The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on October 26, 1892 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 26, 1892
Page 7
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THEUPPEKDKS MOINES, ALGONA, IOWA. WEDNESDAY, OCTOBEK 26,1892. fa bad enough, with the ordinary pill. But th. having it down is worse. And, after all the dlaturbahce, there's From beginning to ena. Dr pierce'fl Pleasant Pellets are better. Thty're the smallest And easiest to take —tiny, SUB**-?? 8 *** 1 granules that any child is ready for. Then they 'lo thoir work so easily and so naturally that it lasts They absolutely and permanently owf* Constipation. Indigestion, Bilious Attacks, Bfllous lloadaohes, and all derange- the llror, stomach and bowels. rmaranieiid to give satisfaction, or — Li returned. MAKBRS of Dr. Sftge'8 Catarrh s»y "I f we •»!« euro your »° matter what your case Is, p »y you $500 in cash." Now you ee whnt is cakl of other remedies, v, iocli Is most likely to cure only W cents. Hate to Ask Doctor.*' Oh, Woman! False modesty and procrastination are responsible for much of your suffering. We can excuse lie delicacy of the young, but there is excuse for a woman who neglects the »t« offered assistance of a woman, E. PinMam't Vegetable Compound ithe product of a life's practice of a, Iwnian among women, and an^unfailing Lie ior woman's ills. Ijt removes at once JllMepains, aches, and [itiknesses, brightens ipirits, and invigo- LtM the entire system, unexcelled remedy | |M Kidney Troubles. O37J® ISPffJOYS I Both the method and results when iB/rup of Figs is taken; it is pleasant Iud refreshing to the taste, and act* Iwatlyyet promptly on the Kidneys, j Liver and Bowels, cleanses the sya- llua effectually, dmpclo colds, head- I lobes and fevers and cures habitual jiOMtipation. Syrup of Figs is the I July remedy 01 ite kind ever pro- 1 laced, pleasing to the taste and ac- Inptftble to the stomach, prompt in 111 action and truly beneficial m ita jiffects, prepnrad only from the moat itealthy ana agreeable substances, i** I tuny excellent qualities commend it Ib all and have made it the mo*t |popular remedy known. Bynip of Figs ia for Bale in 50o ffld $1 bottles by all leading drug- jlrts. Ajiy reliable druggist who tty not have it on hand will FTO- llttrfl it promptly for any one who Irishes to try it Do not accept.any Inbetitute. MUFORNl/l HG SYRUP CO. SAfi RUM/SCO, OAL, /rr. HEW/ YORK. H.T. liv'ophospliites of lime and &oua combined with cod-liver oil in Scott's Emul- Ksion improve the appetite, promote digestion, and in| crease the weight. They are thought by some j to be food; but this is not (proved. They are tonics; this is admitted by all. •'.'• Cod-liver oil is mainly a food, but also a tonic. In Scott's Emulsion the I cod-liver oil and hyp*ophos- I phites are so combined as to 'get the full advantage of both. ( Let us send you a book on, CAREFUL LIVING j free. IWr & BOWNB, CheraUu, 131 South |tk AT.BU*, ^ JEN, THE LANDLORD'S DAUGHTER. 1.0 Tliaycr hi Springfield Sunday Uepubhcan: A clear, crisp morning of early October found siiuimor still lingering on the Pacific slope. The sun shone on the log steamboat landing, winch showed obvious signs of age, and its glittering rays were reflected m the waters of the broad Columbia. Ihe landing, iik c . numerous others along Ihe river, protruded from a rocky bluff, on cither side of which harried slopes joined smooth, green meadows below. Along the edge of the bluff, a lew feet from the landing, ran a newly constructed railroad, while beyond a few scattered wooden shanties were seen. | The silliness of early morning was broken only by the monotonous hum of the saw at the little mill, as the door of Hie largest shack opened, and from it stepped a young girl who picked her way among a miscellaneous collection of pigs, fowls and mud in the yard, a.iul walked quickly up the track. A faint color sprung into her cheeks as she walked, drawing deep breaths, while the breeze blew her fair hair and red cotton dress from side to side. N6w she glanced at the sparkling waters and now tit the long green island which liid from view the busy little town on the Washington bank. Poor Jen! As the daughter of the l?lue Front's landlord, she had learned In her short 10 years to llud her moments alone the happiest. Suddenly the whistle of a locomotive broke the stillness and on it came, slacking as it approached. "I'm in luck this morning," said Jim Stewart, as he held out a grimy hand to help her scramble up into the engine. With a quick nod .Ten took possession of the seat at the side, saying. "You owe the wood-choppers one for your luck, Jim. They're all back from the Falls, and ma's Hour-suck is empty, —that's what's bring!u" me to Hanson's." / "The Blue Front's carrying heavy sail, we of Hanson's hear, since the Oscola comes in every day." "Well, rather," retorted Jen, with a toss of that tow head of hers; "the landlord helps her land, and he's sure to make a, good thing on the wood he'll sell them. Besides, she brought two new ranchers with their families yesterday. They're at the Front now, a. nd they came from Kansas, and one is a shoemaker"—here Jen paused, out of breath. "That's what goes here," shouted Jim, in a voice that drowned the rumbling wheels; "\ve's got too many of those Port-hinders,, that, as old man Hanson says, are grabbing the best timber claims, and all we see 'em is once or twice in six months, coming down with a chum in tow as witness to see 'em turn around in their cabins and blast out an old stump. That's what they call living on and improving a ranch for six mouths in a year," said Jim scornfully. / "What's the matter with your own, Jim," asked the girl slyly. "Might be worse; I lived out there and batched it six months, two years ago. Why? Do you want to try roughing it?" Then ho added in a matter of tone, "I'm coming to bring you to the dance to-night," But Jen shook'her bead impatiently. "Nothing but dances! how can you think of them on such a. morning? Just feel this breeze! I'm sure it is helping Hint little tug TO bring that great ship up from the ocean. AVould- 11't I just give anything to go back to Japan in her! See those hills across the river, all dark and blue, and beyond snowy Mt. St. Helens, right against blue sky! Oh, Jim!" with half shy pride, "1 showed my drawings I did last, spring term to Capt'u Fred, and lie said I might be so I could make all this river and everything just as It is, all colors. If I only could!" wistfully. \ Jim's face had been steadily darkening, bul unheeded by the girl, who continued dreamily, "There is a row- .boat just rounding the point of the island. 1 ' "It's those imlf-brecds of the island fishing for sturgeon." broke in Jim prosaically; adding, with more animation, "Come, Jen, don't talk stuff,— you're a prettier picture yourself than anything around, and it ain't my fault, or, for the matter o' that, any of the boys, if you don't know it. Don't you always go to every dance, all night long? and dance ....... = ^ You won't miss it, Jen, you' know you'll get a good time." "No, I'm tired of 'em, they're not as in Wisconsin. land and Miss Jen was far out across he meadow with the letter read and jrumpled in her pocket, while her houghts were half pleasant, half terii- -.vlng, if the varying expression of her face told talcs. The saw mill was deserted, dusk «is gathering, and it was 0 o'clock at he Blue Front. A hand car was being if ted from the track, upon which a -rowd of railroad builders had come 'rom work. Light streamed from the wo half windows, and inside the larg- >st room Jon was busy placing steam- ng dishes on the long oil-cloth covered ables, while in the kitchen on one side ler mother was dishing up the food. With his chair lipped against Hie wall the landlord enlivened the scene with ill-natured wit. lu years past ho uul been a good mechanic, but a passion for drink and gambling gave his nlnd a bent, toward wandering, so his wife and step-daughter must needs go with him to make his fortune in the far West. According to his idea, a board- ng-house was the surest way, and easy—for him. He was a selfish, despotic creature, using his wife's hard earning to play poker and "speculate .n land," as ho termed bulldozing hoii- cstcr men out of their ranches and claims. | "Going to the dance, boys?" he asked, condescendingly, as he entered the dining-room. "That we be. Better come yourself, landlord, we'll take the ladies on the hand-car." ' "Best place for them's at home," with a malicious glance at .Ten. , "I'm feeling too old for dancing tonight," said his wife, with a tired sigh. "Humph! Do you good to be waked up a bit. We'll go. Jen can stay and clear up." "Very well, John, but we can got all done so Jennie can go," meekly. Too much galivanting already," growled the landlord. Hero it is to be feared Miss Jen made a face, for the heard to mutter something emphatic. With "Em, get ready at once," the landlord departed to more congenial spirits "Yes, mother, lir. up, and I'll clear up in time to do your hair," said Jen. In ten minutes her mother came into the room dressed in a plain dark woolen suit, which Jen enlivened by a touch of ribbon at the throat. "There, ma, yon look quite young and pretty," said the girl as she handed her hat and cloak. "Good-by, dear; I wish you were going instead," and with a kiss she stepped from the door. Jen watched the hand-car crowded with the few families of the little hamlet and the railroad men, till it disappeared up the track, then hurriedly cleared and washed the dishes, rest the table, and ground coffee for next morning's breakfast. . i "I do hope Jim won't come down when mother tells him I couldn't come," thought Jen, "how can 1 help t, if he does care too much? The laiid- ord is only trying to get his timber claim, but I won't help,"—with a toss ->f her head. "I know he's good uatnr- ed, but Jim's like the other boys, gambling and drinking, and caring for lothing bvit a dance now and then." Then the color rose hi the girl's face is she linishcd sweeping, at the thought . of ona who wasn't like the' "other • .ioys." "He's been all over the coast,'' inn-mured .Ion, proudly, "and I'll show them ho does love me." I Suddenly the sound of n shrill boat whistle came from the river. Jen Iropped the dnst-pan and ran hastily to her little room, and grasped a small satchel secretly packed with a few treasures. Hastily she donned hat and jacket and hurried through the rooms with a parting, half-affectionate glance at the bare board walls of what had been her home. (With quick-beating heart, she crossed the track and hurried down to the lauding, while through tho river fog a light gleamed nearer and nearer. It reached th wharfT A. sound of bells, a gang-plank thrown out, and up it sprang a tall, dark-eyed man in a captain's uniform. Jennie," he cried, eagerly. "Oh, Fred, hurry!" with a half-sob; "the car is coming down the track." Taking her hand, he led her quickly aboard, the gang-plank was drawn in, more bells, and the steamer was off, just as Jim Stewart, with a stern, white face, reached the landing. The headlight of the Oseola shone full upon him as she turned, and Capt Fred, standing with Jennie beside him at tho pilot house window, shouted: "Tell the landlord when the Oseola makes the landing to-morrow the captain's near Wenachec, Washington, exploded last week, while in the same week another wagon loader with dynamite, drawn by a four-horso team, went over the grade not far from the same spot, and rolled one hundred feet without doing a. bit of damage. The freakishness of chance was never more fully illustrated than by this episode. It is one of those things which defy explanation, but which point a moral. The moral is: Don't take chances. An Irish servant of a navy command- e-r, who had the misfortune to lot a teakettle fall overboard, rushed to ills master, and said: "Plaze, yer honor, can anything be said to be lost, whin ye know where it is?" "Certainly not," replied Ihe officer, "Why?" "Why. thin, yor honor, ye may Ihink the taykiUlo is lost, but it ain't, sorr. I know where it is. sorr. It's at the- bottom of tlu> ocean, sorr." It would be (lilllcult, to find fault after this for (lie loss of a teakettle. TTarn In Jr. Many internal remedies are glibly adyer- Used, to shorten labor and lessen the pain* of Ohlld-Birth, and with wonderful incon. slstency to rcgulnte menstruation. Common sense should tench any woman that t preparation adapted tor menstrual disorders will not prepare the system for Chlld-Birth. Wo earnestly say, beware of all such; they can at this criti'.'til time do no good, and their use may bo fatal. It Is only by per- slstcnt nxtcrnal treatment, thus relaxing iiiul Knflrr.iag all the parts, thE-t-ihe dread hour i« ruiilK'tl "f its pain and terror, and no remedy on i-iirih docs this but "Mother's" Hrmllidd Heg. Co., AllauU. Ga. Sold by all tin legists. Tbo Inhabitants of Cochin, China, hare a peculiar preference) Tor roltrn eggs instead of fresh ones. They also arc very fond ol stuffed dog meat. Mndfe to Look Mke New. Dresses, Gent's Clothing, Feathers, Gloves, etc., Dyed or denned, Plush Garments Steamed, at OttoPieti'h'a Oyo Works, 211} W. Water St., Milwaukee. Send for circular. THE WISHING WELL. A Curious Gun caps wore English army. flrat used in 1832 in the "German Syrup" IVo bottles of German Syftip cured me of Hemorrhage of me Lungs when other remedies failed, I am a married man and, thirty-six years of age, and live with my wife and two little girls at Durham, Mo. I have stated this brief and blaln sd that all may understand. My case was a bad one, and I shall be glad to tell anyone about it who will write me. PHIUP I/. SCHENCK, P. O. Box4S, April 25, 1890. No man could ask a more honorable, business-like statement. 9 In Russia they have to pny clenrly for ! shade and ehcltur. A good English silk umbrella costs from $25 to $30 in Moscow. COLLEGE ool of Shorted and Tyjewrfc , the Fln«i», Bort School In the WM». He T»o»tlon> ma tolls about back don't see the fun dancing in a shanty to a violin playing 'Ole Dan Tucker 01 jigs. Besides." hesitating as il a newly-acquired phrase, "I an I should be dancing with t Irish over not sure :dli' <>r Sniiri-atllimiM Tlinrs In Ircltmtl ami Wiih'ii. i Detroit Free Press: Tho wishing well, is an institution known in many conn-' tries, and superstition is one of the old-1 est, the ancients giving gold and silver ' to springs of water Unit Avoro supposed to contain miraculous properties. . i Tho Indians of Colorado and Greasers of Now Mexico have their sacred wells where they offer sacrifices and make incantations. In Wales the wishing well has much to do with love affairs, as it has also in .Ireland. At. these wells tho love-sick maiden appears with hoi- pall, chanting the meanwhile the following spell: ; "Water, water, toll me truly, \ Is the man that. 1 love duly On tho earth or under the sod, Sick or well—in the name of God?" At another wishing well in Wales ladies make; pilgrimages and ask atrou saint, St. Catherine, for a after this fashion: "A handsome one, St. Catherine; A rich one, St. Catherine; A m'cc one, St. Catherine; Ami vory soon, St. Catherine." Tho well of St. Madron is another famous Welch institution: "Plunge your hand in St. Madron's spring, If true to its troth be the hand you bring; But if a false palm your lingers bear Lay them on a. rod-hot ploughshare." It is said to insure the charm if the person seeking the wisli da-op a crooked pin into the well. At the wishing well in Woolcr, Northumberland, the crooked pins thrown in by lovc-distanght maidens can be seen in groat quantities on Hie bottom. It. is not always that the charm of the wishing well is invoked for love affairs. News from absent friends is solicited; fair winds for those who are at sea, cures for all sorts of ailments and poops into futurity. These are gained by moans of superstitious rites; crosses of palm are thrown into the water with tho question if the thrower will live out the year. If it sinks he dies, but if it floats he will live. Economical, ensy to take, Small Bile Beans. The carrlngo in which Napoleon I. made Ills famous retreat from Moscow is still well preserved. It bulongs to the Wellington estate. 3. 3. 1'AUKEK, Fredonia. N. Y., says: "Shall not call on you for the $100 reward, for I bolievo Hull's Catarrh (Juro will euro any ciiso of catarrh. Was very bad." "Write him for particulars. Bold by Drug. gists, 7uc. A woman of Lyons, Neb., has a nose four and three-quarters inches long. FITS—All Fits Stopped free by Or. Kline's «i'«-nt Nervn Ili'Ntorcr. No Fits after first . Treatise nnil $2.00 trlnl Bend to Ur. Kline, 1)31 day's use. Mnrveloufl ourei boLtlo treo to Fit OUHOS. Arch 8t-, 1'hilu., fa. Ono of tho youngest graiidpnrents nllvo Is llic duchess ol Monlpcnsior, Bister of Queen Isabella. She was grnmlmotlier at thirty- three and a great grandmother at flfty-llve. If afflicted with Sore Eyes use Dr. Isnac Thompson's Eye "VVntor. Druggists sell It25c. John Sobleski, King of Poland, and on<s of the greatest warriors of the seventeenth century, never slept more than four hours. No more old pills Beans, if you please. for me. Small Bile It has been estimated that it would take a man 3,000 years to read all the standard works. DON'T fool with indigestion nor with a disordered liver, hut take Bueeham's Pills for immediate relief. 85 cents a box. Bix hundred Norwegian families arc to he located as a colony in Laur. Bounty, Oregon. One Small Bile Itoixn every night for a week arouse Torpid Livers. 25c. per bottle. Statistics show Unit 7,000 persons are inur dcred In this country every year, and only murderer in fifty ia punished. No HALF-WAY WOUK. Cure your co.ugli thoroughly. HALB'S HONEY oir HonuiiouNi) AND TAH will do it. PIKE'S TOOTUACUB minute. Diiors Cure in onn A woman who died recently in the Norrls- towu asylum had not spoken to any one In eleven years. —This is' the one hundredth year for Williams college. THE NEW COLORS. IIiNiiitirnl X«w Sliadi-M Introdut-iMl fiiriliu Coming Winter. Harper's' Bazar: French color cards of millinery fables for the coming season display much lighter shades than those usually worn hi winter. The leading series of six shades gradually darkens from pale rose to deep Prov- oiice red, through azalea pink, rose- geranium, and peony, followed by three metallic gray shades, familiarily known last year as argent, nickel, and platiua, while as a matter of fact, stool grays are much more largely represented in the now importations. Next there is a new pale green shade called angcliquo, which combines charmingly with dark murior, or mulberry-leaf green, and the still deeper rouces, -or brier green. Tho shades that experienced buyers mark as most popular in Paris are eminence or bishop's purple with a reddish tinge, and a lighter shade, called page-purple, not iiulike the pinkish hues of mauve and of the violet now so fashionable. New dahlia shades are almost as ' bright as cherry red or magenta. Tho brown series begins with a palo amber lino, aptly called champagne, and deepens through tabac- and chestnut to loutre, which is seal and other brown. Beige and castor, the light browns of last season, promise to remain lu favor. All the old bines reappear, and to these wife will be pleased to see Uev friends , nro n(Mcd a diu . k g ra .y.i,i uo marked Ice- aboard." lit! \VllS ItU Detroit Free Press: A Mother's Gratitude Too great for tongue to tull, li duo Ilood'i Sarnaparllls. My daughter Ollvo three yeur« ago had dreadful vuliiH, beginning In one knee and extending to almost ever] Joint In lier body, canned by Constitutional OLIVE OAIIL. scrofula. The palna grew le» and the «wellliig» unbsldod after using one bottle ol HOOD'S MAIlSAPAUIMiA. Then ImproTenteut wa« rapid, until It effected a perfect care." MBB. J. A. OABL, lleynoldsvllle, Fa. It Cnre» Oolils, Coughs, Sore Tnroat,OrouB,Tn flax tn,Whooping Gongh, Bronoliitla and Antiima. A certain curt for Otininmpllcn in flnt itagM, aal * cure relief In adranoed itagei. XTte at ••«•. 7nn trill »eo the excellent effect after tiling tki Brut dost, Bold by (tailor* tmywbur*, Luft 1 n'-tU»» 60 fi«nt» and 41.00. » "TlSFRUiBS'OF" SUCCESS. The secret of success in life is to keep busy. To be persevering, pa- fcient and untiring in the pursuit or calling you are following. The busy ones may now or then make mistakes, but it is better to risk these than to be idle and inactrre. Keep doing, whether it be at work or seeking recreation. Motion is life and the busiest are the happiest. Cheerful, active labor is a blessing. An old philosopher says: "The firefly only shines when on the wing; so it is with the mind, when_ once we rest, we darken." This, of course, takes it for granted that these habits are founded upon a physical system in perfect health. No man can satisfactorily pursue his labors if he be afflicted with a cold or annoyed with any sort ol pulmonary trouble. If he be weighted down in this manner he should at once get a bottle of REID'S GKRMAK COUGH AND KIDITBT CUBE and take it Ireely. It contains nothing deleterious but ill cure any malady that arises from colds. The small bottles are 25c., 1 ge ones 50c. SYLVAN EEMEDY Co., Peoria, III "A CALIFORNIA FRUIT RANCH— . A WAY To SKCUKB ONE." If you are intoi^ ested in California Iruit Browing, or if you would like ft California home, lot us soiidypjj aoopy of this book—it will interest you. lOEBIl COUNTY IMPKOVEMENT CO., Eastern Office, COS Globe Bldg.. Minneapolis, Minn, j Ilood's I'llls are the best after-dinner Fills, assist digestion, onre headache. • -TMest fatemrool Coat in the WORLD I Tho FISH 1! AND SLICKER Is warranted water .proof, and will -«cp you dry In tho huraeststorm. Th< (lew I'OMWKli 6L1CK.EK is a perfect riding coat, and covers the entire saddle. Bawareof ImlUtlona. Don Ibny a coat if Uio " i'ish Brand" la not on It. IHnstr*- ItoJ Catalogue free. A. J. TOWElt. lloaton. Masa, $100 to $500 Paid to HT« agenU lor thi F. Q. Dew (took, loob and bumper oSmblned. B.1U on «t«M upon It. merits. The bast selling article on the market. Agenti wanted n every town. Abeolato control of territory assigned. Send stamp tor circulars, teams, etc. Will «ond sample, expnms prepaid, Ion WOU UNJTY DOOR CHECK CO., Germanla .We IVl'ii'g, SU raul, Minn. WE WART 1,290 ACRES. $100,000,00 KT 1 F*r *<ur iHMrnift ntn«k f OHO IT » rtturri, <>/• not ••••••irr. T •Mttl Tr««i, Kkril... His. WXKKLT. ippljf IT ONCii I.,r TttlBS, ,|,., STATIlft) JMIWKLI. NUK3EKV CO., Lako City. Minn, Name this paper every time you write. - I can tutor at any tlm». '. W. DAQQETT, Proprietor, fond tar Ob* Oihkgih, Wli. promiscuous gang of railroad men.' / "And I'll tell you right now," sai< Jim, with a Hash of his eyes, "you 1 do better to drop those swell ideas your picking up from that mossback capt'n AYo webfooters may bo slow, but we're honest. How many landing do you sposo the Oseola makes, where some girl isn't down to smile on that nigger face of his?" But Jon was still gazing across river, and her only reply was Hanson's, ,11m,—doesn't it great, green, slimy pond, cabins like frogs' heads water?" But as the girl sprang the engine and ran across into the litUe general store and post-oliice, there wuY on angry sparkle In her downcast eyes that Jim hadn't seen. ,.„,.„ '•How are yor, Jon?" said old Pete HarZ., one of the tall, ungainly, bearded, slouchcd-lmt specimens of na- soil. T n here, you can see how i n ,n» retorted Jen saucily, "and ma wants a sack of Hour before noon, sure." the 'Here's i look like a | and the old out of the down from One day during the hot spell an optician on Woodward avenue had a number of themometors hanging over his front door. Various pci-sous consulted them, and liunally a solemn appearing old gent stopped and between mops of his streaming face ho took a look at each instrument. "Are these for saleV" ho inquired of tho proprietor. "Certainly, sir," ho responded that gentleman with an eye to business. "Do you want to buy one?" "Urn—or—well, no," ho said with a half smile.; "i guess uot to-day; they're- too high. 1'il see you when they are lower," and he moved on quietly and cheerfully. land, a pale tint called petit due, and the well-known peacock blue, which is almost green. Diavolo is a dull yellowish red, while Mephlsto is a glowing, brilliant tint. An observer looking over large importations of selected fabrics finds the preference given to eminence purple, pinkish tan or apricot, reseda, emerald and myrtle green, then beige, castor, marroon brown, cardinal, and black. might be you'd Scluult. Ilev. Lloyd tho oiJy clergyman In ISiui Olairo who is in favor oi' having the world's fair open on Sunday. John Stevens, an employe of the Gilbert paper mill, at Mennaha, had his right hand badly crushed in a calandcr machine. ?11\<i OF 1 CHANCE. Hut It Points u Is IJoyoml»liiu ; Uloii, Moral. Harper's Young People: Chance is a queer word, and chance is a queer tiling Chance cannot ever bo counted on and the chances are that those who f ike chances miss the great chances ol lit'e-AVhich is one of the queer tilings about it. As a further evidence of the peculiarities of chance, a western paper narrates a singular instance. 4 wagon gunpowder, tWs Caving IB. Juet M a rotten tenement collapsed when toi great a weight or strain is brought to bear upon ite uppei^floorM, o does a puny physique collapae and cave In when subjected to the strain of disease which must come sooner or later U It U not reinforced or built up. Hoetetter's Stomach Bitters is of immense service to the debilitated, the nervous and the dyspeptic, because It strengthens and prevents tb »m from caving in. It Is not necessary to have the bleep? of a Samson to be healthfully Y'gorone. Maoy slender apparently fragile wad undersized people enjoy phenomenal health,. YJ t or means tfes a,WHty to digest, sleep AMERICAN TIN PLATE. We carry large stock both bright and roofing. They are rolled from lest Ameriean iron by American labor and capital, They are unequaled for ductility and finish, They are superior to the same grades imported from England. We sett them (or less money. We guarantee them to the fullest extent. We handle plates from six different American mills. STARKWEATHER & CO., Tm Plate Importers, 75 & 77 Buffalo St, Milwaukee, Whb MWN TO TRAVEL. We pay «J8« w $1OO a month aud expense*. \V'm,l,I.NGTOJS, MtKlluuu, Wit Illustrated Publication. 1 ^n'J.oft.OSa^oVMVulSZ | Habo, WothlugUm ind Qraun, Ui FREE GOVERNMENT AND LOW PRICE I NORTHERN PACIFIC R,8, , buUnral, Gnulng an« Timb«r' RIPANS TABU I. is 8 I'vi'li'il-i the utnlimch, llvttr ami buwcU. imrt fv tliu blniiii. tux- tutu niul cllni-uml lliu lifat ruiullc'lim kumvit t<»r Idllotl* i HUM. <!i>ilntl|>uUun, il.r«l>H|>Kln. fuuli lirralli, lirailin'hu.miMitiil i!i'|irr»ili>li.' imillful diKtihtinii, hail (>{illl|ilt*xjou. BJid all illnMijturniiM'.', '.>y fiillm-e ol the stomach, llvor or liuwuls to pur- form tfcoir Droper. functions. Persons K'V«I to ovw- Su!nr«r« fomented by tokluu ouu arior «HC)I m<«l.* . jfl! »»mnlo, ISc. AtUruicelsts, uriunt by mall., RIPlHS OHBMlCAL CO., IffVp e St., Now York.1 , >••>••••*•* , ELY'S CREAM CUHE CATARRH Price SO Cents. Apply Balm Into each nnstril. BI«y BBOS, 8* Warren Bt,, N-V LIGHTNING PLATER and plating Jewelry, w»tch« ublepsui, fro. n»Ui Uit Aaait it Jewelry good M uetr, an *Ul kiniUef ruetU with gold, illTtr or nloktl, No experienoi. No o»pltal« Everj houn hit coodi need- rit* far *Uav . H. C. DELNO A aoj •3nia ooiawj •*on|«/n^ 'fin|«[92(ttii«o;pu!\ii)c;[ MB.« FIT FOLKS REDUCED fur Asthma. Cure . Congo, k Africa, Li Nature's Sure Cure ' or 5(o S'a.v. Kjport offle*. 11M llrondwuy, New York. For !.«»•««• Ti-lul CUiut- fr'HKIti l>y ill ill I, addruw CMI! • liupul'tlutc Co., 132 Yiue tit., Oiuoluuuu, Ol.lo. ;PISO)S CUREvPOR .. . . I *»* P«ot>l$ who b»T» re** hWMI W Art*)»», »*o«M UM Itfv'i 0*r* for I CowmMrUoa. it luu t4f«4 •wwMMU. lib** no«ta)»r- , -1 oo*. It Is np( b»d f) tMf- I it i* th* t**t ooQfb imp- Sold everywhere. JM& CONSUMPTION.

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