The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 26, 1892 · Page 8
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 8

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 26, 1892
Page 8
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N, K THE UPPER BBS MOINES: ALGONA, tnWA. WEDNESDAY. OOTOBEB 26, 1892. COLUMBUS' DAY. stestirig and impressive Ceremonies in Honor of the Discoverer of This Continent. The Literary Features Possessed Much Merit—A Large and Appreciative Audience. house, in Swea, on Thursday evening, Oct. 29. He will give trie Swea people a good talk. Oh, no, Bro. Hinchon; the republicans are not trying to "stampede the county;" they are simply putting the facts before the people for their candid consideration. Owing to a misunderstanding it was found necessary to cancel the O'Connell meeting advertised for Algona tomorrow night. O'Conhell speaks at West Bend tomorrow. «* Five hundred school children in line, each decked with the national colors and each carrying the national emblem formed one of the prettiest sights our people have witnessed for many a day. This is what was seen at the local Columbian exercises on the high school campus last Friday morning. The pro- gramme was carried.out literally in accordance with its publication last week. It began with music by the Algona Cornet band, after which followed the reading of the president's proclamation by Prof. Dixson as follows: Whereas, By a joint resolution approved June 29,1893, it was resolved by the senate and house of representatives of the United States of America in congress assembled, ' That the president of the United States be authorized and directed to issue a proclamation recommending to the people the observance in all their localities ol the 400th anniverscy of the discovery of America on Oct. 21, ls92, by public demonstrations and by suitable exercises in their schools and other places of assembly;' Now, therefore, I, Benjamin Harrison, A Cnre for Cholera. There is no use of anyone suffering with the cholera when Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera, and Diarrhoea Remedy can be procured. It will give relief in a few minutes and cure in a short time. I have tried it and know.—W. H. Clinton, Helmetta, N. J. The epidemic at Helmetta was at first belteved to be cholera, but subsquent investigation proved it to be a violent form of dysentery, almost as dangerous as cholera. This Remedy was used there with great success. Sold by all druggists. A Cnre for Rheumatism. Dr. P. A. Skinner of Toxarkaha, Ark., is an enthusiast in the praise of Chamberlain's Pain Balm. He used it for rheumatism and says: "I found it to bo a most excellent local remedy." Sold by all druggists. PROFESSIONAL DIRECTORY. r+^*^*^+^~^*^**l' I \^*^ t +^+*l~+^*>^*i'*^*»^-*+^*^'*^'**~**+-^~^*^ OEO. E. CLARKE, ATTORNEY. AT LAW. Office over First National bank, Algona, la. W. B. QUARTON, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Over Kossuth County bank, Algona, Iowa. E. H. CUARKE, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Collection agent. Over Kossuth Co. bank. Best Grade made tn t WD £ (L) DANSON BROS., ATTORNEYS AT LAW, Loans and collections. Over Frank Bros. For Sale. The young full blooded Holstein bull and cow that took premiums at our county fair. I am going away for the winter. Will sell them very cheap. Here is a chance to improve your stock. 29t4 J. J. WILSON. S. S. SESSIONS, ATTORNEY AT LAW. Prompt collections. Money to loan on chattel security. Over Chrlschllles' store. L. K. GARFIELD, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Office, State st., one door east of Cordlngley. Residence, McGregor St., east of the public school building. 49LES. WASHBURN CROSBYCffS. GOLD MEDAL. CARPETS. Just received ISO samples of the very latest styles in Carpeting, All qualities, cut, matched and sewed, ready to lay. © Cheaper than Ever ore.. £H UtVf WllUi UAUl C) X} J_»WUJUI-u»u j.*-!-* » — V —j president of the United States of America, in pursuance of the aforesaid joint resolution, do hereby appoint Friday, Oct. 21, 1892, the 400th anniversary of the discovery of America by Columbus, as a general noil- day for the people of tho United States. On that day let the people as far as possible cease from toil and devote themselves to such exercises as may best express honor to the discoverer, and their appreciation of the great achievements of the four completed centuries of American life. Columbus stood in his age as tbe pioneer of progress and enlightment. The system of universal education is in our age the most prominent and salutary feature of the spirit of enlightenment, and it is peculiarly appropriate that tne schools be made by the people the center of the day's demonstrations. Let tho national flag float over every school house in the country and the exercises be such us shall impress upon our youth the patriotic duties of American citizenship. In the churches and other places of assembly of the people let tbere be expressions of gratitude to divine providence for the devout faith of the discoverer and for tbe divine care and guidance which has directed our history and so abundantly blessed our people. In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the seal of the United States the be affixed. Done at the city of Washington this 21st diiy of July, in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and ninty-two, and of tho independence of tho United States tbe one hundred and seventeenth. By tbe president: BEX.I. HAHUISOX. JOHN W. FOSTER, Secretary of State. Following this was the raising of the flag by the Grand Arrny votera-ris, salute by the pupils, and the singing of "America" by pupils and audience. The lino of march was then taken up, and, headed by the band, the 500 pupils, followed by a large audience, marched to the Congregational'church, whore tho literary features of Columbian day were proceeded with. The church was filled to overflowing and many were turned away unable to even secure standing room. Rev. Davidson offered a fervent prayer. Bobbie West told how Columbus found America. The Meaning of the Four Centuries was a well-rendered recitation by Willie Galbraith. Columbia's Banner, by Miss Lizzie Wallace, was rendered in peculiarly felicitious style, and was followed by addresses by Dr. Barr, Dr. Sheetz, and J. W. Hays, all patriotic in sentiment and bellttting an occasion of so much importance. An especially interesting part of tho programme followed in the dialogue, "Columbus, or Discovery Day," in which high school " i bore the leading parts with much ,. Tho tnbleaux were well ar- d, and formed an interesting and ''ctivo part of the general pro\G Talc h altogether it may be truly said tliat the programme was most admirably carried out, and much credit is duo Prof. Dixson and his subordinates in tho high school for the success which attended their arduous labors. A Cholera Scare. A reported outbreak of cholera at Helmetta, N. J., created much excitement in H. C. McCOY, M. D., PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON. Special attention to city practice. Minneapolis. JONES & STACY will hereafter keep this popular brand of flour for sale at their store between Algona State Bank and the Republican office. We are selling Gold Medal, per sack, at. SJ.25 Our best flour, WARRANTED, per sack.. 1.10 JONES & STACY. that vicinity. Investigation showed that the disease was not cholera, but a violent dysentery, which is almost as severe and dangerous as cholera. Mr. Walter Willard, a prominent merchant of Jamesburg, two miles from Helmetta. says Chamberlain's Colic, Cholera, and Diarhoea Remedy has given groat satisfaction in the most severe cases of dysentery. It is certainly one of the best things ever made. Sold by all druggists. At Gco. E. Marble's, Hurt. We intend to move into our new store soon, where we will have more and better room. I heartily thank my friends in Burt and vicinity for the very liberal patronage given me, and hope with increased facilities to bo able to serve you better. 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Also a large assortment of Moquette, Smyrna and Fur Rugs, " ^K^ Lace and Chenille Curtains, Chenille Table Covers, China Straw Matting, Floor and Stove Oil Cloth, Carpet Felt, Cane and Cocoa Mats, Carpet Sweepers, Curtain Poles and Fixtures, etc. You are invited to call and see them N n W , lt m The GRANGE STORE. Consultation in English and German. Office and residence over H. Goetsch's store, Whlttemore, Iowa. ZLOTTIS LESSI3STO-, Dealer in all kinds of Other abstracters have pooled. We're not in it. We have been in the business for 22 years and don't have to sell, but are here to stay. Our work is GUARANTEED and will be done at living prices. Jones & Smith.' THE Furniture, Picture Frames For Sole. Farm two miles north of Algona. Inquire of W. W. Johnson, Minneapolis, Minn., 24th Ave. and Wash. North.- 29m2 WE have.a lot of new and nobby patterns in Brussels and Ingrain carpets. Geo. L. Galbraith & Co. Looking glasses, chromos, and all kinds of ready-made coffins. 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No more enthusiastic republican gathering has been held in tho county tbis year than the rally at Burt Monday evening. The principal speaker of the evening was Hon. M. D. O'Connell of Port Dodge, who held his audience for two full hours while ho expounded republican doctrine the purity of which, was unquestioned. Added to his logical argument Mr, O'Connell sandwiched in many of the brightest and wittiest things that have been said during the campaign, and the enthusiasm which greeted him left no doubt as to the impression which he left. Mi 1 . Dolliver closed the meeting with a few remarks of a general political nature. Barring Sundays he has been speaking for forty-four consecutive nights, and was pretty well worked out, but he did not fail to interest and entertain his audience during tho brief time that he spoke. Tho Burt band and Burt glee club furnished inspiring music, and the Algona glee club, who were there as visitors, helped to make the meeting a very successful one. The Burt ladies are no less patriotic than the sterner sex, and as the meeting closed a free supper was announced, gotten up by the ladies, and was partaken of with genuine relish by all present. Tho Itniusay Meeting. A. A. Brunson, W. B. Quarton, and others addressed a big mooting at Itamsay last night. The Ramsay republicans are enthusiastic this year, and they turned out and made a rousing meeting last night. Political Points. Eugene Tellior will speak in the Grover school house on Saturday night of this week. The people of that sec- out and give him a goad FOR real estate time loans at the very lowest rates, make inquiry at the Kossuth County bank. A tie Girl's Experience in a Lighthouse. Mr. and Mrs. Loren Trescott are keepers of the government lighthouse at Sand Beach Mich,, and are blessed with a daughter four years old. Last April she was taken down with measles, followed by a fearful cough and turning into a fever. 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