The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on November 2, 1892 · Page 2
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 2

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 2, 1892
Page 2
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TBK UPPER I>E8MOINBS,ALGUNA 4 IOWA*WJS1>K1SDAY,KOYBMB]ER 2* 1892* IOWA <;nM>KNshi>; if? Imwing in national the distribution of a cam document of wildent money invesliiratfon as to the legality ! nt prin'Jn£ fac »imi'f-» of bank note* : whfch (he document contains. ' Mr*, .f. K. M'-Kinley. the wife of a dealer of iMvight. 111,, committ siiM'ie while Insane. Before tikin r own life she administered poison her twc-nfy-rear-old datiirhter. which r»«tiiit/-d in death shortlv An 'Ad tfiflM insurance company has been formed in Denmark. J'cter Grant, a fanner, -was killed by a irn'u i near Columbus, Ksinit. The Irish r>'j»tiMienf).q issue an sul- <ni behalf of JL'irriwn. 1« now declared to be the most femperrHe cojintry in Kuropc. Jo«"jjli J'enfow, % y taint old, vast cut In two by n frciin at MiiKkegon, Mich. TIiw WSIH n liejsvy fall of HHOW Hat- urduy in the northern counties <>f England, 'Ilia ciwtllcHt dreH.'W'H In the world are said I'; be .worn by tin? women of The body of S. II. Coletnim. a I>en ver attorney, was found in a mountain tnilcli Saturday morning near Morrison. Col. He attempted to walk from the | railway station to Wit ranch last Thursday and froze to death in the storm. The steamer Kio de Janeiro, from Japanese and Chines*; ports, brines the news that the Yellow river IMS aea burst ite banks. As far as is known twelve villages were swept away, but as the w;tfer« rose slowly not many lives were lost. system the la»e niin.s in J5acr;tecas. Te:va.«, have l-wy-n fallowed by a visitation of typhoid fever. One hundred and thirty people liHve died then- from the fever within a week. :md it shows no signs of abatement. li'-ves tli;jt the Gf.-nnrm government !«-'i? resolved finally to put an end to the provisional K f »veniriietit of the dtichy of J'njjmvicK". Thi«, i?. is understood, foreshadows a declaration against the sue 'ession of the Hanoverian dynasty. 'Sptiire O'Donneli. a prominent politician and justice of the peace of I Hazletori, I'a.. was shot and killed Ulnlnc announces that I''riday by his constable. Is.-i.-ic Phillips, he will make no more speeches during ' The men engaged in a politk-il discussion, when the constable drew hi* weapon and lire*! three times, each Fusion HeeiiiH to have been effected by tin- .Sotilh Ij;if;of;i democrats and POpltllKtK, } A MinticapoIlH limn committed sill- clrlc after trying to kill III.H wlf« and a policeman. A meeting of much more liveliness than UMll.'il In In-lit by Northern I'acltic Tiie I^ondon Times extends heartiest praffM' lo the United Statrat on the world'H fair. hall taking effort. Obituary—Joseph Home, aged 67. merchant and philanthropist of Pius- our;;; Genera! Benjrjrain Partridge of Kay City. Mich.; Ardin Manly. awl Si, ( ACRES OF FLAMES. m Terrible Conflagratioii Over the Milwaukee Wholesale District. OAST $ aal It sesased as if a rac^mtain of fire asavTss Braad«raj-, One iusSant a l^aldlag ea ^e ess* ^3e of Bread- More Than a Score of Block Licked Up br the Deronr- ins Element, i war- > i ITSS- sad the horses were taken away, but many xrere burned. The Lauta Catiln Hnder- nfeo succumbed despite dyna- . Around Erie street the George iron foundries and the Belden- wor'ss were destroyed, together •with innumerable stall buildings, 8a- Kxvns and residences. The valuable property of the Mll- \raukee Gas company Was almost en- saved. When the fire began to head that way the tanks were sunk below the level leaving nothing combustible above the surface. The flames almost encircled the works without In>nri»nee Men Place the Lo>*es at Fnlly Sis Million Dollars. is Sautes, and the nest a of fine svrept across the street c*i the buildincs oppo- In a aKsneat they were wrapped in Saiaes, TAoissaads cJ sti>saa^ of water eoald f xverv? stiu raging r.niong acres of burn- no* star the cxvadasration in its march I* 11 ? a "d sinokhig ruins. Hansen's mall j house, within a few rods of the bordei brick i of L^ 0 Michigan with the adjoining i, communicating to them. The fire spent itself on ;the extreme eastern side when it was destroyed the Hansen elevator. At midnight it was thought to have done its worst, but the flames called out to assist the police fore guarding property. e 11 p. m.-The fire has made a brilliant display when The Fire. Fanned by a Hurricane. Devastates a <VMe Area. of de^trocSoQ toward the lake. Tne -walls of the three-story building on Broadway formerly occupied by the Cracker Trust then vacant. ! tbe . v caught, began to totter and warnine voices j -^• t 1- :;!il Leiderdorf's aud most of the i urged the crowd back just hi time. I sll °l ls m 'he block between Buffalo and this campaign. A fanner In killed and his daughter fatally Injured by a runaway near "VVIiiona, Minn. A national league for the improvement of country roads has been organized In Chicago. , ... . " f N mnebazo connty. ID.: J. Hoy.-.l purple has l>oen adopted as ., wl -^ ,, t K ,^,, n , wij; . W fflJam the colors of the Christian Kndeavor , \)«-\ v .~ -J» M J %> of Vir-iiii-j 111- F HwArtlMj i,, California. \ j yx ^. vwl ^ f j^-ford. Til." " Eugene Boyer wa» drowned while | At the closing session of the Presby duck hunting on //ike Antoine, near , terian synod Saturday at Albany, X. | Y., a sjibstitme report for the irJnority and majority reports of tfce judiciary coBiraiux* -vs-a* adopted which remands tonight visited by the most devastating Jn>n Mountain, Mich. A large rjurnl>er of laix<rere are rob e<l in Ht. Paul by a. (jwindler who \\w otterwl tnciji employ/nent Hlavery II.'IH i^-en firsirt.teilly xtjimr*? •ant. lit f'linrttth since that corjritrj' imn tinder /{rifi.^ii f\inn',ttia\iat. H. Kmiavm Yt>im%, re;>T»swTjiJn; Dynamite Freelv Used to Blo^v Up BaiJding:s to Stay the Biver of Flames. "bieago Sends Assistance and the Devouring Element is Finally Controlled. Milwaukee, Oct. 23.—This city was Ywfc j»r and the u-Ijiytx-rj- for triol Xovernlx-r 0. syu'xl tyi.-'is no stand on the The whole front of the building pitch- Erie slr »ets vrere on lire. It is rumored ed into the streets, A few moments I that somo Uvos ' vvol '° lost m the Bub & laterf the sides fell out with a crash, j Ki PP factory, as many employes were Teople ia that pan of the third ward i at ^"ork when the flames descended so realized that their homes were doomed. I Sl! ddeuly on the big guildhigs. Th»?re was a stampede of residents iu- to the streets, all armed with furniture, cats, and all manner of household utensils and bedding and vehicles of Up to 1 a. m. r\vo dead flromeu were brought to the morgue. A woman about forty years' of age sought refuge every with belongings of the people whose homes were soon to be in flames. m tuo ward school house and died description were hurrying away i from heart disease. Her name and ad- H"»1rinfnr»T« r*f fKr. r.« rt ^i^ —t. : dress \vf*rf* nnt Ip'itiiofl The territory burned out is tlio shape Meanwhile the flames had gone over j of au Obtuse triangle with the appcx at the ground they had formerly missed [ ^ river th e upper side of Detroit in the _store of J. P. Kissinger & Co., I str <&t, lower Mcuomiuee street to —e and the Milwaukee Art Glass works in j rivol> . nud the base at Lake Michigan. the opposite block, hi which it had ; Roundly stated it is a space two thirds originated. The Wellaur block, seven of !1 milo wide and three quarters of a Tfli' susfiliyzia'.lr/ii in &m Yrzw+jw 'Jwsffih %!Sfs-,j*:i t tat Ksi^x^satn lml»iMy I'Mwl M Hat; JJStii*; /yya3 war <Xi'zUf-A <,T,/, J.vL. f/;.- coal. Kn.'JJ ftrwr, J >&:/»& W.WOTJ a-t . .Saturday yr j/enjiif jla. They were over- sit .Ja'-5;*oij <nt a Ml fvr r'lii-? jjiirjjt "Kith warrant* for 'i.* They were laeadwl for 'i'h'-;>- v.-J31 l,t f taken M, Bay 'in>! ^^•5jJ- Firry. ;.ita,r - m^ broke of railvray iiAruKfal with the di.s- by the ; ai> a reward, for the killing J>alwrji« at O^ffeyville, Ksin., I t/, jrive wi/.-h of tiie farni- H pectacle. All sorts ; J'JJJiyi.te i r A<ii:y., ^'i ; for hint year. about W) yi'Hiv,, \vn* fotiad <iewj Kai.ur- d!i>' in Jji« Jiouw, ;ioHJnv(-i-;i. of jVI>cr- dw«j K. JJ. J'oul play At M;)inA»x, 1'jWii., li, 'WeJJ <JiKi?i j r tools an Jwj|t;j.lJo;j K.<;<-J.(?.v cure, went how; and atteijjptwj I/; J;j)) his wife and family and f«;JI di-y/i. WUJjujjjH MIJIJ JioiJ Coois l>e- lnvoiv<*J );j a tjuarrel ni-;i/' KOJJ- lUtllJ, Tl'XSlH. I'otll IWJ'J klllYIJi UK HI'tfd- l/X'/itfi, ('ooii 1« d'-Jid JJUd \\'i)ll;jiijjw will die. Mr. and AJ/'M, .loim K'-l)x w<-r<» found dead In Ihclr home at, KvwJeKburg, Iowa, Tliiirwliiy momliig, they having b(!on Hiif'l'ociilcil by gas from a iv>;>\ Htovo. other cit.lw;n«. The relief contribution, amountx 13."- of 0 ;.i J/> J?5,!y75. j<? revolt in KsitMtuiu Uel Kuli-rc, <>f 'he Arv'Mtism provinc/j of !ijuj><?, ix ;uiKniniii% formidaijle pro- i.o;w. The rel>el« are in full IIHK&&- <jf ijji; capital, and jilaced prorJn/.-ial (;)]Hijjt/;rK tinder ainnst. v>>\'iTM>r of the j«'ovln/:e luis The prr>- fire in the city's history. Four lives were certainly lost and possibly more. Conservative insurance men estimate the loss at not less than ?G,000,000. The flames v.-hich started in the Union Oil company's building on East Water! m'-Ksase froru Kt reet, near Detroit street, were fanned ! "~ who by a ferocious gale which swept east- i ward across M^enominc-e river and nothing could stay their restless rush. Dymi- mite was use<l but without effect. The mighty billows of flarne swept over blocks of building, jumped across streets and leaped over the river. Thousands of people viewed the grand stories high, was soon in flames with the Milwaukee Chair Co.'s vacant building owned by the Pfister & Vogel learner Co., and the wholesale grocery store of Itoundy Peckhani & Co., aud all on Broadway. The next building to succumb was the -National Distilling Co.'s on Buffalo street. The wind was mile long. The militia did good service during the night aiding the police to perform guard duty. Captain Davis, of the United States revenue cutter Johnson, tendered liis crew to Chief Foloy for use iu lighting the fire. They were gratefully nc- I ceptcd and did gallant and effective still whirling the- j work. seething mimes on .toward Lake Michi- in a direct line with its starting i point, and a scramble began. Chief of j Police Jam-sen ordered the entire to the lire, and they assisted in out the furniture aud household goods the luckless families, who were of conveyances of forced to flee from the patli cut out by ! the flames. Dozens of frame buildings along Mil- were hurrying about the third Avard, :>i>'i nsiUire the Kbitue iln :tr<: loaded with the belongings of the poo- i pie whose homes were in flames that the entire lire department was powerless to check. Chicago, Hacine and other cities were asked for jtssistance, and by 10 o'clock engines and firemen from other towns were beginning to arrive. More than eleven blocks of solid territory, including much of the most extensive wholesale district, had then been burned over. At 2:'M this Saturday, morning, Chii>f Foley announces that the lire is fully tinder control. .Story in llctull. Fire started at 5:30 tonight in the Union Oil company's store, on Bast Water street aud threatens to destroy the entire wholesale business section of Milwaukee east of the river blow Huron street. A furious gale is blowing and driving the flames before it with startling waukeo and Jefferson streets, between I Detroit and Chicago, as well as those ' on Buffalo and Chicago streets, were rapidty ' 8everal S(luares ^ uave lapped up as if they had been paper. All of these buildings were consumed i within hrdf an hour of tlio time when the flame leaped over Broadway and started in the Wellauer block. Suddeny tiie wind swept "around as unexpectedly as. before. While it was northeast when the first alarm rang, it was now almost due south, cutting out a broad avenue of destruc- As n ri'Hiill, of I lie JieKolinlJoim of the Cherokee romiiilHHloii will) the Coina- cho, Klowa, and Apache Indlaim ,'i,<X)0,000 acres of good limd will b open to solllomout;. At Sprlnglleld, 111., Hcv. Kniiir.lN Springer, bolter Uiujwu as "Chaplain" Springer, a Lutheran minister well known in CJrand Army I'lrcles, died Friday night aged Si!. The weekly statement of the New York hanks shows a reserve Increase of $1,793,375. Tho banks hold JjlL',:).'!^,- 425 iu excess of tlio nHiiiirementa of the 25 per oout rulo. J. F. Park had his head cut off Satuniay, at St. .loseph, Mo., by an eugiuo, which run him down In tlui switch pards. Park was a well known horseman of Ayor, la. Morris Uobinsou, who robbed Ills employer. Dr. M. O. Lalo, of Pullman, IU., of ,$TO() worth of Jewelry, was arrested at Kansas City Saturday. Nearly all tho stolon goods wore recovered. Saturday's Canada (ia/otto conlsilns the announcement of tho appointment; of Hon. T. M. Daly as minister of the Ulterior and of Hon. Mr. Dowdnoy as lieutenant governor of British Columbia. The Hamburg-American Packet company's warehouse at Hamburg was destroyed by tiro Saturday, and tho falling walls badly damaged adjotnhig buildings. Tho total loss is plaood at $500,000. \ Temporary receivers have been appointed for the Dartmouth Spuming company of Atlanta, (la. Tho creditors are mostly banking concerns iu Philadelphia. Tho tot:tl indobtodnos* is SUM.OOO. Tho now railway hotwoon Jaffa aud Jorusalom is already well potroul/.od. Tlio care arc of the latest American build. Only a low speed Is attempted, and with six way stops the Jouruev occupies about three A KtJtod crowd«d with people on the Nearly severity buildings, two-thirds of tlon toward the Milwaukee river and which were frame residences, had faded Lake Michigan. In its path lay the big freight sheds and cars of the Chicago & Northwestern railroad, together with a roundhouse and its valuable of KUite and l'h;n>Li>in streets, ( ' i ' 1 '"'«'>. broke rio,wu during the civic l' ; "' ;w '"- A initn from H.ulsled Kt. siid- d")/ly Khout^l: "J like lake water!" ;uid Hie excited jjanj,', all j-Jsljig lo their feet at once, put, loo fjulck Into smoke. A fast burning fire started between 5:30 and 5:-IO o'clock in the store occu- tlie Umbers, and the supporting Um Wive way.'An old lady living on a Klj-aln on pled by the Union Oil company, at 275 ' contents of rolling stock. The end of Kast Water street. At the time three , the freight sheds at tho comer of Hie Xorlh Hide was badly crushed, but i " I>(JH '" Vilriou " sections of the city had < Jefferson and Chicago streets was (lie iiKifoiiHly observed, as she was pull- , called many engines out, so it was lif- , first to ignite and flames soon spread ut.: "I'd mllier lose a leg than bear loon minutes before a response was all over tho ards burain ' ed out. as a diamond," Ollli I.ll'lt l.iml CLEVELAND. mill .11 ni'li l'ri>|iorl.y Cleveland, Ohio, Oct. 28.—About 11 o'clock this morning a llro in tho works ol' Hie Cleveland Window CJlass coni- IIMII.V, In Clminplain street, caused a damage ol' $20,000 and tho loss of the IICo of ono employe, Miss Kitty Nolan, who was suffocated by smoke. Before tho llro was extinguished another alarm came in from tho Sash K Blind factory of Itoachoff & Co., in Michigan street. Flumes spread rapidly and other buildings wore damaged. Detroit and East Water streets. In a short time seven or eight streams wore directed upon the flames, There the yards, burning freight •ythtug before It. The comi | soon had a force at work saving tho property. Locomotives and many freight cars were soon taken out of was a series of explosions, but in half ' harm's way. tin hour, after a tire lug and a dozen engines were playing upon the llro, tho belief was general that the flames were j following tlio south wind down Broad ! traia for tois cj ty. ready been destroyed. A large number of wholesale houses are gone and also many residences. 9 p. m.—The course of the fire chang ed about 8:30 and seems ' likely to consume the territory between Broadway and Jefferson streets to the east : and west branch of the river. The big | Angus Smith grain elevators are bum| ir g and not only is the fire advancing with the wind but has begun slowly to back up at the point it started and where there is no means of staying its progress. The entire lower part of the third ward, inhabited largely by poor working people, is devastated. Nearly three hundred cottages havo been destroyed and the Inmates wandering about the streets loudly lamenting their loss Alarms are coming in every few minutes from widely separated districts and it is feared that incendarles are helping tho work of destruction. At 8:30 p. m. in response to the call for aid from Milwaukee, Flre Marshal Having cut its path over to Jackson | Swene y dispatched several companies street from Broadway, tho. flre was now j of m ' eme » with engines on a separate Tusks Tlmt Must lie Done. Mature baa unsigned Important tanks to thr liver iind the bowels, anil bolng mutually de- poiuUuit upon each other for the regular and nde- quute discharge of those taakn, uceeeatlon of work by one causes the other to laps* Into Inactivity. Tho tasks of secretion and evacuation mutt bt performed, or the system is poisoned aud disor ileri'd. Moreover, fatal lulliuuuiallou of tho bowels or abtcesa of Ihe liver are apt tooimio It inaction of these organs are allowed to to mi iieedod. The dangerous tmuloiu-y should Ix checked at the outset with llueiutlor's 8tomntl> Hitlers, an anil-bilious epi'ciilc unit laxatlvu >vilh out a peer Never dors this modldno cause a qualm of the Homtich or uin'asine.-u of Ihe bow•»s. Jt does iis reformatory work plBatantli though wiih reasonatile activity. It yn-ovenu malaria and rlu-umauc ilueutoa, kidney com plaints aud relieves dyspunslu ami Ilinv .Mooily Cot tlli> Sloni'.v. A man who was vory wealthy and gayo to a groat many objects prided himself on not giving more than ono hundred dollars at a tliuo. Mr. Moody diioo a'^kod him for ton thousand dollars. "Uut 1 will not givo tuoro than ouo luuuhvd dollars at a time," was iho reply . N "Oh, but you would not wish mo to como cue hundred times. would you?" bald Mr. Moody, lie got the aioney. i under control. It seemed as if the very | Wlyi (lown Jeffer80n sll . oet flown MU _ current, of the Milwaukee rivor was < w . ulk(>0 Btlwtj aloilg Brondway , t ^^ being emptied upon tho red brick ' • •block. It was stated that the flre started by the explosion of an oil barrel—how it is uot known. Thousands of people, 0:15 p. m.-The elegant residonco of F. Hodges, momber of the Chamber to the Wnlsln & Bolderman mnnufac- ° f Comilli w, at Ninth and luring company's plant at Chicago' Stl ' eets ' Uvo milc ' s from tho i> Chicago j street and to the No. 10 engine house hils beo " '^stroyod. An alarm Cedar g lire, on Broadway. When it reached the Weisel & Bolto was Just rung in from the House of Correction. The lire department is usiug dyna- attracted by .tho continued . alarms, ; plnnt) the department liad perpetrated ' llllto iu an uffol ' t *o stop the adva reached the conclusion that it was not , m nt tempt to cut it off with dynamite • thc> llaul(!S - Soveral engines haveToeu ' mce of much of a fire after all and went home. That was about 0:40 o'clock. Only black smoke Issued from the building, but a few minutes later iho tired firemen began to feel that the onemy was getting out of their grasp. Renewing their efforts they fought with desperation. It was useless. A gale Tluvo kegs wore lnced , „„„„,„„ ' v '"*o» ' back to the close succession a cry went up from thousands who blocked the streets for a radius of a mile that the gas works had ' on East blowing the streams point where •"•'••* V^ .cop •iy north having been stored there to wait the th ° lh '° bc>KUU and !ll ' u trying to kee coming flames. As each went off iu th ° ! laiut>s fl>om L ' ati "g their way no Water street. Tho wind a furious gale which breaks tlio hose into a spray exploded. It was about 0:30 o'clock ;')- f * L ' w tu(!t lnmi the lumles. when the first building on the northeast' Tlle lltllll( -'s are «lowly eating their was bowing fifty inilcs an hour, driv- j comer of the Milwaukee Gas company's ; Way towu «l »w Soiitinel's uewspap,r «,n«,.ni,i.,., !,„.,* ....^ „..,„, « Wm , ks ! ollico and the wealthy wholesale houses lug tho scorching heat and smoko off tho burning building into the faces of tlio firemen, defying all the witter in the Milwaukee rivor, and seeming only to gain in power t.s the stream was emptied into its jaws, and it was too much for thorn. Tho lire gained a footing In tlio adjoining store of Dohiiu-n and company. It was then beyond all human efforts to stay it. At 7 o'clock the big upholstery factory of tho Bub tJc Ivipp company, facing began to burn. The occupied a territory bounded by Milwaukee, Menomineo and lOrio streets and the ally between Jefferson and .lackson streets. Tho Gas Aveut out in surrounding It. cago are plosions, y scenes of the groat lire of Clii- reautwl. Dynamite ox- llaines, crumbling many parts of the city and it was fear- wal!s ill » l wandering homeless people. I'd tho works wore doomed, but at U Oll(! lircman and an unknown woman o'clock the great oil tanks were still :11 '° known to be lulled. A report just i' WMHGB from Ihe life saving station that friu- of the crew coming up on Broadway to assist the firemen were Bethel homo near caugltt lire soon after. the gas works AVirth & Ham- v .tal » B dw n- m 11, falling w tt v o 011 Broadway, almost a f-n block awuy tainhig htmdi-ads of horses was in the machine Uiop The li«l *** t0 blUZ °- TU ° ' uva stllla ron of y squad- m.- everythlne In the territory boimtled the west by" the north branch of t Milwaukee river; on the east bv lake, and on the south by the harl branch of the river. Twenty-two solid blocks, five of whl were occupied by wholesale houa factories, distilleries, etc., and the r by residences, are wiped out T does not include the vast yards of i Chicago & Northwestern railway, wli cover many acres. Hundreds of c have been burned. There is no telling at this point what extent the flre will go. it i s , tending south of the Broadway brie and backing up Detroit street at 1 rivqr front and at the lake. The fire hottest now just west and north of t gas house. Kast of the gas house has consumed everything. The flan are also eating their way south of E street, and will /probably cousu: o very tiling in that locality. While men wore at. work in front, explosion in a paint room blew a p; of the building across the street, i ,111011 wore knocked down and painfu bruised find cut. Flre also partin destroyed Mlttloborgcv'u leather wor Losses at those fires 000. Not. a gas light is burning in the ci and some portions of the city, wh< there are no electric lights, arc m to darkness. Pour additional men AVI taken to the Emergency hospital, seriously injured by falling walls. 11:30 p. m.—Insurance men cstimt the entire loss will aggregate lf7,000,C up to this hour. The tiro is still spm ing. About a dozen steamers and schoom uave been removed from the Milwauli to tho Kinnickirtick river, whore th :ire out of harm's way. 11:45 p. m.—Chief Foley lias r nouuccd that the fire is practically und control. rrluvijml J.os.M's. Leading insurance men say that abo lialf the loss is covered by iiisuraiii They estimate the losses as follows: Bubb & Kipp, furniture, $300,00. J. E. 1'attoii «& Company, oils a: paints, $250,000. 'J. P. Kissinger, wholesale liquo Milwaukee Mirror works $50,000. B. Leidersdorf, tobacco, $250,000. Gulger Lithograph company, $100,0t Koundy Peckhani & Koundy, Who sale produce, $300,000. S. II. Chiftel & Company, wholes;] grocers, $200,000. Wellauer & Company, wholes!! grocers, $200,000. Milwaukee Chair company, $250,OC Northwestern freight houses, co ents and ears, $300,000. McLanden Hose company, if25,000. P. Finger & Company, confectioner; P25.000. Sauor & Company, glove mauufai urers, $10,000. Fifty smaller business houses, $500 X)0. Five hundred dwellings and cottage; ?500,000. F. P. Dohmen & company, drug 150,000. Weisel & Vilter, machinery,, $100 00. Toepfer & Sous, machinery, ?40 COO. Bayley & Sons, machinery, $40,000. Inbusch Brothers, grocers, $250,000. Fomecker & Brother, confectlonan $25,000. ^ Delaware & Quintln, tool shop, $35 000, Milwaukee Bag Company, $50,000. A. J. Hiibert & Company, flavorin extracts, $4,000. Total, $5,770,000. BOUND TO MARRV. t Her Sou's I'rotuwts Mrs. Wnrue <)I .lUllllHvllllI, Afflllll JtiXIOIllKH Wife. Juuesville, Wis., Oct. 28.—By the mm riuye of Mrs. Clara B. Warner, wealthy Hock comity widow, to Mi Churles It. Palmer, yesterday, was fluti ly settled the Warner guardlunshl; wise, which created a sensation iu sc cial circles In.' this city about a niontl ago. Judge Sale had appointed Georg Hanthorn as guardian for the estate o Mrs. Warner, Testimony was submll ted to show that Mrs. Warner was o unsound mind and not a couipeten porsoii to mako contracts or dispose o her property. About throe mouths ag» Charles Palmer, a tobacco dealer, vis ited the Warner homestead, which ii situated in Emerald Grove, and coil sists of 400 acres of valuable property He remained there- several ilnys urn became a regular visitor to the houso Ho proposed marriage to Mrs. Wamei and was accepted, the ceremony haviuj been sot for September 25. Mrs. War iier went to New York shortly after wards to visit her sou, Frank, who is a young man 23 years old. She toll liim of her intentions to marry Mr Palmer, and the son objected to any such union in strong terms. He ro- turned, here with his mother and at snce entered a petition for n guard!"' 1 over her, which prevented the mai'iluge it:, the lime of Mrs. Warner to Mr. Palmer. Mrs. Warner is 5.5 years of and bears her years well. She wns i vory beautiful and fasoiii'tllug womnw when youug. She has two children, the son mentioned and a daughter. Fashions iu female dress change vbont onco Iu a thousand yen.vs to ' '

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