie head because, he AA r as jilted by Sophie Froy, to AA'hom he Avas to be married next week. Statistics gathered by the institute of banks SIIOAVS that the bonks of the United Kingdom hold £4,548,775, or £1,122,545 iu excess of the average ret- quirements. Vice President Morton has nearly completed a hennery, into Avhich he Avill put 1,300 chickens and AvhateA'or number may come, from 1,200 eggs IIOAV in Incubators. Tho Northern Pacific steamer brought from China thirty Chinamen to Port Townsend, and they Avill have to be relumed, as the officials Avill not. honor their passports. Mrs. Kunice I Joss Davis, of Dedham, Mass., IIOAV !)2 yeai-s old, is the only surylvln-,? member of the Woman's Anti- Slavery society. She is still in rather vigorous health. At Elgin, 111., Willie Johnson, a printer, 17 years old, hanged himself at his he me Wednesday night over a door. No cause/ Is assigned. Ho loaves a wldoAved mother. Lieut. Col. W. S. Hoi-ton, of tlie Six- fjventh regiment, National guard of Pennsylvania, died Tuesday of malarial fever contracted AA'hile at Homestead with his regiment. Limit of Aveight for packages of samples of merchandise for Austro-Hungary has been increased to 12 ounces, through an agreement entered between the tAvo gOA'ernments. Jane Elizabeth Kellog, the mother of Clar.i Louise Kellogg, Strakosch, died in NOAV York Tuesday evening of neurt failure. Mrs. Kellogg had been an invalid for several years. William Ripplu and Bamey Whalen, soldiers at Fort Brown, Texas, fought over a Avoman Wednesday. Whalen Avas shot dead by Ripple, Avho, to avoid arrest, then killed himself. Word comes from, Yale that tho fac- ull|t r of the college has about determined to break up Delta Cappa Espilon and Psl Epsilon, tlie two lead- lug junior societies of the college. At Fresno, Cal., George Sontag, convicted of complicity in the Collis train robbery, Avas sentenced Wednesday to life imprisonment. His counsel gave notice of an appeal to the supreme court. Tho bureau of American republics is informed that a company has been organized to mine the sulphurs in the craters of the volcanoes of Popocate- peteil, Avhich is now said to be in a quiescent, state. Judge John K. Crarens, a Avell knoAvn jurist of Missouri, died Wednesday night at his home In Kansas City from malarial fever. Ho Avas a leading republican and Avas a candidate for circuit juds'e of Kansas City. A'.Belgian dispatch says the chamber of deputies committee on the revision of thov constitution has rejected the proposaK to grant universal suffrage. The voteX stood sixteen against the proposal to\ four in its favor. It is reported that a serious outbreak is threatencd\unong the Navajoe Indians at Albuquerque, N. M. Particu- lars are^riot obtainable, btit it is khoAVn tuat all the cavalry at Fort vyingnte liove, stalled oil a forced inarch for Camp Defavte It Is announced that Dr. Roland P. Faulkner, of the Wharton school University of Pennsylvania, will accept the position of secretary to the United States commissioners at the international inonetai-y conference in Brussels, which opens November 22d. •lay Gould has expressed a desire to make .a donation from his rare collection of plants foil NOAV York's exhibit at the World's Fair. The donation is to include thirty varieties of crotons from six to eight feet high, and many other rare plants from his famous conservatory. The body of Estephanie Mouton () «n attractive mulatto,, Avas found under ithe sliadoAV of St. Joseph's convent In NeAV; Orleans Wednesday morning. Her skull AA'os crushed and her throat cut from enr to ear. It Is thought the girl's lover, Augustine Fourteiiat, committed the deed. II. M. S. HOAVO Is ashore on the reef inside the- bar at Ferrol, on the bay of Betonsis, on tlie Avest coast of Spain. The reef is knoAAii as the Pemo. She Avas steaming at the rate of seven knots an hour Avheu. she struck. A great hole Avas torn hi her hull. She is one of the channel squadron. Mrs. A. Jacobs, one of the most noted charitable ladies In, the Avest. and a loading Avorker hi tlie Society of Christian Aids and Endeavor, and all other like organizations, died Thursday uioni- big at Denver, after a brief illness of pneumonia, Avhich Avas aggravated by a. complication of other diseases. A report: that, the vetoed coal combine bill has been stolen is groundless. The Identical bill Avhieh passed both houses and Avas vetoed by the bovemor is in the possession of the state librarian. The only bill Avhich can bei said to be missing is the one originally introduced, but this makes no material difference. A certificate of the capital stock of the Western Union Telegraph company from $80,200,000 to $100,000,00 has been liled in the office of the secretary of state. The tax on such increase Avas $17,250. The certificate states that "the amount of capital of said corporation actually paid in is $100,000,000, and that the Avhole amount of the debts and liabilities of the corporation is $15,254,500." Wash James Avas killed by his nephew, Champ Biggs, at Pleasant Springs Valley, Ivy. There had been bad blood between the parties for some time. This feeling grew out of the death of James' brother, Hemf, Avho Avas killed one year ago by Rich Kiser. James assaulted Biggs, Avho defended himself Avith a hatchet. In a. foAv moments James Avas literally cut to pieces. Ho Avas 55 years of aye. Biggs is 20 years old and a son of James' sister. Henry A. Richards, treasurer of the Roman Knights of St. George at: Jeffersonville, Incl., has been missing for scA'eral daivs. Richards' sudden disappearance has revetiled that lie is a defaulter!, and forger and guilty of obtaining money by false pretenses. As treasurer of the Knights of St. George he is a defaulter In the sum of $200. It is said that the Knights of St. George Avill limit doAAii/ Richards Avith a A-iew to sending him to tlie penitentiary. This assertion is verified by Sheriff Donovan, Avlio says the fugitive must be caught. The bodies of Mrs. J. G. Johnson and her 15-year-old son AA't-re found at their home in the mission district Wednesday moniing at San Francisco. They had been dead over a Aveek and the bodies Avere in an advanced state of decomposition. The mother had a revolver in her hand and one AA'as lying on the bed near her son, .who had been shot three times. \Ii-s. Jolmsoii's husband Avent east about a year ago to secure employment, and since then had contributed uotluug to the support of his family. The sou Avas not of strong mind and Avas unable to assist his mother, AA'ho Avns compelled to sell all her household effects for support. Tlie mother had shot the boy as lie slept and then sent a bullet Into lier OAVU head. WON M CLEVELAND, The Democratic Nominee Carries All DoiibtM States. New York Gives Him Upwards of Fifty Thousand Plurality. Iowa, Pennsylvania and Miime- sota Continue in the Harrison Column. , Tuesday's election resulted in Avide democratic successes. Cleveland, according to tli telegrams election night, carried all the doubtful states New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Indiana New Jersey and West Virginia, besides Illinois and Wisconsin. The democratic state ticket was elected iu Illinois and Wisconsin. Cleveland's majority in New York state Is upwards of 50,000. The result'in Massachusetts on governor is close, but Harrison car| lies the state. Weaver probably gets Nebraska the. Dakotas, . North Carolina, Alabama, AVyoniiug, Idaho , and Nebraska. Six or se.ven of Michigan's electoral votes go to Cleveland. Iowa is republican by 25,000, and Ohio likewise. Pennsylvania, Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont go republican. The democrats will have a large majority In the lower house, and may gain a few senators. Reports from the election come iu slowly. The IrrvprcBHllile liny. Tho small boy was looking over his picture book and his father was deeply absorbed in his newspaper. "Pop," Inquired tho youngster, "what is a tobacco fly?" "It's a kind of a fly that lays its eggs 011 tobacco plants and produces tho destructive tobacco worm," replied the father without looking up from his paper. The boy turned over another leaf or two. "Pop,", he asked again, "what is a butter fly?" The father was more intent on Ills paper than before. "It's a fly that layes its eggs on butter and—confound It, what do you ask so many questions for? Anybody ought to know what a butterfly is," and the boy grinned. A Canal Koopened, Health IB largely dependent upon a regular nablt of body. The bowels act aa an Important canal for the carrying 01 waste matter of the system. They, together with the kidney a and pores, are ontlets for debria whose presence <s fatal to the body's well-belng.C Hostetter'g Stomach Bitters 18 no violent purgathe, bat a gentle laxative admirably adapted to the wants of'the constipated. It neve: gripes and wrenches the Inteitiuea as all daetrlc cathartics do, bat produce* w action akin to that of an effort of nature BlUuusnesa, Indigestion, with their associate manifestation, coetlvenese, are speedily end completely remedied by this fine corrective, which alto conquer* malaria, nick headache, klduey and rhaumaUv tnwbi*. «ad check* premature decay In 1000 Elizabeth's wardrobe, according to the official list, contained 00 robes, 102 French gowns, 07 round gowns, 100 loose bowns, 120 kirtles, 130 foreparts, 125 petticoats, 00 cloaks, 81 .safeguards, 43 jupes, 35 doublets, 18 lapmantles, 9 pantofles, ^nd 225 fans. . ,... . I. MilAvaukee, 12:50 a. in.— Chairman Wall issues the following: We have heard trum 152 precincts outside of Milwaukee. If the rate of gain is malu- tained for Cleveland, it Avill give democrats 11,500 plurality without Milwaukee. Milwaukee.—twenty-four districts in Milwaukee and county give Hairison 4.1)110. Cleveland 4,401. Spooner 5,40!), I'ei-.k 4,830 with two precincts missing. Seventy tOAA'ns give a net republican plurality of 780. Milwaukee, Nov. 8.—seventy-four precincts give Harrison 10,401, Cleveland iU,203, seventy-six give Spoouer 17.10S Peck 10,514. Thus far Otjen has 12,06ti, Mitchell 13,113. Austin and Proctinow are elected to assembly. Milwaukee, Nov. 8.—70 votiug precincts in the interior of the state show a total vote for Harrison of 2,245, Clevelaud 2.347. This is a democratic gain over 1SSS of 265. Milwaukee, Nov. 8—Fifty towns and precincts In the state give Harrison a net plurality of 1,127, a net democratic gain over 1888 of 383. Milwaukee—Milwaukee county lias gone democratic by a very small majority. Wisconsin has gone republican by about 5.000. Illinois is conceded by the republican state central committee MS having gone democratic. nUtclicll'ti Election AsRiircid. Milwaukee, Nov. 8.—My majority n 49 precincts of this congressional district is 1,307. This will probably be Increased to upAvards of 2,000 by returns from other precincts and country toAvns. (Signed), , John L. Mitchell. BULLETINS. South. Carolui a—Cleveland has 40,000 plurality. Richmond county, New York, gives Cleveland a plurality of 1,800, a gain of 200 over 1888. Omaha, Nebraska, gives Weaver 10,000 plurality. The democrats probably have a majority hi the legislature. (Twenty-five towns hi Connecticut excluding the large cities shoAV 195 democratic gain. In AUeghany county, Pa., Harrrison loses 780, The New York World's bulletin says Georgia gives Cleveland 70,000 majority. A Herald bulletin places Cleveland's majority in New York city at a littie over 70,000. The New York Herald says King's county will give Cleveland about 16,000 and that Virginia gives Cleveland 50,000 majority. It is claimed that Gl'eason Is re-elected mayor of Long Island City. New Haven, Conn.—140 towns, not including Hartford, Bridgeport or Waterbury, give Cleveland 2,324 gain. Denver, Colo,—Weaver's majority in this state will be about 2,000. Very heavy vote. NeAV York—Chairman Carter claims the democratic majority hi NeAV York and Brooklyn^ Avill be difficult to overcome by republican gains throughout the state. "Our democratic friends," he says, "seem to understand that their party needed the state of New York Avhen they enacted the present ballot laAV." probably carried the state by 5,000 majority. . Jersey City, N. J.—Throughout the state of NCAV Jersey the poll of votes Is very heavy and the amount of scratching unprecedented. Voters of both parties as a yule, voted he head of their tickets straight, but for the governor and otters the vote is very mixed and confusing. The .Reading combine bill was an important factor in the election and in several different sections counted for more than the party fealty. Jacksonville, Fla.—The state! dtemo- cratlc executive committee says Cleveland's majority in Florida will be between 25.000 and 30,000. New York—The total vote for mayor In New York city is GUroy 180,080, Einstein 95.878, HJcks ?,4W, JOMB 6,093, Bogardus 2,535. I Twenty election districts nf e missing. Plttsburg, Pa.-At 11:30 p. m.. only a' few scattering returns wefe received and no definite estimate can be made of either Allegheny. Pittsburg or Allegheny county's vote. Lincoln, Neb.—A dozen precincts outside of this county received up to 11 p. m., show a general purpose <m the part ft the democrats to vote for \\ eaver electors, but no estimates can be made on the state ticket other than a slight falling off in the independent vote. Bryan democrat, is elected to congress in the first district. New York—City of Walericnvt. Jefferson county. New York complete returns give Cleveland 1,708 and Harrison 2,146. In 1888 the toAVU srn '-'5, Harrison 1.779. Poughkeepsle. N. Y.—Tin 1 democratic gain in Duchess county Is about 800. St. Paul. Nov. 8.—Seventeen precincts on the outside of the cities wive Hanison 983. Cleveland 690. The same pre- cinets hi 1888 gave Harrison 1.095 and Cleveland 623, a net republican loss of 179. Chioago-^l:78 precincts in Chicago give Fifer 65.995. and Altgeld 90,256. Ohio—224 precincts outside of Cleveland and Cincinnati give Harrison a plurality of 4,598. The same precincts gave McKinley a plurality of 2,332 in 1891. Galvestou. Tex.—The vote is about the same as hi 1888 when Cleveland had 180,000. Indianapolis—Sixty precincts outside of the city give Harrison 6.289. Cleveland 5.476. a net republican gain of 460 over 1890. Boston, Mass.—120 towns give Cleveland 22.744. Harrison 31.445. As compared with 1888 the net democratic gain Is 1.141. New York—Th'e total vote for president Is estimated as follows: Cleveland 174,889; Harrison 99.785. Plurality for Cleveland 75.100. Des Moin'es. Iowa—State Register claims Harrison will have a plurality of 25.000 in Iowa and the republicans Avill elect nine or ten of the eleven congressmen and the entire state ticket. Befro't. Mich.—If the proportion of gain is maintained Morse's plurality Avill be 13,795. 'Chicago, 12:30 a. m.—The Indications are that Illinois has gone to Cleveland and Stevenson by from 5,000 to 10,000 plurality, and the entire state democratic ticket is elected. Late returns may change these figures, as the country districts are yet to be heard from, and Avill likely cut doAvn the democratic gains In the country precincts. Chicago and Cook county Avill give Cleveland and Stevenson and Altgeld not less than 15,000 plurality. Avhicb will probably be more than offset by the republican majority in the country precincts, as the county thus far has sIioAvn the Harrison vote to be less than in 1888, AA'hen Harrison had a plurality of 22,000 in tha Avhole state. 220 precincts in the state outside of Chicago give Harrison 41,259. Cleveland 35,830. Tlio snine pi-fcinnts In 18S8 gave Harrison 38.748, Cleveland 31,805. so Cleveland's net 211 In is 1,523. The Mail and Express says Cleveland's majority south of Yonkers will be 75.000. It claims Harrison AA'ill carry Connecticut: by 1.500. Brooklyn. N. Y.. Nov. 8.—40 election districts out of 048 in this cily give Cleveland 35.464, Harisou 42.485. Tho plurality for Cleveland is 13.870. 440 districts out of 648 in this city give Cleveland 61,070, Harrison 47,107. Boston, Mass.—Forty-seven towns give a republican gain of 3.07f>. NOAV York—Tlie New York Tribune says the indications are that Cleveland lias can-led New Jersey by 6.000 plurality. Chicago—Harrison has 60,982, Cleveland 89,803, in 402 precincts. Boston, Mass.—In 160 precincts Ludlow has 33,134, Hale 21,415; a gain for Ludlow of 16 per cent.; a gain for Hale of 25 per cent. Chicago—The democratic state committee says that Cleveland carries Illinois by 15,000 and Altgeld, democrat, is elected. Indianapolis—120 precincts in Indiana give Harrison 12,295, Cleveland 11,304, net republican gain of 1,105. Cincinnati—224 precincts hi Ohio outside of Cleveland and Cincinnati: Harrison 35,080, Cleveland 31,082. Tho same last year gave McKinley 33,474, Campbell 31,142. Republican gain 2,266. Indianapolis—Returns up to midnight show seventy precincts outside of tho city give Harrison 7,247, Cleveland 6,296., repblican gain of 407. New Orleans—Rain fell almost every- Avhere throughout the state, the weather in many places being so unfavorable that a veiy light vote was polled. Tho Cleveland majority will reach 60,000 in this state. ( St. Paul—17 precincts outside of the Twin cities give Harrison 983, Cleveland 699. Same hi 1888 gave Harrison 1,095, Cleveland 623. Net republican loss 179. New York.—2:30 a. m.—The long distance telephone company returns at this hour make it certain that Cleveland has carried NeAV York. New Jersey, Connecticut and Illinois. Wisconsin is still in doubt. Returns from Indiana are still indefinite. The New York Tribune (Candidate Reid's, paper) says the probabilities are that Harrison and Reid have not a majority In the electoral college. The city press association claims that 500 precincts of 693 In Chicago give Cleveland 97,344, Harrison 72,180. This gives Cleveland a lead of 25. Concord, N. IT.-Indications at midnight aro that the state is can-led by Harrison' by about 2,000; that there is no choice for governor by the people; that Stone and Parker (democrats) are elected to congress, and that the legislature Is republican In both branches Philadelphia, Pa.-Twenty-nine counties in Pennsylvania, not including Al- ni " y ° 1 '-, P hllluicl P lu a counties, give plurality, a, democratic Richmond, Va.-At midnight h a jf counties and all the large cities In ginia gite Cleveland a plurality of tweeii 25,000 and 30,000. New York—1,621 districts outside of New York and Brooklyn give Clevelnnrfl 191, 602, Harrisoii'221,253; in 18383 same districts gave Cleveland 10H7fiA Harrison 230,682. >IW ' 41 of 128 districts in Buffalo give Cleveland 7,782; Harrison 8,719. 800 districts in. Kings county give Cleveland 41,470, Harrison 30,521. The toAVn of Ellisburg, Jefferson county, complete, gives Cleveland ssi Harrison 789. In 1888 the town gave Cleveland 427, Harrison 826. Long Island City, L. L—The city, complete,, gives Cleveland 4,256, HarrlsoJ 2,133. In 1888 the city gave Cleveland 2,044, Harrison 1,809. j Indianapolis, Ind.—Fourteen precincts hi Indianapolis give Cleveland 1,303 and Harrison 1,182. Comparison Is not possible. Troy, N. Y.—Troy, complete, gives Cleveland 8,080, Harrison 5,574. i n 1888 it gave Cleveland 8,363, Harrison 6,559. NeAV York, Nov. 8.—175 districts out of 648 in Kings county give Cleveland 24,037, Harrison 16,110. 245 districts out of NOAV York and Brooklyn give Cleveland 28,220, Harrison 33,987. The same districts In 1888 gave Cleveland 30,555, Harrison 36,051. The city press says that 800 election districts in the city give Cleveland 118 071, Harrison 66,321. 870 districts in NCAV York city give Cleveland 129,885, Harrison 72,580. Wilmington, Del.—The Eveiy Evening says Harrison has only received ten of 50 districts of Wilmington. There is nothing reliable from the state. 900 districts give Cleveland-134,002 Harrison 75,596. 970 election districts iu this city glvu Cleveland 145,880, Harrison 81,520. 1.000 election districts out of 1,137 give Cleveland 148.470, Harrison 84,176. 1,020 election districts hi thlg city give Cleveland 154,734, Hairison 86011. 1,050 election districts in this city give Cleveland 157.586, Harrison 8<j',- 493. NeAV York—Harrison carries Steubeu county by 2,000, a loss of 400 from 1888. Lincoln, NIob.—9:15—The democrats haA'e elected four congressmen hi this state. Syracuse, N. Y.—Counting is not yet completed, but will be slightly republican. Hartford, Conn.—103 toAvus snoAv a net republican gain for governor of 1,394. NCAV York—850 districts outside of NCAV York and Brooklyn give Cleveland 99,142, Harrison 118,707. The same districts hi 1888 gave Cleveland 104,290, Harrison 138,309. NeAV York—Orleans county, complete, gives' Cleveland 3,0(>4. Harrison 4,021. In 1888 it gave Cleveland 3,214, Harrison 4,277. Hartford, Conn.—Cleveland has 694 majority In Hartford, a democratic gain of 374. Rhode Island—The vote complete, gives Cleveland 10,232, Harrison 9,924. Toledo, O.—07 precincts give Harrison a majority of 1,708. • Boston, Mass.—Cleveland has the city of Boston. The vote for Hale is 26,867, for Russell 41,825. Indianapolis—30 counties in Indiana show a net democratic gain of 3,000. The Boston Globe claims Russell'3 election by from 1,000 to 1,500. Brooklyn, N. Y.—610 districts give Harrison 63,750, Cleveland 85,471. NOAV- York—681 districts give Gilroy 103,841, Einstein 58,505. Indianapolis, Ind.—Taggart, chairman of the democratic committee, says the state is 5,000 for Cleveland. Brooklyn, N. Y.—630 out of 648 districts' give Harrison 03,387, Cleveland 88,301. Portland, Me.—109 toAvns give Harrison a plurality of 5,287, a loss of 2,870 In five years. This indicates a republican plurality of 14,000 in three cities, a less of 9,000 on 1888. Providence, R. L—Senator Aldrich concedes the defeat of Harrison. NeAV Haven, Conn.—94 toAvns give a democratic gain of 470. Ne\v York—The New York Herald says the indications are that Cleveland has carried NeAV York, NOAV Jersey, Illinois, Connecticut and Indiana, securing 1 .his election. NOAV York.—The city of Utica, complete, gives Cleveland 5,156, Harrison 4,684. In 1888 Cleveland had 4, 860, Harrison 4,891. Omaha, Neb.—The republicans have elected tijeir governor. Weaver has certainly carripd the state. Buffalo, N. Y.—120 districts out of 178 shoAV Harrison 23,492, Cleveland 1 24,430—a democratic gain of 228. Brooklyn/—589 districts out of 907 districts give Harrison 02,330, Cleveland 89,737. Chicago—384 districts give Harrison 54,828, Cleveland 75,099. Ontario county, N. Y.—Cleveland gains 200 ovfer 1888. Indianapolis—Tlie signs indicate f 10 * Indiana has gone republican by 8,000- plurality.. Boston, 10 p. m.—It is believed that LudloAV has 14,000 plurality and is elected by 3,000. The democrats claim to have elected five congressmen. Brooklyn, N. Y.—600 out of 707 districts give Harrison 63,541, Cleveland? 91,315. Boston, Mass.—Harrison's plurality Is probably 10,000 in the state, a los* of 13,000. i Boston-37 towns giye republican' gains of 3,095. n Lewlston, Me.—Harrison has l,*w r Cleveland 1,451. Indianapolis-Five counties shovi^ a? gain of over 500 for Ol'evelana. state is democratic by 8,000. Jacksonville, Fla,-Democrftts the state by 30,000. Syracuse, N. in tftte city,

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