The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 9, 1892 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 9, 1892
Page 7
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if TBE_ PPPER DES MOTNKS, ALRNA. IOWA, WKDNKSTMY, NOVEMBEU 9.1892... JL TIRED WOMAN, Just ea much ai * tick tad ailing one, n«ed* Dr. Pierce'* Fatorit* Prescription. That builds up, rtrengthens. *nd In- Tigoratei tb« entire fetnoU gyst«m. It regulates and pro- faiotes all the proper functions of womanhood, improves dige§- the blood, dispels aches and and nervousness, bring* d restores health and to restorative tonic tod iooth- « especially tor woman'* e only guaranteed remedy tor knessM and ailment*. In aU laint* » and Irregularities, it it efit or cur*, you have your many medicines "relieve" Ca* Head. That mean* that it's from the head into th» throat and But, by its mild, soothing, cleansing Hne properties, Dr. Sage's Catarrh T perfectly and permanently curt*. HOnN«Cold«,Congh«,Bor9Thro»t,Oronp,I*Baw. U,Who«plnf Cough, EronohiUianJ Ablhua. A : MrUil rare for Consumption in flnt sUgo», uii »iwtr»U»f la ad>»noed it»g«i, TJ«e nt ono«. • Tn will Ma the wcellsnt tffeot »fUr Ukinj tht Inttoii. Bold by denlrri (Ttrywhtr*, tarff MtfM M otnti and tl.OO. ^_ That Bearing- Down Feeling Iliousands of delicate women and girls doing housework, or employed in stores, mills, factories, etc., where they are continually on their feet, suffer terribly with different forms of female diseases, especially that bearing-down feeKng," backache, itness, dizziness, etc. Lydia E. Pmk- llam't Vegetable Compound will relieve afl jtbis quickly and permanently. It has p» Iminently cured count- lieu cases of Female [Complaints, Ovarian (troubles, Organic Dis- Iwses of the Uterus or [Womb, Leucorrhoea, I Inflammation, Kidney I Complaints, etc. Its liuccess is world-famed. .Ill Drunliti "H "i 9,1 ""' ItflMll, fii farm of' I'llli, or I Unentd, on receipt of 81 .OO. lUnr Fllli, «Ac. Com- lenc. freely miweraU AT TWILIGHT. When tho golden glimmer Dimmer grows nnd dimmer, And a shadow's tremor Shifts across the wall. Touch the old chords brightly, Let them tremble slightly, Into lime, nnd lightly Tender themes recall. Then thy soul surrender To the soulful splendor Of tho music tender One with thce to bo, Blinding smiles together With an airy tether, Love's enchanted weather, Pain's eutlianasy. Let your dnrk eyes leaning Up to mine their meaning, Diviner glory gleaning From the seraph strain, Search mine own, revealing Passion's dewy feeling. Droop while I am kneeling, Dmining them again. Ah, the strain is dying, And 1 hear yon sighing, And your hand is lying Softly in my hair; And your lips are blending Ecstasy transcending, Anght I know or cave. Now the purple glimmer Dimmer grows and dimmer, And the shadow grimmer Spreading o'er the wall; Hushed the music's beating, Souls in kisses meeting, Love and love repeating, While the plovers call. —.Tolm Myers O'llora. ACCUSED BY A CLOCK. _._ Iddreii In confidence, KBU E. ITNKIIAU MXD. *^ MICK, MAflS. CU, |8oth the method and result* when Ifiyrup of Figs in taken; it iuplesuwnt land refreshing to the twte, and ftcta gently yet promptly on the Kidneyi, Uver and Boweb, cleanser the iy»fem effectually, diapeli colds, nefid- [lohea and fevern and cores habitual wustipation. Syrup of Figi a th» Wly remedy of its kind «yer produced, pleasing to the taste wid ao- jeptfcbla to the «tomacb, prompt w itt action and truly beneficial in In tfects, prepared only from the most toy and agreeable substance'** — excellent qualitiea commend It and have mad* It the BM ur remedy known. Syrup of F>gs » for 8 * le to , C and $1 bottles V & leading dn fUta. Any reliable druggist * taay not hare it on hand will procure it promptly ^or any one whe wishes to try it Do not accept any esbstitute. CALIFORNIA FIG SYfiUP CO. 8AH FRANOI800, OAL, lOttlSVILU. to True Flag: It was magulflccnt iu its carved walnut wood case, with a large enameled dial and with its pendulum of brass, bright as gold, passing and re- passing before the opening covered with a disc of glass. All who caught sight of it through PiciTct's (the clock maker's) window stopped to gaze at it and formed knots about his door. Pierret, the clockmaker, was still a man in his thirties, but nevertheless he was inclined, to sadness and not at all talkative. He had known a great sorrow. Seven years before, while he was serving in the army, his father had been murdered—in this very shop now occupied by him. Who was the assassin? On whom could he avenge the old man, who had never done harm to anybody j and who had been so laud to him? Justice had failed to lay hands upon the murderer nnd robber, who had earned off £4,000 saved sou by sou by tho father for the son. All researches had been fruitless. Pierrot had finished his time of service in the and army as soon as he was free he returned and established himself in the murdered man's shop, determined, doubtless, to drive away care by labor. But It was clear that suffering was gnawing at his heart. At nightfall he was seen wandering about the village as if In search of somebody, that somebody being surely the criminal. Time passed—weeks, months, years. The murder was forgotten by all save the orphan and—other, who could not but remember it. Quite recently Pierrot had gone to Paris, and remained there several days making purchases, bringing back with him the magnificent, clock, which set everybody who saw it longing to possess t. 'Comcviu, gentlemen," said.-Pierrot >.o the admiring groups who pressed closely about the shop window. "What is the price of it?" "One hundred crowns." "Does it strike?" "Certainly. Listen!" Tho clockmaker caused the bell to sound—clear, sonorous, silvery. But nobody will buy it," said Pierret. "I am afraid I have done a foolish thing iu bringing it from Paris." "Oh that depends, Pierrot! We are not rich enough, but there is somebody here"- "Really! AVhom?" "Eh! Locarcl—good looking Locarcl- who is going to many, and doesn't mind what he spends.". "Wliy, any one would say you Wei'e afraid ;to go to Plerrefs—" "Afraid! I? What do 1 care for Pierret? Come on." The little watchmaker was at his bench, his magnifying glass in his right eye, bending over the works of a watch. Certainly he was not looking at anything that was going on outside of his shop, yet he saw, very plainly observed, the approaching group, and something very much like a smile might have been seen to play about his lips as he did so. lie hoped for a customer, and to a poor tradesman that must always be a pleasant feeling, must It no't? Oh, doubtless. But for all possible customers Pierret hoped for one, and that one was at tho door. ' Locard entered. "Is that it?" he said contemptuously. Pierrot rose politely. Locard turned his back upon him—from hauteur evidently. In short, lie immediately agreed to give the twelve pounds, and threw down a five pound note on account, on condition that the clock should bo that same evening installed iu his dining room, at Ms house. "Tills evening, friends," cried Locard (of course he did not include Pierrot), "we'll drink to my new piece of furniture." "At what hour?" "Nino o'clock." As soon as Pierret found himself miite alone he burned the bank note in tho Ihune of a candle. Then ho went into the room behind the shop and took u;i a small box, on Avhlch there were English labds pasted. Returning, he, opened the caso of the clock, no doubt to regulate the movement. Within the promised time it was placed—prominently placed—amid the rich furniture of Locanl's dining room. Around the table from which, point upward, a goodly array of bottles stand, Locard and his friends drink, laugh ami sing. Eleven o'clock—the silver bell records tho hour. What a voice 1 —a song, rather!'' -One could listen to It through the whole night. Midnight—the voice puts forth all its delightful power. Attention One—two! Light the punch. The flame flits, gobliiiliko, over the surface of the bowl, lapping it with upthrown tongues of yellow ami bine. The sugar frteles. Now put out tho lamp. Husraali! Hush! The clock is going to strike. No, it speaks. "Jacques Locard! Jacques Locard!' "Eli! Who spoke? Who s:i ,imt?" "Jacques Locard! Confess! Con fess" "Locard! Locard! What jest is this? How very pale you ai*e!" The voice sounds as if it came from the cellar. "Jacques Locard, yon are a mnrder- sivoiderl him was in Itself a confession. It was at this Stage of his search for justice that the idea of laying a trap for tho criminal came into his mind. "Gentlemen of the jury," said the prosecuting barrister, "you see here of what social utility is the progress of science. Was it not a trait of genius on the part of a poor clockmaker to have utilized by adapting it to the mechanism of an ordinary clock that Immortal invention of Edison's, the phonograph?" l»airy Advice. HoWi Tfc«* t tfe offer One Hundred Dollars Reward for any case of Catarrh that cannot be cured by Jlall's Catarrh Cure. F. J. CHENEY A CO., Props., Toledo, O. We, the undersigned, hare known F. J. Pheney for the lust 15 years, nnd believe Him porfectl* honorable In all business transactions and financially able to carry out any business obligation* made by their firm. West A Trims, Wholesale Druggists, Toledo, O., Waldlng, Rinnan A Marfin, Wholesale Drucslsts, Toledo, O. Hall's Catarrh" Cure Is tnkni Internal!?, acting dlrnctly upon the l>lm>il and mucoai Korfnccs of the system. Trice, 75e. per bottle. Sold by all Druggists. Testimonials free. "August Flower The Ontario Department, of. A.nrieult- ure "issued from its experiment dairy, at Toronto, last June, a bulletin giving the methods adopted in making butter. The bulletin contains nothing that woidd be new to our readers. We publish the conclusion, which pretty fairly indicates in a negative way the practice at the station. It says: There are perhaps lifty ways of making good butter, and we do not claim that ours is the best. There are scarcely two persons that pursue exactly the samu method in all the details. AVe do not. consider that we know! everything about butter-making, as | something new is being discovered every month. Not only from our own work are wo learning, but also from the research aud observation of others. AVe | do not keep a cow that makes less than 200 pounds of butter in a year; nor put the dry cow on a starvation ration; nor ( expect a cow to make something out of nothing; nor keep our cows in an ice ^ bous'o, hogpen or dungeon; nor allow j them to go a whole year without, carding or brushing them; nor depend on pasture alone for a supply of simum-i 1 feed. We do not allow the milk to stand very long in the stable to absorb foul odors; wo do not. neglect to strain the milk at onoe after milking: nor set. the milk in deep cans In well water without changing the water at least twice, or without ice; nor mix sweet cream with cream to be churned less than twelve bours before churning (the cream ?s cream for a whole churning); nor add scalding water to the cream; nor guess at the temperature with the linger; nor take two or three hours to churn; nor gather the butter until the "dasher stands oil top," and then dip it out of the buttermilk; nor add coarse salt by guess; nor work the butter into grease; and finally, we> do not send our butter to market wrapped in old rags that may have seen other service in the home.—Mirror and Fanner. In 1823 li patent wns issued M Jeremiah Bailey, of I'uuiiRylviinin, tor a mowing machine, and lio rmiPtri'iM'd two machine* the 6fttn« yenr. H M believed Hint these were the fli-st over inml'-. |.-|T*.-A1t Fit* Stoppml frno by «>»• J*""*•"•« «ar..,,t XM-V K HI.! No Fit. »ti.r Hr*t day 1 . u«o. Mm-TCtour. cures. Treatise rind *>.Mi trUI bottle tree to Fit C»»e«. Send to l)r. KIln«, 931 Arch St., fhllm., 1>». The area of t.i equal to that of, ( t Sahara desert ,<cd States. "What is August Flower for?" A.S easily answered as asked. It 19 for Dyspepsia. It is a special remedy for the Stomach and Liver.— Nothing more than this. We believe August Flower cures Dyspepsia. We know it will. We have reasons for knowing it. To-day it has an honored place in every town and country store, possesses one of the largest manufacturing plants inJtne country, and sells everywhere. The reason is simple. It does one thing, and does it right It cures dyspepsias AT Guaranteed to euro Bilious Attnclis nnd Constipation, Small Bile Beans. They calf a bicycle the "devil's chariot" In Turkey and th« sultan forbids iu MO. To aid digestion take one Small Bile Bean after eating. 25c. per bottle. Ten days per annum is tho average amount of sickness in human life. BKEOIIAM'S Piu.s cost only 26 cents a box. They are proverbially known throughout the world to bo "worth a guinea a box." The sunflower bears 4,000seed9, the poppy «2,000, and the tobacco plant 70,3'«!0. Miule to Look Like New. Dresses, Gent's Clothing, Feathers, GloviM, etc., Dyed or Oleanml, Plush Q"« > '"J>'J 1 V Steamed, at Olio notch's Dye Works,ail) W Water St., Milwaukee. Send for circular. The women physicians of Philadelphia are credited with receiving very largo incomes for their services. Some average $10,000 a year, others $20,000. MORNING. I .FEEL. > Nl* rH N E EW E AND'W,7COMPLEXION IS My rtootor »nys It nctn Rcntly on the rtwrmch, lljrij nd kldneyn. and IB a plci^nt loxBtlw. Tills drlnj nd kidney* nmt I . ade from herbs, and Is prepared for use as easllf STARS. They May i Vluw- Children of Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Soller Alloonn, l j ii. . fie Best Waterproof Coat * in the WORLD I BRAND oUlou, 110* llrondwuy »»y Uii «n» St., 8E8T POLISH IN THE WORU "If you would'not'mind putting in a word for me-:" ''With pleasure; and—who knows.'— by touching him on'the side of his vanity-" "You would bo doing mo a great service;"' .•'•'" Jacques Locarcl was not very much liked, and that for several reasons. In the first place, he had made his fortune too suddenly. It had come to him from the clouds, by the intermediary of a notary—oh! not of this village, but of a long way off, over the mountains—an Inheritance which had at once put him at his ease, and ho had increased this by dabbling in business. 'For all that he was closoflsted, spoke in a loud voice, swaggered in the street, drank heavily and had a following. When anybody wanted to unloosen his purse strings for a bowl of punch or •! bottle of champagne they knew on which side to: deal with him. A mo a ike hlm-tho king of the country! He wagged his head and allowed himself Hie thin"- 'liowever, was not so easy „ it had at first seemed to. be. When the name of Pierret was pronounced before Locard it evidently produced an minleasant effect on that person's Sve He disliked Pierret, that was Well everybody is free to like according to his impressions, — ••• an "It is false. Who has dared to say that?" .••-'. "Jftcques Locard, it is you who lulled old Pierrot! Assassin!" There are cries, groans. Locard has risen to his feet—lost, mad. He cluchcs at Ills cravat to tear it from his strangled throat. The voice still pitilessly continues—veiled, distant, ,as if coming from a tomb. It repeats, repeats, repeats the word "assassin." Locard falls upon his knees, raises, falls again. "I confess, I confess!" he cries. "Yes, it was 1 who killed the old man and robbed him, but let that horrible voice cease." It did not stop, but when on repeating its dreadful denunciations with the persistency of a machine hi motion. "It is the clock that speaks!" screamed Locarcl, seizing it, dragging it from its place, casting it upon the floor. The works were scattered, and in their nuust was seen a small cylinder covered with metallic paper. . Pirret, who had hoard all, sprang into the room through the open window and setecd Locard by the throat. "You arc all witnessess that this man is tho murderer of my father!" he cried. Murder Avill out; but men who take the lives of their fellow men for gain always think their cunning more than a match for proverbial wisdom. So thought Locarcl, and had not seven years' impunity justified his estimate of his own cleverness? No; it had only put lilin off the guard which tho immloroi 1 must never for a moment coaao to keep. ! Sonn nt Jililiilirlit \ ud from » Shiilt. The reason wiiy stars are visible at noon when looked for from a .shaft or well is that the eye is bettor able to regulate and decrease the admission of tlie rays of light through the iris to the pupil and from thence to the crystalline leus. The use of the lens is to collect and refract the rays of 'light, so that they may converge on the back part of tiie eye, called the retina. Saussure states that stars have boeu seen with the naked eye in broad daylight on the declivity of Mount Blanc at an elevation of 12,757 feet. The observer must be placed entirely In tlie shade, and have a thick and massive shade above his head, to prevent the strong light of the day from dispersing the faiut image of the stars. .These conditions are tho same as those obtained from tho bottom of a well or shaft. Both Had Eczema In Its Worst Form Sar- After Physician* Failed, Hoc a,'a aajxirllln 1'er.fer.tly (lured. Great mental agony is endured by parents who see their children suffering from dls- cases caused by impure blood v and for which there seeina no cure. This is turned to joy when Hood's Sar*aparilla is resorted to, for it expels Uio foul humors from the blood, 1 nnd restores tho diseased skin to fresh, healthy brightness. Read the following from grateful parents: "To 0. I. Hood & Co., Lowoll, Mui.t "He ll.lnk Hood's Hiinmpnrilltt 1. the most valu- nble medicine on the market for blood and nkln dls!™™. Our two children Buffered terribly with the Worst Form of Eczema j hj»totonB In that oil In curing them I DON'T GET SICK. This is advice easy to give, but hard to follow. The next thing is v j to add, when you do get sick, get) well again as fast as you can. Ihw is easy to do if you \yill take the right remedy. The winter is coming on, and you will take cold. You cnnnot, hi-lp it. Tn this case get a botfclo ol' ttuiu's GERMAN COUGH AND KIDNEY CUKE and take it freely. Do not be afraid of ifc,_ for it will not huvt you under any circura- stances. In fact, you can drink the, contents of an entire bottle without i injury. It will, however, cure your cold. This it does by exciting the excretory organs to resume their proper functions. When the kid- i neya do their duty, when the lungs are relieved of their congested blood vessels, when the skin opens its pores and the surplus water in the blood and some of the salts escape in .that manner as is proper, then your cold is cured, but not until then. This work is done by 'REID • GERMAN COUGH AND KIDNEY CTJBK. Get it of any dealer. The small bottles are 25 cents, the large one§ 50 centp. . Tn SYLVAN URUEDY Co , Peoria, 111. We recommend It is reported that as a result of the action of the board of directors of Union seminary, which revoked the compact made in 1870 granting the Presbyterian general assembly veto power In tho selection of professors, the heirs of ex- Governor Morgan, who gave $400,000 to tho seminary, and other parties, will institute, suit against the seminary for the recovery of moneys donated siuco the compact was made. Hood's Sarsaparilla Avenue, Altoonn, !'»• The police had utterly failed to track him rtowu—htul not oven associated him hi any way with tho crime—yet thero had b'ecii a detective at his heels, iis He. now saw with horror. ' . . A fow years in the army do one ol! two tilings—sharpens or deaden tho wits of a soldier; they sharpened Pierrot's. The failure In the police left in his mind a'deep and bitter sense of disappointment. ! His father had been cruelly murdered and robbed In the light of day —a kindly but undemonstrative man, respected by all his old townsmen; who was 'never know to enemy; who had many among'the number,! have made an friends—Locard Who but one of his friends could have known that ho had, by the merest accident of circumstances, tho whole savings .of his life in his possession that day in view of an advantageous investment to be completed on the ; moiTow that never came for liim? No strange could have known of this. No stranger? That idea haunted Pierrot's mind day and night and goadccl him to action. Stop by stop he pushed oil inquiry. Bit by bit he came upon tho history of all his fathers old friends and associates, and at length suspicion pointed to the sudden and vaguely explained uprising of Locard, nearly simultaneous with the old clockmaker's assassination. There was the murderer's false reckoning of chances; too eager for the employment of his murder stamped "•old he surprised his acquaintances py his ostentatious display of means, but Pierrot he provoked to make inquiry as to their origin. . Still the proof, the legal proof, eluded the young man's search, though he had come close enough to it to satisfy the Instinct of Ws heart, while the persistency with wWoh I^ord, who Jw4 hew $m almost daily -$4tW to hfc fttytf Sore throat and bronchia) affections are speedily relieved and effectually cured by the use of that safe and reliable remedy, Dr. Bull's Cough Syrup. It has stood tue tew of h»lf ft century. Probably the heavest rudder on record it that made for the torpedo boat Vulcan. It was forged in a single piece, aud weight twenty-two tons. . .. With Ely's Cream Balm ft child can he treated without yiain and with perfect safety. Try the remedy, it cures Catarrh. My son has been afflicted with nasal catarrh since quite yonng. I was induced to try Ely's Cream Balm, and before ho had used one bottle that disagreeable eatarrhal smell had all left him. lie appears as well us any one. It is tho best catarrh remedy in the market.—J. 0. Olmstead, Arcola, III. One of my children had a very bad dis- char'-e from her nose. Two physicians pro- pc'rlbeO, but without benefit. We tried Ely's Cream Balm, and, ranch'to our surprise, there was a marked improvement. We c.on- tinnud using the Balm and In a short time tlie discharge was cured.—O. A. Gary, Cor- Ap'ply Balm into each nostril. It is Quickly Absorbed. Gives Belief at once, iMca 50 cents at Druggists or by mail. ELY BROTHERS, 56.Warren St., New York. If we could penetrate the earth's surface to a distance of two miles we would find the place where water could not exist except in we ttaU of steam. Good for children as well as adults, Small Bile Beans. I'll !• cure liv.r Uln, conrtipaUoB, bll- iou^ne".;; fun"", .iok be*4«,£i»U*>Mo*. The; hypophosphites of lime and soda combined with cod-liver oil in Scott's Emulsion improve the appetite, promote digestion, and increase the weight. They are thought by some to be food; but this is not proved. They are tonics; this is admitted by all. ( Cod-liver oil Is mainly a' food, but also a tonic. In Scott's ;> Emulsion the ( cod-liver oil and. hypophos- phites are so combined as to get the full advantage of both. Let us send you a book on, CAREFUL LIVING ; free, SCATT ft BOWNB, Chemists, 131 South Jth ATM**, Greece is about as large M the state of Vermont. How Mr THBOAT HURTS! Tlien why dou'l you use HAHS'B HONBI OF HOKBHOOND A TAH? VJKH'B TOOTHACHE DROPS Cur* ID- one minute. The British Ules comprise no lever thau 1,000- Boporuto islands and islets, without counting mere jutting rocks or Isolated pin uncles, JTivvu You AstUwii? . BOIWFMANN, St, 1'iuil, Minn., wll .. , mail u trltil i>»eU»jr« of Bcliiffmuuu's Asthma srer. Gives instiuit re Gives instiuit re whore othev Curo/iw to jiny gufferer. lie! iii worst vases, and < . Jail. Numii this paper wul faend address CoJ- Hfim |« stamping Texas ftf GOT AMERICAN TIN PLATE. We carry large stock both bright and rotfing. They are rolled from test Amerittn iron by American labor and capital. They are unequaled for ductility and finish, They are superior to the same grado* imported from England. We sell them for leu mtney. We guarantee them to the f*Uett t» tent. We handle platei from snt diflero* American mills. STARKWEATHER & CO, Tin Plate Importer^ , ;;;'' 75 & 77 Buffalo st,, Milwaukee, Wfc OSBTOSH BflSiraS GOLLKrK cbool of SMani and Tpnfflif Unquestionably the Flntut, B*it Airmgtfl luaineis School In the W«it. He T*o»Uon> tudenti can *ntai at any tin*. E«n4 tec <" ular. W. W. DAGGETT, Proprfttw, OiktMlk, ( Overcome* resultsof 'iresBickHciduclie.HcatoreeCouiplcilon.HaTes Doctors* Bills. Sample froo. QAuirinj>Tiu.Co.,31VW.iGtn8t.,N.Y. Cures Constipation a vegetable compound, made entirely of roots and herb* _ gathered from the forests of Georgia, and has been used by mUlionj of people with the best results. It All manner of Blood diseases, from tho pestif eroua Jittle boil on your nose to the worst ca,ses of inherited blood taint, such as Scrofula, Rheumatism, Catarrh and Treatise on Blood end Skin Diseases mailed free, SWIFT Sr eciric Co.. Atlanta. Ga. >£ffM» r wuutjr. Kaelot* fM*»IS Of., Oerolwg, W ORTH DOUBLE THE MONEY. Send at once to JOHN SEBASTIAN, O. T. A. O., R. I. & P. B. R., Chicago, 111., and receive, postage paid, ho slickest deck of cards you ever bandied. Only PEN CENTS per pack, In stamps or coin. fy the blood, arc Bale aud eu'iicluMii the heat medicine known f or billyuB-. uoiia, constipation, dyuiupniu, '«"' breath, headache,menuu depression, paluful digenUou, bad complexion, oiid all dticojiw uuued by failure at the itomaoh, lirer or bowels to perform thalr proper fuuotien*. P«rnou» (fUen to or«r- iqrm imur ^Jated by taking oue «rt«r each meU. no -" - • *•' Di-uagUti, or »eut by until. i., KlTTpruae St., Now ™—•• veicetablr HIV with lieuiedies. Him ouroa many thousand ciiB';8 pronouucca nopolena. From «™t dose Byaap- tomS iwidly ditappeur, »na iu tuu lUys »t leaBt two- thlrdB oiI all sviuptoins are rcinovoa, 1H)OK ol tStimonUlT<2 miruculous cure, gent FKUB, Ten Days Trea'ment Furolstied Free by Mall. U. I. IL tIEtlII SOU. I""'" " Tt "'"" """" .aioiiBis, ».oj Tt8 adjudicating cl«lmi, rtfr «!»•». FIT FOLKS REDUCEI IJirw.. l"Uv< C<m»nmptl»e» »nd people wbo bare »e»k lungs or A»th- Con»umptlon. H hftt cured tttoutuadi. U lias not l»iur- «d one. It It not bad to t«k«. H IS tbo beet oougb nyrup. Sold everywhere

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