Herald and Review from Decatur, Illinois on July 22, 1999 · Page 12
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Herald and Review from Decatur, Illinois · Page 12

Decatur, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 22, 1999
Page 12
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B6 WEATHER Decatur, Illinois Thursday, July 22, 1999 Z3 Today Tonight saiuraay 7556 International Falls 8764 f( Portland----' - V rnaay ... Sunday " " Dining S 962 I Onrn Partly cloudy, hot and humid. High 95 Partly cloudy, warm and muggy. Low 75 Partly cloudy, hot and humid. High 95, Low 72 Partly cloudy, hot and humid. High 94, Low 71 Partly cloudy, hot and humid. , High 92, Low 72 ; As of ioon today V 'N VARockford . VS9272 v i. Y --vS S Chicago VVr ys - C Moline V ( S 9473 - ' ' Peoria i "X 95773 VlQuincy Dns Indianapolis l 9575 . . 9575 9471, V V Springfield 9675 V tseiievme 77 9773 W-rw s Carbondaler' V 9774 -vV St. Louis 9778 Forecasts and graphics by Chris Kuk, of Weather Central, Inc. Temperatures are highs today and lows tonight. Central Illinois Partly cloudy, hot and humid today. Highs will be in the mid-90s. Partly cloudy, warm and muggy tonight. Lows in the low and mid-70s. Chicago Partly cloudy, hot and humid today. Highs will be in the low 90s. Partly cloudy warm and muggy tonight. Lows in the low 70s. St. Louis Partly cloudy, hot and humid today. Highs will be in the mid- and upper 90s. Partly cloudy, warm and muggy tonight. Lows in the mid- and upper 70s. Southern Illinois Partly cloudy, hot and humid today. Highs will be in the mid- and upper 90s. Partly cloudy, warm and muggy tonight. Lows in the mid- and upper 70s. Extended Partly cloudy, hot and humid through Sunday with just a few isolated thunderstorms possible in the south. Highs will be mainly in the 90s. Full LastQ. New First Q. O0OCD Uu!28 Aug 4 Aug 11 Aug 18 1918 - In the Wasatch National Forest In Utah, 504 sheep were killed by a single bolt of lightning. Sheep huddle during thunderstorms and the bolt passed from one sheep to another. Wednesday, July 21, 1999 b Decatur High 92 (33C) Low 73 (23C) Precipitation 0.07 inches Total this month: 0.79 inches July average: 4.29 inches Sunrise today: 5:45 Sunset 8:19 Records for July 21 High: 106, 1901 Low: 49, 1944 Precip.: 3.07 inches, 1973 Central Illinois High, low and precipitation for 24-hour period ending 6 p.m. Wednesday: City Flora Hillsboro Mattoon Olney Salem Shelbyville Sullivan Vandalia HI Lo Prec. 95 74 0.00 95 ' 76 0.00 93 74 0.00 93 74 trace 94 74 0.17 95 73 0.00 92 73 0.00 98 74 0.00 Lakes Feet above mean sea level Clinton Lake Normal pool level 690.0 Wednesday's level ...690.3 Lake Shelbyville Normal pool level 599.7 Wednesday's level ...602.6 Lake Decatur Normal pool level 614.0 Wednesday's level ...614.4 CM Road Condition Reports Interstates Secondary Roads 1-800-452-4368 217-782-5730 f """ r Boise V ..... 9256 tr 1 T San 9467, Francisco t,)a 6755, , 'Y 3', Salt Lake :' Rftaj"ll . " N 9472 - S Omaha" . Chicago 9574 T p72 Cincinnati v ; !St. Louis - .J"" t I 9778 - r i 1 Lit isi(i! i - r tas .X i ". ! f r I - Albuquerque 8765 w ffr.' " N Bosfort f gaSf ' 8353 "Sll I M I. 8572 J 4 .Y'."!3S " tint. ' -i. i r iiubiiis Dallas 9576 r ' i ,T -v-w " Charlotte If ashington o.u. 1872 Fronts y y coid O Warm ' y Stationary ILJ y Occluded fl) Sunny .' Partly cloudy Cloudy' , X. (Iv ' Rain jJj& Thunderstorms Houston 9375 r X o? 7rl 9272 4 ! t ' V ? -viA unanao L V New 'l Orleans 19275 . Temperatures i i i i i i i ii i r Os Os 10s 20s 30s 40s SOs 60s 70s 80s 90s 100s Miami 9278 Forecasts and graphics by Weather Central. Inc. Copyright 1999 Albany Albuquerque Amarillo Anchorage Atlanta Atlantic City Austin - Baltimore Billings Birmingham Bismarck Boise WED 8353 8165 8566 5951 8972 8332 8673 8472 9356 9273 9362 8554 THU THU Aberdeen 6855pc Kiev 7860pc Acapulco 8875t Lisbon 8864s Am'dam 6556c London 6759pc Ankara 8455s Madrid 9363pc Athens 9171s Manila 8676t Barbados 8776pc MexicoCity7355pc Beijing 9077t Moscow 7460pc Beirut 8378s New Delhi 9079t Berlin 7259c Oslo 6456pc Bermuda 8776t Ottawa 8562pc Brussels 6757c Panama 8472t B. Aires 6041s Paris 7262pc Cairo 8877s Rio 8370r Ca'blanca 8773s Rome 8765s Dakar 8675t Seoul 8872t Freeport 8975A Stockholm 7360sh Geneva 7261c Sydney 5948pc Helsinki 7263r Tokyo 8369A Hong Kong 9382t Vancouver7157pc Jerusalem 8368s Warsaw 7560A Boston 7661 Buffalo 7861 Casper 9348 Charleston SC 9478 Charleston WV 9170 Charlotte 9272 TODAY 8665pc 8765t 9066pc 6252c 9272t 8468t 9274pc 8669t 9462pc 9572pc 9765t 9256s 8363c 8667pc 9658s 945t 9069pc 9372t FRI 8765pc 8966A 9165pc 6347c 93A72A 8770pc 9476pc 9070pc 9662pc 9473t 9564pc 9557s 8565pc 8668pc 9657pc 9376pc 9268pc 9473t Las Vegas Little Rock Los Angeles Louisville McAllen Memphis Miami Milwaukee Minneapolis Montgomery Nashville New Orleans WED TODAY FRI 9778 1 0276pc 1 0475pc 9375 9474pc 9575pc 7464 8662s 8563s 9576 9675pc 9574pc 9176 9876pc10078pc 9276 9577pc 9678pc 9279 9278t 9179A 8771 9071pc 9171pc 8169 9472pc 9271pc' 9173 9573t 9475t 9376 9373pc 9475pc 9073 9275pc 9376t Cheyenne Chicago Cleveland Columbus OH Dallas Dayton Denver Detroit El Paso Fairbanks Fargo Flagstaff Greensboro Hartford Honolulu Houston Indianapolis Jacksonville Kansas City Knoxville Extremes: High: Legend: s-sunny; 8658 9174 8564 9372 9275 9473 9061 8269 8368 5846 8766 7449 8659pc 9058pc 9272pc 9370pc 907 9170pc P ..c 9470pc 76pc 9675pc 270pc 9370pc 8759pc 9269pc 8868t 5844sh 9568t 7449pc 9062pc 9269pc 8970A 6049sh 9367pc 7648t New York City 7970 8572t 8873pc Norfolk 8276 8573t 9173pc Oklahoma City 9070 9473pc 9674pc Omaha 9576 9574pc 9572pc Orlando 9575 9474t 9375t Philadelphia 8768 8669t 9171pc Phoenix 10185 10884pc10778pc Pittsburgh 8564 8768t 8968pc Portland ME 7950 8363pc 8465pc Portland OR 6959 8258pc 7857pc Providence 8461 8264c 8566pc Rapid City 9461 9663pc 9365pc Reno 8148 8752s 8750s San Antonio 8974 9375pc 9478pc San Diego 7364 7266s 7365pc San Francisco 6757 6756s 6757s Seattle 6355 7556pc 7454pc Sioux Falls 8470 9472s 9470pc 8973 9171 A 9170pc Spokane 8055 8361 8566c 8766pc St. Louis 9581 8376 8673s 8674s Syracuse 8354 8272 9375pc 9575pc Tampa 9379 9373 9471 pc 9372pc Topeka 9777 9474-- 9372t 9376t Tucson 9676 9473 9675pc 9574pc Tulsa 9277 8873 9171pc 9270pc WashingtonDC 8474 106 in Needles, Calif., Low: 37 in Saranac Lake, N.Y. pc-partly cloudy; c-cloudy; sh-showers; t-thunderstorms; 8556pc 9778pc 8363pc 9274t 9775pc 9774pc 9676pc 8872t 8554pc 9576pc 8564pc 9176t 9674pc 9776t 9775pc 9275pc r-ran; sn-snoiv; -ce. College in your future? Explore the possibilities! Talk to RCC faculty about new programs! Richland Community College Tuesday, July 27 6 - 8 p.m. Shilling Education Center-RCC presents o RnancialAid o Career Planning o Child Care o Disability Accommodations Richland Community College o 875-7200 f DnlD fVVl Decatur resident ran for president twice By RICHARD S. EDINGER From H&R files Daniel Braxton Turney has given color to the faded pages of Decatur's history, but the years have clouded his achievements from present generations. As a candidate for the presidency of the United States on the United Christian ticket in 1908 and 1912, Turney was probably one of Decatur's widest-known citizens in his time Turney, a minister in the Methodist Church, was born in Shawneetown in 1848. He first lived at 1296 S. Webster St. in Decatur, but at the time of his death in 1926, he lived at 1396 S. Hilton St. The presidential candidate came from a long line of famous Americans. His great-grandfather, Carter Braxton, was one of the signers of the Declaration of Independence. He was also related to Henry Clay, the famous pre-Civil War statesman. Turney was nominated for the presidency on May 2, 1908, at the party's national convention in Rock Island. Four states were reportedly represented by 50 delegates, the majority being women. The popularity of the party among women was because of one of the principal planks in the platform woman suffrage. Although Decatur residents in 1908 didn't expect their fellow citizen to be elected president of the United States, they all enjoyed the campaign and had fun talking about Turney's chances. "Oh no, I don't expect Daniel Braxton Turney to be the next president of this country," his son rv w i.-' ft' . - George J. Turney, said at the time . "But, he might slide in through a possible slip-up," George said. "We all take it as a good joke at our house, and we never expect to do the honors in Washington unless such an accident should occur. Dad's ambitious, I know, and he might land somewhere some day." The presidential candidate's wife voiced her views, even though women were not allowed to vote at that time. In his letter of acceptance of the nomination to the United Christian chairman, Turney said, "The problems which confront our nation and the rest of the world can be solved by political and personal application of the Ten Commandments, the Golden Rule and the wise and paternal principles in the God honoring platform of United Christians." Turney advocated a reduction in salary of the president. There were apparently no sad hearts or statements conceding the election necessary in the Turney camp following the Nov. 3, 1908, vote It was two months before Turney's estimated vote could be calculated. But, on Jan. 11, 1909, the total vote was figured at a little more Daniel Turney Presidential candidate than 15,000. In a letter from the secretary of state of Utah, it was certified that 14,112 of Turney's total vote came from that state. The disappointing thing about the election was that only three ballots were counted for Turney in Macon County. Illinois cast 633 votes for the Decatur resident. An explanation of the large Utah vote was not given. This was especially surprising due to Turney's views the following year, when he organized the American Party. In February 1909, Turney and two other delegates held the first national convention of the party in Springfield. Its platform stated, according to its founders, that the organization intended "to sweep the Republicans and the Democrats and the Mormons and the Catholics out of the United States into Japan, Canada, Australia or Switzerland, or some other equally inaccessible place" Turney, who was nominated again in 1912 by the United Christians, said the convention h?d grown to 250 delegates representing seven states. Turney's name failed to get on the general election ballot because the party missed the filing deadline. Other activities of Turney included various writings. One of these was "The Mode of Baptism According to the Scriptures." His wife, Emma Virginia Oglesby Turney, died in 1937. Donald M. Turney, a grandson of the presidential candidate, was an impersonator of Abraham Lincoln. From June 5, 1966, paper CekMte W00 AJML ' Bridging the Past ssszzjz Willi the Future trc$tone Day by day July 22 birthdays: actor-comedian Orson Bean, 71; actress Irene Bedard, 32; singer Estelle Bennett (The Ronettes), 55; actor-comedian-director Albert Brooks, 52; singer George Clinton, 59; actor Willem Dafoe, 44; former U.S. Sen. Bob Dole, R-Kan., 76; actor Rob Estes, 36; actress Louise Fletcher, 65; actor Danny Glover, 52; actress Joanna Going, 36; rock singer Don Henley, 52; actor Rhys Ifans, 32; rhythm-and-blues singer Chuck Jackson, 62; director John Korty, 63; actor Patrick Labyorteaux, 34; actor John Leguizamo, 35; actor Perry Lopez, 68; fashion designer Oscar de la Renta, 67; U.S. Sen. William V. Roth Jr., R-Del., 78; folk singer Emily Saliers (Indigo Girls), 36; movie writer-director Paul Schrader, 53; actor-singer Bobby Sherman, 56; actor-comedian David Spade, 35; actor Terence Stamp, 60; rhythm-and-blues singer Keith Sweat, 38; game show host Alex Trebek, 59; singer Margaret Whiting, 75. CHECKLIST Keepin' out of trouble Items designed by Leonardo: 1. Cluster bombs 2. Toilet seat that closes by itself 3. Ball bearings 4. Alarm clock 5. Snorkel 6. Rotisserie 7. Life preserver (All were original designs or improvements on earlier ones) Source: "Leonardo the Inventor 2.0" CD-ROM (Softkey Multimedia Inc., Cambridge, Mass., 1996) NOTICE The Herald & Review strives for accuracy. Readers who think an error has been published are encouraged to call the Herald & Review newsroom at 421-6979.rWhen an error is found, a correction will be published. Herald & Review Customer Service Phone Directory Area code is 217 unless otherwise noted Mtn $rifctoFl Oefevery Servioe 4 Mevnfftiinil 3a Mm 4 .m-11 am. everyday 4nvi0r holiday fMrjr! C am wfcrftrya;7 a.m. Saturday and Sunday Far ddiii&ni ot hmtA. e&&m erf th HmiM a ft, 1 90O4S3 24T2 Cf ce hours: im-Spia Mon.-FnL OulWa Ptxsra Ordtersr a a m -5 p m M.m -Fr : A a m -oaon Sal Display Advertising 6 r -g p in Men 4-n 421960 4214&20 Cftoa hew: 8m-5pm Men -Fr Outatde PtXHie cats: S am-18 p m Mon-ftt.; 3 p ra-IC p.m. Sat, Sun 8firtri6td Capitol nam Uurefti Matt ran news bunoH 421-6979 Decatur: -ey13-X-?& 782-403 2i4 2210 82429S4 Uncut alary eorffM&ftt: CTy 0& Pfeolo reprtrttac ?te3rocrrsArcrire5 8 am-rcort Man -n. 550 it. acasss fss) Twrrnitifi ffe for ttm tkmt Local and pep aporta 421 071 4217. 421 U 7 421-7AM 421Sdir 475-7000. ert. B90O NeiM9tAd prioea. 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