The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa on September 9, 1891 · Page 7
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The Algona Upper Des Moines from Algona, Iowa · Page 7

Algona, Iowa
Issue Date:
Wednesday, September 9, 1891
Page 7
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THE UPPER DES MOINBS* ALGONA* A, WEBMSDAY, SEPTEMBER 9,1891 U not »t hand that helps." In other I ABOUT A VERY ObU QAME. Words w* eannoiforesee whence help may come to n», bat Sf&Hr sensible housekeeper! , , Should knolr tnkt tio. grdcer 8ell%8APO- > I At Sand* dreek, Oswego county, N. J., at | depth of 1,020 wet kn Immense vein of j natural gat vttS struck. It promises a great yield. ' ALBERT BORCH, West Toledo, Ohio, ! •ays: "Hall's Catarrh Cure saved my life." I Write htm for particular*. Sold by druggists, TOe. the ing Rambler of Duluth Was burned to the Water's edge In Canadian waters. Cant. Locum and bis crew barely escaped with their lives. and Shnttlecoek Beromlnt; Popular Again. That gay little game called battle- door and shuttlecock which was so popular in our grandmother's rln.y. birlB fair to become popular again with the invention of Badminton, which It ao closely resembles. It requires no especial muscular development, only agility and as much grace as may be I tians knew convenient. In the quaint cuts in Maria Edcre- THE USE OF GLASS. It* tint DNeoTpfy It tost In «h* *»«*• Aers of the Past. Since the days when PHny'n fabled Phoenician mariners were supposed to have difcovereii the , art of making glass by burning sprtWeed on the sandy enore the art of g lass-making has made enormous strides. But the Phoenicians were not the discoverers. The E#yp- about glass long before IN CASE OF A DOG'S BITE. R fe worth's stories how easily and airily the round, bare arms of those damsels In short-waisted. low-cut gowns wreathe themselves about as they essay to smite the fa?ry-like bit of nothingness composed of cork and fenthers. spinning like a mad bird in mid nir. TctJe&n in timi, even Consumption yields to the wonderful effects of Dr. Pierce's Golden Medical Discovery. It won't make new lungs—but it will make diseased ones healthy • when nothing else will. There's reanon jk'jior it, too.' Consumption is Lung•* Scrofula. For every form of sorof- ' ula, and all blood-taints, the "Discovery " ia a positive cure. It's the most potent strength • restorer, blood - cleanser, and flesh - builder known to medical science. For Weak Lungs, Spitting of Blood, Bronchitis, Asthma, Catarrh, and all lingering Coughs, it's an unequaled remedy. It's a guaranteed one. If it doesn't benefit or cure, you have your money back. • You've everything to gain from it—nothing to lose. It's especially potent in curing Tetter, Salt-rheum, Eczema, Erysipelas, Boils, Carbuncles, Sore Eyes, Goitre, or Thick Neck, and Enlarged Glands, Tumors and Swellings. Great Eating Ulcers rapidly heal onder its benign influence. them, as is proved not nlone by many pictures of gln.<ss blowers on the old tombs nnd monument?, but by the discovery of tho article itself iii many forms in excavations at, Egypt, Nlnovah. Troy and Alexandria, The arts of cutting, grinding, gilding and co.oring glass were practiced 870 years before Christ. Tlece? in the forms of lenses. vases and bottles have been found in _ . Rome, Pompeii, and Herdulaneum, but I is a ncedlus^.y painful operation and no windows. The lirst glass windows j is very seldom accomplished soon ' enough to prevent the hydrophobia in- rn*tf>nr'.« American Ttepro««nt»tlTe Tell* tVhnt Ton Should t>o. If you are unfortunate enough to be bitten by a dog. waste no time In pending for a physician. But the wound requires instant attention, writes Dr. Paul Hibier in the Ladies' Home Journal. First, wash it immediately with clean, tepid water. If this is not readily obtainable, clean wnter of any temperature will nnswer. This will do until a physician arrives. If you should be so situated that a physician can not attend upon you, then net AfU?r Hushing' out the wound with clean water, apply by means of a plass- droppcr a powerlul antiseptic. I re- gnrd peroxide of hydrogen (medicinal) as the best compound. Don't cauterize. In my opinion it th<< Only On* R*l>r t»flnt«t— Cftn Yon Find th« Won! t EncTi week » different three-Inch display Is puliiislii'tl in this paper. There «re no two words alike in cither nd., except One word. This word will t>o found In tho nd. for Pr. Hnrtcr's Iron Tonic, Ultlc Liver Pilla iiml Wild Cherry Bitters.. Look for "Crescent" trndc-ncirtc. Rend the ad. enrefully, nnd when you find the word send It to Uicm nnd llioy will return you a book, beautiful lltlio- is and sample* free. The Catalogue for Fall'91 is ready Send your name Everythihg • 'or Autumn is rea4y—the Cloaks, the Dress Goods, the Carpets, the Millinery, etc.' The best, variety Df everything at your command. It is reasonable to suppose that the store doing the largest retail business here should oMer you the best advantages in price. Costs nothing to try. SEND FOR SAMPLES. '7 'if Gimbel Brothers Dry Goods Milwaukee AS OKI! liUANDMOTIIEKS PLATED. . How the girls chase and race hithor! mantown, Mass. and thither as it -ludes them! IIow hats tumble off and hang by thoir strings from the wearers' necks: Jiow cheeks glow and eyes dance and how the place—all this is in the old picture, mind you—echoes with their marry laughter! There are old-fashioned folk still who think that a update gaii'u of croquet, or even the terrible earnest tennis, affords no such real sport as did this simple game of the past. People make work of their sports to-day, these old folk say, because it is a workaday age, and they must cultivate their brains or muscles, or both, oven In popular pastimes. Battledoor and shuttlecock insures one of the most beneficial means of exercise, the continual upward movement of the arms—the reaching— which is the best of tennis from the athletic point of view. It isn't an ox- pensive game, either, for the implements cost almost nothing. A battle- door and shuttlecock club may be organized by any set of young people who have a moderate spread of greensward available. A little garden hat with a brim wide enough to keep the sun from the eyes, pretty bodices of the peasant style, or with' Swiss belts, the under blouse sufficiently easy for free arm movement; skirts short, full and piquant (not 2emi-tr;ilns), and stout little boots are the costuming essentials. Striped outing flannel shirts serve for u:en, with tennis caps and knee breeches. Tho game, to be interesting, ninn); be conducted . upon the general rules which prevail in ball games. Much may be made of it by those who are skilled ia ball playing, though ii culls rather for grace tlian for skill or technical knowledge. Battledoor and shuttlecock is u very old game. We hear of it, along with other lig-ht'rollicking sports, in which women participated, jimong the court pastimes of Louis XIV. The court, of Henry Quatre was famous for nil sorts of romping games. Henry of Navarre was too much of a warrior not to be fond of athletic sports/ and many of those indulged in by the queen and her ladies, as. well as by the king .'and his followers, were almost boyish in character. There are old pictures which give the shuttlecock quite the form it has to-day, though the battledoor has changed.' in England were introduced by the 'Abbott Benedict A. D. 674. The Venetian glassmakers and glassblowora were celebrated in tho thirteenth century as they are celebrated to-day. The manufacture-, of'glass was one of the earliest industries In this country, and to-day the glass manufacturers —especially tho mlrr-- -inufncturora —stand among the foremost and best In the world. T"' 1 ;; st, factory spoken of was at Salem. .^->-*., and was the property ol one Andnlus Couklin, tho position of his factory is even now known as Glasshouse Fiefd. In 1746 there was a factory at Jamestown. Va.. and in 1750 there was another at Cor- Buttho first of which any mil history exists was originized by Robert Hewes of Boston at Tom pie. N. H.. 1790. To begin to enur>'f;mte the usos to which glass is put ono would havo to enumerate every trade, every- kind of building, every walk and employment In life, every s' >p ; >i life from the baby's bottle 1o 1- g*. ''s covered wreath upon the \s a, eve../ scionce and scientific expw. .lit; there Is not a single movement in.the life of man or woman, that does not include the employment of glass. The great firm Of Siemens Bros., of Berlin, havo for many years been ever trying to produce a glass that shall bo strong enough and flexible enough to act for railroad sleepers, ties aud wheels. Some slight idea of the vastness of the amount of glass used for windows, says the Recorder, and mirrors may be Obtained when it is stated f hat for several years past the Hum of money annually paid in premiums for Insurance e upon S700, OO'V a glass to the. actual 000. Nor does this ] by any moans include tho whole of tlie glass thus used, for assuredly there ' 'are many people who do not insure at all and some who only do so partially. | In a largo hotel now building In Now , York city there will bo 8,600 sashes, each nbout -four feet squam without i counti'jjr the large windows on the ground floor. A still better idea of the quantity of glass used throughout the United States may be obtained ft am the.e.stnnate that during tfie coming year tho"o will bo manufactured and imported so?no 89,500,000 square foot oi plate mirror and sheet glass. In detail.' 12.000,000 square feet of plate, 40,000,000 square foot of window or sheet fi'lass, 4,000,000 square feet of mirrors and 5.000,000 square feot of colored, celling, tlqpr and roofing glass. This is all to be manufactured in 'the United States. Then there are orders in hand abroad for importation into Amei'ic.H. amounting 1 to 3, .'JOO, 000 square feet of mirror glass. 2ft,000,000 square feet of window glass and 800,000 square feet of colored, ceiling, flooring and roofing glass. fection from taking place. Having applied tho anttsqptic (por- oxide of hydrogen) to tho pore, take care not to remove the white foam that will bo generated. Lot it remain until it. disappears, which will occur in a few minutes. This boing dono, a compress of absorbent cotton, soaked In the peroxide of hydrogen, should be laid over the sore, with an overcover- Ing of oiled silk. ' Twice every day tho wound should bo dressed In tho same manner, with tho oxcoptlon that the peroxide of hydrogen, instead of boing used full strength, should bo diluted, half and half, with clean water—tiviiil or filtered water being preferable. Tho subsequent ttvafmcnt, depends upon tho condition of tho dog that Inflicted tho wound. Don't kill the animal unless it shows evident symptoms of hydrophobia. Havo it placed securely in a safo place. If, at thn expiration of one week or not morn than two weeks, it has not shown any abnormal symptoms' the patient need not 1 fear. 1 If, on the contrary,' the animal sickens and dies, tho patient should be treated, by the Pasteur method as quickly us possible. Tho sooner the better. At tho samo time tho contents of tho dog's stomach and a portion of ' Its spinal marrow, in glyoerine. should j be sent to tho Pasteur institute, where experiments may decide whether the animal died with hydrophobia 1 or not. 1 Should tho animal have boon shot or otherwise killed it in advisable that the pa'.iont snould submit .at once to ' the Pustour tre?tii] |1> ut for two reasons: 1 1. Because it. is harmloss. 1 2. Because its elllcnoy has l-?on proved beyond a doubt, over 1.J.OOO 1 persons having boon inoculated since Pasteur's discovery. ] In wise tho anir. /.I remains in good health it ia unnecessary that tho pa' tlent submit to inoculation. A concentrated attempt by United States marshals In Alabama Is bolus made to recapture the outlaw Sims. Forty deputy marshals form the posse, and a tight 1* expected. ' fnurlft*, Whether on pleasure bent or business, iliould take on every trip a bottle of Syrup of Flffs, as It nets most pleasantly and effectually »n the kidneys, liver nnd bowels, provenling fuvcrs, headaches and other forms of sickness. For sale In 50c. and $1.00 hollies by nil leading druggists. Arabella— ^"Is'Tflruo Umt Grace Stedley ha< eloped with her father'* conehmanT" Kollce— *'0h, no, she didn't do as well M that; he was only the footman." Dresses, (1 nuts'* Clolhluir, Feathers, Qtoven, etc., Dyed or Cleaned, flush nnrmenU Steamed at Otto 1'lelch's l>yo Works. 2M W. Water St., Mlhvnukuo. Send for Circular. The cora mill liny crop* In portions of Ireland are rottctilng In tho Holds nnd It Is fcnr ed that potatoes will prove a fnlluro, FITH.— All l'Tu»toi.|M"l fr«Bbj Da. M-IIVK HKSTonEii. No ir|t«nfli-rnr«tiii>r'«uiiit. M«r- rolloim mrpa. 'IVdnllf") nnrt fa.(K) trlol liottl* fr<w to 1' It CHUM, burnt tu Dr. Khuu, UJ1 A roll tit., 1'hlln., 1'u. A woman has been arrested in Paris for an attempt, to murder her husband by pouring mnullcn lead Into his cnr while he was *sloop. Kept, enslpst, to use and cheapest Plao'a Uemoily for Catnrrh. By druKKlsU. 60e, An infrliigmbntTof a patent was tho reason for nllni'hltig property belonging to tho city ol BoaUm to the value of 1800,000. How » Student aiiiku Blonny. Dn\n KRADBRS :— I am able to pay my board and tutlon, wear i?ood clothes and hiivo money in my pockui by snundinif my odd hours and vacation* plating jewelry and tnbleware and selling platers. I have made $130 pur day, never less than $4. 1 paid $5 for my plater to 11. K. Dulii" A Co., Uolum bus, O. Any one can profit by my cxper. lenco by writing there for circulars. A STUDENT. News 1ms boon received uf a hurricane In Senegal In which an Italian steamer and two cutters wore wrecked at Kullsquc, and eight- ecu person* were drowned. "German Syrup" G. Gloger, Druggist, Watertowtt, Wis. This is the opinion of a man ! who keeps a drug store, sells all ! medicines, comes in direct contact with the patients and their families, and knows better than anyone else how remedies sell, and what true merit they have. He heart of all the failures and successes, and catt therefore judge: "I know of no medicine for Coughs, Sore Throat, or Hoarseness that had done such effective work in my Coughs, family as Boschee's Sore Throat' German Syrup. Ust faore i nroat, winter a lacly cnl](iA Hoarseness, at my store, who was suffering from a very severe cold. She could hardly talk, nnd I told her about German Syrup and that a few doses would give relief; but she had no confidence in patent medicines. I told her to take a bottle, and if the results were not satisfactory I would make no charge for it. A few days after she called and paid for it, saying that sh« would never be without it in future aa a few doses had given her relief.'' <D DONALD WNEDY" Of RcxJ]:i™ ; ."ass,, says Kennedy's Medical Discovery cures Horrid Old Sores, Deep Seated Ulcers of 4O years' standing, Inward Tumors, and every disease of the skin, except Thunder Humor, and Cancer that has taken root Price fi.So. Sold by every Druggist in the U. S. and Canada. FOUND HUNDREDS OF SKULLS. ,,',; QOIiD MEDAL, PARIS, 1878, GERMAN Sweet Chocolate. .The most popular sweet . _' Chocolate in the market It is nutritions and palat r.Mo; a particular fuvorit', with children, nnd a most excellent article for family use. Served as a- drhiU, or 1 oaten as confectionery, "t 1 is u delicious Chocolate. . The gunuino is stamped 'upon tho wrajjper, S. German, Dorchester, Mass, Sold by G rocc'i's every\vliore. W. BAKiER & CO.. Dorchester, Mass Tho THE EMPTY CRADLE. It unit tho crooning PILES ULK CU1« tor . Pnce, tl; »t druttfUU 01 by mill. Hunnlea free. Addrem "ANAKESI8," Pol MM, H»W Yo«M Om, MEN TU TI5A VKL. We P»v WCO to K100 » mouth and eii.eiiKes, 8TONI5 & WELLINGTON, HIaUl»on, Win. T*1 O 1 he boap ^* that Cleans Most is Lenox. Gold Clnuijics Color. It is a well known fact, says tho Jewelers' Circular, that the human body contains various humors and acids similar in action to and having a tendency toward baser metals, and nitriu p,nd sulphuric acids have, viz., to tarnish and dissolve them, varying in quantity in different positions. We have abundant proof of this theory in the effects which the wearing of jewelry produces on different persons. Thousands wear continually, without ill effects, the cheaper class of jewelry with brass ear wires, while If others wore the same article for a few days they would be troubled with sore ears; or, in other words, the acids contained in the system would so act on the brass as to produce ill results. Instances have occurred in which nrtiolos of jewelry of any grade below eighteen karats have been tarnished in a few days merely from the above- named cause. True, these instances are not very frequent, nevertheless it is well to know thorn, and they are sufficient to prove that it is not in every case the fault of the goods not wearing well—as it is generally called —but the resuli of the particular con- etitution of the person who wears the jewelry. WUlne or WUUtle. A small boy was chasing a somewhat bigger one on Oass avenue the Pther day, when the bigger of tho two Stumbled and fell. The oiher tumbled over him, and was hurt as much aa- the bigger one. Jiut the biggest boy was the bigger baby, aud began to whine and cry. The smaller ono got up, brushed otf the dirt, rubbed his barked knee and whistle. The other one looked at him a moment, and then blubbered: 1 'J immie, how can you whistle w.heii it hurts so?" "It doesn't hurt so if you whUt-Je," g:iid philosophical Jimmy. "It's when you \vhino that it hurts so." Whistle and whiuo begin alike, but' they end. differently. —Dotroit Press. Woman Sub Itoiiklii.i; I5*by \Viin Sufi!. It was a woman's voice eweelly the old.lullaby; "rlimli-my-iloiir-liu-stiU-iincl-sli" -i- •>•," And as she sung she, roc!--"il an empty -cradle with her foot, keeping' time with its melancholy refrain.' From the nestling of the blankets It looked as if the baby had only just been lifted out. ;| A man passing heard the singing and retraced his steps so that ho could look through the open door into tho little plainly furnished room. . "Excuse me, ma'am,," he said respectfully, "but I noticed that you were rocking an empty c radio.' I reckon you never heard of the superstition"—. "1 am not superstitious," said tho woman: "Excuse me, ma'am, but folks told my wife that if she didn't stop rocking the cradle when the baby wasn't in it something would happen — an' it did. The baby died when ho was a year old!" "My baby won't die," answered the mother, "he's been an angel these three months, au' when I feel so bad that I can't live another minute I come In hero and make believe he's asleep. It does me good an' mebbo God lots him know, and it comforts him. Is that superstition?" "No, ma'am, I reckon not, an 1 I hope you'll excuse me." I'lvu Hundred Skeleton** 111 11 iTIotiiu! at Citrtlmse, 111. CAUTHAOK, 111., Sept. a.—Tho Sweeney burial inonnds on tho farm of Cyrus Kelt, northeast of Carthage, were visited by hundreds of people today and . yesterday. Tho plaeu has tieen carefully guarded awaiting tho arrival of Dr. 1'cet of Alondon, 111., but that, gentleman being absent i'roin liorm 1 it wan decided to investigate ona of the larger mounds this afternoon. Profs. Dysunger, Hall, Seig-lcr and O'llarra, oi' Carthage college, assisted by students nnd many citizens, opened the mound with spades.- A l,;rge crowd nf interested spectators was present. At first a covering of stone was cr^ountered, all of the rod linns- stono variety. Slost of those stones on lieiUg removed crumbled away lulu sand. I'lidor them were found an imir.i'iise inantity of bones, many skulls and sevei-al 'pieces of flint. Some pieci-s of potte.ry so badly decayed and brnUctii (is to lie unrecognizable were found also. Mcasurc.monw were taken of several skulls. One mcasuivtl ~% inches across the parietal boi:e, another ii Inches. Three femur bum's wove found measuring 1) indie* in length, sumo that;measured 17 'i in-lu'S in length and others measuring-from I'! to H inches. (Ine measured Mnchi'S across the lowereiul of thcfyinjir lioru;. Dr, Watch says that the bones indicate that the men must have m-on. from six to seven feet tall at least. One /'awbono wan secured thai contained a perfect row of teeth which evidently belonged to a middle-aged person. Upon digging a few feet farther down another layer of rocks was discovered, and upon removing these soyeral skeletons, perfect in. lorin, lay all huddled together as if they had fallen in battle. Some of the Hkcletona were preserved almo ;t entire,although most of the bones would crumble away upon being exposed to the air. It is believed that fully five hundred corpses were buried here, as basketful after basketful of bones Were taken out, while Ihc mound is literally full of them. Tho skulls were all filled with a peculiarly soft and very blade loam, different from any of tho surroundmtf earth. Two Bottles Cured Her. CAUnor.i,, Iowa, July, 1889. , 1 wag aaflorlng ton yours from nhockn In mj het.d, BO lunch 10, that at tlmon I didn't expect takeover. I took uiodlclnos from many uoo- toi i, bul did Bot (jut nuy roliof until I took Von- .or Kooiil(!'s Norvo Tonlo; tho looond doaa ro- lluvod aud two bottlcu cored ma. a w. PJSCK. Worth Its Weight In Gold. EMMKT, Dak., July 28, IBM. Tbe young man concerned has uotuowtlK allghiont symptoms of OU, since union 1'imtni Koonig'a Norvo Tonlo. I connldor It worth ll.f weight In gold. J. J. HHEA, 1'antor. HOT. John Hadeckor, of Wuniilmlla, Kan., wrltei, Oct. 13, 18UO: "Tliore U •> 10-yoar-old boy here, -who slillered from ft IB about a voar. I ordered u bottle of Piintor Koonlii'i Narva Tonlo for him, au<l tho Blokuosi loft lilia altogether, Ho never had it since,* A TuluaWo Itofitt en Werron* I>l80ii»os iwnt free to inynddmii, Mid iioor DuUonU can alito obtain this iiiodiuluo free of ulmrco. romodyhas been Dropared by the naverenrt Pistir KoonlH. ot Fort Wavw.. tod. line. 1S70. and iBnowprvspavod undorhla dfriotlou by the ! KOENIC MED. CO., Chicago, III. SoldbyDrngtrlBtiatSlporllottle. G for 99, 5,J|fI.7B. Biilo MONEY-FOB ALL NEGRO PREACHERS AND TEACHERS READ. » Tull nil ei.Hlavea to tend t4(moitcy orderlfornirola Kiiililpni l>ad|(o—Vaairlinn'* nnw hook (I'ontalnlnir I utters from Noitro >ll«hope, Kro<lork'kI.>oiiKlnt»,l)Js|jo; Nownmn.Bun'itor Ciillon Kx-Miwor Carter lUrrlrioi JuilKu rhiir»lon,aiMl imin' olhol-H. 160 imgcx, (Ulislrfc. tod), Imutktt, pnpnrH, uti fully explaining hi* K R1.XVB I'ENSION lilt.. Club» are now rorimiiK of rry whfrr nnrt i*r* pnilnr*. lii(("\ iiiiuhBi.'-i.ili -.'.in. trod I In Hi- I'iri.v Urn Coll^l''-* In MH.'lr iM.Ullt asklnu eiiUUcunh autl lib tint month for •omu anil illlf ef> on I. amounts for olhur*. Miivor VmiRhiin'" now book, that U thu u«<,l hj» tovy of tho rni'ii ever written, glreB ootront reunonf why tho Government iliould uml muut if ran t th.« funuor n«Kro Rlavefcpea* •Ion. Write at once and net jour niiineB,i;tc.,ln bli pe» — lion rcirlutcr. no charge ixoept u ftboro nnttl the hill bocomoH •jaw. Add. W.•, fMJSIliK,(Ki-H»7or)W»«hlnirton, D.O. T. O. L. Bei (IK EW!S r evorywhcro. B Pluoud on SIID, 1WU. A«Jviniou UKU, . ruucbcd O«.OO«! Soils lt»«lf. I'luuBos I»ii.|m. mmy trlita It. Klttlo «un do It. Mnmraa laugliB, Tom 85.00 worth orpiiro fun hun . . /or Irto. Ai!ontawnnlRa;»all drods dully. Malluil puatpuld on rucolpl or prlcu. oilo HimiilUMl by A. <J. tl'M.JMN'. hluuiru, NL*VV York . . uiid 1'hlliiilulphlu. Itl£«a., L 1 EOWDEEED AHD PB&7DUBD, (PATBHTEU.) The strongest and purest Lyt made, Will make the l/est per famed Hard Soap in 20 minutuu •without boiling. 1± iw tllO l>owt for softening water cleansing waste pipes, disinfect ing sinks, closets, washing bot ties, paints, trees, etc. PENNA, SALT M'F'G CO GOD. AgU., l'Uila.,ra. "" Dv*popiilafiitliolH»neoft1ioprc8onte«i». nrtiilon. It lx for Itftoureuiul UH uttemlantH. Hlckjieaduclie, constipatloa umlplli'H, tlmr. lull's Pills Imvo liccitmn HO famous, They iic.t guntly on tho <ll(;«Htlv« orRiiiM. RlvlnK tlicm tone uu<l vigor without t'*''l»tlK "'' Tfii OlUeit M«licin4 in Uu World it DR. ISAAC THOMl'SON'8 CELEBRATED EYE-WATEH. Thli «rtlol« ii a auef nil/ prepared pli/«toUn'» M» •oriijtlttn, and had been In constant uiefornoan/f ••ntorr, T^erit are fair dttcuai to which manki» inlijeot more ilUtrMiluf than lore eiea, au for whlob irmi» rfttiindlaM have b«*» ut, «UUOM». Vor all external Inflamiuatiol «rii none, pHrh tried witho . ef tho nyi'i It U on IndillUiU remodv. If the dlr»«. tton> urn I'ollowod It will n«ver rail. W» pnriioularlf tnvlt« t S and arti mo H UU. omul ""tiffluloiil PATLNT SOLICITORS cheaper ii.-. lln- -M\H by nil 'lruui(l»t» JOHN L. T 1 HO., Tuor, K. Y. EiUtilliheil I' rhyniol JOHN . F«I , THOMPSON. SON* PISTOLSISc? MM! JUtlrt St Ctnclniiati.Otuo. iluiiti plccu 'vbito blotting lianer; i uKii.H.-x.ocuiiimtlou. Uicro^couo ni! Hi.lXK) tliiien. I HIS ul t'ruo imiilculi . I>H. T. N. UnoWMcr. Torre l!au!o, L ^ FAT FOLKS REDUGED, ^"?jv V/~> Mm. Allen Maplii, Urotinn, Mo., writ»« \ \\M "Mi wnUht uiwail pounds, now It i»}J*. roduMlonVf^^A^^ Recomraendeil by Physlcluna. Pl«anant iintl agreeuole to tha objection. By druggiels B««t Cough' Mfifliciwe. Cure* where nil «lsu fi.ils. Children lake Cov. <'aiai>bell'« lloultli Iniitruvcd, Coi.uMitus, Ohio, Sept. H.—Gov. Curapbell, accompanied by his wife, left for New Yorlc last evening 1 mm will be absent till tho lust of next The man walked on bearing-his own ! week. The crovornor is sligbtly ira- burdon of Borrow with him, and the desolate mother rooked the empty cradle and resumed her plaintive monody: "Heavenly-blessings-wlthout-numbt! r Gantly-fall-upon-thy-head." —Detroit Free Press. Prevention "' Imprudent IlorrotvUi;;. 'i'he Egyptians had a very remarkable ordinance to prevent pontons from borrowing imprudently. . An Egyptian was not permitted to borrow without yiviny to bis creditor in pledge the body of his father. Jt waa deemed both an'impiety and an inifumy not to redeem BO saorefl n pledge. A person who diod without discharging that duty was deprived of tho cus- totoary honora paid *,o the dead, proved in liculth and u change of air was rei'oni'nended by his physUiian. A Life Saved Mr. Oeo. Hnymoud, of Fouecu l r a!U, N. V,, In a jmiDp jjoftor In tlie etujjJoy ol ItiiujBoy it Co., (lie wt'll known pump milkers of tliut pluce. lie IB a mcmU«rof Uuumuy Knglne Co. llutnym "My wife without doubl owou licr life to Hooil'b S<ircu(iarlllu. A few yean ago the wiuut deutb'u door, duu (o (ilootl jiolconii'i', or an pkyptoiitaa »ay vynemiu. AfU'r tvciyCliluK elto fulled Uood'n Bur «lpui-illu brought her oul of the crisis all r'K BIiu'o then »he huu Bullcrtd lit (Imen with uuiabue»» uud hcuidttchi', but tuklug Hood's Sarsaparilla nnd U^riiduully getting ovur thene trouble*, ollugu to llood'i, taking uothtug elpe, uud TO V»l»|e. U will ettept » eomplete pure." DO HOT fllilPE KOU KICKKX. Sure run far SICK III:An- ACfl E, Imptlrcd dlgollou, coniU- [iatlon,tDr|iltl plaiulH, ThrTHroiiM vlul orgftu, remove iiBMtt*. dl>« (Inei:. Act like mu^ic on Kit|. UuyBtnilblllllilwrv Couuuei billoiiH nrrvoin ill*- orilorH. KiUhllih t»> ural DAILT ACTION. Bnnntlfy complexion by purUylngt blu.lll. 1'UBBl.V VlfMSTABUi. 1h« do« U nlcelj • dluttwl to mil CM, M on« pill eta never bf too much. Each viilconUtimt, carried In »cit pockrl. lite l»<l P«»cll. ItilHliioss »lllli;'« (real cou'eiilence. Tuken coaler tb*n augar. Boldtvery. Vliera. All lenuiiK goadi b<ar"Criiic«ut-' Bend l-c«ut ilamp. Tou get 88 page book with (imple. DR. HARTER MEDICINE CO., SI, Loull. Mfc ~ WACENT8 WANTED-^* It \8 the only Positive Cure and legitimate Remedy for those peculiar weaknesses and allinenw of women. Every Druist . U, «f sent by wail, Jn for |io?enges, on recent of $1-00. 'CAN I ASSIST YOU, MADAM 1" This is an every-day ocoi,irrcnoo ; slio Is takon with that " all-gone " or taint feeling. Tho cause of this fooling is some derangement, weakness, or irregularity incident to her sox. Instant relict may always bo fouiul by using

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