The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 30, 1891 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 30, 1891
Page 4
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B THE tTPPEB DES MOINESJ ALGONA* IOWA, WEDNESDAY, SE£T» 80, 1891* The Upper Des Moines. • BY INOHAM & WARREN. TVnn* of the Upper OM Jfolne*: One copy, one year 11.50 OBe copy, rtx months ".-> One copy. thre« month* 40 Sent to any address at above rates. R«nlt by draft, money order, express order, orjKJstal note at our risk. Hates of advertising sent on application. Card* of Candidate*. tYm SHERIFF—I am a candidate for sheriff. fcnbject to the action of the republican county WMirentlon, B. 3. HCJTT. FOR SuPRnjSTEMJKKT— I am a candidate for comity suerlntendent of schools. BERTHA CABET. Fan StTPBrn.vTE.fDEKT—I hereby announce inynelf as a candidate for the office of county superintendent of schools of Kossnth county, subject to the decision of the republican conn- tf convention. E. C. ANDERSON. FOR BupEriiSTESDENT—I am a candidate for the office of county superintendent, subject to the action of the republican county convention. B. F. REEU. FOR SHElirrr—I am a candidate for the office of sheriff, subject to the action of the dom- ocratlc county convention. A. C. SCOTT. A (Jood Tiling to " Keep Standing." The Carroll Herald says: "We notice the Algona Republican Is blowing about being all printed at home. We don't we that It makes any difference whether It print* the 'plates' It tmyB In Chicago or geU the Chicago house to do the press work. The young editor's printed labels asking exchanges to puff him up for his ' home print' venture Is exceedingly boylike and silly. It Is in strong contrast with Hro. Starr's conservative self respect. Imagine Harvey Ingham of THK UPPKH DES MOIRES thus asking newspapers for taffy and lots of it! The Republican with its shabby makeup and poor press work looks as tl run over by a prairie fire." their feid to an attempt to introduce tbe saloon into tbe rural communities of this district, and bring back the old yearl.r fights, the enmities of which hare not yet wholly died out. Dr. Bourne owes it to himself to state squarely where he stands, and his supporters owe it to themselves to see that be does it Tbe people are entitled to know what their candidates propose to do on this local option question, for it is the real thing at stake in this district. The republican platform is plain and unmistakable. Gor. Boies is leaving no doubt as to his attitude. What will Dr. Bourne do if he is elected? THE readers of the Courier were amused last week at tbe serious in-; dignation it poured out on tbe Britt Tribune for parodying its Axtell tax question. Although generally speaking the Courier has a fine sense of humor, it seems to have the common failing of not being able to see a joke when It is the occasion of it. It has not yet shown any just appreciation of its Judicious attitude in questioning Mr. Smith's standing- when so short a time ago Bro. Hinchon personally endorsed him all over the county. And now it grows earnest in trying to make *npport hhn for bis own merits. He i* sound on all the live issues of the campaign, and will be a staunch supporter of it* principles when in the lower boose." Tbe Cedar Rapids Republican: Senator Allison and Representative Dolliver are urged by the state committee of New York to come over and help the republican state ticket in this crisis. Fellow citizens of Geo. Van Honten regardless of politics have united at bis home town of Lenox to denounce the malicious stories that have been told about his business and borne. The protest is signed by business men generally, who all endorse Mr. Van Houteu as an honorable and popular citizen. This should put an end to the outrageous personal attacks made on him, nnd force his opponents to come up to an honest debate of political issues. The attacks upon the business integrity of Wheeler and Van Houten and their home life are a disgrace to Iowa. C, S. Platt of tbe News, last ThnrsdiT. We noticed while there many Substantial and fine improvements. Several very good are being built. Elevators are being erected, with new and expensive machinery. v An Elmore correspondent in tbe Post tells of a big Ledvard deal: The largest September delivery of flax we hare heard of in this section comes from , Ledyard. In early August the Dunlap \ Bros, contracted to deliver 10,000 bushels of flax in Ledvard for Chicago ' parlies at $1.04 per bushel. Tbe boys are threshing now and the prospects for furnishing the entire amount from their own fields is very promising. MICHIGAN PEACHES! OXK OK THE ISSt'KS. Congressman Dolliver addressed the largest audience of voters Friday evening which has gathered in Algona in late years. He also made the most effective political argument which has been listened to from him during his many visits to the county. The charms of his oratory which attract and hold auditors were not wanting, but they in no way detracted from tbe dignity or force of a clear and effective statement of the issues of this campaign. He eloquently, adequately, and .vigorously presented the case of the republican party. One point in his speech is specially worthy of consideration by republicans at this time, when the issues of the campaign are being so badly mixed by third party candidates that it is difficult to decide what anyone stands for. He explained the anxiety of the democrats to get votes in the coming legislature even if they have to support prohibitionists to do so. In Michigan they secured the legislature, redistricted the state, and then passed a law that presidential electors be chosen by congressional districts. A majority in the coming Iowa legislature could redistrict Iowa so its to secure all but four of the districts, and the Michigan law -would give seven democratic electors in 1892, although tbe state vote might show a decided republican majority. Another reason for anxiety for legislative success is the fact that all senators elected this fall will vote for a United States senator to succeed Jas. F. Wilson. Gov. Boies and MB immediate friends are discussing only local option, but the democrats are endorsing so many candidates who do not favor local option that the real end aimed at seems to be national political victory, to be secured through the services of any candidate who will assist in organizing the coming legislatue. While it will be conceded that it is all right for the democrats to adopt wbat plans they choose, it will -tit the same time be conceded that the republicans hitvc an equal right to see that they don't win if they can help it. Those who on national issues lean to democratic views will not bo alarmed at success in Iowa. But those who believe that the policies of the past three years should be continued, will be careful how they allow dissatisfaction over local matters to lead them to assist in " Micbiganizing" lowti. it appear that Mr. Smith's attitude is unknown, when thus far it has not published the platform on which he stands. How would it be to take the space now devoted to showing that the republicans are trying to keep in the dark on the issues, and devote it to the state platform on which they stand? THE UPPER DES MocfES gave equal space to the two state platforms so that its readers might know what is proposed. Mr. Smith stands on tbe republican platform, and what that means anyone who can read can understand. Will the democratic candidate defend the democratic platform? We venture tbe suggestion that the Courier will not find time from now to election to answer that question. THE Spirit Lake Beacon calls attention to the peculiar attitude taken by those who favor "farmer candidates." Its inquiry shows that strangely enough the farmer is only popular where he is against tbe republicans, and generally where the democrats are in a minority and unable to elect a straight-out party man. In the state ticket Wheeler and Van Houten are mercilessly ridiculed, though both are actual farmers and their opponents are not. Even in Emmet county, where a farmer and the head of the county alliance was nominated for the legislature by the republicans, the opposition have put up another man. For ourselves we take little stock in electing any man on any basis other than his fitness for office. Gov. Boies is just as good a governor now as be would be if he had come from the corn field instead of his law office. So was Gov. Kirkwood and so was Gov. Larrabee. But if there are any wbo honestly believe that farmers should be chosen to office over others, they should be consistent. The man who is honest in urging farmers for office must say squarely that Wheeler and Van Houten are entitled to a unanimous election. Until the democrats and third party men say that squarely their talk for farmer candidates is all humbug and sham. STILL IN THK UAItK. One of the most singular circumstances attending the Britt representative convention is the failure to adopt any platform or to make any declaration on tho issue of local option. There are other matters which are curious enough, but considering tho pronounced views of most of tho delegates on liquor legislation and Dr. Bourne's well known .record as a prohibitionist, the failure to take any stand on the real issue of tho campaign is certainly noteworthy. The reports of tho meeting at Britt do not show that the subject wus even mentioned. We havo therefore before lisa now political movement begun nnd carried to the point of getting candidates in tho Hold, with no grievances stated, no reforms suggested, and in the face of a proposed return to saloons by townships under our old local option law not one word of protest or concern. Gov. Boies is making this tho sole issue. Col. Clarke's speech will be circulated all through the district as a campaign document and It contains nothing else. Does Dr. Bourne hope to evade taking a position? Are he and those wbo -stand sponsors for his candidacy willing to place themselves in an equivocal position before the county? Wo shall be slow to believe that this is tho plan of campaign, and that men who have been life-long opponents of local option THE Courier reports the speech of J. E. Blackford at the Britt convention, and says: " He said he had been a republican all his life, but of late years had grown weary of the duplicity of that party and its subserv- iency to every monopoly. But ho had hoped this year that that party would in a measure redeem itself. There had been so much talk about protecting the interests of the farmers he thought the party would at least nominate a farmer for representative. But he was again disappointed." Feeling thus strongly about having tho farmer represented it seems a strange oversight that no resolution was adopted thanking the republicans for Wheeler and Van Houten. A convention so earnest in its desire for a farmer representative must have swelled with enthusiasm over the prospect of farmers in the two most important offices of tbe state—so much more important than the representative. Their thankfulness was doubtless so great that they overlooked entirely pledging a rousing support to the farmer candidates, but now that their attention is called to it they will no doubt sot themselves right. ' And now the Webster City Graphic wants D. C. Chase to answer a job lot of questions. And in Hamilton as here, the democrats have no man up to respond to anything, and there as here the democratic paper has not published the republican platform which is the official statement of the issues of the campaign. Senator Funk says of his opponent, C. C. Painter, that he has been a life long democrat until a year ago when he joined the farmers' alliance movement He adds: "Mr. Painter has lived in Westport township, the southwest town in Dickinson county, for a number of years. He is president of the county farmers' alliance, and has been a busy factor in the movement to take the alliance into politics. We have little acquaintance with Mr. Painter, but understand him to be well regarded among his neighbors. Though we have many abler and more practical farmers in this county, we are willing to admit that he ' has brains enough to go to Des Moines.'" The Estherville Republican truly says of the home print plate system: "A country paper is not improved by it". THE MOUTH'S MAgAZDfES. Scribner's Magazine for October Is led by tbe fourth article In the series on "Great Streets of the World." Mr. \V. W. Story, the eminent sculptor and writer, who has spent the most of his life In that city, writes of " The Corso of Rome," recalling Its medieval glories and giving many personal reminiscences of his sojourn there, with picturesque descriptions of the street as It exists at the present day, Its palaces, monuments, churches, and public buildings, and a vivid account of the carnival In its gayest days—the races of the Barberi and the closing night, when thousands of wax tapers are lighted and crrrled about the street. -*••*The opening article of The Century for October Is the closing one of Mr. Kennan's series, and Is entitled " My Last Days in Siberia." He describes his experiences among the Kach- ini-kl Tartars and the political exiles of Minu- sinsk, and with the '-plague guard" or quarantine, and narrates the journey by way of To- bolsk and Tlumen to St. Petersburg. The promised article by Hiram S. Maxim, the Inventor, on " Aerial Navigation" appears In this number, and considers particularly the question of the power required for aviation. Mr. Mazim discusses the philosophy of the subject and relates tbe progress of his experiments at Kent, England—all illustrated. -*•+St. Nicholas seldom publishes a number without some decided novelty. Here In the Octobet number we find an account of Margaret Bisland of "A Curious Relic," namely, a part of the figurehead of the old frigate " Constitution." Andrew Jackson was the figure chosen by some of his admirers, and one of his opponents stole the head from the bow of the ship. Its after adventures were curious, too. IN THIS NEIGHBORHOOD. J. Mathers of Algona has purchased the Ellis property and will move to Elmore this fall. Spencer Reporter: H. A. Sessions of Algona has been in town looking after his tombstone business. W. H. Dent of LeMars will contest with Senator Messervey of Cherokee for the latter's place in the senate. Mr. and Mrs. Blackford of Algona IOWA'S GBEAT HARVEST. Corn Crop Secure — Tie Ids of Other Grains Heavy— Io\rn'* Best Tear. DES MOINES, Sept. 26.—The corn crop is practically secure, and not more than the usual proportion will be soft or chaffy. The total yield will be beyond tbe most sanguine estimates made a month ago. The acreage in Iowa has undoubtedly been over-estimated; and of the amount actually planted there has been a reduction of five to ten per cent occasioned by flooding, hail, and wind storms, depredations of cutworms, etc. But making due allowance for all these drawbacks, this state will probably produce 300,000.000 bushels of sound corn this year. As nearly all other crops have been exceptionally heavy, the year of grace 1891 will score a record as the most bountiful all-around crop season ever known in the history of this state. The yield of oats will probably exceed 120.000.000 bushels, and the state will produce fully 20,000,000 bushels of potatoes. Republican County Convention. A convention of the republicans of Kossuth county, Iowa, will be held at the court-house hall In Algona on FRIDAY, OCT. 2, 1891, at 1 o'clock p. m., for the purpose of placing in nomination candidates for the offices of Treasurer, Superintendent of Schools, Sheriff, Surveyor, Coroner, and two Supervisors. The basis of representation will be the same as that of the last republican convention. Each voting precinct will be entitled to the following number of delegates: Township. Com. Vote. Del. Alpona— First ward Gardner Cowles. .05 4 Second ward B. P. Reed 83 4 Third ward J. B. Wlnkel... . 4fl 3 Fourth ward E. H. Clarke. 76 4 Burt John Kerr 73 4 Buffalo R. L. Lamoreux 24 ° Cresco O. A. Potter... . ofl 3 Fenton M.Welsbrod. . . 25 2 German H. Isenberger °4 " Greenwood S. Mayne 87 5 Garfleld M. Hayes. 13 " Hebron A. Goodrich 19 o Harrison John Bengston..l6 " Irvington A. L. Helton 71 4 LottsCreek N.C.Taylor . 16 " LuVerne i. p. Harrison....83 4 Portland E. Bacon 59 3 Plum Creek Frank Paine 50 3 Pratne J. Longbottom... 4 1 Riverdale M. O'Rourke.. .. P,7 •> Ramsay E. A. Howe 82 3 Seneca W. W. Alcorn....32 2 Swea c. A. Erickson.... 41 3 Sherman G. M. Parsons....28 2 Union S.D.Patterson.. 52 3 Wesley carl Oleson 92 5 Whlttemore N. L. Cotton 65 4 Total number of delegates "go C. M. DOXSEE, County Chairman. Are likely to be at their best within the next few A weeks. We expect to have a good supply. They willl be arriving nearly every day. We will be glad to furnish truit for those who expect to do canning. Get the CASH STORE prices before you buy. We are selling everything cheap. Fruits of all kinds will be cheaper this year than last. Flour has taken a very sharp advance, and will likely continue high till another crop grows, Call and see us. TQWHSENB & LAMGHDON. Now is the Time! To look over and make your selections from THE LARGEST LINE OF eating: Stoves The recent warm weather has allowed everything to vipeu. The only thing not out of the way of frost in Kossuth is the editor of the " home innards," and he is as green as ho was in the spring. and who know how it operates in "'e, will by silence aud evasion Tho Spirit Luke Beacon is out in a now dress but is tho "sumo old girl." There is no better edited or better looking paper in tho northwest, and none whose coming each week wo anticipate with greater pleasure. »——. The Corwith Crescent up representative matters and says; "Hon. John G. Smith of Algoua, the republican nominee for representative of this district, •was in our city for a few hours last Tuesday. Mr. Smith is making a quiet though earnest canvass in this campaign. The feeling throughout the district is growing in favor of his election. He is a man who inukes the right kind of an impression on those he meets, and upon acquaintance is honored for his. sterling worth. The district is thoroughly harmonized with Mr. Smith as the standard bearer, and he will have tho undivided support of the party vote, besides lend 1 numbers from the opposition ranks, who wont down to Livermore Saturday and spent the Sabbath with their mother, Mrs. Taylor and family. Estherville Republican: Miss Hattie Acres of Emmetsburg has accepted a position in Supt. Gooddell's office as stenographer and type-writer. Emmetsburg's school census shows 505, and the Democrat claims on it a population of 2,400. According to that Algona with 800 school children ought to have over 3,000. Speaking of S. S. Sessions and Sheriff Stephens the Corwith Crescent says: " Northern Iowa was well remembered in officering the state fair this year. Two were from Algona." Corwith Crescent: Miss Rosa Hoi- man of Algona was a guest of Miss Hattie Ferguson, over Sunday Miss Erickson of Algona was a guest of Mrs. Austin Webster, over Sunday. Emmetsburg Democrat: W. W. Hurd of Superior was in territory around Algona last week with eight land seekers, and located five of them northwest of, Bancroft. Those located were Peter G. Goldberg, Olo Nelson, Mike Dunn, Edward Sullivan, and John Baum- gardnor. Emmotsburg Democrat; Two Algona thieves came over to Emmetsburg, Monday night, and stole a couple of bottles of pop from one of our restaurants. They were not arrested...... The Algona papers have brought the Northwestern company to time. A passenger train has been put on that road. Emmetsburg Democrat: Whittemore is having quite a building boom this fall. J. M. Farley is making arrangements to build a large store building. Mr. Beatty is also putting up a store building, and Mr. Williams a new barber shop and billiard hall combined. This speaks well for the business prospects of our sister town. Corwith Crescent: We—the scHbe —spent the time between trains at LuVeane very pleasantly, with Ever brought into Kossuth County. The Garland Oak for 1891 is the leading stove this season. Call and see it and get prices. T also have over 30 SECOND-HAND STOVES, from $3 upward. Also Guns and Ammunition, Wood and Iron Pumps, Kean Kutter Kutlery, Glass, Scissors and Shears, Western and Wayne Washing Machines, Baker Barb Wire, Husking Pins of all descriptions, Heath & Milligan's Paints, etc., etc. I have a first-class workman,, and am prepared to do all kinds of Metal Roofing. Tinware repairing promptly attended to. (The accompanying illustration shows at a glance the difference between high and low prices. The short man is my representa- - tive. Keep your eye on him.) My goods are all first class. My experience of over 20' years in the hardware business has taught me that the best is the cheapest. Call and see them and get prices. The Grange Store. Gome and see the new designs in Fine Table Ware IOST. The Finishing Touch. In putting the finishing touch to your toilet do you always see that your shoes are in keeping with the rest of your makeup ? The shoes may be better than the other garments and still be appropriate, but if they are not up to the raiment in style and quality the effect is unpleasant. W. H. Goodger & Co, shoes stand on their merits. For sale by JAS. TAYLOR. His stock is infinite in variety, excellent in quality, and moderate in price. You will want rubber goods soon, and as we keep a very large assortment, and prices—well, you know they are always O. K. JAS. TAYLOR. -:- DO YOU WANT TO SEE -:- the largest and "best" line of ever offered in Kossuth county? on Henry Winkle. */ He has a complete line of those '' Wonderful " Riverside Oak Cooks and Ranges. A written guarantee with each and every stove. The Jewel and Radiant Home for hard coal base heaters. I have in all Hartae ! Wood and iron pumps, prepared paints, lead and oil, milk cans, churns, etc. Let me figure on your nail bills, iron, steel, and tin roofing, eave spouting, etc. Call and get prices, HENRY WINKIE, Algona, Iowa. $ i. j,» I tf. DEALER IN REAL ESTATE, Lauds bought and sold on commission. Par ticular attention given to care and sale of rea n o care an sae o real estate in Kossuth and adjoining counties. Act. for German Ins. Co., Freeport, 111. Passage tickets to old countries at lowest rates. DR. L, A. SHEETZ, Drugs and Medicines, Full assortment always on hand of drugs, med- cines, and pure liquors for medicinal purposes only. e.n.3. Stationery. F. L. PARISH'S Hardware and Tin Shop, Special attention given to all kinds of repairing, including Guns, Pumps, and Gasoline Stoves, etc. Am also prepared to put iu furnaces aud do plumbing aud gas-pipe attlug; AND IRON AND TIN ROQFINC. Prompt attention will be given to all work In. my line. Shop south of court house.

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