The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 16, 1891 · Page 4
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 4

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 16, 1891
Page 4
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THE UPPBE DES MOINES; ALGOKA, IOWA, WEBKJSSPAY, B]EPT V 16,1891. The Upper Des Moines, BY INGHAM & WARREN. ll.BO Term* of The Upper Pen Molne*: Onecopy, one year. .One copy, itlx months.. '» One copy, three months • * u BentTto any address at above rates. Remit by draft, money order, express order, or postal note ftt our risk. » Bates of advertising sent on application i Connty Convftiitlon. A convention of the repnbllcnns of Kossuth cotinty, Iowa, will be held at the court-house JiMl in Algona on FRIDAY, OCT. 2, 1801, at 1 o'clock p. in., for the purpose of placing in nomination candidates for the oniccs of Treasurer, Superintendent of Schools, Sheriff, Surveyor, Coroner, and two Supervisors. The basis of representation will be the same BH that of the last republican convention. Each voting precinct will be entitled to the following number of delegates: Township. Com. Vote. Del. A1 |l°rstward Gardner Cowles.. 05 4 Second ward B. F. Reed B.I 4 Third ward J.B, Wnkel 41) :» Fourth ward B.H.Clarke ^0 4 Hnrt John Kerr 7U 4 Buffalo B.L.Lamoretix..S4 2 nrnflco. O. A. Potter nl) •> Fenton.'... .....M.WelBbrod 25 2 German! H. Isenbergcr....24 a Greenwood S. Mayne «v jj flarfleld M. Hayes 1.1 -' Hebron ... .........A. Gotfrrlch 10 2 Harrison John HenRston . 10 2 Irvlnirton A. L. Helton <1 4 HttBdwoii N. C. Taylor 1(1 2 LuVcrne I. P. Harrison....0 j 4 Portland B. B^on. f>j> •} Plum Creek Frank Paine »0 n Prairie J. LonRbottom... 4 1 nrvord.ilo M. O'Kourke j|7 2 Uamsnv B. A. Howe H2 :i Seneca... W. W. Alcorn....»3 2 fltvea C. A.Erlckson....41 :) Shermim. G. M. ParHou8....SH 2 Union 8. D. Patterson ..»2 .i Wesley! .. Carl Oleson «2 5 Whitteinori! N. L. Cotton 05 4 Total number of delegates 80 C. M. DOXSKB, Cotinty Chairman. Tnwnxlilp CnurnRcs. Algona, First Ward—At the 0. A. It. hall, on "Wednesday, Sept. DO, at 7:110 p. m. Gardner Cowles, Com. Algona, Second Ward—At the Wigwam, on Wednesday, Sept. .'!0, at 7:110 p. m. B. F. Algona, Third Ward—At Normal hall, on Wednesday, Sept. 30, at 7.-.'10 p. m. J. U. Wlnkel, Com. Aluona, Fourth Ward—At court-house hall, on Monday, Sept. 21, at 7:110 p. m. E. H. Clarke, Com. Cresco—At the J. B. Jones school house, on Wednesday, Sept. ;IO, at 8 p. m. O. A. Potter, trvlngton—At Lloyd's school house, Wednesday, Sept. !10, at 4 p. in. A. L. Belton, Com. Plum Creek—At ihe Rice school house, on Wednesday, Sept. 2a, at 4 p. m. F. H. Paine, Com. l Buffalo—At Center school house, on Wednesday, Sept. !10, at 4 p. in. H. L. Lamoreux, Com, LuVerne—at The News office, on Wednesday, Sept. .'10, at 4 p. m. I. P. Harrison, Com. Portland—lit the Fox school house, Wednesday, Sept. :)0, at it p. m. Ernest Bacon, Com. Swea—At the BcnjBtroin school house, on Wednesday, Sept. :10, at 8 p. m. C. A. Brickson. Com. Whittcmore—At the school house in Whittemore, on Wednesday, Sept. HO, at 7:.'iO p. in. N. It. Cotton, Com. Prairie—At the Longbottom school house, on Wednesday, Sept. 'M, at 5 p. in. JOhn Long- irattoiu, Com. Seneca—At Center school hoxise, Wednesday, Sept. 30, at 7 p. m. W. W. Alcorn, Com. llamsay—At Ramsay school house, Wednesday, Sept. !iO, at 4 p. in. E. A. Howo, Com. Harrison—At thu Beugston school house, on Monday, Sept. SB, at 1 p. m. J. B. Bengstou, Com. Hurt—At Burt school house, on Wednesday, Sept. DO, at 4 p. m. John Kerr, Com. Greenwood—At Mayne's law olllce, Wednesday, Sept. 110, ut 7 :UO p. in. S. Mayne, Com. Curds of Candidates. Fon SHKIIIFF—I am a candidate for sheriff, subject to the action of the republican county convention. U. J. HUMT. Few SUPKIUNTBNUKNT—I am a candidate for county suerlntendeut of schools. BKIITHA CABEY. Fon Sut'EHiNTKNDKNT—I hereby announce .myself as a candidate for tho ofllco of county superintendent of schools of Kossuth county, tiubjoct to the decision of the republican county convention. E. C. ANOEUSON. 11EFOHMING DACKWAttDS. Col. Clarke wus very successful in massing evidence of tho inellicioncy of tho prohibitory law, assuming that tho prohibitory law is intended to prevent drinking In Iowa. But so much of his time WHB occupied in this part of his .subject that ho either was unable to touch tho details of the reform ho proposes, or overlooked it. This was particularly unfortunate inasmuch as wo have had local option onco, and a groat many were anxious to know what change it has made for the bettor in the past eight years as a method of regulating tho sale of liquor. It was also unfortunate inasmuch as tho position of Jiis party is in doubt. Tho wrangle over what was really intended to go into the state platform has boon succeeded by conflicting statements on tho stump. Gov. Boies is advocating township option, ouch town to quarrel in tho spring over tho saloon, one securing that institution and its neighbor not. But In Senator Finn's district the democratic candidate, Mr. Dale', pledges himself in open debate to vote against such a law, and to support local option by counties and for cities of over 5,000 people, It might seem strange that in this situation Col. Clarke should not devote his energies to straightening out tho record. But the colonel is one of the state's ablest men, and it is passable that knowing how many causes go swimmingly in a sea of glittering generalities which come to an untimely end tho moment tho practical question Is asked "how is the desired result to bo reached,"—it is possible that he felt that more good could be accomplished by showing what tho present law does not do than by attempting to explain how to bettor tho situation by any specific proposed legislation, or to adjust democratic differences. Whatever tho occasion, however, for tho neglect to discuss tho merits of local option, wo believe that neglect was a disappointment to tho audience. The question of liquor regulation has passed tho stage of general principles in the public mind. The people are ready for proposals of practical remedies. It is not enough to state that there are twelve internal revenue liquor licenses In Kossuth county, and that therefore liquor is being sold under our state la\y. The question is how will local option better the situation? Will there be less liquor sold? Will it be sold more quietly and less to the disgust of the community? Will open saloons in every township conduce to more sobriety and good order? These are' the questions that should be answered and that in this section of the state at least will have to be answered. The advocate of local option is called upon to point out wherein a yearly wrangle over saloons in every township in Iowa is going to improve the present situation. He is asked how anything like an orderly liquor business can be conducted where one year there is prohibition and the next license, or how under such a law any but scalawags will touch it. He is asked in Kossuth county what satisfaction can result from a system which puts saloons in half the townships and > leaves the other half with prohibition. It is unfortunate that Col. Clarke did not address himself to these questions for we believe that the democrats themselves in this county are really opposed to reforming backwards to local option. We doubt if a dor.en intelligent democrats can be found who honestly favor local option as a final adjustment. Local option is neither one tiling nor the other. It is prohibition if a township wants it with Gov. Boies, if a county wants it with Mr. Dale, but tor some unaccountable reason will not work with anyone if the state wants it. And yet to the common mind the line is not f>lain which divides tho right of a majority in a township to enact prohibition, and the right of a majority in the state to enact it. If it is proper for a majority to deprive a man of the right to buy liquor in Algona, wherein is it wrong for a majority to deprive the same man from buying It anywhere in [own? Local option does not secure ;he stability of state license, keeps every community in a continual broil, docs nothing to insure decent liquor selling but on the contrary insures the worst saloons because their existence Is precarious, and would bo a step back in the matter of liquor legislation from which Iowa would not recover in ton years. The present law may be bad enough; but at a time when the German emperor is proposing intelligent legislative reform arid the question of liquor regulation is agitating all countries, Iowa would make a spectacle of herself by reforming backwards. Local option with other worn out appliances has passed into history. When we make a move let it be with eyes ahead, and not to tho graveyard to resurrect this most unsatisfactory of all methods yet tried. ^^^^^^^^^^ INASMUCH as persons interested in the Republican have arranged to see that it stands by the republican candidate and undo the mischief its covert attack on Mr. Smith last week was calculated to do, there is no occasion for THE UPPER DES MOINES to engage in any controversy. The fact that the Republican has thus far. failed to reprint a favorable comment from neighboring papers either for Mr. Smith or Mr. Funk, taken with its astonishing statement that discussion of Mr, Smith's qualifications was calculated to injure his chances, has aroused those who can no doubt influence its future policy. Wo look to see tho Republican come out squarely for Mr. Smith in this week's Issue, and from this on assist as much as possible in securing the success of tho republican state and legislative tickets. In view of this prospect any possible irritation at its course thus far has been allayed, and all will be pleased that even a slight disaffection has been checked. IN THIS NEIGHBOBHOOD. « Emmetsburg Reporter: It is understood that Dr. E. D. Brownell of Spirit Lake wants to again make the senatorial race against Senator Funk. It must be the doctor is in politics for amusement. Humboldt Blade: Miss Julia Tellier of Algona, who has been visiting friends and relatives in this vicinity, finished her visit last week and went to Rolfe, where she will remain a few days before her return home. A young man named Croft had his arm shot oil at Clear Lake last week by a shell that was left in a shot gun. It exploded accidentally, and amputation was necessary. Mrs. Dr. Colby was an attending physician. Esthervillo Republican: A. G. Metzgar has bought the Jerrems residence and after repainting and repapering will move therein with his excellent family. This has the making of one of the most comfortable homes in the county. Mrs. Elhenan Clark read a poem and had tho address at the meeting of the Humboldt old settlers last weelc. The Clark band also furnished tho music. The Clark band is composed wholly of children and grand-children of Mr. and Mrs. Clark. Britt Tribune: The corn crop is liable to be a fizzle after all. The season has been so favorable that the ker nels grow fastqr than the cobs. Consequently, although the ears are of average length, the corn fills the cob and then runs off on tho ground. Many fields have from a pint to a quart of Shelled COrn "Ivino'" nt, t,h« onnVi hill. IF THE UPPER DES MOINES wore tho only one " blinking its oyos" to get a look at tho democratic candidate for the legislature, it might be amusing enough; but inasmuch as tho blink business seems to be quite universal, there is no one loft to laugh at the joke if there is any. Even The Courier don't seem to bo highly amused at the "amusing" situation. The fact is, as Tho Courier is beginning to discover, the whole district is blinking its eyes not only to got a look at the democratic candidate, but is blinking a good deal harder to got a squint at what in all probability ho is going to stand for. This is tho first time in our political history that a campaign has been started out with only one side in the field, the other side going on wind till the election is pretty nearly over. If we were to boil down public comment into a single sentence wo think there would be a call about as loud as a thunderclap for our friends—tho enemy—to let up on all other matters and devote untiring energy to getting their man in tho race, and defining where he will stand on the local option question. J. Fred. Myers writes of the increasing depression in Germany tuid says: " Wo uun prove by official figures, published by the city of Berlin, giving the wages in detail of ull tho branches of industry, that the average wages earned by Journeymen of all kinds docs not reach $9 per week. In fact, tho great muss of masons, carpenters, bakers, butchers, saddlers, shoemakers, plumbers, and lookiuakers, do not earn over $6 per week. Yet Berlin is u city of a million and u half inhabitants, wherein rents and fuel, as well as food, nro exceedingly dear. It has been u wonder to us how those people und tho large number who earn still less, manage to live at all. Thus, the women who work 13 houte a day receive on the average only $3 per week, out of which they must pay all expenses. It Is no wonder that the social democratic party grows in number and Influence, notwithstanding the repression of the government With this, onr third trip to Germany—thus crossing the Atlantic seven times—we hope to close our labors in a foreign land forever, greatly rejoicing that our parents it 1847 conceived the thought of emigrating to the United States, the freest nnd best country npon the globe." After the labor day celebration at Keokuk The Gate City said: " Mrs. Lease of Kansas is a great orator. It Is worth the time and trouble taken by the labor day celebration simply to have here that majestic speech by this Kansas woman." The Iowa City Republican has this: "The re-nomination of State Senators Finn, Brower, Funk, and McVey by the republicans insures the return of four strong men to the legislature." The Sioux City Journal notes: " Our exports to Brazil have Increased $1,000,000 since reciprocity went Into effect." ' lying" at the foot of each Mason City Republican: The frosts of last week did no damage of any consequence to corn, notwithstanding the false reports that were telegraphed from here. The frosts were quite severe on one or two occasions but only the outer leaves of the corn in very low land wore damaged. Even in these places the stalks were not Injured sufficiently to cause any serious damage. Sheldon Mall: The state of affairs of the electric light plant of this city, to su,y the least, is bad. Scarcely can you go on the streets but what some one is kicking about its workings. What is needed, and that badly, is an entire new plant, and, unless the Columbia company makes the needed improvements, the franchise should be revoked and given to someone who will live up to it. Sioux City Journal: The report sent out from Mason City that " nine-tenths of the corn in northern Iowa will be soft in consequence of early frosts" Is contradicted from Algona. Frost was reported In several localities, but in Kossuth county the temperature has not reached the freezing- point by six degrees. The early fields are matured nnd there is practically no fear of frost. Liver-more Gazette: The board of supervisors are going to hold a meeting in conjunction with the Kossuth county board next Wednesday, at the county line bridge between this and that county, to either buy or sell their Interest In that structure. It will be remembered that it is a partnership concern at present, and as the two boards do not agree as to the present location and condition of it, it is thought best that it be owned altogether by one county lown's Corn Crop. DES MOINES, Sept. 12. Corn has made fair progress, and its situation in the state at large may be stated as follows: About one-third of the crop is sufficiently matured to out and shock, or substantially safe from serious harm from frosts. Eight to ten days of good ripening weather would place two-thirds of it beyond danger. The remaining third needs all of September and a little of October to get through in good shape. The present outlook does not warrant the expectation of securing more than 70 per cent, of sound, merchantable corn, though the belated fields would yield much valuable feed for stock if cut and shocked before freezing weather. The MUBOU City Xiinr. Emmetsburg Reporter: The Algona UPPER DES MOINES pointedly puts it that the " father of all liars has his headquarters at Mason City," and we rather think the statement is correct. The fellow who reports for the associated press from that place appears to exaggerate every story that is in the least against northern Iowa. Last winter every slight storm was a howling blizzard, and during tho summer each breeze was a tornado. Yesterday we got a letter from a gentleman in southern Kansas and in it he alludes to a dispatch, sent by this same correspondent, and writes under the impression that the entire corn crop of northern Iowa has been destroyed by frost. While the fact is that so far as we have been able to find out, little or no damage has been done. AVesley's Hay Market. Wesley Reporter: THE UPPER DESJ MOINES says that loose hay is worth $4 in Algona. That is just 25 cents less than our dealers are paying. Bring your hay to Wesley and get the highest price paid anywhere in the county Put a Pin Here! Yes, we will all be in next i week to the Fair, and we have made up our minds to call at Taylor's. He has got back and his new goods are all in. In the line of dress goods he has all the new cords, stripes, plaids, and tufted French stuff; and for fancy work baskets, etc., why, that's the place to find them. There are other things we want that he is selling cheap: Those ginghams at 8 cts. per yard; yes, and when you trade $20 worth you get a nice table. One of my neighbors, a Mrs. Smith, got one, and is so nice. No trouble to show stuff. !• JAS. TAYLOR. Take Warning in Time! Buy the Best. Buy Bonaparte Yarn. Buy Bonaparte Blankets. Buy Bonaparte Flannels. Buy Bonaparte Pants. Buy Rockford Cotton Socks. Buy Racine Woolen Hosiery. Buy Lamb Knit Goods. Buy Staley Knit Shirts. Buy Good Boys' Clothing. Buy Lion Brand Overalls. Buy Lion Brand Duck Coats. Buy Grinnell Gloves and Mitts. Buy Brodhead Dress Goods. Buy Rochester Ladies' Shoes. Buy Men's Hub Gore Shoes. Buy Durable School Shoes. Buy Milwaukee Boots. Buy Best Rubber Goods. Buy St. Paul Fur Coats. Buy where you get the Best. Buy of H. A. SESSIONS, DEALER IN MONUMENTS AND HEADSTONES, Granite or Marble, ALGONA, - - IOWA, MICHIGAN PEACHES Are likely to be at their best within the next few weeks. We expect to have a good supply. They willl be arriving nearly every day. We will be gliad to furnish fruit for those who expect to do canning. Get the CASH STORE prices before you buy. We are selling everything cheap. Fruits of all kinds will be cheaper this year than last. Flour has taken a very sharp advance, and will likely continue high till another crop grows. Call and see us. TOWNSEND & LANG-DON. Now is the Time! To look over and make your selections from THE LARGEST LINE OF HEATING STOVES Ever brought into Kossuth County. The Garland Oak for 1891 is the leading stove this season. Call and see it and get prices. T also have over 30 SECOND-HAND STOVES, from $3 upward. Also Guns and Ammunition, Wood and Iron Pumps, Kean Kutter Kutlery, Glass, Scissors - and Shears, Western and Wayne Washing Machines, Baker Barb Wire, Husking Pins of all descriptions, Heath & Milligan's Paints, etc., etc. I have a first-class workman, and am prepared to do all kinds of Metal Roofing. Tinware repairing promptly attended to. (The accompanying illustration shows at a glance the difference between high and low prices. " The short man iis my representa- - tive. Keep your eye on him.) My goods are all first class. My experience of over 20 years in the hardware business has taught me that the best is the cheapest. Call and see them and get prices. T. ••'"• DON'T BUY Body Brussels, Tapestry Brussels, Ideal Ingrains, Ex. Superfine All-wool, Extra Super All-wool, Extra Super Cotton Chain, Extra Super Union, Cotton Ingrain, Hemps, Matting, . or Rag Carpets; Lace Curtains, Chenille Curtains, Raw Silk Curtains, Turcoman Curtains, . Smyrna Rugs, Fur Rugs, Cocoa Mats, Carpet Sweepers, or Curtain Poles, Etc., Until you have seen and examined Quality, Slyle and Prices as exhibited by us on the Fair Grounds, Sept. 23, 24, 25, or any day thereafter at our store on west State street. THE GRANGE STORE. -:- DO YOU WANT TO SEE -:- the largest and '' best" line of ever offered in Kossuth county? so, call on Henry Winkle. He has a complete line of those " Wonderful " Riverside Oak Cooks and Ranges. A written guarantee with each and every stove. The Jewel and Radiant Home for hard coal base heaters. I have in all Hardware! Satisfaction guaranteed in all cases. ^*nr Wood and iron pumps, prepared paints, lead and oil, milk cans, churns, etc. Let me figure on your nail bills, iron, steel, and tin roofing, eave spouting, etc, Call and get prices, HENRY WINKIg, Algona, Iowa,

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