The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 30, 1891 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 30, 1891
Page 5
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THE UPPEB DES MOINES: ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, 8EPT. 30,1891. Save the Dollars. This man is a true philanthropist, for the Almighty Dollar is all that makes life comfortable and pleasant. In buying your Clothing for the cold winter weather that will soon be here you should endeavor to make the dollars go as far as possible, for every dollar saved on purchases means an added comfort and luxury. You can save many dollars and secure all the comforts of home life by buying your Clothing and Gents' Furnishing Goods of ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE OF TRAINS, CHICAGO, MHiWACKEE A ST. PAUt/. West—Pass.— East—Pass.— No. T 0:02 ft m No. 2 10:24 a m No. 3 4:37pmNo.4 0:30pm Freight— Freight- No. 9.. 7:15 a mNo. S ll:5iipm No. 13 ll:45amNo. 14 2:30pm .. 8:17ptnNo. 10 12:15*m CHICAGO & NORTHWESTERN. North— Sorth— Ml^ed 8:18 a m Pa-,s 2:3?pm Pass 3:S5pn Insert 0:07pm Pass. nrrlvcT Ft Cif c;-~o P fc 7 n-ai: » .'A-es i>,t Des llolnes at 8:15 p m. Lv. Des M.2-.SO am. THE CITY. fcfl, P Frank Bros. See their immense display of Fur Coats. SURE TO QO UP. Real estate in Northwestern Iowa is as sure to rise as the sparks are to fly upward. No gunpowder plot is necessary to demonstrate this, but if you will communicate with C. B. Matson, real estate broker, at Algona, Iowa, he will furnish convincing reasons for the faith that is in him, and give bottom prices on lands in this part of Iowa. over Chrischilles' store. Harrison township is said to be for Stephens. • Geo. Simpklns is talked of as a candidate for supervisor. Gov. Boies is expected to speak in Algona some time in October. H. E. Rist has been going on crutches for a week, the result of turning an ankle. The dance to be given by the Marshalltown orchestra, Oct. 10, is arranged for. It is expected that Congressman Dolliver will be secured at Bancroft during the campaign. The relief corps are requested to meet at the G. A. R, hall on Thursday afternoon at 2:KO. Miss Reeve has just returned from the city with a large stock of fall and winter millinery goods. The democratic county convention occurs next week Wednesday. All the candidates will then be in the field. Chairman Doxsoo made neat sign of a corn to announce Dolliver's speech, and had the Wigwam decorated with corn. The first frost of importance came Monday night. Frost now can hurt nothing for corn is already a sure crop. E. H. Clarke is just able to bo out after a week's confinement with a bad sprain. Even now he is compelled to limp. All people interested in temperance will meet at the Baptist church Friday evening to organize a good templars lodge. Geo. E. Clarke was called to Emmetsburg to try a law suit last Friday, and failed to get his racer into the novelty. A large new house is being built in the south part of town, near the John Ramsey place. New lumber is seen in all parts of town. J. B. Winkel is cutting the lot, which he bought near the Rutherfoi-d house, down to street grade. It should be done all along the block. Union township gave Stephens a delegation by a majority of 32 to nine, the delegates being Ed. Siinpkins, Wm, Dodds, and Sam. Pattoi-son. John Walker's father and mother are here from Wisconsin, and will make this their home. They move into the house Rev. Whitfield has been occupying. A. G. Metzgar has sold his town house and lot to S. H. Petttbone, who will make his home there hereafter. Mr. Metzgar and family went to Esther- villo yesterday. Marriage licenses have been issued to A. E. Button and Grace Young, John Munch and Bertha A. Goetsch, Geo. Ehlers and Amelia Wehrspann, Chas. J. Pettibone and Anna Hicks. Quite a number came to the Kossuth County bank* Saturday to see some fine corn brought in by A. L. Seeley. It was a yellow dent variety and the ears would be hard to beat anywere. The Young Ladies' Foreign Missionary society will meet with Mrs. Gardner Cowles on Saturday, Oct. 3, at 3 p. A full attendance is desired, as the in the horse business, died recently in Wisconsin as a result of the rheumatism and grip which took him here last fall. Mrs. Dowse intends to sell all her property at auction, which she announces elsewhere. Guv Scott has had several Algona tones* played for his phonogrr ph, among them a cornet solo by Willis Ctidy. He now has it fixed so that It plays at all times nicely, and will keep It a month. A goodly number heard it at the fair and enjoyed the music and especially the tramp's story. It may be taken to neighboring towns on exhibition. The republican county convention conies Friday, and in addition to naming candidates for treasurer, sheriff, and superintendent, two supervisors are to be selected. D. A. Buell and M. O'Rourke are the retiring members. The convention should devote a little time to considering these places, for in real importance they are equal to any. The following motion was adopted at the W. C. T. U. meeting in the reading room on Friday Sept. 25: Resolved, That we subscribe to the constlkitlo i as a non-pa rtisan-non^sectat iart W. C. T. U. of Iowa. Mrs. Hamilton offered her resignation as president. Mrs. Conner was chosen in her stead. Mrs. Garlield wiis chosen treasurer to take the place of Mrs. J. R. Jones who has been the efficient treasurer for the past two years. The temperance essay written by Miss Eello Tellier, nged 14 years, for the county fair was highly complimented by all and was awarded the first prize, $4. A GOOD line of gloves now on hand at Stouglrs, and more on the road. WE have jiwt in some now patterns in all-wool Carpets and a fine lot oi Smyrna rugs. 'Goo. L. Galbraith & Co. BEST boys 1 shoes are bought of F. S. Stough. __ GALBHAITH has just received a fine line of Meais' Pants, all new patterns, see them. THIS ONE WAS GREATEST. County Fair that Superseded AH Previous Efforts—Fine \Veather Was a Chief Factor. Gate Receipts Far in Excess of Previous Years—Large and Splendid Exhibits —Splendid Racing Field. There have been a number of rc- miu-kable features in this remarkable season, but beyond all precedent is a county fair week without rain. Finer weather never loaned Its presence to the annual exhibit than was enjoyed last Thursday and Friday) and the result is that the society closes its largest and most profitable meotlnff. The gate receipts this year are $8T)2."fl, as against $<!41.fiO Inst year, and that was the best in the record of the society. In privileges the rental is $142, as against $93 last year, and the receipts throughout arc larger. In many respects the exhibits were bettor than T0E best henvy made at Stough's. harness in town is SEE the latest novelties in Dress Goods at Galbraith's. BUY your fine shoes of F. S. Stough. IF you want a trunk or traveling bag go to Galbraith's. HOUSE to rout; 7 rooms, pantry and cellar. Inquire of E. H. Clarke. BUILD up your herd from the Prairie Lawn stock, which will bo sold at auction, Friday, Oct. 2. ONE P. K. Dedrick hay ile. M. M. Cady. press 2(lt2 fov r//m View In Horticultural Hull. Furniture f Picture Frames, Looking glasses, chromos, and all Muds of ready-made cofllns. Hesrse for public use, Headquarters for the beat SEWING MACHINES AND ORGANS. X JOHN EDWARDS, Feed, and Sale Stable, South of Tennant House, XO-W.A.. My rigs are all first class, and I will do what Is right to secure a share of the trade. I WANT YOUR PATRONAGE, and I will try to use you right. F. M, BRONSON, Watches and Jewelry, CLOCKS, SILVERWARE, Silver-plated ware, and all kinds of goods in jus line. Repairing promptly done. At Frank Bros.' store. in- annual election of officers occurs. The city council are considering trading off the diagonal road to the fail- ground to Dr. Read for a road along the north side of the fair ground. The committee have tho mutter under consideration. Col. D. B. Henderson, the eloquent congressmr n from the Third district, will speak in Algona Saturday of next week, Oct. 10, He is one of the finest orators in the United States and everyone should hear him. D. A, Buell has traded his home in Algona to I. Ames for his farm near Burt, and expects to have his residence in Florida hereafter. He will spend his summers in Burt, but intends to be a permanent citizen of the sunny south. When Senator Funk saw he was announced for Whittemorehe came down and joined his namesake, J, H. Funk, in the meeting last Wednesday evening, which was big and enthusiastic. A number went out from Algona and furnished music. The council met Monday evening and allowed bills and discussed water mains. They reduced the bill of the Aurora Well company $93. It is the present plan to put a water main to the Northwestern depot if the railway company will take water. The farmers' alliance meeting will be held Saturday at 2 o'clock at the court house, and will bo addressed by Will N. Sargent, one of the best orators of the order. Everyone should come out and hear what is to be said in behalf of the third party. On account of the stormy weather the rallying day exercises of the Congregational Sunday school were postponed till next Sunday at 9 o'clock. A fine programme has been arranged and it is expected that old members of the school and early day teachers will take part. We have lately received a copy of the Los Angeles Herald containing .a history of the river there and the legal rights to water written by C. P. Dorland, and read before the historical society. The paper shows a thorough study of old Spanish grants and early statutes and decisions. The Wigwam was secured for the Dolliver meeting • because all other rooms were occupied, and it proved a very convenient place. A large audience was accomodated and hearing was easy in it. The music was furnished by a male chorus which x-endered with great effect some stirring songs. Many people will regret to learn that W. H. Dowse, who come to Algona to join his brother-in-law, T. H. Wadsworth, PERSONAL MOVEMENTS. S. S. Sessions was in Mason City yesterday on business. E. G. Bowyor went to Minnenpoliu Saturday to meet his family and return with them. Miss Jessie Heckart has been up from Eagle Grove the past week, the gueat of her cousin, Miss Edith Clarke. Miss Floy Barnes of Preston, Minn., has been visiting Miss Mnggie Winkol for some days and will remain this week. Mike Winkel came up from Galva last Saturday for a v'sit at home, returning Monday. He likes his railroad work. . Miss Gertie Williams is in town visiting her old time friends. She came Friday and is stopping at R. A. Palmer's. Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Slado and Mrs. Chas. Wilkins go to Sioux Falls today and will spend a week there and in Sioux City. Mr. and Mrs. Adna Hall are here visiting at A. P. Hall's and S. Benjamin's. They will stay some time and enjoy our healthy climate. Agent and Mrs. Vesper were called to Horlcon, Wis., suddenly last week by the death of Mrs. Vesper's father. It not certain how long they will be gone. Thos. F. Cooke returned Saturday from a throe weeks' visit after his shooting contest at Springfield. He has gained some of his old time avoirdupois while gone. Jas. Taylor wont to Des Moines yesterday to attend a meeting of tho demo cratic state central committtee. Ho feels confident that Gov. Boies is all right and going to sweep northern Iowa. Grant Ramsey came down from Minneapolis lust week, threatened with a run of fever. He is not well but is not sick enough to be confined. Overwork on the street railway lines is the cause of the trouble. Rev, Flannagan is in town and will fit up the parsonage at onco. He comes to AJgona highly recommended and brings with him a. bride whom he married • a month ago. They begin housekeeping in a handsome homo. Rev. Whitfield and family go to Clear Lake this week. While residents of Algona they have made many friends who regret their departure. As a preacher Rev. Whitfield has boon earnest and effective, and the fine new parsonage stands as a testimonial of his business management. Clear Lake does well in securing him and his family. over before, though as a whole not what the county should have furnished. But tho amount of tho premiums, which can now had in full, will bo $4(i3, which spunk* for a fine display. In cattle, grains, vegetables, articles* made in the county, domestic nrt.icloa. fancy goods and pictures, educational exhibits, and boys' and girls' displays, the premiums paid arc considerably more numerous than Uwt. That in these departments tho display was more creditable all will agroo wlib attended both years. In the horse department tho display of colts and young horses was large, but not so good of breeding horses. Mr. Bartlott as judge gave general satisfaction and proved to be a thorough horseman, and the experiment of bringing ing in an outside judge, while costing the society something, is an acknowledged success. In tho way of entertainment no meeting of the association will compare with this. Tho races wero all exciting, the music excellent, side attractions abounded, and tho people from the time of arriving to their departure each day were fiilly provided with something to instruct or amuse. favorite nnd won in the best contested race ever seen on the truck. " <»**>. Lee" of Spencer nnd " Leslie Boy" of Eagle Grove both wore good enough to coino down tho homo stretch well bunched with tho. winner. The best time was 2:331. Tho county trotting rneo had four entries C. A. Brewstcr's "Darkey," E. V. Swetting's "Jim Johnson-', J. W. Wadsworlh's "Prin- rpptor''nnd Gillie Rutherford's " nickv" Swotting's horso walked off with the first hents and then Hrewster's horso cumo to the front and won the race, Wadsworth's " Prtneeptor" taking third money, best time 2:5. r >. Tim entries in the novelty nice wero numerous, and tho contest ninushig. Cosgrove's " Irish Jim" outwalked tho rest nnd got stiirt enough to win, iilthough Goo. Field's "Nollio" gave 1 him a closo rub. Knhn's "Sleepy" took third. There wero three entries in the two- year-old ruco J. W. Wiulsworth's "Al- gouii Boy," K. 1C. Walte's "Warrant," and C.'D. Creed's "Extra Light." Thov won in tho order nnnied, " Algoiw Boy" milking a hotvt In 3:18}. Foot races and i\ ball game filled In thuaftor- noon anil tho truck was not cleared till full supper time. fresco VR, I'luiii (,'ropk. A big crowd witnessed tho ball game, which divided honors with tho races. Crosco again established tho right 1o claim the. champion hall club, tho score lining as follows: Plum Creok— TCJordiui , Murphcv *• TjintiHov' 1'ook Ijiioov. Mcllnln CVCHOO— \V. I'OVl'll Stnluv Wlioelor D Covoll Hiidtmivn JllhllKOU McMtllim Taylor , 0 0 li 1 (i 0 0 0 0 1) II (t 0 0 U 0 (1 0 0 11 1) 0 I) n fi n 0 n o 11 ii 0 0 0 0 0 0 D 0 i 0 0 I) 1) 0 1 0 1) 0 I) 0 0 0 0 n o n o n 0 0 M u n 0 0 ii i i 0 0 0 n (i n 11 n D n n 1 n n n o n o n U 0 i n 1) 0 ii n D it D n 0 ] 0 0 0 0 0 0 TotivlH— riinii Creek, i) ; Crwo, n. Uini>in---M. F. Miller. Tliurmliiy'H I'rotfrnmme. Tho forenoon of Thursday was do- votod to closing entries and judging exhibits. In the afternoon the 2:40 trot- Scoring for a send-off. ting race, county running race, and bi,cycle race were called. The 2:40 race was one of the best ever seen on the track. It was won by "Patty R" after four heats, " Fred Davis" second, and " Frank G" third, the best time being 2:iW. The contest between the two leading horses was neck and neck, and until the last quarter of the last heat no one could predict the winner. In the county running race there were four entries made by O. A. Potter, Mr. Roberts, C. A. Brewstor, and Mr, Rogers. The Rogers' pony came in easy winner, Robert's horse second, and Potter's " La/.y Bill" third. The bicycle race was a half mile dash between El. Dalton, Garry Garfleld and Robt. Stephenson's son, Dalton coining in first and Garfield second. Friday's Programme. .Judging in all departments closed during the forenoon, and early in the afternoon tho racing programme DolUyor'B Till It. In view of the visit of Hon. J. P. Dollivor on Friday it was suggested by Chairman Doxsoo that lie speak on the fair ground, and the invitation was extended. Eugene Tollier drove to Humboldt and brought him in a carriage, as tho trains would bo too late, and ho occupied twenty minutes after dinner in a non-partisan agricultural talk. A largo crowd gathered, and as usual when he speaks, did not leave for lack of entertainment. Ho referred to tho country he had driven through and tho changes since his last visit, spoke briefly of our prevailing prosperity, and then considered some of the evils the farmer justly complains of. Ho exposed the danger and dishonesty of stock gambling in the city exchanges, and also the fraud that is practiced in making adulterated food products and selling them for pure. He denounced both vigorously, and concluded by thanking tho people for the opportunity of talking to them. Ho was heartily applauded several times, and at tho close three cheers were given for Dollivor. Xotcs of the Fnlr. Tho society will come out ahead financially. There wore 52 entries of Irish potatoes alone. The novelty race is about as entertaining as any. Win. Cloary kept tho busy boo In tho race and showed a boo hivo. Potter's "Lazy Bill" improves with age. A fair without him would bo u fl/zle. Winkle and Howard made firio hard-' ware displays, and Lessing had some handsome furniture down. Senator Funk was in town both days of the fair, and enjoyed meeting tho people and seeing the sights. The premiums for exhibitors outsido the races this year amount to $408, which can bo had at onco in full. Wadsworth's "Algona Boy" is a handsome and promising two-year-old. A mile in.3:184 is fast time for tho boat of them. ' Buggies, wagons, and machinery were displayed Tn abundance by Bradley & Nicoulin and A. M. & G. M. Johnson. J. F. Nicoulin had a fine frame of photographs, Misses Matson & McC'all a case of millinery, and J. W. Hohn a display of homo-made brooms. T. A. Butterfiold lost one of his best hogs by overheating while bringing it down Thursday. Ho intended exhibiting it, but tho nun was too hot, A son of Jas. .Tones had ft miniature over seen by visitors. The varieties and quality of nppU-s were an oyo-open- er to many who have believed that fruit is not iv success here. A son of Senator Matt Parrott was up from Waterloo canvassing for his agricultural paper. Ho wild he had been attending fairs sill summer and had st'cn only ono hotter than this. Benton county he thought beat us a little. The LuVerneHes took satisfaction out of Cut. McCain of Crusco for their defeat at Livermore. McCain was substituted for I'Ved Foster because, of his lainenofs and made a good raeo, but not good enough. The liuVornc man took the SoO purso. Hen Smith fame down from Ramsey with 11 big load of his fumed Chester Whites. If other fanners living half as far iiwny had shown equal enlefprlso there would have been the best exhibit of hogs, sheep, poultry, olc., ever seen in northern Iowa. Tho art. display \vns the best over made at our fairs. Mrs. Stacy, Mrs. Pottlbono, Mrs. Dr. Pride. Mrs. .1. R. .lours, mid Mrs. A. J). Clarke hud paintings of their own and also of their daughters displayed, ami the work of all won admiration. A young man whose iiaino wo could not learn hail some homo-grown peanuts oxhlnlled. Tho vino with tho nuts on and a cup of nuts showed what thin Hoolion Is wiimblu of. With sweet potatoes, and peanuts what Is the mat- tor with niir cltmatuV The Grange store mndo an innovation this year by building a display room of its own and putting u lino lino of carpets, curtains, otc., on the ground. Tho room was crowded with visitors, and as a stroke of iidvortising enterprise WUH a noteworthy success.. The sugar bout mmlo its first, appearance this year. Tl. l<\ Smith, A. Sawvel, S. C. Newconib, and .T. H. Dntton all exhibited. The sugar beet is better for feed than others, to sa.y nothing of sugar making. Hut this display shows that it belongs to our soil, and that wo arc ready for a factory. In tho county trot Gilllo Rutherford's hoi-Ho stumbled on the back track and broke both tho shafts of tho sulky, throwing (.lillio over on the fence. lAirtiinately neither man nor horso was hurt, but they lost a chance in the race. Tho horse is a good goer and promised to come \voll up to tho front. Superintendent Carey into bo con- gralulatod upon tho lino and creditable display of school drawing and other work exhibited In bur department. Tho maps of tho county wore all excellent, WANTED—A girl Geo. E. Clarke. to do housework. For Sulo or Rent. Farm four miles southwest of Bancroft; 100 acres under improvement. Call soon, on account of plowing. THKO. CHKISOHILLES. Biifkleii'H Arnica Salve. The best salve in the world for bruises, cuts, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever sores, tetter, chilblains, chapped hands, corns and all skin eruptions, ana positively cures piles or no pay is required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or money refunded. Price35c a box; sold by Dr. Sheens. JAB. A. ORB, painter; will do painting, paper hanging, kalsominlng, etc., in the latest and best styles, and guarantee satisfaction. See him and get prices before letting your work. The way three heats were uulBhed by Qolddust Prince, Gun. Lee, and Leblie Boy. opened with the first heat of tho free- for-all trotting race with four horses starting. " Gold Dust Prince" was tlje. hay stacker of his own design, and it was n line specimen of n machine.. It attracted considerable attention. It is estimated that tho attendance Thursday was nearly 4,000. Tickets wero bought by 2,000, and tho children were nearly as numerous as the grown people. Clark & Son, tho owners of tho new Jersey farm cast of the Milwaukee depot, had their herds on exhibition for the first time. It was a fine showing of fine stock. Nothing but praise in bestowed upon the ladles of the relief corps for tho excellent dinner they furnised. They wore kept busy both days and took in dollars, C. E. Lewis won praises for his conduct of tho horso department and his selection of judge. Mr. Bartlctt was credited by those who lost as well as won with giving Impartial decisions. C. L. Lund last year offered $10 for the best display of grains by ono farmer. F. A. Witham was the Winner. Mr, Lund's liberal award, however, should have made a bigger competition. A lively running race between Charlie Quick and a Murphy boy entertained the grand stand wnile waitT ing for the horses. They went 50 yards and cumo out even twice. On tho third trial Murphy came out a little ahead. Tho fruit display was as tine or liner than any ever shown in the county, A. H. Duty,nt, D. Miller, M. Hays, C. A. Brewater, Mrs. Mann, and J. G. Rawson had fine collections. Some of the Wolf River apples were as large us any and tho picture drawing was also flue. Tho display attracted great attention and wan as'intoresting as any on the grounds. WhtU, may yet prove a, serious accident occurred'in tho third heat of tho free-for-all trot On tho back strotoh Golddust Prince and Loslio Boy camo together and both drivers wore thrown, their sulkies smashed, and tho horsoB ran some distance before being stopped. John Burgott was not hurt but Win. B. Vale, driver of Colddust Prince, had his collar bono broken and wad Borioim- ly injured. Dr. McCoy sot tho frac- turo mid the injured man was taken to Clear Lake Friday evening, whore he bus uluoo boon reported very low. Iho horsos wero not hurt and both wore ready for the next heat. •mono Who Cic.l VremluiuH. Following is tho list, of awards made, for county fair exhibits: DIVISION A. Cluss i—Sliillion :) yrs, first J \V Wuds- worth, second K P JJlrchor. Class a—Stallion » yrs, ih-nt \Vaclswortb Bros. & Dowsu, second T II Wudswortli. CliiHs Il-Uoud stallion !i yru, llvst Wads- worlli Ufoa, second J W Wailaworth. Roadster 3 yrs, flrst J W Wiulswortb, Hfcuond C D Crcod. Ono yr, llvst O HOIWOH, second .1 D Diwison. GliisH n—Muro or gelding for roncl 4 yvs, flrst C A HruwHtor, second h V bvvcot- "ciasa 0-Sur.klnfc' draft colt, first K S Johnson, second Joseph /iniko. third A Mitchell. KouUster colt. C L Lund first, S II MoNutt second, E G Howyor third, Gonorul purpose colt, W H Bailey first, L. V Minltlor second, S II MoNutt third. Class 7—Grailo colt 8 yrs, L kPotyor. Uluss 8—Draft mure or gelding grade 4 yrs, M H Him) first, W II Bailey Bucond. Throe yrs, W H Builoy first, IT M Taylor Cltiss 0—Brood mare for road with foal, C L Lund first, T H WudHWorth second, J W WadHWorth third. Same for draft, E S Johnson. Sumo for general purpose, J^ P Keith flrst, W H Bailey second, S H McNutt third. t _ , Cluss 11—Spun draft horses 4 yrs, Hugh Black flrst. lload and carriage horses, & S Johnson ilrst. Class 13—Uoud and carriage horse, rars Jas Patterson! ilrst. DIVISION n. Class a—HolBtoin bull a yvs, T F Julian flrst, A Hanson second. Hull culf, J J Wilson Ural. Cow 8 yvs, T J Julian flrat, J J Wilson second. Hoi for 8 yvs, '1 J Julian first. Hoifov 1 yr, Julian flrst. Class •!--Ked polled bull 3 yvs, Frank Humsoy first. Hull calf, D D Townaend Ural. Cow n yi'H, D D Towusend first. Class ri-Jorscys, Clark & Son every pi'«- m Chw8«-Gi'udca, bulls yrs, F M Taylor first. Cow « yrs, C Sessions first, Jas fat? terson second. Heifer 1 yr, Win Cleary tot, DIVISION C. Clusa 1—Sheep, buck I yr, A L Beltou flrst, D Wallace second. Six ewes, WaU lace first, Helton second. Fivolambs, W H King first, Wulluco second. Lamb, Wttl- laco first, King second. Class ii—Swiuo, Poland China sow 1 yr, Geo K Ashelfovd first. Boar over 6 months, TA Buttorfield first, Ashelfovd second. Chester White sow, H F Smith flrst. Boar over 0 months, Geo Clock. Sow with pigs, Asholford, flrst A W Sigsby second. Flye pigs, B F Smith flrst, lllebhoft Bros sec ond. DIVISION D. Class 1—Poultry, Plymoth Rock fowls, W M Heathorsbaw first. Chicks, J R Du> ton first, Heathershaw second. Pair turkeys, Hoathorshaw flrst. Geese, Heathershaw. Ducks, Hoatherslww. Guinea hens, F M Taylor. DIVISION li. Class 1—Grains, wheat, L withuut first, w M Heathovshaw second. Oats, Heathershaw first and second, Corn, Clark & Son, J G Rawson, E E Hall, J E McNeil, Ruw- son, win P Taylor, Kawson, Clarke & Son, Dutton, Duttou first; H C McCoy, A L Belton, win P Taylor, Johu Haines, J G Rawson, J G Rawsou second. Timothy seed, JU witiiam. Clover seed, Geo Ashelford first, D Wallace second. Barley, Heathershaw. Peas, Rawsou. Beans, mrs C Kuhn first, L witham second. DIVISION v. Class 1—Vegetables, sweet potatoes, F M Taylor. Irish, potttt«ea, J R Dutton, mrs H mlohuel, 0 Sessions, A Taylor, D A wal- laoe, E E Hail, C A Biwstw, N M Munn, Johu Hainos, A E Kennedy, A Taylor, A Taylor, mra H Michael, Evelina ' [Continued ou elgUtU page.)

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