The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 16, 1891 · Page 5
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 5

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 16, 1891
Page 5
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THE UPPEB MS MOINES: ALGONA, IOWA, WEDNESDAY, SEPT, 10, 1801. ARRIVAL AND DEPARTURE OF TRAIN& CHICAGO, ililiWAUKEfi & ST. PAtJfc. Wi -*—Pass.— -No. t 6:02 a m No. 3.... *....4:37pm Freight- No. 9 East—Pass.— No. S 10:24 a m No.4 9:30pm . Freight- . . mNo.8 ll:55pm No. 13 il:45a mNo. 14 2:SOpm No. 5 8:17pmNo. 10, 12:loam CHICAGO & SOUTHWESTERN. North— Elmore pass. .4:03 p -m St.Paulfrt...9:55 a m South— Elmore pass 12:20 p m DesMoinesft 6:20 p m THE CITY, Read what O. L. Foss says alx)iit "War in Europe." Samuel Mayne was in -town yesterday closing up a land deal. Notice Jas. Taylor's attractive announcement this week. Republican speeches 3n Bancroft and Swea are announced this week. Rev. W. H. Darwood will preach at the Baptist church next Sunday. A fine boy arrived tit the home of W. W. Jones, Sunday, in Cresco. John Reed has a word to our readers this week. Also a list of bargains. A 'good dinner will be given at the fair next week by the Womens' Relief corps. The dramatic company oomes next Monday night and plays through the week. E. G. Bowyer has the largest display of watches he has ever brought to Al- Mat. Holzbauer is building a new "sidewalk on the south side of the court house. Algona markets au-e: Hogs,$4@4.30 wheat, 80@856; oats, 20@23e;'corn,45c flax, 80@85c.- Rev. Davidson next Sunday evening will discuss "The Principle of Prohibition, Biblical." The Johnson wagon shops have put out a fine new dray wagon tor the Nau dains and Winkle. J. E. Seattle, one of Whittemore's leading merchants, is building a big store building this fall. Both the Northwestern and Milwaukee railroads give excursion rates for the county fair next week. 1 The Fourth ward republican club or .ganized with J. B. Jones president, and Will. Brunson secretary. The Dunlap brothers at Ledyard intend to put -800 acres in wheat next 1 year, and break 800 more for flax. This is about stove time and visitors to the fair will do well to read .J. W. Robinson's advertisement this week. The democratic county convention will be held tomorrow, and delegates chosen to the various district conventions. Carl Norman was hired by the John Pan! company last week and sent tc Madison, S. D., to work in the yard there. Tho new merchant who is to occupy the Spear building is in town and is puttiag 'in his stock. Hie name is W. H.Cline. There were 75 more scJiolars in the public schools >on the third day of the term this year, than on the same day last year. 'The whole J. B. Jones' herd of shor horn cattle will be sold at auction at his old farm. The announcement is in this issue. Mrs. Mary H. Carter has kindly placed a large and handsome Webster's dictionary in the reading room for the use of readers, H. Scott was unfortunate last week in stepping on a wire nail and running it through his foot. He has a bad injury right in the busy season. The ladies of the Episcopal society will serve a 15-cent supper at the grange hall, Thursday evening, Sept 17. Everybody invited. The weather the past week couldn' have been better for corn if it had been specially designed. The corn crop now bids fair to be all right. The Zouave Military band of tho Paragon company has been secured to play at the fair. It is said to be the beet show band on the road. The Wigwam turned out a handsome two-seated canopy-top surrey last week C. Dau being the lucky buyer. The Wigwam is headquartes for every thing C. D. Creed did not make final ar rangements in his deal for a livery busi ness in Warsaw, Wis., but will have to wait till next week for definite information. Tho ladies of the Baptist aid society will give a chicken pie supper at the parsonage Tuesday evening, Sept. 22 from 5 o'clock until all are served Everybody invited. Henry Thompson was over from Whittemore, Monday, and said that he and Alex, Dorweiler would begin business yesterday. They have invoiced and are ready to open up. • Col. Sessions spent Monday in Lu Verne, yesterday in Wesley and Whit temore, and today is in Bancroft am the north, letting the people know wha to expect at the fair next week. The call for the republican count; convention brings the local contests fo political honors to a focus. The con vention will be held a week from nex Friday. May the best men win. Geo. V. Davis was down last week tc say that he is not a candidate for the legislature. All he wants is to get r farmer nominated. We still think th democrats should nominate Mr. Davis A meeting of the reading room asso elation is called for Thursday afternoon at 2:30 o'clock, for important business By request of Mrs. Conner, Mrs. F. A Jones, Mrs. C. A. Ingham, Mrs, S. D Hamilton. Cards have been received announcin the marriage of Rufus B. Clarke an Miss Anna Felt at Sioux City, Sept. 24 Mr. Clarke is a nephew of Geo. E. anr E. H. Clarke, and a well known youn man in Algona. This office is indebted to Capt. Harts horn for a bottle of No. 16 Dutch stard ard sugar, such as is now admitted fre of duty. It can be seen at tbie office by all who are interested in the disput over its quality, John Winkel weed his new trottin orse for a herd pony last week. Tho ioree proved a thoroughbred, for he roke loose and took a 1:49 gate for a mrb wire fence, which he jumped and utone knee in bad shape. All entries to the fair should be in by Wednesday as Thursday and Friday rill be fully occupied. The secretary's jntry books are now open. The exhib- ts will be large, and everyone should make it a point to get in early. An exciting foot race is arranged for »ext Week Friday at the fair grounds. ?he Lu Verne champion and Fred. Fos- ier will run for a purse of $50. Tne orfeit is up and articles signed by both men, who are already in training. There is a well defined rumor that ,he Northwestern road will surely put on fast passenger trains next Sunday. We are cautious in announcing this, )ut if it is true we will devote our column to a blow-out as agreed upon. Our new Algona band played their >penlng piece for Col. Clarke's meet- ng'and gave some good music. The )oys have evidently done hard work, and have made great progress. They )lay next week at the fair grounds. Joseph Brass and Miss Alice Green vere married last week in Algona by tev. Davidson. Both belong to well cnown and respected families in the south end of the county, and start out 'n life with the brightest prospects. J. B. Jones says there are three steam uhreshers runiiing around Ledyard. The Dunlaps are at work on their 800- acre flax field and are getting an aver- ige of over 121 bushels. Flax generally s going about 15 bushels to the acre. A fine cauliflower from the Kennedy fU'denn found its way to this office the iast week. This reminds us that the iennedys now have a wagon mndo by Bradley & Nicoulin to suit them, the irst full-blood market wagon in Kossuth. Frank Jenkinson is now' the happy owner of a 100 acre farm. He has bought the Robt. Hutchinson eighty oining him, and will henceforth farm lis own lands. Frank is a pusher and will soon have as good a farm as the jest. Will. Haggard was in Chicago last week and bought the outfit for the new Bancroft paper. The boys claim to have as fine a new lot of • material ns ihere is in Iowa and will put up a clean paper. We learn they begin early next month. Col. Clarke's speech is given in full in The Leader and other democratic state papers, and is regarded as a "key note" speech. That shows that the democrats have dropped free silver and other issues, and are relying solely on local option. Mr. Ainmerman, who canvassed for putting an electric light plant into Algona, lost a diamond from his shirt stud Sunday valued at between $200 and $300. Monday morning he had out cards offering' $25 reward to the finder for its return. Tennant's " King David'! got a mark of 2:50} at Forest City last week, and John Patterson's mare divided first in the 2:40 race. Both horses won good money, and will lower their records this fall. They will probably go to the Mason City races. Dr. Morse begins this evening a series of lectures at the normal chapel on physiology and hygiene. He will deliver one each week, and the public is cordially invited. This will be an excellent opportunity for all to get valuable hints on how to live. The bicycle club met Saturday oven- ing and arranged to make a parade at the fair, also to divide the races, making one a mile dash open to all on safeties, and the other a half mile dash open to boys under 16 on safeties. Some good races are promised. The Grange store will have a fine exhibit on the fair grounds at the coming county fair. Don't fail to come to the fair, and when you get there don't miss seeing this fine display. It will be well worth your trouble. Notice the change in their advertisement this week. W. W. Wheeler has sold a car of hard wood lumber a day for the Hamilton company, and they are building- up a big business. They are arranging now to ship in hard maple wood. They also have a planing machine on the road, and will put out finished hard wood. Mr. Bartlett, who has been secured to act as judge of horses at the fair, is said to be one of the best horsemen in Illinois. He will pass on the merits of all the exhibits next week and his decision is final. Kossuth ought to make the best show of horses ever seen in northern Iowa, Following are the pettit jurors for the next October term of court: Henry Pasvogel, J. A. Robertson, J, C. Stahl, Thos. Engessor, E. E. Thomas, D. A, Baker, A. H. Dorweiler, John Daub, Henry Curran, Frank Lull, W. E. Jordan, Myron Hunt, H. Roth, J. L. Blunt, Henry Dorweiler, Congressman Dolliver offered the ap- ppintment to the Annapolis naval academy vacancy to Mart. Weaver on account of his fine examination record at Fort Dodge. Mart.'s parents, however, did not take kindly to having him made into a naval officer, and the offer was declined. A life of absolute ease is as tiresome as any as soon as one is used to it. Mike Hubbard and Herman Rantzow hailed with a feeling of relief the opportunity to work on repairing the court house furnace last week. The furnace, however, is in bad shape and a new one is needed. If anyone wants to entertain S, C, Spear he can do it by asking him where he found his horse and colt. One day last week he lost them and hunted the town and every pasture near by care fully. When he got home tired out he discovered both of them in his owi barn well filled with the oats they had got into. Prudence chapter elected officers Monday evening as follows: High priest, J. R. Jones; king, Dr. Morse scribe, H. Hoxie; treasurer, J. W Wadsworth; secretary, W. H. Nycum C. of H., F, M. Taylor; P. S., O. E Palmer; R. A. C., Chas. A. Cohenour G. M. of V., D. A, Buell, P. L. Slagle C. B. Matson; tyler, F, M. Taylor. Guy Scott has made all arrangements for having one of the latest style Edi son phonographs on the fair grounds Those who have heard one of these ma, chines talk, sing, and play all kinds o instrumental music will enjoy knowing hat one will be here. Those who have jot will have a rare opportunity to hear nd see the. most wonderful invention >f the age. A new candidate for county suporin- endent appears this week in Prof. E. 3. Anderson of Bancroft. As teacher n the Algona and other county schools IB is well known aa an experienced man educational matters and should he be nominated and elected would make an efficient superintendent. He will undoubtedly have a good support in the :onvention. The normal school is rapidly growing n numbers. The enrollment is over with assurances of a marked increase a little later in the season. Consider- ng the condition of the school last pring this is a most hopeful showing. We hear only praises for the work be- ng done by the teachers. Prof. Chafee's sister joins the corps in the winter, making five in all. A " people's convention" is called to meet at Britt next week Thursday for .he purpose of nominating a candidate or the legislature. Tho call in Kosuth is signed by W. T. Bourne, Geo. V. Davis, and C. W. Goddard. It is said that Dr. Bourne is talked of as the candidate the convention will select, and also that tho democrats will iwss ny nomination and support the " people's" choice. W. H. Nycum and J. C. Frank are .esting the new bi-chloride of _gold ireatment for smoking, It is claimed ,hat by use of this preparation all taste or tobacco can be destroyed in tho most inveterate user. Our Algona men are not using it because they are very nvotorate smokers, but largely as an experiment to see what effect it really iiis. Both admit that it makes tobacco taste bad after a few days. Dr. Barr's many friends, who have A-ondered at the trouble he is having with his face, may bo interested in cnowing that it arises from a small-pox vaccination performed on him the year iftor he left the army. The virus was jad and poisoned him so that at no time since has he been wholly free from ;he effects. It breaks out all over him, jut seldom before has covered his face, and never so badly as this summer. C. B. Matson completed the school census of Algonu, last week, and the iotal is 800 even as against 764 last year. This is a gain of 36 in the year. The most remarkable feature of tho gain, tiowever, is that there are 102 more between the ages of eight and sixteen this year than last. Counting our population at the lowest ratio of three people to one school child, Algona has a popu lation of 2,400, and at a fair ratio has undoubtedly over 2,600 inhabitants. Frank Nicoulin has secured the Paragon dramatic company during fail- week. They come with high recommends. The Anamosa Journal says: "The Paragon Theatre company gave a series of entertainments at the grand opera house hist week, presenting a number of bright and popular plays. The company was greeted by large audiences and deserved them. The tone of their playing was pure, but had at the same time the most impressive seriousness, the most sparkling humor, as the vein of the moment demanded." It is reported that the three card mon te swindlers who lay in jail here were caught in Chicago, and last week were brought up before the court with a lot of thugs. Somehow in the crowd the Keokuk judge, who is the leader of a bad gang, was able to escape. He pulled his hat over his eyes and walked deliberately out of court. Two policemen have been suspended for suspected com plicity in his escape. The men were traced by the detective who followed them to Algona, and who got clues from Sheriff Stephens as to their whereabouts. Superintendent Carey announces in this issue that she is a candidate for re-election, and we judge that she is in the field independently the same as two years ago when she was elected. The democrats at that time did not nominate a candidate, but quite generally supported her. Miss Carey has been an efficient officer, and has probably made no more mistakes than anyone would during a first term. In her efforts to raise the grade of teachers she has had the sympathy of a large part of the people, and will undoubtedly receive a flattering support at the polls. The officers elected at the annual W. C. T. U. meeting were: Mrs. S. D. Hamilton president, and Mrs. M. C. Bailey vice president. The remaining officers will bo chosen at the next meeting. The following platform was adopted: "That we organize as the Independent W. C. T. U. of Algona and Reading Room association." A committee was appointed to draft a const! tuttom which will be presented at the next meeting, There seemed to be a general desire to increase the interest in the reading room for the coming year, and if arrangements can be made to keep it open each evening. The following vouched for incident is a pleasant evidence of the train service of the Northwestern, Between Eagle Grove and Webster City last week a traveling man made a bet that he could get off the passenger coach am catch up with tho engine, and get on the train again. There was the usual train of freight cars, but he not only caught the engine once but severa times, running by tho train as it wen creeping along. Mark Twain inventet a road in his imagination which pro vided against having cattle climb on the cars and4njuro the passengers, bu the Northwestern is tho first one in actual existence that cattle could moun with ease. The new banking company organiaet last week, electing A, D. Clarke presi dent, C. C. Chubb vice president, and C. C, St. Clair cashier. In conversa tion with Mr. Chubb, he said that con tracts wore now being let for materials for the new building, and that work would begin this fall if it were no that Jas. Taylor's store cannot be moved. The bank will build a pressed brick, 25 by 80 feet, two stories, and Mr. Clarke will build the same size giving a fine store room. A. D. Clarke & Co. s land office will be over the bank Work will begin in the spring and handsome building is promised. This will be a good beginning. What might have been a new dovol opment in the Schichtl divorce cas was thwarted last Saturday by Mrs Schichtl's attorney, <Geo. E. Clarke, as sisted by Burl Stephens. It seems Mi 1 Schichtl was in town 'and had seen th children wnd hod tiu&m consent to tak a buggy vide at 4 o'clock, Mrs Schichtl Immediately sent for Mr. Clarke, and at 4 o clock when Mr. Schichtl drove up. Mr. Clarke informed m blandly that the children had hanged their minds and would not ire to go. Mr. Schichtl was irritated but tho presence of the deputy sheriff made it advisable to drive on. The ap- ieal in this case is in the supreme ourt, and in the monntimo the children .re in Mrs. Schlchtl's sole charge. Col. Chns. A. Clarke mot a largo and ntelligent audience Saturday evening, nd spoke in his usual clear, vigorous ashion. He devoted his whole time to iquor legislation as Gov. Boies Is doing, making as good a plea for local option s anyone could in Kossuth. A number >f farmers were in, hoping to hear adis- ussion of silver and like Issues; but. hcse have been dropped from tho cnm- «iign and Gov. Hoios is making local option the solo issue. Col. Clarke is\\ ine talker and able rcnsonor, and it is ilways a pleasure to hear him oven hough he expresses views which can- ot meet cordial endorsement. Local ption has few friends in this section. The coming term of court will have a onsatlonal divorce case, Mrs. Maud L. [Ills suing for release from D. A. Ellis, i'ho defendant was editor of the UOB;- stor and has teen holol koonor Inter In ?uncroft. One paragraph of Mrs. Ellis' jetition states "that on tho loth day if April, 1891, the defendant struck his plaintiff on tho breast, inlHctlng n evero wound. That a.t various other imes during tho years 188,5 to 1801 tho lofondant has struck this plaintiff, and las always boon cross, momso, ami un- ilnd to this plaintiff, at times using the •Host language towards this plaintiff, vhorcby the health of this plaintiff has been greatly Impaired and her life on- langcrcd." It has just como out that tho post- fflco inspector made an unexpected . islt to Algona not long ago and caught 3ro. Starr napping. That is, caught ilm away from homo on one of his tours itteinpting to toll tho votors how to run he coming county convention. The In- pector wont all through tho books by ilmself, and watted over till morning or Bro. Starr to come in. THE UPPER 3ES MOINES does not feel as free to dls cuss postolllce affairs now "that tho lomtual control of the Republican has )een shifted, and it moans no personal disparagement when it says that the jostnmster's place is in his office, and ;hat it most decidedly is not in tho country trying to help or hurt candidates before tho county convention. The postmaster is paid $1,700 and $200 rent to tend to business. Because he docs not like Sheriff Stephens is no oc- ;asion for neglecting his duty and work- ng to establish a postoffice political in- luence. Tho republican party has got 3y that sort of thing. Itepubllcuii Knlly at Itnncroft. Hon. O. C. Peterson will discuss the issues of tho campaign at Bancroft, Saturday, Sept. 26, at 7:30 p. m. in the Swedish and English languages. Mr. Peterson is a fine speaker and no one should fail to hear him. By order committee. Republican Unity nt Swca. At tho Center school house, Sept. 25, at 7:30 p. m. Hon. O. C. Peterson will discuss the issues of the campaign in the Swedish and English languages. Mr. Peterson is a talented speaker and one should miss an opportunity to boar him. A GRAND Fair danco at the rink, sec' ond night of the Fair, Sept. 24.-2512 DON'T miss the short-horn sale on Friday, Oct.JJ. LADIES call and see our new stock ol fall millinery. E. Reeve & Co. Sioux City Corn Pnlace. C. M. & St. P. Ry. will sell tickets to the Sioux City corn palace and return for $4.28, selling Oct. 1 to 17 inclusive. Public Sale of li-liio Stock. We will offer at public auction, Friday, Oct. 2, 1801, at "Prairie Lawn Stock Farm," commonly known as the J. B. Jones farm, three miles southwest of Algona, Iowa, the following property: One hundred and fofty heao of registered Short-horn cattle, consisting of the entire J, B. Jones herd ol cows, heifers, bulls, and calves; 30 head fine Poland China hogs; two good work horses and harness. Also the hay ancl feed on said farm. Terms of sale: Approved notes running one year, at 7 per cent., on all sums of $10 and upward, A discount o] 3 per cent, will be made for cash, This will bo a splendid opportunity for the farmers of Kossuth and adjoining counties to improve their stock by purchasing from this fine herd. H, B. CUNNINGHAM & Co, JOHN SCOTT, Auctioneer. 25t3 SEASONABLE ADYIOE. People Often Suffer Much When a Simple Remedy Would Cure Them. There is little doubt that many persons suffer for years with ailments that coulc easily be cured by tho use of some simple remedy. The following Incident will illus trate: " My wife was troubled with a pain In her side the greater part of tho time for three yours, until cured by Chamberlain's Pain Balm. It has, I think, permanently cured her. We have also used Chamber Iain's Cough Remedy whenever needed and believe it to bo the bent in tho world. P M. Boston, Pennvillo, Sullivan county, Mis Bouri." Hold by F. W. Dingley. All They Claim to Bo. The Houtzdulo (Pa.) Observer remarks " We advertise at present for a firm whosi preparations have proved, In our own fam ily, all that they claim to be. We refer tc Chamberlain's Colio, Cholera, and Diurr hosa Remedy. We stand up. for this medi cine because we have tested It. This is no an advertisement for the medicine, but i simply our testimony regarding it after a fair trial." Sold by F. W. Dingley. It Will Prevent Croup. " We know from experience in the use o Chamberlain's Cough Remedy that it wil prevent croup," says Messrs. Gadberry I Worley, Percy, Iowa. They also add tha the Remedy has given great satisfaction it that vicinity, and they believe it the best in the market for throat and lung diseases. St. 1'utrick'H Pill* Are carefully prepared from tho best ma terials and according to the most approve formula, and are tho most perfect catharti and liver pill made. Sold by Diugley. ^ GALHHAITH'S $2.25 ladies' shoes iu-< the host. Every pair warranted. PERSONAL MOVEMENTS. Geo. C. Call was n Chicago visitor ast week. Miss Flora Bair has gone to Waterloo o attend school. Mr. and Mrs. A. J. ttobison were >ver from Britt for a Sunday visit. Mrs. E. G. Bowyer and daughter go o Minneapolis today for tho ox posit ion. Miss Jessamine Jonos, Bort Hrvrr and ""rod Ingham left for college Monday. Henry Durant and Dr. West attended he Minneapolis shooting tourmnont ost wcok. Miss Eva Kivmrar la up from Web- tor City for a few days visit with Miss Cdith Clarke. Mrs. A. D. Clarke was an Eagle rovo visitor last wcok mid wont from hero to Dos Molncs. Miss Luclla Sifert has scoured a chool in Patterson, west of Sheldon, ml will touch this fall. Mrs. llr. Hudson and Mrs. H, F. Rood vre In Now York on a four wcoks' visit vllh friends and relatives, Chas. Jones wont on Monday to Sun- >orn, whoro ho will oporato a grain for Bunder Bros, S. S. Sessions nnd M. Stephens wore Called to Don Moinos last week to assist n closing up M.iito fair matters. Mrs. J. II. Warron returned last Siit- irdav from a. summer's visit in 'Mimic- ipolfs and poInU in Wisconsin. Mrs. H. A. Clock is in Franklin conn- y on a throe weeks' viHit and our city ather is batching It meanwhile. Miss Ada Smith is home for n two veeks' visit, her school at Mtlllwator >oing closed on account of diphtheria. Amio Piiognot Is back from his visit n Now York, While gone ho visited Montreal, and enjoyed a pleasant time, Miss Cora Sotcholl went to Chicago ast wook to lay in goods. Mrs. Vesper i,ook her place in tho Congregational holr. W. B. Quarton wont to Hurtiboldt Monday to try an important case in vhloh tho Livormoro creamery is In- iO rested. Our Methodist ministers are all at ?ort Dodge this week attending confer- once. Tho now appointments will not )0 known till noxt week. Miss Lonotto Wilson started for Dos VIoinos yesterday. She will opcnd the winter there, having largo classes organized for IOHSOIIH in etiquette and dancing. J. W. Sullivan WUH in Clarion hist .Thursday arguing a motion in a cnao which he has in Wright county, and which is to bo tried this full. Ho won ihis preliminary contest. Glon. Brunson wont south yesterday iO join tho theatrical company he plays with this winter. His friend left last Friday and joins the same band. The x>ys have a good engagement. Mr. and Mrs. J. It. Laird visited Eldora last week. While gone they attended tho county fair, and J. R. says t)ig crowds wore out. But speaking of crowds wait till noxt Thursday and Friday on tho Kossuth fair grounds, A. A. Brunson joined his family in Minneapolis last wook, and took In the sights. He says ho spent most of his time listening to phonographs, and found them to bo the most entertaining novelty he saw. Ho will bo a fair visitor noxt week to hoar tho tunes played hero. D. A. HAGGARD will sell a choice lot of school seats on Saturday, Sept, 29, on tho street in Algona.—2412 DRESS goods—new styles at Galbraith's. GALBRAITH has just received a new stock for their 13, 10, and 25 cent counters. You should look them over. Fou bargains in boys' odd pants call on Jno. Goodors J r. To RENT—House, five rooms. J. E. Stacy. DID you see those nico now calicos, satino finish, at Galbralth's? BUILD up your herd from tho Prairie Lawn stock, which will be sold at auction, Friday, Oct. 2. Two Weeks Only 0,000 3TIDS. f )f all-silk Ribbons in the best hades, just received direct rom the importer, which we vill sell you cheaper than vcr. All the ladies and little irls are invited to call and ee the largest stock of Rib- ns ever on sale in the north- vest. Yours truly. Jno. Goeders Jr. Regulating the Sun. If you want a correct timepiece get a watch at Bowyer's, It will not regulate all the ills of the body politic, but it wil regulate the sun, moon, and stars, and the county fair wil be timed by one. Waltham Elgin, Hamden, Springfield Duber, Aurora, Seth Thomas and E. G. Bowyer works as cheap as can be had any where. Special prices for th< next ten days on all jewelrj and silverware. Visit Bowye and get prices before buying G, Boywer, -:- SPECIAL Ribbon Sale -KOR- Iloths and Trimmings. J. K. FILL & SON, Merchant Tailors \ full stock of dolliH JUKI trimming.* ahvuy.s Uoptnn hiiiul, mid fitrulHlieil at as low ratcH as c'ftn ln> bought, olsuwhoro. All work ilouo promptly. WE GUARANTEE SATISFACTION. Como and son UH bofnro placing your onlor. H will be to your advantage, . 2C. Jo SOiT. JOHN EDWARDS, Feed, and Sale Stable, South of Tonnant Honne, My rlgK lira nil first class, mid I will <lo what Is right to Beeuri: a uharu of tho trado. [WANT YOUR PATRONAGE, and I will try to UHO you right, F. L. PARISH'S Hardware and Tin Shop. Special attention given to all kludb ut repairing, including Guns, Pumps, and Gasoline Stoves, Clotlioo "WxiLn.g'exa, otc. Am also prepared to put In furnaces and do plumbing and gas-pipe titling; AND IRON AND TIN ROOFING. Prompt attention will be given to all work In my line. Shop south of court house. OJ. SEEDS, SEEDS! Timothy seed, Red clover seed, Mammoth clover seed, White clover seed, Oil cake meal, Lawn and orchard grass, German millet seed, Alsyke seed, Blue grass seed, Red top seed, Canada field seed, Stock food, Seed flax, seed wheat, Seed oats, seed corn, AT J. J. WILSON'S, ADMINISTRATRIX' NOTICE OF FINAL REPORT. IH THJS MATTER OK THE ESTATE OP Geo, J. LawBon, deceased. To all the heirs or creditors of the above- named estate: You are hereby notlrtcd that on or before the 13th day of October, 1801, Bald administratrix will file with the clerk of the district court of Kossuth county, Iow», aer dual report, and ask to be discharged; and you are further notified that all objections thereto must be filed with said clerk on or be/ore the first day ol said term of said court, which will convene and be holden at Algona, in Kossuth county, Iowa, on the 13th day of October, 1991 or said report will be approved and said ad- uiinistratrix discharged and her bonds released. BUSJE LAWBON, 25ty Administratrix. < FURNISBtED- AT SEVEN PER CENT. INTEREST. At Kossuth County Buuk. Apply a( once.

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