The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 2, 1892 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 2, 1892
Page 7
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THE UPPER DES MOINES, ALGO1NA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY^ NOVEMBER 2.1892 fc ftto wd i „ MOST STUBBORN Scalp Diseases, the worst IM _ of Scrofula^ all blood * taints !J!T^olgons of every name and hat- 1 - utterly footed out by Dr, Golden Medical Discovery, disease caused by a torpid _npnre blood, it is the only P.V- so certain and effective that ^'JtMn'be guaranteed. If it fails to benefit or cure, you have your f jiioney back. • Eczema, Tetter, Salt-rheum, Ery- i lipelas, Boils, Carbuncles, Enlarged Glands, Tumors, and Swellings, and jyery kindred ailment, are completely and permanently cured by it. BOTHER'S •. FRIEND" / |s a scientifically prepared Liniment and harmless; every ingredient is of recognized value and in constant use by the medical profession. It shortens Labor, Lessens Pain, Diminishes Danger to life of Mother and Child. Book ''To Mothers" mailed free, containing valuable information and voluntary testimonials. Sont by express, charges prepaid, on receipt Of price, $1.60 per bottle. BRADFIELD REGULATOR CO., Atlanta, Qa. Sold by all druggists. Small. Oau«nt*«d to ear* Blllotu AtUota, * and Constipation. 40 la PrioTlfao. For (ule by draggliU. FlotaN "T, IT, TO" and iampl* dow tn». F. SMITH A CO., Proprietors. NEW lotti*. Pi t Ploto A F. 8U ~^T "I Hate to Ask Doctor." you Oh, Woman! False modesty and procrastination are responsible for much of your suffering. We can excuse the delicacy of the young, but there is no excuse 'for a woman who neglects the offered assistance of a woman. Lydi'a E. Pink/iam'i Vegetable Compound is the product of a life's practice of a woman among women, and an _«nfailing cure for woman's ills. It removes at once those pains, aches, and weaknesses, brightens the spirits, and invigorates the entire system. An unexcelled remedy (or Kidney Troubles. All DruRRliti 'oil It, or .cut by iimil, fii for... ofL I'!"' « lizei.|!M, on receipt of SS1 .«>O. • llia IN THE MORNING. Yes, I know you're weary, World's gone all awry, Head and heart are aching, But, my dear, don't cry! Even though you're hopeless, It Avill all come right; With the morning suushiue Dark things look bright. What if some one's vexed you? Shall it -wreck your life? Need one blow in battle Finish up the strife? Do the shadows lengthen? That's because it's night; Walt until the morning, It AAill all come right. Can't you see tho sun dip Lower doAvn the sky And the merry lloAvcrs droop And flic sunshine die? Everything about you Bids you rest. AVitli night; Let your Avorries sleep, too, They Avill all come right. With Ihc morning's gladness, Bird-trill, flushing east, Of the Avorld's sad troubles, Your's Avill seem the least. Trust it all to morning; Daybreak conquers night; Let its sunshine lill you, It Avill all come right. Many trouble-hearted Might have found a balm, Many tempest-beaten Drifted into calm, If they'd let soft poace-Avings Fold them In. at night, Waiting morning's magic To make all things right. —Nellie T. Hunt, Aurora, HI. tremors, it;" and "She has come he remained mo- with guilty to hunt for tionless. ! So did she. There was not the slight; est vibrating rustle from her silent ; figure. Bertram rattled the paper, stab; bed a little hole through it with his ; finger and peeped at her. i She was standing in the doorway peeping about the room, and she was the young lady with the yellow shoes. She was slowly swooping the room answered, Avith sonrt; hauteur. "Are the people in tills part country in the habit of managing with one?" j "As a, rule they have only one; it's so ' much less bother. Though, to be sure, I havo a friend who has—let me see-yes, eleven." j "She must be a centipede," thought ' Lamar. "I seem to be encountering remarkable freaks of nature. There is a ! fortune waiting here for anyone who 'wants to start a museum." Then ho Already the result of her expedition is beginning, for the first leper settlement Is now in process of formation and five nuns from Moscow have volunteered to go as nurses to the members. Avith along glance, only her head mov- remarked aloud, regarding her Avitli his ing, her figure firmly erect, her right head on one side, a tolerant, fond smilo thumb in her belt and her lei f hand on his lips, "There must be quite an hanging by her side and lightly clasp-' embarras de rlchcssc, especially when ing n little leather thoug which was you're walking." wound about her knuckles. i As to her head—that lovely head AV^U strong broAAii hair curling up crispiy under her sailor hat, delicately rouucied ! cheeks and gravely pouting lips—It Avas an image of soft delicious beauty. At her side sat a HttlV pug dog on its I haunches, gasping and rolling its eyes. I She cast a hurried glance at the gen- j tteman reading the paper, and walked ; into the room looklug intently about j the floor. j "What shall she say," thought Ror- | tram, as she passed him in her search, "if I Avere to ask her what she Avas she prattled on. "She ran HAvay looking for, gallantly offer to help her nu« this morning, and Avliou she Illiid it? But I'll spare her that." j back it Avas gone. She must She was certainly hunting .Borough-' crept under the table and not come out ly. She moved several of the chairs, ' until she had got it off." drew up the lace curtains and looked I "Who is she ?" asked Lamar m under them, peered into alll the comers, j troubled A-pice. When she had search cveryAvhero she j "She? Why, Bobo-my pug. straightened herself Avith a sigh, Avith she a beauty? Come up hero, liciicnth His Dignity. ""blcTsvdfld"stickmg""f5r'r1i2k and cedence is well satirized by an incident which recently occurred in Paris. There was a fracas on the street and two young men appeared to be about to fly nt each other's throats, when one of them paused, folded his arms, looked coutemptous and said: "But I cannot fight with him!" "Why not?" "It's beneath my dignity." "What do you mean?" "He is only a coachman, and T am a valet-de-chambere!" They do get in the way," admitted j the young lady, "but most of them are' well trained." "Very clever of them, I am sure," murmured Lamar, feeling that he was about to SAVOOU. There Avas another short silence, during Avbicli the girl continued to examine her treasure. Presently she said musingly: "I see the threads aro broken, j She has broken them once- before, ( . i t though I don't see how she can possi-, miners are disappointed at AKK .STJI,t, IMSSATISFJKI "German Two bottles of German Syrup cured me of Hemorrhage of the Ltmgs when other remedies failed, I nni a married man and, thirty-si* years of age, and live with my wife and two little girls at Durham, Mo. I have stated this brief and plain 80 that all may understand. My case was a bad one, and I shall be glad to tell anyone about it who will write me. PHILIP L. ScHBNCK, P. O. Box45, April 25,1890. No man could ask a more honorable, business-like statement. • / Carmnux Slrlkprn DmililBil to Continue tho Strike. CAUMAUX, Out, 27.—The blv do it." i Loubot's award, ehiully striking I'romior because all Yon know she loves to run to me," , the rioters nrc not to be n-mstnteil. At a gene.ial meeting held lust evenin from came havo BR Tills Trade Mark U on the bert WATERPROOF COAT ii |n the World I A. J. TOWER. BOSTON. MASS. . RHEUMATISM NEURALGIA ' Plain, common sense flf ty-pag« treatise on origin, causes, nature, varieties, prompt relief and almost infaluble cure, Bent for 60. ulckel. No Btam AVrito to K. N. B. Conn. FAT FOLKS REDUCE! $40.000,000 E>nu4 bj th. B.U Telephon. Patent In MM. TOJII l n «ntton m.y b. raluablo. You •honld protaot It bj Mttnt. Addr'«. for full and lnteU«g«t »drio.. 1m . Asth ma BEST POUSH IN THE WQBIO; SHE SET HIM RIGHT. Geraldlno Banner: Bertram Lamar sat on the arm of a chair in the hall of the hotel at Scarboro and idly swung his foot. Mr. Larmar was bored. An extended acquaintance with this young man forces me to confess that he is not often afflicted iu that way. Any one could see that he belonged to tho best people, that he was used to the best people, that only, the best people would be bearable to him. But now he was genuinely bored. Ladies passed—old ones, who swept up the dust with trains and who creaked as they moved, as if they wanted oiling; young ones in light frocks and wide llowered hats that cast a shadow over the clearest eyes. Ho never glanced at them. But they did at him—swiftly, obliquely—from under the hat brim out of the shadow. He looked away with raised chin and indolently drooped eyelids. There was one girl—she kept going to and fro—and as he looked on the ground he could see the hem of her dress and her feet. They were prtty feet in yellow shoes, small and pointed. Mr. Lamar found himself ruminating. "Suppose the head is as pretty as the did not dare, feet. But it never is. There's a law of compensation which prevents that. The head which belongs to those feet is 35." And he looked up. The head match-, ed feet to perfection. Mr. Larmar felt that ho didn't look bored any longer. Rather, however, than sacrifice this dearly bought and enviable condition of being, he turned his back 011 that enchanting head, and sauntered into an adjoining room. There would be no one to look at there. Tho room was empty, cool, and dim. It had oak chairs and tables and writing desks, sea-green walls and a. great window opening on the balcony. Outside there were ladies of uninteresting ages under a forest of parasols. Beyond were velvety sweeps of close- cropped turf, dappled with short shadows shrinking to the. tree-roots. Mr. Lamar felt that ho might gaze upon this prospect for an infinitude of time and remain bored. But fate willed otherwise!- As ho entered the room he saw something on the floor near the table. He picked'it up It was a band about an inch and } a halt wide, covered with puckered yellow ribbon, and with one end run through a clasp of dull silver, showing a monogram in small diamonds. There was a bunch of narrower yellow ribbon beside the clasp, each end finished with a little tongueless silver boll ' It appeared to Lamar from some hanging filament of thread that tho two ends had once been stitched together. He looked curiously at his find. Lamar first thought that he would take it to the office. But curiosity impelled him to study it. It might worn around tho neck, but no, not long enough. Ho drew tho several ends together and held it off from him, eying it dubiously and reflectively pulling his small mustache. ves of course. Now he saw. How dense he'd been? A bracelet. Holding it together he pushed his hand through it and it swung on his wrist. I don't think I ever saw a bracelet . like that before," he ' - - ' - - 1 - 1 — " t it, one last reluctant look about the room, and calling to her pug. ''Come aloug, ' dearest, it isn't here," departed. | Bertram laid down his paper and i looked after her. She appeared to him to have a singular amount of sang frold, also a very graceful back. "I must give it to her this evening," he thought. "I'll .wrap it up in paper, and tie one of the ribbons around it that are on that handkerchief case Milly gave me. Then if she asks me—as, of course, she will—what it is, i say, carelessly, 'Oh, nothing! Just a little trifle I think belongs to you. Don't hurry to open it. Have you noticed what a beautiful night it is'.' 1 " "And so I'll engage her in absorbing .conversation. But if the conversation is not sufficiently absorbing, and she begins to open it. I must flee from the wrath to come. And when next I meet her, dying to speak or even to bow to her, there will be a wall of ice raised between us. Such is the irony of fate." j At 7 o'clock Mr, Lamar came slowly down, the broad stairs, looking as hand- j some as the young Dionysius in his dress suit, his shinning shirt bosom, and a white pink in his buttonhole. The hall was full of moving figures and a blaze of light and color. : Mr. Lamar Avas too perturbed to mingle Avith the gay, ing crowd. He wished for solitude, and directed his steps toward the little writing-room. He had not Avrappcd ( it was decided to reject the awp.vcl and to continue the strike. The action of the leaders, in connection with the nominal vote by which the men's views a were elicited, is considered a most audacious piece;of intimidation. Isn't' Bono," thirSXS *S -pondent of. the Timcs,com,nen, ing on patting her knee, collar on and show Avas kind enough to return it, how pretty you look Avheu you are all dressed up." She held the band around tho dog's neck, and, turning to Lamar, said with laughing archness, "Isn't it bccom-, Will CrnlriHts .Support tho nil'.' LONDON, Oct. 27.—The Uerlin corro- Lai-mar sat clown on the window sill. NO PLACE LIKE HOME. tho treasure in paper, nor, tied it Avith j a ribbon from his handkerchief case. He had not done anything, Avith it. He The sight of its OAAIICI- might inspire him to the desperate pitch of boldly 'offering it to her, or to suggest to him some cunning way of returning it AA'ith- out betraying the identity of the finder. With those ideas in his mind he carried it still in bis pocket, in company Avith his keys. The gas in the Avriting room was not lit. Mr. Lamar Avent to the open Avin- dOAV. Just outside it,, on the balcony, was the young lady Avho had Avorn the yellow shoes. She Avas reading and rocking her pug in her lap. As she read she absently pulled the pug's oars, Avhich lay Avith its eyes half open and its head against her arm. "I beg your pardon," said Lamar, suddenly, from the AviudoAV. The lady looked up Avith raised eyebrows of polite inquiry. "I have something of yours," said the young man, desperately, and in a low tone. "Yes? What is it?" "I—I don't quite knoAV. Or rather— Well—But-TJm! I didn't like to leave it at tho office. I thought—" He leaned out of the AvindOAV with his closed hand extended. "Here it is." She held out her hand and he dropped it in. Sho looked and gave an exclamation of joy that caused the pug to jump to the ground. "Oh, IIOAV glad I am. Thanks so much, thanks aAvfully. I Avas afraid it was lost, isn't that lucky!" and she looked affectionately at the returned treasure Avith her head on on side. lint Don't Li-t Him Stay Homo IVomChuruh 011 Sundays. A Modest Country Girl: I shoulo. understand from, yom- topic that you meant, IIOAV is a Avife to live agreeably Avith her husband. I think it is rather a difficult matter to AATite upon, as-perhaps what Avould "keep one man in line" /would not an other. But I believe in a Avonian doing her share. In the first place she should not let him get into the habit of staying at home from church (by doing the same herself), or spending his evenings at the club and other indifferent places. She should make the house as cozy, homelike and attractive as possible, so he AAill remember the old mottoes. "There .is No Place Like Home," "Home, SAVAvet Home," and Avelconie loud-voicedTaugb- his Mends Avarmly, as well as her " qwn, for in hospitality and sociability lies a great charm Avhich is not God's gift to every woman. Be a helpmeet instead of a burden; talk OA'cr Ins private affairs Avith him, then do not think of -whispering it to your best friend, for remember it will go farther if you do. She should gently but firmly tell him at the beginning that the management of the house belongs to her, but be Avilliug to accept any ideas or advice he has to give which is better than her Avay of thinking, and let him manage his outdoor work to suit himself, but take a kindly interest in it and help him to plan, as the old adage is "TAA'O heads are better than one." Never lose your temper AA'hen he does, for remember one alone cannot narre.l. I do not say never, geb angry, for I think that is an impossibility. But I do'.think that a girl ought to knoAV something about his disposition before she is married, and if they cannot agree they had better remain single; if they cannot a happy home, better remain a happy maid and bachelor without any home at all. a bye-election at Kodheim, Bavaria, where the official centrist candidate polled only 124 votes over the local democratic centrist candidate, says: "This result may force the centrist to ! oppose tho military bill. The German ! centrists strongly oppose tho increased ' conservatism oi the centrist lenders who are inclined to support the government. If the centrists persist in supporting the bill a serious rupture in the centrist party """ v " !~™.it,,i,i,> » inevitable.' Sl.—All Fits Stopped free htP r ' ? U 1*_S rtvnut K.-fve JK-ntoi-or. No THi after tot duy'r, UBB. M nrvelou» cures. Treatise Bud tJ.OO trljl boltle fren to Fit Oases. Bend to Dr. Kline, Ml Arch St., 1'hlla., Pa. It doesn't talto much capital to ihow wliutlier wo aro dome; business for God or nut. THE NEXT MORNING I FEEL BRIGHT AND NEW AND NlV COMPLEXION IS BETTER. My doctor Rnya It nets Rcntly on thn itotimch, lire* endkiilnoyn. mill Isnplpnsnnt laxntlvc. This drlnH IB niailo from hnrlis, ami Is iiroimrcil rorueo as easily OB tea. Itlicnllvil LINE'S MEDICINE All .!ra ra lsl» wll il nl M>c Mid »l p«r inckim. U yon c«jnol lit 11, tend your nddreM for« fr«« i»mpl«. Ijinn'i nwllr Bcdlefi* motel It. Inofli'mrh dnf. In order In b« hoMlhy. l(ili l> iifoe*. u,,; Addr.i. OllATini P. WOODWAni), I.iilov, N. Y. S. K. C01HJKN, Mgr., Clarle Scott, writes: "I IIml Hull's UiiUirrli Cure a valuable remedy." Druggists soil It. 75c. "Hustler wns all broken down wlion lie went oil Ids viinilloii. How did he return?" " Uroitenup!"—Puck. How Ansuiin TO CKOAK AND Wnnis//. 1 with a cough which HAMS'S HONBV 01 llOKKIIOUNI) AND TAll will C'lll'C. Tutu's TOOTHACIIIS Diiors (Jure in on Minute. Hove is u new definition o£ the wordstruw An ohsiTving young woman says it is a 1ml low thinir iv I0-t'0iit young man at one, i:ml of il nnd a IQ-cenl drink at the other. Q IP .von arc constipated, bilious or troubled wllh'sick lieiidiiohe, Bcci'liiun's Pills afforii immediiite relief. 01 druggists. 25 cenU It's n little queer, when you tlilnk of II. Unit in a run on a hunk you have to get in line and walk. Mrs. AVilHiim Miinlen, 107 Tlilrd St., Al- hnny, N. Y., gives it Uic meed of priiisc, itf 1'ollmvs: "I liuve used Dr. Bull's Oougl< >Syrii|) niul find it. 1ms no cqunl. No family should lie without it." be it was mov- at it over in his la moment he stood staring I stupefied horror as it hung With the return of consciousness He n and crushed it into off. ,„ „.„, and Paints which 10 hands, injure the iron, ana mu n The Rising i» ]3ul- —«,„, Odorless, Durable, and the con- Buw<jr p^ for wo tin or glass package with ovoiy purchase. [HAS AH ANMUfl .' J '""Hl-'iiilinil " UNION.. feminine step, retreated from the a table, fell into which course '•It is There Avas liglito enough to se hoi- face distinctly. She did not exhibit a sign of embarassment, not the ghost of , blush. Lamar felt a sudden chill of isappoiutment and disapprobation. "You found it in there'.'" she said, indicating the writing-room, and looking t him AAath frank, candid eyes. "Yes, here's Avhorc it Avas lost." "I—I supposed so," said Lamar, wan smile. "I value this very much," she Avent on, turning it over in her hand. I should imagine so." 'You see, there is only ono like it. mere is not a single duplicate- anywhere.' She looked smilingly into his face. Lamar stored at her iu a stupelied lorror. Only one—did you say?" he managed to articulate in a faint voice. There was a moment of silence. La ( mar made no comment, but continued \ to stare vacantly at her. 'When you have only one, and that such a pet," she continued, not noticing his silence, "you like to havo everything as pretty as possible." "Yes, yes. Of course, of course, ejaculated Lamar, laughing idiotically. "If you have only one I expect it must be somoAvhat of a treasure," lie thought. Then he added boldly, but Avith tho air of confiding a piece of news, "I havo "TAVO?" said the young lady Avith vivacious interest. "What kind?" "The same as everybody else's," '- A REMARKABLE EXPEDITION. How-HiSH Kate MiirBilcn Ti-avolleil Aiming tliu Lupm-.s ol' Silji>ri;i. Miss Kate Marsden, a young woman of blended philanthropic and adventurous tastes, has just accomplished a most remarkable underthking. She has journeyed among the lepers of Siberia for the purpose of seeing IWw they exist with a view to lessening the hardships of their condition. Miss Marsden obtained, through' the ntervention of the Countess Alexan- Iriaii Tolstoi, the help of the empress. As soon as this was secured the practical matters of passports, official sanction and courtesy were easy. The journey itself never was. She rode over ten thousand miles through the woods with her interpreter and a bodyguard of Cossacks. There were no roads, but something resembling them was cleared for her. There were bogs into -which the horses sank knee deep, and trunks of trees over which they stumbled. And there were bears. But the intrepid young woman mounted in masculine fashion upon a small restive horse and, garbed in boots, trousers and long jacket, went through all dangers and difficulties with good cheer. " Why did you leave the seashore sa BOOH?"' "The landlord presented his bill." Important to Fleshy People. Wo luive noticed a pngo article In the Boston Globe on reducing weight at a very smiill expense. It will pay our readers to Bend two eent stamp for a copy to Botina Circulating Library, 36 E. Washington Street, Chicago, 111. Tho Chinaman may not be all wool, noi yet a yard wide, but lie -will wash. Hade to Look Like Hew. Drewes, Gent's Clothing, Feather;. Gloves, utc., Dyed or Cleaned, Plusn Garments Steamed, at Otto I'lotch's Dye Works, 246 W. Water St., Milwaukee. Send for circular. A good name Is a good thing to have, but u good heart is better, Keep a close eye on the man whose wife is afraid to ask him for money. When Nature Needs assistance it may be best to render it promptly, but one should remember to use even the most perfect remedies only when needed, The best and most simple and gentle remedy is the Syrup of Figs, raanu- factured by the California Fig Syrup Co. Franklin said: "If a man empties his purse into his head no man can take it from lim. An investment of knowledga always >ays the best interest." Unlike the Dutch Process No Alkalies — on— Other Chemicals aro uacil In tba preparation of W. BAKER & CO.'S leaKastCocoa which is absolutely pure and soluble. I Itluismorothanthreetlmei I tho strenytli ot Cocoa mixed jwith Btarcli, Arrowroot of __ ^ 'Sugar, and la far moro economical, coating leas than one cent a cup. It la delicious, nourishing, and BASIL* DIGESTED. Sold by Grocers etorjirher*. W. BAKER & CO., Dorchester, Maj§,_ Two Great Remedies. The human citadel 1s open to attacks from two sources, and, asida from accidents, these two are the avenues from which all of the rnalacliea that alllict the race spring. The first 3f these are what are known as the excretory organs. These are the lungs, the kidneys, and the skin. Thes* sutler from congestion, which takec the form of colds. Starting from what is called a cold, the maladies that result are widespread, ranging from a cough to consumption. They attack all ages and 'all stations. "No one li free from these troubles. There is, however, a remedy that is a sal > guard. This is REID'S GEIIMAN COUGH AND KIDNEY CUKE. It contains no poison, but it will heal any form of lung trouble, or any malady that arises from a cold. The other class of diseases arise from derangement of the digestive organs, and result in conatl-. patlon. When the bowels do not act, the Btonmch soon rofus"8 to digest tho food, and wo are troubltd with indlgestioni fever, and u long truin of disoiderd that embrace a wide range of muludieB. The Laxative Gum-Drops will correct any difficulty of this sort. They contain nothing deleterious, but uro safe and pleasant. Got them of any dealer. SYLVAN HJSMEDY Co., Peoria, 111. AMERICAN TIN PLATE. Of Jlt'lllclncK la wlnit coubldur Hood's tjunuiiui rllla. JKor'O yearttl WH CTnflnud to my bod wil' ecofulu HOrcH. To in. great Joy, when 1 begin l.olir. wlth HUGO'S SAU LA the Bores toon decrsnijed. I kept Hiking It tor a year, when I was BO welt that I wen U work, »nd uluoe tUgn have not lost one duy 01 Account o( fiokness. I am nlwaya well and have u good appetite." WM. A. LEBK, No. 9 Railroad St. Kendallvllle, Ind. _ _____ Jlood'a fijln are the bent oftor-dluner I'ilU assist digestion, cure headache and billou8nes» » Pl80's Ueroedy foi Catarrh U Hie Wasient to Uso. and Cheapest. We carry largt tteek both bright roofing. They are rolled from tort Amtritm iron by American labor and They are untquaitd for dudiiUy finish, They are nperwr to the ume gradw imported from England. We tell them for leu money. We gvaranttt them to the tent. We handle platei from itx American mills. STARKWEATHER * CO, TIM Plait Importer*, 75 & 77 Buflalo St, Milwaukee, Wk 1? Cures Pain Promptly. JOHN G. RISING A CO, " _ gt. r»ui. Breech-Loader $7.50. RIFtES S2.00I WATCHES A Month & Expense* TO AOINT1 TO iXLi CIGARS TO DEALER*. SAMPLES FREE FREE! the preiari*- tlon that mad* • uuui Of 1116, KUfll -.E U to Our* »uy BUd'orer from V»rtoo- c*'«, J.obt Vitality, Weuknesa, Nervoiif !>{*• orders, t.en«iul IieblUtTi Ac. AdflreHM. with tamp. 88 AND HEAD NOISES BORCT fcrPack'iIirrlilbUEiiCoibloM. WMmnkMriL BuccwiMwliwi ill remedlei fill. "BICYCLES ijiit AIUhid>cli.-«|n-r lli.nclso where. Itvfare \uu bur, •"lid .lamp for ott&logue to THEPOWElUCtEMENTOO. ICO Bale St., CUtl.mU.O. WE PAY All you have guessed about life insurance may bb wrong, If you wish to know tho _ _ . , „--- truth, send for "How and Patents I Pensions! POST- «MJ K ft S3. Seudforluveutov'sQuldeorHowtoObtBtnal'ttteat. BOP JUU * UAt/ ,,'. Bend tor Dit'obt of I'fiiHlouuuJ Jiouuly J.UW». Hill- DUt otl'06t, illl it • rtftajj •IIIIBHIM Hi •••llllm»llimlllll»lllni III I Ml m HI iE HMIUI'IIMIi^J I h ll iT* * I II IM Hfc» INSTANTLY, , CO Warren St., New York,

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