The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 23, 1891 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 23, 1891
Page 8
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tlCTEK BJEB MOIKEB: AJbGQKA, IOWA, OUR Tfce Xlnff«<ni<fi Yearly BihfWf Open* To4ey with an *h« GrorcRds Are WsU Fat-sd wilto Varkrus fen TosxxKrow. g£PlY.23, 189L H. C. .4 of W«*8er wjUli the* SJ tas** Mflradajr So aiai . . . a»d C". E. OSeswa »as The finrt day of the fair opens wish a continuation of ifee wondftffol weat&er we hare been enjoyiBjf. Entries are ffyartBg to, and already enough fasl borwea are here So raake She two bij? races rery excising. Two more Kiel) day* a* frrfay will grire MS 'fee /air ever held in Mr*. S. E. Grore b*? fowa her *is?er at Clariots for the past few day?. Today wbiSe Joe SSoder was ero$?Ic# a bridge IB Prsffe Sowasfefp with &i* thpstfa'ing osacbiite eogioe tbe bridge twwfee down aad Mr. S*t»der was cassgbt in between soiae of the timbers. They bwrt him rerrbad bat not «erk«§iy. Markets: Wheat, t-5; oaK 3fe; barky, 3<£* Vte: Bax. 7*K rye, 7<te timothy , , fee; fcay. looee. SOS. bated. bogs. S4.1l>. Sir*. G. W. Eddjr if zxpxted boons iratd WiacoossB (hi* week. Omr pwd- nBaster i* ocHKiderabijr SwoiMiwi a* to who b« will get to wa#b isp Jibe dfebe* be has dirtied tip time hi* wife has . H. is all right r>:d man we so tell Mrs. Eddy bow y«i hare erjimz oo sice* *bft has been away. H. TsySor ba.* been on She «fc& !Lsl for She past few days. H»» bats been r/fo- Do kwp bi* ted. .ar/ase? on- i for Mr. Taylor ?o be. TB. Hop9tta# «*nS So Lawfer Last k So Sake charge of she railroad are Sbe bap- iS» age <SaH- taoSher aud ADYICR ?»fe* Xseft r**M <Rw* There E» iittJft fcxs&A siat *9dfisr tor jreazs wfs& aataeaSs "fetf! unu* easily be eatiwl ^jr S&e «se ef seta? ssaqite r*BB*«$jr. T&e fsffikwriaz- SacideB* wffi H5BS-- tra»: a My wtfif was. tresbtej wit& a pwa ra fcer sate 8Jae greater pars <sff 5Sse Sase f«r tfureeysar*. safiS cnred by C&arat»eciaia r s Bairn. I; 6as. f ithfeSr pergaaaeBMy •.luoJ 8ser. We bare alsu nsiaj CSaasber- Wm's COOTS Bassa$y wfeaserer sssdei aed fc«*P«*jfl-» rt **» B^ *%b» tuw* s—. *a_—. B* *-fc imfii^a ~ -^jr-ftt^um. ft*f^3*14^FJ^ 91 6ST"Z tetagre H to^be like besj ia •wars." SoM by F. W^ tbe P AM They Chin t* R._ Tin* H«ttrfate fpa-i CHwerner reasarks: En5rk-# w.-.-«? osade ail day yesterday and She officer* •»«;?»> kept tas-'v. ET- erybcidy Mem**! *o hare motethfngr So ftfcow, and a siireara of people called 'or cards. .The programme IA cot. oras- I tdf Ifriti day.*, but among She res* are the Sn» raws* tomorrow Mr. and Mr*. Li py petF^SiS of a si5?le girL in? from the 2I«t. Both child are doing- well: SJi» Bertha Carey was in our Sown today run ting wor schools. The workmen on She Catholic school Dou£<e »iit woo bare it enclosed i ready for tbe masons to begin worfe. LO VERNE. LL-VEKJTE, Sept 2].—Peter Thornp- ton took the train lawt week for Jack- aoo, Teon.. where he was called by teSe- gram to the bedside of a tick sister. John Mersoo of Renwiek was in town W**!B*«day on business. W. L. Stiver shipped 4S care of grain and 10 car* of hay from this point in She fa.*:!! month. L. D. Lovell is nursing a lame arm tfcia wfeek, caused by a board falling on Keneeot of LaPorte City and Allen Hummel of Waterloo are here liisiag She Butter-field boys and Irx»k- mg for land Jo buy. S. C. Plati u having hi* building raided two fees off from the tills, which - ,5 make the tower room with a 10 foot " will help the looks of the preixsraSiccs feare prorai, io ossr own Jam- Mr. *iJ S2s»« S&er da&B to l». We refer to C&aaabertaSn'* CWfcv, CSoBera. and Diarr- &«a Remedy: We Stand op for «jls avsdi- aaebettMae we Bare tested it. TtjJsfonot aa adrerftmaaent for ?&e as-tJiciae. taj i» tar JesSiEBSoj- resranjiaz- it 'aftpr a ' " fc/F. W. a*? of is will It Win PT»T«I» feaa ezp«ri«n«e in 's Coago Betnedj tbal say* M. . . Iwa. Tliwjr also add that.. 5fc-e Keraedjr has eireo fEreat *a«i*facsin<a In •feaS Ticioisj-. aad the? betiere it the !>5s» ia 5&« scarlet! feup siireaJ acd IQE« diseases. St. Psrtrick'x pm f prepared frees sfce best ma- Serial* a&d tccfjfdaag So tie smou; apjvir>r«>3 fortnala. and are tie EO«SS ps' aiM iUTer pili made. S&!d by matin/mm FARM LOANS. Having secured the agency of the New England Loan and Trust Company, I am now prepared to make farm loans on five to ten years' time at the lowest possible rate, with privilege of partial pay«•_•.«.««.,. t.—.f—._—,. _j y^nc* _ *••*« • « "*• »"~ * _ . * > STATE OF IOWA. KOSSCTH rrn-ir»*> * ments before due. Office over Chrischilles' store, Algona, S. S. SESSIONS. Successor io J, J, Wilson, Office and Yard on- Dodge street, south of State, ALGONA, - IOWA. ot '6f be forrrer esteonerf *ntt »»^--i Sr^ *~* or StiTtnz auj" fa tbose oMalnliiz fcalf of f&e s. 10. and tbe ___. «oaii«a«i quarter of Section ib .11 ^ T^msMpgiBaE^ 27. nT&MrtS SL^ Iowa, apoo whfcli toad saMa^SrSrS Wi^iSSsysi^gwKSSS or »U WHITE, Agent. afternoon. Judging 8fce hordes •done by .Mr. Cha.*. BartBett of Elgin. •!!L, who ara* *wur«d by Ms-. C^ E. I/iwfAcrf Irvington. and who is said sol F s 4rj one of She hjss4 horsemen fa Illinois. ''"""' The horM- exhibit wfEl be a credi; :o <Jse county. Tliur*d»j-'» Jiace*. Following i* the programme of raee* for tomorrow afternoon. Thfe track L* Are Ton AJlre To the importance of keeping up wish the times? If so, subscribe for thai newsiest and best of metropolitan weeklies. The Sioux City Journal. In order to give this paper the widest possible circulation _ the publishers bare made the folloTring unprecedentedly low pric-is, from thi* date, for She campaign: Single copies to Nov. IB. 1891. 25 cents: clubs of five or more to Nov. 16. 1S91. 3) cents each. Sample copies free. Address Perkins Bros. Co.. Sioux Citv. Iowa. Dariag the epidemic of Ea grippe last season Dr. King's Xevr Disocivery for coo- snmpsioo, coaj-bs, and colds provpiS so 5y» Jhe best remedy. Repcrt* frona tbe many who used H confirm this etatement. They were not only qmickly reliered but She dis | ea*e left DO bad after resnlSs. We ask to try this remedy and we guarantee that yon will be satisfied with resulss or the parc&a*e price will be refanded. It has no equal in ia grippe or any throat, chest, or lung tremble. Trial botUes free at L. A. Larp; hxj«!es, -50c and fl. 2 ifr. Cad veil of Fort Bodge was in f town on busin^sse. Ninety acd 92 degrees in the shade is what make* tbe farmers fee! good these iays. Is i* the making of the corn *op. Let the good work so on and tfcere wiSl be many a happy' s-oul this winter. Wm, Fronk and wife of Annawan. It I. are here rtgiting vritb F. H. Patton s and other old friends, and while here wiil look after a farm to buy. The school children had a *urpri*e party at W. L. Nivers last Friday. There wa* a pit-nicat Leslie Barton's, uver u_ MrtnSn^' the Prin5aiT ' K * 001 ^ man -" " J ^-"G^ne7, hardware dealer, 1 -S,™; . .T- »Mn« town, »ays: " Electric Bitters is just ^ne foot-race at Livermore, Saturday, f the thing for a man who U all run down een tbe L«Verne champion and j ?" d df/Q! j ^^ whether he lives or dies." .B Vf*t*Trnf**r*~ mnTt «E-. .-r,tf.f.i -t ^ -t ; *_ | Hft lODTIQ TlffW atl*<*TlO r fH lff^^\ ui-ii-.^>**»<-. nn ^ Bundles the best of all descriptions of BUILDING MATERIAL Which induces everything that is possibly needed for the construction, of any thin g from n picket fence to the very finest re*-idj>nre. WE MEET ALL COMPETITION. Come and give «.s- u chance to figure your bills, and we will prove thai this is not merely idle talk. ORIGINAL NOTICE. IX THE DISTRICT COCBT OF *-~- r ***"j- « r -»"e-^^v^,«' Wataon. plaintiS, r : ant. To H«nr WaJsoa. (S^tendant: TOT ^"a^^^rnhSfta^ .-uu-u-w -rf. »•«-,. V»T;»I» Oi BAIQ ftrmr^ *.B*.I«—,«_._ _» J"oa_a diroroe from t6e fcondsof * " "«rael and inbnmaa GEO. E. CI^tHKE. Administrator's Kotice of final PftsL or "«"«<>" of the ator»- : Ton SOT h«rebjr notified this on or before the first dar of October 1891 said «ecotor will me with the cM^rfftl dm** f^ 11 °v f ?^f^. h «K"*r. Iowa, his final ir^on S^lfJ ,*? ^ Charged: and yon are fnrSeJ Sl5^?.i bat «^ u , °W«aon» thereto mast b? Sled with saJd clerk on or before the Erst day in Eosstth county. *sr. 1S91. or «aid saia «ecator dls nds released. c. a HTJTCHDTS. Executor NOTICE OF PBOBATE OF WILL M. Z. GKOVK. Happy Win. TSramons. posimaste-r al Idarille. IneL, '.irriJes: 4 -Electric Bitters has done more for me than all other medicines com- omed for ibat bad teeling arising from kidney and liver trouble." John Leslie, fann- and stockman of same place, says • " Find Hectric Bitters to be the beat "kidney and aver medicine: it made me feel like a new THE BnURCO. IB fine eoadisiw,, Ie/t &, fa- !ft e r-.-c,.. rzalaq nnftetin^', and mine'rare sjjort 5 Koreity Race—Parvr, *tB; for hoi wsyKftfl in the cwjfjsy; erslranw; /re*; i lance, 1J^ mile*-. 8r»t ha!/ mile walk' i <md trot, third rwr.. Rafisicjf Ka/*-Pur*'r. *3T, : f f>r borwri owned in lae><wjn;y, tbonyu^bbreids barred eritraoce Jrwr. flve U< eoter, thnn',- tcj sum'; prarse $)•>/ entrance 10 j»er cent. Bicj-cle liaces—I>crw, *!0; entrance free Krlday'n rrogramme. Among the attractionis for Friday i promised the big frcfc-for-aH-trottinc race beside* other nicfra, including a chain pionsh i p foot-race. It i,H MOW expected that Hon. J. P Doliiver will make a 30 minute farw talk on the grounds, to be free of poll It cal references. This will a/Tord all an opportunity to hear him. ° There will be a parade of prize stock which will prove a great attraction. In General, Music will be furnished all the time aud side attractions will abound. Sec- crotary .Sessions ha« had more application* than ever be-fore for the admis won of attractive novelties, and tho grounds will be filled with them. Nothing but bad weather can prevent tho biggt-bt success and a most enjoyable time. FROM THE OOTOTY TOWNS. WESLEY. WKSLEY.Sopt. 22.—The warm weath- <jr for tho past few days has helped the corn crop out in good shapo in this part of the country. Farmers are feeling ij.lite jubilant over tho prospect of a i airier big crop. B. P. Heed WHS in our town Monday, Hen. says he will be a candidate for superintendent this fall. Our schools aro progressing nicelv. Our teachers are going to take in tho Mights at the fair ono day this week. Our farmers are making good uso of thin fine weather by making their hay. C. K. Oleaon arrived homo from Chicago last Friday. No doubt we can expect to see a large stock of fall goods to arrive soon. G. W. Daniels of Corwith was in our town Saturday on business. He reports times lively in our sinter town across tho way. We noticed a young couple of our town tho other day trying to kiss one another through the the screen door. This may be all the stylo now days, but when wo were boys and girls together wo always opened the door, providing tho old man waa not around. Mrs. Yorker has recently purchased »lo-t from Mr. Colby and is erecting a heat and commodious house on it. Mrs Yorker intends to make Wesley her permanent home in tho future. Will Reed o! Corwith was in our towu Sunday. The school board of the independent -----•->... » M ^_ AJ.J F ^»i ii'i CDiiHJpiuil <£QU I ,-, -. , . .-^, M . v,,^ U4 ujco. She Livenuorfc man was decided in favor ?f I ! ma ^ " ew strength, J? r -*d appetite, and L«Verne. Xezl Saturday the same ' - • } ™~ - be - bad - a ne5r Iea3e of life - m-:n will ran at LuVerne. .Mr. Leroy Barton of Humhx>ldt ea»me up Saturday lo spend Sundav with his folks. One hundred and one in the shade on Sunday. Thi* is what they call summer I guess*. Mr. John Coliemoo of Kenwick 3un- dayed al D. Rahm's. Haying ia about all done in this section. LOTTS CREEK. LOTTS CREEK, Sept. 18.—Everything- fa booming out our way, even "to the wind. Corn is coming to the front rapidly. E. C. La»hbrooJos has the boss crop; he *ay» he will have 2,000 bnah- el-i from 27 acres. Haying is almost finished, and threshing is going on at i —. u~.-4.uf, *tt 6 V *"» VH at, a lively rate. Will tell you about the big yield when it is turned out. BUFFALO FORK. BUFFALO FORK, Sept. 22—The ladies aid society will give a cap and tray social at Mrs. P. J. Fowler's, Saturday evening, ;Sept. 2C. Proceeds to go to Doane M. E. chapel. Supper 25 cents a couple, Come everybody and enjoy a good time. Public Sale of Vine Stock. We will offer at public auction, Friday, Oct. 2, J891,at "Prairie Lawn block Barm,"commonly known as the J. B. Jones farm, three miles southwest of Algona, Iowa, the following property: One hundred and forty head of registered Short-horn cattle, consisting of the entire J. B. Jones herd of cows, heifers, bulls, and calves; 30 head ane Poland China hogs; two good work horses and harness. Also the hay and feed on said farm. Terms of sale: Approved notes running one year, at 7 per cent., on all sums of $10 and upward. A discount of 3 per cent, will be made for cash. This will be a splendid opportunity or the farmers of Kossuth and adjoining counties to Improve their stock by purchasing from this fine herd. H. B. CUNNINGHAM & Co. JOHN- SCOTT, Auctioneer. 25t3 Sioux City Corn Palace. C. M. & St. P. Ry. will sell tickets to ho Sioux City corn palace and return or $1.28, selling Oct. 1 to 17 inclusive. The Sioux City Corn Palace. On account of the Corn Palace, to be leld at Sioux City from Oct. ] to 17, he Chicago & Northwestern Railway jompany will, on frequent dates, sell excursion tickets to Sioux City and re- urn at the very low rate of one fare for ho round trip. For fuU information as to dates of sale, etc., apply to agents if the Chicago & Northwestern Rail- vay company.—2613 JAS. A. ORB, painter; will do paint- ng, paper hanging, kalsomining, etc., n the latest and best styles, and guar- ntee satisfaction. See him and get n'ices before letting your work. - — •- /—"- *.»»w- »*w uo«j a »»i;»it lc<ia<r Only 50c a bottle at L. A. Sheets.' Bneklen's Arnira Salve. The best salve in the world for bruises, cut*, sores, ulcers, salt rheum, fever sores tetter, chilblains, caapped hands, corns and all siin eruptions, and positivelv cures piles or no pay is required. It is guaranteed to give perfect satisfaction or moner refunded Price 35c a box; sold by Dr. "' " JOHX GROVE. Livery, Feed, and Boarding Stable. West of ThoriE^oa Ho M. ?. GROVE, Manager. T^TTTrv T /^or-kO r ^n now make loans on improved lands, trom one to P d-l 1 1 I 1 ^( )H I IS S ten rears time ' and ^ ve th « borrower the privilege of v -*-^- L - t * J-^v^U4.J.J>-J . j paying the whole loan or any pan thereof in even 1100 at any date when Interest falls dne. This is Iowa money no second mortzase r,r cm™*. «!„„ TJ^ p!an of ma}dEg a loan ^yj enable the ^ c the amount paid. Money H. HOX1E. Algona, Iowa. perfect title. Call on or address AVatertown Boots and Shoes. I have just received an invoice of the above make, consisting of Kangaroo. Calf, and Dongola Kid, both for ladies' and gentlemen's wear. Having had 25 years' experience in the manufacture of boots and shoes I can with confidence assure my patrons that for quality of material and style of finish these goods have no superior in our market. Prices to suit the times. JNO. SHARP. South Dodgt-8t., Algona. 18 DON'T miss the 'riduy, Oct. 2. short-horn sale on TUB Prairie Lawn herd of short- orns will be sold on Friday, Oct. 2. A OKAND Fair dance at the i-ink, set- nd night ot the Fair, Sept. 24.-2ot2 LADIES call and see our new stock of all millinery. E. Reeve & Co. A Fatal Mistake. Physicians make no more fatal mistake than when they Inform pat ten Is that nervous heart troubles come from the stomach and are of little eonsequenee. Dr. Franklin Mllei, tbe noted Indiana specialist, has proved the contrary In his new " Disease," which mar be had bw who Pwranteea and recora- .wv. UDWjualed New Heart Cure, which has tbe largest sale of anj heart remedy in Ibe world, it cures nervous and organic heart disease, short breath, fluttering, pain or tenderness In the side, arm or shoulder, Irregular pulse, fainting, gmwherlng. dropsy, etc. His Restorative Nervlue cures headache, fits, etc. '> » How to Sntteed. This Is tbe great problem of life which lew sat- tefactortlr soh'e. Some fafl because or »oor health, others want of luck, but the majority from deficient grit-want of nerve. They are nervous. Irresolute, changeable, easily get the blues and " take spirits down to keep tbe spirits up," thus wasting mcney, time, opportunity and nerve force. There fs nothing like the Restorative Nervine, dls- covered by tbe great specialist, Dr. Miles, to cure all nervous diseases, as headache, the blues, nervous prostration, sleeplessness, neuralgia, St. Vltua dance, fits, and hysteria. Trial bottles and fine book of testimonials! free at P. W. DIngley's drug Miles' Nerve and Liver Pills Act on a new principle—regulating the liver, stomach, and bowel* through tbe nerves. A new dig eoyery. Dr. Miles' Pills speedily cure biliousness- bad taste, torpid liver, piles, constipation. Dn- equuledformen, women, and children. Smallest, mildest, surest! Fifty doses 25 cents. Samples free at F. ff. DIngley's drug afore. f of fAIR-BANK .jKOSSUTH COUNTY, S3. --•• •»»*. «-u^?u *%,«• Coort. .*. ?^. Uwhom L t "**? concern: Take notice that there was filed In the offlce of the clerk of the district court of Kbssath conntr, on the 2 ,th daj of Angnst, 1891, an instrument bear ingdate the 7th day ol March, 1891, and car- porting to be the last will and testament of C Henry Munch, late of &aid coaiity, deceased, was produced and publicly read bv m* and that the second day of the nest term of said court, to be holden on the 13th day of October the court house in Algous, aforesaid has been fixed for proving said will; and at •» o'clock p. m. of the day above mentioned aS persons Interested are hereby notified and required to appear ia said court and show caose if anyrtbey have, why said Instrument Should not be probated and allowed as andfortfrr last will and testament of said deceasrd. Dated Algona, Iowa, Aug. 27,1891 A. A. BRCSfSON. Clerk of the District Ctrart. TAX SALE NOTICE. To J. M. Morrison: Yon are hereby notified that on the 3d day of December. 1SS8, the / treasurer of Kossuth county, Iowa, at a tax/ sale held at the court house in Algona, in said? county, sold the followine-described real es-'' i tate, situated in said county, to A. D. Clarke for the delinquent taxes thereon, viz: The undivided three-eighths of the east half of the northwest quarter ol Section 3-i. in Township No. 100, north of Range Xo. 2S west of the 5th P. M., Iowa, for the taxes of 1SS7, and that the certificate of sale thereof has been duly assigned to the undeosigiied, who is the owner and holderthereof;: and that the right of redemption will expire and a deed be slimed by the treasurer of said county convevins; said premises to the undersigned in pursuance of the statute in such cases made and provided, unless redemption from such sale be made within ninety days from the completed service of this notice. Dated Algona, Iowa, Sept. S. 1S91. ,. „ GEO. E. CLARKE. ~* w Holder of Certificate. OEIG1XAL NOTICE. EN THE DISTRICT COURT OF THE STATE of Iowa, in and for Kossuth Countv.— Octo' plalnti3 ' MADE ONLY BY NJCTAIRBANK&CO. CHICAGO? Republican Hally at Swea. At the Center school house, Sept. 25 at 7:30 p. m. Hon. O. C. Peterson will discuss the issues of the campaign in the Swedish and English languages. Mr. Peterson is a talented speaker and DO one should miss an opportunity to l)ear him. State: University The Several Departments wffl Begin th Year 1891-92 on Sept-16. Each department is thoroughlv equipped for efficient work, and no pains will' be spared to afford students the best possible opportuniti to pursue their chosen lines of study: For par ticular information as to the respective de partments, address as follows: Collegiate— Charles A. Sehaeffer, president « a mty» ;~ : ^ In!in McClaln. chancellor, Iowa City Consumption Cured. An old physician, retired from practice, hav HE had placed in his hands by an East India missionary the formula of a simple vegetable remedy for the speedy and permanent cure of consumption, brozichltis, catarrh, asthma and all throat and lung affections, also a posi! live and radical cure for nervous debility and all nervous complaints, after having tested its vonderful curative powers in thousands of cases, bus felt It his duty to make it known to bin; suffering fellows. Actuated by this motive and a desire to relieve humau suffering, I will send free of charge, to all who desire it, this recipe, In German, French, or English, with ull directions for sparing and using. Sent >y mall by addressing wlfh stamp, naming l^P^r. AT • A. Noyos. HwO Powers' Block Iowa n aty~ A ' O. Hunt, M. D., dean of faculty, h ' G " dean nv, departments are reasonable. Cost of board in private families, $3 to «5 pe. week ; in clubs, 11.50 to 12.50 per week. address gUCS> ° r '° r genera) Information, CHAS. A. SCHAEFFER, President. English Spavin Liniment Amoves all hard, soft, or calloused lumps or blemishes from horses, blood spavin, curbs Pllnta, sweeney, ring bone, stifles, sprains, all . w . l i 1 , l » n J. hr ?ats,etc._Save»50 by use of on* Iowa State Normal School CEDAR PALLS, IOWA. A Technical School for Teachers, Established, supported, and supervised by the State of Iowa. Sixteen Specialists in the Faculty. More than one hundred candidates for frrad- latinn tho ™ m ir,,, *„>,„„, yeari students are course is completed. State certificates by law to graduates of the school. ~ catalogued the year when the locates granted Write tor HOMER H. SEERLEY, Prost. Dr. Hathaway. D. H. HADLCy. M. D., Asslatant. ,^^ (Regular Giadtutej. BegUiezed.) TIM L««ciln« •p«o<«il»t of the WeM. frlTate, Blood»8kla tad HerrottDiMuej. ^^^ta^B^^^_^ "N&fe^ \ who by their own act* or Imprudence or fol- Jr uffer from Her- TOO* Debility. El- bkutinff dnint open the taunitlni ot ufe. To Edwin Moore : You are hereby notified that there is now on file in the office of toe clerk of the district court of the state of Iowa. in and for Kossnth connty, the petition of plaintiff in the above-entitled cause, praying that she be granted a divorce from the bonds of matrimony on the ground of desertion; and that unless you appear thereto and defend on or before noon of the second day of the October term, 1S91, of said court, which will commence at Algona on the 13th day of October. 1891, default will be entered against you and judgment rendered thereon. „ . , S. S. SESSIONS, 24 ^ Atty. for Plaintiff. the . .J manhood. ._— conraic iba celebrated Or. Bathaway at once. E«member nerrou dt»- eaiei (with or with- S at dream*) or de- Ulty and low of cerre power, treated iclentfflcaUT, by new methods, with great iucceat . It maket no differ* 'ence what you hara taken or who has failed to core you. ADMINISTRATRIX' NOTICE OF FINAL REPORT. IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF Geo. J. Lawson, deceased. To all the heirs or creditors of the above- named estate: You are hereby notifled that on or before the 13th day of October, 1891. said administratrix will file with the clerk of the district court of Kossuth connty, Iowa, her final report, and ask to be discharged; and you are further notified that all objections thereto must be filed with said clerk on or before the first day of said term of said court, which will convene and be holden at Algona. in Kossuth county, Iowa, on the 13th day of October, 1891 or said report will be approved and said ad- ministratrix discharged and her bonds released. SUSIE LAWSON, Administratrix. •«•»««-• DlgCRABOES . „ —» METHOD*. L Free contuiutton at the office or by nun. I ISraS SBgS«!2! J*2 S^ESs-n. W ANTED SALESMEN; Local ^ 1N . A J - ^ and traveling to represent our well-known house. You need no capital to represent a firm that warrants nursery stock true to ^ TOn naiae. tarWorkalHhe year; »100 a month to the right man. Apply ouick. stat™B a S e - L. L. HAY i CO.. Nurserymen, Florists, and Seedsmen, ,_., . ST. PAur^ HIKN. (This house is responsible.) 23t* SBU« Unit fortun.i hire bun nudnt wort for u«, b.T Aunt P«re,.AuMia, T tl»l, «uj Jno. ttonn, Tolnlo. Ohio. f« cut. Olbini»Joiiirai>tcU. Whr » ,io..r. » loulh. You c«n ID Iht irotk u4 !)>• i homt, wherever romre. _ inner« «rc <«i!ljr firtiinj *10«d«jr. «> ,ha» /ouholt •nd iurt y.Ki. t«n work in ttMtn Urn* or ill th. lliiic. Hlj tton.j ^t »ort- er*. KAiUr* »Bkun\rn imont tatm. NEW ni<l mtwltrful.i-trtlculirt Art*. . - FURNISHED— 7- A * SEVEN PER CENT. INTEREST. At Kosauth County Bank. Apply at one*. f.EGAL BLANKS— , Bu X taei n at the Upper !><?s Moinesottce and get the most approved forma. K IDD'S GERM EHADICATOR" PO3I- tlvely cures all diseases—because it kills all germs, bacteria, parasites, microbes, and anlmalcnltein the syswm. which the prominent physicians in convention agreed was tl» cause of all disease. The air, water, vegetables and fruit are full of these little worms, oauslng catarrh, consumption, diabetes, and •i g v ? dlse ase> cancers, tumors, and all so- called incurable diseases. (Never known to fail to cure consumption, catarrh, kiduey troubles and syphilis.) Retailed in *3, M. and SI. zes -sent anywhere- on receipt of price. This is the only genuine- article; all others are dangerous counterfeits.. Dr. Shestz issues guarantees to cure all ailments for Kidd's Germ Eradicate? for th* manufacturers ONEY TO LOAN— ON RAIUBOAD JU to borrow Count) mou.*? on « w K. i«t«« their coawv^cts,

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