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Marietta Daily Leader from Marietta, Ohio · Page 1

Marietta, Ohio
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Monday, October 5, 1896
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t: IX ' -J ( t f'l v.'. - i 'i t , V f - ,' MARIETTA DAILY LEADER VOL. II. NO. 237 MARIETTA, OHIO, MONDAY, OOTOBEB 5, 1896. PRICE ONE CENT X. r l XHE CYCLONE. Later Accounts of the Terrible Storm in Florida. Tho Property Damaged in the State Will Foot Up a Million Dollars. .Fully Ono llnndred Lives Wero Lost und Perhaps Ten Thousand t'eoplo Were Ilendurcd Homeless Fire Druko Ont at Cedar Keys. .Jacksonville, Fla., Oct. 3. The West India hurricane struck Florida Tuesday and though It lasted but three hours at each" point visited, was tho most disastrous storm experienced In Florida. The damage to property In the state alone will foot up a million dollars. Fully a hundred lives were lost and perhaps 10,000 people were rendered homeless. The course of the storm was from Cedar Kcya on tho gulf const, north by north-cast to and through the thriving town of Lako City. Through a path fifty mllea wide, few houses were left standing, tho wind at times blowing at tho rato of one hundred miles an hour, averaging 80. In this city, distant from storm center-fully fifty miles, tho wind' for a minute blew ono hundred miles an hour and for five minutes seventy miles an hour. In Jacksonville scores of buildings were unroofed and trees blown down. Tho storm had the characteristics of a tornado. It skipped some places in Its path, bounding over to others where ruin was wrought Cedar Keys was exposed to tho full forco of its fury. There a score of fishermen on the spongo banks were drowned and their vessols were wrecked. A tidal wavo visited tho town and inundated it. During tho tidal wavo a flro broke out and an unusual spectacle was witnessed of firemen fighting llamcs almost shoulder deep In water. Four miles of trcstllng of tho Florida Central and Peninsular railroad, entering tho town xyas wrecked. LakeClty had almost every tree in town blown down, and for two days the streets were impassable. Two people were killed a prominent ilady, Mrs. Frailer, and a Negro boy. Here many houses were razod, while roofs of others went -whirling through .the air. Lake City Is in Columbia county, which has great lumber interests. -Half the yellow pine timber was blown down and lumber and turpentlno men lost' thousands of dollars, as the lumber is badly splintered and will soon bo attacked by worms. In Baker county, which adjoins Columbia, not a score of houses out of a thousand were left .standing. Grain 1 DWD0LLARSARE1ADE! As a rule, they' are coined at I he United States Mints that is one way. Another way is to MAKE DOLLARS BY SAVING, and that is done, bj buying your Clothing-, Hats and Furnishings from The BUCKEYE). Men's Fashionable Fall Suits! rt r Men's finely made all wool SS II Ui Clay Worsted, Thibet and VfJ,VV 8cotch) SingJ0 and Douolo Breasted Suits. fiW f nn Mon's-flno Tailored Suits, iV III) elegantly made and trim- "" " " med, comprising Diagonal and Pin Check Worsteds, Fine Vicun-nas and Cheviots. Children's Suits I Children's all wool Blue Jor- r sr sey Suits, colors. guaranteed fast Jjfl,iJ) $3,75 styles. Children's 'very fine suits, double breasted, Sailor and Reefer suits, latest fall Men's Heavy Men's Camel's hair, fleece lined Men's uamers hair, ueece nnoa rg and natural wool, fancy ribbed Jl Iff jnall colors. wv We are the sole agents for the celebrated GOTHAM HAT. Th Clothiers Hatters and Furnishers, j ' Cor. Front and Butler sts., ' , Old ! 0, Building MARIETTA, OHIO. stored in barns was blown away or destroyed by rain, crops in tho fields, including cotton, were destroyed and thousands of cattto were killed. The immense lumber mill of Epplnger & Russell, at Olustce, was destroyed, including stores and residences, 'and many peoplo wero hurt, though none were killed, the reason being that they sough refuge in'a deep ditch traversing the town. .jfc At MacCleniPf, in tho same county, tho same tale might be told. Sanderson, a few miles distant, was almost wiped out. All of tho men employed In tho turpentine farms dnd lumbcr.mills arc not only homeless but without food and a famine there is impending. The prominent citizens of each of these towns have organized relief committees, and have Issued appeals to tho public for aid. Milliards, in Duval county, was also devastated and people killed and wounded by falling of houses upon them. Each of theso lias issued an appeal for aid. The storm did not touch tho orapfe belt of Florida, but confinod itscft to the middle section, where tho ckfe? lh-4 dustrics are lumber, turpentine, cotton raising and general farmiug. Jming as the storm did, just after harvesting the people rendered homeless and without food will be a charge upon charity for fully six months. NINETY PER CENT. Of the Timber nnd Fifty Per Coat, of the Uulldlncs In tho Sawnuco JUvtfr Country Destroyed by tho I.ate Htorra. Savannah, Gn., Oct. 3 A letter from Gainesville, Fla., dated October 1, says: B. F. Hampton and Maginnls, who have just returned from tho Suwance river country tell a dreary story of the devastation there. Fully 90 per cent, of tho timber is down and 00 per cent, of the residences and farm buildings havo been destroyed. Tho damage does not stop there. In Lafayette county tho valuable cedar forests are lost Stock has been killed by hundreds. All crops have been destroyed. Hundreds of people aro in distress, no home and nothing to cat. i The Gold Reserve. . 'Washington, Oct 3. The treasury gold reserve at the close of business Friday stood at S123,5S5,061. Tho with- drawals of Thursday and Friday at New York were 238,554. There were received $GSG,000 ln gold in exchange for currency. Arrltnl of Arctihlsbop Slartlnelll. New York, Oct. 3. Tho Cunard steamship Campania, having on board Archbishop Martlnelli, tho successor of Cardinal Satolli as papal delegate tc this country,' arrived in quarantine Friday night whore she dropped anchor. Men's Fine Business and Dress Suits, embracing Plaid and Check Chevi $10.00 ots, Unfinished Worsteds and Scotches, made up in Fly front sack coat and vest. At this price we will soil efi-t t" you Men's Suits, which QiJm(J(J are equalln every respect to a tailor made Suit Beautifully lined and trimmed and perfect fitting. Children's double breasted, tr ffft all wool suits, well made in JftJ J$U nobby patterns. v- hv fin Children's very flue knee vBi$ UU PaQt suits; made of import-v ed woolens of tho very newost and nobbiest desicrns, best of tiimmings and workmanship. Underwear I wen's underwear, nnesi all mm wool and Wrights Genuine fljjfj Health underwear. ' wJ Men's underwear, finest all Buckeye THREE ROBBERS Hold Up a'Train on tbe Atlantic and Pacific Road. One Desperado Shot and Killed by a United States Marshal. Tbo Ilnalt Then Uecan an Indlscrlm- Instil Flro Tho Express Car Safo Wm (Ilonn Upon and Klflori, Bnt tbe ttobtmre Secured No Money Aluuq.ukuq.ue, N. M., Oct & Atlantic and Pacific officials in this city havo been udvised that the westbound passenger train. No. 2, due hero at b!45 p. in., has been held np by five outlaws near Rio Puerco bridge. U. S. Marshul Lootnls, who was a passenger on board, is reported to havo shot and killed Cole Young, one f tho robbers, directly after tho train was stopped. ' Young's companions thereupon began shooting indiscriminately. After terrifying tho passengers anil train hands into submission the robbers cut the oxprefas car and engine from tho train and ran them up tho track a few hundred yards. An explosion followed and It is supposed that the express car safo was blown open. A upeclal train has been dispatched from this city to tho sccno of the hold up. No further Information is to bo had at this hour. The hcld-up passenger train from the west just came in at midnight Conductor Sam Ilcady states that when tho train reached the Rio Puerco tank Engineer lloss said that a pin In tho englno was out of gear, but lie thought he could go up the divide. Tho conductor thought not, and just as the engineer was about to fix tho pin three masked men jumped on the engine, whon the shooting commenced. A lantern was shot out of tho hands of the brakeman, after which tho engineer vas told to uncouple the englno and express car from the train. Deputy United States Marshal Loom-is, who has been down in Arizona on the trail of Southern New Mexico bandits, way on his return to tills city, and ho lefgtTlc smocking car when the first shot was Uw Do took deliberate aim at ouoSJfhc robbers, shooting him through tb licad. The man ran 100 yards and dropped dead. Tho other robbers retreated to tho Malpais, where their voices calling for thqlr comrades could be heard. Conductor Heady states that Loomis remained at Rio PGyo, expecting tho robbers to return for tfceir dead companion, while Solvy mot tfto posse of officers at Atlantic and Pacific Junction, and returned with the parjy to Rio Puerco. Tho hold-up was a failure financially, the robbers securing no money. Loomis thinks that the hold-ups aro the same gang that robbed the Separ post oflico a few weeks ago aud have been terrorizing tho southern part of Now Mexico, and that Young was tho leader. ATROCIOUS MURDER Anil Outrage of a Lonw Woman Near St, Joseph, SIo. St. Josupii, .Mo , Oct 3. News reached this city at an early hour Saturday morning of an awful tragedy Friday evening near Arkie, Ma, nearly five miles north of St. Joe, on tbe Hopkins branch of the Burlington road. Some unknown man, presumably a tramp, entered tho house of John lioraley while hu was away and murdered His wife, who was nlono at home. After n hard fight and tho breaking of considerable furniture tho man finally overcame Mrs. Bomley, who was a strong woman, and beat her bruins out. All tho rooms in which the struggle took placo are covered with blood. No cause can be assigned for the terrible crime other than tjiat the tramp found Mrs. Bomley alone and attempted to assault her. Posses aro scouring the country and if the man is caught ho will be lynched. WASHED AWAY. An Arizona Mining Town Nearly Destroyed by n Cloudburst. Tucson, Ariz., Oct. 3. A report has just been received here that the mining town of Bisbcc, Ariz., containing 2,500 inhabitants, has been almost entirely washed out by a cloudburst. The telegraph wires are down and tho report can not bo verified, but a serious disaster is feared as the town is located in a narrow canyon, which offers little chance of escape from floods. Further meager reports from Benson confirm the death of Mrs. Ashburn and her chllUren, Mrs. Zok and her two hoys and four Mexicans. Money ln Circulation, Washington, Oct 3. The treasury circulation statement Issued Friday places the aggregate of all kinds of money iu circulation October 1 in tho United States at ?l,M3,a03,2S0, or an increase during September of 843,132,-055. Tho per capita circulation is stated at 822.05. The statement increases tho gold coin issued or in "general stock" from 5570,557,033 on September 1 to SGOO.544,237 on October 1. Jlaltlrooro Wins the tlrat Game. Baltisioiie, Oct. 3. The first of the Temple" Cup series pf 1890 was played at Union park Friday afternoon, and after a remarkable brilliant exhibition, placed to the credit of the champions by a score of 7 to 1, Bilk Mllhj JlurneU. PlainfjkU), N. 'J Oct 3, The bilk mill at Sterling, six miles from this city, owned by Hi .A. Sto'iilf, 0f New York, was burned 'itriaay morning. Loss 8200,000jr partly covered by insup , i . ij V DELEGATES Tn tbu National Anaoclatlon ot Democratic-CI nhn Onthorlns nttit. Lonl. St. Louis, Oct 3. All tho hotels were filled Friday with delegates to tho second quadrennial convention of the national association of democratic clubs and tho gathering Saturday promises to' exceed tho expectations of the local committee of entertainment Vico Prtsldent Stevenson wan an early arrival and is quartered at tho Southern hotel. Ho will be temporary elialrman of the convention which assembles at U o'clock Saturday morning. President Black had not arrived at 11 p. m. Congressman McMillan, of Tennessee, who will dollver nn address to the convention, arrived hero Saturday morning, on an earlier train than that of Candidate Bryan. Secretary McKcan has established headquarters at tho Southern, whero all tho delegates report Ho states that of tho 10,000 democratic, leaguo clubs ln the country, 3,000 wero represented Saturday by from one tb five delegates. ' Beautiful autumn weather greeted tho delegates and visitors to the second quadrennial convention of the national association of democratic clubs which assembled In the auditorium building Saturday morning. The spacious structure was profusely decor- atijd with Hags, banners and bunting, interspersed with pictures of men celebrated in tho history of democracy. A notable exception in the gallery of portraits wa3 tho absence of President Cle-eland's won known lithograph. On account of delayed trains and lato arrivals there was no meeting of the exceutivo committee Friday night. Early Saturdny morning those members of the executive committco who qro iu attendance at the convention met informally and ratified tho programme of the proceedings as prepared by Secretary McKcan. This provides for threo sessions preliminary organization at 11 a. m., address by President Black and Vieo-Preaident Stevenson, tho appointment of committees, etc. The afternoou session was tuheduled for 2:30 o'cloclc, btit on nccoiiut of n parade by "King Hotn nud his funny fellows" it did not hegin until an hour later. At this session the resolutions will be adopted and officers elected for the ensuing four years. An evening session was'scheduled for 7:30 p. ro., at which the principal attraction was a speech by Presidential Nominee Bryan. 1 lie only city making a bid so far for the next convention of tho clubs Is Detroit, and the chances favor the selecting of that city. Fine Tobacco Men at War. St. Louis, Oct 3. The war on prices of plug tobacco has been renewed after a cessation of hostilities for several months. Tho renewal ol the combat is duo to a cut of plug tobacco made by tho tobacco trust, information of which reached here. The local firms decline to say what action they will take but stock brokers believe that the cut will bo mot and predict u long drawy out battle. SIX KILLED. AWIfaaiiil Mather Uollevoil to bo Accessory to a rrlghtfnl Crime. Little Hock, Ark., Oct. 8. Bud Chaffiii and five children, living at Detail's Bluff, are missing, and evidences of u- terrible butchery at their house point to murder. Suspicion rests on Mrs. Chatfin and John King, the hired man, .who is her paramour. They are also parsing. Chaflin, with his wife and five children, lived on White river, botwecn Des Arc and Devall's Bluff. John King, a hired man, lived with the family arid is said to have alienated the Chaflin womnn's-affections from her husband. Neither King nor any of tho Chaffins has been seen sinco September 21. On that date King was seep driving away in a wagon in company with Mrs. Chaflin. As thoy did not return and nothing was seen of tho other members of tho family, tho neighbors began an investigation. Whcp the house in which the Chaffins had lived was opened, blood wab found spattered all oyer tho floor, and then were evidences of a terrible butchery having becn'coinmitted, but no bodies were found. Tho theory of the officers Is that the bodies were thrown Into tho river, GEN. MACEO, In the Itccent Attack on tho Troclm In- HI-( Terrible I.onsva on the Spaniard. New Oumiass, La., Oct. 3.' A special dispateii from Key West says: Advices received here from Havana state that Antonio Maceo in a recent attack on the Trocha inflictel terrible losses on tho Spaniards, moro than 1,000 being killed and wounded. The attack was made at night, and was carefully planned. The fighting was general all along the line, but was fiercest near Artemisa, wliere Antonio Maceo led a picked force of insurgents against tho Spanish column, commanded Vy Gen. Aralas. The Spaniards were taken completely by surprise. Tllo insurgent"! had several dynamito guns, and Uiese were used with terrible effect. It is saidnany Spanish officers were killed and that Gen. Aralas himself was slightly Injured. Tho Insurgents captured six pieces of artillery, many thousands cartridges and several hundred stands ot arms. A largo section of the Trocha fortifications were demolished with dynamito. Cochran to Alarry ltunel'i Daughti-r. New Yojik, Oct. 3. It is reported that Bdurke Cochran is a suitor for the hand of the beautiful daughter of Xor'd Russell, of Kllloween, the chief justice of England, -who is how iu this country with his family, and that the nuptials are llkoly to bo celebrated shortly after the, presidential campaign ROYAL &ArtP POWDER Absolutely Pure. A cream ot tartar Baking Powder. Hlghea 9,5 all ln leavening strength Lateit United btatet Government Food Report. Hovai, Bakino powder Co., loOWall St.,N.Tf BUCKEYE NEWS. New and Interesting Happening Within Oar Borders. A BABY SHOT Uy IIW Muto Urother, While l'luy Inp; With n Gun, Near Zaneavlllc, Zaxusvim.e, O., Oct. 3. Two children of Andrew J. Andrews, tit Irulle, this county, were playing with a gun Friday morning. The elder boy secured the ammunition from a drawer In a cupboard, and after several vigor ous efforts loaded the weapon. lie then pointed it at the head of his lit tle brother, acd pulled tho trigger. Tho aim was only too true, and tbe charge of shot entered the baby's head, virtually blowing it off. Fragment!! of flesh and blood and bones bespattered the walls of the room. The little eight-year-old boy who killed his brother is both deaf and dumb and Is not accountable for the terrible deed. As thero was no ono who witnessed tho accident, the only details of the tragedy aro obtainable from the boy, who b laboring under terrible excitement and has told different stories. GEORGE DORSEY IIiih Hpont Two-TlilrU of Ills Uta lie-lilutl I'rlaon Zlars. Akiio.v, O.. Oct X George Dorsey, under bentence of 15 mouths in the penitentiary for grand larceny here, has a Tomarkahlu record. He is ;iH years old and iu the past 20 years' has served twenty-three years behind prison bars under as many sentences to tho work-house and penitentiary. Five years of hi3 life previous to this time wore spout in the reform school at Lancaster, O. He is a mulatto, but almost white. Onoe, whtlo In tho penitentiary, ho chopped off one of his toes with a hatchot sa that he might get out of working. Can't I'ay Kent to full. Cincinnati, Oct. 3. The net income of the C, N. O. &, T. P. Railway Co. for the months of July, August and September, excluslvo of ront, Is about S173,-000. This la S'5,000 short of tho rent duo to the city and will havo to be made up by tho receiver in ono way or another. The new annual rent of 81,000,000 begins on the 12th of this month und is payable in January of 1807. In April, 1607vthree months after, it will bo in default, if not paid. The quarter Just ending is usually the most prosperous in the year's business of the railroid. Tho prospect for the coming quarter therefore is not very reassuring. Ilurclnrs Toole Iiverytblnc Iu ltoach. Lima, O., Oct. 3. It has just been discovered that the residence of engineer Tyler, of tho C, II. & D. road, was burglarized several nights ago. Tho house was ransacked and many valuables taken. Mr. and Mrs. Tyler aro away and tho loss can not be learned until they return. A man was arrested Tuesday with a pair of gold bracelets, a diamond ring and opera glasses in his possession, but was released. It is thought now he was ono of tho burglars. Gen. l'inley for Vico t'rt&ltlcnt. CoLUMnus, O., Oct. 3. A plan is on foot here to have Ocn. U. II. Finlvy, of Bucyrus, O., put on tho national ticket for vico president in case both Sewall and Watson retire, as it is said they aro llkoly to da Flnley has always been a free silver advocate nnd was one of tho delegates at largo to tho late Chicago convention. He has been a mo tribe r of congress, and under Gov. Iload-ly was adjutant general of the state. Underwear For Men. Silver Gray Ribbed White Merino. Heavy Jersey Ribbea Fleeced. THREE KINDS The best values yve f could get to retail for 50cents. Shirt 50 Gents. Star P. S Don't fail to see our Slothing $10.00 overcoats. Onn't be beat. '"""" ''''fiHi..iiit'iiiiitiiHitf w(iij Arrival and Departure of Trains. b. & o. s.w. Dkpaut 8:00 a. m., 10:40 a. m., s:00 rm i.M p. m.,7:00p. m.. ll:2Su. m. akhive 8:05 a. m., 8:10 a. m., 12:, p. m ,tt v. ui., o:u, p. oi., a:os p. tn. T. & O. C. Ex. Leave.. ARBrVK.. ....2.10 p.m., 0:00, 4:00 a.m .4:4', -, ii:i&p m. T.a )a. m C. &. M. Leave rt:lia. m. l:Up.ra AitnrvE ll:15a. m 7:05 p. m zT&o. Leave :20a. m., J:40p. ra arrive 10:40a. m., B:W p. m O. It. R. R. (Eastern Time.) South 9:84a.m.; 3:03, 7:3.1 p. m North 12:32,3:50 a.m.; 7:27 p. m CotcU'H Application torn Now Trial Overruled. Akron, O., Oct. a In tho circuit court hero Saturday tho application for a now trial for Romulus Cotcll, sen" tencod to hang November 0 for tho Stono family murder last March, was overruled. Tho caso will bo taken to the supremo court and nn effort to havo tho death sentence commuted wfU bo made. A petition to commuto tho scntenco is in circulation. A Post Office Ilurglor. Cincinnati, Oct. 8. Postmaster 0. A. Goff, of Padanaram, O., Fr(day informed tho office of tbo post office inspectors that his store and the post offico had been burglarized of all tllo money in the office, but does not state tho amount Tho burglars forced their entranco through the front door, alarming the postmaster, but escaped before he could flro upon them. Pickpockets B1r UanL Cincinnati, Oct. 8. L. O. Auxler, o the wholesale grocery firm of RylancL & Auxlcr, at 10 East Second street lost 830,000 in negotiable paper and an amount of cash during tho Bryan meeting in Music halL lie suspects, pickpockets. Mr. Auxler lives in Covington. 8calped by u Hall. Delaware, O., Oct. & Powers Myers, of Ashrcy, attempted to pass .through an opening in a fence, across , which a rail was placed. Ho did not sec the rail, and struck it with such forco as to completely scalp himself. Harness Maker Ilnocs Himself. FosTorsiA, a, Oct. a Wm. TVcavcr, tho pioneer harness maker of this city, hanged himself in his barn. Financial trouble is assigned as the cause. He was 70 years of age. Died Old and Alone. Maiiysville, 0., Oct. 3. Laura Arnold was found dead at her residenco Friday afternoon. She died Wednesday evening of heart disease. She lived alone. Mltcholl-Androws Raider Doad. Bowling Green, O., Oct. 3. Elihu Ilarlcm Mnson, ono of the famous Mitchell-Andrews raiders, passed away at his home near Pemborvillc. Ohio Post Office Discontinued. Washington, Oct. 8. Tho post offico nt Woodlawn, Hamilton county, O., has been discontinued. Mail to Olcn-dalc. Killed by a Horse. Woostkr, O., Oct 3. John McFar-land, 12 miles west, was thrown by a horse ho had just bought and was killed. Coal is dearer in South Africa than in any other portion of tho world and is cheapest in China. DESTRUCTION Wronght by Iteccnt Typhoon rionils nnd Karthqankc In Jnpan. Tacoma, Wash., Oct. 3. Japanese advices to September 10, received by tho steamer Braemer, give graphic details of the widespread destruction wrought by the recent typhoon iioods and carthqnkes. Many of the most Important silk factories were so damaged that they were compelled to close. The cotton crop of Ya-maohlno and Sotteu was damaged one-half, and In Yuma to and Kawaehl provinces 30 per cent. Owing to tho llood a partial vegetable famine exists in NIegata prefecture. In Rakuga, Akitn province, over one hundred houses were destroyed by the earthquake. Dysontery is spreading over the om-piro and many deaths result Thero were 24,003 cases roported during tho month of August, 300 cases in the city of Tokio alone. Tho proportion of deaths throughout tho emplro is about one in ten of those affected. Drawers 50 Cents. I t House. line of Mens' $10.00 suits an'dl '! I m r. i UI I I EJftl i m i a r . .- V I

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