The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 9, 1892 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 9, 1892
Page 2
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TttK UPPER Dm MOINES. ALGQVA IOWA. Switzerland Is building its first sugar refinery. The public debt was decreased $105.- j -130 in October. The Indiana democrats and proliibi- Cakebread is said to have recent- j tionists make a dicker, made her three hundroth appearance > r|i t ,,, catbolic cardinals have died dur- the London police courts. She holds j,,,, t | K , nns t ten months. George C. Stebbtns has gone to Ire- the London record. land to assist Mr. .Moody. Palestine is about one-fourth as largo York. The largest greenback extant is a $10,000 bill, and only one such note has , been printed by the government Of' !IS tll(> • <s ™ 1c ot .-_ tlie $5,000 bills, tlie next largest, there' An attempt was made to bum the are seven. Star Theater at Cleveland, O., Tuesday. Tlie bank of O. II. Holloubaek at Auburn, Cal., failed Monday. Liabill- Ilev. Father Palladtus, the famous Russian missionary, has brought out. after twenty years of labor, a Chincse- Russian dictionary hieroglyphics. containing 11,008 Among the congresses to bo hold in connection with the Columbian exposition will be the "Congress of Missions." which occupy eight days, September 1017,1893. The homeopathic physicians of New York will petition tlie legislature to enact laws prohibiting the marriage of persons tntuVu by heiedity with cihue, Insanity or disease. The state certainly has a right to protect itself along this Important line, but a law of the kind would be much more easily enacted than enforced. Where so many very good laws arc already dead letters it Is scarcely worth while to pile up more. Judge PI. "W. Blodgct has placed his resignation from tlie bench hi the hands of the president. The action was made necessary by the appointment as a member of the Bchring sea commission, but It Is none the less regrettable on that account. The judge was too modest when he said: "I thought it time, after .twenty-two years of service as a district judge, to retire and make way for younger blood." The physical Infirmities incident to age may be bearing upon him, but It can be truthfully said of him that intellectually his eye is not dim nor his natural force abattcd. The Paraguayan government is offering largo premiums to immigrants who will engage Sii agriculture, and is so generous in this respect that it is likely to attract a population from overcrowded portions of Europe. The climate of Paraguay is admirable, and there is no reason why this South American, country should not develop into greatness. North American can have but kindly feeling in tlie matter. It has reached the stage where it does not sock im- migraaion. ties, $04,000. All the officers of 1)10 national W. C. T. U. are re-elected, including Miss AVillard, the president. A three per 'cent dividend has be?ii declared oh American cotton seed oil, payable November 10. Thus far twenty-one bodies of persons drowned in the Houmnnta disaster have been recovered. A manual of Christian Endeavor principles is to be printed in the Armenian and Turkish languages. A tramp was killed and three train men Injured in a railroad wreck at Dispulana Station, Va. diaries Biles of Minneapolis has been arrested at Ilacine. Wls., for passing a forged checE for $1,050. Tlie senate has decided to petition Chancellor Vcn Caprivi to declare that Hamburg Is free of cholera. The Canadian Pacific Hallway corn- judge Smith, at Yankton, S. P.* de- tides against the 300 Indians who sought to compel populist county commissioner* ta provide places for them lo register and vote. The decision practically disfranchises the ludiaus. MelUm Lyon, the 21-year-old son of AVin. G. Lyon, of Koekford, 111., committed suicide Tuesday afternoon by shooting himself. He was a member of. the Salvation army, and is supposed to "nave gone waxy over religion. Two hundred Dunkards who wer" holding n meeting at Phillipsburg, O.. weir rendered dangerously ill Tuesday by eating soup into which some Ileuil had pcVurcd croton oil. There were no fatalities, but the mot.ting was broken up. At Louisville. Ky.. Albert Wing killed his wife Miriam in a brothel Tuesday night, and escaped. Both belonged to prominent families, but the woman went astray and the man was sent to the penitentiary for killing a man. Ofticei-s from the United Indian reservation in Utah, express considerable anxiety at the temporary removal from Fort Puchcsne of a portion of the United States troop- It is said the Indians are now indulging in drunken oi'gfes. Unknown persons visited the stock farm of D. 1C. Simon, near Valparaiso, lud., Tuesday night, knocked the horns off of his lino Jersey cow, drove a sick horse through a barbed-wire fence, and turned the other stock Into the public highway. i Preliminary steps towards the organization of a naval militia have been taken in Pennsylvania and Vermont. There aits larendy eight states with and clicked away on the type Hnw Vi Upon Women S'-i-Uiua' Imp'tse Vuuiiii' ,vnte'r until noon. Her employer went Not all of the stories told by these pany are trying to secure a fast At- properly equipped and creditable naval lantic service to the woVld's fair. forces organized in conformity with the The funeral ceremonies following the death of Mrs. Harrison were simple in Washington, and were equally so in Indianapolis. There were none of the pomp and circumstance which sometimes attend the burial of the loved and A train on tlie Omaha road ran into a hand car at Siblcy, Iowa, killing two men and fatally injuring another. Judge W. 0. Ardors, one of the best known jurists in T::::as, suicided Tuesday night while temporarily insane. A sister of the late king of Holland lias made a generous contribution to the social work of the Salvation Army. Max Schoentiial, a New York hop and malt dealer, has failed. Plis liabilities agregate upwards of $250,000. M. Devcaux, director of the Ottoman bank at Constantinople, has committed suicide b.7 drowning hiinsclf at Corfu. Nathaniel A. Barney, for twenty years proprietor of tlie Occidental hotel at Muskcgou, Mich., died Tuesday night. | Advices have boon received at Ottawa, Out., That Japan is preparing for a crusade against seal poachers next season. Consul General Domingo Km/, of Ecuador, accused of forging notes, was acrmitfted ;by Justice Ryan in New York city. Dean McVeagh, *m alleged horse thief, was shot and killed while resisting arrest by Fred Dreos, at St. Hen- national law. i Canadian cattle shippers are much excited over the report that the English board of agriculture has ordered 12,000 head of cattle, landed at Dundee from Canada, to be slaughtered, on account of the existence of plcnro- pneumonia among them. Two men entered the house of Henry Stuhan. a farmer living near Lincoln, 111., Tuesday night, and at the point of a revolver demanded $2,000. which the farmer had placed in a safe at his father's homo. Before accomplishing their purpose the robbers woi'e frightened >iway, and made good their escape. Tuesday afternoon two men robbed Cashier Baird, of the Ford County bank, at Spenrvillc, Kan., of $1.7,000. As the robbers ran out of the bank and jumped into thoir saddles a party of hunters came along, and hearing of Iho robbciy opened fire on them. Many shots were exchanged but tho robbers managed to' escape,, A large reward is offered for their capture. Suit has boon brought by Vice-President Lev! I*. Morton. John I-I. Wyman and John G. Riehardson, executors in the superior court of Now York to decide the construction of certain clauses iu tho will of Lizzie H. Pin-kins. The out -mil i^out noon she sallied forth girls are given. Some of them .._^ to tret her lunch. She had gone only | not do for print. In some cases tliey I •i imirk when she was aeeosced by a could-give the name, and address of \UMiiiin witn: "Ou. i tiave caught you, Hie men, but in many instances they s.i'iHignipmu 1 , 'going out, to meet remembered only the street in which ! iliv husband." Tlie poor girl was daz- the office was located. To be perfectly - ed and dumfonnued. But the woman just, these cases were not met with \\-is in deadly earnest and protested among.'the respectable business firms tliat no decent girl would work Hi her of Chicago 1 . Large firms have llttlo lu-'sbnnd's oiiice. This was too much, need to advertise for help of any kind. 1 ThVgirl"" burst into 'ears and said if They always have a large list iu re' tint was what was thought, of her, the serve. sooner she left such a place tne better. But the multitude of big office build- t , A ,-cordimrlv she retraced her steps pick- ..ings down-town are literally swarming Aft or »l Bitter Experience btnne [, L „;.; traps-ami when Mr. .with men who have "schemes." Alen Many Who Come tVmn ill' 1 tr.v to MaUn Their Way Are Victimize 1 "!. Are . Gliul to Be Once More at Home. returned to his office lie was minus a whose stock in trade is a blotter and steiHyraiihcr. 1 n bottle of ink. It adds to the dignity Miss C., a girl of a good deal of snap, of such an office to have a young lady was ""from a little town in Wisconsin, stenographer. She "dresses the stage," Huc " WL , u t into an ollice where the niitn so to .speak, and helps to lure custom. he traveled and wanted a stcno- This fact, however, does not alter Chicago News Record: What are the experiences of young girls who start ^-aplier for a traveling companion, the serious aspect of the question. mil -"in niiiiMiirn in look for nositions? s*in> slummed the door of the private These girls if not actually degraded out; in Chicago to look for positions? she slammed the dou'i and say: retrace There are thousands of girls employ- office in his face and went out into the bccomfc morally motnmorphoslsed by ed in the great office buildings down- main room, where there wore several such a train tff experiences. And yet town. Of these some live hi their own other girls waiting. She told them the they are. the wives and mothers of the homes, but the majority are from coun- story and there was a hasty exodus, future generations. It becomes a ques- try towns. They flock iu here from all Ths' same girl went to a stenographic lion of temperament to foresee the re- over the country, from far and near, agency on LaSalle street, The proprie- suit of such dally encounters. Some Every little village nowadays has its TOT said that "a girl of your shape may become discouraged an" school of stenography. It is only a ought to get a position anywhere," and "Well, such is life." Some will step from the country school-teacher proposed that she go on the stage. their steps homeward, glad to be once to the stenographer. The same ambi- Miss 1).. another country school-teach- more Installed in the village school. tion that prompts a girl W fit herself Pr . fliis time from Indiana, told o>f go- Some have no homes to which they for a teacher carries her a step farther, hip into an office on Washington street can turn. And some, alas! have homes Lured by the prospect of large wages, where the portly gentleman wauled "a in name only— homes where the taunts and eager to get a peep at the great, congenial stenographer, one who could and gibes and the "I told you so" are unknown, these girls flutter into the drink wine." He said she could have more unbearable a thousand times tlinu city like moths around an electric many of her afternoons off. but that a violated conscience or even tho light. They fly straight for the one she could make up by working even- thought of the dark^river. bright spot in the dark firmament, only ings. This girl went to an agency, - -to be dashed against the cold case- where site gave up $2 for the privilege j ments and fall back dazed into the of registering her name. The proprie- A WINDOW WINTER GARDEN. dark waters below. tor was to send for her as soon as hc-jiiiy ix- Kiisiiy iimi — HOW i<> :>ini What to Grow. writes Orange ,Iudd yeai-s ago a window Not a few of them have a girl friend found her a position. She is still wait- j who has some kind of a position down- ing. > TT> • • p-n-i town. Tlieir stock • per capita when Miss K, a bright-faced girl, told an ^;. T ^ , they reach the city is perhaps $20 or amusing story of her experience iu *«-rmer: A icw $30 working iu a private house. She was »»^ii was a thing a most unUnowu, From a country standpoint, where from Michigan and was engaged as «»«l one that was Imglit with flowers .oard is not to exceed $2 a We*, and private secretary to a wealthy gentio- iri > lo "» l ™ s wry rare. Ivat row the . , ..._.* ... . , . ju..... ,1 „<. t.'ise tor nowors hns irrowu so stmii!' After slio got '« « t»r to make her burial a public function would seem almost wrong. An American family is but burying its blessed dead. Public land sales are no longer as extensive as formerly, says tho Springfield Thomas A. Glcason, a well-known cotton buyer in New Orleans, has boon arrested, charged with forgery. The amount, involved is $8,000. Tli'e Davenport, Iowa and Dakota railway was sold at auction at Cedar •widelv known. This is as the people . ry's, Ohio, •will best like it. A good wife and FA .Murtin, a cigar-maker ;Ut years j estate is worth $1,27,000 Phoiv are a mother has passed away. So good and niri , cbinmitted suicide at Sioux Falls, nmnber of odd bequests of weanng home and husband-loving was she that s . D., bv taking laudanum. Disgusted apparel and jewelry and queer- pio- - -- - - ' ' " isions iu the will which make the business of the executors diflh-Mt. Anticipating the largo volume of mail and tin; value of quick transmission during the world's fair, thlc United States "Rapid Transit company of Chicago, has submitted the details of an elevated road to the post office de- partinfont at Washington. The plan is to e.rect this system between tho ox- position grounds and tho post office, and by means of an electric cable placed high eno'tigh to clear all buildings along the route, attain a spood of 200 miles a minute. : At Detroit, Mich., the United States custom department seized '!00 pounds of smuggled opium, valued at $5,000, and arrested a man giving tho name of A. -I. Morrison. The stuff was brought across the river Tuesday night in two large trunks and was being checked at, the Michigan Central depot when the soizurs was made. Tho seizure is tlio most, valuable one of opium since the taking of 000 cans by Inspector McDonough about four years ago, although in that instance the one having it managed to 1 give the officers tho slip. reduced that those land sales have practically been cut, down to insignificant: dimensions. For the year ending .Tune 30 last an area of new territory nearly as large as Massachusetts and Now Jersey was occupied—1,571,420 acres bo- Rapids and Northern, for $020,000. Attorney fleneral Miller issues a circular of instructions to o41 federal offiicals having to do with elections and the prosecution of electoral frauds. An American woman in a Philudol- ing disposed of by tho government for | phia hospital has every symptom of cash and 7,710,002. acres by homestead entry. Those figures compare respectively with 2,142,mK) and 5,040,31)4 in the previous year. The opening of Oklahoma was the main cause of tho increase* in homestead entry disposals for last year. These figures are independent of the sales made by land-grant railroads from their domain which is now very much reduced. MONSTEH LOCOMOTIVE. Tho public in general and the railway •world in particular will loam with interest of a. monster locomotive which, for the purpose of reducing the time between Jersey City and Philadelphia to ninety minutes, the Pennsylvania Railway company has had constructed. leprdsy. The patient is 07 years old. and always lived in the Quaker City. Tho international juridical congress, now in session in Madrid, is discussing the question of an international agreement for the arbitration of disputes. Two brothers named Burgess, who were In jail at Lebanon, Va,, charged with murder, were taken from their cells by friends of their victim and hanged. The sugar trust on Wednesday placed a conrtact, with John Bailey Philadelphia for which all sugars shipped. Town Marshal 5,000,000 bags, will hereafter of in be board where incidental expenses arc a mow man in the suburbs. nothing, that amount, ought to last at there she discovered that tho wife was «'«t seedsmen haoe exerted themselves least two months. But in the city, „ business woman and would also re- to turmsh a supply ot plants that will where board is at least ?5, not to men- quire her son-ices. To use the girl's bloom m winter to such good purpose tion carfare, newspapers, laundry ami own expression, " it was perfectly aw- I' 11 ' 1 it_is possible to have flowers iu lunches, tho molioy soon goes. Then fnl." She said: "Perhaps I would be I'looiu m the house all the winter there is the temptation to buy a pretty riirlit, in the middle of a sheet on the through. 1 shall not refer m this arUde ribbon or a pair of gloves'. Besides, typewriter when in would rush Mrs. <" tllos(> wlik-h require some skill and it is really important, to have these — with something to be done 'at practice to succeed with, but shall tell things on' a business basis. For do once,' and if T didn't drop my work ol tllose wll ^ u milv bo « 1>OW11 b .V any not nearly all the "ads" read: "Must: anil attonil to her she would bo mad. tmt » ' will go to the trouble to get bo bright and attractive!" She wrote out what she wanted to say 1 ] 11 ' l )l!in(s !tll<1 K 1vL> ! llwn !1 For a few days amid the seduction '" '<'»* h " nd 1h '- st -. An(1 _ l ' )0 tion. Among the best and atten- easiest of so much that is strange and attractive tho country does not notice tlie rapid diminution of her small hoard. But, one tine morning she is just beginning to fool a little fatigued from" the noise and excitiement and for the first, time she gives a Hove," continued the girl, "that she - 1>own ^'inter bloomers there is a long learned it all by heart, for she rattled list <>* Imlbous rooted plants, which it off so fast it would take a' phono- ww and bloom in any temperature graph to catch it. Then she would *° lfc < loos not f!l11 ''elow the freezing look at me in a. superior way, as to P f >i'»- Hyacinths are the best know say: 'You ar;> not much of a steno- !11111 easiest grown of all the bulbs and 'iTurti-htT) tlie grapher.' "She bothered me nearly to <'»»>»• tendency to bloom is so strong LllOU^Ilb IU UU *"• » _ . . _ „ _. __ ...... .1,.,* 4-1, ,1 Ill 41.,.,^ XI >.. .-.J...ll.» nuJoVm o owl she h'^lof . d to death, too," said Mss K, "with her 'lu-L they will throw up flower stalks qiUCt 11H10 10\M1 Mil. IMh it LI, .1.1111 1C ' ...._,,_ _ '. ,, ,,,,,1 l.lnuc/illl if .ri,,rui .i,.i' l.-i,,,l of n Every faces at home. But the domestic and family affairs, roar in her oars soon drowns all that, time she had a row with her She looks into her pocket-book and is «!"' eaniofu to talk it. all over with me. surprised that she has so' little left. "»'l "lossoin it' tfvon any kind of n ( . h . 1IK . Pi lml; thoy n ^ wml to goml C!11 . c b .v <1()i »S '»""» better. I do not grow hen I Overheard her tell her husband hyacinths In glasses, preferring to grow She tries to count up how sh'e has n 'iit 1 was terribly slow, spent, it, but'soon gets all mixed up lloro "or voice sunk very Then, and low, "her tliem iu pots. I use live-inch pots, putting three bulbs in each pot. Put about inch of broken stone in the bottom between gloves and candy and street- husbnml became so complimentary to me that I gave up my place." > ot " u> I 1 "* and fill to within half an Miss K, a tall, rather fine-looking Inch of the top with a mixture of well- car fare and lunches. Then there was n rose she bought just because it was ,,,,,, like 11,0 ones growing in tho front giri in spite of her pale i;ace, told with .^Uxlj.unuro and sand, frying the yard at home. Oh, yes, and there was | l a whole dollar spent for a seat at the Kugeno Heath, of Corydan, Ind., was killed Tuesday JLXil 11 \VU.V V'V/n » l'i»»*,' iinu ».»*i. ^ -- , - e-t t t 1 * fP # t\, It weighs 145,000 pounds, or 721-2 tons.) night by Clove Sclmk, sheriff of the With its tender, ready for service, U;j county, as the result of is quarrel over weighs 224,000 pounds, or 112 tons Its driving-wheels, four in number on each Bide, have a diameter of seven feet. The boiler pressure is 200 pounds to tho square inch. It has two cylinders, po'litics. Exclusive of specie, tlie total exports STERLING. A lilt of History c:«mn«'«!to<l Will the LlHe of tli« Word. The origin of the word sterling, as applied to English money, is a singular bit of linguistic history. Esterling, in old English, meant a man from the from New York for the week ending east or from tlie continent of Europe. November 1 wore $8,755,780, against .1(7,227,75!) for the corresponding week U . nu ,,i death passed 'olonel Nieves Fernandez, charged with j the revolutionist. A false alarm that the steeple of a church in tlu collapsing, o; congregation and twenty-live persons wore trampled to death. the 0110 19 1-2 and the other SI inches j of 1.S91 in diameter, with a piston stroke of 'JSJ Tlu , supreme military council has con- Inches. Tho boiler 5 feet in diameter, and 27 feet long, is 0 1-2 feot above' the rail. The engine is made on the compound principle and will be capable of making a speed of 100 miles per hour. It is said to have the largest driving wheels ever used in this country, and a higher boiler pressure. But an engine on the Now York Central & Hudson River road, which has 7 foot 2 inch drivers, Is GO feet long, 15 feet high and weighs 230,000 pounds, also claims to be tho largest and fastest engine hi the world, and recently made a continuous run of 70 miles an hour with a heavy train. Few pei-sous are aware of tlie immense weights that go into tho new locomotives, or into the trains that they draw. A fast train of six Pullman care, without passengers, weighs (including engine and all)) about 780,000 pounds Some trains weigh 1,000,000 pounds, and their momentum, when going at the speed of forty miles an hour, is hn During tlie reign of Henry III. of England the coin current became so debased that it passed for a tithe of its nominal value, and the necessity for improvement became apparent. There A - . . , -, «o re Imors m tlie realm who could , ou.,,, e , treason in failing to capture Gar,a, separate the aHoy from he precious metal to tho extent of purifying the latter and rendering it lit for coinage so a number of ISasterlings brought from Germany to do the work. The coins they sent from the royal mlut were so much superior to in-ir S 111 IP im boon missing those in common use that they were ri lUchmo, 1 In 1 for mor tl n known as the Esterling money, and iom llichmond, Ind., loi mou. vna» .. „„„..,..,, comm uou soon became from two weeks. His accounts Wednesday were declared $4,000 short. His property has boon attached. Miss Mary Mosby, daughter of Mayor Mosby of Cincinnati, will break the baptismal bottle of wine on die now cruiser Cincinnati, next Tuesday, ivlien it is launched at the New York yards. The Keystone express train ran into n freight train i^ear Pittsburg, Pa., Wednesday morning. The engineer and fireman of the express Avcre badly injured. None of the passengers were hurt.N TlioV civil service commission recommends^ the Ic-.rlmlnnl prosecution of Treasurer Thomas, of the New York republican state committee, for soliciting campaign, funds from government clerks. / \ by popular corruption soon became sterling. A Waspish Sting. What eome w»g terms "the bnilnesi end of • w»»p" Btlng) with scarcely more acut«n«» tbu the acid eructations of gas from the etomach \» ti.o gullet that art characterized at heartburn. Never was there » of Indlgeitlon wlthoat thin gymptom. Both cause auU eUect are removable by the flue carminative toulc, Uoutetter'* Siomacu BlUers, which confer regularity mid upon H disordered and enfeebled stomach «ith certainty and despatch, flecldet cliocUlr« the pranks of u rebellion) vtomach, the Bitten wike> up a dormant llTer, ami cuurei the boweli to tic*, like clockwork. An Immense reputdtl' n 1»B a'eo been won by this profegHlonaDy ftp- proved medicine ai a means ot erudlcutlng and preventing malarial trouble, and counter^ nut;" tendency W rhtumatiem and ktdo»v complaints. N«ur»l|la and uervousnw* are alio remedied good deal of indignation why she bulbs in this out of sight. Then set the ft her last position.. It seems there l'"ts in some dark corner and leave Mr • >i innv; «i\riitii r>i/^"iiu .i-v/i :i- nv-iiw ti« i/nv- - 1 , theater-she ought not to have done were two- proprietors to this establish-! them a month, watering them occasion- tint But then the music and the mont. There was also another steno-J ally. By tins time tlie roots will have limit's and tho beautiful girls all glitter- gopher—a very gay grass widow, i started, and the tops Avlll bo ready to ing with diamonds-it was all so like "Ai«V wild the girl, " the conduct, of peep out Now bring them out into tho a diclicious dream. A sudden loneliness comes over her. Her eyes begin to till. But no: slid tliose two men with that woman was '• light and soon they will throw up their so t/iitragcoiis that I could not stand flower shoots and fill the room with it. Those partners seemed jealous of fragrance. By planting at dlll'crcnt cf . h hH U)oy ju at- times a succession may lie had from must nrft cry She rushes over to tho t(1J1(1 so th ., t fl llotlinllv woul(1 . Christmas to Muster, of these flowcre i-w-m r.1i « 4- ni-i r\ l-\n 4-lt f\ct li r\vt -Pn itr\ -irt rff\Trtvtct- • ,IT.^I.»-.» wash stand, bathes her face vigorous- then she notices the "ads" she cut leave a customer standing while in-i alone, and as they come in white, red, hi some pleasantry with that i Pink, bluet and yellow thoy come very woman. She always had fruit and > near being a whole flower garden In _ ., . .. -it tt^Fiinni. » jnu <ittiti>o am vi i I, ill Li ilIILl •'•••• "*-«»»^ «i itiiv/»i_; .LIW it v. j. j»|iitii^>»* •*from the morning papers sticking on hoi -! themsolvos. Roman hyacinths do well tho pm-eusliion. She sits d V wn and to ^ h . ^Trtrtllrtc. nfP n I.Mrt ll^M-l-»rt 4-f\ rslllr +1101- Cjllrt " »•«--• -~ dashes off a line home to say she saw one is all right, thai; she has not got a too „ of those men introduce his wife lo her, this morning. She dons her hat. «., or rather Mrs. «., for she it looks shiny after that sudden and as she walks gayly down the street she feels equal to anything i porinnco Bhc gnvc vont to n m It is fi-oni this point that tlie greatest . , She s-ild- "Oh VPS T ivivo i.-ui T.^-ost-. r-Pntm-s in tho vomic woman's 1 ' lugJl .._! 1C ' . °"' , >CS> J . vo h<ld in tlie IHHLSO, each bulb pmdnclng from two to five flower spikes. Not so well known is tlie iruiguilicent Bermuda Easter lily, which every one should was a bright little married woman, j possess. If genuine Bermuda grown who is working wfith hor husband, I bulbs are, purchased the flowers will helping"to pay for a little homo in tlio more than pay for the extra, cost. They are. easily grown in the house and pro- centers in the young woman's career. But it is just from here on that, the least is luiwon of her. Thev all have the same story to toll. oxpol . iencoS) , utmy obsorva . tions are perhaps worth more than my experiences, as T have had an office of my own and had occasion to' employ with variations as numerous as the tfrls. I was once discharged because stars. Thoy start, out in tho morning i Wils a , mir ried woman. My employer buoyed up by all tho possibilities of kept asking mo to go out, to supper a day. They swarm in and out of the a day. Tey swarm n an ou o e ^^ ],j nli j i col , t pu ni nff ] inn off aml mammoth buildings, each a small vil- ' suppose ho thought; it was only bash-. lago by itself. Thoy thread thoir way j fulness. Ho became importunate, so [ up and down the various offices like foi^ i,i m iny i u i s i, an ,i would object. pearl divers. And, like the diver, in on Saturday night I got my' salary how many a. shell they find only sand : with an envelope saying my "service's Instead of tho coveted pearl! Thoy return to their lodgings at, night disemir- fifred—yes, far worse than discouraged. For things have been said to thorn, woro no' longer required. Tho very next day I met a girl on the streot and she asked mo if I know of any place. I told her of tho cue I had left, but or insinuated if not, said outright, that, | 0 i,i aol - I did not believe any decent make them fool for the first time that, K lrl could work there. She said: 'I it, is hard to bo a woman. And for tho ( don't care; I'm going to try it,. I am first time the wisdom of coming to a | just bare; look at mo, my shoes are all worn out. I've been'out to tlio stock yards working for $(> a week and I'm starving.' "I had not soon hor since till tho other day 1 mot hor on the street," continued the little woman, "and sho was so' beautifully dressed I scarcely recognized her." Miss n., a quiot, business-like girl, said: "I have never boon treated other than .iu the most courteous fashion. But I came here with letters of introduction and I have held but two positions. But," she continued, "there is ,a girl boards .wharo I d(V who loft a place the very first morning she went to work because the proprietor tried to kiss her. He did kiss her on the forehead, and he was an old man, too. Miss J., a slender, tired-looking girl, told of going to an agency (she gave tho building) kept by a woman. This woman .offered to get her a position If she was willing to "show favors" to the gentleman whom site wouia send her to see. ' city, acninst. the advice of older heads, is doubted. Subjoined are some of tlio stories gleaned by the reporter from the young women themselves. Miss A., a fair-haired girl, with frank, blue eyes, whose round face bespoke youth and Inexperience. She went, into an office on Dearborn street in reply to an "ad." The first words that greeted here wore: "Well, I'm glad to see one young girl. I have had enough old hens in here this morning." Ho sat down boslde her and continued: "I like a nice, plump girl"—here he gave her a caressing pinch on the arm. "How much do you weigh?" She in- dicmantly arose and left the office. Not without a parting shot, however, about being "too touchy." Miss T5., a brown-eyed, unsophisticated girl, was a school-teacher from a little town out in Kansas. She told a story that would have been almost amusing but for the teardrops that stood so euspMou^ly near l&r long duco an immense show of flowers, that must bo seen to fully appreciate. The newer sections of tlio narcissus are coming into greater favor than 'ever.? They possess the merit of doing well in a cool position and require about tho same treatment as tlie ryacinth. They come iu white and all shades of yellow and bloom from February to April- Tlio flowers of some variety are star- shaped and others are trumpet-shaped, tho trumpet, or cup growing from tlie center of the flower. Chinese sacred lillios are but llttlo grown, though they are lino and easily cultivated. They prefer to grow in water, though they will succeed ii planted in light sandy soil. The flowers are produced in profusion, a good hull) frequently throwing up ten spikes, enoli producing a number of flowers. They bloom 1 from October to March, accord- Ing to the. time of starting, and will blossom under tlie most careless attention. Tho flowers are waxy white witn a yellow center and are very fragrant. Star of Bethlehem is another easily grown bulb, as it will flourish in ahnost any position, and the flowers, growing from a stately spike 20 to 24 indies high, are of a pure white with a jet black center. Tho culture is exactly the same as tlio hyacinth. These are only a few of the many that may ue had at a small price, and any one wlio is fond of flowers may have them ft" tho year through at small cost. The first election, perhaps, in women ever voted in tho south is of the stock law question recently ciosw in Jackson, Miss. Only a few exerwsw* the privilege. The law provides u« all persons who are householclera, w.. none other, shall veto on the *<*<* Hon. This admits all women homo to the right of suffrage-

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