The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 2, 1892 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 2, 1892
Page 5
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AMD DEPARTURE OF TRAINS. ST. PAUL. .. __ East— Pass.— 18 6;b2 ft m No. 2 ....... 10:24 ft m ''.4!37 pin No. 4........ 9:30 p m Freight— 7-15 am No. 8.. ...... 11:55 pm ..' ..... 11 -45 am No. 14 ...... 2:30pm 8 ..... • 10 8:17pm . ...... No. 10 ...... 12:15 am OHICAGO A NORTHWESTERN. South— 8il8a m . 3:Slpm Pass 2:33 pm Mixed 0:07pm "—'-<-•• ,10:00 am ; arrives at 2:30am THE CITY. iw Blackford's residence shines , £ new paint; likewise that of F. W. Wm Peck's new hotel at Bui-t is now Jin to the traveling public. It is a splendid house. The W F. M. S. will meet at the nage next Thursday afternoon at for the election of officers. THE UPPER DES MOINES: ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 2, 1892 ^^ l ^ <tMlnH ****dM«BM<BM^^aMHiiii^^^^^MaiLajLai^^^^)^..- _ ' ' , •,.,,-r,^.-^^^^^ziJji^i*^iii*^^^^^^^ii**^^^m^toM^^ Henry Wadsworth is acting as collector for J. R. Jones these days, and ' he proves an efficient man for this work . Lanedon & Hudson announce tho removal of their store to the Forguson- Kie block on Nov. 10. They will have fine quarters. We had our share of tho antics of old boreas last Friday. In some parts of (he state tho wind caused much dam- 8ge, but we hear of none in this section of any consequence. Joseph Zanke suffered a fractured collar bone last Saturday by being fallen on by a horse. Dr. Morse is Attending him, and no serious camphcations •are expected to arise. Thos Dailey and family are back from Missouri, having arrived with their household goods last Saturday. They have taken a house in Algona, and will remain here for the present. Chrysanthemum supper at Congregational church, Thursday, Nov. 3, from 5-30 until 8 o'clock. Come out and see oiir beautiful display of the most popular of flowers. Supper only 15 cents. The market quotations have not changed materially from those given last week, except on hogs, which are now worth §4.50@5; wheat brings 45@ 65c; oats, 20@25c; corn, 30c; barley, 80 @35c. John Goeders, Jr., announces his special sale this week, which consists of bed blankets, quilts, etc. You will find the " ad" on the eighth page, and the goods and prices just as he tolls you they are. It will pay anyone to take a look at the net work of steam pipes already in place in the basement of Call's opera house. No pains is being spared to make this building first class from top to bottom. Geo. E. Boyle was over from Whittemore last Saturday. He has recently returned from Wisconsin, where Mrs. Boyle is still quite poorly, and, we are sorry to announce, with poor prospects for recovery. Steam heat is being put into the First National bank building, to be furnished from the Call opera house apparatus. Our Thorington street business houses are going to be run on the broad-gauge plan. A wreck of two flat cars occurred on the Milwaukee roadatWhittemorelm- day. The train broke in two, which produced circumstances over which the engineer had no control, hence the smash-up. Nobody was hurt. J. K. Fill is still quite low from the effect of the paralytic stroke received last week, and is confined to his bed. He is well along in years, and while all will hope for the best, yet there is reason for serious apprehension regarding his condition. W F Carter sports a delivery wagon which to all intents and purposes is as good as though it had just come from the factory. Peter Johnson is responsible for its neat appearance, he having repaired, painted, and put a new top upon it. The Grange store invites your attention to the announcement this weelcor that popular business house. This kind of weather makes one think of blankets, flannels, underwear, hos ery etc., and they have a large and varied stock of these necessaries. Letters remaining uncalled for in the Algona postofflce for the week ending Oct. 29: E. C. Raymond, Ed Bruce, G. only weigh about 9,000 pounds, ana while there is no danger of their falling off, we have no desire to be there or thereabouts if they should take a turn- 6. A son of 0. M. Young, who lives on the John Henry place, died and was buried yesterday. The young man was about 21 years of age. His trouble was typno malarial fever. The funeral services were from the Congregational church, conducted by Rev. Davidson. .Deceased was well known to many hereabouts, and was highly respected. Neat folders have been issued by the upera house company which give a brief but comprehensive description of our model building, and dates are requested from reputable companies. One of the pleasing features is that with the kind of opera house we can furnish we shall draw to Algona the very best class of troupes on the road. Other kinds wo don't want. Nine years ago E. H. Clarke lost a gold ring somewhere between Galbraith's corner and S. I. Plumley's house. Search at the lime failed of its discovery, and the incident hnd long been forgotten. One day last week the ring was picked up, presumably just where he lost it, and restored to its rightful owner. His initials graved upon it served us a clue. en- . B Lewis, Thos. Pgerty, Ranfhold, C. M. Stevens, Miss Mrs. Agnes Agtha , . Olson, Daisy Wheaton, E. L. Fisher, Henry Barrett, Sam Dixon. Judge Thomas was here last < Satur- This paper has no personal fight with anyone, much less a personal controversy with a neighboring sheet. Most anybody can indulge in billingsgate, and we know of no law that prevents a man making a fool of himself if he chooses. The one redeeming feature is that it relieves the Almighty of an awful responsibility, beside showing the effect of early association and training. Otto Gannon lost a §50 bill in Algona last Saturday afternoon. He looked high and low for it, but finally went home minus his wealth. Sunday morning he came back and renewed the search, and with the aid of Peter Johnson it was found in a wagon track near the latter's shop, neatly folded, and doubtless just where it was dropped. It was a lucky find, considering the high wind that had prevailed. At last the debris, which has filled about half of the principal streets of the city during the best part of the summer, is being removed, and these thoroughfares will soon assume their old-time appearance. No one will say that it has not been the source of more or less inconvenience, but the fellow who would kick about it after all the line buildings we now have are the result ought to be ridden out of town on a rail. Samuel Reed was called to Lincoln, 111., last Saturday by a telegram announcing the serious illness of his father. Another telegram was re-?, ceived Monday saying that he was dead, and was doubtless sent but a short time previous to Mr. Reed's arrival there. The elder Mr. Reed was about 97 years of age, and had been a resident of Lincoln continuously for 65 years. He visited Algona. just before the war of the rebellion, but has not been here since. C. B. Matson has performed a labor of love in the preparation of a map of the state on which is shown the political complexion of every county of the 99. It shows each in a distinct color, and the record isthat58are republican, 40 democratic and one people's party, the last named being Monona. A significant feature is that the democratic majorities are confined almost wholly to what are known as the "river counties, while the interior of the state is as solidly republican. It is learned incidentally that the next issue of the Courier, which will be the last before election, is to be a broadside. It is to be assumed that the republicans will catch fits all along the line and get roasted in true Hin- chonian style. It is time the Courier said something for the cause it pretends to espouse, or people will think it is in league with the enemy. Thus far its valuable space has been wasted largely in telling what a bad man Dolliver is. Hinchon says he has an abstract of the speech delivered by A A. Brunson at Ramsay last week and that he will publish it this week. This will be quite satisfactory to republicans if Mr. Brunson is correctly, quoted. There can be no possible objection to laying be ore democrats the kind of doctrine promulgated in that meeting. It may & them some good. It was noticed that Hinchon's reporter was at the meeting taking notes and now if the speech is printed as delivered, we shall speak as we pass hereafter. One of the noteworthy improvements lately made is that at the Rutherford house, which consists in the enlargement of his bar room by the removal of apartition, which gives him extra room to the extent of 14x18 feet. The ai- rangement of tho room has also undei- gon! much change, which cannot fail to prove more convenient. In addition only business transacted was the allowing of some bills and the raising of Marshal Dailey's salary to $50 a month. This latter act is to be commended. In addition to his duties as marshal Mr. Dailey takes car« of the water works plant, and does it well. He is also engaged in laying the water mains, and nobody will say that his work-in this respect is inferior to that done by anyone else. Harrison & Hawley, who put in our water works, paid their man for doing this work S5.50 a day, and surely it is not out of the way to pay Mr. Dailey $50 a month for doing the work just as well. John J. Hamilton of the Des Moines News was in Algona last week. As nearly as could be learned his mission was in the interest of persuading prohibition republicans to desert the republican party and support the populist movement, urging the "silent platform" dodge as a reason why they could consistently do so. It is noted that he met with cold comfort in his scheme to aid the democrats—for it is nothing short of this—and we know of one Instance in which he was told by a prohibition republican, substantially, that he was harking up the wrong tree. It is presumed that he left here with the impression that this town was badly in need of reformation—by the DCS Moines News. How do republicans like it when tho great moYal democratic organ evolves such brilliant epigrams aa these: "The dulcet lips of stalwart anti-prohibition Josh;" " Ponderous argument from the massive mouth of Quart, In volumes that fascinate and entrance;" " Plausible and cunning argument from the fertile brain of Ase that would make even strong men go out and take a drink;" " Masterpieces of statistical somniferousness from Bro. Tellier, whose very name is an essay and a poem?" Such is the burden of Bro. Hinchon's song this year, in the absence of anything which can serve to get the republicans into a. row among themselves. It is hard lines, to be sure, but probably the best he can do. Republicans will tell him how they like it next Tuesday. C. B. Matson had business in Clarion last Thursday, and in the evening listened to a masterly political speech thereby Hon. D. G. Chase. He tells us the meeting was well attended, and the only thing that prevented its being a complete success was the_ obstreperousness of a burly democrat in the_back part of the house who persisted in interrupting the speaker. After_ this thing had gone far enough a justice of the peace in the audience arose and requested the marshal to "put that man out," but "that man" had an eye to business and the preservation of his anatomy, and made a run for the door, thereby escaping the clutches of the officer of the law. To the credit of democrats who behave themselves it should be said that they are not all like this one. In talking with Walter Ward about the shooting of Mclntyre by Allison at Dubuque, two weeks ago, he said he stood beside Mclntyre ffhen he was shot. When the bullet struck him he reeled for a moment, and then started for his tent, where he got his gun and started down the road in pursuit of Allison, whom in his temporary rage he intended to follow and shoot; but he had not gone far before his lieutenant caught him and took his gun away from him, with the admonition that that sort of thing wouldn't do. He was soon after carried on a stretcher to the surgeon's tent, where his wound was dressed. Mclntyro is described as a picture of physical health, and one of the best soldiers in his regiment. He is already so far recovered as to be about, and will suffer no special inconvenience, although he still carries the bullet somewhere in his anatomy. "lords of creation" with a monster petition by which they hope to secure, at the hands of the domineering women, at least some of the rights which were popularly supposed to belong to their sex. The case is exhaustively argued by the ladies composing the congress, but unfortunately ends in a shooting affair, and the horrid men are left to rattle around according to their own sweet will, but without improved prospects for securing the coveted right to vote. The entertainment was repeated Saturday evening to a .crowded house. M. J. KENEFICK, M. D. Office in Republican building. MONEY to loan on real estate, principal and interest, payable at my office. Geo. C. Cull.-32 Removal Sale, THOROUGHBRED Poland China boars for sale. Ernest Bacon, Burt, Iowa. -32t4 Go to Klst'B llnckct For bargains in Underwear, Hosiery. Gloves, Mittens, Caps, Dutchess Pants, Jamestown Dress Goods, Tinware, Notions, etc.-32t4 BOWYER'S fall stock of watches, clocks, jewelry, silver and silver plated ware makes as handsome a display as you ever put your eyes upon. Ho has more goods in stock than ever before; the new patterns are especially pleasing, and the only road to complete and unalloyed happiness is by purchasing what you want of Bowyer. MAKE no common error. Now hardware, new tinware, new stoves, new everything. You find these at tho new hnrdward store of Creed & Parish. We are not going to leave town, but are simply going to move soon into BIGG-EB QUARTERS, and before we move we will close out our entire stock of Shoes, Rubbers, Men's, Boys,' and Children's Suits and Overcoats, Ladies,' Gents,' and Children's Underwear,, Hats and Caps, Gloves, Mittens, etc,, etc., at prices never heard of before in Algona or vicinity. Come and buy now anything you need in our line and save money.^— az^- TlieostonStore, IS. PERSONAL MOVEMENTS. W. B. Quarton is at Renwick today on legal business. J. W. Hay has had as his guest his father, who lives at Iowa Falls. Mrs. W. B. Quarton is expected home this afternoon from Oskaloosa. Miss Lou Nlcoulin returned yesterday from a brief visit at Mason City with her sister. Mrs. F. H. Vesper returned yesterday from Wisconsin. She also saw tho world's fair doings. Mrs. Colman Chubb went to Dousman, Wis., yesterday, called by the serious illness of a sister. Uncle Sam. Benjamin was over in Wisconsin on a visit last week, returning by way of Minneapolis. Miss Nannie Frazer returned Sunday morning from an extended visit to points in the east, including her old home in Canada. S. S. Sessions is home from the world's fair doings, and will devote the remaining days of the campaign to seeing that republicans are elected. Wm. K. Ferguson has lately had as a guest a brother from Malone, N. Y., who likes this country so well ho does not want to leave it, though urged to come home to vote. JUST received, a new invoice of our celebrated $2.25 shoes for ladies. Geo. L. Galbraith & Co. TINWARE costs no more at Creed & Parish's than as though McKinley had never lived. New goods, but old prices. That's what they have. Estray Notice. One spotted shoat taken up by me. Owner can get same by paying expenses and calling at my place. S. H. McNUTT. Our Fall and Winter Goods—- Are all in stock now and we want our friends and customers to give us a call and let us show them a nice assortment of equity transacted, with —- r ~only in the disposal of some cases. , An important transfer of real estate during tta past week was the sale by Harry Walkley of his farm east of town to Wm. K Ferguson, the price paid1 being an even $5,000. The place contains 180 acres. It is under a good state of cultivation, and the price is considered Word has been received regarding Mrs Graham which says that she was ri'K±n u tVA±sJi"«!); ssssasywss.'a&S: sisr-»A..'ss?" c as?. i r?s See what he has to say "y"° ""':~r n ' ~ a \\ ment this week. It is of interest to all buyers of clothing. About every democratic paper in the Tenth district that comes to this offlcels loaded to the muzzle with a supplement containing the speech of ;^ m my Ryan, democratic nominee for congress also a very good likeness of the. man himself. The picture is the part of the speech. to ^Eugene Tellier, speaking of the por- ttnn of a skeleton found near Aigona i <S wRRk thought he remembered or a sas-."?-^ BB#S? horetoW !»«JJS,, '";°™na. bo» portunity of judging ui v»o »' v ""r"uv, »1 merits of the building, Notwithstanding the presence of the chronic kicker—every town has at least one— we have yet to hear anyone say that u is-not a handsome structure. The cape of eandetone on the W-Hoxie block were elevated to g>go«* a murd S ' mbUan d he to unow^ ^ fagtened upon hlWi an a ne * | a ii ow ed to go. ft meeting PI tUe city coun. The soldier boys come drifting in from Chicago singly, and in pairs. Mike Walsh arrived Sunday morning. He came by way of Dubuque, where he had to go as a witness in the examination of Allison, who shot Mclntyre. His testimony was taken Saturday, and the case was to receive further hearing Monday. In the contest at'Fort Sheridan Illinois stood first, Iowa second, and Wisconsin third. The regular soldiers, however, proved superior at all-around target practice, but Capt. Edens says our boys could beat them all hollow on known distance shooting. There was much regret among the 11 000 soldiers present at the orders which prevented their participating in the parade at the dedicatory exercises. An effort was made for a military parade on the Saturday following, but it fell through. Gen. Miles and Gen. Pitz Simmons have been quarreling about it since in the Chicago newspapers. Some of the nonsense they deliver themselves of sounds as though it might have been written in the office of a neighboring print shop. The discovery of an error in one of the names on the republican ticket, as printed for this county, caused a little excitement yesterday. The tickets were printed at the Courier office and the error consists in the middle initial of Charles E. Albrook, one of the nominees for presidential elector, being printed "L." These tickets were printed from stereotype plates furnished by a Des Moines house, and on examination it is found that the "E" was all right until it became partially mashed, making it appear in print more nearly like an "L>' than any thing else It should be said that the error is not the fault of the local printer, but came about in the manner stated. _The intention of the voter is what is aimed at, and it is wholly unlikely that any trouble will result or that any advantage can be taken of this apparent error even if anyone were so disposed. S S Sessions, J. W. Hinchon, and Auditor Hofius went to Des Moines yes- terdav to consult the attorney general, and it has been decided to write the ti E " in with a pen. It will be something of a task on the 12,000 tickets. The "Woman's Congress," at the Congregational church Friday evening, was a highly successful affair, and the receipts reached the neat sum of $67, which goes for the benefit of the reading room. It was one of the unique entertainments of the season, in which a time in the dim future was represented when the women alone will be entitled To the right of franchise while the poor, dear men remam^at the fireside and take care of the babies and perform other menial household .duties, interspersing such delightful pastime with an occasional kick at the wretched condition of the social and political world. At the proper time appear two ARE you going to buy hardware, tin- ware, stoves, or anything in that line? Then see what Creed & Parish have to offer. An entirely new slock is a nice thing to select from. WHY go without the time of day when you can get a new Elgin watch for $5 at Bowyer's. Notice. I expect to go to California in a few weeks for the winter. I want every one owing me accounts and notes to come in and settle same before Nov. 15. They will be left with an attorney for collection after that date. 30t4 J. J' WILSON. LATEST styles stiff and soft bats for men and boys. Geo. L. Galbraith & Co. HENRIETTAS, at all prices. SERG-ES and Beauford Cords, m all colors, and all the NOVELTIES of the season. We' call special attention to our line of Ladies' Cloaks and Gents' Fur Coats. We buy our goods for spot cash and fear no competition. Please give us a call. Chrischilles & Herbst. Garland Stoves, I desire to call attention to my line of STOVES. I have a. large stock of the Garland Oak of 1892 pattern. THIS IS THE LEADER i E. REEVE & Co. have on hand a complete assortment of winter millinery goods.-31 CREED & PARISH would like to have you call and look at their large line of heating stoves, for both coal and wood. They have some daisies. SEE our fine assortment of rugs. Geo. L. Galbraith & Co. for soft coal. I also have a good number of second hand stoves which will be sold very low. Wood and iron pumps, etc. Please call and get prices. C'onl, Coal, I handle only the best grade of hard Illinois and Iowa coals, always at bottom prices.-26tS J. J. WILSON, For Sale, The young full blooded Holstein bull and cow that took premiums at our county fair. I am going away for the winter. Will sell them very cheap. Here is a chance to improve your stock. 29t4 ___ J. J. WILSON. A Cure for Cholera. There is no use of anyone suffering with the cholera when Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera, and Diarrhoea Remedy can be procured. It will give relief in a few minutes and cure in a short time. I have tried it and know. —W. H, Clinton. Helmetta.N. J. The epidemic at Helmetta was at first beliaved to be cholera, but subsquent investigation proved it to be a violent form of dysentery, almost as dangerous as cholera. This Remedy was used there with great success. Sold by all druggists. A Cure for Dr. P. A. Skinner of Texarlcaha, Ark., is an enthusiast in the praise of ChamDerlftin's Pain Balm. He used it for rheumatism anc says: " I found it to be a most excellent local remedy," Sold by all druggists. FARM LOANS. Having secured the agency of the New England Loan and Trust Company, I am now prepared to make farm loans on five to ten years' time at the lowest possible rate, with privilege of partial payments before due. Office over Chrischilles' store, Algona, S, S SESSIONS. M. Z. GROVE. JOHN GROVE. Livery, Feed, and Boarding Stable. West ot fhorlngton House. L z. GROVE, Manager. TVTONEY TO LOAN— •"-*• ON RAILROAD L. Persons wnMng to borrow moaey on rail- roWawdsWlVweUto call tf the K County S»nk and bring tl^lr c<?»iU-(icts. Farm Loans. I can now make loans on Improved lands, from one to ten years time, and give tlie borrower the prtvllego of paying the whole loan or any part thereof In even *10Q at any date when Interest falls due. This Is Iowa mosey, and no second mortgage or coupons taken. This plan of making a loan will enable the borrower to reduce his mortgage at any time and save the Interest on tho amount paid. Money furnished »t on,C9 on perfect title, gall on or address TT ^ VT -r, AI T™«, Hi HvWylli'i Algonaj AQW«. There

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